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11 . 






At the suggestion of many Subscribers to the original quarterly publication 
of " Miscellanea Oenealogica et Heraldica^" the present work was started to 
appear under the same Title^ but at more frequent intervals^ and at a reduced 

The Editor has every reason to be satisfied with the reception which has 
been accorded to the present volume ; and it is not proposed to prolong the 
existence of the larger Miscellany beyond Volume II., which is now nearly 
completed. It may be convenient to state, in this place, that the Quarterly 
and Monthly series have been kept quite distinct as regards their contents. 
There has been no reprinting. 

The number of Subscribers continues to increase, and it is gratifying to 
the Editor to find that his labours are appreciated not only in this country 
but also in the United States. It was, indeed, to be expected that a pe- 
riodical containing so large a proportion of inedited matter, extracts from 
church registers, tabular pedigrees and the like, illustrating the descent 
and arms of the more modern British families, should be found deserving 
of encouragement by those zealous students of genealogy whose number is 
daily increasing in the older English settlements of North America. 

The Volume now completed will be found to contain many original 
documents of interest, and in particular several early wills, grants of arms, 
and notes of curious deeds and seals, presenting, it is hoped, attractive matter 
to the antiquarian public in general. 

To all those friends whose contributions so liberally placed at his disposal 
have materially furthered the design, the Editor for himself, and on the part 
of the whole body of Subscribers, must ofier his very cordial thanks. 

No efforts will be spared to render the continuation of the work deserving 
of the kind patronage wldch has been extended to the portion now completed. 

December, 1874. 



Armitage, 437. 
Afihburner, 224. 
Bankfi^ 47, 59. 
Belasyse, 308. 
Bolter, 26. 
Borron, 354. 
BraddjU, 310. 
Ghaddook, 184. 
Chester, 28. 
Cholmondeley, 24. 
Cook, 349. 
Elston, 264. 
Estoourt, 141. 
Flacket, 135. 
. Forster, 138. 
Fremeaux, 348. 
FuUer, 326. 
Gaaell, 320. 
GuU, 453. 
Hales, 69. 
Hail, 130. 
Heard, 59. 
Heron, 53, 68. 
Hesketh, 41. 
Hirst, 144. 
Hoadly, 188. 
HoTeden, 234, 296. 
Howman, 397. 
Jackson, 313. 
JephsoQ, 428. 
Johnson, 452. 
Kighle J, 264. 
King, 850. 
Lawson» 138. 
Martin, 385. 
Macmanns, 145. 
Herrjn, 358, 426. 
Mingaj, 17. 
Newborgh Priory, 307. 
Newsom, 263. 
Newton, 169. 
Korris, 103. 
North, 301. 
Pakenham, 422. 
Parker, 408. 
Fbrlett, 131. 
Phillips, 121, 144. 
Prichard, 351. 
Seichel, 279. 
Bidel, 138. 
Sandford, 310. 
Singleton, 263. 
Skinner, 80. 
Smythe, 137. 
Sotheran, 137, 219. 
Sotheme, 146, 217. 


Spooner, 300. 
Squerie, 358. 
Stones, 99. 
Taswell, 254. 
Turner, 157. 
Wilkinson, 138. 
Willy, 139. 
Windsor, 422. 
Wise, 201. 
Wood, 27. 
Yarker, 811. 


Armytage, Edward, 486-7. 
Buckland, Walter, 841. 
BuD, Wm., 287. 
Caesillis, Mary, 118. 
Chapman, Sir John, 7. 
Estwick, Christopher, 195. 
Estwick, Elnor, 195. 
Estwick, Isaac, 195. 
fSackett, John, 13 
Gale, John, 312. 
Harrys, B, 242. 
HodsoU, Edmund, 89. 
Hovenden, Geo., 253. 
Hovenden, Bichd., 249. 
Hovenden, Bobt. 251, 290, 

292, 293. 
Hovenden, Thomas, 251. 
Hovenden, Wm., 288. 
Lockey, John, 206. 
Manwood, John, 22. 
Martyn, Elizabeth, 891. 
Marlon, Honor, 391. 
Martyn, John, 393. 
Martyn, Nicholas, 395. 
Martyn, Thomas, 395. 
Martyn, W. C, 396. 
Martyn, Wm., 391. 
Newton, Isaac, 173, 176. 
Newton, Sir John, 176. 
Northmore, Elizab., 394. 
Penn, Wm., 5. 
Prestwioh, Penelope, 14. 
Bhys, John ap Jevan ap, 

Skippon, Philip, 87. 
Sootheran, John, 814. 
Sootheran, Thoe. 314. 
Sootheran, Timothy, 314. 
Sotherne, James, 218. 
Sotheron, Admiral, 141. 
Sotheron, Thomas, 139. 
Spooner, W., 300. 
Wilson, Christopher, 312. 
Wilson, Sarah, 312. 
Woodrof, Bobt., 111. 

Woolfe, Francis, 148. 
Wynne, Catherine, 278. 
Wynne, Owen, 272. 
Wynne, Bobert, 271. 
Wynne, Kad\Talader,270. 
Wynne, Maria, 270. 
Wynne, Maurice, 271. 
Wynne, W., 270, 273, 274. 
Wynne, Willm., 272. 
Wynn, Moris, 270. 
Wyn, Bobert, 269. 



Acton, 40. 
Adderbury, 420. 
Alnwick, 56. 
Badsey, 880. 
Barking, 85, 208» 209, 833, 

Bamsley, 438. 
Barton, 155. 
Beaudesert, 77. 
Belton, 194. 
Bengeo, 129. 
Betch worth, 402. 
Bishopsboume, 406. 
Boston, 832. 
Bristol, St. Philip and St. 

James, 329. 
Buckland Newton, 256. 
Cartmel, 48. 
Cheshunt, 376. 
Colsterworth, 193. 
Croydon, 402. 
Cubberley, 420. 
Cubley. 341. 
Cury, 243. 
Dagenham, 332. 
Evesham, All Saints, 381. 
Eye, Hereford, 343. 
Folkestone, 409. 
Foroett, 155. 
Frodsham, 91. 
Gittisham, 262. 
Gravesend, 129. 
Gunwalloe, 243. 
Gwennap, 243. 
Hackney, 16, 25, 29, 152. 
Harrieteham, 295. 
Haslebury Bryan, 256. 
Haslemere, 405. 
Haydor, 191. 



Hedon, d9. 
Holdenby, 247. 
Horbling, 448. 
Homtihuroh, 209. 
Honham, 406. 
Iddesleigh, 872. 
IpBley, 77. 
Ketton, 40. 
Kingsthorpe^ 316. 
Lapworth, 76. 
Limington, 266. 
Limpsfield, 878. 
Lincoln, St. Peter's at 

Gowts, 382. 
Littleton, South, 881. 
Long Bredj, 49. 
Lu^nham, North, 204. 

All Hallowg^he Lees, 404. 
All Hallows, Lombard St., 

St. Alphage, London Wall, 

St. Andrew, Wardrobe, 882. 
St. Andrew's, Holbom,403. 
St. Augustine's, Pftul's 

Gate, 29. 
St. Bartholomew Exchange, 

882 404. 
St. Bennet's, Paul's Wharf, 

St. Bride's, 882, 408. 
Si. Christopher le Stocks, 

882, 448. 
St. Clements Danes, 406. 
St. Faith's, 408. 
St. George, Hanover Sq., 

St. Giles, Cripplegate, 882. 
St. Gile8-in-the.Fields,404. 
St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, 

St. Lawrence, Jewry, 8, 404. 
St. Leonard, Shoreditch, 

St. Margaret, Westminster, 

St. Martin's, Lronmonger 

Lane, 410. 
St. Michael Bassishaw, 406. 
St. Nicholas Aeon, 127. 
St. Olave's, Jewry, 410. 
St. Paul's, Covent Garden, 

St.PeterlePoor, 8. 
St. Sepulchre's, 882. 

Malroesbury, 46. 
Market Basen, 66. 
Milton next Gravesend, 

Morland, 164. 
Mortlake, 402. 
Nanneroh, 182. 
Naring, 868. 
Norton with Lenchwick, 


Norwich Cathedral, 406. 
Oakley, 246. 
Offenham, 881. 
Oswestry, 181. 
Oxted, 402. 
Packwood, 120. 
Preston, 68. 
Preston Bagot, 77. 
Preston in Holdemess, 867. 
Bedboum, 382. 
Bogate, 426. 
Bokeby, 166. 
Boxwell, 876. 
Saxham Parra, 402. 
Sevenoaks, 402. 
Solihull, 77. 
Spalding, 408. 
Stamford, St. George, 110. 
Tanworth, 78. 
Thorpe, 186. 
Thorpe Market, 403. 
Thombury, 406. 
Throckmorton, 881. 
Thuriton, 18. 
TJffington, 464. 
Walsingham, 402. 
Waltham Abbey, 868. 
Waltham Holy Cross, 369. 
Waltham St.Iawrence, 406. 
Wensley, 168. 
Wickham, 406. 
Wiokhamford, 880. 
Witham, North, 192. 
Witham, South, 192. 
Woodmansteme, 402. 
Wootton Bassett, 119. 

Mostyn, 182. 
Norris, 108. 
Williams, 182. 

846, 874, 416, 444. 

Beere, Edward, 326. 
Evatt, John, 426. 
Fuller, Nicholas, 826. 
Hoyeden, Thomas, 296. 
Mingaye, John, 17. 
Prichard, Sir Wm.,851. 
Southwell, Sir Bicbard, 67. 

Archbold, 68, 64, 72. 
Arthur, 244. 
Astley, 829. 
Austin, 840 
Barbor, 204. 
Baugh, 122. 
Beaumont, 262. 

Best, 69. 
Blackwell, 177. 
Blount, 848. 
Boddington, 428. 
Booth, 66. 
Boultbee, 400. 
Boyle, 829. 
Braddyll,806, 409. 
Bray, 61. 
Bridges, 36. 
Brune, 196. 
Brydes, 420. 
Buckland, 340. 
Cabot, 400. 
Calvert, 21. 
Cantlow, 72. 
Carew, 100. 
Casamajor, lOG. 
Chaddock, 166, 180. 
Chapman, 6, 8. 
Chatherton, 13. 
Chavasse, 72. 
Chester, 28, 29. 
Choldmondely, 24. 
Clarke, 36, 69. 
Coke, 299. 
Constable, 63, 99. 
Cope, 241. 
Cordell, 400. 
Cosin, 24. 
Cotterell, 376. 
Cotton, 337. 
Cowley, 842. 
Cranmer, 73, 120. 
Crossfield, 82. 
Crow, 47. 
Croxton, 84. 
Daunce, 112. 
Deall, 244. 
Disher, 47. 
Egerton, 18. 
EBot, 368, 376. 
Ellis, 187. 
Elmy, 377. 
Estwick, 196. 
Etheredge, 197, 369. 
Everard, 21, 46. 
Finnamore, 366. 
Firebraoe, 400. 
Fisher, 22. 
Flaoket, 136. 
Flamsteed, 86, 400. 
Fletcher, 336. 
Floyer, 123. 
Foster, 122, 872. 
Fowke, 100. 
Fox, 113, 114, 
Frederick, 410. 
Freer, 244. 
Freeman, 877. 
Frost, 180. 
Gardner, 366. 
Gape, 342. 
Gibson, 100. 
Gilbert, 179. 
Goodohild, 427. 
Gorton, 821, 878. 
Grant^ 216. 



Grantham, 112. 

Gresham, S73, 401, 406. 

Haldingham, 22, 111. 

Hftll, 86. 126, 467. 

Haxnond, 448. 

Handlej, 365. 

Harding, 857. 

Harris, 240. 

Harrie, 179. 

Hatton, 816. 

Hawor^, 57. 

Haydon, 110. . 

Heald, 428. 

Heard, 58. 

Helsby, 91. 

Herbert, 1. 

Heron, 43, 58, 110. 

Heeketb, 41. 

HiUes, 47. 

Hodsoll, 79. 

Holoombe, 800. 

HoTenden, 107, 295. 

Humble, 816. 

Hyde, 41, 111. 

Ironside, 49. 

Jenkins, 84, 112, 122, 136. 

Killegrew, 870. 

Lane, 316. 

Langman, 40, 112. 

Lasoelles, 59. 

Latton, 112. 

Laughton, 68, 123. 

Lawrence, 23, 46, 68. 

Lee, 420. 

Legh, 186. 


Lookey, 206. 

Lacas, 22, 44. 

Luff, 41. 

Manduit, 86, 45. 

Manwood, 22, 85. 

Marston, 342. 

ICaekelyne, 119. 

Merryn, 860. 

More, de la. 111. 

Morton, 40. 

Mudd, 112. 

Mundy, 68. 

NewBom, 100. 

Newton, 175, 191, 285. 

Nicol, 342. 

North, 841. 

Oldfield, 454. 

Palmer, 86, 257. 

Parkinson, 126. 

Parlett, 131. 

ParMDB^ 110. 

Parrish, 112. 

Peart^ 178. 

Peck, 111. 

Percy, 147. 

Phillips, 121, 152, 844. 

Pickering, 844. 

Pierson, 334. 

Potter, 872. 

Prestwioh, 14. 

Prideaux, 195. 

Ravensoroft, 79, 110, 203. 

Rusby, 41. 

Salvin, 86. 
Sayer, 18. 
Shakspere, 34. 
Shaw, 200. 
Sidney, 1. 

Skinner, 24, 112, 177. 
Skippon, 37, 64, 84. 
Smeaton, 59. 
Smith, 48, 179. 
Sotheme, 217. 
Spooner, 332, 380. 
Stewart, 179. 
Stoneley, 47. 
Stones, 22, 48, 99. 
Stranffways, 20. 
Suffolk, 60. 
Taswell, 255. 
Tedcastle, 333. 
Thompson, 41. 
Thurston, 69. 
Trafford, 13. 
Trevor, 10. 
Tuke, 36, 196. 
UnderhiU, 42. 
Vawdrey, 82. 
Walkingham, 356. 
Warham, 110. 
Washington, 46, 68. 
Waterman, 363. 
Webb, 16. 
Weeks, 14. 
Weld, 113. 
Wentworth, 136. 
Weetoott, 24. 
White, 60. 
Whitfield, 342. 
Wilooxon, 110. 
Williams, 19, 23, 181. 
Wilmot, 420. 
Winterboume, 844. 
Withie, 58. 
Wood, 25, 27. 
Woodruffe, 111. 
Woodward, 310. 
Woolfe, 148. 
Worthington, 151, 152. 
Wright, 110, 188, 210, 

Wynne, 275. 
Yarker, 163. 


Austin, 840. 

Boyle, 829. 

Bromley, 344. 

Chatherton, 13. 

Cope, 240. 

Cordell, 400. 

Cotterell, 376. 

Cowley, 342. 

Elmy, 377. 

Etheredge, 197, 211, 232. 

Firebraoe, 400. 

Freeman, 377. 

Gape, 842. 

GoodohUd, 427. 
Grant, 216. 
Gresham, 407. 
Haldenby, 246. 
Hamond, 448. 
Harding, 367. 
Herbert, 1. 
Howman, 398. 
Killigrew, 370. 
Knatchbull, 348. 
Marston, 342. 
Mortemar, 246. 
Niool, 342. 
Oakley, 246. 
Plumstead, 131. 
Prideaux, 196. 
Sidney, 1. 
Skippon, 37. 
Trafford, 13. 
Weeks, 14. 
Whitfield, 342. 
Williams, 19. 

Borron, 366. 
Cook, 349. 
Gauell, 320. 
GuU, 463. 
Halgat, Bishop of Llandaff, 

Hoadly, 188. 
Hoveden, 238. 
How man, 397. 
Johnson, 462. 
King, 360. 
Macmanus, 167. 
North, 301. 
Piirker, 406. 
Sheldon, 371. 
Skinner, 80. 
Sotheme, 217. 
Sotheron, 222. 
Stones, 99. 
Turner, 167. 
Wise, 201. 

Acomb, 306. 
Alnwick, 54. 
Ampleforth, 304. 
Aston Chapiel, 18. 
Barking, 209, 333. 
Bamsley Chapel, 439. 
Bengeo, 130. 
Buttsbury, 210. 
Capel, 431. 
Clifford Chambers, 84. 
Croydon, 484. 
Darrington, 802. 
Easingwold, 806. 
Pullumi, 430. 
Hackney, 27, 28, 58, 151. 
Haslemere, 431. 
Haydor, 191. 

Heddon-on-the-Wall, 804. 
Highgate, 306. 

• •• 



Horsham, 435. 

Hebblethwayte, 418. 

Howden, 802. 

Heron, 43. 

Limpsfield, 436. 

Hibbert, 367. 

London, St. Lawrenoe 

Jenkins, 84, 122. 

Jewry, 429, 

Jenkinson, 465. 

London, St. Michael Bassi- 

Johnson, 450. 

shaw, 480. 

Lane, 186. 

London, Old St. Pancras, 

Lee, 421. 


Lockey, 205. 

Market Basen, 65. 

Lumley, 474. 

Newton -on-Ouse, 805. 

Maomanns, 161, 168. 

Newton St. Loe, 106. 

Martin, 385, 386, 387, 388. 

Norwich Cathedral, 429. 

Mervyn, 358, 423. 

Oswaldkirk, 804. 

Newsom, 268. 

Saxthorp, 429. 

Newton, 169. 

Spalding, 435. < 

Norris, 101. 

Sutton, 181. 

Palmer, 257, 280, 297. 

Thorpe Market, 435. 

Pickering, 456. 

Titeey, 481. 

Powell, 23. 

Wadworth, 802. 

ReicheU, 277. 

Walaingham Parva, 429. 

Skinner, 81. 

Waltham St. Lawrence,436. 

Skynner, 177. 

Tarm, 305. 

Sotheran, 187. 

York, St. Helen's, 805. 

Strangways, 182. 

Sotheren, 223. 


Sotheme, 218. 

Armytage, 436. 
Ashburner, 224. 

Sotheron, 219. 
Spooner. 800. 

Ball, 815. 
Barnes, 78. 
Bellot, 9. 
Belasyse, 308. 
Best, 44. 

Boddington, 428. 
Bolter. 25. 

Taswell, 254. 
Turner, 158. 
Waterman, 816. 
Watts, 126. 
Webb alias Wood, 14. 
Weld, 113. 
Westby. 445. 

Borron. 354. 

Wilmot, 421. 

Braddyll, 810. 
Bray, 62. 

Woodroffe, 411. 
Wynne, 266. 

Buckland, 841. 

Bull, 286. 


Gasamajor, 87. 

Ashburner, Wm., 226. 

Chaddock, 184. 

Attilburgh, Wm., 846. 

Chapman, 6. 

Bate, Thomas, 174. 

Coke, 35. 

Bedford, Thomas, 846. 

Cooke, 346. 

Bray, Giles, 61. 

Cowper, 330. 

Borron, John A., 354. 

Cressett, 31. 

Buckland, Walter, 341. 

D'Aranda, 83. 

Chu-ke, 86. 

Donne, 380. 

Clarke, Bobert, 36. 

Duck, 317. 

Colsull, Thomas de, 416. 

Parren, 34. 

Cros, John, 376. 

Placket, 134, 135. 

1 Crow, Dorothy, 47. 

Ployer, 123. 

Premeaux, James, 347. 

Pox, 114, 288. 

Puller, Bishop of Lincoln, 

Puller, 826. 


Gorton, 821, 378. 

Gorton, Bichard, 379. 

Hales, 69. 

1 Hall, Humphry, 30. 

Hall, 80, 457, 475, 476. 

Hinton. 364. 

Uaworth, 68. 

1 Hodsoll, Edmund, 79. 

Hyton, Adam, 444. 
Lockey, John, 206. 
Manwood, John, 22. 
Martin, 391, 893. 
Mulhns, 86. 
Newton, 176. 

Northmore, Elizabeth, 894. 
Onley, John, 444. 
Pahner, 86. 
Penn, Wm., 6. 
Bavenscroft, 208. 
Sotheron, Admiral, 141 
Suffolke, John, 60. 
Watts, James, 126. 
Westoott, 24. 
Woodruffe, Robert, 111. 


Armytage, 441. 
Brown, Mathias, 441. 
Casamajor, 104. 
Chapman, Sir John, 7. 
Chesshyre, Dame Anne, 449. 
Coplestone, Richard, 202. 
Cornwell, Prancis, 366. 
Draper, Rebecca, 366. 
Pairlamb, 202. 
Pitzwarren, Thomas, 33. 
Pletoher, 386. 
Puller, Bishop of Lincoln, 9. 
Puller, 327. 
Gerard, Isabel, 18. 
Gould, Sir Nathaniel, 862. 
Hall, 29, 467. 
Harris, R., 241. 
Heron, Margaret, 66. 
Heron, Sir John, 60. 
Holmwood, Thomas, 866. 
Hovenden, 96, 234, 247, 

288, 293. 
Ledelmre, Oliver, 287. 
Lockey, Anne, 207. 
Lumley, Sir BCartin, 467. 
Martyn, 390. 
Mervyn, 868, 424. 
MuggejWalter, 2. 
Penn, William, 4. 
Prichard, Sir Wm., 862. 
Sewell, 183. 
Slater, Sir Thomas, Bart., 

Swayne, Elizabeth, 138. 
Tedcastle, John, 883. 
Webb, 16. 

Woodroffe, George, 414. 
Woolfe, Prancis, 126. 
Worthington, John, 149. 

istdlanea ^maljugka tt leofoka^ 



[The fint leaf of the Psalter has been rewritten, and in the initial B of the first Psalm are the 
Sidney arms, surronnded by the garter. The following shield of arms is sereral times repeated : — 
Quarterly 1 and 4 gules a fess chequy argent and sable between six crosses crosslet fitchee or, Boteler ; 
2 and 3 or two bendlets gules.] 


The naiduitie of the ladie Anne Harbert, second daughter to the righte honor- 
able Henry earle of Penbrooke, the nynthe of Marche in the yeare of our Lord, 
one thousand, fyue-hundred, fourescore and two — the godfather, the lord Shandoes, 
the godmothers, the countesse of Warricke, aud the Ladie anne Talbott. 

The natiuitie of Thomas Sydney, third sonne of S' Henrie Sydney knighte Ac. 
was at Hogsdon by London, the fyue and twentie day of Marcne, in the yeare of 
our Lord, one thousand fyue-hunored three-score and nyne. His godfathers were 
the righte honorable Thomas erle of Sussex, and the righte honorable S' Williaru 
Cicill now Lord Baron Burlie : his godmother Katherine cowntesse of Huntington. 

The manage of S' Henrie Sydney knighte with the Ladie Marie Dudlie, daugh- 
ter to John, than erle of Warricke, and ai'ter duke of Northumb. was first at Asser 
the nyne-and-twentie day of Marche, in the yeare of our Lord one thousand, Fyue 
hundred, Fyftie, and one : and afterward most publikelie and honorablie solem- 
nised in £lye-place in Holbome in the Whittson-holy-daies nexte following. 


The natiuitie of William Herbert first sonne to the righte honorable the erle 
of Penbrooke. the eighte of Aprill. in the yeare of our Lord one thousand, fyue- 
hundred. and foure-score : the godmother the Queues most excellent maiestie, 
godfathers, Ambrose erle of Warricke in his owne person, and Eobert erle of 
Lecester, by his Deputie. S' Phillippe Sydney. 

The manage of the righte honorable Henrie erle of Penbrooke to Marie onelie 
daughter, to S' Henrie Sydney, knighte Lord President of Walles, was on the one 
and twentie day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord, one thousand. Fyue-hundred 
threescore & seauentyne. 


The natiuitie of Henrie Sidney was on twesday. the twentie day of July vppon 
Saincte Margaretts day. in the mominge. a quarter after one of the clocke, the 
twentie one yeare of Henrie the eighte, and in the yeare of our Lord, one thousand, 
fyue hundred, twentie and nyne, nis Godfather was King Henrie the eighte. his 
other godfather, was S' William Fitz-william : after Earle of Southehampton. and 
Lord priuie-seale. his godmother was the Ladie Kingston, wife to Sir William 
Kingston, knighte of the most noble order, and comtroller of King Henrie the 
eighte his household. 


The marriadge of S' Phillip Sydney w*^ mistris Frances Walsingham daughter 
to S' Fraunces Walsingham knight then principall Secretarie to the Queenes most 
excellent Ma^ was on friday the one and twentith day of September in the yeare 
of our Lord, one thowsand fine hundred four score and three. 

* Communicated by W. Aldis- Wright, Esq. 

B 2 


The marriage betweene Robert Sydney esquior, and Barbara Ghimmage daugh- 
ter and sole heire to John Gammage of the Castell of Cointie in the Countie of 
Glamorgan esquior was celebrated in the house of S' Edward Stradlinge of S' 
Dennets in the same countie on wenesdaie the three and twentith of September. 
1584. in the presence of the right honorable Harry Erie of Pembrook, S^ Edward 
Stradlinge and my Ladie his wife and manie others. 


The birth of Phillip second sonn to the right honorable Henry Erie of Pen- 
brooke was one the sixteenth day of October in the yeare of our Lord one thousand 
fiue-hundred foure score and foure : The godmothers was (sic) his Grandmother the 
ladie Marie Sydney ; his Godfathers S"^ Phillip Sydney knight, and M' Robert 
Sydney esquior his vncles. 

The natiuitie of Katherine eldest daughter to the righte honorable Henrie erle 
of Penbrooke the fyftetenth of October in the yeare of our Lord, one thousand, 
fyue-hundred, fourescore and one, the godmothers were, the Countesse of Hun- 
tington,- and the Ladie Anne Ascue, the godfather was the Lord President of 
walles, grandfather to the said yon ge Ladie. 

The death of the same la: Katherine eldest daughter to the said Harrie Erie 
of Penbrooke was at Wilton the xv^** of Octob. 1584 being threyeare old and one 
daie ; a child of (sic) promised much excel lencie if she mought haue lined, and 
was buried in Wilton Church the seuenteenth of the same. 

The natiuitie of Marie Sydney, afterward Countesse of Penbrooke was at Tick- 
nell by Beudlie, in the marches of walles, the seauen-and twentie day of October, 
in the yeare of our Lord, one thousand fyue-hundred, three-score and one. Her 
godfather was the right honorable William erle of Penbrooke, her godmothers, the 
ladie baronesse Shandoes, and the ladie Jobson. 


The natiuitie of Robart Sydney second sonne of S"" Henrie Sydney. Lord Pre- 
sident of Walles. &c. was at Penshurst in Kent, the nynetenth day of Nouemb. in 
the yeare of our Lord, one thousand, fyue hundred threescore and three, in the 
fyfte yeare of the raigne of Queue Elizabeth : his godfathers, were the righte 
honorable Robert erle of Lecester his vncle, and William lord Cobbam. and his 
godmother the ladie baronesse of Aburganie. 

The natiuitie of Phillippe Sydney sonne and heire of S' Henrie Sydney knighte, 
and the Ladie Marie his wyfe, eldest daughter of lohn. duke of Northumb. was one 
fryday the last of Nouember being saincte Andrewes day. a quarter before fyue 
in the morning. Annis RRegis Phillippi, et Marie RRegine, pnmo et secundo et 
anno D'ni, Milessimo, Quingentessimo, Quinquagessimo quarto. His godfathers 
were the greate king. Phillippe. king of Spayne, and the noble John Russell erle 
of Bedford. And nis godmother, the most vertuous Ladie Jane Duchesse of 
Northumb. his grand-mother. 


In dei nomi*e amen, the ix*^ day of the moneth of ffebruarii the yere of ou^ 
lord mcccciiij"xiiij. I Water Mugge of Guildeford in the Counte of Surrey being in 
my good and hole mynde thanked be god make ordayne and dispose this p'nt tes< 
tament and last Wille in Maner and forme folowing ffurst I bequeath my sowle to 
almyghty god to owre blessed Lady saint Mary his moder and to all the saintes 
and my body to be buried in churchyard of owre Lady of guildeford a foresaid 
nygh the grave wher Johanne Mugge my moder lieth buried Item I bequeath to 
the moder church of Winches t' iiij°. Item I bequeath to the high ault' of ou' Lady 

* Communicated by G. W. Marshall, Esq., LL.M. 


cburcli A foresaid iij« iiij**. Item I bequeath to the Eeparaeions of the aulter of 
saint peter in the said church and to the Heparacions of the same church xx" 
Item I bequeath to the church of saint John baptjste Wonershe in the Countie of 
Surrey aforesaid xvj*. Item I bequeath to the church of saint Nicholas nygh Cul- 
forth xiij" iiij*. Item I bequeath to the freres prechers of guyldford aforesad to 
pray for my sowle xx'. Item I wyll that myn executors shall pay or do to be paide 
at ther ease and Besonable leysur' to Alis Junyn Wydow xxvi" viij* in Becom- 
pense of iiij Oxon which I bought of John Starmthwayte sume tyme keper of the 
p'ke of guyldford aforesaid. Item I will that my executors bye or do to be bought 
at ther ease or Eesonable ley sure a Stone of Marbull with ij picturs, on of geffray 
l^Iugge esquir and a noder picture of Thomas Mugge with tharmes thereupon iij 
Cokatrice in Sable and the feld Syluer and to be laide on ther grave in the forsaid 
church of Saint Mary of ^ylforth. Item I will that myne executors by a noder 
stone of Marbull with ij pictures of Water broke and aiice his wife with Armes 
theraponne iij Kedde lyons with a Cheffcron of Sables the feld Syluer and to be 
laid on ther graue in the said church yerde of Saint Mary. Item I will that my 
feofies of And in all my landis and tenements Keutes and s'uis medews pastures 
and Woodes with thapp'tenna' sett and lying in the Countie of Surray be to the 
behoff and vse of Johanne my Wif during her lyfe and after her deceasse I will 
that the feoffes make a suffyshent and lawfuU estate to Danyell my sonne and to 
his heiris in fee, And for defawt of Issew of the said Danyell to Bemayne holy to 
the heires of me the said Walter Mugge for euermore. Item I will that my feoffes 
of and in all the landis and tenementis Bentis serui's Medews pasturis Woodis and 
vnderwoodys with all thappurtennc's sette and lying w*in the Countie of Deuen- 
shir stond feoifed to this myne entent and last will folowyng ffirst I wyll y* myne 
executors shall haue and Becyue all the Bentis growyng or to be growen of all the 
said Landis and tenementis and odir the premissis as is a fore Behersade within 
the said countie of Deyinshir by fore the feeste of saint Michaell thwkeaungell 
next comyng after the Date of this my Laste Will and to content my detts and to 
do for my sowle as they think beste And aftir the said feste of Mighalmas I will 
that Johanne Margett and Anne my doughters shalhaue eurche of them xx^ to 
ther manage and to be p'teyned and takyn yerely of the said Landis and tene- 
mentis and all th app'ten*nc' in devinshire in manner and forme folowyng that is to 
say eury yere after the said festo of Mighalmas x™" during ix yerys thanne next 
folowing If the said Johanne Margett and Anne be Bewled and guyded by Johanne 
my Wyffe And her frendis. And yf it happyn the said Johanne Margerett and 
Anne my doughters to dye or any of them to dye by fore they be Maried or by 
for the said money be growen as it is by fore Benersed that thanne I will that the 
seid money for her p'te or ther p'tis that so shall happe to dye to be distributed 
and done for the Wele of my soule by myne executors. Also I will that the Be- 
sidew of all the said Landys and tenementis with all thapp'^tenncs in the said 
countie of devinshire a boue the said x m's by the yere during the said ix yeris be 
for for the fynding of the said Daniell my sonne to his leving during the said ix 
yeris. Also I will that the seid x m'^s yerely and all other Beuenues rentes and 
proffitis of the seid londis and tenementis in Devinshir aforesaid with all ther 
app't^nncs Beceyved yerely of the tenaunts and occupiars of the same Landis and 
tenementis or of any p'cell therof by mine executors and to be paide and dis- 
tributed as it is a fore Behersed according to this my last Wille. Item I will 
that at the end of the terme of the forsaid ix yeris that my seid feofles of and in 
all the said londis and tenementis Bentis s'uis Medews pasturs woodes and vnder- 
woodes set and lying within the said countie of Deuynshire make a sufficient and a 
lawfull Estate to the said Danyell my sonne and to his heires in fee And for de- 
faute of Issewe of the same Danyell to Bemayne holy to the Bight heires of me 
the said Walter for euermore. The Besidew of all my goodis bothe moveable and 
vnmovable what soeuer they be by fore not by-queathed I holy geve and bequeath 
to Johanne my Wife And to Thomas Polsted which of this my p*nt testament and 
last wylle I make my sole executors yevyn the day and yere a bouesaid. 
Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1 April 1495. 



I William Penn Esq' bo called Cheife proprietor & Govemour of tlie Province 
of Pensilvania and the Temtoryes tbereunto belonging being of sound mind and 
understanding for which I bless Gt)d doe make and declare this my last Will and 

My Eldest Son being well provided for by a Settlement of his Mothers and my 
ffathers Estate I give and devise of the rest of my Estate in manner following. 

The Govemm*^of my Province of Pensilvania and Territories thereunto belong- 
ing and all powers relateing thereunto I give and devise to the most Hono'ble the 
Earle of Oxford and Earl Mortimer and to William Earle Powlett so called and 
their Heires upon Trust to dispose thereof to the Queen or any other person to 
the best advantage they can to be applyed in such manner as I shall herein ailer 

I give and devise to my dear Wife Hannah Penn and her ffather Thomas Cal- 
lowhill and to my good ffriends Margarett Lowther my dear Sister and to Gilbert 
Heathcote Physitian Samuel Waldenfield John flSeld Henry Gouldney all liveing 
in England and to my friends Samuel Carpenter Bichard Hill Isaac Norris Samuel 
Preston and James Logan liveing in or near Pensilvania and their heires All my 
lands Tenements and Hereditam^ whatsoever rents and other profitts scituato 
lyeing and being in Pensilvania and the Territories thereunto belonging or else 
where in America upon Trust that they shall sell and dispose of so much therof 
as shall be sufficient to pay all my just debts and from and after paym^ thereof 
shall convey unto each of the three Children of my son Will" Penn, Gulielma- 
Maria, Springett, and William respectively and to their respective heires 10000 
acres of land in some proper and beneficiall places to be sett out by my Trustees 
aforesaid All the rest of my lands and Hereaitam** whatsoever scituate lyeing and 
being in America I will that my said Trustees shall convey to and amongst my 
Children which I have by my present Wife in such proporcon and for such estates 
as my said Wife shall think fitt but before such Conveyance shall be made to my 
Children I will that my said Trustees shall convey to my daughter Aubrey whom 
I omitted to name before 10000 acres of my said Lands in such places as my said 
Trustees shall think fitt. 

All my p'sonall estate in Pensilvania and elsewhere and arreares of rent due 
there I give to my said dear Wife whom I make my sole Executrix for the equall 
benefitt of her and her Children In Testimony whereof I have sett my hand and 
seal to this my Will which I declare to be my last Will revoking all others for- 
merly made by me. 

W" Penn. 

Signed Sealed and Published by the Testator William Penn in the presence of 
us who sett our names as Witnesses thereof in the p'sence of the said Testator 
after the Interlineacon of the Words above Viz^ whom I make my sole Executrix. 

Sarah West. Eobert West. 
Susanna Heading. 
Thomas Pyle. 
Robert Lomax. 

This Will I made when ill of a feavour at London with a Clear understanding 
of what I did then but because of some unworthy Expressions belying Gods good- 
ness to me as if I knew not what I did I doe now that I am recovered through 
Gods goodness hereby declare it is my last Will and Testament at Buscomb in 
Berkshire this 27^^ of the 3^ Month called May 1712. 

W- Penn. 
Witnesses p'sent. 

Eliz. Penn. Mary Chandler. 

Tho. Pyle. Josiah Dee. 

Tho. Penn. Mary Dee. 

Eliz. Anderson. 


Poatcript in my own hand. 

Asa further Testimony of my love to my dear Wife I of my own mind give 
unto her out of the rents of America viz* Pensilvania £800 a year for her naturall 
life and for her care and charge over my Children in their Education of which she 
knows my mind as also that I desire they may settle at least in good part in 
America where I leave them so good an Interest to be for their Inheritance &om 
Qeneracon to Generacon which the Lord p^serve and prosper. Amen. 

W" Penn. 

Seal* and signature of William Penn, to a bond,t dated £0 July, 1699, between 
William Penn, of Warminghurst, in the county of Sussex, " Armiger," and Thomas 
Callowhill, of Bristol, Linendraper. 


The following memoTandat relate to the family of Sir John Chapman, Kt., the well-known Lord 
Ma^or of 1688, whose pedigree is very imperfectly exhibited in the Baronetages. Lord Macaulay 
(Hiat. of England, ii. 557) graphically describes the fatal agitation of the Lord Mayor when Lord 
Chanoellor JefiVeys was dragged before him, in the riots which followed the abdication of King 
James, although he omits to mention his name. He says, " Tlie Mayor was a simple man, who had 
paaeed his whole life in obscurity, and wae bewildered by finding himself an important [actor in a 
mighty revolution . The events of the last twenty-four hours, and the perilous state of the City 
which was under his charge, had disordered his mind and his body. When the great man, at whose 
frown, a few days before, the whole kingdom had trembled was dragged into the justice-room be* 
grimed with ashes, half-dead with fright, and followed by a raging multitude, the aeitation of the 
unfortunate Mayor rose to the height. Ho fell into fits and was carried to his bed, whence he nerer 
rose.'* It may be doubted, however, whether Macaulay has done justice to the political experience 
of Sir John Chapman, for Sir John was one of the six aldermen of London, who were displaoed in 
1687 for opposing the address in favour of the Declaration of Indulgence ; and his contemporary 
Dr. Soott, the B^tor of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, praises in high terms the wisdom and prudence of 

* The arms on seal are those of Penn impaling Springett, William Penn having married — at 
Chalfont, in 1672~Guliclma Maria, daughter of Sir William Spriiigett. His first wife died 23rd 
February, 1694. In 1696 he married Hannali, daughter of Thomas Callowhill, of Bristol. 

f The Condicon of this Obligacon is such that wheras at the Intermarrage of the aboue bound 
Williaih Penn with Hannah daughter of the above named Thomas OdlowhUl he the said William 
Penn then had and since hatli receiued of and from the said Thomas Callowhill divers sums of Money 
as the Marriage portion of the said Hannah, & hitherto hath not made any provision or assureance 
ffor or to the children Isue of their bodies if it please god to give them any. Now therefore if the 
aboue bound William Penn his heirs Executors or Administr^s doe and shall within six yearoe 
next after the date hereof in case therebe Isuc of their bodies pay or cause to be payd unto the 
aboue named Thomas Callowhill his Executors Administ* or assignes the fftiU sum'e of mfieen hun- 
dred pounds Cunint money of England to be by the said Thomas Callowhill layd out in Purchase 
of lands or otherwise to be Imployd & Improved to the likeing and aprobaoon of the said William 
Penn if Liveing ffor the benefit & behoofe of such Child and Children his & their heires Exeeutors as 
■hall please god to ffive the said WilL Penn on the Body of the said Hannah and for defalt of such 
Issue to be to the Ueires Executors Adm* & Assignee of the said W" Penn fforeuer, then this 
obligacon to be voide and of none effect or else to stand & remaine in full fooroe & virtue. 

{ Commanicated by B. E. Chester Waters, Esq., of Upton Park. 



bis behayiour in the difficult circuniBtanoes of his mayopaltj. — ['Memorials and Characters of 
Eminent Persons/ p. 617.] 

ArmSf Party per chevron ardent and gules a crescent counterchanged. 

. . . Chapman of Ruahbery near Bridgenorth.=^ 

Jasper Chapman 2 son bom &qpAnne da. Francis 

bapt. at Rushbery. Citizen of . . . dead 16 

& grocer of London in Milk buried 

S* in parish of S* Lawrence 2 June 

Jewry bur* 1 Dec. 1653. 1641. 

Will dated 23 Nov. 1658 

proved in C. P. C. 16 Jan^ 


dead 1653. 


dead 1653. 

Sarah buried 
11 Oct. 1659. 




Jane Chapman. 

dead 1653. 



. . . Waring 

dead 1653. 



Jasper bapt. Bethia bapt.^Robert 
" 7Jany 


wife with 

5 children 


26 Dec. 
1619 died 

Sarah bapt. 
6 Dec. 1624 
bur* 7 Mch. 

Jathinall bapt. 
24 M<i> 1621-2 
died inf *. 






I I 

bapt. 17 




24 Nov. 


bur* 16 

Elizabeth da. of =j=S' John Chapman^Amy 

Anthony Webb 
Esq. of Hackney 
by Elizabeth 
sister and ooh. 
of Sir Henry 
WoodK* k 
Bart, wife with 
a son 1672. 
Ex'trix 1689 k 
1699 bur* at S' 
Peters Poor 
28 Deo. 1711 
2 wife. 

K* bapt. 8 Sept. 
1633 Citizen k 
mercer k aid. of 
London Sheriff 
1678. died Lord 
Mayor 17 March 
1688-9 buried 27 
March 1689 Will 
dated 26 March 
1686 k pr. in 
C. P. C. 4 May 

da. of 

• • • 

1 wife. 

I I I I 

1672 died 

Frances bur^f 
21 Jan. 1680-1 

Henry bapt. 
1 Nov. 1681t 
died infant. 

bapt. 10 
June lf^84t 
died infant. 

Esq. son 
and heir 

died unm. 
Dec. 169a 




Sir Oliver 

I I 

Bethia Sir William Chap- 

bapt. 11 man K* k Bart. 

Jan. Knighted 4 Oct. 

1682-3t 1714 one of the 

unm. South Sea Direc- 

1686. tors Created a 

Baronet 27 June 

1720 died 7 May 

bur* 13 May 1737t 

Rachel da.: 
k cob. of 
Jas. Ed- 

marr. Dec. 


=Eliz. da. & coh. 
of Thomas 
Webb al*s Wood 
Esq. Clerk of 
the Kitchen to 
King William 
III. bapt. at 
Chelsea 30 July 
1685 bur* 21 
June 1733t 


John biiH 
21 May 


Anne wife 
of . . . 
ley, 1686. 

=Sir John Cliap-= 
man Bart, son 
k heir, of 
Cockenhatch in 
Barkway Herts 
Sheriff of Herts 
1759 M.P. for 
Taunton died 
29 Jan. 1781. a 

=2 wife 
Sarah da. 
of . . . 
died 15 
bur* at 

Mary da. of = 
Esq. of Ham 
Abbey Essex 
marr. 8 Feb. 
1759 bur* at 
Ufford 19 
Oct. 1759. 

:Sir W"» Cliapman Bart.= 
brotlier k heir. bapt. at 
S» Peter Poor 1 Oct. 
1714. of Loudham 
Park in Ufford co. 
Suff^ Sheriff of Suffolk. 
1762. died in London 
9 Feb. 1785 bur* at 
Ufford 19 Feb. s. p. 

=2 wife Anne da. 
k coh. of Rev. 
Benjamin Lany 
Rector of Mul- 
barton, Norff. 
marr. 1 Aug. 
1767 died in 
London 9 M^** 
1796 bur* at 
Ufford 18 M*^**. 

All the Registers are from St. Lawrence Jewry, except those marked f, which are from St. Pet«r 


23 NOV. 1653, PROVED 16 JANUARY, 1653-4, BY EX'ORS NAMED. 

{Court of Probate, Doctors Commons. Alchin, 367.) 

To be buried in same grave where my wife Ann Chapman was buried in Chancel of parish church 
of S* Lawrence Old Jewry London al the pew door of my seat when I was a parish' My sister Jane 


Waring £20 — my Bon John Chapman both my houses in Milk S' both known by the sign of the 
Bed Bull, & also £1600 & the residue of my personal estate, my said son John & ray son in law 
Bobert Abbott to be Ex'ors. — My sister Susan Chapman widow late wife of my brother Francis 
Chapman £10 & to her three children viz. John Chapman & two daughters £10 each, they under 
age. — My sister Sarah Chapman who was my brother Williams Wife £10, and to her son Adam 
Chapman £10 and her daughter Susan Colbame £10, and to her two eldest children whose names I 
know not £6 each — My cousin Maay Shattrwaight and her husband £20, and to Bobert Waring my 
kinsman &, her brother £20. — Bobert Morton grocer and Wineffrid his wife 6/- each th^ having had 
a greater portion at their marriage — My cousins Charles Chapman, Elizabeth Lot (or Loc) & Amy 
Beachamp, all of them children of my brother Adam Chapman deceased £5 each — Poor of Bushbeiy 
where I was bom & christened £10. Poor of Bridgnorth £20, and to Bridgnorth Town £20 for 
repairs — ^Bridgwell & Bethelehem Hospitab London £10 each To Dutton Thicknes & Eliz. his wife, 
sometime my maidservant £3 — M" fiVanoes Boyier a ministers widow having three children £5. M' 
Baker minister &, his wife £5. — My cousin William Crowther 40/- My cousin John Ardds, nephew 
to my son Bobert Abbott £10 and to Bobert Cleayton also nephew to my son Bobert Abbot £6---My 
son Abbotts nephew Bichard, an apprentice £6 — My daughter Bethia Abbott £800 &, her husband 
Bobert Abbott £400 My grand children Sarah Abbott, Katherine Abbott Eliz. Abbott & Bobert 
Abbott £200 each— poor of Boe co. Middx. £3— M' Beeve Minister £5— To Grocers Hall *' a couple 
of silver beere bowles *' M' Kinsman WilUaro Medlioote of London Grocer £10 & to his poor 
brethren in Shropshire viz. Thomas Medlicote, John Medlicote & two others (name not known) 
£10 each — Eliab Abbott eldest son of my son Bobert Abbott, & my grandchild £200. 
Witnesses John Morris. Thomas Browne. 


DATED 26 MABCH, 1686. 

{Court of Probate, Doctor^ Commons. eOEnt.) 

To be privately buried in the evening season in parish church of S* Lawrence Jewry London near 
the grave of my late father Jasper Chapman, and of my late wife Amey — after debts & funeral ex- 
penses paid all my personalty into 3 parts, of which one to my wife Dame Elizabeth, one other part 
among lour of my children, viz. James Chapman, William Chapman, Elizabeth Chapman and Bethia 
Chapman, each at 21 or on marriage, and the other third part as follows : — to my said wife Dame 
Elizabeth £200 more she to release all claims on my estate, and if she do not then said £200 to my 
son James Chapman. — to my daughter Ann Enightley 40/-, I having already given her her portion 
in marriage — to my said son James sufficient to make up his orphanage part to £3000, and also 
three messuages in MUk Street and Lad Lane in said parish of S* Lawrence Jewry and two others 
in S' Saviours Southwark — to said son William Chapman enough to make up his orphanage part to 
£1500, and lease of a messuage or tenement in Cheapside — to my daughter Elizabeth Chapman and 
Bethiah Chapman enough to make up their parts to £2000 each — if any of my said children die 
before 21 or marriage their portions to go to such children as I have or may have by my said wife 
Dame Elizabeth, but if all die then their portions to my said daughter Ann Enightley and her 
heirs and assigns for ever — To the poor of S* Saviours Southwark £16, of S* Lawrence Jewry £15 
of S< Peter the Poor £15, of S* Botolph Bishopsgate £16, of S* Leonards Shoreditch £16, of S* Mary 
Whitechapel £15, & of S* Giles Cripplegate £20— to my cousin James Blackerby £10 — to the poor 
children of Christa Hospital £100 — to my loving mother M'* Elizabeth Webb £20 for mourning 
and same to M" Margaret Oneby — to friend M' Basil Heame the elder £20— Appoints Joint Ex'ors 
my said wife Dame Elizabeth, my son James Chapman, and my cousin M' W" Lightfoote one of 
the Attomies of the Lord Mayors Court in London. 

Proved 4 May 1689 by said James Chapman son of testator and one of the Ex*ors named, 
power reserved to the Others. 

Second probate 2 March 1698-9 by Dame Elizabeth Chapman the relict, power reserved to said 
William Lightfoote. 

Signature to appointment of S' John Moore as Locumtenens during " my indisposition of health, 

dated 17 December, 1688. 



St. Lawrence Jewet. 


1558. Aug. 8. Agnes da. of John Chapman. 

1560. June 23. Elizabeth Chapman. 

1586. Oct. 21. Judith Chapman. 

1619. Dec. 26. Jasper son of Jasper Chapman &, Jane his wife. 

1020. Jan. 7. Bethia da. of Jasper Chapman. 

1621. Nov. 25. Susan da. of William Chapman & Mary his wife. 

1621. March 24. Jathinall son of Jasper Chapman A Anne his Wife. 

1624. Dec. 6. Sarah da. of Jasper Chapman. 

1630. July 17. Rebekah da. of Jasper Chapman A Anne his Wife. 

1633. Sept. 8. John son of Jasper Chapman Grocer & Anne his Wife, 


1539. Oct. 19. Thomas Chapman & Elizabeth Banister. 
1549. Oct. 30. John Storey & Elizabeth Chapman. 
1616. May 26. William Wood & Elizabeth Chapman. 


1573. Jan. 20. John Chapman. 

1625. Dec. 11. M' William Chapman. 

1632. May 13. a Stillborn Child of Jasper Chapman Grocer in Church yard. 
1632. May 16. Isaac son of Jasper Chapman. 

1634. June 17. William Chapman. 

1638. November 24. Rebecca Chapman was buried in the North Chapel before the 

1640. April 4. A still bom Child of Chapman. 

1641. June 2. Ann Chapman Wife of Jasper Chapman. 
1644. January 27. M' John Chapman buned in the Chancel. 
1644. March 7. M" Sarah Chapman. 

1653. Dec. 1. Jasper Chapman Grocer. 

1669. Oct. 11. M" Sarah Chapman buried in the North Chapel. 

1659. Nov. 25. M' Adam Chapman buried in the North Chapel. 

1662. May 21. John son of John Chapman buried in the Chancel. 

1663. March 2. Mary da. of John Chapman buried in the Chancel. 

1667. Aug. 24. Amev the wife of M' John Chapman buried in the North side of 

the Chancel. 
1689. March 27. Sir John Chapman late Lord Mayor of the City of London was 

interred in the Chancel underneath the pulpit stairs. 
1698. Dec. 1. James Chapman Esq. interred under tne pulpit. 

St. Feteb lb Foob. 


1681. Nov. 1. Henry son of Sir John and Lady Eliz. Chapman. 

1682-3.' Jan. 11. Bethia da. of same. 

1684. June 18. Margaret „ „ 

1714. Oct. 1. William son of William & Eliz. Chapman. 


1680-1. Jan. 21. Frances da. of Sir John & Lady Eliz. Chapman. 
1711. Dec. 28. Dame Elizabeth Chapman. 
1733. June 21. Dame Elizabeth Chapman. 
1737. May 13. Sir William Chapman Bart. 



I have found in my muniment-room an old paper giving the pedigree of one 
generation of the Bellot family of Moreton, temp. H. 8. As it corrects some 
errors in the pedigree given by Ormerod, and supplies aome interesting particulafs, 
it may be worthy of a place in the ' Miscellanea.' 

Oulion Parh. 

'* Thomas Bellott Esq. marryed Alice Eoden, daughter to Boger Boden Esq. in 
ye Baigne of H. y« 8'** y«y lye fiuryed in Gresford Church & left nine Sons and 
three Daughters. 

** Edward Bellott eldest Sonne was a Student divers years in . . . marryed Anne 
Moston daughter to Peirs Moston Esq. & lyeth Buryed in Gresford Church, y^ 
had Issue 3 Sons & 3 daughters. 

*' Thomas Bellott second Son was Steward & Ezezutor to y* Lord Bourghle^, 
he did many charitable workes in his Life time he was never Marryed, Lyeth in 
. . . Thebales. 

" Hugh Bellott y® 3 Son was Bishop of Chester, he never marryed, he lyeth 
Buryed att Wrexham with a hansome Monum^ 

" John BeUott y^' 4^^ Son was Steward to y^ Earle of Butland he never maryed, 
& lyeth buryed att Gresford. 

" Boger Bellott y« 6*** son was Gentleman Vsher to y« Countesse of Oxford, 
he maryed Dorothy Breeton daughter to M' Breeton of Wetnall & Lyeth Buryed 
att Wrexam. 

" George Bellott y« 6*^ Son was Beceiver Generall for y« Colledge of West- 
minster, he was Loving to his Frends, he was never marryed, & lyeth Buryed att 
Threakston in Leicestershire. 

'' David Bellott y^ 7^^ Son was Steward to S' Baynald Mohune a great Elnight 
in Devonshire, he was never marryed & lyeth buryed att Ortone Madock. 

"... Bellott y« 8**^ son was Steward to y* Lord Morris he was never marryed 
& lyeth buryed att Astbury. 

"... Bellott y« 9*^ Son was Prebend of Westminster & Arch Deacon of Chester 
he was never marryed, & lyeth buryed . . . 

" fMary] was marryed to Eichard Minshall Esq. of Minshall & had Issue John 
Minsnall Es^. 

" [Erminia] marryed John Manly of Poulton Gent. & had Issue 2 Sons. 

" [Dorothy] marryed John Drinkewater Gent. A had issue one Son William 

(Endorsed " A peadigree of y« Bellotts.") 


In the Name of Gbd Amen, I William Lord Bishop of Lincolne being weak 
in bodie but sound in mynd and memorie praised be Ged for the same doe make 
and ordaine this my last Will and Testament (hereby revoking all former Wills by 
mee made) in manner and forme following Imprimis I committ my soule to the 
hands of Almighty God my merciftiU Creator hoping through the merits of Jesus 
Christ my Bedeemer to fynd mercie in the great day of account And I committ 
my bodie to be buryed decently and according to the rights of the Church of Eng- 
land in the Cathedral 1 of Lincolne neare my Sister on the other side of S' Hugh's 
Tombe Item After my debts legacies and funerall charges are payd and discharged 
I give and bequeathe all the rest and residue of my goods and chattells in manner 

* Communicated by James Franklin Fuller, E8q.,of Killeahandra, oo. Oavan. 


and forme following to be divided betwixt Tbomas Puller the sonne of my Brotber 
Tbomas Fuller Mary tbe Wife of William Farmery and Sarab Bligb ber Sister in 
tbree equal parts (tbat is to say) One third part to the above named Tbomas Fuller 
another third part to tbe above named Mary the Wife of William Farmery and 
tbe last third part to Sarah Bligb her Sister Item I make and ordaine William 
Farmery of Tbavies Inne tbe sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament 
And doe make and ordaine tbe Bight Beyerend Father in Qod George Lord 
Bisbopp of Winchester Overseer of this my last Will and Testament Item I 
give and bequeath to Simon Canon Citizen and Merchant Tayler of London tbe 
summe of fortie pounds to be payd by five pounds each quarter of a yeare toward 
tbe education of bis Sonne Horsmanaine Item I give unto the said Ilorsmandine 
twentie pounds to be payd at the time that bee is chosen to the Universitie Item 
I give to my Lord Bisbopp of Winchester fortie shillings to buy him funeral a Bing 
Item Whereas I owe to JJorothy Swinden the summe of one hundred and tenn 
pounds I give her twentie pounds more and do hereby order my Executor to pay 
to ber that debt and legacie within a twelve moneth Item I give to Henry Ham- 
mond my servant five pounds over and above his wages Item I give to Jane 
Bogers one whole yeares wages over and above the arreres of wages due to ber 
Item I give to the Librarie nowe preparing in the Catbedrall of Lincoln tbe 
choicest of my Bookes at the discretion of my Executor Item I give and bequeath 
to tbe Parish of Ewherst in Surrey for tbe use of tbe poore five pounds to be payd 
to tbe Churchwardens thereof Item to tbe poore belonging to the Catbedrall of 
S* Patrick in the Elingdome of Ireland five pounds to be disposed of by tbe Deane 
for their use Item five pounds to tbe poore of Limericke in tbe Kingdom of Ire- 
land Item five pounds to tbe poore of tbe close of Lincolne to be distributed by 
such as tbe Deane and Chapter shall appoynt Item I give and bequeath to Thomas 
Bowe my servant twentie pounds for a legacie Item I doe declare that I dye 
praying for the prosperitie of tbe Church of England beseeching Almigbtie G-od 
that she may overcome all her enemies whether of the Bomane or Fanaticall Com- 
munion And I doe moreover declare tbat I have beene engaged in some Law 
Suits not at all out of neglect of peace and charitie but wholy and solely to vindi- 
cate tbe Bights of the Church of my Episcopall See from the Encroachments of 
ungodly men Item I give and bequeath to tne College of Christ Church in Oxford 
my picture Chest of Violls and Organ wishing myselfe more able to expresse my 
affection to them in some more rich legacie In Witnesse whereof I have here- 
unto set my band and scale April tbe one and twentieth in tbe yeare of our Lord 
One thousand six hundred seventie five 

Signed Sealed published and declared in the presence of — William Hyat— Job. 

Proved 24 April, 1675. 

The Family op TEEyoB, etc.* — Since writing the account of tbe above family 
in tbe pages of your truly valuable and interesting miscellany, I beg leave to correct 
a mistake I made at p. 79 and to append a few further particulars. At p. 79 I stated 
tbat Justin MacCarthy married secondly a daughter of Sir Thomas Uawes, Knt., 

• ( 

Mifldellsnea Genealogica et Henldica,' vol. i. pp. 78-80. 


of London. Now Justin was a member of the family of MacCarthys of " Qleann 
a-Chroim," or the " Vale of Crom," and it was his brother Denis (eldest son of 
Denis MacCarthy, Esq., of co. Cork, and of Squire's Mount, Hampstead, by. his 
cousin Mary), who was father of Sir Charles Justin, G-overnor of Ceylon. Sir 
Charles married, in 1848, Sophia Brunei, eldest daughter of Sir Benj. Hawes, 
K.C.B., Under Secretary of War (M.P. for Lambeth 1832-47 and for Kinsale 
1848-52). He was appointed Auditor- General of Ceylon in 1847, Colonial Secre- 
tary of that island 1852, Governor in 1860, and died October, 18G4. Daniel, nephew 
of Charles Justin, author of the * Life and Letters of Florence MacCarthy Eeagh, 
Tanist of Carbery,' married Harriet, daughter of Admiral Sir Home Popham. 

James MacCarthy, a Lieutenant in the 21st (Boyal North British Fusiliers) 
regimt-nt of the line, died at Barbadoes, January 23, 1842, leaving issue by his 
wife, Isabella Gowland, four sons and a daughter, viz. 2, Edward Fredk. Augustus, 
late of H.M.'s 2Uh (2nd Warwickshire) and 35th (Sussex) regiments ; 4, Thomas 
James, bom 1840, died of cholera at Morar Gwalior in 1861 ; 5, James Justin ; 
1, Henrietta Louisa, bom 1835, died 1838 ; 3, Eliza Sarah Ann, married, in 1865, 
Dr. G-len, a surgeon to the Indian Government. The father of James MacCarthy 
was Edward, bom 1768, married Sarah Bull, at St. Ann's, Westminster, 29th 
November, 1789. He served in the 50th (West Kent, or Queen's Own) regiment, 
and afterwards as Assistant Engineer of the Third Division, under Lieut.- General 
Sir Thos. Picton, and was severely wounded at the storming of Badajos, at the 
storming of Fort Napoleon, Almarez, and the battle of Corunna. He had issue, — 
1, Sarah, bom May 15, 1793, died at Slough, April, 1865, unmarried ; 2, Edw. 
Denis, bom June 24, 1795, died of dysentery and fever while Lieutenant com- 
manding 1500 men in the bush against the Ashantees, buried at Cape Coast Castle, 
married ; 3, William Justin, bom July 24, 1797, late 84th (York and Lancaster) 
regiment, retired Lieut.- Colonel, now living at Bedford, married ; 4, James born 
24 August, 1801, died of yellow fever at Prince Bupert*s Bay, Dominica, December, 
1841, while serving as Lieutenant in the 3rd West India regiment. 

Dr. MacCarthy, another member of the same family, now or latterly resided at 
Wellington, Salop. 

Justin Simpson. 

Stamford, March^ 1S70. 

Chubch Beotster. — I have in my possession part of a church register, and 
give a short description of its contents, since 1 am anxious to restore it to the 
book from whence the leaf has been torn out. 

The fragment when folded forms four narrow folio pages, the first entries 

" October 1670. the wife of M' Jeames Whelar was buryed the 21 day. 
" October 1670. from the Swann. John Maynard was buryed the 26 day." 

I extract a few others : — 

" December 1670 John Bennolds was buryed the 9 day* 

" Jeames the son of Jeames "Wheler was buryed the 29 day. 

" January, the wife of Edward Cotwell was buryed the 25 day. 

" Abrill 1671 Mary the wife of Abell Stannard was buryed the 6 day. 
" Lawrante ffinch was buryed the 22 day. 

" July Bose Wilbe widdo was buryed the 24 day. 

" Elisebeth daughtar of Jeames Harrison by Bose his wife was buryd the 
28 day. 

" August Johanna Osborne widdo was buryed the first day." 

On satisfactory proof being furnished, I will, with pleasure, restore the fi«g- 
ment to its proper place. 

James Coleman. 

22, High SireetfBloomsbufy, London, 


Eastbt. — (1.) In tbe List of the Vicars of the Parish of Eastry there is a gap be- 
tween the year 1455, when John Craller, Bector of Hartleport, dioc Lincoln, ex- 
changed wiui Eobt. Dekyn, Vicar of Eastir (Beg. Bouch. f 60 b, Lambeth), and the 
year 1517, when Bichara Maister was collated to the ricarage, then yacant by the 
death of the last incumbent, — name not mentioned (Beg. Warh. f. 863 b) ; and 
although I have been able to fill up this gt^p partially with ''Sir*' William Craller in 
1479 and Master Thomas Aschowe in 1487, crom wills, yet still there remains a gap 
between 1507, when Aschowe died, and 1517, when Maister was instituted. Can 
you or any of your readers supply the name of the missing yicar ? 

A.D. 1455, John Craller. 
In 1479, " Sir " William Craller ; died 1487. 
A.D. 1487, Master Thomas Aschowe ; died 1507. 

A.I). 1517, Bichard Maister, S.T.B. 

(2.) Again, Thomas Sawyer was appointed yicar in 1553 (Hasted), and John 
Lawson in January, 1557, o.s. (Beg. Pol. f. 76 a) ; but in the same register, Bobert 
Hill, who resigned, is mentioned as the predecessor of Lawson. Query, in what 
year was Hill collated to Eastry ? 

(3.) Also, in what year was Peter Lymiter (whose name and date of death, 
▲.n. 1580, we gather from the parish register) appointed f 

(4.) Can you give me any information respecting the family of Samuel Nicols, 
appointed Vicar of Eastry 1590, died 1638/9? He seems to haye been possessed 
of some land in the parisn, as he is mentioned in an old rental of 1633, and in the 
terriers also, as the owner of lands adjoining the glebe. His. daughter married 
one of the Paramors of Statenborough. I judge from the fact of his baring 
bought (?) or inherited (?) lands in the parish that he must haye been a man of 
property, and perhaps also of family. Prior to his being Vicar of Eastry, he 
appears to haye been Bector of Little Mongeham in 1588. 

If you or any of your correspondents can throw any light on the matters above 
mentioned, I shall be yery glad. W. F. S. 

Fbobsham. — Formerly a small bell was suspended outside the tower of Frods- 
ham Church, Cheshire, ana was called the '* Dagtale *' Bell, being runs (immediately 
after the ordinary bells had ceased ringing) by a man, posted at a window or opening 
in the tower, when he saw the ricar coming to celebrate sendee. What was the 
origin of the practice, and word " Dagtale"? 

2. Under the battlements on the east face of the same tower is a tablet, in 
relief, containing the letters " SJ^O "; what do they signify ? On the south side 
of Kirkby Malgdale (Crayen ?) Church-tower are the letters " G N B." The ages 
of all are perhaps of about the fifteenth century, — maybe much earlier. Double 
Christian names were unknown, otherwise these initials might haye belong;ed to 
some builder or restorer of the churches. Is it possible they are the inituds of 
the seyeral surnames of restorers ? 

3. Can any correspondent refer me to any eyidence of the founder of the family 
of Sir Christopher Hatton, K.G., being brother of Nigel, first Baron of Halton, 
Cheshire, and of such family being descended, matemtJly, from the old Counts of 
Britagne and Dukes of Normandy ? 

4. I am also desirous of knowing of what family were the Downes of Manby 
(Lincoln) and Stockwell (Surrey), John the Begicide being of this stock. 

T. Helsby. 

Names of Plices. — I wish to determine accurately the origin of the following 
names of parishes in Essex: — Stiffbrd, Grays, Little Thurrock, Chad well. West Til- 
bury, East Tilbury, Mucking, Stanford-le-Hope, Corringham, Fobbing, Homdon-on- 
Hill, Laindon Hills, Bulphan, Orsett, North and South Ockendon, Bainham, 
Wennington, Aveley, West Thurrock. Morant's derivations are often unsatisfactory. 
Hints and references in respect of the aboye, or any of them, will oblige, 




Edmundus Chatherton filius Edmundi Chatherton nat' erat xzi® die Aprilis A^ 
Elizabeth, regine yij** & natiuietate cristi 1564. qui dies erat ad preparac'onem 
Pasche yz. ester euen int* horam nona' & horam decimam in nocte. E. G. 

Edmund Trafford was borne the 27* of Maye butt baptised the 24*** of Jun. 

Penelope Trafford was Cristned the 25*^ of August 1625. 

Mildrjed Trafford was Cristned the first of Novembar 1626. 

Ceecyll Trafford was Cristned the 29'** of februarie 1627. 

Humphrey Trafford was Cristned the 27* of Marche 1628. 

John Trafford was borne 16* of July and Cristned the 17* of July 1632. 

Henery Trafford was borne 16* of Septembar and Cristned y* 19* of Septembar 

Eichard Trafford was borne the 10* of Septembar and Cristned the 14* of Sep- 
tembar 1635 : god fathars and god Mothar y^ Lady Eadely [?] M' Humfrey Da- 
venport, and M' Mousleye of y® Hanghe Hall. 

William Trafforde was borne the 23* of July beeing the [Sabbath ?] daye and 
Cristned the same daye att Trafford 1637. 



In the Name of God Amen. Nov' 8, 1637. I Isabell Gerard of EumfordJ in 
the county of Essex, being weak ia body but of sound mind, make &c. My estate, 
whether in my brother Sir Gilbert Gerard's hands, or elsewhere, charged as follows. 
To each of my four younger brothers, William, John, Eichard and Francis, the 
sum of £40. To my sister Mary, and my sister Mildmay £100 each, to be paid 
out of the £800 in the hands of my brother Sir Gilbert Gerard. To my said two 
sisters my plate. To my god daughter VVinifride Gerard, daughter of Sir Gilbert 
Gerard, my golden chain which was my mothers. To my god daughter Elizabeth 

Meux my best gown. " And the rest of my weareing Apparell to my sister Milde- 
may, ana my Bookes to her alsoe. Item I geve to M' Morse of Eumford§ Tenn 
pounds, and to his wife my ring with this posie, Death is to mee advantage.^^ To 
my maid servant Marie Quelsh £5. To the poor of Eomford £5 : poor of Har- 
row on the Hill £5, towards making of stock to set the poor to work. Eest of 
goods, unbequeathed to my brothers Sir Gilbert Gerard and M' Carew Mildmay : 
said brothers to be executors. 

Signed Isabell Gerarde ; in presence of John Morse, Marie Mildmay and Sarah 

Proved by Sir Gilbert Gerard and Carew Hervey Mildmay in P. C. C, January, 

* From Tyndale's English Bible (folio, black-letter), in the library of the Unitarian Chapel, 
Bowlalley Lane, Hull. Communicated by W. Consltt BoiUter, Esq., F.S.A. 

t Communicated by E. J. Sage, Esq. 

$ Daughter of William Gkrard, of Flamberda, in the parish of Harrow on the Hill, Esq., by 
Dorothy, daughter of John Batcliffe, Esq. Her sister Dorothy was wife to Carew Herrey als. Mild- 
may, Esq., of Marks, in the parish of Romford. Isabel Gerard was buried at Bomford, November 
17. 1637. 

§ John Morse, Minister or Chaplain of Bomford ; buried there January 81, 1648. 

c 2 



[The following genealogical notes, extracted from a deed, dated 1692, correct several errors in 
the Prestwicli genealogy as given in the usual books of reference. — T. P.] 

Signature of Penelope Prestwich to an Indenture made 23 June IC92 between 
Matthew Moreton of the parish of S* James in the County of Middlesex Esq. 
and Arabella his wife and Penelope Prestwich sister of the said Arabella (which said 
Arabella and Penelope are daughters and coheires of S' Thomas Prestwich Barr^ 
late deceased and grandchildren of S' Thomas Prestwich Barr' deceased late father 
of the aforesaid S' Thomas and Nieces and heirs of John Prestwich late of All 
Soules College in the University of Oxford deceased who was brother of the said 
S' Thomas Prestwich the grandfather) upon the one part and John Lightbowne of 
Manchester Linendraper on the other part, relating to sale of property in Man- 


John Weeks was bom Jan. 27*'* 1733. 

Mary his wife was bom August 21" 1733. 

the son of John Weeks was bom April 7'*' 1758 and Mary his wife born June 4"* 

John Weeks was married May 18, 1782. 
Maria Weeks was bom Dec. Q*"* 1783. 
Maryann Weeks was bom August 6'* 1785. 
John Weeks Jun was bora April ll'*' 1787. 
Thomas Weeks died March 19*** 1814 In the 1Z^ year of his age. 
Thomas Blandford Died May 2* 1831 in his lO'"* year. 
Mary Weeks the wife of John Weeks Sen' Died April 23. 1835 aged 82 years and 

ten months. 
John Weeks Sen' was married to Sarah Marshall August 8* 1836. 
John Weeks died Febmary 7. 1853. 

tfrlr alias M00ti. 


The readers of the Chapman Pedigree (printed at page 6) will have observed that Sir John 
Chapman, the Lord Mayor, and his son Sir William, both married into the family of Webb, & that 
their wives were descended irom a sister of Sir Henry Wood, Kt. and Bart.', of Loudliam Park, in 
Suffolk. Sir Wm. Chapman was one of the Directors of the South Sea Company, and his estate 
was oonflscated by Parliament in 1721, on the collapse of that unfortunate scheme : but his sons 
inherited considerable wealth from their mother's family. Sir Henry Wood, by his will and settle- 
ment, both dated in May, 1671, had settled his great estates in Suffolk on his daughter Mary, after- 
wards Duchess of Southampton, in strict settlement ; with remainder to his brother Thomas, Bishop 
of Lichfield, in tail ; with remainder to his sister Lady Mary Chester in tail male ; with remainder 
to his sister Elizabeth Webb in tail male ; with remainder to his own right heirs. On the death of 
Charles Cranmer, aUat Wood, Esq., in September, 1748, the last tenant in tail under these limita- 
tions, the ultimate remainder to the heirs of Sir Henry came into effect, and the Wood estates were 

* Memoranda on fly-leaves of an old Bible in the possession of Mr. Coleman, 
t Communicated by B. E. Chester Waters, Esq., of Upton Park, Dorset. 



diTided in equal moieties between the coheirs of his two sisters, Lady Chester and Elizabeth Webb. 
The Chester moiety descended to the daughters and coheirs of Sir Wm. Chester, Bart., of Chiche- 
ley, Bucks, and the Webb moiety was divided between Mrs. Oneby, Sir John Chapman, and his 
cousins, as shown in the following pedigree. 

Armt : Qvles a /ess ermine between three owls or. 
Anthony Webb Citizen & Merchant Taylor of London=T=Elizabeth sister k (in her issue) coheir of 

Warden of Merchant Taylors Company 1668-60 
married at St. Margarets Westminster 27 August, 
1633. Had estates at Hackney Midd< & in co. 
Suffolk Died at Kensington buir at Hackney 18 
March 1672-3. Will dat. 3 March 1672-3 proved 
in C. P. C. 10 March 167^5. 

Sir Henry Wood Knt. & Baronet, of 
Loudham Park in parish of Ufford co. 
Suffolk bapt. at Hackney 2 July 1612 died 
at Chelsea buried 22 October 1689. 
Will dat. 17 Dec. 1685, proved in C. P. C. 
26 October 1689. 

I I I 
Bobert bapt. 21 

Oct. 1634 bur' 

8 Not. 1634. 

Anthony buH 
16 Sept. 1642. 

Bexiiamin bapt. 
26 Oct. 1641 
died young. 

I I I 

Samuel bapt. 
31 April 
1642 died 

John bur' 
20 Feb. 

bar' 31 
March 1668. 

Thomas Webb aVs Wood 
Esq. son &, heir assumed 
the name of Wood on 
the death of the Duchess 
of Southampton Clerk of 
the Kitchen to W. III. 
died 18 July 1709. Will 
dat. 11 July, proved 23 
July 1709 in C. P. C. 

Susanne da. of . . 

I J ' 
Mary Webb died 

unm. bur' 25 Nov. 


Frances died unm. 

Elizabeth marr. Sir 
John Chapman K* 
Alderman of 

Chapman Pedigree 
(page 6). 

Henry Webb al's 
Wood Esq. of 
Hackney Testa- 
mentary heir of 
his uncle Thomas 
Wood Bishop of 
Lichfield Exor 
1689 & 1709 
died intestate 
1710. _ 

John Webb al's 

Wood Esq. 

son & heir 

buried at 

Ufford 2 Sept. 

1711. Will 

dat. 13 July 


Henry bapt. 8 

Jan. 1677-8* 

bur* 5 Feb. 


Sarah bapt. 
8 Jan. 1678-9* 
bur* 7 April 

Anthony bapt. 

12 Feb. 
murdered by 
the Earl of 
Lincoln's ser- 
vants Nov. 
1691 (Luttrell's 

Sarah, Elizabeth bapt.^ 
buried 30 July 1685* 
20 Jan. buried at S* 
1690-1. Peter Poor 21 
June 1733 
sister & coheir. 

:Sir William Chap- 
man Bart. South 
Sea Director died 
7 May bur. 13 May 
1737 at S' Peter 

Chapman Pedigree 
(page 6). 

Susanna coheir bapt. 
23 Nov. 1676* marr. 
1709. died 12 July 
1746. buried at Bar- 
well. M.L 

Bobert Oneby Esq. of 
Barwell co. Leic. 
widower of her cousin 
Judith Chester died 5 
Feb. 1720-1 M.I. at 



Bethia coheir bapt.=f=Sir Francis WilliamnrOraoe cohoii=r2 h. William 

29 January 
1683-4* marr. at 
S* Peter Poor 
4 M^** 1717-18 
died 29 Sept. 1743 
bur' 6 Oct. at 
Hackney. M. I. 

Chester Bart, 
bom 3 May 

1694 buried 
at Hackney 
30 Oct. 1766. 
gr. grandson of 
Lady Chester, 
sist. & coh. of Sir 
H. Wood B*. 


bapt. 18 
April 1689* 
died 1738. 

Seward Esq. 
of Cloak 



Bobert Oneby £sq.=Mary da. of Samuel Francis Chester Esq. 
only child bom 9 Bracebridge Esq. only child coheir 

of Lindley Hall co. 



April 1710 of 

Loudham Park 

Sheriff of Suffolk 

1750 died 10 June 

1753 M.I. at 

Ufford. WiU 

dat. 3 Dec. 1743 

devised Loudham Park 

to Sir William Chapman Bart. 

Leicester marr. 15 
April 1743 had 
Loudham Park for 
hfe bur' at Ufford 

of the Wood estates 
bom 17 July, 
bapt. 25 July 1724 
died unm. 18 Dec. 
bur' 24 Dec. 1757 

William Bressy Grace Seward 
Esq. only child only child 

of Battersea 
coheir of the 
Wood estates 
died unm. 
before 1753. 

unm. 1744 
wife 1760, 
Roberts Esq. 

28 July 1757. M. I. M. I. at Hackney 

devised his estates to 
Sir John Chapman 

The Biegisters are from Hackney, except those marked *, which are from Chelsea. 



(29 Dyeer.) 

To my 2 daughters Mary Webb & Frances Webb each £1000. within 2yr8. after my death, & 
£16. per ann. in the meantime — To my dan. Elizabeth now wife of John dhapman, over & above 
the £2000. 1 have already paid her, £10. for mourning — to my grandchild Anthony Chapman £5. 
for mourning — to all the rest of my children mourning — to my son Thomas Webb all my fireehold 
lands in co. Suffolk & his heirs forerer— all my freehold land in Hackney co. Middx. to mr s** 2 
da us. Mary Webb & Frances Webb & their heirs forever — my house in Holbom called the Rayne 
Deere & my house in Golden Lane called the Pewter Pott to my wife Elizabeth for life, with rem' 
to my s** 2 daus. Mary & Frances & their exors. & Assigns — residue of all personalty to my wife 
Elizabeth & appoint her sole Exec'x. — Overseers, my reverend brother Tiiomas, Lord Bishop of 
Lichfield & Coventry & Tho* Jarrett of Staple Inn, Gent. 

Proved 10 March 1674/5 by Elizabeth Webb, relict & exec*z. 


DATED 17 DEC. 1685. 
(137 Ent.) 

To be buried in par. Chh. of Hackney in s' county, as near my late husband's grave as may be, 
in a private manner & in the night time — my copyhold meas'es, lands & ten'ts &o. in Hackney 
afores** to my eldest son Tho* Webb, Gent, for life, remainder to his 2** son Anthony Webb for life, 
rem*' to my son Henry Webb & his heirs male & in default of such issue then to s** son Henry his heirs 
& assigns for ever — to my s** son Thomas £700, & same to my s** son Henry — to my dau. Frances Webb 
£800— to my dau. Mary Webb £100— to my son Cliapman A. his wife each £10, for mourning — to 
my servant Mary Misselton £5. — to my daughter in law Susanne wife of my s** son Tho* Webb my 
silver bason — to my grandson & Godson John Webb son of my s^ son Thomas £20. & my gilt cup 
with the cover — residue of all estate to my s** son Henry Webb & appoint him sole Ex'or. — Wit- 
nesses, Henry Alexander, Robert Constable, John Coker. 

Proved 25 October 1689 by s** Henry Webb, son & solo Ex'or of testatrix. 




1634. Robert s. of M' Anthony Webb & Eliz. his wife 21 October a fortnight old. 

1641. Benjamin s. of Anthony Webb by Eliz. 25 October. 

1642. Samuel s. of Anthony Webb by Eliz. 30 April. 

1644. Eatherine d. of Samuel Webb by Katherine, 1 September. 
1646. Allen s. of Richard Webb by Prudence 2 October. 
1648. William s. of Richard Webb by Prudence 11 June. 

1650. Richard s. of Richard Webb by Prudence 12 September. 

1651. Eliz. d. of Richard Webb by Prudence 5 January. 


1589. Thomas Nycooles & Elizabeth Webbe, widow, married 2 March. 

1640. William Webb & Margaret Tayler 28 January (by licence). 

1642. Russell Webb & Barbery Pountaine 23 February. 

1680. Thomas Burbery of S' Gregory London, & Sarah Webb of Hackney in the 

county of Midd* were marryed by virtue of a licence 13 January. 
1715. M' John Shepherd of S* Mary Bothaw London, Bach. & Merchant & M" 

Mary Webb of this parish Spinster 7 February (by licence). 
1720. M' Allen Webb of S* Mary le Bow London, Bach. & M" Sarah Webb of this 

parish Spinster at S* Antholina, London p' lycens 22 November. 
1782. William Balv of High Wycombe, Bucks, bach. & Isabella Webb Spinster of 

this parish 16 April (licence). 

* Communicated by J. B. Daniel-Tyssen, Esq., F.S.A 




1599. George Webb monier 28 November. 

1634. Bobert the child of Mr. Anthony Webb 8 November. 

1642. Anthony Webb 16 September. 

1643. M" Blatherine Webb 18 July. 
1651. Richard Webb 24 September. 

1654. John Webb y« sonne of M' Anthony Webb was buried 20*^ of February. 
1658. William y« sonne of M' Anthony Webb buried from London y*^ 31 of March. 
1672. M' Anthony Webb 18 March. 

1689. Mad«« Elizabeth Webb from Chelsey 22 October. 

1690. M» Sarah Webb from Chelsey 20 January. 
1692-3. M' Eobert Webb from Homerton. 30 January. 
1697. M' Eobert Webb from Mare Street 30 October. 

1708. M" Mary Webb from Kingsinton 25 November in the Ch. 

1732. M- Ann Webb Spinster 30 April. 

1733. Samuel Webb Esq^ carried away Aug. 
1741. M" Frances Webb (spinster) 18 December. 

FuNESAL Cebtipicate op John MmoAYE, 1622.t 

John Mingaye of Amringlale in the County of Norff. Gent, departed this mor- 
tall life at Amringale afores^ the 6^ Day of October 1622 & he was Interred with- 
out Escocheon in y* Chancell of the Parrish Church of St. Stephen in the city of 
Norwich with a Gravestone as yett without Inscription he was elaest Son of William 
Mingaye Mayor of the Citty Norwich Anno the 4*^ of Elizabeth 1561 and of Jane 
his Wife the Daugh' of Stepen Green Mayor of Norwich Anno the 22^ of Harry 
the 8*^ Anno Domini 1529 ne married Izabell one of the Daughters of S' Thomas 
Gttwdy Knight one of the Judges of the Kings Bench and by her had issue Thomas 
eldest Son Henry second Son, Edward third son which Edward had issue one 
Daughter Called Francis Thomas eldest Sonn maried Margery the Daughter of S' 
Phillip Wentworth of ... in Suffold Esq' and by her had issue one Daughter and 
Heris viz. Ann who is married to Geoffory Clark of Etyrme in Norfolk Gent. 
Henry Mingaye Second Son of the Defunct married for his first wife Elizabeth 
the Daughter of . . . English of Peterburrough in the County of . . . Esq' and by 
Her had no issue and for his second Wife the said Henry Marryed Mary Daughter 
of Thomas Fernegan of Stebbinge in Essex Gent, and by her hath 6 Sons and 6 
Daughters Viz. William Henry both died young John now living Anthonv died 
Anthony and William, Izabell, Mary, Elizabeth, Katherin, Susanna and Ann 
Frances Daughter of the Defunct married to Kobert Kemp of . . . Esq' and by 
her hath Issue that liveth Bobert and William and 4 Daughters Elizabeth married 
to Balph TJt Cawr of Winningham in^orfolk Gent, and Isabell Married to Ed- 
uard Colfer of Woddalling Esq' and Frances married to WilUam Drurv of Han- 
worth in Norfolk Gent, and Mary unmarried this Defunct was principal! Register 
of the Dioces of Norwich. 

* Communicated by John Fethersion, Esq., F.S.A. 
t Iriflh Funeral Certificates, Add. MSS. 4820, fo. 33. 



The Sayers settled in this parish after the fire of Bungay, and may possibly be 
connected with the Sayers of Pulham St. Mary. 


1733. Elizabeth daughter of John & Frances Sayer, 6 June. 

1734. Thomas son of John & Frances Sayer, 29 April. 

1735. John son of John & Frances Saver, 80 Sept?. 

1736. Elizabeth daughter of John A ^^rances Sayer, 20 November. 

1737. Sarah daughter of John & Frances Sayer, 19 December. 
1746. Thomas son of John & Frances Sayer, 10 March. 
1708. Sarah daughter of John & Mary Sayer, 6 June. 

1769. Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary Sayer, 7 August. 

1771. John son of John & Mary Sayer, 18 June. 

1772. Clare-Sewell son of John & Mary Sayer, 18 August. 
1781. John son of Thomas & Margaret Sayer, 7 January. 

1785. Thomas son of Thomas & Margaret Sayer, late Last, 13 March. 
1787. Oeorge son of Thomas and Margaret Sayer, late Last, 25 February. 


1613. John Sayer & Margaret Wescoe, 3 January. 

1738. William Sayer & Sarah Theobald, widow, 22 June. 
1743. Thomas Sayer and Dorothy Baldry, 18 September. 


1733. Elizabeth Sayer, 29 November. 

1734. Thomas Sayer, 1 July. 

1735. John Sayer, 10 December. 
1760. William Sayer, 13 August. 
1753. John Sayer, 12 December. 
1766. Mary Sayer, 27 June. 

1773. John Sayer, 4 June. 

1774. Frances Sayer, 9 November. 




THE . BODY . OP . I- 


N . ONE . OP . THE 






ST . 5 . 1652. 


* Communicated bj Q. W. Marshall, Esq., LL.M. 
t Communicated bj J. Higson, Esq. 



Richard Williams Esquire married M" Charlotta Mostyn January 9** 172f . 
Their son was bom February the 26*** Eleven in the Morning (i. e. 1729-30). 
Christened Richard March 12*>» 172J^, 
Whose Mother Died March U^^ 1740. 
Richard departed this life 19"> Feb^ 174J. 
Richard Williams married M" Annabella Lloyd May 5^ 1741. 
Their Son was bom Thursday 30^ of September Old Stile five in the morning 
N. S. 11^ Oct'. 

OB If S 

Christened Watkin October 28«» 1742. S^ 9^ 1742. 

Their Daughter was born October 9^ two in y« Morning N. S. 20^. 

Christened Annabella October 31*'» 1843. N. S. No v. 11*^ 1766.t 

Their son was bom Feb. 25*"* four in the morning N. S. S*** M«*». 
X"*ned WilHam 21 March 174 f. 

Their Son was bom 26^^ May three in the morning. 

Xstned Charles 18* June 1747. 

Charles died 26"^ S^ 1747. 

Theire son was bom 1** August five in the evening, N. S. 12 Aug'. 

Xstned Charles S^ 7ber 1748, N. S . 14 whom God preserve. 

Their Son was bom 1"* 7ber one in y« morn* N. S. 12* 7ber. 

Christened Richard 21 7ber 1749 N. S. 2"^ Oct'. Glory be to God. 

Their Daughter bom Feb. 25* 3 in y« Even^. 

Xstned Jane 21"^ Mar. 1750/1. The Lord be praised. 

Jane departed this life 29* Sept^ 1761. Gods will be done. 

Their Son born 24* May 4 in the morn*. Christned Robert 1762. 

Their Daughter bom 5* May three in the Morn*. 

Jane — Xstned 4* June 1765. 

Watkin Williams Esq' married Elizabeth Stapleton Nov' 2^ 1767. 

He died without issue in Nov' 1808. His wife in April 1725. both buried at 

Annabella eldest daughter of Richard Williams Esq'* bv Annabella his wife 
was married to the Rev^ Philip Puleston D.D. of Pickhill Hall Denbighshire and 
died at Doles near Andover Sept. 13* 1824 : buried at Worthenbury in Flintshire. 

Annabella eldest daughter of the Rev^ Philip Puleston D.D. by Annabella his 
wife was bom April 5* 1777. She marr* Edward Lloyd Lloyd of Penylan in the 
County of Denbigh Esq** son of Roger Kenyon Esq** of Cefn Co. Deno. youngest 
brother of the Right Hon. Lloyd Lord Kenyon, Baron of Gredington, Chief Jus- 
tice of England. 

Elizabeth second and youngest daughter of the Rev^ Philip Puleston D.D. by 
Annabella his Wife was bom July 27 1780, married Nov' 80* 1800 W" Wvnne 
Esq' of Peniarth in the Counly of Merioneth ; by whom she had ten children, 
eight of whom survived her. She died at Bath on Wednesday January the 16^^ 
1822, and was buried within the Church of WooUey in the county of Somerset. 

Elizabeth Annabella, eldest daughter of W™ Wynne of Peniarth, in the Coimty 
of Merioneth Esq', (by Eliz* his late Wife), and Wife of W" Pierrepont Gardiner 
Esq' died on the 3^ Sept' 1826, leaving no issue. 

W- Wynne of Peniarth Esq. died on Saturday 8* of Feb. 1834, and was 
buried at Llanegrin, on Saturd^ tne 16* of the same month, being in the 60* year 
of his age. 

* Communicated by W. W. B. Wynne, Esq., of Peniarth. 

f Sie, the words underlined being in lighter ink ; should be Nov. 11, 1743. 



Being at Whitby last Saturday I got y' Letter in the Afternoon, & after 
my Betum home, as soon as time w^ permit, fell to work with my own Parish- 
Eegister Books — The first of which is not very le^ble, but however, I have-made 
out all things there that relate to y'* we have no Inscription in the Church, nor 
Stones in the Churchyard w*** y« name. 

What I have found in Sneton-Eegister w*'^ was made the first of Februarie in 
the yeare of our Lord Qoi 1581, is as follows : 

1592. James Strangwayes* Esquire as Sponsor or Surety October 1'* & in many 
other places of the Begister upon the like occasion, w*** I omit for Bre- 
vitys sake, or rather because 1 imagine it may be of no use to you. 

* Bichard Strangwayes Esquire, Father of the said James is 
said to have been Lord, not only of the Manour of Sneton, but of 
Uggle-Barnby, Sleights, & Newton in this Neighbourhood. 

1602. Henrye Stnmgwaye, consponsor, as is there called. 

160ii. Margrett Strangwayes, Sponsor, (wife of the above mentioned James Sirang- 

wayes, as I believe), often mentioned before upon the like Occasion. 
1650. James son of M' Henry Strangwayes, bapt. December 5. 

1652. Mary, Daughter of M' Henry Strangwayes, bapt. June 17**. 

1653. Thomas Sonne of Henry Strangwayes Oent. bapt. April 28***. 

1654. Henry j* Son of Henry Strangwayes Q-ent. bapt. June y® 22. 

1655. Margaret Daughter of Henry Strangwayes Gent. bapt. Sept. y* 6*^ borne 

August y« 30**. 

1656. John tne Sonne of Henry Strangwayes Gent, borne Febr. y* 13*** bapt. Feb. 

y*' 17**. 

1657. Dorothea Daughter of Henry Strangwayes Gent. bapt. Feb. y* 16** borne 

Feb. 9**. 

1659. Jane Daughter of Henry Strangwayes Gent, borne May y^ 18 baptised May 

r — 

1660. Charles son of Henry Strangwayes Q^nt. bapt. December y« laste 1660. 
1662. August 20. William Son of Henry Strangwayes Gen. bapt. 

1664. October 20. Katharine daught. of Henry Strangwayes bapt. Oct. 20. 
1650. Henry Strangwayes of Sneaton G^nt. & M" Margaret Mitford of Kirkeby 

Misperton marryed March y* 31'*. 
1588. Mistris Isabell Strangwayes was buried the 17 Daye of June An. D'ni 1588. 
1598. James Strangways of Sneton Esquire was buried 21** Daye of Januarie Anno 

D'ni 1598. 
1605. Margaret Stran^ayes the wife of James Strangwayes Esquire of Sneton 

was buryed the 18** Day of December 1605. 

1646. Arthur Stningwais buryed the last of August 1646. 

1647. James Strangwayes Gentleman dyed y« 30** buryed y« 31 of August. 

1665. M" Alice Strangwayes bur. Sept. 1. 
Alice Wilson* the Daughter bur. Nov* 27. 

* Alice Wilson was the Daughter of M" Alice Strangwayes, as I 
suppose ; otherwise I do not know what it means. 

1680. Dorothea Strangewayes of Hollinn's bur. May 18** 1680. 

1681. Henry Strangwayes* of Hollin's Gent, was buryed in the chancell of the 

Church of Sneaton, march y® 27. 1681. 

* This Henry Strangwayes removed from Sneton to a Place 
called Hollins (in the Parish of Whitby) about 3 miles from Sneton. 
He was grandfather to one Strangwayes Mead now of Sneton, & 

1693. One Thomas Strangways* Esquire granted a Warrant (as appears from the 

* Memoranda relating to the Strangwayes family in a letter, dated Sneton, January 22, 1754, 
addressed to " M' Strangwayes, Attorney at Law, In Lendall Street York." Communicated by 
Edward Morton, Esq., of Malton. 


Pftriflh Beffiflter of Sneton) to destrain for the Penalty of neglecting to 
bury in Woollen. 

* This Thomas Strangways was of the Same Family & lined at 
Pickering, & probably died there. He was father to the late Justice 
Bobinson of flickering who changed his name, from Strangways to 
Bobinson, upon the Account of some Estate left him by an Uncle. 
1710. January 16 Margaret Strangeways buried. 

This Sir is all the account I can meet with at present of the family of the 
Strangwayes, either from the Parish Begister or from Beport, w^^ I have Sent you 
to peruse ; if it does not prove Sufficient, only write me word, & I will use my best 
enaeavours to procure from the Parish Begister of Whitby, if I can but have the 
perusal of it : if not, I shall not know what to do ; for tho their Parish Begister 
18 not so old as ours, yet it must be larger because of the Number of Inhabitants^ 
k therefore will take up a great deal more Time. 

My wife joins with me in Compliments to you, M" Strangwayes & y' Sister. 

I am, D' S' 

Y' most obedient humble Servant 

W" Herdsman. 
Sneton Jan. 22. 1754. 

Calvert of Cockebham. — Arms : Sable on an inescutcheon within an orle of 
owls argent, three gutt^ of the field. Crest : An owl argent, guttee sable. 
John Calverley, 4th son of Sir Walter Calverley, Knt., farmed the manor and 
rectory of Cockerham, co. Lane. He married a daughter of . . . SkilH- 
come, of Prees Hall, co. Lane, Esq., and had issue — 
William Calverley, of Cockerham. He married . . . daughter of . . . Cans- 
field, of Bobert Hall, in Tatham, co. Lane, Esq., and had issue — 
Thomas Calverley, lord of the manor of Cockerham. He married Isabel, 
daughter of William Kirkby, of Bawcliff, Esq., and had issue — 
John dalverie, alias Calverley, Esq., of whom hereafter. 
Thomas Calverte, of Forton, in the parish of Cockerham, whose de- 
scendants remained here until early in the eighteenth century, 
when this line appears to have ended in an heiress. 
John Calverte, alias Calverley, Esq., ob. 17 Jac. I. (1619-20), seized of the manor 
and rectory of Cockerham. He married Jane, daughter of Boger Dalton, 
of Pilling, Esq , and had issue — 
Bichard Calverte, eldest son and heir, set. 14, Visit. St. G-eorge, 1613. 
John Calverte, married Bridget, daughter of Thomas Stanley, of Great 

Eccleston, Esq., natural son of Henry, Earl of Derby. 
Anne, married Boger Downes, of Wardley, co. Lane, Esq. 
Jane, Bridget, Elizabeth, and Alice. 
The manor of Cockerham, parcel of the late monastery of Prees, in Leicester, 
was rated by the Crown, in 1557, for Thomas Calverte, in whose family it remained 

Can anv of your correspondents furnish me with further particulars aud de- 
scent of this family ? 

Joseph Gillow, juniob. 

EvxBABD. — I am anxious to learn some particulars of the family of Everard. 
I find one buried at Bungay, in Suffolk, in 1658, and the latest date I can trace 
them to is 1665. One of them afterwards became Governor of North Carolina, 
under the lords proprietors. The arms were, argent a fesse wavy between three 



EicHA^BD DE Haldinqham, cibca 1300-20. — Any information relating to this 
former Prebendary of Hereford and Lincoln CathedraU would be highly valued. 
He was the author of the celebrated ' Mappa Mundi ' preserved at Hereford, 
which will shortly be published. L9 the time or place of his decease known ? 

Fbancis T. Hayeboal. 

Stones. — Eev. Samuel Stones, Curate of Saddleworth in 1768, appointed In- 
cumbent of Kawden, near Leeds, in 1780, and died there in 1823, aged 78. I am 
desirous of ascertaining where he was bom, at what university and college he 
matriculated, and — as he is said to have had two wives, one named Bagshaw — the 
dates and places of marriage. 

James Busby. 


Manwood. — I am anxious to obtain some information respecting the Manwood 
family, seated at the commencement of the eighteenth century at Bromfield, in 
Essex. The signature and seal of John Manwood, of Bromfield, occurs on a deed 
in my possession, dated 30 October, 1704. Mention is made in this deed of Ea- 
therine, wife of the said John Manwood. 

A pedigree of the Manwoods is given in the Visitation of Kent, 1619, which 
ends with the issue of Peter Manwood, of St. Stephen's, Knight of the Bath, by 
Frances, daughter of Sir G-eorge Hart, of Lullingston, Knt. On a seal used by 
Soger Manwood, eldest son of this Peter Manwood, the pallets are represented as 
engrailed. B. M. 

Lucas. — Can any of your readers give information respecting William Lucas, 
bom in England (perhaps Essex) about 1640, and emigratea to Middletown, Conn., 
about 1660 P 

James B. Lucas. 

St. Paif/, U, 8. of America. 

.PoBTBAiT. — I possess an oil-painting, half length, 26 inches by 30, of a gen- 
tleman in wig and red gown, with long fnll neckcloth and richly embroidered vest. 
In the dexter comer is the inscription, — 

'* ^tatis suffi 69 
Anno dom. 
Philo. Piscator." 
In the sinister comer is the remains of the coat of arms. Sable, a " Fret " argent ; 
crest, a talbot*s head erased argent, collared and langued; motto ending " mo." 
Can any one give information as to whom the portrait might represent ? There 
is to be seen in Chipping Norton, Oxon, churchyard, a gravestone with the in- 
scription, — 

" Here Iveth the body of 

M' John Fisher Gent. 

Jan. 23'^ An. Dom. 1668 

In Mare Myrtoum 

Incidit Piscator." 

Jenneb Mabshall. 



Powell Pamily. — Any information concerning Haslett Powell, whose descen- 
dants are given in the accompanying pedigree, is requested. 

Haslett Powell, Bupposed to be of London, owner of landnpAnn. 
at Luton, oo. Bedford, farmed by one Hopkins. I 


Ann, bom 3 Sept' 1735. A 
ward of the Comp' of Needle- 
makers. Married A. Hall, died 
1812. See obitoarr notices of her 
in the ' Gentleman s Magazine ' for 
1812, part. i. pp. 94, 198, 237. 

. Meroer.=FElizabeth.=FDuncan Dallas, uncle to the 

bom 8 



Ment<* in 

will of her 



Judge Sir Robert Dallas. 
Will dated 13 ¥ehr 1812, 
proTed in C. P. C. 29 July 
1814. Humphrey Hall 
executor. Died 19 July 1814. 
(Buried at Homsey ?) 


a son boni 
8 June 
1738 died 

Will- Mercer. 

died B. p. 


A dau'r married Thomas 
Price & had issue John 
Price married Dora- 
Isabella dau. of Gen' 
Beatson GoYemor of 
8* Helena. 

Harriet married to . . . Bush 
Hying 1812. Ment' in her 
&ther's will. 


Atkmson Bush. 


James Bush. 

Sophia married Peter 
Bernard and died 
T. p. He is men- 
tioned as living in the 
will of Duncan Dallas 

Ment^* in Will of Duncan Dallas 1812. 

Geoboe W. Marshall. 

Weiieamde^ BieknoUer, Taunton, 

Williams or Abebystbxxth, ob Blaiwa Gwent, Moitmouthshibe. — The 
founder of this family was Caradoc ap Brane, or Cradocke Yralch-vras (strong arm), 
Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Hereford, Brecknock, and Eadnor, Prince between 
the Wye and the Severn^ called by the Eomans, Caractacus, King of the Silures. 
He married Tegiruron, daughter and sole heiress to King Pelinor, and drove the 
Scots and Picts out of all her dominions. The arms of Williams are — Sable a 
cheTTon between three spears' heads argent, embrued proper (denoting descent from 
Caradoc) ; on a chief of the second, argent a wy veme*s nead erased vert, langued 
gules, holding a sinister hand in its mouth proper, dropping blood (denoting de- 
scent from Pelinor). 

OliTer Cromwell comes down in a parallel line with this family from Sir Richard 
WiUiams, whose sister married Thomas, Lord Cromwell, Henry VIII.'b Chancellor. 
This Sir Richard Williams, after the execution of Lord Cromwell, assumed the 
name of Cromwell, and Oliyer was his great grandson ; but Sir Richard's brother 
refused to change his name, and from him the present family are descended. 
Thomas, Lord Cromwell, had a sister, who married a Morgan Williams, whose son 
was ordered by Henry YIII. to take the name of Cromwell, and he became Sir 
Richard Cromwell, and was the grandfather of Oliver Cromwell. The arms borne 
on the private carriage of Oliver Cromwell were the same as those which are borne 
by Williams. Williams of Llangibby formerly bore the same arms, but on mar- 
rying into the Adams family they have adopted the arms of Adams. 

•Any information respecting the family of Williams whose ancestors resided at 
Havodavel, in the parish of Aberystruth, in the county of Monmouth, will be most 
thankfully accepted. 

A. W. 

Lawbevce. — Can any of your readers tell me the name of the father and 
mother of Major-General Stringer Lawrence, who lies buried in Westminster 
Abbey ? He was bom at Hereford in 1697. 



Choluohselet Abub. — In an ancient pedigree roll, temp. Henrv YII., or 
earlier, and in another ancient roll, being " Ye Kircke Bole of ffrodesh' : of alle 
y* Seates yn the Kyrke of S. llaur', ther' & y' ChapelleH thereof in Vigil' AsBenc' 
dom' Anno it. Henrici aeptimi X.," are window -shield a for eevera) lamiliee be- 
longing to the parish and of others connected therewith: among them, Chol- 
mondeley, bearing " gulet three garht or." Anciently, I believe, the chargee were 
gulet two mitrei or in chief and a i/arb or in base, and bo I took the blazon on these 
rolls to be, until a closer inspection convinced me of the two chief charges being 
garbs and not mitres. Can any of your correspondente inform me of any other 
instance of a similar blazon ? The date of these would be about the opening of 
the fin«enth century in the one case, and as early as the beginning of the four- 
teenth century in the other. They are certainly intended for the Cholmondeley 
arms, and may have been borne some time before the two mitrea were adopted, 
which in their turn were eupptant«d by the esquires' helmets. 

T. Helsby. 

Westcott Fauili. — The seal figured in the woodcut is appended to an inden- 
ture, dated 18 January, 1716, between " Mary Susanna Westcott of the parish of 
S' Margaret in the liberty of Westminster, widow, Belict and Executrix and De- 
visee named in the last will and testament of Samuel Westcott late of the city of 
Chichester in the county of Sussex gentleman deceased, late one of the Lieute- 
nants in Brigadier Holte Regiment of Marines and son & heir of John Westcott 
late Citizen and Apothecary of London deceased who was son and heir of John 
Westcott of Ham in the parish of Kingston upon Thames in the Couuty of Sur- 
rey maultman deceased oi the one part and William Balfour of Thames Ditton in 
the said County of Surry Esquire of the other part," relating to the sale of a Tene- 
ment " now in the occupation of Mary Westcott widow & relict of the said John 
Westcott and mother of the said Samuel Westcott, being at Ham which was pur- 
chased by the said John Westcott the father, of Nicholas Lane of BaJl^ Kelley 
in the Kingdom of Irehmd by deed dated 19 July 1668." 

The autograph of M!ary Susanna Westcott is in the fold of the deed. Can any 
of your correspondents refer me to a pedigree of the Westcott family, and also 
say whether this seal, used by Mary Susanna Westcott, bears the arms of the 

G. A. W. 

Coanr. Skinnee. — In a pedigree of Dr. Cosin, Bishop of Durham, 1660-1672, 
in Surtees'a ' History of Durham,' i. pt. i. p. cvi, it Is stated that one of his sisters, 
Mary, married . . , Skinner. This lady appears to have been baptised at St. An- 
drew's, Norwich, 27 April, 1606. I wish to obtain proof of this marriage, as well 
as some further information regarding Mr. Skinner, and shall feel greatly obliged 
by any communication on both or either points addressed direct to myself. The 
marriage has been searched for at St. Andrew's, Norwich, but without success. 

Ch&blbb Jacesok. 

I>onc(itUr, 7 Marci, 1870. 


VuHation of Norfolk, 1613. 

WiU'm Bolter sonne & heire of Bichard whoe was sonne & heir of Wiirm & 
grandchild of Bichard the first of y^ name, of Southcreake in Com. Norff. wc^ 
WiU'm mar' Bose eldest dan. of Baphe Sjmonds of Claye in Com. Norff. Esq' & 
had issue Bichard Sonne & heir, Amje m' to John Leverett of Narford in Com. 
Norff., Elizabeth mar' to Bichard Beckham of Narford Gen. his 1'* Wyfe ob. sine 

Bichard Bolter of Southcreake in Com. Norff. Gen. sonne & heir of Will'm, 
mar' Jane dau. of Tho. Andrewes of Honingham in Com. Norff. & of Anne his 
Wyfe dau'r of John Wigmore of Boughton in Com. Norff. & hath issue Will*m 
Sonne A heir, Anne mar'^to James Nottley of Crent in Dorsetsh^ Yrsula^ Eliza- 
beth & Bose. 

Extracted from the Henld's Visitation of the 
County of Norfolk made in the year IBlS.f 

Albbbt W. Woods, 

Lancaster & Begistrar. 




1583. Sibbell Wood 10 August. 

1692. June 18 Henry Wood. 

1597. Henrey the sonne of Thomas Woodd was christened the xvij daye of October. 

1599. John tne sonne of Thomas Woodd in Clapton was christened the xx^ daye of 

1601. Dorithee the daughter of Thomas Woodd one of Her Ma^ SVaunts of the 

pastrie was chnstoned the ziiij daie of March. 

* Commimioated by W. Consitt Boulter, Esq., F.S.A. 

t The same pedigree is found in Harl. MSS. 1652, f. 64, b, with the followinff slight variations : 
Bif^ard B., who married Jane Andrews, is styled ** S' Bichard Bolter ;" and in Uie list of his cliil- 
dren, XTrsola becomes Priscilla. 

Copiee of monumental inscriptions to some of this family in the chancel of St. Etheldred's, 
Norwich, are giren (incorrectiT) in Blomefield's ' Norfolk,* ir. 74. They are to the memoir of 
Bichard Bolter, gentleman, of South Creake, who died 80 [Sept.] 1622, aged 68; Mr. William 
Bolter, who died 10 Dec. 1639, and Margaret, his wife, who died 24 Feb. 1664. I am indebted to 
Mr. John L'Estrange, of Norwich, for obtaining me correct copies. 

EliaabcAh Bolter is not mentioned in the peoigree of Bickham of Narford in the Visit, of Norf. 
(Norf. Aich. Soo.), p. 8. 

X Communicated by J. B. Daniel-Tyssen, Esq., 7.S.A. 

D 2 


1604. Mary da. of Thomas Wood 2°* August. 

1607. Thomas Wood the sonn of Thomas Wood gent, was christened the xxij^ 
daye of Julye. 

1609. Wyllyam son of Thomas Wood 14*^ Jany. 

1612. Ehzabeth da. of Thomas Wood 2 July. 

1633. Mary the da. of M' John Wood, Brewer & Ann, 10 June. 

1633. Thomas the sonne of Henry Wood Esquier and Clerk of the Spicery was 
borne the thirteth of July at one a clock in the afiemone and was 
christened the last of July 1633. The Bight Honorable the Lady Cesar 
was Gt>dmother and M' Alderman Cranmore and M' Thomas Wood weare 
the Gk)dfathers. 

1635. Thomas the sonne of John Wood and Ann his wiffe the 2*^ April. 

1636. James the sonne of Thomas Wood Bector of S* Michaelle in Crooked Lane, 

and of Mary his wiffe was christened the 1** of September. 

1637. Suzan da. of John Wood & Anne 7 April. 

1688. Anne da. of John Wood by Anne 13 March. 

1642. Elizabeth the daughter of M' John Wood by Ann his wiffe was christened 
the 31"' May. 

1656. Henry y« sonne of Henry Wood by Jane his wife was borne the 3* of 

Januarie and baptized y* 13* of y« same 1656. 
1667. Sarah the daughter of M' Thomas Wood by Sarah his wife was baptized the 

19^ of August. 
1680. Henry the son of M* Henry Wood by Jane his wife was borne & baptized 

the 11*^ of January 1680. 

1682. Bebeccah the daughter of M' Edward Wood by Frances his wife was bap- 

tized the 17*^ of July. 

1683. Edward the son of M' Edward Wood by Frances his wife was baptized the 

2V^ of August. 
1686. Ann da. of Jonn Wood by Ann 1 March. 

1689. John son of John Wood by Ann 19 May. 
1691. Ann da. of John Wood by Ann 27 August. 
1691. John son of John Wood by Eliz. 25 October. 
1693. Esther da. of John Wood by Anne 7 September. 
1695. John son of John Wood by Anne 13 February. 
1698. Daniel son of John Wood by Anne 22 IN^ovember. 
1701. Daniel son of John Wood by Ann bo. 16 May. 

1718. Ann da. of John Wood by Ann 19 March. 


1603. Symon Balls and Margrett Wood 28 Nov. 
1618. W" Pryce and Joan Wood 26 January. 

1657. M' Boger Winstanley Citizen & ... of London was maried to M** Ann 

Wood the thirde daye of November. 

1719. John Wood & Mary Evans both of this parish & single 22 November. 


1606. Dorothye Wood the daughter of Thomas Wood gent, was buryed the xxiij^ 

day of August. 
1626. Mai^* Wood, wid. 12 July. 
1627-8. William Wood the sonne of M' Thomas Wood sergant of the Pastrei was 

buried the 9^ Februarie in the left Isle. 
1628. Mountague Wood a nurse child was buried the 6^ of October. 
1631. An infant of M' Henry Wood was buryed at his mothers pew dore the 1*^ 

of December. 
1637. Susanna Wood an infant April 10. 
1639. Ann Wood 14"» Maye. 


16*9. Thomaa Wood Esq™ died tte 18'*" May buried 23"i May. 

1650. M" SuBanna Wood 17 October. 

1651. M' John Wood died the 22°* July buried the 22''. 

1656. M' Henry Wood a marchant waa buried in y" Valte from M' LawrenceB 

house in Mare Streete j* 5'^ of August. 
1664. Henery & Ann Wood twins 11 December. 

1667. James Wood from Clapton 2 November. 

1668. M' Thomas Wood 7 May. 

1669. Thomas Wood a child 22 February. 

1674. M" Eliz. Wood 22 August. 
1676. Henry Wood a child 24 July. 

1675. M" Anne Wood 16 September. 
1679. Henry Wood an infant 9 December. 

1681. M' John Wood 13 December. 

1682. Eebeccfth Wood a child 19 February. 

1688. Thomas Wood a child 17 September. 

1689. Sarah Wood an infant 4 June. 

1689. Ann Wood from Mare Street 29 November. 
170*. M' Thomas Wood, carried away 29 January. 
1712. £liz. Wood a child 11 September. 

Hackhei Cbvscu. 

In y* vault neere to this place lyes the Ijodyea of Thomas Wood Esq. 

& Suaana his wife he was buryed y' 18'^ of May 1649 1 ^ B4 

A Shee buryed ye 17'* of October 1650 / ^^ 80 J^"^- 

They had issue foure souub & foure daughters S' Henry K' & Ba" 

John Cit" of London Thomas D' in Divin' & Chaplain in Ordenar^ 

To King Charles y« 1" & King Charlos y* 2"* William one of y* Claris 

of his Mag'' apicery, Jone Dorethy Mary & Elizabeth 

All goe vnto one place all are of y« dvst 1 „. od rh^„t - srv* 

And all tvme to dvst againe. Eccletoa P ^ ^*'^^* ^- ^'^ 

from Dalaton in tbe Dew church. 



MoHtruEHTAL Irbcbiftiosb, Haczvbt Cbvsch. 

JVvn a gravatone in the old ehwehgard of St. Auguttine'i, Saeknfg.* 

A r*M .■ CIttlter, on a» acoei*o» ofpnbnuit WiAb. 

Here lyetli the B(^ of 

M" Bethia CheBt«r, Wife of 

Francis Chester Esq' a Sod of the 

late 8' John Chester of Chichley 

in BuctcB Bar'. 

She waa daughter of Tho" Webb 

Kenaington Esq' and departed 

this life the 29" of September 

1748 in the 60* year of her age. 

Also the Body of 

Erancia Chester Esq' 

the Son of Francie and Bethia 

who died Dec" 18" 1757 

^t. 84 years. 

JVmn a monument in Baekneif Church.^ 

Armi : CKtittr Bmrt. 
HiL-, juxta cineres carisainie uioris 
A, Slii, suae etiam requiescere 
Toluit Franciacus Chester, Baronettus, 
FiliuB Johannis Chester, Baronetti, 
De Chichley, in agro Buckingham ; rir 
Bonus, fidelia, & eiimite pietatia. 
Obijt 18 die Dec. Anno Chriati 1766, 
Rtatis sun 74. 

* Thi( iii*rri|ition i* on k Sat itoiui in the ti. 
t Thk monument J. now Ijing m piece, i, 
Tdorad U a rerj tmall ei)iaiiM. 


[The arms of Chester, as granted on 22 May, 1467, by William Hawkslow, 
Clarencieux, to William Chester, of London, were enclosed " within a bordure 
engrailed gules bezanty ; " but the bordure was disused by Sir John Chester, the 
fourth baronet, and his descendants, although it appears on the monument of his 
brother, Henry Chester, Esq., at East Haddon, who died in 1726. 

Sir Francis Chester is in all the baronetages confused with his son. He was 
the fifth son of Sir John Chester, fourth baronet, by Anne, daughter and coheir of 
Wm. Wollaston, Esq , and was bom at Shenton Hall, in Leicestershire, the seat 
of the Wollaston family in 1693. He married, on 4 March, 1717-18, his cousin, 
Bethia Webb, of whom and her son full particulars will be found in the pedigree 
of Webb at page 15. On 25 May, 1755, he succeeded as the eighth baronet on 
the death of his nephew, Sir Charles Bagot Chester, but he did not succeed to the 
Chieheley estate, for it was alienated by the will of Sir Charles from the blood and 
family of Chester. Sir Francis survived his only child, and died a lunatic at 
Chelsea, 18 December, 1766. He was the last male descendant of the fourth 
baronet, and on the death of his cousin and successor. Sir Anthony Chester, the 
ninth baronet, 17 May, 1769, the m^e line of Chester became extinct.] 



St. ArousTiNE's, Paul's Gate, Loiroow. 
1717-18. March 4 Francis Chester Bach' & Bethia Webb sp' both of the parish 
of S* Peter Poor were married by licence. 

1724. July 25. Francis son of M' Francis Chester & Bethia his wife. bapt. 

born 17 July. Lodgers. 
1743. Oct 5. Bethia wife of M' Chester bur. 
1757. Dec. 24. Francis Chester Esq bur. 
1766. Oct 30. Sir Francis Chester Bart. bur. 


To be buried in Bengeo chancel, a fair stone or monument* to be set upon the 
waU and a plain stone on my grave to keep it decent, forty pounds to be laid out 
upon the monument. £50 to poor of Bengeo to be laid out in the purchase of 
land the rent to be paid to them yearly on S* Thomas's Day. To my loving kins- 
man and nephew Danyell Hall my orothers son my messuage called Goldings 
wherein I live with the lands etc belonging, my lands at Branfield, lands at Haven 
end in the parish of Standon, and lands at Wormeley for life, and to his first &c and 

* This passage in Chaunoy's * Antiquities of Hertfordsliire,' folio ed., p. 269, refers to the above 
tnonument : — 

" There is no Gravestone, nor other remark in this Church, (Bengeo), more than that Mr. Hum- 
phrey Hall, who had a fair House in this Parish, called Thomsons, where he lately died, and was 
buried in this Parish-Church ; his Executor as I am informed has provided a fair Marble to cover 
him ; but I could not obtain a sieht of the Inscription, therefore cannot insert it ; however I ought 
to kt the World know that he irequented the Church, was beloved by the Gentry ; just to his 
Neighbour, and Charitable to the Poor ; and by his Will dated 30 Jan, 1690, gave 601 to be laid 
ODt in a Purchase of Fifty Shillings per Annmm to be paid Yearly to the Poor of this Parish." See 
also Salmon's ' History of Hertfordshiio,' under Bengeo ; Clutterbuok's * History of Co. Hertford,' 
vol. ii. p. 29. Thomsons was another name for Goldings, for in the Register of Burials at Beneeo, 
the interment of Humphrey Hall's wife I find thus entered :— " 1689. July 5. Mrs. Hall of 
Goldinga alias Tomsins in v» Parish, AflT*." 

The following entry is Jrom an old parish book now at Bengeo : — 

•• May y* V* 1717. Meraorand. Tis agreed at a vestry this day held y* y* vicar ft churchwarden 
k overseers for y* poor of our par** of Bengeo shall ha* power to employ a proper Attorney to sue 
for y* Legacy left to ye poor of our par** by Humphry Hall Gent deceased." 

What may hayc been the result of tliis resolution I am unable to say ; but Humphrey Hall's 
charity ia not now known in Bengeo. 


every other son Ac in tail male, remainder over in default of such iasne to the poor 
Children of Chriiits Hospital in fee. Furniture in House at Ck)ldinga to said Danvell 
Hall fo£ life and if he leaves a eon to such eon he paying to my neice Dorothy Hall 
the daughter of my nephew £200. If Danyell Hall dies witliout a son my pictures 
shall always go with the house to remain therein and not be removed elsewhere. 
My desire is that if my estate ever happens to come to the said Hospital that they 
will endeavour to have a tenant or other good person of my name (Hall) to live in 
Goldings house. Witnesses, Thomas Gouge, Jo Chauncy* Sen', Johii Cfaauncy 
Jun', Ann Handcock. Proved in the Prerogative court of Canterbury by Daniel 
Hall. 17 Dec* 1701. (Dyer 168.) 

The »bove cat is token from the mti to the origiii*] will, uid ii cnrioiu u BfTording ■ pnsDmp- 
tion that it wu of much older date thvi 1690. Humphnj wu Ihe ton of Thomw. and gnndwin 
of John Hull, who regpectiielj recorded their pedigree* >t the Tiiilatioiis of London in 1668 and 
1683. Vidt ' MineellaDM Oenealogica et Eenldica,' tdL ii. p. 25G. In both the armi are entered 
aa, argent three talbota' hesdi erased wble between nine ctom croa>1et« eutea. The *eal of Hum- 
phrej Hall, howerar, altogether omita the cross crouleta, and ihows merelj the three talhota' heads 
eraaad. It ii, however, evident that Humphrey did not punxMelj omit the cros cronteti ; fur on hi> 
monument, now remaining in the old parish church of Bengeo, the; appear plainlj enough, and 
have been erer since used bj his docendanta. This naturatl; guggeats the tnguirr aa to whether he 
wu entitled to the coat without the croes croesleti. Had the leal been engtsTed for Humphrej 
Hftit, the omission of tlie cross crosslcts miifht hare been an error of the engraver j but I incline to 
think thia wu not the case for two reaiona : first, because Ihe appearance of the impreasion ia, in 
my opinion, that of a seal of older date than Humphrey Hall's time ; and seoondly, because I can 
show some probabilitv that be wu descended out of a fsmilj who bore for arms three talbots' heads 
erased without the addition of orosi crossleta. The cross croaslets may hare been merely a mtnk of 
cadency assigned by the Heralds. The Halls of Henwick, oo. Woreester, and of Leicestershire, who 
were of the same family, bore them siure inst«a<l of gules ; thus aSording a strong presumption tliat 
they were differences added to the original coat for younger branches. 

John Hall, before mentioned, was son of Thomas Hall, of Wamhsm, co. Sussei, and I conjec- 
ture that he wu one of the descendants of Ricliard Hall, of Howland, in Hoalhley, co. Sussex, who 
bore, acrording to HsHeian Ma., 1484, fo. 67 b, argent three talbots' head* erased sable. This coat 
u given with different tinctures in Benolle's Visitation of Sussei in Coll. Arms. 

Anne da of John^Robert Hall J" in descent from^Anne da of Soger Fjni* A o( 

Dudley. Richard of Hoathley. I da to S' Thomas Echingham. 

I da to S 

WiUiam Hall^Anne da to Richard HaU I^wrenoe HeU. 
■on A heir. I John 2 son. — 

Eriey. Thomu Hall. 

Oodard Hall. Thomas HaU. Tliomu Hall. 

Robert Hall. Henry HaU. Anne. Elynor. 

These Utter must tuTe been living about the same time as Thomu of Waraham, and were of 
Hoisham. (See reference* to various copies of above pedigree in Sims'* Index to the Herald's Visi- 
tation*, under Hall of Horsliam, and Hawle of Ore, p.-289.) John HaU, grandfather of Hnm- 
phrey, wu of kin to a Thomu of Horsham,! hut in what degree I have not u yet been able to 

• There wa* probably a connection between the Chauncys and Humphrey Hull. Anne, *i»ter !o 
Sir Henry Climincy, married Henry Hnll, of Poplar, wlio bore tlio snme arm* a* Humphrey Hall. 
TheHallaof Poplar I believe to h» re been descended from Daniell I InU, oitiien and cloth worker, 
of London, who wa* burieil st Bt, Micliolas Aeon, 25 June, 1625. Ha may posaihly have been a 
brother of John Hall, of London, draper, who was grandfather of Humphrey Hall. I shall be glad 
of any iiiformnUon a* to the Halls of Poplar, who were subsequently of Wickford, co. Esui, where 
tbsy remained till the latter end of the lait rcntury. 

— M^ 1 'f*™' ^ *'"* '""^ hcqiieolh Tolo llie saide John HiiU one Anniiyle or yeroly Rent of iiiiy* 
iiij which IS due rnto me and myne heirs oute of oerlaine Landes in Billingshunt late Seigmves 



aaoertain ; and I think it highly probable that the latter may have been one of the Thomas's men- 
tioned in the pedigree. I need Bcarcely say I shall feel much obliged to any of your correspondents 
who will aid me in finding out whether my conjectures are right or wrong. 

Geobge W. Mabshall. 


[This pedigree of Cressett of London and Boston is compiled from entries in an old Bible lent to 
me by the late Mr. Henry Whitaker, of Doncaster. 

Any information as to the rank and occupation of the individual members, or additions in con- 
tinuation of the pedigree, will oblige 

John Sykib. 

Cressett died March 20 1624.=r 


Edward Cressett esq. mar. Dec. 21 1626 at S* Bennett*s^Mary d & coh. of James 

Fink died Dec. 10 1663 at S* Margarets or Stanstede 
Thele, Herts, aged 63. 

Marshall of London Esq 
died Sep. 30 1669. 

Edward Cressett bap at James Cressett bom at John Cressett^Elizabeth dau. 

8^ Martin's in the fields Richmond in Surrey 

Not. 8 1627 ; died at Oct. 29 1628 died at 

Leith in Scotland Tattersall co. Line. 

Jan^ 28 1650. Nov. 29 1629 

bom at 
Castle March 
18 1632. 

of Symones 
mar. May 11 
1653 at 

Thomas Cres- 
sett bom at 
Castle Feb. 1 

John Cressett bom at Edward Cressett 
the Cliarterhouse bom Sep. 30 

Ap. 1, 1654. 1655 at the Ch. 


Joseph Cressett Elizabeth born 

bom at Windsor Aug 3 1657 at 

Not. 24 1658. the Ch. 

Elizabeth bom in 
Southwark Jan^ 
27, 1658. 

Zephaniali Cres- 
sett bom Feb. 
8, 1636 at Tat- 
tershall married 
Feb. 17 1662-3 
at S' Margarets 
Chapel died 
Oct. 10 1663 
and was buried 
in the same 
grave as his 
brother Joseph. 



Zephaniah only 
son died Oct. 
8 1665 aged one 

I I 

James Cressett 
bom at Tatters- 
hall Dec. 9, 1638 
died July 15 
1655 buried at 
Margarets aged 
16 years & 7 mo. 

Joseph Cressett 
bom in Ainham 
in Gilderland 
Feb. 1, 1642-3; 
died Sep. 23 
1663 at Marga- 
rets Herts, 
buried there. 


=Perierine Cres- 
sett bom at 
Delfe in 
Holland July 
20 1644 
died March 
25 1684 at 

July 31 

Sep. 4 
at Bos- 

Edward Cresset bom 
Sep. 10 1675 died 
Aug. 4 1682 at 

June 22 
1680 at 
Saus thorp; 

March 19 
aged 60 
buried at 
S* John's 

Mary bom 
in 1630 at 

Bethell mar. 
May 30 
1651 in 
died Oct. 
9 1653 
buried in 
Ch. Ch. 



dau. bom at 

Ainham in 


January 27 

1640, died 

March 19 

1641 at 

Ainham in 


and lies 

buried there 

in the great 



William Cressett 
bom Ap. 3 1681 
at Bostou living 

John Cressett: 
born Dec. 9 
1682 at 

=Mary Bowie married 
Sep. 26 1706 at 

Mary Bethell bom 
Nov. 5 16^3 at the 

John Cressett bap. July 9 1710 at S* Paul's Shadwell. 

called ifrith wood to hyni the said John Hall and his heires and assignes for euer." Will of Thomas 
Hall of Horsham, Gent. Proved in C. P. C. by s^^ John Hall 23 Nov' 1562. (Streete 28.) 

*' Item. I giue and bequeath vnto my sonne Thomas Hall and to his heires and Assignes for ever 
one Annuitye or yearely Kent charge of Thirty three shillings and fower pence yssuinge and goinge 
out of a parcell of ffrith wood in the County of Sussex lyinge in Powlborowe w*"* was given and 
bequeathed vnto mee and myne heires for ever by the last will and testament of Thomas Hall of 
Horsham in the County of Sussex gent deceased." Will of John Hall of London, 1618. 0. P. C. 
(Meade 127.) John Hall is described in will of Thomas HaU of Horsham as "my kinsman citizen 
& draper of London." 


BowDEN Chtoch, Chzshim;.* 

[These inacriptioiit were diacoyered a few yean ago on the occaaon of rebuilding the church. 
The one commemomting William Yawdrej has since disappeared, but probably it may only be 
turned oyer. 

Owlerbarrow is distant about half a mile from Bowden Church, and is in the township of 

In 1761 the estate of Owlerbarrow was adyertised for sale by the then owner, Mr. Thomas 
Ashley, and consisted of 24 acres, a pew in Bowden Church, and subject to a small chief rent of 
lOcL per year. The house is a plain building of brick, haying been rebuilt shortly before 1761. 

Bank, or Bank Hall as it is now called, also in the township of Hale, is of brick, rebuilt about 
1761, but showing some slight remains of an older brick buildmg. During some repairs, the date 
1607 was found on a beam, but was thoughtlessly thrown among the firewood and burnt. A portion 
of the moat still rematns.j 

William : Vawdeey : of 

owlbbbarbow : gent : sonne 

TO : John : Vawdrey : of : Bank 

Gent : was Borne : the : 28 : day 

OF : November : anno : dom : 1606 

hee : married : Mart : the 


OF John : Masset : Gent : and 

AFTER : Alice : sister : to : S* 
Edward : Moore : of : Thelwell 
Barronet : AND : had : BY : them 


AND : WAS : Buried : the : 1 2 
DAY : OF : May : anno : dom : 1665 

Arms: A /ess heiweem in chief a Horn passant holding a cross palUie fitch^^ and in base a cross pali^. 

Crest : A cock. 

Also Jane Daughter 

to Thomas Ashley by 

Mary his Wife of 

Hale dyed Dec®"' 

3. 1752 AGED 12 weeks 

Herb Resteth the Body 

OF George Ashley of 

Owlerbarrow yeoman buried 

June y» 9. 1700 

The : mortalitie : and : Death 

OF THE : Sonnes : AND : Daughter 

OF : William : Vawdrey : of 

OwLER : Barrow : Gent : by 

AucE : his : wife : 

Alice : the : second : of 

November : 1650 

Richard : the : 17^" : of : December 


* Communicated by John Owen, Esq. 


loHN : THE : 23 : OF : Ianvabt 

Thomas : thb : 16^" : of : Ivly 

Henrt : the 3 : of : December 


And William : the : seventh 

Sonne : likewise : departed 

this : life : the : 22 : day : of 

Llnvart : 1664 

George son to Georqe Ashley 

Yeoman of Owerlbrbarbow 

1729 ^TAT* SUJfi 



27 April A. D. MCCCCLXXXXIX, A XIV of King Henry VI, I, Thomas 
Fitz Waren Citizen & Leddersc^Uer of London goode & hoole mynde beyng thanked 
be Almyghtie God make & ordeyn this my present testament &, laste Will as well 
of all my goods cattalis & detts as of all my landes tenements rents & seryyces 
with all ther appurtenances &^. Furste I beauethe my sowle to Allmightie god 
my maker & savyour to his mooste blessed moore saynte Marie & to all sayntes in 
H^eyen & my body to be buried in the grete churchyarde of Saynte Paul in London 
as nygh to the Crosse there as it may goodly be done To the high Aulter of the 
cathedral churche of St. Paule in London ijl\ To the high Aulter of the parish 
churche of St. Benitt in London whereas I am a parishioner for my offeiynges 
neeligently forgotten or witholden in discharge of my sowle xx^. To the Abbot 
& Conyent of Kedyng to thentent that they praie specially for my sowle & all 
Xten Bowles in their deyoute praiers vi". vui*. To John operyng of Salesburie 
to praie for my sowle x". if he be ouer lyve &, if he be dede 1 will that my execu- 
toures do make a trentall for hym. Item I will haye yi prestis of Fowles to be at 
my dirige burying Sc on the morowe at mas of Eeauyem yiz. S' Thomas Odyngham 
Sir Thomas Bramley Sir John Shyngilton S' John Southwell S' John Bogers & 
8' William Beyne Item I bequieth to euerieth of theym for their laboures to be 
hadde in this behalye iiij*. To the ii yergers of Powles that now be x". Also I 
will that Immediately after my decease Thomas my sonne haye all my lands tene- 
ments & rentis & Seryyces witn all & singular their appurtenances lying with in 
the counties of Berkshire &, Gloucester. To haye & to hold to hym & to his 
heires males of his bodie lawfully begoten for eyermore And if the saide Thomas 
with owte heires males of his bodie lawfully begoten decease I will that all the 
same londes tenements rents & Seryyces &^ remayne to my brother Bobert to haye 
& hould to hym & to his heires males of his bodie lawfully begoten in fee for eyer 
And if the same Bobert withowte heires males of his bodie begoten decease I will 
that all the same londes, &S &^ remayne to the next heir of my kynne for eyer. 
of the chefe lorde of the fee by the seryice thereof dewe & of right accustomed. 
The residue of all my goods catallis & dettes moyeable &, unmoyeable after my 
dettes paid my expences funerallis done &, this my testament in all thyngs ful- 
filled I bequeth theym hooly to Thomas my sonne thereof to dispose for my sowle 
my wifes sowle & all Xten [sowles] in goode deds of mercy And pitie wher it 
shall serye hym best to the pleasure of god & mooste helth &, profit of my sowle 
And of this my present Testament & last will I make & ordeyne the said Thomas 
my sonn my principall executour & my executour with hym I make & ordeyne 
William WelUs & 1 bequeth to him for his labours in this behalf xx*. &, I make & 
ordeyne Thomas Bothe gentilman Oyerseer of the same my testament & I bequeth 

• Communicated by J. Edwin-Cole, Esq. 



to hym for his labours in this behalfe yi*. tiii^. In witness whereof I to this my 
testament & laste will I have set my seale the daie &, yere abovesaide In the pre- 
sence of Sir Thomas Cowper parsonne of Saynte Bennettis aforesaid & WilQam 
Pake Bcryvener with dyvers oder. 

Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 14 June, 1499 ; & registered 
in book called Home, f. 34. 


[The Begister commences in 1538.] 

1560. Oct. 15. John Shaxspere was maryed unto Julian Hobbyns, vidua. 
1579. Feb. 4 Charles Malarj was marjed to Alice Shaxsper. 


1583. Dec 10. Henry son of Anthony Shaxspere. 
1608. July 22 Julian Shakespeere. 
1610. Oct 29 John Shaxspere. 



Thomas Farren of Tewkesbury, co. Gloucester, Malster,=Katherine 

described as ' Yeoman ' 1675, Living 3 Dec' 1078 
died before 1707. 

Living 26 Aug* 

John Farren of= Jane dau'r of 

Malster, son 
& heir Living 
10 June, 1714. 

Bridges of Com- 
berkeley, widow. 
Marriage set- 
tlement dated 
29 August 1677. 

Mary eldest dau'r of= 
George Sturmy of 
Cheltenham co. 
Gloucester Mercer. 
Marriage settle- 
ment dated 3 Dec' 

of Chel- 

:Comfort dau 
before 10 
Livg. 1707. 

A son 

(John ?) 

A son. Query if he were 
George Farren of 
Tewkesbury, Glazier, 
deceased before 28 Au- 
gust, 1759. 

William Farren 3** son, 

of S* Giles in the 

Fields, London, 

Cheesemonger. Living 



Abraham Farren of 
Plumber, son & 
heir apparent, 
Living 20 May 

John, son & heir at law, of St James's, Clerkenwell, apothecary & 
surgeon, Living 28 August 1759. 

PoBTRAiT (p. 22). — I have much pleasure in answering the query of your cor- 
respondent " Jenner Marshall," respecting the arms in the ancient portrait in his 
possession, which are those of Harington of Ridlington, — sable a fret argent. 
Crest : A lion's head erased or, round the neck a thong buckled and the end hanging 
down gules. Motto : Nodo firmo. 

Wm. Walkeb. 

* Communicated by B. W. Greenfield, Esq. 


Maitwood (p. 22). — E. M. may be pleased to learn, in reference to the " Man- 
wood " family, the following notes : — 

Thomas Manwood (son of John Manwood) of the Prior's Mansion, in Brom- 
field, Essex, married Ann Love. This Thomas M. died 20 September, 1650, aged 
63, and left three sons and six daughters. 

John Manwood (one of the three sons) married Diana Gold. This John M. 
died 11 Anril, 1705, aged 63, and left one son and two daughters, viz. Thomas, 
Diana, ana Katherine. 

Katherine married the Rev. Oliver Poeklington of Chelmsford, and had one 
son and three daughters, viz. Katherine, Thomas, Diana, and Ann. 

Thomas was the only one alive in 1728. 


Maitwood (p. 22). — There is an inscription against the north wall of Bromfield 
Church commemorating Thomas Manwood, who is stated to be the son of John 
Manwood, Esq., compiler of a learned treatise on Eorest Laws, and nearly allied 
to Sir Boger Manwood. Kt., Chief Baron of the Exchequer temp. Elizabeth. This 
inscription is printed at length in Wright's * Essex,' vol. i. p. 187. 

A. W. 

Clabke ahb Mullins : Abmobial Seals. — To the settlement on the marriage 
of Charles Clarke, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., with Jane Mullins, spinster, daughter of 
Jane Mullins, of Winchester, widow, dated 26 December, 1732, the armorial seals 
of Charles Clarke and Jane Mullins are appended. 

Clarke : On a fess between three lions' iheads erased as many crosses patt^, a 
mullet in chief for difference. Crest, a demi-lion rampant holding an open book. 

Mullins : A cross moline quarter-pierced, in dexter chief a crescent for differ- 

^ M. 

CoEB OB Cooke. — Does any late Visitation of London, or other genealogical 
MS. pertaining to the Metropolis, throw light on the following ? : — 

[? Arundel] Ck>ke or Cooke, belieyed to hay6^[P Anne, dau. of Bey. John Sterne — a son of 
been of Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk. Bichard Sterne, Abp. of York.] 

I I circa 1686. 

ftmioelGooke of Charing=pJane, dau. of Thomas Anne Cooke=pWil]iam Hill Esq' of Feather- 

Tilby of Famham. obijt 1729. 

Cross, London, viyens 

stone, 00. Stafford, and of 
Kilmallock, co. Limerick. 

I i I ,1111 

liary C. Jane C. William Hill, progenitor of Helen Hill — ^mother of Bey. other 

Samuel Hayman. — Vide Burke's 'Landed Qentiy.' issue. 

[Article, " Hill of Doneraile."] 

William Hill writes as follows : — 

" My uncle Samuel Cooke lived at Charing Cross, London, with whome I lived 
4 yeares. I went over to him in the year 1699, aV 2 yeares before King William 
dyed. My uncle was married to Jane Tilby, Thomas Tilby of Famham's daugh- 
ter, and had two daughter's Mary Cooke ana Jane Cooke." 

[Any information about this branch of the Coke or Cooke family will much 
oblige ; and the above note may help to identify it.] 

Sakusl Hatmak. 

TuKB. — A fine of £1095 was remitted to Samuel Tuke, of Curzon Temple, in 
Essex, and he made Baronet for finding thirty footmen in the army. Dated 10 
Charles II. Who now represents this family ? 

C. G. 



Bbidoes Family. — I shall be much obliged for any information relative to the 
persons mentioned in the following extract &om the parish register of Bengeo, co. 
Hertford : — '* Martha daughter of Jonath. & Mary Bridges bapt. March 1683-4." 
Was this Martha subsequently drowned off the coast of Holland ? 

Gt. W. M. 

Hall of Wobcester. — ^Bichard Hall, of Worcester, clothier, married Eliza- 
beth Bomrer. I shall be glad of Information concerning him. He was grand- 
father to John Hall, Bishop of Bristol. 

Qeoboe W. Marshall. 

John Flamsteed, the first Astronomer Eotal. — Will any one kindly give 
me the names of the parents of this celebrated man ? They certainly lived at 
Derby, although John, their son, was bom at Denby, a neighbouring village, 
whither, for a short time, they had fled from the plague. In the parish register of 
St. Alkmund's, Derby, occurs the following entry : — 

" 1654. Buryed Elizabeth the Wife of Mr. Steeven Flamsted." 
Query. — Were this Steeven and Elizabeth the parents of the astronomer? 
None of the biographies I have yet consulted give their names ; and (according to 
Lysons) the register at Denby has no record of John's baptism. He was bom 
19 August, 1646. 

William Bbresford. 

8t. AUmund^My Derby, 

Clarke, of St. Ives. — I possess several old papers relating to the Clarke 
family, of St. Ives, Huntingdonshire. To several there is the signature with the 
armorial seal of Eobert Clarke, described as ** the elder of S* Ives gentleman." 
Two of these bonds are dated April 1686. I should be glad of some information 
relating to the family. 

S». IVEB. 

Seal ofJtobeH aarke the Elder, of St. Jvee, genOeman, io bond dated 1686. 

Matottit. — Can any of your readers give me a clue to the parentage of Isaac 
Mauduit, of Exeter, merchant, whose son, the Bev. John Mauduit, B.D., of Exeter 
College, Oxford, was Senior Proctor in 1649, and was one of the ejected ministers 
at the visitation of the Parliament and a sufferer among the royalists ? He after- 
wards had the living of Dr. Hammond, at Penshurst, Kent. At the Eestoration, 
being obliged to quit this living, he went to his relations at Exeter and afterwards 
to Ottery St. Mary. He died in 1674. 

Was he connected with the Mauduits who came over with the Conqueror and 
one of whom was Earl of Warwick ? 

B. A, 



The celebrated Major-G-eneral Philip Skippon commanded the infantry, for the 
Parliament, at the battle of Naseby, and was grievously wounded. He had £1000 a 
year lands of inheritance assigned, to him by the Parliament. The Duke of Buck- 
ui^ham's estate at Bletchlej, co. Bucks, was given him, but at the Besto ration it 
reverted to the Crown. He had an estate at Foulsham, Norfolk, devised to him 
by his ancle, Wm. Skippon, Esq., of Tavistock, co. Devon. 

The family Bible of the General is now the property of Nathl. Bamardiston, 
Esq., of the iijes, near Sudbury, Suffolk, and the numerous entries by the General 
and his son. Sir Philip Skippon, are, with his leave, copied from it. It is the quarto 
"breeches" Bible of IGIO, ancient embossed black leather binding, wjth brass 
clasps, red lined, and texts very much marked under with ink, many of them appli- 
cate to the political as well as religious enthusiasm of the Skippons. 

In addition to the genealogical evidence given by the entries, it may be stated 
that the son, Sir Philip, was buried at Ketton, in Suffolk, 14 August, 1C9L, and his 
daughter Mary at the same time, with the ancestors of his second wife, the ancient 
family of Barnardiston. The only surviving son of Sir Philip by his first wife, 
sold the Foulsham estate, 1715, and was buried at Edwardstone,* Suffolk, 10 Sep- 
tember, 17 IG, as ** Philip Skippon Esq".'* He appears to have been the last male 
of the name. 

The Major- General was son of Luke Skippon, who died 1638, and had another 
son, Luke, Vicar of South Lynn, Rector of W issingset, Norfolk, and Master Elect 
of Peter House, Cambridge, whose four children named in Blomefield*s * Norfolk ' 
appear to have died without issue, and one not named, Susan, married Clement 
Keigham, Esq., and was buried at Barrow, Suffolk, 1695 

Sir Philip Skippon married the niece of Saml. Bamardiston, the first Bound- 
beadt who was created Baronet after the Bestoration. It was for passages in 
letters to Sir Philip that Sir Saml. Barnardiston was impeached and tried before 
Judge Jeffreys, 1683, and fined £10,000, and long imprisoned. (See * State Trials.') 
It is remarkable that on the trial no use appears to have been made of the fact 
that the intercepted letters were to his nephew, therefore the charge of " mali- 
ciously and seditiously " writing them was the more unreasonable. This case of 
oppression has lately been alluded to in the House of Lords, with reference to re- 
flections on Ministers of the Crown, in letters. 

In Ketton Church is a handsome mural monument for Sir Philip Skippon, with 
his arms quartering the arms of both his wives : — 

1 and 4. Skippon. Gules, five annulets, or. 

2. Brew9tttr, Sable, a chevron between three etoiles, argent. 

3. Barnardiston, Azure, a fesse dancette ermine, between six crosses crosslet, 

The notes at the beginning of the Bible are written by Major- General Skippon 
and those at the end by his son Sir Philip. 

In extreamitate maxima me juvit et juvabit Jehovah. 

This Bible mentioned in my testament is for my soune Luke Skippon, let him 
haue it. 

JJlh'. ^Mx^ffi-*^/ 

• Mary, daughter of Sir Thos. Barnardiston, Bart., sister to Anne, Lady Skippon, marned 
Sir Josh. Brand, Kt., of £dwardstone, and there were several other marriages connecting the 
Skippons with the family of Brand. 

t See Bapin, vol. ii. p. 651, note. 

E 2 


• Phillip Skippon and maria comes were married together in the netherlands 
church in fTrankendall on Tuesday y« 14^** of may 1622 old stile. 

Our first borne Anna Skippon was borne on Wednesday the 22*** of October 
1623 old stile betweene six and seauen n clocke in the euening in hendrick Jans 
his house in the precher street .with in Ytrecht and was babtised on y® next sabath 
dav being the 26^** of October as before. This child dyed the 10^ of august 1624 
old stile the Lord gaue, and the Lord hath taken away : blessed be the name of the 
Lord Job 1, 21. 

Our second Child Anna Skippon was borne on the first of Januarie 1625 old 
stile being on the Lords day betweene one and two in the mominge, in that house 
next to the princes armes m the high street within montford wd was baptised 
that same sabath day beeing the furst of January 1626 old stile. 

Our third child and first sonne William Skippon was borne on munday 30 and 
last of June 1628 old stile betweene eleauen and twelue at night in the scout of 
Edos house, within Amersford, and was baptized the next sabath day beeing the sixt 
of July 1628 old stile he left this life for a better att Edinburgh in Scotland y« 
2 L of march 164f . behold he taketh away who can hinder him ? who will say 
unto him what doest thou Job 9, 12. 

The Children w*^** god hath gratiously giuen. gen, 33. 5. 

Our fourth child and third daughter Maria Skippon was borne on munday the 
28 of march 1631 betweene 10 and 12 of clocke in y* day att Amersford in y« 
same house where my sonne William was borne. O Lord our god all glory be only 
vnto thee, for the sudden remarkable yea wonderfuU deliuerance w^ thy allmighty 
hand did vouchsafe to my poore wife» euen beyond y® course of nature as all those 
women by did testify, and when all was past nope : oh may wee never forgett but 
allwayes make right vse of it, the more to be thankfuU vnto, to humble our selues 
before, to stand in awe of, to call upon and to trust in, and to serue thee, our most 
gratious god, uur most mercyfull father, aud only helper in greatest need through 
Jesus Christ, Amen. This child was baptised y« next sabath day beeing y* 3* of 
Aprill 1631. 

This child y® Lord visited (when it was about 9 weekes) w*^ a grieuious cough, 
burning ffeauer, and y® small pox, in such extreamitie y* those w^^ beheld it sayd 
it could not possible escape, yea not line halfe an howre, soe y* wee prayed for, and 
expected y® deliuerance thereof by death, if it were y" will of god : yet our god 
suadenly and wonderfully recoured it, when all was helpelesse, and wee past hope, 
soe restoring it vs agayne as from death to life for w*^^ Lord we prayse thee for 

y« 7. 7**' 1633. Our ffift Child and second sonne Phillip Skippon was born att 
Amersford on Saturday att night betweene ten and eleauen of clocke in y® same 
house where y® former two were borne Lord our god what shall wee render vnto 
thee for y* vndeserved, vne^pected, most seasonable, speedy, safe, and happy deluer- 
ance vouchsafed to my ppore wife and y* all was soe well w*^ mother ana Child (in 
my absence) before in and after y'^ Childbirth, whereas els all had gone to wrack 
most lamentably, all glory Lord, all glory bee only vnto thee who hast pleased 
heerein to heare and helpe soe remarkably, and to deale w*** vs soe gratiously who 
are euery way y« most vnthankfull and vn worthy, and deserue to perrish vtterly, 
accept deare god our vnfayned though exceeding weake desires to magnifie thee, 
who only art worthy to bee blessed continually . . . Thursday ffollowing, beeing . . . 
Oh Lord lett all our Childr . . . holy seed, to bee made most . . . owne couenant in 
Jesus C . . . This our sonne Phillip, the Lord . . . miserable world to his euerlasting 
mercyes on . . . y® . . . of . . . our god thy will be done w^** vs and ours allwayes. 

Our sixt Child, and fourth daughter Susana was borne att West Lexham in 
norffolke, on munday y^ 25 of may 1 635 about 4 a clocke in y^ morning and was 
baptised in the sayd parish church y« thursday seauenth night next following To 
mother and Child our god vouchsafed his former fauours in assistance, p'servation 
and deliuerie, his great name have all y^ glory. 

Our seauenth Child, and third sonne Luke was borne att my house att falsham 
in norff. on Wednesday betweene 6 and 7 a clock in y® morning beeing y® 8* of 


august 163S and was baptised in y® same parish Church on y^ next Wednesday fol- 
lowing beeing j* 15 of the same moneth. to mother and child the Lord god most 
mighty mercyfuU and true did most seasonably gratiously, and effectually vouch 
safe his helpe, protection and deliuerance, his name be blessed for euermore. 

Our eyght Child and fourth sonne Phillip was borne att hackney on Wednesday 
betweene II and 12 in y^ foreuoone beeing the 28 of October 164 L and was bap- 
tised next munday most seasonable remarkable and extraordinary was the help'e 
of our allwayes all helping god and father in doliuering my poore wife att that 
time, the Child bee in (^ turned in her bo iy, and all seeming to be past hope, this 
was the alone hand of our good god, to him alone be all the glory, amen. 

On title-page ; — 

Phillip Skippon is y^ only LawfuU owner of this booke. 

At the end of the volume : — 

Philip Skippon and Amy Brewster were married together in Wrentham Church 
in the County of Suffolke by M' Hen. Wotton, minister of the Parish, on Thurs- 
day the I-t of April 1669. 

On y® 2^ of Dec. 1676 The Lord tooke out of this sinfuU world my most deare 
& louing Wife. O G-od ! sanctify this heavy affliction She was buried at Wreut- 
ham in V* County of SuflF. 

It pleased Ood after my Poore Wife had miscarryed foure times to heare our 
prayers and bestow upon us Our First Sou Francis Skippon who was borne about 
8 of y* clock on tuesday morning y® 15*** Oct. 1672 (my Wife hauing a speedy & 
safe delivery) at Wrentham Hall and was baptized y« 30* of Oct. following. On 
the 9*^ of March I67|. This child dyed at London & was buried at S. Giles in y« 

The Lord gives and the Lord takes blessed be his Name It is good for mo 
that I have bin afflicted. Psa. 119. v. 71. 

After y* Birth of our !■* son God afflicted us w*** my Wives miscarrying 3 or 4 
times more, And then Hee appeared in great mercy, my wives Breeding and being 
past y® usuall time of her miscarriage, when our Son Fra. departed this life, and 
the gracious Preservation support & comfort wee had then experience of is most 
remarkable, for my Wife tooke a uery hazardous joumy downe from London into 
the Country but three weekes before She was deliverea of our second Son Phillip 
Skippon who was borne at Wrentham on Munday the 12** July 1675 about 4 in y« 
aftemoone, after y« Mothers hard travell for 4 or 5 houres : But y* God and Author 
of Being did mercifully & wonderfully p'serve both Mother and Child, juvit & 
juvabit Jehovah, to whom be all praise, Honour & glory forever. Amen. On Tues- 
day 27**" July following He was baptized by M' Wotton of Wrentham 

O Lord make this a child of Mercy and Comfort. 

About Midsummer 1676. This Child was weaned, hauing suckd of a Nurse, 
who was of a passionate temper, w*^** most friends did beleive was y« occasion of y* 
Chi Ids frequent Crying fitts that usually frighted us by his holding his Wind till 
he looked black & was allmost dead : but after he was weaned hee never had any 
of those Crying Fitts, & he did thrive exceedingly, hauing a better colour in his 
face Ac. O God lett me never forget thy mercies to me & mine. 

Philip Skippon and Anne Barnardiston were married in S. Brides church, Lon- 
don, by M' Kidder Minister of . . . 1679. O. Lord Blesse us both with spirituall 
and temporal mercies. 

24 March 16{-^. About 10 a Clock at Night after above five hours sharpe 
paines Mv Wife was safely delivered through y« goodnesse of God of a Daughter 
who was Baptized at Wrentham by M' Wotton on the 4**" of April 1680 & Christned 
Mary. Blessed be thou O (3od the Father of mercies for thy favour shewne 
to Mother & Child. 

11 Aug. 1681 About 12 a Clock at noone my AVife was safely delivered of a 
Daughter* (y® sharpe paines not lasting much aboue halfe an Hour) baptized at 
Wrootham by M' Wotton & christned Ann. 


J)eut. 28. V. 3. If tliou sKalt hearken unto y* voice of y* Lord tby God v. 4 
Blessed shall be y* fruit of thy Body. 

16 June 1683. about 5 a clock in y^ afbernoone After about 3 or 4 houres 
labour (tho her greatest paines did not continue long) my Wife was safely deli- 
vered of my Son William who was baptized on Munday 18 June 1683 by M' 
Beck minister of S^ Margarets parish in Ipswich. The Blessing of the Lord be 
upon every one of my Children ! 

4 Dec. 1683 The Lord suddenly tooke away this lonely sweet Babe being well 
& dead in 2 or 3 minutes time. He was buried at Ketton in y* county of SufT. 
O God who art terrible in Majestjr, thou alone art to be feared. Sanctify this 
breach after breach & preserve y* lives of my other children, if it be thy holy will. 

7 Octob. 1683 The allwise God who disposes of all as he pleases tooke out of 
this miserable World my most Deare & Louing Wile Ann. O Lord, humble me 
under this sad Dispensation & sanctify all Afflictions to me & other Kelations! 
She was buried att fcetton in y* County of SuiTolke. 

Blessed is y^ man whom Thou Chastnest O Lord & teachest him out of thy law. 

Ketton, Suffolk. 

1683. Oct. 11, The Lady Anne Skippon, wife of Sir Philip Skippon. 
1691. Aug. 14, S' Philip Skippon, Knight, and M™ Maiy Skippon his daughter, 

Acton, Middlesex. 


1656. 5 apj, Richd Meredith Esq" eldest son of Sir W" Meredith of Leeds, Co. 
Kent, BS mar** unto M™ Susannah dau' to the Eight Hon^« Major Q-en* 
Philip Skippon, by Sir Tho* Thorowgood, in a public congregation. M' 
Philip Nye at the same time praying and teaching upon this occasion.* 

Morton. — The marringe of Emanuel Morton, of Ackworth, Yorkshire, with 
Ann Bradley, of Bawtry, is recorded in the Bawtry registers. This marriage took 
place in January, 1656. Cornelius, their eldest son, was baptized November 5, 
1657, and Thomas, another son. was buried July 2, 1673. Ann Morton was buried 
April 9, 1679, being then a widow. 

I especially wish to ascertain the name of the father and mother of Emanuel 
Morton ; also date of baptism. Any entries from the Ackworth registers relating 
to this family will be most acceptable. 

William Morton, of Masham, who was baptized January 10, 1741, son of 
George Morton, of Babworth, co. Notts, by Ann Bingley, his wife, married, at 
Famley, near Leeds, Elizabeth (Myers ?). I should be glad to have more certain 
information as to the wife'9 surname and date of marriage. 

Edward Morton. 


Langman. — I shall be glad of anv information respecting the family of La ng 
man. Kalph Langman was created York Herald in 1567, and bore arms " Argent 
on a pile between two water-bougets sable a portcullis of the first.*' 

Philip Laitomai^. 

• Some EoyaliBt has struok out " the K* Hon** " and written " Traytor/* and over " Sir Tho%*' 
•' Knave." 


Luff, Johit. — The following extract is taken from C. S. Gilbert's ' History of 
Cornwall,' vol. i. p. 135; I shall be glad to know of any library which contains the 
work in question : — 

" In 1604, John Luff, a retainer of Sir Reinold Mohun, dedicated a small work 
on armoury, or heraldry, to his patron. It is in quarto, but of no great value, 
except for some arms of Cornish gentlemen, taken out of church-windows, etc., 
and not to be met with in any other work." 

W. Prideaux Couhtnky. 

Htdb, ok Hide, of Finchlet, Co. Middlesex. — I should be very glad to 
learn further particulars about this family, and especially whether it was a branch 
of Lord Clarendon's family. One member of it, Elizabeth Hyde, married, on the 
2nd of January, 1695, Bicliard Capper, of Tancoln's Inn, and died 26th of May, 
1727, in the fifty- second year of her age. The marriage allegations only contain 
the name of her mother, Elizabeth Hyde, then a widow and living at Finchley. 


EusBT. — At page 389 of Miller's * History of Doncaster,' amongst the list of 
mayors of Pontefract, are given, — 

Edward Busby, anno 1583. 

Edward Kusby, anno 1627. 

John Kusby, anno 1668. 

John Rusby, anno L682. 

John Busby, anno 1683. 

Can you or any of your correspondents inform me the dates of birth, marriage, 
or death of these individuals ; also their place of residence, parentage, armorial 
bearings used by them, and any further information regarding them or the family 
of Kusby ? 

M. HtjBbabd^ 

Hesketh Quabtekinos. — It may be worth noting that the quarterings of De 
Baux, Anjou, and Luxembourg, which form the twenty-third and twenty-fourth of 
the shield of Hesketh (* Miscellanea Genealogica,' Vol. II. p. 149) have no bus:-' 
ness there. Jaqueline of Luxembourg, Duchess of Bedfora, and afterwards wife 
of Sir Bichard Widvile, Lord Kivers, from whom so many English families descend, 
was not an heiresd in blood. Her brother Louis, Constable of France, had issue 
Peter, who, by Mary of Savoy, left a daughter and sole heiress. Mary, wife of 
Francis de Bourbon. So long as any descendant of Henry IV. of France exists, 
no one descended from the Countess of Kivers can quarter the arms of Luxembourg 
in her right. Again, Margaret de Baux, wife of Feter de Luxembourg, was not 
an heiress in blood, nor was she daughter of Francis de Baux, by Beatrix of Anjou, 
but by Justine de Ursini, his third wife, and could have no pretensions to quarter 
the arms of Anjou. 

C. B. N. 

Thompson. — Captain Edward Thompson, K.N., whose MS. Journal^ 1783-1785, 
is noticed in the ' Comhill Magazine * for May, 1868, pp. 610-640, died 17th ef 
January, 1786, aged 40, when Commander of the Grampus, and Commander-in- 
Chief of H.M. Squadron on the coast of Africa: supposed to be from Hull, or 
Beverley, or that locality^. in his journal he spea.ts of a married " sister Wright," 
and of his " brother-in-law " and " half-brother, Christopher Pryme, of Hull.** 
Any information as to his parentage, or family, etc., will oolige (by direct commu- 
nication with) 

Chables Jackson. 



The Fkdebhills op New Place. — William Underbill, the owner of tlie 
bouse at 8tratford-upon-Avon wbicb afterwards became the residence of Shak- 
speare, was the second son of Edward Underbill, of Nether Eatin^on, in South 
Warwickshire. He was born in 1522 or 1523. His elder brother, Thomas, who is 
included by Fuller among the * Worthies of Warwickshire,* was celebrated for his 
exemplary life, hospitable disposition, and (though last, not least) family of twenty 

The subject of the present notice having studied the law, became a member of 
the Inner Temple. He is incorrectly described a« '* Clerk *' iu a pedigree pre- 
served in the College of Arms. 

About 1544, under the will of his grandfather, John Underbill, he became en- 
titled to a property in Staffordshire (the family originally came from Wolver- 
hampton), and some eight years later he married Ursula, the youngest daughter of 
John Congreve, Esq., of Congreve. Of this lady it is recorded thut '* her life was 
a spectacle unto all honest, virtuous, and obedient wives.*' The names of five 
children are given in the Herald's Visitation as the issue of this marriage, — Wil- 
liam, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Anne. 

In 1551, Edmund Bury passed to his brother-in-law, William Underbill, the 
manor of Barton-upon-the- Heath, which place, it will be remembered, is referred 
to iu the introduction to the * Taming of the Shrew.' This transfer seems to have 
been made for family reasons only, as the estate reverted to the Burys at a later 

In September, 155G, he presented Dr. Boger Clerke to the living of Idlicot, of 
which he held the patronage. 

In May, 1561, nis wife died and was buried at N. Eatington, and, after a time, 
he married again. His second wife was Dorothy, widow of Bichard Newport, and 
only sister of Christopher Hatton, who subsequently became Lord Chancellor. 

In 1567 he purchased the mansion in Stratford-on-Avon known as "New 
Place," and the lollowing year, bought the manor and estate of Idlicot. At that 
time, he was described as William Underbill, gent., of Newbold Bevel. 

Malone, in referring to certain Stratford records relating to the transfer of 
land, mentions an indenture, executed May 30, 1568, between William Clopton, 
Esq., of the one part, and Sir Bobert Throgmorton, Sir Thomas Lucy, Edmond 
Flowden, Esq., William Underbill, Esq., of Newbold Bevel, and others, of the other 

Under date January 26, 1569, the Council-book of Stratford-on-Avon has the 
following entry, which probably refers to him : — " Item payd for a dyner for M' 
UnderelT at the Swanne 17« 4^." 

Still acquiring property, he purchased, in 1569, the manor of Loxley. The 
same year nis mfe, Dorothy, died. Her will, made with the sanction of her hus- 
band, airects that the property which had come to her on the death of her son 
John Newport should pass to her second husband, in consideration of the advances 
he had made for the payment of her debts. 

Dugdale states that William Underbill died March 31, 1570. In his will, made 
on the previous December, he described himself as of Newbold Bevel, and directed 
that he should be buried at N. Eatington. To his heir he left the third part of all 
his manors, lands, and tenements, the rest — the manor of Idlicot being held in 
eapite — to his executors, to fulfil the intents and meaning of his will and to bring 
up his children. 

His marble memorial has portraitures in brass and escutcheons of the arms of 
Underbill impaling those of Congreve. The inscription is given by Dugdale. 

Of his daughters it may be added that one was married to John Harman, of 
Morehall ; and another, Anne, to George Mathew, of Berkswell. 

William Underhill, the only son and heir of the foregoing, was bom in 1554, 
and was in his seventeenth year at the time of his father's decease. About 1577 
he married his cousin Mary, daughter of Tho. Underhill, of Eatington, and resided 
at New Place. In 1578 his eldest son and heir, Fulk, was bom. In 1583 he pre- 


dented, as patroD, a clerk to the living of Idlicot. On the 25th of November, 1585, 
the registers of Stratford state that '' Elizabeth d' of M William (Jndrell " was 
baptized. The following year, according to the Stratford records, a writ of capias 
was issued against him as bail for one Francis Stone, and at the suit of Bichard 

A survey taken in 1690 states that at that time " Willielmus Underbill, gen. 
tenet libere quandam dumum vocatam *' The Newe Place *' cum pertinentiis per 
reddit. per annum 12^ sect, cur.*' The same survey informs us that he also held 
in " Walker's strete unum horreum," etc. 

In 1595, declining to pay to the corporation of Stratford the rent of the tithes 
of Little Wilnecott,* which had been leased to him, a bill of complaint was lodged 
by the bailiff and burgesses, and to this he put in his answer and demurrer in 
February, 1696-7. 

Under date March 11, 1697, the Stratford records allude to an action brought 
by " William Underehylle gent." against John Smith, vintner, on a plea of debt. 

On the 8th of April, in the same year, Walter Bassett, gent., and Sconsolate, 
his wife, bind themselves, under a penalty, to William Underbill, of Utlioote, co. 
Warwick, Esquire, in respect of the manor of Hints, near Lichfield. 

About the same period one Tho. Huntbach filed a Bill in Chancery against Wil- 
liam and Foulk Underbill, to enforce the agreement made to sell him a farm and 
lands at Shustoke. 

In Easter term, 1597, William Underbill sold to Shakspeare, for £G0, the house 
at Stratford known as '* New Place." The property is described as consisting of 
one messuage, two bams, and two gardens, with their appurtenances. It had been 
in the Underbill family thirty years. 

William Underbill is said to have been poisoned at Fillongley. He made his 
will July 6, 1597, and it was proved in London in the following month. In the 
Ino. p. m. taken at Wolverhampton, where he held property, he is described as of 
Fillongley : the original is preserved in the EoUs Office. To his eldest son, Fulk, 
he gave all his lands, and to each of his remaining sons £200, — they were Her* 
cules, Timothy, Ludowick, William, and Simon : of these, Hercules was knighted, 
and became heir on the death of Foulke in 1598, and of him Shakspeare purchased 
a messuage in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1602. 

ITie arms of the Stratford Underbills were ** Argent a chevron gules between 
three trefoils slipped vert ;** and the crest is usually given as " a hind lodged or on 
a mount vert," but an old seal of the Underbills m the possession of Mr. Evelyn 
Ph. Shirley exhibits it as " a buck trippant." 

Wm. Ukdebhill. 

18, Kelly 8lreei, KentUh Town, 

Hebon, OB Hebone, op Oodmanchesteb, 1647. — The following genealogical 
note is compiled from the will of William Herone, of Godmanchester. I should 
be glad to know whether there is an inscription to his memory at G-odmanchester, 
and whether the parish registers contain the record of his burial. 

H. W. H. 

William Herone of Ghxlmancheeter gent. Will dated 24 Oct. 1647.=r^^^^^l> Herone 

pr. 23 Dec. 1647 ; desires to be buried ** in decent manner at the 
stonn in y* p'ish Churchyardo in Qodmanchester.' 

m J wife sole 

J. „ .1 I 

Trice Herone " my sonne." Bichard Herone " my sonne." Elizabeth Stoyte " my daughter."=T= 

Elizabeth Stoyt *'my grandchild." 
* The Wincot mentioned in the introduction to the ' Taming of the Shrew.' 



Best. — The following pedigree, from a MS. pedigree in our possession, is of 
some interest. I shall be glad if any of your correspondents can favour me with 
additional particulars or illustrations. 

F. C. Uiitgeston-Bandolph. 

Ringmore JUciorjf, 9 July, 1870. 

Richard BEST.^pDorothj Baro. 
■ ^1 

Do-othy Knatchbull.^Joiix Bbst, born 23 Feb. 1 567 .=7= Anne, dau. of Lanrence Book, of Horton. 
^1 I 

Vd, Best, Anne. 

ofS»Laa. — Tucker. 

fence. Dorothy, in. Thos. 

Gibbon, of Weat- 

cliffc, Keq. 

I I I 

(1) Anne=f=JoHir Bmt. of Ailing- =f(3) Mar aret Ursula, George, 



ton, n' Maidsitone, & 
afterw**" of Canterbury, 
bom 1600. 

(2) Elizabeth Clark. 


m. M' 



John Best, 

who sold 
S* Lau- 
rence to 
Sir W- 

Mary, dau. 
& heir 
of John 
Oast ill ion, 
Dean of 

I I 

Anne m. £lizabeth=Fll£UBBBT 
Daniel dau. & Ran- 
Newman, coh. (ob. dolfh. 

12 Ap. 


Jane, dau. 

& coh. 

Blome, of 


I I 

Dorothy, Jane Finch. 

dau. & diLHl 10 

March 1690. 

Coh. m. 

Rook, Knt. 



^Uebbebt RAK-=pGrace (3), Jane (1), m. 

dau. & Thomas 

coh. Knight. 

DOLPH, Recorder 
of Canterbury 
(ob. 14 March, 

Elisabeth (2). 
Judith (4). 

Mary = Sir Geo. Rook, 

How. Knt., Vice- 

Adm. of 


. . . Lutterell. 

I I I 
Ursula, m. 



Anne, m. 
John Toke. 

Jane, m. 



George Rook. 


Mary, m. 
Packe, M.D. 
(ob. 7 Apr. 



eldest son 
& heir. 

I I 

Thomas, Grace. 

2nd Son, 

m. Thomasine, 

granddau. of Sir 

"W" llonywood, 

of Evington, 



George, m. Dorothy, Charles, Elizabeth, m. 

(1) Anne 
Monro ; 

(2) Jane 
ob. Apr. 

m. Robert m. Anne 
Huggett. Comyn. 

Dymock, of 

Francis. — 

Anne, m. 
James Banister 
of BristoL 

Lucas (p. 22). — William Lucas, of Middletown, married Esther Clark, 
Julv 12, 1666. SShe died April 15th, and he died April 20th, 1690, leaving issue 
William Lucas, born April 26, 1667 ; John Lucas, born October 14, 1669 ; 
Mary Lucas, bom 5th December, 1672 ; Thomas Lucas, bom . . . 1676 ; and 
Samuel Lucas, bom April 15, 1682. A Mr. Lucas resided at Newhaven iu 
1643 with a family of six, of whom no more is heard. A Lucas family of 
good estate in New England is of French descent. They came not very 
early across the ocean. The first emigrant, Augustus Lucas, writes of himself, — 
" I married C**' January, 1696, at St. Malo, in Bretague " (see James Savage's * (Ge- 
nealogical Dictionary,* vol. iii.). Several of the name of Lucas resi.ied at Col- 
chester some two hundred years ago, but I cannot find that nny of them emigrated 
to New England at the time corresponding with the above William. There was a 
John Lucas, Abbot of Waltham, co. Essex, in 1460 : he died 1475. I should feel 


glad to learn 8ome account of tbat individual, — as to what branch of the Lucas 
family he belonged, and where he was buried. I have a rubbing of a monumental 
brass from Lofts Wendon Church, Essex, with this inscription upon it : — ** Hie jacent 
Will'us Lucas et Katerina Uxor ejus, quorum animabus PPicietur Deus, Amen." 
Cole, in his MS. vol. xxxv. p. 2H, states the following : — " Under this ere j Figures 
in Brass of 4 sons and as many Daughters (w*^ in the sketch on y opposite Side I 
have mede too large in Proportion), the eldest i^on is habited as a Bishop or Abbat, 
with a Mitre on his Head & a Crosier in his left hand, & giving his Benediction 
with his right : But as there never was a prelate of that name of Lucas except 
John Lucas, who was chosen Lord Abbat of Waltham ab* 1400, & who died 1475, 
this determines it to be meant for him: in all probability, therefore, this was hii 
native Place, this account I sent to my Friend Brown Willis Esq." The arms and 
date are quite gone. 

W. Winters. 

Waltham Abbey, Ettex. 

MArniTiT (p. 36).— "In the spring of 16( 9, Cosmo III., Grand Duke of Tus- 
cany, visited Exeter on his way from Plymouth to London." . . . He was " lodged 
at the New Inne (sometimes called Merchants' Hall), and ... for the more orderly 
doing thereof, M' Mawdett, M' Brodridge, and M' Sparke were desired to assist 
the Keceivcr therein." — * Act Books of the Chamber of Exeter,' vol. ix. p. 86 ; 
quoted by Dr. Oliver, * History of Exeter,' p. 135. 

" Isaac Mawditt " was Mayor of Exeter in 1673, and again in 1681. Bid he, 
then, die in 1674, or were these two Isaacs, father and son ? 

" Isaac Mawditt and Stephen Olivcan " were Sheriffs of the County of the 
City of Exeter in 1663, and Isaac Mawditt again in 1670. 

" Nongecot (near Tiverton) anno 27 of King Henry 3, belonged unto Kobert 
Mauduit; whom followed John, anno 24 of Kinge Edw. 1. ; & hym Robert Mau- 
duit, ia anno 8 Kinge Edw. 2, & anno 19 of Kinge Edw. 3."— Pole, ed. 1791, p. 215. 

" South wood, in the parish of Ex minster, was, in anno 27 of Kinge Henry 3, 
the land of Thonias Mauduit ; & anno 30 of Kinge Edw. 1, John Francois held 
it."— 7^. p. 253. 

Oldapoit, in the parish of Modbury.— " William de Heanton, of Oldport, which 
by Jone his wief, daughter and heire of Walter de Sweinthill, had issue Jone, wief 
of liiehard Malduit, called Somaister." — Ih. p. 313. 

The pedigree of "Somaster [of Pensford] " is thus given by Westcote, p. 551 : — 
" Eichard Maldvt, called Southmaster,* of Exon, married Joan, daughter and heir 
of William de Henton, and had issue Robert ; who married Margaret, daughter 
and heir of John Herward, of Bothkison, and Joan, his wife, daughter and 
heir of John le Cornu, by whom he had issue Ralph, William, Adam. This 
Robert died before his father ; he sealed with the gate : which arms came to him 
by his mother, whose grandmother was daughter and heir to De la Port [of Olda- 
port]. William, (>t 'N etherexe [close to Exeter], second son, had a daughter and 
Dcir married to [John] Limpenny. — From Adam Somaster is descended Somanter 
of Pensford," whose pedigree Westcote gives at p. 600, and the arms, — " Argent, a 
castle triple- towered between eight fleurs-de-lis [sable]. Crest, — A portcullis, with 
chains, argent. This part was granted for a crest by Clarence Cooke, 14th March, 
1586, under his hand and seal."* 

I find oo notice of Ualph : William, the second son, married Alice daughter of 
John Prideaux, of Adeston, near Modbury, and had issue William, whose son John 
died without issue. Netherexe passed to John Limpenny, mentioned above, and 
was sold br him to William Hurst, of Exeter.— Pole, p. 190. 

Probabfj the Exeter Mauduits were a branch of this very ancient family. 

F. C. HiNGESTON Randolph. 

Ringmore Rectorif^ Devon, 

* Their motto was " Quasi summM magistir." 


EvEBiBD (p. 21). — Kichard Ererard was created a Knight Baronet by 
Ciiarles I. 

Thomas Everard was one of the Commissioners for the Salt Dutj in the reign 
of Queen Anne. 

Philip Lakomait. 

Eyebabd (p. 21). — In the rei"^ of Edward III., an Edmund Everard was the 
Rector of the parish of Colster worth, and must have been a person of considerable 
importance from the following : — 

"" Calendarium luquis. post mortem. Hie* us de la Bere pro Edmundo Everard 
p'sona EccI" de Colstreworth 

Haselbere man dim 
" WiU'us Everard pro Edmun.l Fromebelet mancr"^ 
Everard p'sona Eccl** I Adcstrum mauer > Dorset. 

Colstreworth. r Staforde manor ) 

J Stevele maner } Somers. 
" Edw. iii. Uic'us de la Here finem fecit p' xxx'® lie' trend' ifeoffandi MagVm 
Edmund* Everard p*8onam eccPie de Colstreworth de medietate man'ii de Hasel- 
bere cum p*tium q* &c. 

" Will s Everard finem fecit p' x marcas p' lie' trend' ffeoffandi Mag'rium Ed- 
mund' Everard p'sonam eccl'ie de Colsterworth de Man'ro de Frome Helet cum 
p'tiu' qd Ac." 

John MiB£HOirsc. 

Lawbekce and Washington. — At a Wiltshire Archaeological Meeting held 
some years ago at Malmesbury, the shields with the arms of Lawrence quartering 
Washington, the North Wilts family, were exhibited. These came from a church 
at Malmesbury, the monuments to which they belonged, being removed when that 
church was restored. Can any of your readers tell me where those shields are now 
to be found, and to what branch of the Wilts Lawrences they belong ? The only 
Malmesbury Lawrences 1 know of are the following : — 


Jane. John L. Latin will, dated 5 Sept. 1488,=T=Alioe. Bobert, of Malmesbury ,=pRo8e, 

= mentions his brother Robert, sister Jane buried at S* Paurs Ch. 

Philip Fowker, wife of Philip Fowker, my son there. Latin will dated 

Fowker. Th^*, dau. Jane, ch. of Sareston. 1517. 

widow & 

I i I !■ 

Thomas, a minor in 1488. Jane, a minor in 1488. John.=p Alice. 



Malmesbury registers : — 

** Eob* Lawrence & Joane Hollins both living in Charlton Parish were married 
at Malmesbury by the Alderman M' Edward Waite Aug. 13. 1655. 

" William L. of Westport & Eliza Galer of Milbome in this parish were mar- 
ried by M^ John Hodges Vicar 15 Oct. 1665. 

" A child of John Lawrence of Westport buried 7 Jan. 1667. 

" Th~ L. of Westport a lawyer & landholder bur^ 4 A. 1672." 

A stone monument to the memory of Sir Lawrence Washington is now, I hear, 
at the Rectory, Oarsdon, three miles from Malmesbury, which originally was put 
up in the church at Garsdon, and was removed there when -the church was restored 
about ten years ago. 

1 am anxious to find out, first, the connection between the Lawrences and 
Washingtons (a North Wilts family) ; secondly, would be glad if any one could 
add any information to the above Lawrence descent. 

K. G. L. 


Abms. — Among the papers of a deceased relative which have lately come into 
mjr possession there is a square of parchment emhlazoned as follows : — 

Sable between four fleurs-de-lis or a cross argent, charged with five pheons 
azure, impaling gules a lion rampant or. 

Crest (on the helmet of an esquire) : On a mount vert a stag argent, antlered 
and hoofed or, behind him a tree vert, lambrequin argent and gules. 

Wreath, argent and sable. No motto. 

There is no name or writing of any sort giving any clue to the ownership. If 
any of your readers can supply it, I shall feel obliged. 

C. J. S. 

Crow of Goldtngton' abd Disher op London. — To the settlement on mar- 
riage of Dorothy Crow, of London, spinster, one of the daughters and coheirs of 
William Crow, late of Qoldington, Bedfordshire, gentleman, with William Disher, 
of London, merchant, dated 23 March, 1G99, are the seals of Dorothy Crow and 
William Disher. That of Dorothy Crow is here given. The seal used by William 

Disher is much mutilated. The arms appear to be a chevron between three double- 
headed eagles displayed. Crest, a centaur passant reguardant drawing a bow and 

I should be glad to know whether there were any descendants from this mar- 

I may mention that the mother of Dorothy Crow was Anne Crow, a widow at 
date of execution of the settlement. 

H. D. 

John Hilles, D.D. — Can any of your readers inform me what arms were 
borne by John Hilles, D.D., MastiBr of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, and Archdea- 
con of Lincoln, who died in 1626 ? He mentions in his will, made in 1625, his 
sons John, Ueigham, Kobert, William, and Thomas, also his daughters Anne, 
Susan, and Jane. Anne married Edward Aylmer, D.D., of Claydon Hall, Suffolk, 
a grandson of the Bishop of London. Information respecting any of his family 
will greatly oblige. 

C. W. H. 

Richard Stonelet. — Information is requested respecting Richard Stoneley, 
one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, originally of Warwick, and who purchased — 
ill the year 1679, of the Oxford family — Dodinghurst, in Essex. He married (see 
Burke's * Commoners,' "Taylor of Clifton ") Anne, daughter and coheir of John 
Braunche, Esq., by Ellen, daughter and coheir of Francis Hampden, and had issue 
two daughters, coheiresses, — Dorothy, married to William Dawtrey, of Moor 
House, Sussex, and Anne, the wife of William Heigham, of East Ham, Essex. 

The arms of Stoneley were, — ^Azure on a fosse between three bucks' heads 
caboshed or a fleur-de-lis of the first between two demi-roses gules. And Anne 
(who married Heigham) and her descendants quartered with this coat, — Azure a 
fesse between three scythe-blades (or horns) or. 

This quartering does not agree either with the arms of Braunche or Hampden ; 
it is more like the coat of Brayne of Gloucestershire. Can any of your corre- 
spondents offer an explanation 't 

C. W. H. 


SMrxjc. — The R3v. Barnabas Smith, Bector of North Witham, married the 
mother of Sir Isaac Newton ; he died about the year 1(>56. I shall be glad of any 
information concerning him or his family. 

J. M. 

FamiIiT of Stones (p. 22). — The following extracts from the registers of the 
parish of Cartmel, Lancashire, may be interesting to your correspondent. 



1679. 9*'' April, John son of William Stones of Ht»dhouse. 
1679. 1"* October, Agnes dau. of John Stones of Flookborough. 
16S0-1. 9 January, Christoper son of John Stones of Flookborough. 
16S1. 21 October, Ellen dau. of Edward Stones of Ainsom. 
1682. 17 January, Elizabeth dau. of William Stones of Hedhouse. 
1682. 2^ May, Eichard son of Edward Stones of Lindas. 
1682. 25 January, Jennett dau. of John Stones of Flookborough. 
1684. 7 January, Elizabeth daughter of John Stones of Flookborough. 

1686. II April, Agnes dau. of Edward Stones of Ainsom. 

1687. Eobert son of Edward Stones of Ainsom. 

1687. 23 October, John son of John Stones of Flookborough. 

1688. 5 June, Thomas son of Nicholas Stones of Your-field-yet. 

1690. 29 June, Agnes dau. of Edward Stones of Ainsom. 

169 L 27 September, Francis daughter of Edward Stones of Ainsom. 
1694. 15 April, Nicholas son of Nicholas Stones of Yet-field-yet. 


1682. 17 October, William son of Kichard Stones of Cartmel. 
1686. 16 July, Agnes dau. of Edward Stones of Ainsom. 
1682. 2 June, Mary Stones of Cartmel. 

1691. 25 Sept', William Stones of Broughton in Cartmel. 

Sin Qeorub Smitu, Knight. — I am extremely anxious to establish the identity 
between the Sir George Smith (or Smythe). of Matford, co. Devon, knight, alluded 
to in Westcote*s * View of Devonshire,* 1845, pp. 187, 470,* 631: and Burke's 
* Landed Gentry,* title " Granville of Wellesbourne :" the Sir George Smyth, of 
Motford, CO. Dorset, referred to in the Harleian MSS. 1166, fo. 9 ; 1451, fo. 17 ; 
1539, fo. 96 : and George Smith, of Mudford, co. Some.'^et, whose name occurs in 
Hutchins's * Dorset,* first edition, 1774, vol. i. p. 151 ; second edition, 1796, vol. i. p. 
248 ; third edition, 1861, vol. i. part iii. p. 408. .All the Sir George Smiths above 
mentioned lived in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. I presume that Matford, co. 
Devon, Motford, co. Dorset, and Mudford, co. Somerset, are in reality the same 
place, and that a clerical error has been committed by the transcribers of the 
Harleian MSS. 1 may add that 1 have private reasons of my own for coming to 
this conclusion, but I wish to be confirmed in my view of trie case. My object 
would be fully attained if I could ascertain the names of all the daughters of Sir 
George Smith, of Matford, and of the gentlemen of quality to whom they were 

Thomas Parr Heknino. 

P.S.— I find upon consulting Westcote, p. 631, that Sir George Smith formed 
two matrimonial alliances. Perhaps this circumstance would assist in throwing 
light upon the point in question. 



[These extracts refer to the descendants of Ealph Ironside, M.A., Eoctor of 
Long Bredy and Archdeacon of Dorset, 1668-82, brother of Gilbert Ironside, 
Bishop of Bristol, 1660-71, and supply materials for a continuation of the Ironside 
pedigree in Hutchin's * History of Dorset,' ed. 1867, vol. ii. p. 282.] 


1730. August 3, John son of John and Adria Ironside. 
1733. February 19, Mary da. of John and Adria Ironside. 

1735. January 6, Eobert son of Ealph and Agnes Ironside. 

1736. January 20, Thomas son of John and Adriah Ironside. 

1737. March 28, Ralph son of Ealph and Agnes Ironside. 

1738. January 5, Stephen & Margaret children of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 
1738. November 30, Gilbert son of John & Adria Ironside. 

1740. April 20, Ann daughter of Ealph & Agnes Ironside. 
1740. April 27, Adria daughter of Jonn and Adria Ironside. 

1742. January 3, Sarah da. of Ealph & Agnes Ironside. 

1743. October 2, James Ironside was baptized. 
1745. December 25, Dinah Ironside was baptized. 
1745. February 13, Lucy Ironside was baptized. 
1745. March 9, Francis Ironside was baptized. 

1747. October 18, Mariah da. of G-ilbert and Mary Ironside. 

1748. October 23, David son of Ealph and Agnes Ironside. 
1750. March 10, Margaret da. of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 
1761. December 25, Abraham son of Ealph and Agnes Ironside. 

1752. April 23, Catherine da. of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 

1753. January 28, Mary da. of John and Mary Ironside. 

1754. July 27, Joanna da. of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 

1755. January 10, Edith da. of Ralph and Agnes Ironside. 
1755. March 16, James son of John and Mary Ironside. 

1757. Decemb. 4, Thomas son of John and M!ary Ironside of Kingston. 

1760. October 11, John son of John and Mary Ironside. 

1763. May 1, Hester da. of John and Mary Ironside. 

1763. November 27, William son of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1766. January 5, Joseph son of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1767. January 4, Gilbert son of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 

1767. December 16, Anne da. of Robert & Mary Ironside. 

1768. Nov' 6, James son of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1769. December 17, Gilbert son of Gilbert and Marv Ironside. 

1770. February 28, Ralph son of Eobert and Mary Ironside. 

1771. April 14, Thomas son of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1772. July 23, Bet^ da. of Eobert and Mary Ironside. 
1772. October 30, John son of Ealph and Lucy Ironside. 
1774. John son of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1774. November 27, Ealph son of Ealph and Lucy Ironside. 

1775. January 1, Eobert son of Robert and Mary Ironside. 

1776. April 27, Henry son of Ealph and Lucy Ironside. 

1777. April 26, Martha da. of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1777. December 4, Elizabeth da. of Ralph & Lucy Ironside. 

1778. January 10, David son of Robert & Mary Ironside. 

1780. March 19, Lucy da. of Eobert & Mary Ironside. 

1781. September 16, Audry da. of Thomas and Mary Ironside. 

1782. October 27, Mary da. of Eobert and Mary Ironside. 

• Communicated by R. E. Cheater Waters, Esq., of Upton Park, DoiBct. 

F 2 


1787. May 20, Jumes son of Joseph and Betty Ironside. 
1787. October 21, Hannah da. of "William and Jane Ironside. 
1790. January 10, William son of William and Jane Ironside. 

1792. May 25, Jane Ironside was baptized. 

1793. July 25, William son of James and Jenny Ironside. 

1795. February 25, Betsy daughter of Thomas & Hannah Ironside. 
1795. July 26, Mary da. of Joseph & Betty Ironside. 

1795. Septemper 26, Jane, da. of Willam &> Jane Ironside. 

1796. December 18, Richard son of Thomas & Hannah Ironside. 


1733. May 11, Thomas Beale and Margaret Ironside. 

1737. Mav 23, Gilbert Ironside and Martha Qtirret. 
1740. June 19, Gilbert Ironside and Mary Dennis. 
1750. April 17, John Ironside and Mary Mudford. 

1763. February 2, Thomas Ironside and Mary Much. 

1764. December 4, Eobert Ironside and Mary Eussell. 
1766. March 28, Gilbert Ironside and Mary Crofts. 

1766. April 7, Charles Brichards and Elizabeth Ironside. 
1775. May 5, Thomas Pitman of Wareham and Edith Ironside. 


1736. Sept. 22, Robert son of John and Adria Ironside. 

1738. January 5, Martha wife of Gilbert Ironside. 

1738. May 21, Stephen son of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 

1739. February 3, Margaret Ironside. 
1746. January 16, Adria Ironside. 

1749. July 20, Fanny da. of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 
1755. May 14, Joanna da. of Gilbert and Mary Ironside. 
1758. Dec' 29, Adria wife of John Ironside. 

1767. February 27, Gilbert Ironside. 

1771. August 4, Robert son of Ralph Ironside and Lucy his wife. 
1784. January 21, Gilbert Ironside. 
1784. April 18, Mary Ironside. 

1784. August 21, Mary widow of Gilbert Ironsides. 

1785. Nov' 20, John Ironside. 
1785. August 15, Mary Ironside. • 

1790. November 28, James Ironside. 

1791. January 23, James Ironside of the parish of Winford. 
1791. April 10, William Pronside. 

1791. June 26, Thomas Ironside. 

1792. June 3, Jane Ironside. 

1794. June 0, Lucy Ironside. 

1797. May 12, William Ironside. 

1798. Nov' 4, Ralph Ironside. 

1798. Nov. 28, Agnes Ironside. 

1799. August 11, William Ironside. 

1823. September 3, Gilbert Ironside was buried at Longbredy aged 86. 


In dei Nomine Amen This is the last Wille of mo John Heron Tresourer of 
the Chambro of our Souraigne Lord King Henry the eight made at Caleis the 
Friday the ij'**' day of June the xij**» ycre of our forsaid Souraisrne Lords Reigne 
Witnessith that first I gevo and bequeath my Soulo to Almighty God my Maker 

* Conimiinicated by J. R. Daniel-Tyssen, Esq., F.S.A. 


and Bedemor my body to be buried where hit shall please Q-od And I will that 
after my deth xx" be offered vnto the Sacrament of Hackeney for my oblacions 
omitted. Item I will that John Jenyns paye for the oon half of the newe house 
made at Hackney Church Item I will that my Lady Dynh'm be paid two hundred 
m*rcs at All halowentyde next comyng and oon hundred m'rcs at Alhalowentyde 
next after that by and ypon two obligacions signed and sealed by me Item I 
"will that Sir Bichard ffowler be paid yerelie C" at Alhalowentyde during thre yeres 
to come and a hundred m'rcs at halowentyde anno dni mP v^ xxiij^ in full conten- 
tacion and payment of a thowsand m'rcs vpon foure obligacions of the statute of 
the staple remayning with the forsaid Sir Kichard ffowler for the reuersion of the 
manor of G-rete Eeycote and litill Beycott in Buk and Oxen shires for the pay- 
ment wherof thre hundred poundes is to be receyved of Bichard Bafcelles landes that 
is to sey fourty poundes yerely at mighelmasse at Ester and also c xx^ of S' Thomas 
Dvnh'm londes in Devon and Som' shire that is to say xl" yerely during thre yeres 
whereof xx^ was dew at Ester last passed and xx^ at Mighelmas next comyng and 
so yerely after during two yeres wherof Badclyff hath the dede of feoffement 
myn indentures and auctoritie to receyve the rent thereof Item I will that Wil- 
liam Buttry haue xl* for ix yardes of blak satyn And I will my Taillour be paid 
for making of my gere sithen Ester and to my hosyer for making of thre paire of 
hosen Item I will that four score poundes be levied of Warners landes in Kent 
towardes the payment of my foresaid debtes that is to say xx^ during thre yeres and 
C m'rcs and odde money residue of my debtes be levyed of my londes Also I will 
that great Gheyne be restoured to Bobert Amadas and besides that I owe him 
ypon foure m'rcs by a bill Also that my Serv'nts being in wages shalhave a 
yeres wages except Thomas Chefe, Stebrank and Broun Also I will that Mar- 
garet m^ Wife shall have all hir apparell as rynss cheynes gownes kirtelles with all 
other hir adomamentes Also I will that she shall have hir dwelling during her 
life at Shakelwell Hackney Alderbroke London and Bichemoimt where also longe 
as she do not mary ne make contract for to be maried and yf she make contracte 
or do mary then I will that she shall haue fifty m'rcs yerely paide owt of my 
londes and she to be removed clene owt and from all my lodginges aforsaid only 
with hir apparell aboue named and all the profites that shall yerely come of my 
londes ouer and above the forsaid 1 m'rcs be receyved for the fvnoing of all my 
Childem having noon other to lyve by by myn Executours Also I will that C C Iv 
m'rcs receyved by Sir Bichard Waldon for the mariage of his Sonne and C m'rcs 
in like maner receyved by Bobert ap Bice for mariage of his Sonne that is in all 
CCC Iv m'rcs be had taken and receyved for the mariage of my doughter Ursula 
Item I will that Margaret my doughter shall haue a Salt with a Couer gilt and a 
standing cup with a couer gilt and in like maner I will that my doughter Joane 
shalhaue a salt with a couer gilt and a standing cupp w* a couer gilte Also I will 
that yf Margaret my Wife ne make contracte of matrymony neither do mary that 
then she to receyue all the Issues and profites of my landes for the fyndmg of 
hirselfe and of my Childem vnmaried Also I will that Giles Heron my Sonne 
and heire when he shall come to thage of xxi yeres shallhaue my landes in Lin- 
colnshire that I was born vnto and that came to me by enheritannce and also the 
reuersion in Lincolnshire that I haue purchased after the decesse of Margaret my 
Wife yf she lyve sole w^ out mariage and in like maner the reuersion in the same 
shire after Manby his Wife. Also I will that Giles Heron my sonne and heire 
shall haue the reuersions of all my londes in Essex aswell frehold as Copyholde 
after the decesse of Margaret my Wife yf she continue sole without mariage that 
is to say the whole manour of Cancefeld with the thred of Grete Busshewode in 
Eston Aldrebroke w^ all the apparell of the same w^ all other houses fermes landes 
in the Parishe of Litill Ilford and Wansted also twenty acres of wode in Wodford 
or Wansted Parishe nygh adjoynyng to the Sees The Lordship or Mano' of Highm 
HiU w* all the appurtenances therto bilonging with all other my londes free and 
Copye in Walkamstowe Also I will that Giles Heron my Sonne and heire 
shalhaue the Beu'sion of grete Bycot and litill Bycot when he shall come to thage 
of xxj' yeres Immediatly after the decesse of Sir Bichard ffowler and Dame Julian 


liis Wife AIbo I will that G-iles Heron my Sonne and heire shalhaue the reuer* 
Bien after the decesse of Margaret my Wief yf she contynue sole w*out mariage 
when he shall come to thage of xxi' yeres all my Copieholde landes in Shakilwell 
Xyngeslande and Newenton togiders with all thapparell of my house at Shakelwell 
as it is nowe appareld w* almaner of vtenselles implementes and all other trasse gere 
and stuffe that nowe is occupied w'in my house Also I will that my foure Sonnes 
Edmond Heron xpofer Heron Henry Heron and John Heron when they shall 
come to the age of xxj yeres doo make surrendre vnto Giles Heron my Sonne and 
heire of all their partes of my Copieholde landes in Walkamstowe Shakelwell 
Kyngesland and Newenton The forsaid Giles geving vnto euery of them after the 
surrendre made twenty poundes and yf my Sonne Giles dye without issue of his 
bodye lawfully begotten then I will my sonne Edmonde Heron shalhaue all suche 
landes and Beu'sions as ar before bequethed and sell vnto my Sonn Giles Heron 
the forsaid Edmond geving unto eury of his thre brethren lyving for their sur- 
rendre to be made by this my Will vnto hym fif^ m'res in the townes thorppes 
and villages aforsaid and yf my Sonne Edmond dye w'out issue of his body law- 
fully begotten that then my Son xpofer shalhaue all such landes reu'sious aboue* 
Baid and ar specified he geving vnto euery of his brethem fifty m'res for like sur- 
rendre to be made as is abouenamed And yf my Sonne Cristofer dye w^out heire of 
his body lawfully begoten then I will that my Sonne Henry Heron shallhaue the 
abouenamed londes and reuersions he geving vnto my Sonne John Heron his 
yongest brother C m'res for his surrendre made vnto him And yf my Sonne John 
Heron die without yssue of his body lawfully begotten then I will that Margaret 
Bede my Doughter shalhaue great Kycot and litell Byoot and to theheires of hir 
body lawfully begotten Also I will that all other my landes reuersions in Lin- 
colnshire Essex Shakelwell Kyngesland and Newenton as is heretofore specified 
ben eqally departed bitwen Jane Dynh*m my doughter and Ursula my doughter 
and to theires of their two bodies laufully begoten Also I will Edmond Heron 
my Sonne haue my house in Hackney w^ all thapparell the Close palyd aboute w* all 
the Churche feld and yf it so require that Giles xpofer Harry and John Heron as they 
shall come to thage of xxj yeres doo make surrendre of all the Copieholdes therof 
vnto my fbrsaide Sonne Edmonde and to the heires of his body laufully begoten 
Also I will my Sonne and heire Giles Heron shalhaue my Casket locked as it nowe 
is all the euidence and writinges w^in my Cupborde and Counter at Shakilwell and 
also my house w' the gardyn at London with almaner of stuffe euidence writinges 
apparell and other thingcs nowe being within tlie same house at suche tyme as he 
shall come to the age of xxi yeres and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten 
and for defaute of Issue to Edmonde and so for defaute fynally from oon to an 
other Also I will the mariage of Alice and Anne Warner w' all my gilt plate 
beying within my parlo' vnbequethed thre boUes w* a Couer pounced white foure 
siluer pottes two basyns and two ewers ben equally dep'ted to Edmond xpofer 
Henry and John Heron for to marry them with Also I will that Margaret my 
Wife shalhaue duringe her lyfe yf shee doo not mary all my daily vsuall plate being 
in my buttry the reu'ision to Giles Heron that is to say thre saltes silv' with a 
couer xxij' of siluer spones two standing Cuppes with ij couers gilt thre Gobletes 
with a couer and ii white boUes of siluer oon pounced and another plavn Also I 
will that yf any or my Sonnes or Doughters decesse w*out yssue of tFieir bodies 
lawfully begotten that then eury elder Brother and Sister be neire vnto him or her 
or vnto them that so decesse Also I will that Margaret my Wife also long as she 
lyveth sole not maried ne contracte that she shallhave the rule ordre and 
gouern'nce of all my Childern till they come to thage of xxj yeres and also that 
she shalhaue and receyve all thissues and profits of londes during lyke tyme for 
their fynding Also I will that yf there be not redy money for the payment of 
pay debtes that then a certeyn porcion of my plate be laid to pledge for the conten- 
tacion thereof vnto they may be pledged owte agayne of my reuersions or owt of 
such landes as heretofore ben appoynted therfor and that myne aray be solde also 
therefor Also I will that my Sonne John Heron dwelling at ffotescray shall haue 
my house w* all the apparell w* the gardyn also at Richcmonte and also the reuer- 



iioD with the meeuage with thnppurtenam-pn in Iseldon by the Churche there on 
the Nortbeide and to the heires of his bodye laufully otberwise to remajne to 
myn heircs And I will my Ghildem make surrendre Ynto him vnder the same 
maner and condicion And I make by thiae presenta myn owne handwriting 
myne Kxecutora Maister Chriatofer Vrewyk Booert ffowler John Jenyna Thomas 
Seph'm and my Wile to be oueraeer and eurueyo' yeving vntp euery oon of mya 
£iecutour8 iL' for theire payne and labour. 

Will proved 19 May 1525 by Robert Fowler and Thotnaa Spph^m Ei™. 

H1.CENET Chuboh.* 

' John Ileame that built the boder of Hackney Church alUo a 
ould tomb of thie-t 

A penon and cote helme & creet &, targe of this. 



The Archbolds were a family of importance in Alnwick for at least a century 

and a half. William, the first recorded, was at South Park in 1<J50, aud John, the 

last of them -in Alnwick, died there in 1805. Succceeive members of the family 

• The inscHption and amu taken from a MS. in the Coliajie of Arm., kuown at Nichola* 
Charln, s copy of which i* in Ihe Lanadatiav Collection, British Museum. 

north aiBle of chancel. 


were bailiiFs to the Earls of Northumberland, tenants of Cawledge South Park 
— still called Archbold's Park, — and owners of considerable property in the parish 
of Alnwick. St. Thomas's lands, formerly part of the possessions of Alnwick 
Abbey, and other fields, and several burgages in the town belonged to them. 
They loom largely in Alnwick Church : on the monumental limestone slab ^' Gulielmi 
Archbold,*' their arms, a lion rampant between six fleurs-de-lis, and crest, a fleur- 
de-lis, are grandly sculptured, and they appear, too, with the initials I. A. and date 
1711, on the lintel of a doorway of one of the burgages which belonged to them. 

The Archbblds were a long-lived race. William, the first of them, died in 
1700, aged 82 ^ears ; John, the next, died in 1730, aged 76 years ; Edward, the 
third in succession, died in 1764, aged 79 years ; and John, the last of them, in 
1805, aged 83 yeai*s : so that the united ages of four successive generations amount 
to three hundred and twenty years. 

MoiniMEKTAL Inscriftioks, Alnwick Chubch. 

Here lyeth vnder 

bvried the body of 

Margaret secona wife 

to William Archbovld 

departed the 14 of 

February anno doni 1675 

and at her north side 

ovr davghter Mary Arch 

bovld who alsoe departed 

this life the 7 day of 

September anno dni 


Death is our gaine. 

Here lyeth vnder Bvried the 
Body of William Archbovld 

yovngest sonn of John 

Archbovld of CavUedg Park 

who deputed this life March 

the 27"» day 1712. Here lyeth 

the Body of John Archbold son of 

William Archbold who departed 

the 31»* of May 1780 Aged 76 years. 

Here lyeth vnder 

neath Buried the Body of 

... a Archbovld the 

wife of William Arch 

bovld who departed this 

life the 6 day of April I 

Anno Doni 1651 

And with her his 

davghter Dorothy 

which departed this 

life also the 19 day 

of October Anno 

doni 1676. 


Here lyeth vnder bvried 

the body of William 

Archbovld son to John 

Archbovld of Cavledge 

West Park who departed 

this life the 20 day of 

November anno d'ni 


Att his Eight Side lieth 

Jane his Sister who dep'ted 

this Life Septem. the 25*^ 

Ann« 1698 

Here lyeth the Body of Jane 

Archbold the Daughter of 

Edward Archbold who 

departed the 9'^ of December 

1727 aged 7 years. 

Pied D. Gulielmi Archbould 
Parentis Memori» hoc A Se Vivo 
Paratum Monumentum Insculpi 

Curavit Elizabetha Pilia P. 8. 

Mortuus est Julij 14 Ann® 1700 

JStatis p. m. 82. 

Amu : A lion rampant between nxjlewrs-de-lis. 
Crest: A fleur-de'lia. 

Here lyeth the Body of Jane 

Wife of Captain Balph Arch 

bold who Departea this 

Life August the 6 1737 

She was A Beligious Woman 

A Loveing Wife and A tender 

Mother and was Daughter 

to M' Adam Thompson At 

torney At Law Late of 

Alnwick Deceased At her 

Left side Lyeth three of Our 

Children (Jeorge Archbold 

died December y* 14t»» 1729 

Jane Archbold died Octob' 

y« 31 1732 William Archbold 

died March y^ 11^ 1732. 

Mary Archbovld. 

Here lyeth Issabel 

the Wife of John 

Archbold who De 

parted this Life anno 

Domini 1734 aged 81 years. 


Here lyeth the Body of 

M' Edward Archbold 

who Departed this Life Sept. 

22 Daj 1764 aged 79 years 

At his right side Ljeth his wife 

M" Dorothy Archbold who 

died April 27^»» 1769 aged 68 years. 

Also tlie body of John Archbold 

who died 22«» June 1805 

aged 83 years 

Also the body of Jane his wife 

who died 2™* October 1803 

aged 71 years. 



1650. August 4, Balph Son of William Archbold of the South Park. 

1676. January 29, Margaret Daughter of John Archbold of South Calledge parke. 

1678. William Son of John Archbold of Calledge park. 

1680. October 3, Isable Daughter of John Archbold of South Calledge parke. 

1682. January 3, Jane daughter of John Archbold of Calledge parke. 

1685. May 22, Edward Son of Mr. John Archbold of Caledge parke. 

1687. December 6, Elizabeth daughter of John Archbold of the Parke. 

1690. September 25, John Son of Mr. John Archbold of Calise parke. 

1691. December 8, Salph Son of Mr. John Archbold. 

1694. November 8, William Son of Johu Archbold of Calise Parke. 
1701. November 14, Henry Son of Mr. Joshua Archbould. 

1704. April 18, Ralph Son of Mr. Joshua Archbould of Comhill. 

1705. December 22, Elizabeth daughter of Mr. Joshua Archbould. 

1707. March 16, Margaret daughter of Mr. Joshua Archbould and his wife Alice 
now living att Berwick was born the 25*** of Feb. and baptised the 4*** 
March 1707. 

1718. October 26, Anne daughter of John Archbould. 

1720. August 2, Jane daughter of Mr. Edward Archbold, 

1722. April 18, John Son of Edward Archbold and Dorothy his Wife. 

1722. September 8, Elizabeth daughter of Ealph Archbold and Jane his wife. 

1723. March 16, Thomas Son of Edward Archbold Callice park. 

1724. December 12, Gheorge Son of Balph Archbold and Jane his wife. 
1727. March 20, Isabel daughter of Edward Archbold and Dorothy his wife. 

1729. January 31, Jane daughter of Edward Archbold and Dorothy his wife. 

1730. December 6, Margaret daughter of Halph Archbold and Jane his wife. 
1746. October 22, Samuel Son of Mr. Edward Archbold of Calledge park. 


1700. November 19, Mr. Joshua Archbould and Alice Swinhoe. 

1703. January 1, John Archbould of Carham and Mrs. Auckram in parish of Kirk- 

1744. February 14, Mr. John Archbold and Mary Middlemas. 


1659. October 21, Elizabeth Daughter of William Archbold. 

1675. February 16, Margaret Wife of William Archbold. 

1698. May 27, Ann wife of Mr. Joshua Archbould. 

1698. September 27, Jane daughter of Mr. John Archbould. 

1700. July 16, Mr. William Archbould. 


1700. July 24, Mr. Joshua Archbould. 

1712. March 28, William Son of John Archbold of Calledge Park. 

1727. December 10, Elizabeth daughter of Edward Archbold. 

1729. December 16, George Son of Balph Archbould. 

1730. May 26, John Archbould. 

1732. November 2, Jane daughter of Capt" Ealph Archbould. 

1733. March 19, William Son of Ealph Archbould.. 

1734. December 6, Isabel wife of John Archbould. 
1737. August 8, Jane wife of Capt° Balph Archbould. 
1754. May 24, Mrs. Elizabeth Archbold of Bondgate. 

1766. September 25, Edward Archbold of Bondgate Gentleman formerly of 

Calledge Park. 

1767, April 22, Kalph Archbold Gentleman formerly in the Navy. 

1769. April 30, Mrs. Dorothy Archbold widow of Mr. Edward Archbold hereto- 
fore of Calledge-park but late of Alnwick. 

John Archbold Gentleman died June 22 buried June 25 1805 aged 88 years. 

Jane Archbold wife of John Archbold Gentleman died Oct. 2 buried Oct. 5 1803 
aged 71 years. 


Irish Funeral Certificates, Add. MS, 4820 {Poeoch),fos. 279 and 280.* 

The Bight Hon»»>« S' Eich* Southwell of Singland near the Citty of Limerick 
Knt. second son of John Southwell of Barham Hall in the County of Suffolk in 
England Esq^ the s^ S' Bich^ 1'^ mar^ Susan dat' of Arthur Hide of Carrigonedo 
in 5om. Cork Esq' by whom he had noe issue and He 2^^ mar^ Ann dat' of Eidward 
Navile in Bentworth in Hampshire Esq' eld* Son of Francis Nevill being the 2* 
Son of . . . Lo^ of Abbergavem by whom ne had no issue, the said S' Bich^ died at 
Singland the 12^^ of Februy 1640. and went to be Interr'd in the Abby of S* Patricks 
Church near Singland (which Chappell was of his own Building) The truith of the 
p'miss* is test^ p' Subscript of the said Ann Belict Sl Executrix of the s^ Pef^ who 
retum'd this Certif* into my office to be there Kecord^ taken p* me Thomas Preston 
Esq' Ulster King of Armes the 2ff^ of February 1640. 

Anna Southwell, 

Hawobth OB HowoRTH pEDiOREE. — A branch of this ancient family migrated 
from Haworth, in the township of Hundersfield, near Bochdale, on the borders of 
Yorkshire and Lancashire, and settled in Snaith for some generations, and then 
came to Hull in the latter half of the seventeenth century. 

Dr. James, in the ' Iter Lancastrense/ written 1636, thus describes his visit to 
Haworth Hall: — 

** To Bobin Howorth from whose Familie 
Great Noble Peers derive their progenie." 
This Bobin Howorth was 'bom in 1600 and succeeded his father, Edmund 
Howorth, of Howorth, and is mentioned by Su* Biohard St. George in his Visita- 
tion of liancaster in 1613. He was the twenty-second in lineal descent from 
Osbert Howord de Howord, who was Master of the Buck-hounds in the time of 
Henry II., and who received certain lands in Howord for his good and faithful 
Ber\ice8 to his sovereign. 

The Snaith and Hull parish registers contain the following entries : — 
" Adam Hawworth married 1540 Allyson Greene." (Snaith.) 
" Hen. Haworth married 1568 Agnes Lambert.** (Whitgift.) 

* Communicated by John Fethenton, Esq., F.S.A. 


** 1673. Julio. Item the uyntbe day, James Asbeton, Clarke, Curate at Snaitbe, 
and Harbara Ilowortbe of Suaitbe. 

" Tbomiw llawortb married in 1592 Mary Baynton." (Snaith.) Baptized 1572. 
Piinl nt Kawolitie or HocHff, parisb of Snaitn 1641. 

Pot or (Hawortb), died 1672.7l8t, Jane . . . died at Snaitb 1641. 
OVill at York.) ; 2nd, Maria Dunn, Sept. 1657. (Snaitb.) 


JiVj^bua Hawortb« baptised 1635,^DorotbT Stepbenson, of Swinefleet. Sbe died 
diiHl 1677. (^Snaitb.) 1717 at Hull. (Will at York.) Mentioned in 

Dus^iale*8 Visitation of Yorkabire (1655). 

Tbi\uia» Ha\n>rtb, Kaptiied 1663. (Snaitb.)=p:MarT . . . died at HulL (Will 
Dio^l 17C^k vWill at York.) at York 1733.)* 

Thxnu»» Hairxxrtb, hapmod 1691. vHuU.>FMarT BbTdes* 1713. (Hull.) 

Beu;^uiiu lU«\^nb. 17rH5k=Aune Rxnh, beirc«d of the Lincolnsbire Bootbs, 

de«5cende«d troca the ;9««^^d «on of Sir Tbomas Booth, 
of Kaitoiu Laacasbir*. cftll^ed ~ Tomalin of the 
Boo;bo8v*' Atrx-v'^'y Hichauni IL and Hesur FT. 

!%> r^>:^,:<^:^-rs jit ^XA::h *r^ ilo:\v::ve ia s^T<^r:iI plsoes. and in some years no 

• 1 Y.'.uvK m is^ iv* :jK^>erfaurt the tsan^i^ of rise £i:*?er and s>?rier %}i Mrs- Maiy 

lU>fcv^r^h Ai',>i xl*;o of •vr ?ivArri*a>*. 

A'^'* ^^e >lA:e v^f ;V^ TKiAm^iio of J.^sivia Hiw.-rt* at-i IVtv^i^lt Srcrbenaoii- 
- W- ;^^ vl*:%f v-f S»r::*33i Anvi ;^e rAr^^:;j^ of PVfWr Hiwcriil of ^wclijfe and 

s"f ?V V.t^v^/^ "^r.*: X %'x^ ^c:\xl jl: SVx:'*^ a^ .ft^ ro occjiie^ti I2e= ii:i«^cilT with 
;>v "^^ >. *;::< ak:cr o*"jx'Cji oc Ujk%v«i HjL. i*rvi^ -^ £fT«»«i:i asxi sixteenth 

V ix* vc -r v-tr/.*:xcu rxat :S^ iV<i?«: Ko . * .c Sca.:* .r ,*c2**rw:se. » to Home 

Vv i-tj.* .»i :<\N, vnrcsv^ir of $^-.7^f»^c :tx^.ir ^ca.'x w^r* — t^ile* ccl a bend 

:-•.■ >..k:'v Ka^> .v^.v^ oc v>o« Ji >.j^ 5^ iv^ ocu,-^?^:. c*-««^ Ar=L::vc or. wrih a 


CLA.BEE OF St. Ites (p. 36). — The seal of Bobert Clarke, elder, of St. Ivee, 
1686, appears to be compounded with the arms of Lawrence of St. Ives. On 
reference to the pedigree of the latter family, it will be observed that a lady of it 
married a Clarke early in the seventeenth century. 

L. A. 

PsDiOBEE OF Best (p. 44). — In a pedigree in my possession I find mention of 
Edward Turner (son of Thomas Turner, of Gray's Inn and Canterbury, by Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Sir Edward Boys, of Fredvile), who married, about 1670-80, 
Elizabeth Best. I am anxious to know whether there was issue of the marriage. 

W. J. L. 

Lascelles. — The following is the only entry relating to this family in the 
parish registers of Langton, near Malton : — 

" 1657. M™ Lassells of Thomthorp buried February y« 6*^." 
And in the church of St. Leonard's, Malton, — 

" M*" Swinbum Lascelles, Attorney at Law, was Buried in "Woollen the 27*** of 
December 1729." 

Edwabd Mokton. 

Thubstow. — Information wanted as to the ancestry of Edward Thurston, bom 
in England about 1617, emigrated to the colony of Bhode Island, in New England, 
before 1648, and died in Newport, E. I., in 1707. 

Chables M. Thubstoit. 

Nmo Roehelle^ New Tori, U. 8. 

Sib Isaac Heabd, Gabteb. — I have a fine China bowl bearing the arms of Sir 
Isaac Heard, Garter King of Arms. I think it must have been presented to him 
for some particular service ; but as I am uncertain, I should be glad if any one 
oould give information on the subject. 

B. M. 

Abms (p. 47). — To " C. J. B." I suggest that the emblazonment he inquires 
about may posssibly pertain to the name of Banks. The arms on the dexter side 
are nearly those of Banks, of Aylesford, co. Kent, which are said to be Sable on a 
cross between four fleurs-de-lis argent five pheons azure. The bearing impaled, 
gules a lion rampant or, was that of D' Albany, Albney, and A Ibini. 

Chables Jacksok. 


Smeaton. — Can any of your correspondents inform me where a pedigree of the 
family of Smeaton, living at Ejrk Smeaton, near Pontefract, about 1400, is given ; 
or state what arms they bore ? Also whether John Smeaton, the builder of Eddy- 
stone lighthouse, who was bom at Austhorpe, near Leeds, in 1724, was descended 
from that family P 

James Busby. 

* Alto ancestor of Lords Abinger and Campbell, Sir A. J. Lawrence, K.C.B., etc. The author 
of the papers referred to is a good general guide, but not a faithful genealogist, for on an examina- 
tion of the Lawrence wills it will be seen that he sometimes entirely suppressed senior linos to make 
room for junior. 


White Family. — John White came to Ireland, from England, in a year 
between 1695 and 1702. I have some faint recollection of hearing that he came 
from Kent. He purchased lands which had been forfeited by the adherents of King 
James in 1702, in the counties of Limerick and Tipperary, in which a Mr. John 
Marshall was a partner for a part. He lived and died at Cappagh, in the county 
of Tipperary, which is still called Cappagh White, after him. He died in 1718. 
His first wile was Susanna, sister to Richard Newport, Esq., of Longford, in the 
county of Limerick ; she died 7th December, 1700, and was buried in the family 
vault at Toem, co. Tipperary. His second wife was Catherine Mann, a widow : 
she was sister to Lord Muskerry (Deane). His children by his first wife were 
Richard, Newport, Kebecca, and Catherine. 

Rev. Newport White married Fanny Forster. His sons were, — John, married 
Catherine Hunt ; Eichard, died at Smyrna, in Asia Minor ; Newport, married Mary 

Newport's youngest son, Benjamin, married Catherine, eldest daughter of New- 
port White, eldest son of John and Catherine. His three sons were Jlev. Newport 
Benjamin, Rev. Henry Vere, and John Davis. 

John White, first named, had three half-brothers, who came to Ireland at the 
same time as he did. His mother's name was Schuldam. They were the children 
of a Miss Hamilton. Their names were Benjamin, William, and Hamilton. Ben- 
jamin was ancestor of the branch of the family known as the Whitehall branch. 
Finch White, of Kincora, near Killaloe, being the representative ; William, of the 
Whites of Greenhall, New Ross, and Manistor ; Hamilton, of the Bantry family 
(Earl of Bantry). 

When Richard WTiite was created Baron Bantry, he of course applied for a 
grant of arms. The heralds gave him the arms of Sir Thomas White, of Rick- 
mansworth, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1555, and these arms are now 
adopted by every branch of the family. I think the arms should more properly 
have been those of Sir William White, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1489, 
— in which there are three covered cups, and three martlets upon a chevron, as I 
was told that there was some old family plate which had *' covered cups " as part 
of the arms. 

The following arms are on the seal used by John White attached to a lea^e 
made by him : — A chevron between three roses ; Crest, An arm embowed holding 
a sword. There was an old family of Whites in Clonmel, and on a tombstone 
belonging to one of the family, date about 1650, the arms were the same as on the 
seal used to the lease. 

I am anxious, if possible, to ascertain if there is any tradition among any family 
of my name in any part of England, of four brothers, as above named, having come 
to Ireland about the time named ; and also whether by the aid of what I have 
stated about the coat of arms, my family can be identified with any of the name at 
present living in England. 

Jomr Davis White. 

Saint Dominick*9, Cashel^ Co. Tipperary. 

Seal and Autograph of John Suffblke, senior, of Nuneaton, to a bond dated 1624. 

Information required respecting the descent of John Suffolke, senior, of Nun- 
eaton, gentleman, whose signature and seal, appended to a bond in the possession 
of the Corporation of Coventry, dated 5 November, 1024, are given above. 




CASTER Hebald. 

A deed, dated 3 May, 1633, relating to tliis ancient family, is in the possession of 
OharleB Golding, Esq, 

It Appears to be the settlement made shortly after the marriage of Eeynald {tic) 
Bray, son and heir apparent of Sir Giles Bray, of Barrington, Knt., with Martha, 
daughter of Peter Humble, late of Goosehayes, co. Bssei, Esq., deceased, whereby 
the said Sir Giles settles his manors of Great and Little Barrington and his lands 
there on trustees (viz. Sir Robert Quarles, of Romford, co. Essex, Knt., and John 
Hide, of London, gent.) to use of himself for life, remainder to his wife Dame 
Anne for her life, remainder to said Beynald Bnw for life, remainder (as to the 
capital maosioD and part of the estate) to said Martha for her life, remainder to 
tsaue of said Beynald in tail male, remainder to Edmnnd Bray, second son of said 
Sir Giles, for liie, and his issue in like manner ; and (as to the residue of the 
estate after the death of said Reynald Bray) to the issue of the said Regnald in 
tail general, with remainder to said Edmund and his issue in like manner, remainder 
(lu to the whole] to the right heirs of the said Sir Giles Bray. 

This Beginald Bray died in hia father's lifetime, leaving a son, Edmund, who 
had inherited his mother's lands in Essex before 16 March, 164^, as Sir Giles, by 
his will of that date, desires the Court of Wards to raiae money for him out of 
those lands and not out of his (own) lands, co. Gloucester, Oxon, and Berks. This 
will was proved by Dame Ann Bray, 14 May, 1641, and a^ain 19 November, 1657, 
by Edmund Bray, Es<j., son and nest of kin to t«stator, who appears to have been 
aJnerwards made a knight. 

SigmUura md Seal of Sir Gila Bray, of Bam»glo*, K»iyU,from Deed dattd 3 Mag, 1633. 

The seal appended to deed is quarterly of four coats, of which the first and second 
STB both the well-known coats of " Bray." The third quarter is for " Monington," 
and is allowed by Cooke, Clarenceui, temp. Etiz., to "Monington, formerly of Corn- 
wall" [query if not Cornwall in Oifordshire]. In the Visitation of Herefordshire 
made in 15B9 it is quartered in the second and third quarters by the Moningtons of 
that county, and stated in a marginal note to be the coat with which Sir John Lawton, 
Knt., sealed (temp. Ed. III.), whose daughter and heireas, Eleanor, married into 
the family of Monington. The fourth quarter is for " Harman," though, strangely 
enough, it also is quartered in the second and third quarters by the Harmans of 
Taynton, in Oxfordshire, — the first and fourth being " Sable three currycombs 

A short pedigree will show more clearly how these quarterings are brought in, 



and tbe relationsbip of the different parties to one another and to the ancient 
family of Bray, Lords Braye. 

BichBrd Bray, Priyy Councillor and Physician tO^Johanna, dau. of . . . Tronghton. Buried at 
Henry YI. Buried at Worcester Cathedral. | Trinity Church, Ghiildford. 

1 2 8 

John Bray, son 

and heir. 

Sir Reginald Bray, E.G-. and a Knight 
Bannerett. Ob. s. p. 6 Aug. 1503 ; 
buried at Windsor, Berks. 


John Bray, junior, was of Stoke 
Dabemon, co. Surrey. Buried 
at Chelsea, co. Middlesex. 

I 3 


I I 

Margaret, only dau., Sir Edmund Sir Edward Braj, of Vaohery, 

niece and heir to Bray. in the parish of Cranley, co. Surrey. 

Sir Reginald Bray. Sammoned Master of the Queen's Ordinance 

Married William, as Lord 1553. Will, as of Wrotham, co. 

Lord Sandys, of the Braye, 1 529 Kent, dated 29 April, 23 Eliz. ; 

Vine, K.G., who 
ob. 1542^ 

to 1536. proved 6 June, 1581, in C. P. C, 

Ob. 1539. in which he directs to be buried at 
^ Shere, co. Surrey. 



Reginald Bray, 3rd son. 

Ann, dau. and heir of 
. . . Monington, of 
Barrington, in co. 
Gloucester and Berks. 
Atyeni o» a hend 
sable three nmlleU of 
the field. 

From whom Brays of Shere and 
Brays of Cobham, co. Surrey, 
were descended. 

I I I I I I I . 

John. Summoned Six sisters and coheirs, 
as Lord Braye, amongst whose descen- 
dants the barony remained 
in abeyance nearly 300 ! ! 
years, till terminated in 
1839 in the favour of 
Mrs. Otway Care, 
descended nrom the 
second sister. 

1545 to 1555. 
Ob. s. p. 1557. 

Edmund Bray, of Barrington, Reginald Bray, of 

a Cu)tain, son and heir. Ob. Stene, co. North- 

29 Nov. 1620, at Fifield, Oxou. ampton. 2nd son. 

Buried at Barrington. . Ob. 18 Oct. 

= 26 Eliz. 
Aenes, dau. and coheir of nf= 

Edmund Harman, of Taynton, Five daughters 

in 00. Oxon. and coheire. 
QttarterUfy per pale indented argent 
and eable, on a bend of the hut 
three martlete of the first. 


Edmund Bray, of Barrington ,=7=Dorothy, dau. of Sir John 
son and heir. Tracy, of Toddington, 

CO. Gloucester, Ent. 

I I 

Silvester Brav, 2nd son. John Brav. 

Sir Giles Bray, of Barrington, knighted at Hampton Court^Anne dau. of Richard John Bray, 

23 Dec. 1607, son and heir. Will dated 16 March, 164f 
and proved 14 May, 1641, and again 19 Nov. 1657, in C. P. C. 

Chetwode, of Wark worth. 2nd son. 
Living 14 May, 1641. 

i I 

j Giles Bray, 

' ob. infans. 

Sir Edmund Bray, of Northampton, Knt., 2nd and only^Frances, dau. and coheir 

surviving son, who inherited the Barrington estates on 
the death of his nephew. Will dated 16 March, 168f 
and 16 Jan. 168} ; proved 10 Jan. 168^, in C. P. 0. 

of Sir Wilham Ashcombe, 
of Alverscot, co. Oxon. 

From whom Brays of Barrington. 

Margaret, dau. and colieir of ^Richard Humble, of Southwark, co. Surrey,=I«abel dau. of. 

John Pierson, of Waltham 
Abbey, and sometime of 
Nazing, oo. Essex. Ist wife. 


vintner. Ob. 10 April, 1616 ; buried the 
30th at St. Saviour's, Southwark. Funeral 
certificate at the College of Arms. Will 
dated 6 April, 1616 ; proved 7 May fol- 
lowing in 0. P. C. 

Kitchenman, 2nd 
wife, by whom no 
issue. She remar- 
ried . . . HaU, a 



A 1 2 bJ 1 2 8 4 

I i '. i rn 

John Humble, Peter Humble, of GhxMehayes, in parish Elisabeth, died 23 April, Eathenne. 

died young. 

of Homcburch, Essex, son and heir. 
Died there 5 Aug. 1623 ; buried at St. 
Saviour's afsd. Funeral certificate in 
College of Arms. 

Elizabeth, only dau. of John Webster, 
of Rumford. She remarried Thomas 
Legge, of Homchui*ch, gent. 

1616, and was buried the Welthian. 

same day- as her father. 

William Ward, of 
London, goldsmith. 
Living 1616. 

All ob. B. p. 




I I I I I I 


Reginald Bray, eldest-f-Aiartha, only surviving dau. Six children, Humble Ward, son Other 

son and heir appa- 
rent, »t. 3 in 1620. 
Married ante 3 May, 

1633. Ob 1639, 


and heir of Peter Humble, 
aged 3} years old at her 
father's death in Aug. 1623. 
Inherited the manor of 
Goosehayes. Died 6 June, 
1634; Inq. 14Gar. 

all died 
young and 
vit4 patris. 


Edmund Bray, aged 22 davs old at the death of 
his mother in 1634, when he inherited her estates 
in Rasex. Living 164f , but died s. p. 

and heir, let. 2 in issue, 
1616. Created viz. two 

Baron Ward dau'rs. 

23 March, 164f . 
Ob. 14 Oct. 1670. 


Earl of Dudley, 
descendant and 
representative, 1870. 


[The followiDg extracts from the parish register of Preston, in Holderness, in 
the East Biding of Yorkshire, serve to correct and extend a pedigree of this branch 
of ** the great Yorkshire house " of Constable given in Poulson s ' Holderness,' ii. 


1565. May 29, Baphaell Constable was buried. 

15G8. Aprill 6, Balfe Constable Esquier was buried. 

157-|. March 15, Katheran Constable daugh. of michaell Esquier bapt. 

1574. June 29, Anne Couustablo daughter of Michaell gent, was bapt. 

157-|. Janua. 9, Henry Constable sonne of Michaell Esquire was baptized. 

1577. Julie 7, Baphay Constable son of Micha. gent. bapt. 

1578. Aug. 31, Willim Constable son of micha* gent. bapt. 
1578. Sept. 1, Sibell Constable was buried. 

158}. feb. 12, ffrancis Constable daugh. of michaell gent, was bapt. 

1582. June 4, Katheran Constable was buried. 

1583. May 11, katheran Constable daugh. of micha. gent, was bapt. 

1583. June 15, ffrancis Constable was burie<L 

1584. Septe. 27, Margret Constable daugh. of Michaell ge. was bapt. 
160f . Henrie son of John Constable of Lelley was bapt. februarie 6. 

1612. Novemb. 29, M' Michaell Constable Esquier was buried. 

1613. The daughter of m' henrie Constable not bapt. buried Julij 19. 

161f . Januarij 8, M^ Alice wife of m' Henrie Constable Esquier was buried. 

1614. Aprilis 14, Henrie Constable Esquier was buried. 
1618. M'^ Anne Constable gent' was buried Scptemb. 20. 
1636. Mary Cunstable buried August 26. 

1638. Elizabeth Constable Gent* woman buried September 5. 
165|. M' Michaell Counstable Buried ffeb. 11. 



Skippon Family (p. 37). — In the notice of the Skippon family introductory 
to the entries copied from the Bihle and given in the July number, it is said that 
Philip, the grandson, buried at Edwardstone in 1716, appears to have been the last 
male of the name. This is not strictly correct, for although he was undoubtedly 
the last male descendant of the Parliamentary General, there were persons who 
bore the name, and whom I believe to have been descendants of collaterals, living 
within the present century, and the name is not extinct in Norfolk even now. 

Of the immediate line to which the General belonged the following additional 
particulars may not be unacceptable : — 

William Skippon, Esq., who died at Tavistock on 1 January, 1633/4, was pos- 
sessed of an estate at Foulsham, "Wood Norton, and Bintry, in Norfolk, which, by 
his will, dated 5 August, 1631, he devised *' to Captaine Philippe Skippon, eldest 
Sonne of my brother Luke Skippon," and the heirs male of his body. Luke 
Skippon, brother of said Philip, and Francis Skippon, son of Francis Skippon de- 
ceased and testator's nephew, were in remainder. Luke Skippon, the testator's 
brother and heir at the time of his death, was sixty years old.* 

Luke Skippon, of W^est Lexham, gent., the brother, died there 20 September, 
1638 ; Philip Skippon, described as " of Foulsham, Esq.," his son and heir, being 
forty years of age.t On the same day, 20 September, 1638, probate was granted 
iio Anne Skippon, his relict, of " notes taken for the making of the last will and 
Testament of Luke Skippon of West Lexham gent,," dated 4 September, 1688, by 
the Archdeaconry Court of Norwich. In these, Philip, his son, was the principal 
devisee. He also mentions Luke Skippon, his grandchild, and his grandchildren, 
William, Luke, and Christopher Sheue. Mary, his daughter, had married Chns- 
topher Shene, Eector of Cockley Cley. 

The General's will, dated 20 February, 1659, and proved 25 October, 1660, is 
referred to by the Eev. Thomas Quarles in the * History of Foulsham.* J 

Upon this I shall be much obliged for answers to the following queries : — 

who was Dame Katherine (Phillips), his second wife ? 

Which of the daughters named in the Bible entries was Mrs. Bragge, who had 
been the widow of Colonel Eolfe ; and who were these two husbands ? 

Which other of the daughters besides Mrs. Meredith was married, and to 

On the monument in Acton Church to the memory of Mary, the first wife, 
Skippon quarters the following coats, — 2. Azure a chevron between three crosses 
pattee or ; 3. Barry of eight argent and vert, a griffin segreant or : and impales — 
Ermine three lions passant in pale gules. A knowledge of these may lead to the 
discovery of his maternal descent. 

Luke Skippon, the General's brother had been presented to the Bectorj of 
Hingham, in 1638, by Sir Thomas Wodehouse, the patron, on the erroneous sup- 
position of the death of the incumbent, who reappeared ; and in 1642 he was pre- 
sented, by the same patron, to the Eectory of Litcham, which he appears to nave 
held until 1662, during some part of which incumbency he resided in the adjoining 
parish of Mileham ; and there six children, by Elizabeth, his wife, — two sons, both 
of whom died in infancy, and four daughters, — were baptized, the first on 7 
January, 1642/3, and the last 2 November, 1650. He had the degree of D.D. con- 
ferred upon him in 1660, by Royal licence. In 1662 he was Vicar of West Braden- 
ham as well as of South Lynn. His will, wherein he is styled Eector of Wissing8ett,§ 
is dated 3 August, 1674, and was proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Norwich 

* Inq. p. ID. taken 80 December, 11 Car. X., Esc. misc. p. 22, n. 62 ; and Rot. Cur. Wood 

t Inq. p. m. taken 27 March, 15 Car. I., Eso. misc. p. 31, n. 171. 

t Published by Cundall, 1842, p. 93. 

§ His name does not appear in Blomefield*s List of Rectors, and the roisters of Whissonaett 
of that period unfortunately are not in existence. 


12 July, 1676, by Elizabeth, bis widow and relict. Frances, bis eldest daughter, 
was tben wife of Jobn Franklin, Bector of Tittlesball ; Susan, wife of " Mr. Cle- 
ment Higbam, Eector of Scalthorp ;* Jane, wife of Eoger Haineswortb, of West 
Lynn ; and bis other daughters, Mary and Anne, were also tben living, of whom both 
died unmarried. Dr. Skippon, in his will, also names *' bis noble kinsman. Sir Jobn 
Bladwell,of Kougham,*' and his nephew, Mr. Philip Skippon, of Wrectbam. The 
three married daughters all loft issue. Upon the monument of a single daughter 
in Swaffham Church, he is described as "eminent for his piety, learning, and 
loyalty." In the last named virtue a striking contrast with bis brother. 

I have many notes of persons of this family of earlier date, derived from wills, 
court rolls, ana parish registers. The prevalent baptismal names were Luke and 
Bartholomew. Bartholomew Skippon was living at East Lezbam in 1541, as in the 
same year was Thomas Skippon at Weasenham ; the latter bad a brother Luke, 
and they continued in those parishes for several generations, but I have been un- 
able at present to trace the ascending link connecting William and Philip, the first 
before mentioned, with any of them. I also find the name in several other parishes 
in Norfolk. A Luke Skippon was residing as recently as 1808 at Crimplesbam, 
where several of his children were baptized. 

Can any of your readers inform me whether William Skippon, who died in 
January, 1633/4, resided at Tavistock in any public capacity ? The family seems 
to have bad some early connection with the south of England, as another William 
Skippon, a yeoman, wno died at East Lezbam in 1578, gave legacies to the towns 
of Cnard and Cullington. 

G. A. C. 



William Booth and Elizabeth Wrigbte were maryed June 13*** 1631. 
William ffennel Esquier & Mary Booth were married January 27^** 1652. 
Martha, daughter of M^ John Booth and An bis wife was baptized November 3** 

Jobn, son of John Booth Esq., bap. Feb. 1** 1672. 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Booth Esq. (baptized) 1674. 

18 Oct. 1707 Gulielmas Booth Qener's. 

Anna Maria D' of Tbo» & Anna Maria Booth, bap. Aug. 20t»» 174.3. 

Ann, D* of Thos. A Anna Maria Booth bap. Sep. 19*»* 1744. 

Anna Maria, D' of Thos. & Anna Maria Booth bur* Feb. 6*^ 1744. 

Ann, D' of Thos. & Anna Maria Booth bur* Oct. 9^^ 1744. 

Anna Maria, D' of Thos. & Anna Maria Booth baptized March 11^ 1745. 

The Eev. Mr. Thos. Booth, Vicar, buried Dec. 6^ 1764. 

Anna Maria, relict of the Eev** Thos. Booth, Clerk buried Sep. 9^^ 1779. 


In memory of the Eev* M' Thomas Booth, 

who died Dec*" 4*^ 1764 

Aged 52 years, 


Anna Maria bis wife, daughter of the late 

John Andrews Esq' of Alford, 

who died Sep' 6^^ 1779 

Aged 66 Tears. 

• Ck>minanicated by B. W. Greenfield, Esq. 


In Memory of Mary Dymoke, widow 

of Edward Dymoke ol Wadingworth Esq'. 

She was first married to John Booth of 

Market-Eaisin Esq' who 

lieth interr'd near this Place, and was 

one of the Daughters & coheiresses of 

John Loddington of Fonaby Esq' in 

Lincolnshire, who died the 22"^ 

• of June 1740 

Aged 90 Years. 

John Booth, Esq., of Market Basen, by will, dated 15 March, 1685, and proved 
26 June, 1686, devises his lands in Killin^holme and East Halton, and the Kectory 
there, to his executor, for bringing up his younger children until his eldest son 
shall come to twenty-one years of age. He gives legacies to his second son, 
Thomas, his third son, William, and to his daughters Ann and Mary ; and makes 
Marv, his wife, executrix. 

Probably his eldest son's name was John, as by deeds of 17 and 18 of Decem- 
ber, 1710, John Booth, of Market Basen, Esq., eldest son and heir of John Booth, 
late of Market Basen aforesaid, and heretofore of Harpswell, Esq., deceased, con- 
veys to Henry Ajidrews, of Osgodby, Esq., and his heirs, a manor and lands in 

The daughter of the said Henry Andrews married a John Booth, Esq., who 
died in the lifetime of his said father-in-law, leaving three sons, Henry Booth, 
John Booth, and Thomas Booth ; and administration of the goods of the said John 
Booth, deceased, was granted on the 5th of August, 1719, to the said Henry An- 
drews, as grandfather, guardian, tutor, and curator lawfully elected and admitted 
for his said grandchildren. This appears from the will of the said Henry Andrews, 
dated December, 1727, and proved at Lincoln 9 July, 1731. 

Henry Andrews in his said wiU devises his rectory and tithes and lands in East 
Halton to his said grandson Henry Booth and his heirs^ and also devises lands in 
Killingholme to his grandsons John Booth and Thomas Booth respectively. 

The last mentioned Heniy Booth was of Thorpe Hall, co. Lmcoln, and sold 
the Halton estate to the first Lord Yarborough, and had an illegitimate son, John 
Booth, a merchant of Hull, who was living there in 1802. 

John Booth, brother of Henry Booth, lived and died at Hull, a merchant. 

Thomas Booth, the younger brother of Henry Booth, died Vicar of Market 
Basen in 1764, as is already mentioned. He and Anna Maria, his vrife, were first 

Their son John Booth was of Spilsby, co. Lincoln, and married to his second 
wife at Boston, co. Lincoln, 16 February, 1779, Elizabeth "Worley, of Boston. He 
was buried at Boston, 1st January, 1783, aged 40, and left a surviving son, Henry 
Booth, baptized at Boston 24 May, 1781, who in 1804 was a Lieutenant in the 
2nd West Yorkshire Militia. 

Margaret Hercn, 1531. 

In the Name of God Amen the xxiiij'** day of the monnytho of Septembr in 
the xxiij yere of the Beigne of King Henry the viii**> and in the yere of our Lord 
God m* v*' xxxi I margaret Heron Widowe late Wife vnto Sir John Heron Knight 
disceased while he lyved, of the parrishe of Hackney in the Countie of Midd'x 
being of hole mynde and parfett remembrannce thanks be vnto Allmighty Ood 

♦ Comnmnicated hy J. B. Daniel-Tyesen, Esq., F.S.A. 


BoToking and adnulling all other Willes and Testamentes by me the said Dame 
Margaret at anny tyme heretofore made And nowe at this present tyme in the 
presence of these wittnesses herafter named make ordeyne and declare this my 
present testament and last Will in manner and fourme following that is to say 
ffirst and principally aboue all erthly thinges I bequethe and recomend my Soule 
to Allmighty God the Father of hevyn my Creatour and Maker Saviour of all the 
worlde and to our blissid Ladye Sainte Mary the moost glorious vir^ his Mother 
and to all the glorious company of hevin my bodye to be buryed m the parrishe 
churche of Hackney beforesaid as nere to my said late husband as it conueny- 
entiy may be Item I bequethe to the high aulter in the saide parrishe churche of 
Hafaiey in recompence and satisfaction of my tithes forgotten or uecligently 
w'holden indischarge of my conscience xx' It' I will and bequethe to the repa- 
rac'ons of the said Churche of Hackney xx" Item I giue and bequeath to the 
said Churche of Hakney my gowne of tawny yelvit furrid w*^ blacke bouge to 
make a vestment or coope the makinge to be at the charge of the Parrishe. It' I 
give and bequeathe to the Parrishe Churche of Canfeeld in the Countie of Essex 
one cope to be made of a piece of tawny damask which I bought but late conteyn- 
ing vj yardes And I will that the same coope shalbe made wtorphentes and em- 
brodend of my cost and charge It' I will to the Parrishe Churche of Gelson in 
the Countie of Hertf one vestment of the price of xl" Item I gyue and bequethe 
yiij'' to a Preest for saying masse at suche tymes as he shalbe dispoased m the 
foresaid Parrishe Churche of Hackney by the space of one hole yere next after 
my deceas And I will the said Preest be chosen and appointed by S' John 
Barowe now vicar of the said churche of Hackney It' I oequethe vnto Mar- 
garet Jekyll the Wife of Maister Will'm Jekill my Kirtill of russett damaske It' 
I bequeth to my Goddaughter Vrsula Cotton my little chaine of gold w' a crosse 
of gold sett w' dyamonntes and Kubies my kirtill of redd damaske and a purfitt of 
crymsen velvit lying in the chest w' my bonnettes. It* I bequethe to my Sonne John 
Heron thelder my gowne of blacke satten furrid It'm I beq'th to Juliane iij 
yardes of clothe for a gowne It' I beaueth to my Suster Johane Dorand iiij^ vi" 
viii^ and iij yardes and halfe a yard of cloth for a gowne It' I bequeath to ... . 
the Wife of John Dorand Widdowe xx» and to Alice Dorand xx» It' to Margaret 
Bennett xx* Item I bequeath to the Parrishe Churche of Stoke Newington in 
the Countie of Middx xx" Item I giue and bequethe vnto xpofer Heron my 
Sonne myn Indenture of leas whiche I haue of High Hall It' I bequeath to John 
Heron the Yonger my Sonne my dooble chaine of gold It' I gyue and bequethe 
to Edmond Heron my Sonne a ring of gold with a turquies and also my leas of 
liowe Hall and all my termes of yeres whiche I have to come therin Also I 
giue vnto Ursula my dowghter my beades of Jacynkt and a ring of goolde w' a 
saflEre And I gyve and bequeath vnto the ymage of our blissid Ladye of Wal- 
singham a floure of golde sett with three dyamonntes a Bubye and iij peerles It' 
I TCqueath unto Margaret Heron dowghter of my Sonne John Heron at footes 
Craye a floure of gold sett with ij balisses and ij peerles And I will that my 
iiij Sonnes Edmond xpofer Henry and John the yonger shallhaue all my plate 
to be eqally deuided betwene them according to their Fathers Will Item I be- 
quethe to Margarete Beed my Gbd daughter xx^ Sterlinge Item I bequethe 
vnto Sir Bichara Bucklerst brythered preest vj" viij^ It' to my said Sonne John 
Heron the yonger my signet w' armes graven therein of goolde The residewe of 
all my goodes my debtes paid my funeralles and obsequies doon and this my present 
testament fulfilled I hooly giue and bequethe to Giles Heron my Sonne whome 
I ordeyne declare and make my soole Executour of this my present testament and 
last W ill he to dispoase for the wealthe of roj Soule and all xpen soules as God 
shall put in his mynde and as my special trust is that he will Prouided alway that 
my debtes be truely paid and my said late husbandes legacies perfourmed whiche 
at this present time be to perfourme and not before doon And of this my said 
testament and last Will I ordeyne and make the said John Barowe now Vycar of 
Hackney mjrn Supervisour ana Ouerseer of this my said Testament to se that it 
be trewjy execut^ and p'fourmed according to my mynde and to him I resferre 


eu'iy double therein if anny be to be by him declared And I giue to hym for hi« 
paynes in that behalfe to be bad xl' S' In Wittnesa wherof to tfaie my present 
testament and last Will I baue sett my aeale the day and yere abouravhenid in 
the presence of Sir £ot>ert Norfoike preeat Bobert Straunge Toman and the abone 
uamyd S^ John Barrowe preeeto Witneeees vnto the premiaseB called and epeeially 
requiryed by me the abouesaid Same Margarete Heron. 
Proved 23 October 1532 by Giles Heron, Eiecutor. 

The arms of Thomas Heron, carved on stone and placed between the arches 
of the nave of the old church, Hackney. 

LA.WSKNCS AND "Washikotoii (p. 46). — " B. G. L." will find in the ' Gentle- 
man's Magazine ' (1815-16 and 1829) a series of papers on various families named 
" Lawrence," by my kiusman, the late James Lawrence, author of ' The Nobility of 
the British Gentry.' 

In these exhaustive — or nearly so — papers (albeit full of errors) occurs a match 
between a Lawrence of Ashton Hall and a Washington of Washington, both in co. 

The late G(eo. Lawrence, of Cowerfield, Wilts, was not of a Wiltshire family, but, 
like the author in question, was descended from John Lawrence,* of Jamaica, son 
of Henry Lawrence, President of the Council of State under the Protectorate. 

The whole of these latter genealogical matters will be found in the Lawrence 
wills, recorded in the Lyon Office, Edinburgh, etc. J. H. L.-A. 

Lavbxscb and WABHnraToir (p. 46).— At the Malmeebury Meeting of the 
Wiltshire Arcbteological Society in August. 1862, the following appears in the List 
of Articles exhibited at the Temporary Museum :— 

" By the Bev. W. Chambers, Garsdon (since deceased), — Slab, bearing an in- 
scription to Sir Lawrence Washington, Knt., Chief Hegister of the Chancery, who 
died in 1643, aged 64, from Garsdon Church. Sir Lawrence was the purchaser of 
the manor of Garsdon from the Moody family. Also three shields with the arms of 
Washington." See Aubrey's ' Wilts Collections,' edited by the Bev. J. E. Jackson, 
p. 242. 

It is presumed the present Bector of Garsdon can furnish all the information 
required oy your correspondent. The Bev. T. A. Metbuen (Bector at the publics* 
tion of the last ' Clergy List ') is also deceased. B. Wiltom. 

• Also anoMtor of Lords Abinger slid Csmpbsll, Sir A. J. Ltwrenoe, E.C.B., etc. The ai 
tht pspen r«(envd to is a good geDsral guide, but not & faiths gentalogiat, for on in eisi 
a of tha I^wreiice wills it wiU b« wen that he aometime* entirdj suppreased senior lines to make 




The Pedigree of Sir Christopher Hales of Lincoln Baronet shewing his Lineal 
descent from Sir John Hales of Hales Place alias White Friers Coventry in the 
County of Warwick who was created a Baronet by Letters Patent under the Great 
Seal of Great Britain bearing date 16^»» August 1660 12 Carolus IP- 
Nicholas Hales of Hales Place in^ 
Halden in the CouDtj of Kent. 

Sir Bobert Hales Knight, Prior 
of S* John of Jenisalem and 
Treasurer of England. 

Sir Nicholas Hales Knight 
Brother and Heir of Sir 

Thomas Hales of Hales Place aforesaid.=r 


John Hales of Hales Place 
aforesaid son & heir mar- 
ried and left Issue. 


Thomas Hales 
second son. 



Henry Hales 3«> ^ 
son married and 
left Issue. 


James Hales. 


John Hales Alderman of the Citjr of Canterbury 1512.: 

Thomas Hales of Halden aforesaid.^ 


Thomas Hales of Halden aforesaid=p. . . daughter of . . . Trefroy of . . . 

Died at Canterbury. 

in the County of CornwalL 

John Hales eldest son died 
without issue. 

John Hales Esq. Clerk of 
the Hanaper temp. 
Hen. VIII. 4»* son died 
s. p. 5 Jan. 1572 k was 
buried in the Church of S' 
Peter le Poor in the City 
of London. Will dated 
the same day. 

Sir Christopher Hales Bartholomew Hales 

of CoTcntry in the of Smithfield in tlie 

County of Warwick County of Warwick 

Kn* 2"* son. Esquire 8<* son. 

Mary daughter of 
Thomas Lucy of 
Charlecote In the 
County of Warwick 

Mary da. & sole heir 
of George Harper of 
... in the County 
of Kent. 


Stephen Hales of New 
land in the County of 
Kent Esquire 5*^ son. 

Amy da. of Sir 
Bichard Moreson in 
the County of Bucks 

John Hales of White Friers in Coventry innpFriswid da. of Anthony 

the County of Warwick Esquire son & 
heir, and also heir to his Uncle John, 
Clerk of the Hanaper. 


John Hales 
eldest son. 

Faunt of Foston in the 
County of Leicester. 

Lucy married to Edmund 
Taremer of Somdis in 
the County of Oxford. 


Hales 2 son. 

Cliristopher Hales of White Friers Jane eldest Mary 
aforesaid Esquire. daughter. 2** daughter. 

Sir John Hales of Hales Place alias White Friers in^Anne da. of . . . Johnson 

CoTentry aforesaid Knt. Created a Baronot 16 
August 1G60 12 Car. II. Died in the parish of S' 
Dunstans in the West London & buried in S* MichaeUs 
Church Corentry. Adm'on 16 Oct. 1677. De 
bonis non &c. 13 May 1713 to Edwd. Hales the son. 


Esq. Alderman of the 
City of London. Will 
dated 14 June 1710 
proTcd 16 April 1713. 

. . . Hales 2"* 
son a Turkey 
in London. 

. . . Hales 3"* 
son of Lincoln. 

Communicated by Richard Woof, Esq., F.S.A., F.B.S.L., etc. 





Sir Christopher Hales Sir Edward Hales of Coyentrj Baronet Dorothy eldest ... 2°*' daught* r 

Baronet, eldest son 
Bepresentative in 
Parliament for the 
City of Coventry, 
died unm. 7 January 
1716/7. WiU dated 
21 Sept. 1716 
proved 3 Dec. 1717. 


Sir Christopher Hales of Lincoln 
Baronet, son and heir* married 
Sept. 1786 died 8 May 1776 buried 
at Hammersmith in the County 
of Middlesex. 

Harrison da. of Colonel Benjamin 
Columbine of Morley in the 
County of Antrim & Xingdom of 
Ireland Esq. by Mary his wife 
who married 2*^^ Sir Cecil Wray 
of Braunstone co. Linooln, died at 
Hammenmith & was there buried. 

2"<* son procured an Act of Pariiament 
for the sale of Hales Place alias White 
Friers aforesaid died in September 1720 
and was buried in S* Martins Church 
London. Will dated 6 Sept. 1720 
proved 19*^ of same month. 

Elisabeth da. of . . . Thorpe of S< 
Martin's in the Fields in the Coanty of 
Middlesex Esquire died at Linooln 
a" 1765 & was tliere buried. 


daughter mar- married . 
ried to Michael Eyre of the 

Butter of 
Burton on the 
Hill in the 
County of 

Town of Lincoln. 

Anne 3"* daugh- 
ter married John 
Parker of Hen- 
ley in the 
County of War- 
wick Oent. 
1716 & 1720. 


Edward Hales of John Hales Ajine eld* da. bom at Lin- 

Lincoln Esq. 
2 son. died at 
Linooln circa 
1748 s. p. 

Susannah da. of 
Charles Bertie 
of UfBngton oo. 
Lincoln Esq. 
married in Jan' 
I78f , died at 
Lincoln & was 
there buried. 

of Lincoln coin man*, to Christopher 
Esq. 8 son. Taylor of London grocer, 

lost at 

natural son of Sir CecU 
Wray Bart, bur' at Clerken- 
well Church co. Middx. 

Catherine 2^ da. bom at 
Lincoln ob. unm. & was 
there bur**. 

Elizabeth 3<i da. bora at 
Lincoln about 1718 ob. unm. 
& was there bur^. 

Christopher Hales 
eld* son a Captain 
in the Army ; 
bom at Linooln. 
died unm. in life- 
time of his Father 
in the Highlands 
of Scotland 
bur' there. 

Sir John Hales of Lincoln Bart. 
2' but only surv' son. bom at 
Hackthom co. Lincoln, died 23 
Feb. 1802 & was bur' at Fulham 
CO. Middx. 

Anne only child & heir of John 
Scott of North End in parish of 
Fulham co. Middx. Esq. marr' at 
S* George Hanover Square in the 
said County 9 May 1777 died 25 
Sept. 1799 & was buried at Fulham. 

1 1 1 

Mai^aret eld* da. 
bom at Hack- 
thom aforesaid 
died an infant & 
was there buried. 

2 sons bom at 
Hackthom afore- 
said died Infants. 


Mary 2' da. bom at 
Lincoln marr. at 
Hammersmitli afores' 
3 Oct. 1765 to the 
Bev' Anthony Noune 
Sanderson Bectorof 
Newton Longueville 
CO. Bucks. He died 
Jan. 1795, & was 
bur' at Newton 
Longueville she 
Uving 1805.1 

Sir John Scott Hales 
Bart, bom at Ham- 
mersmith 17 Nov. 1779 
bapt. there, was an 
officer in the 90*>> Beg* 
of Foot, died at Lislwn 
unm. 22 Feb. 1803 & 
was there buried. 

Sir Samuel Hales Bart, 
a Lieut, in the Royal 
Navy bom at Ham- 
mersm*»» 10 Oct. 1782 
bapt. there, died there 
unm. 2 Jan. 1805 
bur^ at Fulham. 

Sir diristopher Hales 
of Lincoln Baronet 
3 but only surviving 
son &, heir bom at 
Cullam CO. Oxford 24 
Aug. 1785 bapt. there 
living uiun. 1805.' 

Thomas Hales 4 & 
youngest son bom at 
Parsons Green, Fulham 
13 Dec. 1794 died nn 
infant bur' at Fulham. 


Maty Anne bom at Harriott 3 da. bora at 

Hammersmith 16 Cullam 1 M'^ 1784 

May 1778 bapt. there bapt. there, living 

living unm. 1805.^ unm. 1805.' 

Elizabeth bom at 
Cullum 26 Deo. 1780 
bapt. there marrd 
at Hammersmith 
AprU 1805 to 
Fletcher Wilkie Esq. 
Capt. in 38 Reg* 
of Foot both living 

Ctit'herine born at 
Butlers Green co. 
Sussex 7 Dec. 1787 
died at Hammersmith 
7 May 1804 hur^ there. 

Sophia bom at Butlers 
Green 19 Oct. 1789 
bapt. there living 1805.^ 

Extracted from the Records of the College of Arms 
London & examined therewith this 22 day of August 

Jaxxs Cathbow, Rouge Dragon 
Pursuivant of Arms. 



* The Bar. A N. Sanderson was the son of Anthony and Elizabeth Sanderson, and was baptised 
at Hammersmith, 12 September, 1730. He had issue by his wife, Mary, fire sons and two 
(laughters. Only one of the sons left male issue, namely, Edward (see *), who was baptized at 
Newton Longaeville in 1773. Mary, the widow of the Rev. A. N. Sanderson, died at Rose Place, 
Claines, co. Worcester, on the 6th. January, 1881, aged 84. 

^ Died unmarried, at Lisbon, before 1812. 

' Died unmarried, at Cheltenham, 4 March, 1861 s buried at St. Peter's Church there. 

* Captain (afterwards Lieut.- Colonel) Wilkie and his wife both died at Bath Easton, near Bath, 
and were buried there. Their only son, Captain Edward Charles Hales Wilkie, late of the Ist 
Dragoon Guards, married Misa Elizabeth Wood, of Chiselhurst, Kent, and has issue, Mwor Hales 
Wi^e, 29th Regiment, the Rer. Christopher Wilkie, Kenyon Wood Wilkie, barrister-at-Uw, Cap- 
tain Edward Hales Wilkie, Ramsgate Yolunteers, and two daughters, Maiy and Elizabeth. 

* Harriott married (at St. Geoige's, Hano7er Square) her cousin Edward Sanderson (see ^), of 
Rose Place, Claines, oo. Worcester, Captain in the 8rd Regiment, and a magistrate for Worcester- 
shire. He died 4 March, 1849, and she died 13 June, 1862, both buried at Claines. They liad 
iMue^ — 

1. Harriet Hales, liTing at Cheltenham, unmarried. 

2. Catherine Elizabeth Sophia, died young. 

3. Edward Scott, living at Claines, co. Worcester, unmarried. 

4. John, Captain, R.N., married, in 1857, at Leamington, Alice, dauffhter of George Wood- 

roife Franklin, Esq., M.P. ; died 27 June, 1859, in command of H.M.S. Archer, off 
the West Coast of Africa $ buried at Loango. No issue. 

5. Henry, died unmarried at Cheltenham, 31 December, 1863 ; buried at St Peter's Church 


6. Frederick, living in London, unmarried. 

7. William, Captam, Somersetahire Yolonteers, married (in 1846 at Goodrich) Mary Ann, 

daughter of John Preece, Esq^ and has issue, Emma Hales, William (merchant in 
Trinidad), and Edward John (Koyal Kavy). 

8. Arthur, died unmarried, at Melbourne, Australia, June, 1856. 

9. George Septimus, merchant, Brixton, Surrey, married Frances Ward, daughter of John 

Monkton, Ksq.« son of Rear- Admiral Monkton, and has issue five children, Francis 
George, Alfred John, Mary Edith, Harry Slade, and Ada. 

10. OctavuB Hales, living at Claines, co. Worcester. 

11. Mary Ann Hales, living at same place, unmarried. 

12. Fanny, living at same place, unmarried. 

13. Adelude, died young. 

* Sophia, married Captain (afterwards Colonel) Charles Lewis Phipps (Queen's Bays), of Dilton 
Court, Westbury, Wilts. They died without issue, and are both buried at Dilton Church. 

TlfeB Sanderson family claim descent from the Saundersons of Yorkshire and Notts, of whom a 
pedigree is giyen in Thoroton's ' Antiquities of Notts,' p. 474 ; of this fiunily was Robert Saunder- 
9on, Bishop of Lincoln, and the Saundersons, Viscounts Caatleton. James, the sixth Viscount, was 
created a Peer of England in 1714 as Baron Saunderson of Saxby, and was advanced to the Earl- 
dom of Caatleton in 1720. Upon his death, s. p., in 1723, all the honours became extinct, and he 
bequeathed his large estate to his cousin (on hia mother's side), the Earl (third) of Scarborough, 
who thereupon, by Act of Parliament, assumed the additional surname of Saunderson. 

The arms borne by the late Captain Sanderson and by his father and grand&ther are, — Palv of 
six argent and azure a bend sable. Crests : — 1, A hound passant argent, armed and langued gules ; 
and 2, A palm-tree, from the branches on either side pendant a hawk's lure. 

Names of Places (p. 12). — The term "Langdon Hill " is a pleonasm, Lang- 
don being=" long hill *' (lanq-dun). Chad well was named from St. Chad (Cedda), 
'I'ilburj probably means the fortification on the river Till : conf. Tilburg, a town of 
the Netherlands ; Tilbrook, Beds ; Till, a river of Northumberland, f . q. the Sill, 
t. e. Ill with a sibilant prefixed, from the Welsh //»', a stream. Grays and Thur- 
rock were doubtless named from the respective owners: the former name is 
probably derived from Gray, in France, dep. Sa6ne ; the latter would seem 
to be an augmentative of a surname, Torr or Thor. The name Aveley is from 
a proper name, Alvid, Alfmth, and Saxon leag, a pasture, meadow. The first 
part of the name Homdon is probably a corruption ; it may have the following 
meanings, thorn, tower, water, heron, Ockendon signifies the oak (ac-dun) ; 
Bainham, the dwelling on the Bain, perhaps the ancient name of a neighbouring 
stream, from ran, ren, rin, run, found in fluvial names, and = water, stream ; com. 
the Khine, the Beno, fiume principale del Bolognese. Mucking may mean a 


" great meadow." Stanford-le-Hope was named from a stone or paved ford, and 
the old Norsk hop, 6p, a recess (the bay formed by the winding of the Thames is 
called by seamen the " Hope "). Wennington might translate the " marsh town " 
(conf. tne Cornish win-nickf a marsh), or it may be from yicyii (Welsh, id.)^ 
" white." There is a Wennington, cos. Lancaster and Hunts ; and Winninc^ton, cos. 
Chester and Stafford. Bulphan, or Bulfan, might possibly translate " bulrs-fen ;" 
Stifford, "steep-ford"; but I am disposed to consider it another form of Stafford, 
which I take to be from sfead-fardj the ford of the place (A. S. steeUt-ford). The first 
syllable in Fobbing (Domesday Phohinge) is doubtful. In the time of Edward the 
Confessor, Corringham is said to hare belonged to one Sigar, and was, perhaps, 
originally Sigarham, afterwards Scigarnham, and finally corrupted to Curringham 
and Corringham ; Corringham is, however, the name of a place in Lincolnshire. 
The last syllable of Orsett may be from sett, a place, and the first syllable from or 
= water; or it would corrupt from Horseheath. Horseheath, in Cambridgeshire, 
is commonly pronounced Horsett. It. S. Cuaknock. 

Oray'9 Inn Square. 

Abchbold. — The arms of Bichard Archbold, of the Middle Temple, Esq. (third 
son of Edward Archbold, of the College of Worcester), who entered his pedigree 
in the Visitation of London in 1634, having then two sons living, were, — ^Argent 
a lion rampant between six fleurs-de-lis sable. 

Argent sem^e of fleurs-de-lis, a lion rampant sable, is the coat of William 
Archbold, D.D., sometime Vicar of St. Peter's, Comhill, London, whose son, Henry 
Archbold, also entered his pedigree in the above-named Visitation. Jane, widow 
of Dr. Archbold, and daugnter of William Billingsley, of Stepney, co. Middlesex, 
gent., died January, 1635, her funeral being recorded in the College of Arms. 

G-. E. Adams, Lancaster, 

Abms. — On a cup in my possession are the following arms, to whom did it belong ? 
Per pale or and azure, on a fess between three greyhounds courant counterchanged 
a fleur-de-lis between two lozenges gules, impaling azure a chevron or between 
three hedgehogs of the last. Crest : On a wreath or and azure an arm embowed 
or holding a stork, wings expanded proper. Motto : '* Virtus semper viridis." 


CHA.VA8SE. — Can any correspondent give the arms of this family ? The foun- 
der in England, Claude Chavasse, is believed to have come from Dauphine. 

R Woof, F.S.A. 

OnUdhall, WoreeHer, 

Leioh of Bttshall. — ^A pedigree of this family, with several additions in 
MS., will be found in the copy of Shaw's * History of Staffordshiro ' in the British 
Museum, pross-mark 1854 b. This family, which was the elder line of the Lords 
Leigh of Stoneleigh, is now, I believe, quite extinct. Lewis Leigh had issue, 
according to Shaw, Edward and Bichard. This Kichard married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of John Clark, of Newark, co. Notts, and had issue Eichard (miscalled William 
by Shaw), who married Ann, daughter of Josiah Jarvis, of Atherstone, co. War- 
wick, by whom he had the Eev. William Leigh, Eector of Pulham, co. Norfolk, 
and Frances, wife of William Gray, by whom she had an only son, William, who 
died 8. p. The Rev. Wm. Leigh married Mary, daughter of . . . Proud, and died 
8. p., 11 of April, 1858, and was buried at Pulham, St. Mary. 

A. Leigh. 

Bath, Price Cantlow. — Prior from 1489-1499. Archbishop Morton visited 
Bath in his time. He restored St. Catherine's and St. Mary Magdalene's Chapel, 
near Bath. Can any one tell me more about him ? W. S. S. 



It has long been a problem to those who have studied the genealogy of Arch- 
bishop Cranmer, whether the Cranmers of Warwickshire can be descended from 
the Cranmers of Aslacton, in Nottinghamshire. The name constantly occnrs in 
the registers of Tanworth, and of the adjoining parishes in the rural deanery of Al- 
cester from 1626, but thei*e is no clue to their earlier history, although the registers 
of Tanworth are said to begin in 1558. It is, at least, a curious coincidence that 
Samuel Cranmer, Alderman of London, who died in 1040, seised of the manor of 
Upper Itchington in Warwickshire, and whom we know to have been descended 
from the Archbishop's eldest brother, is said on his monument at Astwood Bury 
(Bucks) to have been bom at Alcester about 1575. The Alderman was an only 
SOD, and his father John Cranmer was bom and bred at Aslacton, so that it is 
difficult to connect him with the Warwickshire family : still the fact remains, that 
his &ther was living at Alcester in 1575, and that there were families of the' same 
name in the same district fifby years later. The following extracts supply materials 
for a pedigree of the Cranmers of Warwickshire, and will, I hope, induce some 
local antiquary with greater knowledge and opportunities to pursue this interesting 

£:(T]UCTS fuou Tn£ Fabish Seoistebs of Tanwobtu, neab Hexlet- 

ix-Abdeit, Co. Wabwick. 


1628. July 16, W" son of Bob* Cranmer. 

1628. September 6, Thos. son of same. 

1631. November 27, Bob* son of same. 

1633-4. February 9, John son of same. 

1636. December 31, Edward son of Bob* Cranmer & Dorothy his wife. 

1639. July 14, Mary dau. of same. 

1655. May 25, Dorothy dau. of Thos. Cranmer & Mary was born. 

1657. September 24, John son of Bob* Cranmer Jun^ & Margaret was bom. 

1659. September 29, Mary dau. of same was bom. 

1663. September 27, Mary dau. of John Cranmer & Anne his wife. 

1681. June 19, Mary dau. of John Cranmer. 

1685. September 26, Bob* son of same. 

1691. June 29, Eliz*^ dau. of same. 

1694. May 13, John son of same. 

1696. May 22, Edward son of W« Cranmer. 

1697. May 28, W» son of John Cranmer. 

1698. March 31, Mary dau. of W~ Cranmer. 
1698. September 25, Joyce dau. of John Cranmer. 
1700. August 2, Mary dau. of John & Joyce Cranmer. 

October 12, Humphry son of John & . . . Cranmer. 
1700. December 2, W» son of W"» & Eliz*»> Cranmer. 
1701-2. January 20, Catherine dau. of Edw. & Eliz"" Cranmer. 

1703. September 21, . . . of W" & Eliz*^ Cranmer. 

1703-4. rebruory 6, Thos. & Edw. sons of John & Anno Cranmer. 

1704. July 21, Hester dau. of Joyce Cranmer. 

1706. May 19 [?], Anne dau. of John & Anne Cranmer. 

June 23 [?], Margaret dau. of Edw. & Eliz*** Cranmer. 
1707-^. Febmary 9, John son of Edw. & Eliz"» Cranmer. 

March 14, Bob* son of Edw. & Eliz*^ Cranmer. 
1708-9. February 6, John son of Thos. & . . . Cranmer bur. 19 Feb. 
1709-10. January 14, Thos. son of Thos. & . . . Cranmer of Woodend. 
1710. November 6, Abigail dau. of Edw. & Eliz**» Cranmer of ye Moatehouse. 

* Communicated bv B. £. Choater Waters, Esq., of Upton Park, Dorset. 

U 2 


713. June 13, Edw. son of Thos. & . . . Cranmer. 

715. September 25, Mary dau. of Edw. & Eliz*^ Cranmer. 

716. August 28, Bob* Bon of Thos. & Sarah Cranmer. 
718. October 22, Abigail dau. of same. 

720. October 9, Edw. son of Edw. & Eliz*** Cranmer. 
720-1. January 24, Margaret dau. of Thos. & Sarah Cranmer* 

721. September 24, Eliz. natural dau. of Eliz. Cranmer. 
722* March 26, Eliz. natural dau. of Mary^ Cranmer. 
727, October 11, Eliz. dau. of Edw. & Ehz. Cranmer. 
731. May S, Mary dau. of same. 
733. June 17, Hanna dau. of same. 
736. October 11, John son of Bob* & Eliz. Cranmer. 
736-7. January 26, Eliz. dau. of same. 
736-7. January 31, John son of Thos. & Susanna Cranmer. 
738. November 10, Maiy dau. of same. 
738-9. January 2, Eob' son of Bob* & Eliz*** Cranmer. 

740. July 19, Edw. son of Edw. & Catherine Cranmer. 

741. May 20, Edw. son of Thos. & Susanna Cranmer. 
743. April 10, Thos. son of same. 

743-4. January 18, Mary dau. of Bob^ & Mar^ Cranmer. 
744-5. February 12, Samuel son of Bob' & Ehz*^ Cranmer. 
744-5. March 24, Biob* son of Thos. & Susanna Cranmer. 
745. November 10, Mary bastard dau. of Catherine Cranmer. 
748. December 30, BetW dau. of same. 
752. December 5, Dinah bastard dau. of same. 
754. September 18, Mary dau. of John & Susanna Cranmer. 

756. February 10, Anne bastard dau. of same. 

757. July 3, Eliz*^ bastard dau. of same. 

757. November 26, Susanna dau. of Bob^ & Susanna Cranmer. 

758. February 10, Sarah dau. of Edw. & Eliz. Cranmer. 
761. July 23, Edw. son of same. 

764. JanuaiT 25, Eliz. dau. of same. 

765. May 12, Thos. son of Bob* & Hannah Cranmer. 

766. December 29, Hannah dau. of Edw. & Eliz. Cranmer. 
769. July 3, Nancy dau. of same. 

772. December 26, Mary dau. of same. 

773. November 22, Sam* son of Bob' &, Mary Cranmer. 
776. March 17, Thos. son of Anne Cranmer. 
776. September 8, Mary dau. of Eliz. Cranmer. 

781. Majr 15, Edw. son of Dinah Cranmer. 

782. April 14, Mm^ dau. of Bich* & Mary Cranmer. 
789. February 7, Edw. son of Anne Cranmer Bur. 21 Mch. 


655. November 4, Bob* Cranmer Jun' Husbandman and Margaret Bonnet Sp=^. 

665. July 2, Edw. Cranmer & Joyce Brooks. 

693. May 2, John Smith & Margaret Cranmer. 

693. May 9, W"» Terry & Mary Cranmer. 

697-8. March 8, Edw. Cranmer & Eliz. Boss. 

705. April 10, Edw. Cranmer & Mary Smith. 

719-20. February 25, Edw. Cranmer & Eliz. Wilde. 

722. October 4, Edw. Court & Mary Cranmer. 
722. October 7, Henry Cowper & Morj Cranmer. 
724. April 7, Henry Bate & Mary Cranmer. 
725-6. January 3, J ohn Whitefoote & Sarah Cranmer, 
730. October 1, Balph Mace & Eliz. Cranmer. 
736. April 25, Thos. Cranmer & Susanna Whately. 
736. May 9, John Benet & Eliz. Cranmer. 


1741. July 14, Bob* Cranmer & Mary "Watton. 
1757. April 10, Jas. Green & Sarah Cranmer, Sp'. 

1761. October 14, Thos. Tandy of Stratford on Avon & Mary Cranmer, Sp'. 

1762. January 6, Thos. Wilson & Mary Cranmer Sp'. 

1761. April 25, Christo^er Court & Catherine Cranmer widow. 
1765. April 24, Joseph Badford & Eliz. Cranmer, Sp'. 
1773. Siuurch 5, Bob' Cranmer & Marry Terry. 
1778. December 28, Bob* Knight & Anne Cranmer. 

1781. December 31, John Dannel & Susanna Cranmer. 

1782. December 27^ Thos. Hawks & Eliz. Cranmer. 


1673. April 16, Mary wife of Thos. Cranmer. 

1675. December 16, Bob* Cranmer. 

1684. October 31, Dorothy Cranmer, widow. 

1700. November 16, John Cranmer. 

1700. December 5, Joyce wife of Edw. Cranmer. 

1708. May 27, Edw. Cranmer. 

1713. May 14, Edw. Cranmer. 

1715. December 6, Joane wife of Thos. Cranmer. 

1716. April 19, Bob* Cranmer. 
1716. August 15, Thos. Cranmer. 

1723. Noyember 12, Margaret dau. of widow Cranmer. 
1723-4. January 14, Mary wife of Edw. Cranmer. 
1729. March 31, Bob' Cranmer. 
1729. June 7, Edw. Cranmer. 
1731. Aug. 29, William Cranmer. 
1733. September 6, Hanna Cranmer. 

1742. July 24, Eliz. Cranmer. 
1746. April 21, Thos. Cranmer. 

1746. September 20, Sarah Cranmer, widow. 
1746-7. January 12, Mary Cranmer. 
1749. September 12, John Cranmer. 
1751. October 3, Eliz. Cranmer. 
1756. March 23, John Cranmer. 
1765. February 16, Bob* Cranmer. 
1772. April 10, Edw. Cranmer. 
1776. May 15, Edw. Cranmer. 
1776. October 2, Eliz. Cranmer. 

1778. April 19, Bob* Cranmere. 

1779. December 16, Eliz. Cranmere. 

1783. June 8, Widow of Edw. Cranmer late of Woodend. 

1784. December 5, Thos. Cranmere, an infant. 

1785. July 6, Edw. Cranmere, pauper. 

1786. August 25, Mary Cranmere, widow, pauper. 
1791. June 29, Hannan Cranmere, widow. 



1670, October 30, William son of Humphrey Cranmer and Margaret his wife of 


1671. May 15, Thomas son of Thomas Cranmer and Anne his wife. 
1672-3. March 18, Dorothy da. of Humfrey Cranmer and Margaret his wife. 
1674. Humfray the son of Humfrey Cranmer was baptised the last day of may . 

[This entry is dubious and almost illegible.] 
1674. August 25, Samuel son of Thomas and Anne Cranmer. 


1676. April 22, Eobert eon of Humfry Cranmer and ... his wife. 

1679. December 2, Thomas son of Thomas Cranmer and Anne his wife. 

1683. June 19, Catherine and Anna twin daughters of Thomas Cranmer and Anne 

his wife. 
1683. July 7, Joyse the daughter of Humfrey Cranmer and ... his wife. 
1685. April 4, Elizabeth the daughter of Humfrey Cranmer. 
1689. July 9, John the son of Humfrey Cranmer and Margaret his wife. 
1715. February 7, Mary the da. of Humphry and Mary Cranmer« 
1732. August 20, Elizabeth the da. of Humphry and Ann Cranmer. 

1734. December 14, William son of Humfrey and Ann Cranmer. 

1735. January 31, John the son of Humfrey and Ann Cranmer. 
1737. December . . . Thomas son of Bichard and Catherine Cranmer. 
1737-8. February 24, William son of Thomas and Mary Cranmer. 
1761. June 20, Sarah da. of Thomas and Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1763. February 11, Mary the da. of Thomas and Elizabeth Cranmer was bom (by 

her fathers account) on Feb. 11, 1763. [Thus entered.] 

1764. April 1, Elizabeth da. of William and Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1765. August 15, William son of William and Elizabeth Cranmer. 
1767. May 17, John son of William and Elizabeth Cxanmer. 

1769. January 29, Thomas son of William and Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1770. April 14, Elizabeth da. of Thomas and Elizabeth Cranmer was bom (by her 

Fathers account). [Thus entered.] 

1771. November 17, Anne da. of William and Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1772. December 12, Thomas the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cranmer was bom 

(by his Fathers account). [Thus entered.] 

1773. July 4, Mary da. of John and Ann Cranmer. 
1775. Febmary 21, Ann da. of John and Ann Cranmer. 

1775. May 30, Catherine the da. of Thomas and Elizabeth Cranmer was bom (by 

ner Fathers account). [Thus entered.] 
1781. December 11, Thomas son of John and Ann Cranmer. 
1794. December 31, Mary da. of Ann Cranmer. 
1797. June 18, Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cranmer. 


1702. April 23, Humphrey Cranmer and Mafy Smith. 

1727. Febmary 1, Joseph Woodhouse and Mary Cranmer. 
1730. November 6, Humphrey Cranmer and Anne White. 
1745. May 5, Humphrey Cranmer and Sarah Woodcock. 
1751. October 27, John Williams and Ann Cranmer. 
1754. January 29, Edward Cranmer and Elizabeth Glover. 
1759. December 31, Charles Horton and Sarah Cranmer. 
1761. October 27, William Cranmer and Elizabeth Butcher. 
1779. Febmary 15, Kobert Daffom and Elizabeth Cranmer. 
1788. March 18, Joseph Bishop and Sarah Cranmer. 
1793. January 28, John Horton and Elizabeth Cranmer. 


1671-2. Pebruarv 12, Thomas son of Thomas Cranmer. 

1681-2. March 7, Thomas son of Thomas Cranmer. 

1685. March 25, William son of Thomas Cranmer. 

1685. November 2, Anna the daughter of Thomas Cranmer. 

1689. November 28, Catherine the da. of Thomas Cranmer and Anne his wife* 

1702. March 6, Margaret wife of Humphry Cranmer. 

1707. June 5, William Cranmer of Tanworthi 

1714. August 29, Humphry Cranmer. 

1723, May 3, Mary da. of Humphry Cranmer. 

1728. August 20, Humphrey Cranmer. 

1735. October 20, John the son of Kobert Ci^anmer of Tanworth. 


1737. February 24, Amy da. of Thomas and Mary Cranmer. 
1740. May 8, Humfrey Cranmer. 

1750. May 13, Eobert Cranmer. 

1751. Novembcir 5, Mary Cranmer. 
1763. August 2, MskTv Cranmer. 
1765. December 23, Mary Cranmer. 

1768. April 6, Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1769. February 2, William Cranmer. 

1770. April 21, Thomas Cranmer. 
1772. February 9, Thomas Cranmer. 
1775. July 25, Ann Cranmer. 

1777. May 27, William Cranmer. 

1782. July 3, Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1783. June 15, Eichard Cranmer. 
1785. November 20, Thomas Cranmer. 

1791. July 3, Sarah Cranmer. 

1792. February 22, Gteorge Cranmer. 

1793. May 18, William Cranmer. 

1795. June 29, Elizabeth Cranmer. 

1796. October 1, Susannah Cranmer. 
1805. January 25, James Cranmer. 
1805. April 28, Mary Cranmer. 

1809. April 1, Samuel Cranmer from Tanworth. 
1821. February 10, Elizabeth Cranmer, Nuthurst, aged 85. 
1821. December 21; William Cranmer, Nuthurst, aged 88. 
1823. July 2, Thomas Cranmer, Lapworth, aged 85. 
1825. June 19, Eichard Cranmer, Lapworth, aged 26. 
1830. August 29, Sarah Cranmer, Lapworth, aged 33. 
1834. November 15, Robert Cranmer, Lapworth, aged 96. 
1842. September 9, Samuel Cranmer, Lapworth, aged 69. 
1842. October 25, Elizabeth Cranmer, Lapworth, aged 72. 


1702. June 9, Rob* son of Humphrey & . . . Cranmer, Bapt. 
1708-9. January 16, Rob* son of Humphrey Cranmer, Bapt. 

Pbeston Baoot. 
1737. April 3, W" son of W°> & Eliz. Cranmer, Bapt. 


1768. July 3, Anne dau. of W°* & Eliz. Cranmer, Bapt. 
1771. July 16, Mary dau. of same, Bapt. — Bur. Aug. 26. 
1775. December 7, Mary of same, Bapt. 
1780. April 10, Eliz. wife of W" Cranmer, Bur. 

1789. IMLarch 17, W son of W" & Mary Cranmer, Bapt. 

1790. August 28, Mary wife of W" Cranmer bur. 

1792. February 5, Eliz. dau. of John & Eliz. Cranmer, Bapt. 
1798. December 3, John Brittain & Mary Cranmere, Marr. 


1665-6. February 11, Thos. son of Rob* Cranmer & Margaret, Bapt. 
1670. June 20, Humphrey son of same, Bapt. — Bur. 11 Jan. 1675-0. 
1674-5. January 29, Thos. Cranmer of Nuthurst & Joane Court of Tanwortlij 
married with licence ffom the Commissary of the Peculiar of Knowle. 




No. L 
Communicated hy Edward J. Sojgey Ssq, 


Barthobmew Baron or Barnes of London, Mercer. Held Aldborough Hatcli and^F 
other estates in the parish of Barking, Co. Essex : died in Angost 1648. 

I 1st wife. I I I 

Thomas Barnes of Aldborongh Hateh,^Anne dan. of Alice married at BarChoUmew Barna of 

and of London Qent. t 28 years old in 
1548 : had arms and crest granted 
January 19 1672, as Thomas Baron 
als. Bame the elder of Aldborongh 
Hatch. (C 16-88 College of Arms.) 
Died in London Jnne 29 1573 ; 
buried at Barking July 7 following. 

2nd wife. 
Anne dan. of Thomas Aphowell 
of Co. Monmouth. 



of Co. 

Barking Feb. 5 ihe par, rf St SwUhhi't 
1661, to Biehard London; CUixen and 


Jnne toffe of 
• . . Conyere 
limng — awidofo 

Mereer. Will dated 
1 Mareh 45M of Qs. 
BUx. : proved in Pre* 
roffoUve Court of Can* 
terbmry Oct 1606. 
{Stafford 73.) 


JU oUm in 1608. 


1 1 1 11 

]?owl Barnes of London, Mercer, third son. Thomas Barnes of Bartholomew BartMomew, 

Buried at Barking September 3 1608. Will Aldborough 

dated August 18 1608 ; proved Sept. fol- 
lowing in P. C. C. (Windebank 790 
His son William buried at Barking Sept. 2 
1607 : and son Bartholomew buried there 
Oct. 11 1607. 

Sara dan. of . • . Bandall : married at 
Barking by licence July 1 1694. 

Slixabeth dau. of . . . Skinglo : married 
Ht Barking July 3 1603. 

Susanne dau. of Mr. Francis Snelling 
Married at Barking August 6 1604. 

Hatch, Gent,, 
eldest son and 
beir. Buried at 
Barking Decem- 
ber 8 1596. 

Mary^ hnried at 
Barking March 7 

ob. s. p. 

Margaret wife 
of Hnmphreg 

Maurice Abbot, 

Sarah nx, 
Barth. ffoiland. 

Elizabeth wife 
of Bowland 

I 2 wife. 

Thomas Barnes of Aldborough=f^BabelIa dau. of James 

Hatch, Ghent, eldest son and 
heir : baptized at Barking 
Sept. 2 1677 : buried there 
November 19 1628. WiU 
dated Not. 16 1628, proved 
in January following. 
(Bidley 2.) 

Ist wife. 
Anne . • . Buried at Barking 
Jan' 2. 1616. 

Harvey of Wangey 
house in the par. of 
Co. Essex Esq. — 
baptized at Dagenbam 
in Februaiy 1599. 
She married secondly 
Edward Eightley of 
Grays Thurrock Esq. t 
marriage allegation 
dated Nov. 24 1632 
(ex inform. Colonel 
Chester). Buried at 
Barking, from Aid- 
borough Hatch, where 
she lived, March 16 

I I I 
Mary bapt. Oct. 26 

1678 at Barking. 

Married there 

Nov. 27 1606 to 

Thomae Person 

of Barking. 

Joan bapt. Oct' 
15 1579 at 
Barking. Married 
there June 24 
1605 to Edward 
Browne. Alive 
in 1642. 

Anne bapt. Nov. 
80 1581 at Barking. 


Daniel Barnes bapt. 
at Barking August 
4 1583 : buried 
there Oct' 16 1612. 

John Barnes bapt. 
at Barking Oct. 26 
1584 : married and 
had issue. Alive 
in 1642. 

Jane. Alive 1680, 
then unmarried. 

Elizabeth, bapt. at 
Barking August 4 

• Compiled from Harl. MS., 1463, fo. 63 {Visit, of London 1568),— C 15, fo. 88, and K 5, fo. 
117, College of Arms, — Parish Begisters of Barking, co. Essex,— Court Bolls, Surveys, and Bentals 
of Barking Manor, — ^Bames and other Wills at Doctors Commons,— etc* etc. The p«irtions given 
in italics are somewhat doubtful. Further information of the family will be gladly received. 


htxi Bttmes Mary BaroM, eldeit aor- Anne bept. at Bartbolomeir Bamw 

Atate buried at 

Tiring dan. twpt. at 
Barkuig June 24 16tl : 
buried tbele Sept. 18 
1631. WiU dated Sept. 

March 29 
1613. AliTo 

Balking Augnit 26 1680 : proved in Uie 
■■"■*"'" Conratory Court of 

Laodou, Oct'271631. 

(Allen 102.) 

bapt. at Barking Not- 
10 1614, and buried 
there January 2 
1616; (themmeday 
that hi* mother wu 

James Banes of the 
Inner Tonple Esq. 
mrriTing wm aod 
heir. Died un- 
married ; buried at 
Barking Becember 
161642. WiU 
dated June SO 
16iE ; DTored in 
Dee. fbllowing in 
F.C.C.: (Cwnbell 
186) made hia 
nsteiB Abigail and 
Heater hie ooheiro. 


AbigaQ, oohetreH, bapt. 
at Barking Sept. 11 
1623 : held a moiety of 
the estate of Aid- 
boroneh Hatch under 
the will of her brother 
Jamea : married 
Oeorge Thompun Esq. 
(both aUre in 1660). 
Adminiatered to her 
fother'a wiU in 1669 on 
the death of her 
mother. Alire (a 
Tidov) in April i;02. 

EUiabeth Bamea 
bapt. Jane 9 
1618 at Barking: 
buried there 
June 12 1639. 
Will dated 5 
and proved in 
P. O. 0. Jane 17 
1639. ^urey 

Heater, coheireaa. Married 
John StophenB E*q. of Lippiat 
Park, Co. Gloaoeiter ; alire 
16S0, and then held the other 
moiety of Aldborough Hatch 
under the will of her brother 
Jamee. Her only anrriring 
danghter and heir, HeatCT, 
married John Heale Xtq. of 
Allealey Park Co. Warwick, 
and Bran, Co. Bedford, after- 
warda of Aldborongh Hat<di. 
U' Neale was bori^ at 
Barkbg, December 80 1698. 

Seal and autograpli of Edmund Hodsoll, of St. Mair Craj, to a deed dated 21 
NoTember, 1708, relating to leaeo of a mesBuage at Old Street, within the pariah 
of Ash, next Famingbam. 

In the Ordin^es the following coat is afisigned to Hodsoll of £ent '. — Qules a 
fesB waYj between three stone fountainB ar^nt. There does not, howerer, appear 
to be any special ^rant on record. 

The following inBcriptions relating to the family are copied {torn ledger-stones 
in St. Mary Cray (Jhurch : — 

" Here lyes the body of Jane wife of Sam^ Attwood Bector of Ash neat 
■Wrotbam in this County Youngest daughter of Edmund HodBoU of this Parish 
Gent, who departed tbis life Sep' 18''' 1784 Aged 50 years." Two ehields above 
inscription ; on one the arms of Attwood, — a lion rampant within an orle of acorns, 
^tbe second bearing the HodaoD coat. 

"Here lieth the Body M" Helena HodaoU* eldest daughter of M' Edmund 
Hodsoll late of this parish She departed this life the 17''' of December 1766 in the 
88^ year of her Age." Above the inscription are the Hodsoll arms within a lozenge. 

EaTEKscboft. — Can any one tell me what the arms and crest (and qnarteriogs, 
if possible) are of the BavenBcrofts of BavenBcrofl Hall, Cheshire, one of the co- 
heiresses of which family married a younger son of John de Creiton, of Croxton 
Hall, and brought the liaveDscrofl estate mto that family P Queraitb. 

* Ihe n^iater of boiiab statei she «a« buried M Deonuber, 1760t 



To all and ainfmler aa well kinges horauldes 
and Officers of armes as noblcH centilmen and 
others which these presentea shall see or here ; 
WiUiam heruj^e eequire otherwise called Clar- 
encieuls principall horaulde and kinge ofannes 
of the Bowt.ho Easto and weaste parties of "Eas- 
lande from the ryuer of Trente Bowthwarae 
sendith due commendae'ons and greatinge. 
. fibr asmucho aa auncientlie from the begin- 
nyiige the valiaunte and vertuouse actes of ex- 
cellcnt parsons haue ben commendid to the 
worlde with sondrie monumentes and remem- 
brances of theire good desearttcs, Emonges the 
which one of the chefiBte and moste Tsuall hath 
bja the bearinge of Hignea and tokens in ahildes 
called arnica the which are none other thinges 
then euidences and demonstrac'ons of prowes 
and valoure diueralie distributed accordmge to 
the qualleties and Desearttea of the persons, 
that suche signea and tokena of the diligent 
faithfull and cowragious, might appeare before 
the ncgligente cowardo and ignorante and be 
an efficieute cawse to move stirre and kindle 
the harttes of men to the ymytac'on of rertue and noblenes. Euen so hath the 
same ben and jet ia contynuallie obseruid to the int«nte that suche as faaue don 
com'endable aeruice to theire prince or contreye either in warre or peace maye 
both receiue due honor in their liuea, and also deriue the same aucceaeiulie to 
theire poateretio after them. And beinge required of John Skyn'er in the countie 
of Lincolne caquire receiuer of the honor of Bollingbroke, aonne and heire to 
Sobert Skynner of Elector in the countie of Deuon gentilman to make aearche 
in the regiBt«r and recordea of myne Office for the auncient armes and crcast be- 
longinge to that name and famelie whereof be is descendid, and I fownde the aaine. 
And conaideringe hia aunceators vertue so well begon and so longe continewed I 
coulde not withoute theire greate iniurie asssigne vuto hym anye other armea, then 
those which belongid to the howse and fanieKe whereof he is deacendid : wherefore 
in perpetuall memorie of the vertuouae actea and Demerittea reuined in that person, 
OS oy the same deriued from hia auncestora I haue confirmed and graunted to hym 
and ois posteretie the owlde and auncient armes of hie auncestora. That is to saye 
ermyns thre lozenges sablea on everie one a flowredelices golde, And to the 
Creaate vpon the heanlme a Dragona hodd razid azure platey on the necke two 
gemelles golde on a wreathe golde and verte, mantelled gules doublid argent aa 
more plainlie apearith depicted in this margente, which armes heaulme and Crcaete 
I the aaide Cliu«ncieulx kinge of armes, by power and auctoretie to inyne Office 
annexed and graunted, by lettera patentes vndcr the greate seale of Englande haue 
ratefied confirmed gyuen and graunted vnto the aaide John Skynner gentilman 
and to his posteretie with theire due differences to vse beare and ahewe for euermor 
in shilde coate armoure or otherwise and thcrin to be reuested at his and theire 
libertie and pleasure without ympediment lett or intermpcon of any peraon or 
persons. In wittnea whereof I the aaide Clarencieulx kinge of armea haue signed 
these preeentes with my faande and putt therevnto the seale of myne Office and the 
aeale of myne armes. f Yeuen at London the tenthe of July in the yeare of owto 

* Commnnicated bj CliariEB Jackson, E>q., of Doncuter, wlio Btotrs tliut tlio original grant it 
in the pofMuion of Miu Buly, oF Boston, Lincolnihim, diughter of the !ite Mr. John tanner 
Baily. of that place. No record of tliii grant is now to be found in the College of Arms, London. 

t Both (hew uab hart diMppeuvd ficm tba pat«iit. 



lorde godd 1557, and in the fourthe and fifte yeareg of the reigne of owre soue- 
reignes Lorde and Ladye phellippe and Maiye by the grace of godd kinge and 
Queene of England Spaynefraunce oothe Cicelies Jerusalem and Ireland deffendors 
of the faith ibrchedukes of Austrishe Dukes of Burgondie Millane and Brabant 
counties of Haspurge flaunders and l^roll. 

Will. Hervy al's clarencieulz 
King of Armes. 


John Skynner, Beseirer of the Honour of BoUngbrokey^pElisabetb, dan. of John Fairfax, 

CO. line, son and heir of Robert Skjnner, of Exeter, 
gent. Grantee of arms 1557.* 

of Swarby, co. Lincoln. 

1st ivife 
Audire, dau. of •< 
Bichd. Oele, of 
Pinchbe<£, and 
widow of John 
Man, of Boling- 
hiDke. . Mar. at 
B. 16 Jan. 

:Sir Vincent Skynner^ 
of Thornton Cpllege, 
CO. Line, M.P. for 
Tniro, Boston, etc. 
Knighted at Theo- 
bald's, 7 May, 1603. 
Buried at St. 
Andrew's, Holbom, 
29 Feb. 1615-16. 

2nd wife. . 
^Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. 
or Bobt. Fowkes, of 
Enfield, and widow of 
Henry Middlemore, of 
Enfield, Groom of the 
Priry Chamber to 
Q.Eliz. Buried at 
Thornton-Curtis, co. 
Line, 16 Dec. 1633. 

Henry Skynner,= 
of Bolingbroke, 
Esq., mar. 11 
April, 1571. 
Will dated 29 
May, 1612 ; 
proved at lAne, 
a April, 1615. 
Buned at B. 
5 June, 1612. 

•Ann Deynes, 
of Boling- 
executrix in 
her. hils* 
band's will, 
but died 
proring it. . 

Williaoi Skinner, of = 
Thornton College, Esq. 
only son and heir. 
Admitted of Lincoln's 
Inn 6 Not. 1613. 
Died 7ih and buried 
at Thomton-CurtiB 
8 Aug. 1627, et. 82. 
Will dated 3 Aug. 
1627, and prored at 
Line. 1 Teb. 1627-8. 

•Bridget, second Frances, Elisabeth, wife of 

dau. of Sir Edw. wife of Thomas Torkington. 

Coke, Lord C. J. Boger — 

of England. Will Edwards. Mary, wife of 

I I I 

I I I 

dated 26 Sept. 
1648 ; prored in 
London 18 June, 
1653, by her son 
C. Skinner. 

nr Bobert Cooke. 

Anne, wife of 
John Cooke. 

Judith, wife of 
... Bateman. 



William Skinner,t bapt. at Bridget-, drowned Anne. 
Thornton C, 80 April, in crossing the 

1626. Named in his 
mother's will 1648, and 
in his brother's 1657. 

Humber in a 
boat, 1639.}: 

Elizabeth, wife 
of PhiUips Wrslyd, 
of Gt. Grimsby, 

Cyriac Skinner, bapt. at 

Thornton C. or Barrow- 

on-Humber 1627. Buried co. Line, gent. 

at St. Martin's^in-the- =p 

Fields, London, 8 Aug. 1700. ^ 

Adm" to his oidy dau., 

Annabella, 20 Aug. 1700. 

wife of 
Esq., of 
00. Here- 

Edward Skinner, of Thornton 
College, Esq., eldest son, 
bapt. at St. Dnnstan's West 
24 June, 1624. Died 13 
May, 1657, et. 33. Will 
dated 12 May, 1657 ; prored 
in London 11 Sept. 1657. 

Anne, dao. of Sir William 
Wentworth, second brother 
to Thos., Earl of Strafford. 
Bied 20 Sept. 1707, buried 

* It Is remarkable that notwithstanding the grant by Herry, 10 July, 1557 (see preceding 
page), to this John Skynner and his posterity of ** the owlde and aunoient armes of his auncestors," 
his. son and descendants should hare made use of quite a difiTerent bearing, rix, argent a lion rampant 
sable within an orle of eight crescents gules : crest, — on a dui»l coronet argent a falcon of the last, 
beaked and l^ged gules. These arms occur as being allowed (though no grant of them appears) at 
the Yisitations, and they are also upon some of the family monuments at Goxhill and Thornton- 
Curtis. In 1609 we meet with a letter from Sir Y. Skynner to the Earl of Salisbury sealed with 
the arms of Signer of Norwich, tiz. three cross-bows^ 

t Information as to what beame of this William Skinner is required (see letter from Mr. Jack- 
ion, of DoncMter, to the * Lincoln Mercury,' 2nd September, 1870)i JB^othing luis been made out 


Edward Slduner, bapt. Eliiabeth. Arabella. Bridget, wife of Sir £dw. Mary, wife of Hugh 
10 June, 1666. Died Ayscough, of South Bethell, Esq., of Bi«e» 

27 Sept. 1669, mU 16, l^elsej, Knt. oo. York, 

bur. at GK)xbill. ^ ^ 

The Cbobfielb ob Cbossfield Family. — ^I have in my possession a Bible, 
the entries in 'which are as follows : — 

New York June 28,1758, 1, Stephen Crosfield (son of William and Elizabeth Cros- 

field of the town of I)orton* in Lancashire in Qreat Britain) entered into the 

holy state of matrimony with Mary, youngest daughter of Johannes and Mar- 

garetta Kerfbyl of this same city of iN'ew xork. 
July 10, 1765, was bom our beloved son Stephen and baptized by Bev. John 

Oglevie in St. George's Chapel. Witnesses Mr. Andrew Gautier and Eliza- 
beth his wife. 
July 16, 1769 My beloved wife Mary departed this life in the 441^ year of her age, 

and was the next day interred in the family vault of Andrew G-autier Esq., in 

Trinity Churchyard. 
May 21, 1777 I, Stephen Crosfield married mv second wife, Hannah Disbury of 

New York, daughter of GhHffin and Hannan Disbury of New Jersey. 
February 20, 1778, was bom our beloved son William, and baptized by the Bev. 

Mr. Bagley. Witness Henry Newton and Ann Crosfield. 
August 15, 1780, Our beloved son William departed this life, and was next day 

interred in the family vault of Andrew Gautier Esq. in Trinity Church vard. 
August 23, 1782 was bom our beloved daughter Elizabeth, and baptized by the 

Bev. Mr. Benjamin Moore. Witness, Henry Newton, Ann Crosfield and 

Elizabeth Dunhar. 
May 4, 1790 Mv beloved son Stephen departed this life aged 24 years and 10 

months, and interred in the family vault of Andrew Gautier Esq., in QVinity 

Church yard. 

This Stephen Crosfield came to New York prior to 1745, accompanied by three 
sisters, — Ehzabeth, who married Andrew Gautier; Mary, who married William 
Newton ; and Ann, who died a spinster. 

Can any one give me information of this family in England P 

JoHK S. Gavtieb. 

64, Madiion Avenue, New York City* 

respectiDg him beyond the mention of him in the wills, 1648 and 1657. It has been supposed that 
he may be possibly identical with Wm. Skinner, merchant, and Alderman of HuU, who died 19 
September, 1680, in the fifty-third year of his affe, according to the inscription on his ffravestone in 
the church of Holy Trinity, Hull. Proof of identity is so far, however, not forthoommg. Alder- 
man Skinner used the same arms that were granted to John Skrnner, 1567. Any iaots tending to 
establish a connection between him and the Thornton fiimily will oblige, and may be communicated 
direct to Mr. Jackson. The date of the age of Alderman Skinner on his monument may not be 
quite correctly given. Monumental inscriptions are not always to be entirely depended upon as 
evidence. An instance occurs in this family. William Skinner, of Thornton College, son of Sir 
Vincent, is stated on his monument to hare died " the 7th day of August, 1626," whereas the entry 
of his burial in the register is on the 8th of August, 1627 ; the latter year being supported by his 
will, which, dated 3rd August, 1627, was proved at Lincohi, Ist February, 1627-8. 

^ Be la Pryme, the Yorkshire antiquary, in his MS. History of Hull, says, — " 1639. In this year 
Mr. Andrew Marvel, Lecturer of this town, a very learned and ingenious and florid man, going over 
the Humber in a small boat or skiff, with Madam Skinner, of Thornton College, and a younff couple 
who were going to be married, a storm rose on a sudden, which, in a little time, overset the boat, so 
that they were all drowned, and never found or heard of afterwards." The term Madam and Mis- 
tress was the usual description of yoimg unmarried ladies of position formerly. 

* There is no township of Dorton in Lancashire, but there are three townships called Balton,— ' 
one in Fumcss, one near Wigan, and a third near Kendal. If the Crosfields were Quakers, whieli, 
from the printed extracts, does not seem to have been the case, Dalton-in-Fumess, which is near 
Gtoorge Fox's adopted home, was probably the place from which they sprang. 




I have just compiled the following pedigree of this family, entirely from original 
and authentic sources, and should be glad of any additions to it. It was un- 
doubtedly of French origin, although the later members of it appear to have given 
the name a Spanish termination. It is desirable to know whetner the male line is 
extinct. Joseph Ljsmvei^ Chesteb, 

Bev. Blie D'Ajnmda, Minister of the Frenob Oburoh at Soutliampton,y:EUzabeth 
Died 18th and buried 16th Hay, 1633, at St. Mary's, Southampton. | Bonhomme. 

Srther . • » ^Bev. Elie Paul D'Aiande, bom^Frances, dau. of Bex^amin 

1st wife. 
Died 1664 
or 1665. 

6th and hapt. 9 Jan. 1624^ 
at the French Churdi at South- 
ampton. Metric, at Merton 
CoU. Ozon 10 Deo. 1641 and 
took the degree of M. A. Was 
Curate or Assistant Minister at 
Fetworth, Patcham, and May- 
field, in Sussex, until 1662. 
Became Minister of the French 
Church at Csaterhury in 1664, 
and died 17 Aug. 1669. 

Pickerin g and Frances his 
wife, of West Hoadley, 
Sussex, where she was 
bom. Married at the 
Franoh Churoh, Canter* 
hury, 25 Feh. 1665-6, 
Living 19 Got. 1712, 
(2nd wife.) 

Peter D'Arande, bom 
18 and hapt. 21 May, 
1626, at the French 
Church at South- 
ampton. Died 8th 
and buried 10 Dec 
1628 at South- 


• . . 1st wiie.=Bev. Benjamin D'Aranda, bom 2nd and=Elizabeth Oliphant, 
Married bapt. 24 Jan. 1666-7 at tlie French of Petersham, 

Church, Canterbury. Metric, at Surrey, spinster. 

University Coll. Oxon 15 May, 1685, aged 27. (Mar. 

and took the degree of B.CLu 28 May, Lie. Yio. Gen. 

1696. Became Prebendary of Salisbury 11 May, 1784.) 

10 Feb. 1710, and was of Bremham, 

Wilts, at the date of his second marriage. 

before 19 
Oct. 1712. 

Peter D*Aranda^ 
bora 26th and 
bapt. 29 May, 
1669, at the 
Firen6h Church, 

PaulD'Aranda, bapt. at Patcham,: 
Sossez, 25 Oct 1652, afterwards 
of London, merchant^ and of 
Shoreham, Kent. Died 27 Oct. 
1712, and buried at Shoreham. 
Will dated 19 Oct. and proved 
20 Not. 1712. (Owned esUte at 
Shoreham, oaUed *' Dibdin or 
Kewhouse." Mentions his cousin 
Jacob Larwood and wife, and 
their son Paul.) 

=3Iary Barker, of St. (George D'Aranda, 
Mary Aldermary, Uring 19 Oct. 
London, spinster, 1712, apparently 
aged about 25 ; to marridd. 
marry with her 
mother's consent, at 
All Hallows Stayning, 
or All Hallows in 
the Wall, London. 
(ICar. Lie. Vie. Gen. 
8 Nov. 1682.) 
Living 19 Oct. 171^, 

I I 
Esther,* baptised 

at Patcham, Sussex, 

14 May, 1654. 

Elizabeth,* bom 1st 
and bapt. 10 April, 
1664, at the French 
Church at Can- 


Paul D'Annds, eldest ion. Wat^Elizabeth Bmi]ie,t of Wandsworth, William Hemy B'lranda, 

a Dutch merchant in London, 
and of Putney, Surrey. Died at 
Putney, 2 Mav, 1782, in his 
46th year, and buried at 
Sborebam, Xient. 


Surrey, spinster, aged above 26, and 
at her own disposaL (Mar. Lie. 
Fao. 10 April, 1722.) Died at 
Putney, in May, 1781, aged 81, 
and buried at Shorehun, Kent. 

younger and only 
brother of PauL" Buried 
at Shoreham, ^S^t, 
80 March, 1713, aged 24. 

Elizabeth, baptized at 
Putney 14 Jan. 1722-3. 

Martha, bom about 1725. 
Married Charles-Henry 
Lee, of Putney. (Mar. Lie. 
Tic. Gen. 28 Sept. 1743.) 

Henriett-Bmilia, baptized Benjamin D'Aranda, Maiy, died at 

at Putney 3 Nov. 1728. baptized at Putney Putney, in 1798, 

Died June, 1810, 24 May, 1780. unmarried, 

a Both of these daughters were living 19 October, 1712 ; one 
t Any information respecting her family is greatly desired. 

married to • • , Strayherae. 



Sm IsAAG Heabd, G-abteb (p. 59). — ^I have a china bowl with the arms of 
Sir Isaac Heard, it is of Lowestoft china, and it appears to me probable that, as 
Lowestoft china was fashionable at the beginning of the present century, Sir Isaac 
might have had a service from that place, of which " E. M.'s " and my bowl may 
have formed a portion. Ot. W. M. 

TbodshjSlk (p. 12). — Dagtale Bell : perhaps a bell that tells a particular hour 
of the day. Conf. the Saxon daj^^tel^ a day division, divider, a dial, a clock. 

B. S. Chabkock. 

Grajf^M Inn, 

Croxtok of Croxton Hall akd Norlet Bank, Cheshirr. — I should be 
glad to know if John Croxton, Esq., of Norley Bank, Cheshire (whose daughter 
Emma married Bev. Eowland Egerton, who assumed the additional name of War- 
burton in right of his wife, niece of Sir Peter Warburton, Bart., and of Elizabeth, 
his wife, daughter of Edward, eleventh Earl of Derby), was descended from the 
ancient family of Croxton of Croxton Hall, Cheshire, and, if so, why the descendants 
of the above Rowland Egerton- Warburton quarter the arms of Croxton as '< Sable a 
lion rampant argent, debruised by two bends engrailed or," whereas the coat of 
Croxton of Croxton is " Sable a lion rampant argent, debruised by a bend com- 
pon6e or and gules." , Querans. 

Skipfok (pp. 37, 64). — 15 Edward II., Adam Skippon, miller, occurs on court 
roll of manor or Bumham, Norfolk. W. Bxs. 

JsKKDTS. — Can any of your readiBrs connect and complete the following pedi- 
grees ? The first is extracted from Visitations of Yorkshire and the second is 
taken from a private MS. of a late herald. 

Fini Pedigree, 
Toby JenkinB of Grimston oo. York.nPAnthonia Wickham. 

Mary dau. of Charlefi=?^^oby Jcnkina of =ip. . . 

!•* Duke of Bolton. 

Grimston co. 

I I I I * 

Henry Jenkins William Jenkins daughters. 

died in Spain bom 1650. 


William Jenkms bap* at Dannington near York S'^ Oct. 1708. 

Second Pedigree, 
Toby Jenkins of • . . oo. York.^. . . 

Anthonia bap' 18 Juno 1710. 



William'^i^® youngest dau. of Joseph Kettle of Korthfleld eo. Worcester A; sister & 

coheir of William Kettle d. 1728 believed to be buried at Northfield. 

John Killick^Elixabeth* dau. & ooheir (1 find she m. at 
of Cheam j Woodmanstone co. Surrey 1741 d. Aug"* 
CO. Surrey. 4.1793 aged 78).— P. Qt. W. 

SanUi. Mary.^Benjamin 

. I CbiUingirortL 

I am also anxious to find the arms of Kettle. In the MS. above referred to I 
find Joseph Kettle was buried at King's Norton, co. Worcester, and that he mar- 
ried a daughter of . . . Hagham, of Salop. His father was the Bev. William Kettle, 
of Bambrook End, co. . . . ; he married a daughter of Thomas Spencer, of Upton, 
CO. Warwick (query son of Sir John Spencer, of Althorp). Any information 
relating to the above will much oblige. 

F. G. W. 

* Armi on John KiUiek'a tomb, borne in right of his wife, are the same— vis. Or a lion rampant 
reguardant sable— as those borne by Jenkins of Qrimstone. 



No. IL 
Communicated hy Edward J. Sage, Esq. 



1577. Thomas the sonne of M' Thomas Barnes bapt. 2"^ Sept'. 

1578. Mary the dau. of Thomas Barnes gent. bapt. the 25'* of October. 

1579. Joane the Daughter of M' Thoms Barnes bapt. the 15 of Oct'. 

1581. Mary daughter of Bartholomew Barnes gent. bapt. the 29^ of March. 
1581. Anne the daughter of Thomas Barnes gent. bapt. the last day of Nov*. 

1583. Daniell Sonne of M' Thomas Barnes bapt. the 4^ of Aug^ 

1584. John Barnes bapt. the 25*'* of Oct'. 

1586. Elizabeth daughter of M' Thoms Barnes gent. bapt. the 4**" of August. 

1607. ILichard the sonne of Thomas Barnes bapt. the 19 day of April. 

1611. Mary the daughter of M' Thomas Barnes bapt. the 24 day of June. 

1613. Anne the daughter of M' Thomas Barnes bapt. the 29 day of March. 

1614. Bartholomew the sonne of M^ Thomas Barnes bapt. the 10 day of Nov'. 
1618. Elizabeth y^ daucrhter of M' Thomas Barnes bapt. the 9 day of June. 
1623. Abigail the daughter of Thomas Barnes, Sept. ll.f 

1625. Thomas son of John Barnes, May 8. 

1628. Sara the daughter of John Barnes, June 2. . 

1633. Elizabeth the daughter of John Barnes, March 27. 

1635. Martyn the son of John Barnes, June 29. 

1643. Barthol. sonne of Barth. Barnes, Oct' 24. 


1561. Richard Goodwin and Alice Barens married 5^ Feb^ 
1576. Tymothye ffielding and Ellen Barnes „ 2 Dec'. 
1584. Richard Edwards and Anne Barnes „ 24 Feb^. 
1594. Powll Barnes and Sara Randall. P. licence 1 July. 
1597. Robert Robgent and Ellen Barnes m^ 28 May. 
1601. Richard Hanvood and Ellen Barnes 1 Feb^ 

1603. Powl Barnes and Elizabeth Skingle 8 July. 

1604. Powl Barnes and Susanna Snelling 6 AugS 

1605. Edward Brown and Joan Barnes 24 June. 

1606. Thomas Person and Mar^ Barnes marr. 27 Nov'. 
1623. Robert Medowes and Fnsweed Banes marr. Feb^ 6. 
1625. Thomas Baron and Elizabeth Cumminge June 5. 


1573. Thomas Barnes of Allborough Hatch gent. bur. July 7. 
1576. Richard Barnes bur. 21 Dec'. 
1596. Thomas Barnes of Aldborough Hatch gent. Dec' 8. 
1603. Debborah the dau. of . . . Baron bur. 6 Aug'. 

1607. TVillia the son of Powl Barnes bur. 2. Sept'. 

„ Bartholomew son of Powl Barnes bur. 11 Oct^ 
1U08. Powl Barnes bur. 3 Sopt'. 
1610. Margaret Barnes 20 May. 

* The Barnes pedigree, published in No. 7 of * Miscellanea G^nealogica et Heraldica,* Monthly 
Series, will sufficientlj explain most of the following entries. 

t Since the publication of the Barnes pedigree I haye discovered that Abigail Barnes, daughter 
and coheiress of Thomas Barnes of Aldborough Hatch, was married four times, — firat to John 
Lockey of Hohnes Hill, Go. HerU,— secondly to Josiah Bemers,— thirdly to Boger Hill of Pounds- 
ford, Co. Somerset,— fourthly to Colonel George Thompson of Clcrkenwell— E. J. 8. 

I 2 


1610. Anne the daughter of M' Thomafl Bamea bur. 17 Aug'. 

ieil-12. M™ Mary BarueB bur. 7 March. 

1012. Daniel Bamea bur. 16 Ocf. 

1615-16. Anne the wife of M' Thomaa BarneB bur. 2'^ Jan». 

„ Bartholomew the sonne of M^ Thomas Barnes bur. same day. 

1622. Martha the da. of Thomas Barnes June 8. 
1625. Thomas son of John Barnes June 20. 
1626-7. Sara the dau. of M' Thomas Barnes Jan^ S. 
1628. M' Thomas Barnes. Nov' 19»''. 
1631. M" Mary Bamea, Sept' 28"'.* 

1638. A Chr^Bome of Barthol. Barnes, Sep^ 23. 
„ Dorotbie the wife of Barthol Barnes „ 28**. 

1639. M" Bliz. Barnes, June 12. 

„ Susan the dau. of John Barnes July 2. 
1642. M" Bamea, Dec' 16. 

1668. M" Isabella Kightley from Aldborough hatch, March 16. 
1685. Dorothy Barnes, widdowe, Nov' 12. 

Saltitt. — John, second son of Sir Roger Salvavn, of Herawell, died b. p. 19 
Ken. VI., leaving his property to the son of his eldest sister, Alice, who married 
Henry Wilton. She had two sons by Henry Wilton, viz. — 

1. John Wilton, alias Salvin, who inherited his uncle John Salrin's fortune, 
but died, aged 16, 21 Hen. VI. 

2. Henry Wilton, «Iias Salvin. 

Can any correspondent acquainted with Durham genealogy inform me what 
were the arms borne by Henry Wilton, who married Alice SaTvin, or by the sons 
of the said Alice, viz. John Wilton, alios Salvin, or her aecond son, Henry Wilton, 
alias Salvin F 

A Somersetshire family named Wilton appears, from an Alphabet of arms in 
the Heralds' College, to have borne, Sable three water-bougets argent ; which coat 
is also found (but ^iven to another name) in a splendid shield of Percy quarterings 
in Edmonson's ' Baronagium.' 

It ia a curious coincidence that the'Salvayns descended from a coheir of Robert, 
Lord Hos of Warke, with which name three water-bougets are, with variations of 
tincture, constantly associated. 

In indexes to pedigrees, and, perhaps, in Visitations duly enrolled, the name 
Wylton and Witton are considered synonymous ; perhaps arising from some self- 
evident, but slight alteration in crosemg io/A the 1 and the t in entering the name. 

Wye-to\ni and Wity-towa have each an aqueous derivation, and this is re- 
cognized in the water-bougeta which both Wiltons and Wittons assume as partly 
or entirely their armorial bearings. 

There is a family of Johnson using the same arms as the Wiltona, viz. Or a 
water-bouget sable, on a chief of the second three bezants. E. W. 

Palmeb. — . . , Palmer, of Lincoln's Inn, Eing's Mes- 
senger, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomaa Bate.t of 
Ashby de la Zoucb, gent. This Mr. Palmer bad an estate in 
Ireland. His seal, a woodcut of which is here given, is now 
in my posseaaion. Arms : Argent a bend sable chained with 
three trefoila alipped of the field between two pellets. 
Crest : An arm erect holding a trefoil. I should be glad to 
have some account of this Mr. Palmer and hia antecedents. 
J. P. fi. 

iD arror for S8'^. 



Hmmt of tift jFamfls of Caisantas^rga or Casamosor ftom tl^e Hosal 

I9ott0e0 of CMtm anO l^eoti, 

Compiled, from the year 1250 to a.d. 1695, from the original Papers preserved in 
the Archives of the College of Arms at Madrid, and from that date to the present 
day, bj the aid of Wills, Parochial Kegisters, Monumental Inscriptions and other 
authentie Becords.* 

Bon Fernando III. King of Caitile and Leon ob. 1262.=pDofia Beatrix de Suevia, Dan. of Philippe, 

Ctutils cmd Leon qnarterl^, impaling or a double* 
haded tagle dUplojfed aahle. 

Don ilfoneo X, King of Oastile and Leon, liring 1260.= 

Cat^ attd Leon, impaling or four pallets gulee. 

Emperor of Germany. 

^Dofia Yiolante de Aragon, Dan. of Jaime, 
King of Aragon, and of Dofia Yiolante 
of Hungary. 

£1 Tnfimte Don Fernando ob. circ. 1276.= 
Caitile and Leon quarterly, impaling 
emre emni of JUurt-de-Ut or. 

=Dofla Blanca de Francia Dan. of S* LoniB, King of 
France and of Margarite of ProTence. 

Don Fernando de la Cerda.=FDona Juana Kunez Senora de Lara, Dau. of 

(itarterljf, 1 Caeiile, 2 and 8 France, 4 Leon, 
impaling gulet two baekete in pale sable, banded and 
handled or, with five snakes issuing from each 
tide thereof vert. 

Don Jain Nunez de Lara, second of that 
name, Senor de Lara, & of Dona Teresa 
Alvarez de Azagra. 


Bofia Maria Diaz de Haro Senora de Yiscayaj'^Don Juan Nanez=7=Dona Mayor de Leffuiaamon 

Da. of Don Juan, Senor de Yiacaya and of 
Dona Ysabel of Portugal. 
Qnles two baskets in pale sable, banded and 
handled or, with five snakes issuing from each 
eide th e reo f vert, impaling argent two wolves 
paetant ttUile within a bordure eompong 
of Castile and Leon. 

de Lara, Senor 
de Lara. 

Dau. of Don Juan de la Guerra 
de Leguizamon, and of Dofia 
Slyira Sanz de Zamudio. 


Don Juan Alonto de Mayorga " Chanciller 
del Sello de la Puridad " and Secretary 
to Don Pedro Kmg of Castile. He 
usumed the appellation of Mayorga as 
well from the Seiffnory of the Town of 
that name which nia brother held, as 
from his baring been bom there. 
Sable a Hon remtpani argent, langued 

From this Don Juan Alonso de Mayorga 
descend the branches of the Family at 
present resident in Spanish America. 

Don Pedro Nunez de Lara, 
Created 1** Count of 
Mayorga by Don John I** 
of Castile in whose army 
he served when warring 
with Portugal. He died of 
the pestilence at Lisbon in 
1384 leaving no male issue 
The title of Count of 
Mayorga was next con- 
ferred upon Don Juan 
Alfonso Tello de Meneses. 

Beatriz de Castro, Dau. of 
Don Alvaro Perez de Castro 
first Count of Arroyolas and 
Constable of the Kingdom 
of Portugal. 

I I 

Dona Mayor Martinez de 
Casa Mayorga or Casa- 

Don Juan Martin, or Mar- 
tinez de Mayorga, Senor do 
Mayorga in which Town 
he was bom He was the 
founder of the House 
known and distinguished 
by the appellation of 
Sable a lion rampant 
argent, langued gules. 

Bon Juan de Casamayor Bachelor of Arts, bom in the Town of =r=Dona Maria, Da. of Captain 
Mavorga marr' in 1440. Don Pedro Fernandez and 

Sable a lUm rampant argent, impaling or on a mount vert a of Dofia Maria Saer. 

palm-tree,- resting against it two spears, points upwards, and 
at the bate a boards head eouped sable, langued gules, 


* Copied from a manuscript in the possession of the Bight Honourable Earl of Enniskillen. 




1 £1 CapitAn Don 
I>iego Qisamayor 
of Yepes in Anda- 
lusia killed at the 
battle of Higuerra. 

2 Don Franciflco 3 Don Frey Diego de Gasamayor, called 

Resident in 


by some Don Frey Diego Beltran. A 
Religious of the order of S* Francisco 
d'Aaiz, Bishop of Badajoz and after- 
wards in the year 1428 of Cartagena 
and finally of Placencia. 
Sttble a lion rampant argent^ Utngited 



4 Don Antonio 
Casamayor, seired 
in the wan of 
SahU a lien 
rampant ar^nf, 
langued gulet. 

Don Benito de Casamayor, made Capitan Don Juan de Casamayor followed a military career like 
by King ... at his fathers death. Afterw^* his father, and fought under the banner of King 
Comendador of Zamora & Pozo Rubio ; Ferdinand II. at the taking of the City of Loja 1486. 
married in the city of Kcija^ &, had issue. Will dated 11 December 1492. 

Sable a lion rampant argent, langued gules. 

Don Alonso de Casamayor otherwise Don Rodrigo Alonso de Casamayor .= 
Gave power to his wife to dispose of lands in Arjona by deed dated at 
Loja 1510. 

SaJble a lion rampant argent^ langued gules, impaling quarterly 1 and 4 
argent an eagle displayed sable, 2 and 8 argent a tree vert, a voolf 
passant at the base thereof sable. 

=Dona Elvira 
Ruiz. Will 
dated at Loja 


Don Antonio Rodrigo de Casamayor. Will dated at Loja in 1580.=7=Dona ICariaOlid de Santa 
Sable a lion rampant argent, langued gules, impaling azure a mullet 
of six points or, surmounted by a crescent reversed argent. 

Esteran. Will dated in 1581. 



Don Luis de Casamayor lived at Loja.= 
Sable a lion rampant argent, langu&i 
gules, impaling gules a tower triple^ 
towered or. 

=Dofia Lucia 

Do«aMaL,n.aHed oL 
to Don Antonio children. 

Gharcia Fuster. 

Don Juan de Casamayor Will dated 1659.=f=Dona Maria, Dau. of Don Juan 

Sable a lion rampant argent, impaling gules thirteen 
bezants, three, three, three, three, and one. 


de Santa Ana, and of Dofia 
Maria Ruiz. 

Don Manuel de Caaaniayor y Santa Ana.= 
Sable a lion rampant argent, impaling argent a lion rampant 
sahle, ducally crowned or, a bordure compony argent and gules. 

=Doiia Antonia Serrano Dau. of Don 
Martin Serrano, and of Dona 
Bemarda Yalenzuela. 

Don Luiz John Casamajor a Spanish merchant. Bom^Clementina or Clemenoe dau. 
in Navarre. Came from Cadiz into England A.D. 1695 of . . . Lapeyre of Ghtsoony. 



and settled at Bristol. 
Quarterly 1 and 4 sable a lion rampant argent, 
langued gules, 2 and 3 chequy or and azure a crescent 
sable, ^paling azure three ears of wheat or and 
nine bezants, six in chief and three in fees. 

Will dated 28 June 1749 
adm'on granted 19*^ Jan. 
1768. She died 8"» Nov. 1760. 

15 June 1736. 
1 Noah Casamajor, eldest son. Born^Rebecca dau. of John Powney Esq. Bom at Fort S* Gkorge 

at Bristol A.D. 1700 ob. 4 Sept. 
1746 at Fort S* G^rge in the 
East Indies. 

Casamt^or, impaling sahle a fess 
and in chief three maseles argent. 


in the East Indies 12 Sept. 1715. Aft-erwards of Queen 
Anne Street West Marylebone, where she died 6 Nov. 1778 
aged 73 and lies buried in Ch is wick Church eo. Midd'. 
Will dated 25 Oct. 1785. Limited probate 17 Nov. 1788. 
Add* entry in the margin 25 Nov. 1831. 




James Henij Cusaxnajor Esq. only eon, of Wimpole SU'cet^Eliiabeth-Bebecca dau. of 
Manchester Square. Bom at Fort S* Gkorge in the East | Sir James Campbell of 
Indies 12 Nor. 1745, bapt. Jr.n. 8. 1746. Elected Mem- 
ber of the Madras Council Jan. 1791. Ob. 28 Jan. 1815. 
ai^ 69 Will dated 20 June 1805 Codicil 5 Oct. 1811, 
proTed 11 Oct. 1815. Buried at Chiswick Church, co. 


CaaamajoTi impaling Campbell. ' 
Rebecca, natural daughter, enjoyed a If'gacy of £200 a 
year under her GTandmothers Will. Died at Kensington 
20 March 1851. 

IciTemeil and Ross, Ar- 
gylpshire. Bom 22 
January 1764 Married at 
the Cape of Gbod Hope 28 
Jan. 1786. Ob. 19 Jan. 1837 
aged 73 and lies buried by her 
husband. Will dated 20'Feb. 
1835, Proyed 1 Feb. 1837. 

A son 



3 Sept. 


James Archibald Casa^ = 

major Esq. of the East 
India Company's Ser- 
Tice, Resident at 
Mysorean d Trarancore. 
Bora at Fort S' George 
20 April 1787. 
Catamajor, impaling 
argeni ihree pelieant 
or on their neHs vert 
tnlning tkemselvet 

-Mary Christian, da. of 
Col. Thomas Patterson, 
derired through her 
mother Anna da. & 
coheir of Boyd Porta- 
field ofthat Ilk from 
the Noble Houses of 
Kilmarnock and Glen- 
caime & through the 
latter Tix. the Cun- 
ningharoes Earls of 
Glencaime, from 
James II. and 
Edward I. Kings of 

I I 

1 Elizabeth Rebecca 
Casamajor married to 
John Studholrae 
Brownrigg Esq. 

2 Jane Amelia Casa- 
major married at 
Madras 20 Oct. 1809 
to Henry Russell Esq. 
eld. son of Sir H. 
Busscll Knt. Chief 
Justice of Calcutta 
and died Dec. 29 in 
the same year. 

I I I I 

3 Amelia Casamajor 
murH at Madras 23 
October 1810 to John 
Edmond Elliot third 
son of Lord Minto. 

4 Harriott Casamajor 
married to the Kev. 
Henry Higginson. 

5 Louisa Casamajor 
married to Cliarles 
Farquharson Esq. 

6 Agnes Margaret 

Jane Oasamajor eld* da. 
Bora 16 June 1815 
Died 13 May 1855. 

William Willoughby Cole 
Earl of Enniski&en Bom 
25 Jan. 1807. 

Argeni a hull paeaant etUfle, 
ermed etc, or, within a 
bordmre of the eecond 
hnamU^ o» a canton per 
pale gules and azure a 
harp or ; on em escoeheon of 
pretence Casamajor, viz, 
Qnarierfy 1 and 4 Bable a 
lUmrampawi argent, langued 
gules, 2 and 8 chequg or and 
azure a crescent sable. 

I . . . I . . . 

Mary Christian Casamajor second Elizabeth Christian Casamnjor 
daughter, bom 1 Jan. 1819. Third dau. bora 27 Noy. 1821. 

Stephen Ram Esq. of Bamsford, 
00. Wexford. 

Quarterly of six, 1 atstre a 
chevron ermine between three 
rams* heads argent, 2 or on a 
chief sable two einquefoilt of the 
field, 8 sable a chevron engrailed 
or between three bezants, on a 
chief of the second a rose gules 
between two fleurs-de-lis azure, 
^ ora lion passant sable, in chief three 
close helmets of the last, 5 azure a 
chevron between three stags or, 6 gules 
a lion rampant argent, crowned or ; on 
escoeheon of pretence Casamajor, 

Robert William Gaussen 
Esq. of Brookman's Place. 
Azure on ground in base vert 
a lamb passant argent, on a 
chief argent three bees proper ; 
on escoeheon of pretence 

2 John Casamajor of Golden Square London Esq.: 
WiU dated 16 AprU 1747. Proyed 27 May same 
year Buried at S* James Church Piccadilly. 
Casamajor, impaling sable on a chevron aiyent 
three escallops gules. 

=Anna or Hannah dau. of . . . King of New 
Suffolk Street Marylebone. Will dated 4 
December 1799 Proyed 17 Deo. 1782 
Desires to be buried near her husband. 


1 John Casamajor of 
Suffolk 8' Marylebone 
Esq. Will dated 27 
June 1795 Proyed 
26 March 1814 
oh. 81 Dec' 1818 

I. . 
2 Justinian Casamajor of Potterells in the^Mary dau. ot 

Parish of North Mims co. Hertf. Esq. 
Sheriff for the County in 1800. Will 
dated 2 Sept. 1816 Proyed 29 Aug* 1820, 
ob. 18 June 1820 at Rawleigh House co. 
Deyon. Buried at Ridge Church co. 

Ceuamajor, impaling gules three antique 
crowns or. 

. . , Grant Esq. 
Dead in 1816 
Buried at Ridge 

I I 





■ ) 

I I 

1 Justinian Casamajor Esq. 
SecretaiT of Legation at the 
Court of S* Petereburgh 
1799 of Suffolk S* Maryle- 
bone. ob. 12 Aug. 1821. 
WiU dated 1821. Proyed 
13 Sep. in the same year. 

2 G^rse John Casamajor 
Esq. culed sometimee 
John onlj. 

I I 

3 Charles Casamajor Esq. 

4 Louis Duncan Casamajor 
Esq. Secretary to the B^ 
Hon. Qeorge Canning 
Ambassador Ext^ to Por- 
tugal. Minister Pleni- 
potentiary at the Court of 
Russia 1816. Ob. at S' 
Petersbuigh 3 Mar. 1820 
set. 35. Adm" granted 

1 Dec. same year. 

5 William Charles 
Gasami^or Esq. Ob. 
at Potterells 16 Eeb. 
1847 let. 67 

6 John Casamajor 
Esq. of Madras. 
Adm" granted 

2 Oct. 182L 

7 ... a son. 


G-eorge James 
Esq. of Madras 
Civil Serrioe 
ob. 29 May 
1849 at Bayly 
in the Nil- 
gherries, East 

1 Henrietta Casa- 
major of Baw- 
leigh 00. Deron 
formerly of co. 
Herts spinster. 
Will dated 9 
June 1823 
Proved 19 
March 1824 at 


John Yemon^=2 £li£abeth,Casamajor 3 Lydia Casamajor. Caroline Lydia 

married at North — Casamajor ob. 13 

Mims 17 Oct. 1808. Emma Casamajor July 1853 at 

ob. 11 Jan. 1841 Moffats co. 

at Farley Hill Herts. Buried 

Castle near Beadin g , at North Mims. 

Esq. of the 
22"^ Light 


Justinian Yemon assumed the 
name and arms of Casamajor. 

Mary Hannah 
married to 


S Henry Casamajor of 
Upper Tockington oo. 
Glouo. Esq. ob. April 

Elizabeth Dau. & 
coheiress of William 
Whitehead of Great 
House Upper Tock- 
ington 00. Glo. Esq. 
living at Stapleton 

Castimi^or, impaUn§ 
ature a feu between 
three fleurs-de^lie or, 


I I. I I 

Mary Casamajor of the Anne Casamajor in James Laroche^Clemence 

City of Bristol Spinster the Parish of S« 

WiU dated 19 Feb. 
1756 Proved 12 Oct 

Elixabeth Casamajor, 
of the City of Bristol 
Spinster. Will dated 
2 Sep. 1778 proved 
26 June 1780. 

Stephens in the 
City of Bristol 
Spinster. In her 
Will (dated 1 
March 1787 and 
proved 9 Feb. 
1806) she desires 
to be buried in 
the '* Mayors 
Chappie" at 
Bristol. Ob. 30 
Dec. 1807 sst. 71. 

Crothaire) of 
Bristol merch' 
ob. at Bristol 
6 Oct 1770 
WiU dated 8 
Feb. 1769. 
Proved 21 
Not. 1770. 


s. p. 

I. I I 

1 Lewis John 2 Thomas 3 Henry Casamajor of the Bevenue of the 

Capt in the 
Army ob. 
8. p. 

Casamajor Customs, of Bichmond Terrace Waloot 
Lieut. B,N. Division of Bath forum co. Somerset, for- 
ob. s. p. raeriy of Great House, Upper Tockington 

CO. Glouc. WiU dated 24 Jan. 1824 
ob. unm. same month & year mi. 74 & lies 
buried in the churchyard of Newton S* Loe 
CO. Somerset to which church he has left 
the interest of £100 to be expended in the 
repairs of the tombstones. • 

Harriott Casamajor 

of Hall Place oo. 

Berks Spinster 

ob. at Pinkeys 

Green 3 April 1831 

set. 75. 


Henrietta Casamajor Elizabeth Casamajor 
of London bom 24 married to Bobert 

Feb. 1753, married 
to Bev. D' Davies. 
ob. at Bath 23 Feb. 
1809 Buried at 
Nevrton S^ Loe. 

Goodwin of London 
gent liying 1781. 

Hannah or Anne Casamajor 
of Tockington married at 
Olverston, co. Glouc. 29 
June 1763 to Sir W- 
East Bar< of HaU Place co. 
Berks who ob. 1819 buried 
at Witham. She died 19 
Dec. 1810 and was buried 
at Newton 8* Iioe. Had issue. 


Maria Clemencia 
Casamajor marr' to Bev. 
John Bryan Bector of 
Kilton and Vicar of 
Stockland oo. Somerset, 
a widow in 1787, and 
died in 1824. 










A pry 11 




















1661. Feb. 
1661. March 
1665. June. 
1667. Aug. 

1669. February 

1672. Nove'ber 



Ales Helsbye. 

Margery Helsby 3. 

Wiirm Helsby de belsby gen. 18. 

Tho. Helsbye de ead. gen. 28.t 

James Helsbye fil. Radi. de H. ar. 8. 

Tho. Helsby fil. Radi de belsby gener. 13. 

Raupb belsby 16. 

Robt. Helsby 19. 

John Helsby 18. 

Dorothy Helsby fil. Rad. gen'os' 30. 

Ellen Helsbie fil. Johis de frodsa. 28. 

Robt. Helsby fil. Radi. de helsby. gen'os' 3. 

Margret helsby fil. Jo. 6. 

John Helesbie fil. ThomsB 20. 

Margret Helsbie fil. Joh'is de Helsby halle gen'os' 19. 

Ales Helsby Gen' 20. 

Raphe Helsbj^e fil. Tho. de Helsbye gener' 2. 

Ricnard helsbie fil. Tho. 14. 

John^ Helsbee fil. John. 4. 

Thomas Helsbie fil. Johannes 10. 

Sarah Helsbie fil. Johann's§ gard. 22. 

Sarah Helsbie fil. Job. 4. 

Margrett Helsbie fil. W"» 12. 

John Helsbie and Thomas gemini sons of William Helsbie of 

firodsham gent. 24. 
John Helsby son of Randle of Helsby gent' borne flfeb. 1661. 
John Helsbie fil. Radulphi de Helsbie gen'os' 3.|| 
Elizabeth Helsbie fil. Johanis nat. 1. Bap. 15. Turuin (Tarvin). 
Rebecha Helsbie filia Johannis de K^ingsley-hurst gen'os' 

Baptiz. 5. 
John Helsbie filius Johannis de Kingsley Gen. natus est 21^ 

die febr. Baptizat 26. 
Thomas Helsbie fil. Johan'is de Kingsley gardiani G-eneros' 

natus 12^ baptizat. 19^ die Nouembris. 
Rafe Helsby son of Rafe of Helsby gen. borne May 6. 1663. 

* Nnmben of these names are not in the pedigree, and the majority, no doubt, belong to col- 

t The pedigree says, " Borne 1578." No other entry appears. Possibly this Tliomas was the 
eldest son, and dying an infant, the name was perpetuated in tne Thomas of 1678. By a marriage- 
settlement of 1708, and by the wardens' books, this Thomas and his father, Randle, were the first 
to settle in Kingsley (about tho end of Klizabcth^s reign), where they occasionally dwelt, as did John 
and Bandolph, the sons of Thomas, at the Banke House, the Brooke House, and Kingsley Grange, 
w HwnU 

X Along with " Ric. Stanley fil. Thome." Edward Stanley and Jane, his second wife, of Alran- 
ley, were living about this time. He was of the house of Hooton. 

§ He was oo- warden of Frodsham parish, and his father, Thomas, made a curious settlement, 
proTiding that if he refused the office his moiety of certain lands should go to his second brother, 
Bandolph. In 1672, his son John was also Cluirchwarden, along with Willm. Hyde, of Cattenall, 
in Kinnlej, Esq., a junior branch of the Hydes of Hyde, a quo the younger house of Clarendon, 
temp. Jac. II. 

II The registers being yery rough from 1642 to 1670, this Bandolph is described in a dupli- 
cate entry as of Kingsley. 

** Entered under this year. 









Sept' 3 





1779, Decf 

1558. June 

1, July 
1560. July 
1562. Octob' 
1562. Octob' 
1589. Octob. 
1601. July 
1604. Aug. 

1610. Nov. 
1623. Oct' 
1628. ffeb. 
1636. ffeb. 
1655. Ap" 


1699. August 8 

170J. ffebr. 

1703. ffeb. 

Natbaneil* Helsbie fil. Jobannis gen. de Kingsley baptized 

March the 15^^ 1679. 
Thomas fil. Tho. Helsby gene' Kingsley 2. 
Nathaniel fil John Helsby o' th' Hurst 1. 
Seth fil. John Helsby Jun' of Kingsley 7. 
John fil. John Helsby de Kingsley gen. 10. 
Wiirm fil. Tho. Helsby de Kingsley Gen. 14. 
Ebinezer fil. John Helsby Kingsley hall gen. 1. 
Rich^ fil. John Helsby ffrodsh'm Baptized September 4*^* 1712. 
Tho. fil. John Helsbey de ffrodsh'm 20. 
James Son of John Helsbey De Frods" gen'. 
Jane Daug' of James & Mary Helsby of Overton gent. 22 July. 
Margaret Daugb' of James & Mary Helsbey of Overton 31 

John son of James & Mary Helsbey of Overton Gent" 20 Sep'. 
Ellen Daugh' of James & Mary Helsby of Overton' gentleman 

19. Aug**. 
Matly D' of James & Mary Helsby of Frodsham Gentleman 29 

Thomas Son of James & Mary Helsbey of Overton G^nt' 27 

Bichardf son of James & Mary Helsbey of Overton Qent. 19. 


Eoger Barton & Ellen Helsbye 22. 

Georg Whitley & Ellen Helsbye 25. 

Hugh Helsby & Brydgett Pyke 15. 

Tho. Helsbie <fc Joane Boothe gener' 26, 

Jo. Eutter Margerie Helsbye gen' 17. 

Eauph Dodd M'gret Helsbie 25. 

John helsby & Elizabeth Lea 19. 

Tho. helsbye gen' heyre to M' Handle of the hall of helsby & 

Elenor Eutter gen. 10. 
John Brixston & Cicely Helsbie 25 
Will'm Hatton <fc Jone Helsby generos' 30. 
Will'm Helsbie & Ales Witter fil. Jo. de Tarporley gen. 2. 
Thomas Henshall & Elizabeth Helsbie 14. 
Eandolf Helsby of Chestre gent. & Marye hatton filia Pyers of 

hatton gen* maried att Daresbury 7. 
John Helsbie son of John o' th' Hurst gent*. & Mary ffinchitt d. 

of Thomas married the 4*** of June 1664. at Turuin Church. 
f A. stoUen marriage of James Helsby Mary Harrison of 


James Helsby & Marv Harrison of Kingsley stol. J 
Joseph Helsbey <fc Ann Tue both of this parish by Banns Asking 

January li. 
John Helsby gentlem' & Mary Tarbuck§ gen. of ffrodsham 
Quakers were married by Rich. Woodward y* 8* ffeb'^ 1703. 

• Thia Nathaniel was afterwards of Pawing House, in Eocleston, near KuSbrd. in co. Lane, 
where he died, and is describid in his will, dated 12 June, 1709, as a husbandm»n. He there (after 
referring to a balance owing by his father's will) mentions his brothers John, James, and Richard, 
and sister Martha ; and gires his *' Rasiers to M' Oulton," and appoints his " LoTeing Kinsman 
Leonard Grantham of the Citj of Chestei- Gtentl sole Executor." Witnesses,-^ohn l£eroer, Blisa- 
beth Brooke, Bi. Arrostriding. 

t Died in infancy. 

t These curious entries are tha only eatriei of the kind in the whole of the registers, which says 
much for tho parish in the matter of runaway marriages. 

§ The Marriage Settlement of M*py Tarbock and John Helsby bears date the 7th day of July, 
1708, and is made between John Helsby, late of Helsby, but now of Kin^dK»y Hall, Gentleman, and 
Mary his wife, 1st part; Sir Richard Brooke, of Norton, Knight and Baronett, John Tarbock 



1712. Decemb' 

1713. January 


1561. Noveber. 
1563. August 
1563. NovemV 



M' Tho. Abram & Martha HeUbey both of this parish by Bannes 

Jonathan Ellis & Mary Helsbey both of ffrodsham by Bannes 

asking January y« 24*** 1713. 14. 
John Helsby (son of John) of Kingsley gentl°. & Mary Butter 

of Kingsley (d. Bichd.) gentln. 1. Jan. 1729. 
James Helsbey of the Parish of Frodsham Q-ent. and Mary 

Maddock of the Parish of Frodsham aforesaid were Married 

in this Church by Banns this Twenty fifth day of August 

in the year One thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty one 

by me (ngned) Fran. Gastrell.* 

This marriage was solemnized between us (signed) 

James Helsby — Mary Maddock In the presence of Tho* 

Knowles — Jo. Broolce Jno. Bedish. Peter ffrodsham. 

H. Hyde. 


Joane Helsbye gen. 7. 

Mary°t Helsby vx. Bad. of Helsby fil. hugo. Yenables armig. 18. 
Hugn Helsbye 15. 
Gh&id. helsby gen. 8. 
John Helsby 21. 
Cicely helsbye 6. 
Thom's helsby 28. 
Cicely Helsby 24. 
James Helsby 28. 
Ellen helsby 5. 
Blanch helsby gen. 8. 
M*gery helsby gen. 23. 
Joane helsby vid. Joan helsby gen. 17. { 
Bobt. helsby 1. 
[Cicjely helsby 26. 
Jo. helsby fil. Jo. de helsby halle 7. 
Bic' Helsbie & Helsby gen' 18. 
Bobt. Helsbye fil. Badi. de Alvanley 15. 
Ales Helsby yxor Thom» de bancke 20, 
Jane Helsbie of fir. widowe 14. 
Widow Helsby de ead. gen. 2. 
A Chrisome child of Bicnard Helsbies 18. 
Bichard Helsbie senex 22. 
Beatrice Helsby fil. Thome generos. 23. 
A twinne child of William Helsbies 27. 

Eleanour Helsby wiffe of M' Bandle§ Helsby gent. fil. M' Tho. 
Butter de Kingsley gen'os'. 

late of Tarbock, but now of Sutton, Gentleman, Thomas ffrodsham, of Elton Hall, Esquire, and 
Bobert Hyde, of ifrodsbam. Gentleman, 2Dd part ; and Leonard Q-rantham, of the City of Chester, 
€bntleman, of the 8rd part (in pursuance of Articles of Agreement dated 5th day of Dec. 170 i) ; 
and settles ** Helsby Hall, otherwise the Moate House, in Helsby, lately in the occupacon of Ban- 
dolph Helsby, late of the Banke House, in Kingsley, Gkntleman," and other lands in Ghorlton, 
Backford, Actoui and Kingsley, upon the issue of the marriage in fee simple, carrying thereout a 
term of 200 years for the purpose of raising portions for daughters and younger sons. This, toge- 
ther with other Settlements, is by a counterpart Indenture, dated the 6th day of May, 1770, co?e- 
nanted to be produced to certain purchasers. 

* The son of Dr. Gastrell, Bishop of Chester, author of * Notitia Cestriensis.* 

t She must hare reached an extreme old ase, as she was married in the reign of Henry YII., 
and this may account for the somewhat special rorm of entry, although her age is not mentioned. 

t These appear to be two Joans, probably mother and daughter ; but query whether it really 
means Joan, tne widow of John HeUby, gentleman. Among sereral other entries of death in a 
Breeches Bible of 1610 are the three, Blanche, Margery, and Joan, in August and September, 1590, 
and ther are there described as the daughters of Randle Helsby, of Hebby. — And tee pedigree, 
MUeeU. Oeneal. 

§ This is clearly an error for " Thomas,** the son of Randle. 

1570. Septem' 

1575. ffebruary 

1576. July 

„ August 
1587. January 

1590. Aug. 

„ Septemb. 

1591. May 

1592. January 
1602. October 
1614. De. 











1673. Apr. Thomas Helsby of Kingsley gentleman fil. Bandle 29. 

1673. July Margaret Helsbie vxor Radulphi 8. 

1676. July Ellen the infant daughter of John Helsbie 11. 

„ „ Vrsula Helsbie vxor Josephi de Kingsley 19. 

1680. Beceb. John Helsbie senior de Kingsley 26. 

A. 1684. D. Sep. f Maris Helsby vxor Badulpm de Kingsley generos'.* 1 
„ Septeb. \ Mary Helsbie vxor Radulphi g> 21.* j 

1696. Septem. M' Bandolph Helsby of Kingsley gent' 30. 

169|. March Margarite fil. Ab. Helsby de Norley 25. 

1705. April Eliz. fil. John Helsbey Gen' de Kingsley 3. 

1715. Tho. fil. John Helsby de ffrodsh'm gen. bur. 29«» June. 

1717. Septemb' Eich* fil. John Helsby de ffrodsh'm 23^. 

1722. July Jam" fil Randle Helsby Motehousef Gent. 17. July. 

1727. Aug* Mary Uxor Jacob. Helsbey of K. 7. 
„ Nov. John Helsbey of Alvanley 8. 

1728. May John Helsbey De Alvanley gent. 8. 
„ Aug* Mary Helsbey de Alvandley g^. 26. 

. „ Nov' James Helsbev de Alvandley gen. 26. J 

1737. May Kather« D. of'M' Helsby, iVod. 15. 

1748. May Elianor Helsby of Kingsley. 1. 

1765. Sep. Ellin Daug' of James and Mary Helsbey of Overton, 21. 

1773. Margaret Daug' of Do. Do. 15. Oct'. 

1778. July Thomas Helsby,: Kingsley Q^nt. 8. 

I, the Reverend William Charles Cotton, Clerk, Master of Arts, Vicar 
of the Parish and Parish Church of Frodsham, do hereby certify that I have 
examined the Extracts above mentioned relating to the family of Helsby, of 
Helsby, Kingsley, AJvanley, Frodsham, and Overton, and compared the 
same with the original Entries in the Register Books of the said Parish, 
and do hereby declare the same to be true and correct copies thereof. 
Dated at Overton, this tenth day of December, one thousand eight hundred 
and seventy. 

Wm. Chas. Cotton, M.A., 

Vicar of Frodsham. 

* A double entiy, on separate pages. 

t This description, " Motehoiise/' must refer, not to James, but to Bandle, who occasionally 
resided there, but which residence for nearly the whole of the seventeenth century was let as a farm. 
In the registers and parish accounts it is occasionally called ** Helsby Hall" and " Helsby House/* 
though another Helsby House existed in Alvanley, also an occasional residence of the family. 
In 1637, John Blimston occupied a pew on the north side of the parish church for *' Helsbey 
House" (meaning the Moathouse or Hall), as tenant, after the wooden and oldest portion of the 
mansion had been destroyed by fire, temp. Jac. I. The remains of the building, being of stone, 
were then let as a farm, and in " 1732. April 6. Mary Burgess of Helsbey Hall " (the wife jot 
daughter of the then tenant) is mentioned in the registers as being buried ; but some time afterwards 
a second fire reduced the place to ashes. 

X In A.D. 1639, " Mr. Bandle Helsby and John, Lord Viscount Savage,*' are mentioned in an 
old " Seat Bole " as holding certain pews in the north-east corner of Frodsham Church, or the Helsby 
Chapel, and several other pews in other parts of the church were then held by other members of the 
&mily ; but before 174f9 all the nort-h-east pews were in the hands of purchasers, and only one or 
two remained. Notwithstanding all this and Frodsham evidently being the principal burial place 
(Alvanley Chapel was another), not a scrap of memorial-stone is to be found, though the aged 
sexton says that the remains of a rotten escutcheon and two banners (which had from time to time 
dropped in pieces on the site of the high-altar) on being taken down, crumbled to dust, with their 
staves, in the hands of his father upwards of half a century ago, when the church was undergoing 
its accustomed whitewashing. One remote branch of the family attributes this absence of tombstones 
to a fancied fraud, and tells an amusing story of his father some sixty years since taking down hi^ 
attorney (or, perhaps the attorney taking down his fatiier) to Frodsham and Buncom, where they 
discovered the gravestones turned upside down, appropriated to other usee, with their in>oription8 
de&ced, registers mutilated, and other signs of malpractices, all for the purpose of keeping them out 
of certain estates, which, it is needless to say, belonged to another line, and which generation after 
generation had wasted away, till the sale of the last acre a century ago and the removal of the 
family to another part of the sliire. 




In dei nomine Amen. In the yeare of oure Lorde god a thowsande fjue hun- 
dreth fyftje and seven and the xvij*** day of Septembre I Roberto Hovenden of the 
parishe of Grambroke in the Countie of Kente Clothier beinge whole of mynde and 
of good and perfect remembrance lawde and prayse be to god do make and ordayne 
this my p'nte testament conteyninge herin my laste will in maner & forme folow- 
mge, that is to say, ffyrste I bequeathe my sowle mto almightie god my maker and 
redemer, & my body to be buryed w***in the churche of Grambroke aforesayd. Item 
I bequethe to the nighe altare there for my tythes & oblac'ons necligentlye for- 
gotten, two shillinges. Item I geue & beqiiethe to the reparings of the same courche 
thirtene shillinges & fowre pence, Item 1 will that my Executors shall geue & dis- 
tribute at the day of my buryall to preestes clerkes and poore people to pray for my 
Bowle, my fiather & motner and all X*pen sowles fowre powndes, Item in like maner 
to geue & distribute other fowre powndes at the monethes day folowinge. Item in lyke 
man' to geue & distribute other foure poundes at the twelue monethes day folow- 
inge, Item I will that my Executors shall geue and distribute eu'ie frydaye for the 
space of one yere next after my decease fyue pence to fyue poore folkes within 
the p'ishe aforesayde where he shall thinke moste neade. Item I geue and be- 
qaeuie to Anne my wyfe, all my brasse, pewter, Candlestickes, Spyttes, Cobyrons, 
drippinge pannes, A other vesselles excepted my furnace w^ all other bruynge 
Tesaelles that are vsed & occupied to brue with all whither they be brasse or woode. 
Excepted alwayes & reserued all my woorkehowse vesselles and all other thinges 
therunto belonginge. Item I geue andf bequethe to the sayd Anne all maner of lynnen, 
beddynge, Bedsteedes chestes fformes, tables, stooles, Cupbordes, excepted & res'ued 
the cupborde in the parlour, the table in the sayd parlour with the stooles & formes 
thereunto belonginge. Item excepted and reserued all the Standerdes within my 
sayd howse. Item I geue & bequethe to the sayde Anne all my Apparell. Item I geue 
& hequethe to the sayd Anne fowre kyne of the beste she can chuse and two horses 
in lyke maner with Sadies and Bridelles Item I geue & bequethe to the sayde 
Anne two seames of wheate, two seames of malte, one seame of Otes, towardes the 
findioge of her & my chyldren. Item I geue & bequethe to the sayd Anne foure 
score powndes of good and laufuU moonye of England to be payd to her by my 
Executor or his assignes within one yere after my decease, Item I will that the 
sayd Anne shall haue the two gesson chambres within my dwellinge howse with 
ffiree ingresse and egresse to the same for the space of twelve weekes next after my 
decease and the kepinge of her kyne & horses durynge the same tyme, vpon con- 
dic'on that the sayd Aiine shall not spoyle nor take eny thinge oute of tne same 
chambres nor elsewhere within my sayde mansion howse other then is by this my 
will geven A bequethed to the sayd Anne. And also do quietlie agree with my 
Executor, or else imedeatlie after my decease to departe iTom the same howse. 
Item I geue & bequethe to Bichard Hovenden my sonne fourtie powndes of good 
& laufuU mony of England to be payd to the sayd Bicharde when he comethe to 
the 1^ of XX yeres Item I geue and bequethe to my sonne Thomas Hovenden 
fourtie powndes due to be payd to the sayd Thomas when he comethe to the age of 
XX yeres. Item I geue and bequethe to my soonne G-yles Hovenden fourtie powndes 
due to be payde to the sayde G-yles when he comethe to the age of xx yeres. And 
if it fortune the sayde Bycharde, Thomas & Gyles to dye (w«** god forbyd) before 
they come vnto the sayd age of xx yeres, then that parte or partes of him or them 
that so dyethe to be equally devyded to the other brothers or brother that sur- 
viuethe. But if it happen the sayd Bychard Thomas or Gyles to marye & to haue 
Issue laufully begotten of theire bodyes, then that parte of him or them that so 
dyethe to remaine to his or theire childrene. Item I geue & bequethe to mj 
doughter Dorothe Hovenden fourtie poundes of good & laufuU moony of Englano 
due to be payd to the sayde Dorothe at the day of her manage. Item I geue & 

* Communicated hj Bobert Hovenden, EBq. 


bcquethe to Alice Hovenden my doughter fourtie powndes of good and laufull 
monj of England, due to be payde to the sayd Alice at the day of her muriage. 
And if it happen the sayd Dorothe or Alice to dye (w*^ god forbyd) before the day 
of theire manage, then that parte of her that bo dyeth to remaine & to be payde 
vuto her that lyuethe at the day and tyme aforesayd. And yf it happen bothe the 
sayd Dorothe & Alice to dye before the day of their manage, then 1 will that the 
fowre score powndes to them before bequethed to be payde & equally devyded 
emongest my three soonnes Eicharde Thomas & Qyles. item I geue and bequethe 
to Anne Hoyenden my doughter foure markes of good and laufull mony of Englond 
yerely to be payde to the sayd Anne duringe her lyfe at fowre ysuall termes in the 
yere that is to say at the feaste of Saincte Michaell the Archangell thyrteue 
shillinges & fowre pence, At the feaste of the Nativitie of our Lord thirtene 
shillinges & fowre pence. At the feaste of the Annunciacon of oure blessed Ladye 
thirtene shillinges and fowre pence, And on the feaste of the Natiyitie of saincte 
John Baptiste thirtene shillinges & fowre pence. The firste payment therof to be- 
gynne at the firste terme of the forsayde fowre termes nexte and immediatlie after 
my decease. And if yt happen the sayd yerelie Annuytie of foure markes to be 
behi];ide ynpayde in parte or in the whole at eny of the feastes aforesayd in which 
it oughte to be payde by the space of xx dayes, then I will that the sayd Anne my 
doughter shall &eelye haue possesse & enioye, to her proper yse duringe her 
naturall lyfe my two fieldes belonginge to my mansion howse, the one cauled 
Shepefielde and the other called Pondefield. Prouyded alwayes that if the sayd 
Anne do sell, bargaine, alienate, exchange or otherwise do awaye the sayd yerelie 
annuytie of foure markes without the consente of my Executor, then this my 
gifte to her to be yoyde and of none effecte. The residewe of my goodes moyable 
& Cattalles not before geyen & bequethed, my debtes Legacies and ffuneralles ful- 
filled p*formed & payd I geue & bequethe to John Houenden my eldeste sonne, 
whiche John 1 ordeine constitute and make my sole Executor of this my laate will 
&, Testament. And of this my last will and testament I do also ordeyne and ap- 
pointe SStephen Sharpie Ouerseer, and he to haue for his paines in that behalfe 
twentie shillinges. 

This is the laste will of me Bobert Hoyenden conceminge the disposic'ou of all 
my landes and tenement es Sentes Keu'sions and Servyces set lyenge &, beinge in 
the Parishes of Cranebroke and Haukehurste in the countie of Kent or else where 
in the liealme of Englande, ffirste I will that Anne my wyfe shall haue my two 
ten'tes set lyinge and beinge in the towne of Cranebroke with all the Londes to 
them belonginge duringe her lyfe if she contynew sole & mary not. So that the 
sayd Anne do kcpe and repay re them sufficientlie, and pay the rentes goinge oute 
of the same to the Lorde of the fiee beinge due & of nghte accustomed. And 
after the deathe of the sayd Anne or after the time of her manage, then I will the 
sayd two ten'tes withe theire Appurtenaunces shall wholly remayne to Richarde 
Hoyenden my soonne & to the heyres of his bodye laufullye begotten. And if he 
dye before he come to the age of xxi yeres and withoute heires of his bodie lau- 
fullye begotten, Then I will the sayd two tenementes with all & singuler theire 
appurtenaunces shall remaine to Thomas Hoyenden &, Gyles Hoyenden my soonnes 
and to theyre heyres equally to be deyyded betwene in lyke maner & forme as 
Coparteners do by the ordre of the comon Lawes of this Eealme. And if the sayde 
Thomas & Gyles d^e before they comme to theire laufull ages of xxi yeres with 
oute heyres of theire bodies laufullie begotten Then I will the sayd two ten'tes or 
messuages with all & sing*ler theire appurtenaunces shall wholly remaine to John 
Hoyenden my soonne &, to his heyres lor euer. Item I will that Kichardo Hoyen- 
den my soonne at his age of xxi jreres shal haue my messuage or ten'te called 
Hodes with xiy Acres of Lande be it more or lesse, and other the appurtenaunces 
set lyinge & beynge in the Parishe of Cranebroke, & one woode called ffoxerige 
withe the A()purtenaunceB in the sayd parishe of Cranebroke, to him & to the 
heyres of his Dodye laufullie begotten. And if he die before his age of xxi yeres, 
& with oute heires of his bodie laufullye begotten. Then I will the sayd messuage 
or ten't called Hodes with the xiv acres of Lande, and the woode called ffoxeridge 


with th'appurtenaunces shall wholj remayne to Thomas and G-yles mj soonnes, and 
to the hejres of theire bodies lauf ullie begotten, in maner & forme as I haue willed 
the ten'tes or messuages willed to my wife after her estate determined. And if hit 
fortuue the sayd Thomas and G-yles before theire laufull ages & withoute heyres of 
theire bodies laufuUye begotten to decease, Then I will that the sayd messuage or 
ten'te called Hodes with the xiiij Acres of Londe & the woode called ffoxeridge 
shall wholly remaine to John Hovendon my soonne and to his heyres for euer. 
Item 1 will that Thomas my soonne at his laufull age of xxi yeres, shall haue my 
two ten*te8 or messuages with theire appurtenaunces lyenge & beinge in the p'ishe 
Hawkehurste aforesayde to him and to his heyres of lus bodye laufullye begotten. 
And for defaulte of suche Issue, I will the sayd two ten'tes or messuages with 
theire Appurtenaunces shall remaine to Eicharde & Gyles my soonnes & to the 
heyres oi theire bodies laufully begotten accordinglie and ynder such maner and 
forme as I haue mlled my messuage called Hodes the xiiij Acres of Londe and the 
woode called ffoxeridge lyenge in the Parishe of Cranebroke. And if it fortune 
the sayd Bichard & Gyles to dye withoute Issue afore thej come to theire laufull 
age, then I will the sayd two ten'tes or messuages lyenge m the Parishe of Hawke- 
hurste aforesayde shall wholy remaine to my soonne John Hovenden & to his 
heyres for euer. Item I will that my two ten'tes or messuages lyinge & beinge in 
Hasildenwoode in the p'ishe of Cranebroke with theire Appurtenaunces shalbe & 
remayne to my soonne Gyles Hoyenden at his full age of xxi yeres & to the heyres 
of his ,l>odie laufully begotten. And for lacke of suche Issue I will the sayd 
Tenementes with theire Appurtenaunces shall whohe remayne to my soonnes 
Bycharde and Thomas and to the heires of theire bodies lawfully begotten 
in the same ordre maner & forme as I haue willed my two ten'tes or mes- 
suages lyenge in the Parishe of Hawkehurste. And if the said E.ichard and Thomas 
dye withoute Issue of theire bodyes laufully begotten, Then I will the sayd two 
ten'tes with theire appurtenaunces shall whollie remaine to my soonne John Hoyen- 
den and to his heires for euer. Item I will that Anne my wyfe shall take the yssues 
and proffettes of all my landes and ten'tes w^'^ I haue willed to my iij yonger 
soonnes E.ichard Thomas & Gyles durynge theire nonages therwithe to exhibite 
and finde them honestlye. And when they and eyther of them shall come to theire 
laufull ages, Then I will my sayd wyfe Anne shall make an Accompte to them, & 
suche monye as shall remayne of the profittes of the sayd Landes to deliuer it to 
them & euerie of them as they shall attayne and come to theyre seuerall laufull 
eges of xxj yeres And if my wyfe fortune to mary agayne, my sayd iij yonger 
soonnes or eny of them beinge within age, Then I will my sayd wyfe shall put in 
sufficient sureties in a convenient some of mony to be bownde to my executor for 
the true delyuerie of suche monye as shalbe receyued by her of the profittes and 
Issues of my sayd Landes assigned to my thre yonger soonnes, And soche monye 
as shall remayne ypon her accompte shall deliuer to suche of my sayd iij soonnes 
as shall come to theire laufull. Ages and if my wife refuse or if it shall shall fortune 
her to decease before the sayd laufull ages of my sayd three soonnes^ Then I will 
my soonne John Hoyenden shall receyue and take tne yssues & profettes of all 
suche landes ten'tes & wooddes as I haue willed geuen and bequethed to my sayd 
iij younger soonnes duringe there sayde nonages. And the sayd John Hovenden 
my Sonne to deliuer to euerie of my sayd iij yonger soonnes, when he or they shall 
come to theyre laufull ages soche somes oi monye as he shall receyue of theire 
landes and ten'tes. The necessarie charges and expenses spente vpon eu'ie of my 
sayde iij yonger soonnes duringe there nonage firste allowed to my sayd soonne 
John. Item I will that my principall messuage and all the Landes belonginge to 
the same lyenge in the p'ishe of Cranebroke whiche I boughte of Thomas 
Hartridge, all suche landes as I boughte of John Tebolde in the sayd Parishe 
of Cranebroke, and also that my myli & Landes with the Appurtenaunces in 
the sayd parishe of Cranebroke w^^ I boughte of Will'm Coorthopp & all other 
my landes & ten'tes before in this my laste will not geuen willed nor deyysed 
shall wholie remaine to my sayd sonne John Hoyenden and to the heyres of 
his bodye laufully begotten for euer And I will that nether my wyfe duringe 


the tyme that she shall receyue and take the Issues' and profyttes of suche lands & 
ten'tes as 1 haue gyuen to my three yonger soonnes, by vertue of this mv will, nor 
my soonne John Hovenden of the sayd landes A ten'tes shall come to his handes 
& occupacon to the vse of my sayde three yonger soonnes duringe the tyme of 
theire sayd nonage shall not medle with any of the woodes or vnderwoodes grow- 
inge ypon the same, But suffre them to be and remaine ypon the same to and for 
the yse of my sayd three yonger soonnes when they shall come to theire severall 
ages of xxi yeres eny thinge in this my will contayned to the contrarie not with- 
standinge. And if my sayd wyfe shall attempt to do the contrarye then I will that 
she shall not medle with the receipts of the Issues and profittes of the same landes 
appoynted to my younger soonnes But that my soonne John Hovenden shall re- 
ceyve the sayd Issues and profittes to the vse of my sayd three yonger soonnes, 
trustinge that he will see & cause to the wooddes to bee kepte & preserved to the 
vse of his sayd yonger brethrene. And I will that if my sayd wyfe Anne will not 
accepte & take those two bowses or ten'tes w*** I haue willed to her by this my will 
& be contented therwithe, but will demande her dowre in all my other landes & 
ten'tes wherby my will shall not take place accordinge to my mynde therof made. 
Then I will that all suche legacy es & bequestes as I haue bequethed to her in my 
testament shalbe vtterlye voyde and of none effecte. And she take what she can 
recover by the comen lawe & not otherwyse. Item wheare in my testament con- 
ceminge my movables I haue gevin to my three yonger soonnes Kicharde Thomas 
and G-yles the some of a hundrethe and twentie powndes viz. to either of them 
fourtie powndes as by the same it dothe appere I will that in case my sayd wyfe 
will not be contente with suche thinges as 1 haue bequethed willed and geven to 
her in my testament & last will but will demande & requyre to haue the thirdes of 
all my landes & tenementes interruptinge my Executor in the Execucon therof 
wherby my landes and ten'tes devysed by my sayd last will cannot take effecte 
accordinge to my meaninge therin expressed, Then I will that the same somme one 
hundrethe and twentie powndes bequethed to my sayd three younger soonnes shalbe 
voyde & of none effecte. And then the same hundrethe and twentie powndes 
shall remayne to my Executor to doo therwith his ffree will & pleasure, Any thinge 
to the contrarye in my sayd testament conteyned not withstandinge. In witnes 
wherof By me Bobert Hovenden. Present at the ensealinge & makinge of this 
testament and last will of Bobert Hovenden, G-eorge Atkynson Vicar, Stephen 
Sharpye, Henry Kyngyswoode. 

The Codicefl of me the sayde Eoberte Hovenden w*^** I will to be annexed 
to my said testament & laste will viz. I bequethe more to Anne my wyffe iiij 
seames of wheate, & ij seames of malte Also I bequethe more to the sayd Anne 
my wyffe twentie powndes of lauiuU mony of England to be payd to her by my 
Executo' or his assigues within one yere next after my decease, Also I geue and 
bequethe more to my soonne Bichard Hovenden tenne powndes of laufull moonye 
of Englande to be payd to the sayd Bicharde my soonne at suche tyme as the fourtie 
powndes before willed sholde be payde, Also I geue & bequethe moore to my 
soonne Thomas Hovenden tenne powndes of laufml monye of Englande to be payd 
to the sayd Thomas my soonne at suche tyme as the fowrtie powndes before willed 
sholde by payde, Also I geue & bequethe moore to my soonne Gyles Hovenden 
tenne powndes of laufull monye of Englande to be payd to the sayd Gkyles my 
soonne at suche tyme as the fowrtie powndes before willed sholde by payde. Also 
I will that the sayd Anne my wyffe shall haue the occupyenge of all the monye 
bequethed to my three yonger soonnes Bicharde Thomas and Gyles Hovenden and 
all the monye bequethed to my two Doughters Dorothe Hovenden and Alyce 
Hovenden To be payd and deliu'ed to the sayd Anne my wyfe in manor & forme 
folowinge. That is to saye In the first quarter of the seconde yere next after my 
decease three score powndes and in tne second quarter of the same yere three 
score powndes, And in the thirde quarter of the same yere three score powndes 
and in the fowrthe quarter of the same fiftie powndes, vpon condic'on that the 
sayd Anne my wyfe do fynde & putt in sufficient suretie to be bownde with her to 
myne Executor for the payment of the sayd monye to be payde to my sayd soonnes 


& doughters at soche tyme & tymes as is ^before assigned by this mj present testa- 
ment for the payment therof. Also I will that myne Executor or his assignes 
shall within one quarter of yere next after my decease pay vnto the sayd Anne my 
wyffe at suche tyme as the sayd Anne shall seale & deliuer as her dede to my 
Executor suche writinge as the sayd my Executor <& his lemed cownsell shall 
reasonably deyyse or advyse three score powndes. And the other fourtie powndes 
to be payd to the same Anne within one yere next after my decease. Also I geue 
and bequethe to the sayd Anne my wyfe euerye yere duringe her wydowhed tenne 
loades of woode to be taken & had oute of the woode called ffoxeridge by the dis- 
crecon of myne Executors, Item to remembre to reforme that whereas my soonne 
John Hovenden is entyteled to the landes & ten*tes before geven to my iij yongar 
Boonnes Richard Thomas & Qyles Hovenden, if all my sayd iij soonnes happen to 
dye withottte heyres of theyre bodyes laufullye begotten (as god forbyd) Then I 
will ail the sayd landes <ft ten'tes before bequeathed to my iij soonnes shall remayne 
wholy to Anne my wyfe duringe all the whole naturall lyfe of the same Anne 
without shrepe or waste she payinge the rentes & kepinge the repac*ons tenante 
like. And arter the decease of the sayd Anne my wyfe, I will that all the forsayd 
landes and ten'tes with the appurtenaunces shall remayne equallye to my two 
doughters Dorothe & Alyce and to theyre heyres for euer. Here vnto beinge 
witnesses John Ware, Stephen Sharpye, & Bobarte Bayner withe other. By me 
John HoTenden. 

Proved 27 April 1658. 


Additional extracts, from the parish register of Hedon, in Holdemess, in the 
East Biding of Yorkshire (see ' Miscellanea,' ante, p. 63). 


1568. June 24. Edward Holme gentleman marred An'e Constable gentlewoman. 

159f . March 11. M' Gtibriell Constable maryed Jone kirkby. 

1594. August 20. Margret Constable dought^ to m' G>abriell Constable, was Bap- 

1596. November 28. Balfe Constable sone to m' Oabriell Constable, was baptized. 

1599-1600. January 7. katheron Cunstable daughter of gabriel Cunstable babtized. 
99 n ,9 9. Katherine Cunstable daughter of Ghibriel Cunstable was 


1602. April 13. Anne Constable y* Daughter of G-abriell Constable baptised. 

1603. November 10. EUener Cunstable daughter to Gabriell Cunstable was bap- 


1604. April 10. An Cunstable daughter to gabriell Co'stabble was buried. 
1606. September 9. Baptizatus fuit Ghibriell filius Gtibrielis Constable. 

1610. November 30. Joane the daughter of Gabriel Constable was bapt. 

1611. May 27. William Potts married Margret Constable. 

1646. April 30. Margaret Constable Daughter of Michael Constable Esquire was 

Stoites (pp. 22 and 48).— 21 July, 1693. Grant of arms, by Sir Thomas St. 
George, Garter, and Sir John Dugdale, Norroy, Kings of Arms, to Thomas Stones, 
of Mosborough, in parish of Eckington, Dierbyshire, and his descendants, viz. Vert 
on a bend counter-embattled or between six doves argent three crosses humette 
sable. f3jrest : On a wreath of the colours a demi-dragon pean holding a cross vert 
and jsd^ed with a collar argent, charged with three roses gules. 

W^ttcts from Pontefract Registers : — 
1757. 24 June, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Stones, of Knottingley, buried. 
1757. 16 July, Bichard, son of Thomas Stones, of Knottingley, buried. 



Cabew. — Hame Alice Stamford, widow of Sir William St&mford, Knt., Juatics 
of the Common Pleas, who died in August, 1558, married, secondly, Boger Cuew, 
Esq., of Monken Hadley (circa 1560), and by him had an only aon, Henry Carew, 
Esq., also of Monken Hadley, who died unmarried December 12, 1620, and wa« 
there buried. A B oger Carew was one of the bui^eBses of St AJban'a from 5th 
tn 13th Elizabeth. Wanted to ascertain to what branch of the Carew family the 
said Boger and Henry bebnged. F. C. Cafs. 

FoDKK OB FowKE.— There was formerly in Staffordshire a family of the name 
of Fouke or Fo*ke. One of them, Boger Fowke, of Brewood, bought Wyrley 
Orove from his relative, John Leveson, and married Joan Fowke. Their son 
Thomas married Mary, daughter of Heniy Ferrers, of Baddealey Clinton, co, "War- 
wick, and had issue Ferrers Fowke, of Little "Wyrley, who married Fntnces, 
daughter of Morton Briggs, of Haughton Hall, co. Salop. Can any one supply 
tlie issue of this match and, if any, what became of them F J. FsTHXasToa. 

Q^iBBOK OF Welbuef. — At Welbum Hall, in North Torkahire, a little more 
than a mile from Kirbymoorside, resided James Gibson, Esq., Town Clerk of Lon- 
don, whose daughter Elizabeth (query, Judith) married Thomas Straogwayi 
Hobinson, of Pickering, Esq., — she died 1751. The last of the Bobinaous who 
occupied the old hall was the Ber. John Bobinson, lineally descended from Sir 
James Strangways, who, in the time of Henry TI., married Margaret, the elder of 
the two coheiresses of the last Lord D'Arcy MeisiU. The younger married Sir 
John Conyers, ancestor of the present Duke of Leeds. The name of Strangways 
was exchanged for that of Bobinson in accordance with the will of Luke Bobinson 
Esq., of Biseborough, and M.P. for Scarborough. 

The woodcut represents a fine gold mounting to a lady's Malacca walking-cane, 
with crest on the top. I should be glad to know to whom this cane belonged. I 
got it from a cottage in the Tillage of Welbum, and it was said to hare been the 
walking-cane of " Johanna Oibaon." Edwass Mortoit. 

Malton, 21 Novtmbtr, 1870. 

CAPTAiTf Newboh, B.M. — Can any correspondent throw light on the parentage 
of this gentleman? In Schomberg's ' Naval Becords,' vol. i. p. 840, he ia thus 
mentioned : — " Bear-Admiral Stevens blockading Pondicherry, sent the boats of 
his division, headed by Capt^n Newsome, who cut out two frigates with great gal- 
lantry." In ' Gentleman's Magazine for 1759, amongat the vesaela which suucd 
from Einsale is named the ' Boman Emperor,' of twenty guns, commanded by 
Captain Newsom. In his will, dated October, 1787, he is styled Capt^n Wm. 
Newson, K.N., and mentions his fuur daughters, — Sarah, wife of Ambrp^ Cor- 
deroy ; Mary Ann, wife of Geo. Paterson ; Caroline, wife of . . . Danp ; and 
Elizahot, subsequently wife of John Strongi'th'arm, engraver, of Pall llall (see 
Geni.'s Mag.). There can be httle doubt of the present firm of Strongi'th'arm of 
Pall Mall twing either descendants or collaterals of this last marriage. 

W. N. 




SjdraeUdfrom the Mecards of the College o/Arnu by G. If. R, Sarrieon, Esq,, Windeor Merald, 

John Norm of Wincle, in com. D6Ton.^Agnt3a, daa*r of . . . Galliamptou. 



John Norris William Nonris John NorriB of Splate^^Petronell, dauV Elizabeth=Jo. Thomas 

of Windflj in of Milyerton 
Go. Do? on, 00. Som. 
3 son. 2 son. 

Iq the parish of Saint 
Decnnums, co. Som. 

Hogh NoRu of SplatenpToan, daa*r of . . . Clarke 
A» 1673. 

of Jo. Paslew 
of Horwood in 
CO. Devon. 




of Okej, CO. Som. 

PhiUp NorriB.=f=. . . dau'r of John Foord of 
■ ' Copenswell. 


Elisabeth, dau'r of . 
bur. at S' Decomans 
18 March 1607/8. 

^1 2 Wife. 

=7=John Norris of =^Joan, dau'r of William 

Splate, in the 
County of 
Somerset, 2"^ 
son, & heir to 
his brother 
Anno 1623. 

Lewes of Watohet co. 
Somerset married at 
S' Decumans 6 Julj 
1609. bur. there 
8 June 1625. 

3 Wife. 
: Jane, dau'r of . 
bur. at S* Decu- 
mans 27 July 

Tho. Nonris, son 
heir aged 17 
jean A!* 1623 
died 10 Aug. 1650. 
aged 44. bur. at 
8* Decumans. 



dau'r Anne married to 

Joan, wife of . . . 

... Pawlett k 

Lyneam of 

had issue Thomas 


Pawlett who 


was of Trin. 

Dorothy, wife 

Coll. Cam. 

of . . . Blake 

A° 1661. 

of Comhill. 

I I I 

William, Henry, & 
Elizabetii. Supposed 
to be dead before 1661 
as they are not ment^ 
in the Will of their 
brother Hugh. 


Hugh Norris, a Hugh Norris 3^ son. a Turkey^=3usan, dau'r of John Norris of =T=Mary, dau'r 
Le^tee in the Merchant of London. Bap. 

unde Hugh 
Anno 1661. 

at S< Decumans 15 Sept. 1611. 
Admitted to his Freedom of 
the Company of Ironmongers 
the 9 Dec. 1635. and to that 
of the Turkey Company on 
17 of the same month. He 
purchased a Copyhold estate 
in the Manor of Hackney 
Co. Middx. 12 July 1653. 
Wm dat. 19 Sep. 1661. 
pr. 20 Nov. foU. (188 May). 

Henry Polsted 
of London esq. 
Executrix to 
her husband 
A* 1661. 


Executrix to 
her husband. 

John Norris 
living A" 

Minchead in 
com. Som. 
Gent. bap. at' 
S^ Decumans 
14 July 1610. 
Will dat. 26 
Nov. 1668 
pr. 14 May 
1669 (59 Coke). 

I I I 

Tho. Norris Alice & EUzabetli 

living A*' both living Anno 

1668. 1668. 

Elixab. 2 dau'r of Hugh Susan 
Nonris. Norris 

= A« 

George Skipp of Ledbury, 1649. 
in the county of Hereford, 
esq. firom whom desc. the 
preaont fam. of the Skipps 
of Ledbury. 

i I 1 1 

Hugh Norria of =y=E8ther, daughter Polsted Mary, married 

London, Turkey 
Merchant, made 
Free of that 
Company by 
8 Oct. 1672. 
wm dat. 3 
Dec. 1692 pr. 
3 Mar. 1692/3. 
(56 Coker.) 

of . . . Watson Norris 
of . . . Her will d. s. p. 
proved 25 Aug. 
1709. (198 Lane.) 


Cpmmunicated b^ J. R. Di^iiel-Tvssen, Esq., F.S.A, 





1| 2 Wife. 

Hu^ Norrifl Sarah, daughter: 

son & heir of John Sawyer, 

bom in 1676. of Charter 

= House Yard 

2 I 1 Wife. 

: Henry Korrid, 2^ 8on,^Elizabeth, daughter 

. . . daughter 
of . . . 

London eeq. 
Bhe died 25 
Noy. 1762 S. P. 
buried at 

of London, BuBsia 
Merchant, k of Qrore 
Street Hackney 
aforesaid esq. in the 
Commission of the 
Peace for the County 
of Middlestfx. 
bom Anno 1677> 
Died 19 June 1762. 
bur. at Hackney. 
WiU proved 1 July 
176i (812 S' Bloy). 

of . . . Brookes, Citizen 
& Grocer of London, 
man*, at Hampton 
Court Chapel 18 Maroh 
1702/8. died 24 Sep. 
1718 buried at Hackney. 

Esther Norrii 
of Clapham in 
Surrey, died 
tion of her 
granted to 
her brother 
81 SCay 1729. 

1 -Wife. 1 I 
MaiT, dau'r of Geo. Skipp of=Hugh Norns eldest son. bom 1 Sept.= 

Ledbury in the county of 1705. at Stockholm in the Kingdom 

Hereford Esq. son of the of Sweden Besided at Bumsey oo. 

abore mentioned George Hants, died A° 1769. buried at 

Skipp esq. by Eliz. Norris Bumsey. 
his wife. 

2 Wife. 
^Frances, widow of . . . 
Dowse of Bumsey afd. 
died at Southampton 
& buried there iuuio 

Hugh Norris eldest son.: 

in the Nayy A» 1780. 

:Martlia, dau*r of 
Andrew Moffat 
of Cranbrooke 
00. Essex esq. 

Hen. Norris 2 son at 
Fort S* George in the 
East Indies A« 1780. 

Franoes Norria only 
daughter unmarried 
1780. Aged about 21. 

Henry Norris 2 son, bom at StockhoIm^Elizab. young' dau'r & at 
80 Sep. 1707. of London, Bussia 
Merchant A of Woodford in tlie 
county of Essex esq. in the Commis- 
sion of the Peace for the said County 
A now in possession of the Estate at 
Hackney purchased by his Great 
Grand&ther Anno 1668. 

length coh. of Gerras 
Handley Cit. A Iron- 
monger of London 
Marr. May 2. 1788. at 
S« Michaels ComhUl. 
d. 16 Feb. 1776. bur. at 

.1 J I 
Benjamin Norris, bom 18 

Aug. 1709 A died the 

same month. 

William Norris bom 28 

Dec 1712 A died Dec. 


Elisabeth Norris bom 1 

June. 1714 A died May 


All bom in the parish of 

8' Andrew Undershaft. 


Hogh, bom 28 Jan. Peter Henry Elisabeth, bom Ghraoe, dau'r of: 


Sarah, bom 6 Got. 


Anne bom 10 Aug. 


These 8 children died infants 

under 2 years of age. 

Norris 21 Not. 1786. the Bev. Tho. 

2 son. bom died unmarried Hest Yicar of 
1 Feb. 1762. 80 Sep. 1778. Warton oo. 


^Henry Handley Nonis, 

eldest son. bom 20 Feb. 

1734/6. in parish of 6* 

Andrew Undenhaft. 

London A Bussia 

Merchant married at 

Woodford aforesaid 

17 Oct 1768. 

Henry Handley Norris, 
bom 10 Sep. 1769. 
baptised in the Parish 
of S* Andrew Under- 
shaft London 18 Oct. 
following A died 16 
Oct. 1770.buried at 

Henry Handley Norris, 
bom 14 Jan. 1771 
bap. in the Parish of 
S' Andrew Undershaft 
afs«* 6 Feb. foUr. 
yow Liying 1780. 

Elisab. Norris, bom Anne Henrietta Norrii 

9 June 1778. bap- bom 9 May 1776. bap. 

tised in the Parish in the parish of S* 

of S* Andrews Un- Andrew Undershaft 

dershaft 1 July foil' 18 June foil' liying 

A died 10 May 1777. 1780. 
buried at Woodford. 

Mary Norris, bom in parish of S' Andrew^Peter Dn Cane of Braxted Lodge in co. Essex es^. 

Undershaft 1 Jan. 1711/12 marr. at S* 
MATgaret Pattens, Bood Lane London 
27 Mar. 1786. died Anno 1762. 


Lord of the Manor of Great Braxted. Son A heur of 
Bichard Du Cane esq. Lord of the Manor of Cogges- 
hall in the same County. 




Oeoigt Du Ber. Homy Dd Cane Peter Du Ouie of Homliam Kicbanl Du Cane Harp A 

Cane Ticar of Coggeahall in 00. Sueaei esq. married d. 1760immarried Sanh 

nriMrried - Co. Euex. married at there 22 Not. 1769. aj^ed 20. unmarrird 

1780. AUhaUowa Barking = 17B0. 
London 4 Apr. 1778. Fhebe Philips, elder daughter 
= ofEdwardTredcroftof 
Horsham afor«iiBid. 

Certified 6 April 1780 hj 

Br Bfr Sorra. 
Sjtractad from the Beoord* of the Collsge of Anne London 
i. n".!!;...!! thei«with tbia 16 d».j ot December 1870. 

Windaor Herald. 

Hennr Nome 

Died 19* June 

Aged 86 years. 

* Arms granted to Hugh Norria, A° 1673, b; Robert Cooke, Chnnoeui. 



CLKMnmKA OB Clemsvob Gabamajoii, 07 Bristol, 1749. 

Clementina or Clemenoe Casamajor, alias Clementina La Feyre, widow, of the City of Briitol. 
Will (originally written in French) dated 2S'^ of June, 1749. A CodicU added, dated 2"' Apnl, 
1755. Sworn to bj the La Boches, under affidayit 6'^ January 1768. (she died 8'^ Norember, 1760), 
and administered to, the 19*^ January the same year, there being no execution mentioned. Leares 
property to her three daughters Mary, Elizabeth, and Ann Casamajor. By Codicil leayes £100 to 
Afary Casamajor, her grandchild, which she gives to James La Boehe and Clemenoe his wife, 
another of her daughters, for the use of the said grandchild. James La Boohe is described as of 
Bristol, Bsq. The will is extremely short, and ends by her particularly enjoining firiendahip and 
unity among the children and fiunily. 

Mabt Casahajob, of Bristol, 1756. 

Mary Casamajor, of the City of Bristol, Spinster. Will dated 19^ February 1756. Codicil 
dated 13*^ Nov. 1763. Administration granted to her sisters Elizabeth, and Anne Caaam^or, 12*^ 
Oct*^*^ 1799. Desires to be buried near her Father. Qives a small estate at the foot of CoU^ 
Green, and her house without Lawford's Gkite to her Brother in law La Boche, of which he is to 
receiye the rents, until he shall be paid the sum of £117 » I7 „ 6, lent to the said Testatrix. Men- 
tions " obligations under which she laboured to him and her dear sister Laroche.** LeaTes a Walnut 
cabinet to the said sister in token of her love. Bequeaths to her niece Mary Casamajor her diamond 
Earrings and a locket in which is the Cypher D. M. C. To her niece Hannah Casamajor, her Pesrl 
Necklace, To her nephew Lewis John Casamajor her Gkdd Watch, and the residue of her estate to 
her eisters Elizabeth and Anne Casamajor, to be equally divided between them. By her Codicil shs 
desires, that, as her sisters and herself had purchased and built a house in Queen's Square, a third 
part of it after her and their decease, might deyolTc to her eldest niece Maria Casamajor. 

(A smI of arms is attached.) 


Elizabeth Casamajor, Spinster, of the City of Bristol. Will dated 2*' September 1778. Prored 
26*^ June 1780. Mentions property in S* Austins Back, also in Queen Square. Bequeaths the 
bulk of her property to her Sister Anne who is made sole executrix. To Mary her Sister £20 only, 
To her nephew Henry, the property in Queen's Square after her Sister Anne's death. To her nieces 
Anne and Henrietta Casamajor £750 each. Appoints her niece Maria residual^ legatee. To her 
niece Harriot she leares £50 only ** not on account that she loTes her the least, but bMause Sir Wil^ 
liam and Lady East having taken her, she hopes that she will be thus proyided for," To the four 
nieces aboye mentioned she leayes £10 each, also to her nephew Heniy and to her niece Elizabeth 
Goodwin £10 a piece. 

Hahvah Cabamajob, of Mabtibbohb, 1779. 

Hannah Cssami^or, widow, of the New Suffolk Street, Maiylebone. Will dated 4^ December, 
1779. Proved 17^^ December 1782. Mentions her husband John Casamajor deceased, and Jus- 
tinian and John her sons. Leaves her house in New Suff^ Street, near to Middlesex Hospital, to 
her son John, who is nominated her sole executor. Alludes to property or Government securities, 
especially a sum of £5000, in which her late husband's sisters have some interest, after whose 
decease she allots three-eights of the said sum to Justinian her son, and five-eights to John, her son' 
Mentions a sum of upwimls of £8000, advanced to her son Justinian. Leaves to her firieind M' 
Mary Bush, £30. Desires if she dies in London to be buried near her husband in S* James Church. 

Bbbxcoa Casamajob, ojf Mabtlbbokb, 1785. 

Bebecca Casamajor, widow, of Queen Anne Street West, Marylebone. Will dated 25'*> October, 
1786, limited probate 17*^ November 1788. Additional entry in the margin under November 26*^ 
1861. Mentions her only son James Henry Casamajor of Fort S' George in the East Indies, and 
Bebecca Casamajor, his natural daughter. The addition of Probate (1861) mentions a James 
Archibald Casamajor as a son (probably of the James Henry Casamajor mentioned above), it also 
mentions John Powney and William Cook. Testatrix desires to be buried in Chiswick Churchyard, 
near to her grandmother Elizabeth Powney and her aunt Mary Powney. All her property ii 
devised to her only son James Henry, with the exception of £200 a year in the Consoliaated Ixing 
Annuities, which she leaves to Bebecca her granddaughter, the natural daughter of her son James 
Henry Casamajor, who, it would appear was abroad. She appoints the two persons named to act 
should such a contingency occur. She specifies a request that lier granddnughter may not retom to 

Ajtk Cabahajob, of Bbistol, 1787. 

Ann Casamaior, Spinster, of the parish of S* Stephen, in the city of Bristol Will dated 1'^ 
March 1787. Proveci 9*^ February 1808. Mentions Elisabeth Casamajor, her sister^ deceased. 

* Communicated by the Bight Honourable Earl of EnniskiUen. 


Propertj 18 mentioned in S' Augustine's Baok, and in Queen Square, the latter she leaves to her 
nephew Henry Casamajor. Desires to be buried in the " Mayors Chappie" wherein many of her 
Idndred lie. Maria Brian, her niece, styled a widow in the Probate, is left sole Executrix. As her 
late niece Ann had not in her disposal any of the £750, left to her by her Aunt Elizabeth, the Tes- 
tatrix learee £760 to each of her nieces Harriott and Henrietta, sisters of the said Ann. She like- 
wise bequeaths £10 to each of them for mourning &c. 

John Gasamajob, Esq., ot Gk>u>EN Squabe, 1747. 

John CSasammor of Golden Square, County of Middlesex, Esq. Will dated 16 April. Proved 
27 May 1747. Mentions his wife Anne, liring and enceinte at the date of the Will. Also three 
children (names not giren) under age at the same date. Leaves to his brother Henry £1500, to his 
three ststers Mary, Elizabeth and j£me, £60 annuity each. To his mother he leaves an annuity of 
£250. The execntors named are Yalens Comyn, Joh. Windham, Nicholas Magens, and James La 

JoRH Cabamajob, ov Mabylebokb, 1795. 

John Casamajor Esq. of Su£Fblk Street, Maiylebone. Will dated 27 June 1795. First Codicil 
1 July 1800. Second CodicU 14 Eeb. 1804. Proved 26 March 1814. Desires to be opened after 
death and embalmed, but a Codicil revokes the embalming but directs the opemng. It also revokes 
a oerfcain clause relating to the investment of a sum of money in Trustees, and finally Augustus 
Hankey S"q-) Banker of Fenchurch Street is instituted sole Executor. To his Housekee^r, by 
one of his Codicils, he leaves an annuity. This said annuity is signed by Justinian Casamajor jun' of 
Potterells Coonty Hertford as a witness. Probably his nephew, son of his brother Justinian, who 
owes him under a Bond, upwards of £3000. Alludes to property in the Government Securities. 
Leaves the bulk of his property to his five nieces, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Henrietta and Caroline. 

Jambs Hxnbt Cabamajob, Esq., ob London, 1805. 
In the PreroffcUive Cfffloe there. 

James Henry Casamajor Esq. of Wimpole Street Manchester Square co. Middlesex. Will dated 
the 20^ of June 1805. Codicil 5»' of October 1811. Proved the ll'i* of October 1815. He died 
the 23*^ of Januaiy in the latter year, aged 70. Leaves £300 to his wife Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir James Campbell of Inverary, for mourning, to each of his children for mourning £100, and £50 
to his natural daughter Bebeoca for the same purpose. Mentions property in Gk)vemment Tontine 
•hares ; in Westminster Assurance, in Grand Junction Canal Shares, Legacy to the servant of his 
deceased mother, at Madras — mentions in the list of his Executors *' my Cousin John Casamajor 
Esq'." <« my Cousin now of Suffolk Street." Further Probates were granted the 21'^ of March 1818 
ana 27*^ of March 1837 at which latter period his Cousin John Casami^jor appears to have been dead. 

The Codicil provides that as by the Will a great many are left Executors who are resident in 
London, a certain number resident at Madras shall be further appointed among whom is one John 
Ossamajor Esq. The Codicil is dated at Madras. An affidavit as to his handwriting describes him 
ss James Henry Casamajor Esq. of Manchester Square. 

JTTBTnoAir Casamajob, Esq., of Hebtfobdshibb, 1816. 

In the Prerogative Officet London, 

Justinian Casamajor Esq. of Potterells in the Parish of North Mimms co. Hertford. Will dated 
2"^ September 1816. Two Codicils Proved 29'^ August 1820. Mentions his sons Justinian, George- 
John, Looio- Duncan, William-Charles and his daughters Emma, Henrietta, Caroline, Lydia and his 
■on in law John Yemon Esq. Desires to be buried as near to the remains of his Wife as possible, but 
the Codicil specifies that if he die at Pitton in Devonshire he is to be buried there. Alludes to Property 
in Bristol and some share in a Tontine property. His grandson Justinian, son of his son-in-law John 
Temon Esq. to assmne the Arms and name of Casamajor. Leaves Justinian, John, and William 
his sons Executors, but by Codicil revokes the appointment of Justinian, Also a M' Newman his 
friend, who is the Executor that proves, power being reserved to the others. Mentions also consi- 
derable property in the Island oi Antigua. John by the concluding portion would seem at that 
time to nave bfien abroad in the East Indies. The Will is of great length, and particularizes the 
disposition of some of his Jewels and Rarities with some articles of Yertu, of which he appears to 
have had a costly stock. The celebrated Macklin Bible is to continue as a heirloom in his family, 
also some Globes left him by General Hervey, and Yaluables from Lady Carhampton. Potterells 
would seem to have been devised by his friend Charles (or C. L. S.) Delach, to him and another as 
tenants in oommon. Yarious legacies are also bequeathed especially to his servants. The second 
Codidl aflbrds the reason for excluding Justinians name as one of the Executors, viz. not from any 
diminution of love, but that he, Justinian, is already much engaged. The property would seem to 
be generally in the Counties of Hertfordshire, Middlesex, and Lincoln. 

LoTriB-DxTNOAN Casamajob, Esq., 1820. 

In the PreroffoHve Office, London. 

Administration to the effects of Louis-Duncan Casamajor Esq. late Minister Plenipotentiary at 

the Court of 8* Petersburg. Granted the 1** December 1820, to James Newman Esq., one of the 

Bzeentors of the late Justinian Casam^or Esq., the natural and lawful Father of the deceased, he 

dying before him. Sworn under £8000. 


JOHir ClflAMAJOB, Bb<^, 1821. 

I» ike Prerogative Office, Loudon, 

Admmirtntioii to tlia Estate of John Ouamajor Esq. Bachelor, late of Madna m the East 
lodiea. Gnoted the 2^ October 1821 to his brother Wiltiam Charles Oaaam^ar Eaq. 8«om 
under £100. 

ivvnxux Caaocajob, Eb<^, oy Lovdov, 182L 

In ike Prerogative Office there. 

Jnstimaa Caaamajor Eaq. of Great Suflblk Street, London. Wfll datod the 3^ of Maj 1821, 
attested, as Testators handwriting hj Edward Pike of Parliament Stnet the 13*^ Sqptemher, and 
prored the 17*^ of September, the same year. Conunences bj iearing that he has mishud s focmer 
Will to the same effect as the present one, made some time ago. LeaTCs all he pou s caaf a to Ssiah 
Pallett^ his serrant, who has lired with him for these 10 jresrs past, and idiose oondnct he enkgiaei 
at some length. Knows of no one who has more claim on him than die. Had but little to beqoestfa 
to her k widies it were more. LeaTcs Jewdrj Pictures Fumitttie &e. to her. To hia Ezeeaton 
Philip Ancnstus Hanrott Esq. Solicitor, and M' Thomas Poole his former Landlord he leaves £50 
a piece. Entraats Sarah Pblktt to give Emma £20 if she can afford it. 

Hbvristta Casamajob, ov BjLwuiiOH, 1823. 
In the Prerogative Office^ London. 

Henrietta Casamajor of Eawleigh in the Comity Deron formerly of Coonty Hertford SpinBter. 
Will dated the 9*^ of June 1823. Prored the 19*^ of March 1824. Makes bequests to Oarohne- 
Lydia and Emma Casami^or out of money coming to her from her brother John and General Har- 
yeifB legacy ; remainder to her brothers William, Charles and Qeorge^ames. Mentions her two 
sisters And«rdon and Yemon, and her two godchildren Caroline Yemon and William Manning 
Anderdon, who are left some money when they come of age. Alludes to her Cousins, the Whites. 

The Will is a short one & is acoompanied by two Codicils and an attestation of Testatrix hand- 
writing. The Ezecafbrs named are Emma and Caroline Lydia Casamajor and William Charies 

HxvBT Cabakajob, Esq., ov Bath, 1824. 

In the Prerogative Office, London. 

Henry Casamajor Esq. described as of Bichmond Terrace, Walcot dirision of Bath-forum oo. 
Somerset formerly of Great House, Upper Tockinffton co. Gloucester, bachelor. Will dated 4'^ of 
January 1824. Handwriting attested to, the 1"' Jan', & proved 4 March same year. Besirss to be 
buried at Newton 8' Loe, co. Somerset, in the ground which he had had prepared near the grare 
of his Sistor M'* Henrietta Daries. LesTCs a sum of money to keep the said graves and monuments 
in repair, as also those of M' Gooden & his wife, A desires a wooden tablet to be set up in the said 
church of Newton S* Loe with the bequests painted thereon. Leayes to his only surming sister 
Harriett whose income is much greater than her expenditure £300. Bequests are also made to W" 
Charles Cssamajor of Potterells, co. Herts son of the late Justinian Casamajor Eaq. A to M" Casa- 
major of Fort 8' Georj^e. To Ids housekeeper Margaret Bichards spinster, he leaves various sums 
of money together with his furniture as mentioned in a schedule annexed to the WilL To his 
niece M" Mary Ann Tonge wife of W* Norris Tonge Esq. a legacy. To his nephews Sir GKlbert 
East and Augustus Henry East Esq. a legacy. To his niece Mary Lady Clayton wife of Sir W" 
Clayton a legacy. The residue to the daughters of the said Sir William and Lady Ifaiy Clayton 
viz. Catherine Amelia, the wife of M' Manley of Manley Hall co. Stafford, proved at London with 
two Codicils the first being the schedule of the Plate, Trinkets, Miniatures Ac. including portraitoof 
his &ther A mother bequeathed to his only sister Harriett, the other a schedule of &e furniture 
bequeathed to his housekeeper. In the attestation to his handwriting this Will is stated to have 
several interlineations A erasures and is described as found in an Escritoire after Testators death. 

Interijftion wpon a Tablet in the Church at Newton 8t. Loe, Co. Somereet. 


Henry Casamajor, Esq., bequeathed to the Bector and 

Church Wardens of this Parish One hundred Pounds, 

3 per Cent., upon Trust, to apply the dividends in repairing 

the Graves, Iron-Bailings, Base and Tombs respectively of 

the Testator, M'" Henrietta Davies and Bobert Gk>od6n, 

Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, and in preserving this Tablet 

and to distribute the remainder (if any) within 14 days after 

received among such Poor of this Parish, as they in their con 

sciences should think right and proper. 

The Bev. Bichard Warner of this Parish, and John F. 

Davis M.D., Boyal Crescent, Bath, Executors. Stock invested 

in the joint names of the Bev. Peter Gunning, Beotor, and 

M' Thomas Balne Church*Warden. 

Will proved 4,'^ Blaroh 1824. 



EuzABSTH Oabamajob, 07 LOHDOK, 1885. 
In tie Pren^atioe Office ikere. 

Blizabeth (Sebeoca) Gaflamajor, widow of Manchester Square. Will dated 20^^ February 1835, 
proved 1*^ February 1837. Mentions her son James Archibald Casaxnajor, and his daughter Amelia 
married to Henry Russell Esq., Elizabeth, married to John Studholme Brownrigg Esq., Harriott 
married to Ber. Henry Higginson, Louisa married to Charles Farquharson, Esq. and Agnes Mar- 
garet, unmarried at the daSe of the Will. By an addition to the Will providing for her son's three 
daughters, should he James Archibald marry again, it is probable that he was a widower at the 
dating thereof. The daughters names are given as Jane, Mary, and Elizabeth. 

The two witnessee who sign the Will are named Campbell. She alludes to portrait of her unde 
Sir Archibald Campbell as ako to her own. Mentions a house No. 10 Manchester Sq** also a con- 
siderable amount of property. Her son James Archibald Casamajor, with Mess" Bussell Brown- 
rigg Higginson k Farquharson are appointed Executors. 



uy vj" vuj 



The Inyentary* of all and Singuler the goodeci cattalles and debtes of John Hoven- 
den late of tlie Farrishe of Cranebrooke in the Gountie of Kent deceased taken 
and prajsed the xi*^ daye of September in the yere of ower Lorde God 1579 
& in the zxi^^ yere of the Eaigne of ower moste gracious soveraigne Ladie 
Quene Elizabeth by Thomas Deusse Thomas Euckke Thomas Portriffe and 
Peter Cortopp. 

In the Testators Pursse and his Apparrell. 

Imprimis in his Pursse v", one furred gowne, one frise gowne, ij' 
clokes, one Coate, one fiyse Jerkyn, one Lether Jerkyn, ij do- 
blettes, ill paire of hose, three shirtes, ij hattes, one capp, one 
satten nigntcapp, iij paire of shoowes, one payre of bootes and 
Spurres, one payre of lyding hose one skeyne and one dagger, 
ij girdles, price 

In the Hawle. 

Item one Table with a frame and one other table with three fformes, 
twoe trestelles^ one beame with Scales, one hundred three quar 
ters of lead weightes, ij tubbes and one little baskett, price 

In the little Entry next the Hawle. 

Item one shorte table with a fframe, ij formes, viij ioyned stooles and 1 
one chayre, price j 

In the Parlor. 

Item ij Tables with fframes, ij carpettes iij fformes, one rownde^ 
Table, iij chyres, xviij cusshens, one Cupborde, and one little I 
lowe fforme, one Gupborde cloth, twoe brandeyrons, one standard y vij^ xiij" iiij^ 
for one Bason, one brasse plate for candelles, one picture in a I 
Table J 

In the Ghamber ou* the Parlor. 

Item one Gupborde one bedstede one fetherbedd, one bowlster, one ^ 

flock bead, ij blankettes, ij couerlettes, ij Pillowes, one Gourte / i 

Gupborde, ij Tables with fframes, fewer fformes, iij chestes, one f 
joyned stoole, one mantell, painted clothes to the saide Ghamber ) 


Item XX payre of sheetes, viij Tableclothes, iiij dozen of Napkins and 1 ^i 

vj Towelles, v paire of pillow Goates j 

* Copied from the origmal Tellam roll, in the possession of Bobert Hovenden, Esq. 




Li the little Chamber. 

Item one bedsted, one fether bedd, one bowlster, twoe pillowes, twoe "^ 

blonkettes, one cou'lett, three settles to the bedd, one presse & > iiij^ x" 

steyned clothes to the chamber ) 

In the Chamber on' the Elitchen. 

Item one Joyned Bedstedd, one fetherbedd, one fflockbedd one truc-^ 
kle bedd emptie, twoe blankettes & one Coverlett, iiij^ chestes I 
and one chajre, & the painted clothes to the chamber, one bolster y vj^ 

ij blankettes, one cou*iett, one plaine bedsteed with saye hang- I 
inges with a flock bedd J 

In a little inner Chamber. 

Item one bedsteed, one fetherbed, one boulster, one paire of blan- 1 -^ -.'a 

Coverlett | xxtj tiij 

kettes, one 

In the folkeq Chamber. 


Item iiij^ bedsteddes, twoe flockbeddes, iii Blankettes, ij cou'lettes 1 .. ••••j 

ijliktem . . . ... . . . .} "^•'^J 

In the Kitchen. 

Item one Cupborde, one frame Table one forme, one standing pres"^ 
for pewter, one chaire, twoe shelues, one dogwhele, one dressing 
boorde, one chopping blocke. In brasse v Kettelles, one Cawdran ^iiij* ruij'iiij* 
one Salt box, fewer pottes, three Stupnettes, iij smale Skillettes, 
three pannes, tenne Candlestickes, one chafing dish . 

More in the saide Kytchen. 

Item iiij^' Spittes, iij dripping Pannes, ij basting ladles, one skymmer,"" 
two fryeng pannes, ij gridirons, ij testing yrons, ij capon hookes, 
ij chopping Rnyves, one shreding knyfe, one marter & one pestell, 
one yron pott & one Chafer, ij pipkyns & one erthen panne, one 

Eaire of pothookes, one salt box, twoe brasse potlyddes, ij pot- 
angers, one Bake, one fier panne, one paire of blowers, ij nand- 
yrons, one paire of Tonges, one threefoote . • .J 

In woodden vesselles in the brewhowse. 

Item xiiij mylke bowles, vj woodden platters, ix disshes, iiij dozen and ^ 
a half of trenchers, one woodden Ladle, one fumes, ij bruing yes- > 
selles, yj Tubbes, one scalder ) 

In the back howse. 

Item one little mowlding boorde, one bowlting hutche, one kneding "^ 
troughe, one cheese presse, one Coope, ij shelves iiij^' smale > 
Tubbes, yj cheese bayles, one chowne, one yron forke, ij peeles ) 

In the Seller. 

Item ij Little Tables, ij Shovelles, ij Scalders, one Cage 

In the Buttry. 

Item ij Shouelles, one Scalder, ij Barrelles, iiij half barrelles, one small 1 
Barrell / 

In Pewter. 

Item ij dozen of Platters, ij dozen and a half of Pewter disshes, ij^ 
dozen of Sawcers, iij dozen of Spoones, fyve salt sellers, ij basons, | 
ij water pottes, & iij smale pewter pottes, vj porringers, one j- 
bible with other smale bookes, fewer cou*ed pottes, and ij nn- I 
cou*ed J 

xlviij" iiij* 

xuj« mj* 




In the Larder. 

Item one Salt stock, ij shelues and one bryne Tubb, vj gallons of 1 
butter and one wey of chees j 

In the Barnes. 

Item fortie and five Coppes of wheate, fortie coppes of Otes, y coppes 1 -i .-.. 
of pease, xyj loades of hey, i j syves, one host cloth and ij LaddeFs J ^ "^ 

In the come Chamber. 

Item rj busshelles of oten malte, v busshelles of wheate, ij shales, ij 1 . . 

sackes, one busshell, and one Tovett of woodden measures . J 

In the Stabell. 

Item one rode Saddle, one bridle sturripps and girthes, one Back, one 1 . 

manger, one Wanty j ^ 

In Hames. 
Item one Corselett, one Jack, one Capp with a scull, ij Billes price . xlyj" viij^ 

In powltry. 
Item one dozen and a halfe ix" 

Cattail Tymber, fyerwood and tooles of husbandry. 

Item in fyerwood zxx* 

Item in planckes & boordes rayles and postes & pales .... liij" iiij'' 

Item one Wa^e, ij cortes, one plowe, ij harrowes, ij yokes, one Tight xx* 

Item ij olde Tonnes in the worke howse vj» viij* 

Item one Axe, ij billes, ij Awgers, ij Wymbles, one Spade, one Shovell ^ 

ij hammerSi ij pitcheforkes, one mrawshave, wodden Bakes and > vj* 

forkes j 

Item one stdlletory iiij* 

Item iiij case of hardies and the tainter xl' 

Item ij olde geldinges and ij coltes vii^ 

Item ij twelTemonthinges heyfer and one weyner .... xxxiij* iiij** 

Item iiij" steers of three yeres olde vj' 

Item iiij^ steers and ij heifers of twoe yeres olde .... vij' 

Item YJ Kyne and one Bull x' x" 

Debtes due vnto the intestate. 

Item due by Bicharde Hovenden x iiij 

Item Ghibriell Calvayne xi 

Sum'a Tot. . cliij' xij* iiij* 

Debtes due by the Testator. 

Item to M' Walter Bobertes xV 

Item to John Yonge * . xl' 

Item to John Hartredge xl' 

Item to Thomas Buckke xx' 

Item to S' Willm Harber x» 

Item in other smale debtes ix' 

S'm. clix'. 

Exhibitum erat h'mo'i Inuent* xv^ Januarij A^ D*ni 1679 p' Edwardum Barker 
no' pu'^' nomine Marie Bel'ce et ad' p' pleno et vero Inuentario sub p'testac'oe 
de addendo Ac 

Laur. Argall. 


Hatdon, Wahha.m, Fabsoks, akd "Wilcoxon. — Let me inquire through your 
columns if any of your readers can give information respecting William, John, or 
James Hayden, or Haydon, believed to be brothers, who emigrated from England 
(the first supposed from Devonshire) to Massachusetts, America, in 1630 and 
1635 ; or of Kev. John Warham, who was " an eminent minister of the Church of 
England in Exeter, Em.,"— emigrated with "William Hayden, 1630 ; or of Joseph 
Parsons, supposed of Great Milton, Oxfordshire, who emigrated about same time ; 
or of *' W" Wilcoxson, Lynen Wever," who, with wife and one child, emigrated, 
1635, from St. Alban's Parish, Hertfordshire, with certificates from parish minister 
and from magistrates, *' according to the Lord's order." Any information of these 
persons and uieir antecedents will be thankfully received. 

Horace Enwnr HAYDEir. 

P^. PImmuU, We$t Vn-ffinia, U. S, 

Weight. — Peter, Nicholas, and Amthony Wright, brothers, emigrated firom 
England to New England about 1636-7, and settled first at Sangus (now Lynn), 
Massachusetts, afterwards at Sandwich, and subsequently removed to Oyster Bay, 
Long Island, N. T. Were they of the family of Edmund or of Nicholas Wright, 
of 3siat Lexham, Norfolk, temp. Henry YIIL, who married sisters, daughters of 
Edmimd Beaupre, of Beaupre Hall, Norfolk ? Nicholas is said to have had five 
children : what were their names, and what became of them ? Edmund married 
a second wife, Jane, daughter and coheir of Thomas fiussell, brother to John, Earl 
of Bedford, by whom be had six children, William, Edmund, Oeorge, Thomas, 
Edward, and Bridget. 

There was a William Wright, one of the Incorporators of Plymouth, in New 
England, in 1633, who removed to Sandwich, in Massachusetts, where he died in 
April, 1648. Was he the son of Edmund above named ? I. J. L. 

Hebon Pamilt of Gk)DMANCH£ST£B (p. 43). — In 1588, Edward Heron, of 
Stamford, was Eecorder of the borough. He was afterwards knighted. Purchased 
Cressy Hall of the Noels ; and, in 1607, appointed one of the Barons of the Ex- 
chequer. From the registers of St. G-eorge's, Stamford, I append the following 
extracts : — 

1583. Anne Heron y* wife of M Heron, bur. y* xiij day of Mav. 

1584. John Heron, the sonne of M' Heron bapt. the xj day oi Aprill being Wed- 

1600. The tenth day of October, Annabella Heron, the daughter of M' Edward 

Heron, gent, was bapt. 
1618. Eobart Heron & Isabel Walker were mar. the 14 of Nov. 

Sir Edw. Heron was one of the Commissioners appointed, 21 Jac. I., to inquire 
into the charities of the co. of Lincoln ; and in 1582, Edw. Heron (the same per- 
son), by deed dated 4th April, enfeoffed certain trustees therein mentioned and 
their heirs of a toft and bam, with the appurtenances, in the town and fields of 
Tallington (in this county), in trust, to apply the rents and profits towards the 
relief of the poor people of Tallington, and towards easing them from any assess- 
ment to be made for repairing the nave or body of the church, and for repairs of 
bridges, and towards payment of subsidies and ease of the poor people aforesaid, 
upon any assessment, fifteenths, or other lawfull, necessary, and charitable pay- 
ments, and rights, and for any other use, necessary and lawful cause whatsoever. 

Stamford. . 

Eatenscsoft (p. 79). — The arms of Bavenscroft are given in a pedigree of 
the Chambre family in my possession. They are. Argent a chevron between three 
ravens* heads erased sable. Martha the daughter of William* Eavenscroft, of 
Bavenscroft, married Hugh Chambre. This accounts for the introduction of the 
Bavenscroft arms in the Chambre pedigree. B. CHAMBKB-VAiTGHAir. 

* In tome pedigrees the Christian name of the father of Martha Bavenscroft is stated to be 


Peok FAHiLT.-^Any information relating to the Peck family of Hingham, 
NorfolJE, and Beccles, Suffolk, will be most acceptable to Iba. B. Peck. 

JfoQiuoeJM, BhodB Island, 

William dk la Mobe. — Bngliah Grand Prior of the Knights Templars in 
1310 : of what fiunily was he, what were their armorial bearings, and wiiat was 
the seal of Office of this Grand Prior ? — that of one of his predecessors is attached 
to Magna Charta. In case any of your readers have this mformation, they might 
saye my time by addressing me direct. JoHir Yabeeb. 

43, CkoHton Bead, MaHohetter. 

WooDBUFFE OF ALYiiroTOK, Co. Gloucbsteb. — Seal and autograph of fiobert 
Woodruffe, of Alvington, co. Gloucester, Esquire, to a transfer of lanas in Alving- 

ton from the said Bobert Woodruffe to " William Compton of Clannye within the 
parish of Alvington Esquyre, Lord of the Manor of Alvington aforesayde," dated 
18 April, 1603. 

Hyde Family (p. 41).— Some years ago the original marriage-settlement of 
Dodding Braddyll, of Conishead Priory, Esq., M.P., was in my hands, and I re- 
member his wife's name was Mary, and that she was a daughter of Samuel Hyde, 
of London, Esq., deceased, and, I believe, Mary, his wife, then a widow ; the date 
was the 13 Anne, a.d. 1714. I had also the original pedigree, by Heard, Norroy, 
and Brooke, Bouge Croix (date the close of last century, and whica recited that the 
first eight or nine descents were copied from an ancient parchment roll in the posses- 
sion of Wilson Braddyll, of Conishead Priory, Esq.), which stated that Mary (Hyde) 
Braddyll died in 1771, and was buried at Woodford, with her husband, who was 
bom in 1689 and died in 1748. The emblazoned arms were those usually borne 
by the Hydes (azure a chevron between three mascles or), but whether they came 
from Lancashire or were of the Clarendon stock, I regret, I cannot say ; but I may 
observe that both before and after this marriage, the Braddylls held tenements in 
or about Chancery Lane and other parts of London, some of which may have come 
from the Hydes. A privately printed ' History of Samlesbury,' about to be issued 
from the Cfhiswick Press, will give a little fuller information ; and a copy of the 
pedigree of Braddyll, intended to be published in a future number of the * Miscel- 
nanea Genealogica,* (Quarterly Series,) will also show the marriage to which I 
allude. T. Hslsby. 

ErcHASD DE Haldinoham, circa 1300-20 (p. 22). — Mr. Havergal will find an 
Aldingham in Lonsdale, in Lancashire, once possessed by the Harringtons of Hornby 
Castle. It is not at all improbable that tne shire which gave to the Diocese of 
Hereford a ruler in a Lancashire man, Charles Boothe (the nephew of the brothers 
William and Lawrence Boothe, Archbishops of York, 1464-1480), should also have 
given to Hereford a prebendaiy a century and a half earlier. I think the first 
known Harrington was — according to a very good Blackburne pedigree, extracted 
from the Heralds' College (Norf k. X. and Xil.)— John de Harrington, of Ald- 
ingham, Parliamentary Baron (per writ), 18 Edw. II. to his decease 21 Edw. IIJ . 
Perhaps this information may lead to the discovery of an Aldingham pedigree and 
the identity of Bichard de (H)aldingham. T. Helbbt. 


GsANTHAM : Skinksb. — In vol. xlvii. of the publicatioiiB of the Surtees So- 
ciety (Dean Granville's Letters, ete.)> at page 119, is a letter of advice from the 
Dean to Mr. Corbett Skinner upon his going to sea in April, 1683. In this com- 
munication the writer exhorts young Slunner to do his duty " to S' Tho. Grantho," 
and others of the ship. I incline to think this is a mistake for Grantham. I shall 
be obliged by information as to this Sir Thomas Grantham, or Grantho, if such 
really is the name, — what ship he commanded, when and where he died, etc Also 
as to Corbett Skinner, — who he was, and what became of him. 


LAKeMAK (p. 40). — A John Langman was Bector of Langton Herring, Dorset, 
from 1457 to 1465. Vide Hutchins's * History of Dorset.' J. C. B. 

Jenkik Family op Yobkshibe (p. 84). — I send you the following extract 
from our Cathedral register : — 

1714. January 29, John' Jenkins G«nt» of Wood Leath in y« County of York & 

Alice Wagstaffe by Licence. 
1689. Oct. 22, Alice Dau. to Peter Wagstafie of Manchester Baptized. 

These Wagstaffes were descended &om an old family long resident in the parish 
of Glossop, Derbyshire. Jomr Owen. 


PabVish Family. — In Cooke's * London Visitation of 1568 ' (Harleian Society), 
Henry Parvish, of London, merchant, is shown to have a son Thomas. Are any 
notices of this son extant, and where, if so, are they to be met with P One of the 
name, and probably the person noted {in the pedigree of the Colstons, was Head 
Master of Chester Grammar School from 1567 to 1578, and was, in other ways, 
evidently a man of some mark. T. Hughes, F.S.A. 


Abms. — The following arms, surmounted by a cardinal's hat, are from a seal in 
my possession : — On a saltire between four leaves (? holly) a heart pierced with 
an arrow ; surrounded by this inscription, " iror. apost. f. m. b. b. a." I am 
anxious to know to whom this seal belonged. Philip Langman. 

Lattok, Daunob, and Sychevyle Families. — I should be greatly obliged 
if any information can be afforded me concerning the families of Latton, Daunce, 
or Sychevyle. Several members of the two former are buried in the church of St. 
Micnael, Blewbury, Berks, and the brasses on their tombs still remain in good pre- 
servation. From one of these it appears that Sir John Daunce was " Counsellor 
& Surveyor General " to King Henry VIII. The Lattons seem to have come 
originally from Latton, in Wilts, thereafter to have resided in Bucks, and subse- 
quently to have settled at Upton and Chilton, Berks. I have been able to hear 
nothing of the Sychevyles, but their arms, viz. ermine three crossbows or, are 
quartered with those of Latton, Estbury, and Percy, on one of the brasses before 

I also enclose a copy of a shield of arms, apparently a chevron between three 
geese or swans, from the porch of the old manor-house of East Coker, Somerset, 
and I should be glad to know to what family it may be assigned. 

Wm. H. Bichabdson. 

Munn Family. — I have a deed, between Straneeways Mudd, citizen and 
stationer, of London, and William Martyn, of London, gentleman, relating to 
estates in the City, dated 1687. The deed is witnessed by Sol. Chilcott and John 
Bradshaw. I should be glad of any information of the family of Strangeways 
Mudd. Edwabd Mobton. 






The above is a facsimile of the signature of Mary, dowager Countess of Cas- 
silifl (the widow of John, 7th Earl) appended to a deed of bargain and sale, now 
in the possession of Dr. Fox, of Brislington, co. Somerset. 

It IB remarkable that this lady is wrongly described in all the Peerages. In 
Wood's edition of ' Douglas's Scotch Peerage, published 1813, she is described as 
" Miss Elizabeth (or Mary) Foix," and there is a curious note showing that the 
claim of peerage made by her and Lady Mordington was not allowed by the House 
of Lords, on 29 April, 1745, against any prosecution for '* suppressing the public 
gaming-houses kept by the said Ladies." This deed, which is dated 2 May, 1711 
(10 Anne), as between Mary Fos, widow relict of John Fox late of Lincoins Inn 
fields CO. Middlesex Esq., <& dau. of Thomas Weld, late Citizen &, Orocer of Lon- 
don dec^ of one part ; Eohert Fox^ eldest son & heir, Mary, Oountess Dowager of 
CamUSf one of zke daughters, James Fox & Oeorge Fox, two other sons, Anne Fox, 
Sp' & Joyce Fox Sp' two other of the dau's of the s^ Mary Fox of the second 
part ; and Daniel JDodson of Bernard's Inn, London, Gent, of the B^ part. Aifter 
reciting that the b^ Thomas Weld, by his will dat. 12 April 1678, devised 2 newly 
built messuages in Lombard street & Sherborne lane, London, in the parish of S^ 
ilary Wolnoth, to his wife Joyce Weld for her lifos with rem. to his d*u. the said 
Mary Fox, and that the said Joyce Weld is long since dead. It witnesseth that the 
8^ Mary Fbx, with consent of her said children, conveys the s** premises to the 
said Daniel Dodson in trust for the said James Fox & Anne Fox equally. 

The Countess's signature is witnessed by " Richard Bradley, next door to y« 
Ladj Cassilis at Hammersmith," and by '' William Shand, Lady Cassilis' Gentle- 

The seal for all parties is the same, viz. " A cross,- between 4 fleur de lis ;" the 
crest being " an eagle's head couped." Query if not the coat and crest of Banks of 
Yorkshire ? 

The following pedigree, which shows the ancestry of the Countess, is compiled 
from the Visitations of London in 1664 and of Hertfordshire in 1669 (both printed 
in italics), and from the will of Thomas Weld in 1678, the above deed, ana other 
authentic sources. 

G. E. Adams, Lancaster Herald. 

Jiiehard Weld of Wella greene in eorChester^BridgeU dau. of William Abneit 

and of Widberry HUl, eo. Hertford, 

of Jdeley in co, Stafford, 

Tkomca Weld of London Esq, 1664r=r Joyce d, of John Alexander Weld Lawrence Anne, marr*' 

Citizen k Grocer, bom at Wiataston, 
Chnhire, entered and signed his 
pedigree in the ViHtation of 
l>»don, 1664. Sometime of S' 
Mary Wobioth in that city but 
tftenrardf of Richmond co. Surrey. 
Win, as of Bichmond, dat. 12 
April 1678, being then of great 
•ge, proved 12 Au^. following in 

V. Jr. C. 

Boreman of 
married ante 
1664. living a 
widow 1678 
but dead long 
before 1711. 

of Widberry 
Mill in eo, 

Bote dau, of . 
Butcher of 

Weld . . . Fletcher, 

dead ante dead ante 




1678 leaving 


* Communicated by O. E. Adams, Esq., F.S.A., Lancaster Herald. 

L 2 




Elizabeth mamed 

ante 1664 liying 


WiUiam Vannam 
living 1678. 

John Fox of Linoolns Inn fieldi^if ary, tmm' 1664. mamed 

CO. Middlesex, Esq. — ^married 
ante 1678 Dead ante May 
1711 [probably of Richmond 
00. Surrey in 1703t]. 

ante 1678 living a widow 
in May 1711. 

fiomi, Ihring 
1664^ and 

Robert Fox, John Kennedy. 7*^ Earl of ^Maiy, married ante 

■on & heir. 

Cassilia in Scotland — suc- 
ceeded his Father 22 Sep. 
1668. Pied23 July 1701.t 

Male issue extinct in 1769. Female 
iasue in 1810 by the death of the 
Duke of Quetosberry. 


1698 Died at 
Kensington 12 
Sep. 1746t 
second wife. 

James Fox living 

George Fox, 
living 28 March 
1712 when he 
signed the deed 
above alluded to.{ 

Anne living 



Joyce living 



James Kennedy ob. 
s. p. ante 1759. 


Mary, bap. 29 Janr 169A at S* 
Giles in the fields oo. luddx. 


Edward Long Fox, M.D., of Queen's Square, Bristol, and afterwards of Bris- 
lingtonjl House, near Bristol, for many years in extensive practice in Bristol, and 
Physician to the Bristol Boyal* Infirmary (second son of Joseph Fox, surgeon, of 
Falmouth, and Elizabeth Hingston), married twice. He married first, 17S4. 
Catherine Brown, daughter of Edward Brown, Esq., of Walcott, in the county of 
Lincoln, and by her had seven children, viz. — 
I. Edward Long Fox, of London, died s. p. 

II. Mary Brown, married Charles Louis MuUer, of London, and died 1863, 
aged 76, leaving — 

1. Catherine Fox. 

2. Louisa Hawes. 

m. Henry Hawes Fox, M.D., of Berkeley Square, Bristol, and latterly of- 
Northwoods, Gloucestershire, for many years in large practice in 
Bristol, and Physician to the Bristol Koyal Infirmary; married 
Harriet Jones, and died 1851, having had seven children, viz. — 

1. Henry Hawes Fox, of London, married . . . 

2. Edward Fox, died s. p. 


• 1718. Oct. 10, Roherfc Fox, Proctor, hva* at S» Bennets Pauls Wharf, London. 

* 173f. Feb. " Bobert Fox, Esq. made Chief Chamberlain of His Majestys Court of Exchequer 
in Ireland in the room of Qeorge Rochfort Esq. dec**.*' See Historical Beg' xtj. 10. 

t There does not appear to be any will or administration of either the Earl or the Counten in 

the C. P. C. 

{ Qeorge Fox, son of John Fox, of Richmond, oo. Surrey, gent., matriculated at Oxford, from 
Merton College, 1 Feb. I70f , beinff then aged 17. 

§ Comraunicaited by Charles Henry Fox, Esq., M.D. 

II Brislington is a parish in the county of Somerset, two and a half miles south-eaat of Bristol, 
on the high-road to Bath ; 2960 acres. Population (at the last census, 1861) 1489. Bxislington 
House is a private aeylum for insane persons, three miles from Bristol, erected by Dr. Edward Long 
Fox in 1806, and conducted since his decease, 1835, by his sons, Drs. Francis Ker and Charles 
Joseph Fox, proprietors, assisted by their brother, Mr. Edwin F^dell Fox, surgeon. In 1866, Dr. 
Charles Josepli Fox retired and went to liye at Torquay, and died June, 1870 ; while Dr. Francis 
Ker Fox continued the management of the asylum, assisted by his brother aforeaaid, and his ion, 
Dr. Charles Henry Fox, as medical superintendent. 


d. William Charles Fox, Bey., M.6., of the Grange, Erampton-Cotterell,* 
Gl9uce8terBhire, married, first, Eliza Frances, second daughter of 
the late Bev. George Hunt, of Buckhurst, Berks ; she died 
January, 1861, leaving one daughter^ — 
1. Alice Mary, bom 1859. 
The Bey. William Charles Fox married secondly, August, 1863, Georgina 
Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Bey. H. Wodehouse, Vicar of 
Worle, Somerset, and by her has — 

1. Eliza Frances, bom 1864. 

2. Lionel Wodehouse, bom 1865. 
8. Armine Wodehouse, bom 1869. 

4. Bichard Yaughan Fox, died s. p. 1822. 

5. Harriett Charlotte, died s. p. 1826. 
lY. Catherine Brown, died s. p. 

V. Anne, died s. p. 

YI. Jane Brown, married Henry Davis, Esq. (nephew of the late B. Hart 
Davis, formerly M.F. for Bristol), and had issue six, viz. — 

1. Henry Long, died s. p. 

2. Clementina, died s. p. 

3. Henry. 

4. Catherine. 

5. Maria. 

6. Edward Long. 
YH. Emma, died s. p. 

Dr. Edward Long Fox, of Brislington House, married, secondly, Isabella Ker, 
eldest daughter of Major John Charles Ker, of the family of Ker of Blackshiels, 
near Edinburgh. He died May 2, 1835, aged 74. She died April 10, 1861, aged 
81, haying had fifteen children, viz. — 

I. Isabella Ker, married Bev. Charles Banken, M.A., of Bichmond, Surrey, 
for many years lecturer at the parish church, Brislington, and formerly 
Chaplain at Brislington House, and had issue seven children : — 

1. Charles Edward, Bev., M.A., bom 1828; married April 25, 1867. 

Louisa Jane, younger daughter of the late Samuel Walker, Esq., 
J.F., of Fendleton, Lancashire, and by her has — 

1. Arthur W., bom January 1868. 

2. A girl, bom September, 1870. 

2. Edward John, married 1858, Caroline M. L. Hildegarde GtSldin de 

Tifienau, and died at Ajaccio, Corsica, November 20, 1868, 
leaving — 

1. Edward Alfred Arthur, bom 1859. 

2. Gilbert William Alfred, bom 1861. 
6. Isabella Hildegarde, died s. p. 1863. 

4. Charles Francis, bom 1864. 

5. Marie Hildegarde, bom 1868. 

3. Isabella Maria. 

4. William Henry, Bev., M.A., bom 1832, formerly Fellow of Corpus 

Christi College, Oxford, and now Bector of Meysey Hampton,t 
Gloucestershire ; married April 7, 1869, Frances Mary, eldest 
daughter of William Casson, Esq., of Flas-yn-Fenrhyn, Me- 

5. Mary Elizabeth, married September 29, 1866, at Brislington, Thomas 

Beynolds, youngest son of Colin Lament, Esq., of Greenock, N. B. 

6. Francis Albert, born 1840, civil engineer; married January 30, 1871, 

* Fnmpton-CottereU ii a parish in Gloucestershire, four miles west-south-west of Chipping 
B^idburj. Population 1981. Northwoods is a priyate asylum for insane persons, erected by the 
J»te Dr. Henry Hawes Fox, and since his decease, 1851, conducted by Dr. J. Gt, Davey. 

t Heysey-Hampton, or Hampton-Maisey. is a parish in the Cirencester district, Gloucester. 
Acres 1020. Population 852. The living is in the gift of Corpus Christi CoUege, Oxford. 


Georgina, youngest daughter of George Nicholson, Esq., formerly 
of Hertford. 
7. Catherine Adelaide. 
II. Francis Ker Fox, M.D., of Brislington House, married twice. He married 
first, at Brislington, in August, 1829, Janet Sarah, eldest daughter of 
Itev. Thomas Brown Simpson (Vicar of Keynshara,* and afterwards 
Rector of Congresbury,t Somerset) and Sarah Vaughan, his wife, and 
by her, who died in May, 1860, had issue as follows : — 

1. Frances Janet, married at Brislington, August, 1853, Warrick Walter 

Wells, now of Cheltenham, F.E.C.S., Surgeon in H.E.LC.S., 
retired, and has issue, — 

1. Walter Fox Williamson, bom 1854. 

2. Francis Taylor, died s. p. at Allahabad, 1855. 

3. George Arthur, died s. p. at Lucknow during the siege^ 1857. 

4. Charles Alexander, bom 1858. 
6. Frederick Burd, bom 1860. 

6. Francis Henry, bora 1863. 

2. Edward Long Fox, M.D., F.E.C.P., of Clifton, Physician to the Bristol 

Royal Infirmary, bom 1832 ; married November, 1856, at St. 
Peter's, Eaton Square, London, Jane, daughter of the Eev. 
Charles Bradley, Vicar of Glasbury, Brecknockshire, and haa 
issue, — 

1. Edith Long. 

2. Edward Long, died s. p. 1859. 

3. Emest Long, bom 1860. 

4. Janet Long. 

6. Madeleine Long. 

6. Oertrude Alice Long. 

7. Margaret Long. 

8. Effie Long. 

9. Beatrice Long. 

10. Amy Catherine Long. 

3. Francis Frederick Fox, of Clifton, a merchant and Alderman of Bristol, 

bom 1833 ; married at Brislington, September, 1858, Alice Mary, 
only surviving child of Bichard Jenkins Poole King, Esq., of 
Kensington House, Brislington (a merchant in Bristol), by his first 
wife, Penelope Anstice, and by her, who cLled April, 1870, had— 

1. Eichard Anstice, bom 1859. 

2. William Poole, bom 1861. 

3. Frederick James, died s. p. 1863. 

4. Mary Alice. 

6. Annie Elizabeth. 

6. Frances Janet. 

7. Laura Penelope. 

8. Francis Edward Long, died s. p. 1870. 

4. Vaughan Simpson Fox, M.A., Eev., formerly Vicar of Horsley,t Qlou- 

* Keynsham is a parish, and once a market town, in Somersetshire, about four and a half miles 
east-BOttth-eaat of Bristol : is the first station out of Bristol on the Great Western Bailway. Popu- 
lation in 1861, 2190. Acres about 4171, including Chewton-Keynsham. It ia said to derire its 
name from S' Eeyne, or S* Kean. It had formerly a celebrated Auffustinian abbey, founded between 
1167 and 1172. The manor of Keynsham was settled by Henry YIII. on his last Queen, Catherine 
Parr : was leased after her death, by Edward VI., to Sir John St. Loe : was fpvited soon afterward*, 
by the same King, to Thomas Brrdges, Esq. : descended from him to the Dukes of Chandos : went 
by marriage to the Dukes of Buckingham : and is now divided among seyeral proprietors. 

t Congresbury is a parish in the Axbridge district, Somerset, two miles south-east of Yatton 
railway-station, and six and a half miles north of Axbridse. Haa a station on the Cheddar Talley 
line. Acres 4473. Population 1190. The living is in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. 

t Horsley, a parish in Gloucestershire, four miles south of Stroud, once a market town. Acres 
4082. Population 2558. It includes also the hamlet of Chaaeridge, the village of Nailswortii, and 



cestersliire, and afterwards Incumbent of St. Mary's, Spring 
G-rove,* Isleworth, born 1834 ; married at King-Stanley, 1860, 
Emily Frances, youngest daughter of the Bev. Samuel Lloyd, of 
Stanley Hall, King- Stanley, Gloucestershire. He died on 
Eebruary 27, 1869, at Stanley House, King-Stanley, leaving — 

1. Edward Yaughan, bom 1861. 

2. Hugh Francis, bom 1863. 
8. Lucy Janet. 

5. Madelina Maria, died s. p. 1837. 

6. Charles Henry Fox, M.D., M.B.C.8., of Bnslington House, and of the 

Beeches, Brislington, bom 1837. 

7. Florence Amelia, married at Brislington, 1861, William Philip Dymond, 

barrister-at-law, now of Falmouth, third son of Bobert Dymond, 
Esq., of Exeter, and has issue, — 

1. Florence Mabel. 

2, Edmund Bobert. 

8. Janet Sarah. 

Dr. Francis Ker Fox mamed secondly, at Clapham, July, 1851, Mary, 
daughter of the Bev. Charles Bradley, Vicar of Glasbury, BrecknocK- 
shire, and by her has — 

1. Bonyille Bradley Fox, bom 1852. 

2. Louis Windham Fox, bom 1854. 

8. John Charles Bradley Fox, bom 1856. 

4. Herbert Francis Fox, bom 1858. 
HI. Charles Joseph Fox, M.D., formerly of Brislington House and of the 
Beeches, Brislington, and latterly of Fairh^me, Torquay, married at 
Cheltenham, 1834, Ellen, youngest daughter of T. Lucas, Esq., of 
London, and Jemima Newcome, his wife. Mrs. C. Fox died at the 
Beeches, December, 1855, and Dr. Fox at the Bev. G. L. Cartwright*s 
Brislington, June, 1870, in his 65th year, leaving — 

1. Ellen Jemima. 

2. Charles Edward Fox, barrister-at-law, born 1837. 

3. Agnes Anna Maria. 

4. Constance Catherine, married at the British Legation, Berne, August, 

1867, Charles Henry Tawney, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge, and has issue, — 

1. Constance Ellen. 

2. Agnes Susan. 

3. Charles Joseph, bom July, 1870. 

5. Annie Newcome. 

6. Edith. 

7. Gertrude Emily. 

8. Madeleine. 

9. Stephen Newcome Fox, bom 1849. 

10. Walter Dowell Fox, died s. p. 1853. 
IV. Edwin Fydell Fox, died s j. 

y. Elizabeth Anne, married William Goodeve, of Clifton (surgeon), and died 
1829, having had one daughter, viz. — 
Bettana^ died s. p. 
TI. Madelina Ker. 

tbe btmlftta of Barton-End, Down-End, NewmariEet, Booknest, Shortwood, Nnpp-End, and Walkl^ 
Wood. The Manor-houM, with ohapel attached, is at Chavenage. There ii also a small chapel-of- 
oue to the parish church of Horsley, at Shortwood, erected by the Bey. Yaughan Simpson Fox, 
whoe ihers is a tablet to his memory. The p. curacy of Chaseridge b a separate benefice. An 
nuaent priory, and a oell dedicated to St. Martin du Tours, formerly stood near the church ; it is 
now, howerer, gone. 

* Spring Gmyre is a chapeliy in Heston and Isleworth parishes, Middlesex : it was constituted in 
1B56. The Uying is a p. curacy in the Diocese of London. Population 1861, 782, rapidly increasing. 


VII. William Edward Fox, of Clifton, married in London, 1849, Emma, widow 
of Sir George Molyneuz, fiart., of Castle Dillon, co. Armagh, aad has 
issue, — 

1. William Edward Ker Fox, born 1850. 

2. John Charles Ker Fox, bom 1851. 
8. James Ireland Fox, bom 1852. 

4. Isabella Anna Maria. 
VIII. Anna Mary, married at Brislington, 1844, Eev. George Leopold Cartwright, 
Curate of Brislington, and has issue, — 

1. Frederick Fox, a solicitor in Bristol, bom 1845. 

2. George Edward Sheward, 83rd Begiment, born 1847. 

3. Isabella Mary Louisa. 

IX. Edwin F^dell Fox, M.B.C.S., of Kensington Place, Brislington, and surgeon 
to Brislington House, born 1814, married twice. He married first, 
at Brockley, 1841, Elizabeth Augusta, third daughter of John Hugh 
Smith Pigott, Esq., of Brockley, {Somerset, and by her, who died June, 
1850, had issue, — 

1. Edwin Churchill Pigott Fox, M.B. and CM. Edinburgh tTniversitj, 

bom 1842. 

2. Arthur Edward Wellington Fox, M.B. and CM. Edinburgh University. 

bom 1844. 

3. Elizabeth Isabella Louisa, died s. p. 1846. 

4. Agnes Catherine Pigott. 

5. Elizabeth Augusta Pigott. 

Mr. Edwin Fydell Fox married secondly, July, 1868, at the parish church, 
Keynsham, Ellen Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Wilham Warring- 
ton, Esq., of London, and by her has — 
1. Evelyn Maude Warrington. 
X. Emma Selina, died s. p. 1862. 
XL. George Frederick Fox, of Keynsham, Somerset (a solicitor in Bristol), bom 
1817 ; married at Brislington, 1840, Ellin, youngest daughter of the 
Eev. Thomas Brown Simpson (Vicar of Keynsham, and afterwards of 
Congresbury, Somerset), and by her has issue, — 

1. Isabella Ellin, died s. p. 1843. 

2. Harry Croker Fox, Uoyal Engineers, bom 1842. 
8. Isabella Maria. 

4. Madelina Helen. 

5. George Gerald Fox, bom 1852. 

XII. Katherine Long, married at Brislington, 1845, Thomas Danger, Esq., a 
solicitor in Bristol, and died 1854, having had — 

1. Catherine Louisa, died s. p. 

2. Isabel Anne. 

8. Elatherine Long. 
XIII. Fanny Sophia, died s. p. 

XIY. Louisa Caroline, married at Neufch&tel, Switzerland, 1856, Thomas Danger, 
Esq. (see above), and has issue, — 

1. Itose Ejatherine. 

2. Marion Louisa. 

3. Louis Charles, bom 1860. 

4. Annie. 

Xy. Washington Fox, formerly of Brislington, afterwards settled in Canada, 
bom 1824 ; married May, 1860, Mary Desmond Coffin, and died at 
Niagara, Canada West, October, 1866, leaving — 
1. Arthur Copley Fox, bom June, 1864. 




The Can/on granittb'Co otHtmenioratt, 
ifAeCrokert eflititfuun 


K'.VUer. 3CMa,-M4l^ 




1590-1. Jany 6, Priseth. dau'r of Tlios. Masling. 

1591. April 28, John, son of John Masling. 

1593. June 22, Richard, son of Thomas Maslin. 

1593. Aug. 19, Dorothy, dau'r of John Pleydell. 

1593. Dec. 2, Thomas, son of John Masling. 

1596. May 14, Ann, dau'r of Thos. Masling. 

1596. Oct. 3, Charles, son of John Maslin. 

1596-7. March 20, Katherine dau'r of Oliver St. John. 

1598. June 25, Oliver, son of Oliver St. John. 

1599. April 20, Margaret, dau'r of John Masling. 
1601. Kov. 1, Phineas, son of John Maslvn. 
lUOl. Nov. 8, Edmund, son of Thos* Maslyn. 
1603^. Mar. 4, Edward, son of John Maslin. 
1606. Sept. 28, John, son of John Maslyn. 
1611. Aug. 18, Ann, dau'r of John Maslin. 

1613. Dec' 26. Steven & Eliz*^ children of John Maslin. [Steven bur. 1 Jan^^ 

1617. Sept. 14, Cnristopher, son of John Maslin. 
1617. Sept. 27, Sibel, dau'r of Thomas Jacob. 

1619. July 25, Robert, son of John Maslin [bur. Aug. 3]. 

1620. Nov. 12, Marie, dau'r of John Maslin. 

1621. June 24, Elizabeth, dau'r of Jeffery Maslin. 

1624. Aug. 16, Marie, dau'r of Robert Maslin. 

1625. Sept. 15, Richard, son of Robert Maslin. 
1628-9. March 22, Prances, dau'r of Robt. Maslin. 
1630. Dec' 11, Edward, son of Thomas Maslin. 
1632. Dec' 30, John, son of William Maslin. 
1637. June 5, Alice, dau'r of Nevil Maslin. 
1642. May 15, John, son of Edward Maslin. 
1643-4. March 11, Jane, dau'r of Edward Maslin. 
1646. May 19, Ann, dau'r of Edward Masklin. 
1647-8. Peb. 13, Ann, dau'r of John MaskUne. 

1648. June 12, John, son of Nicholas Maskline. 

1649. Sept. 16, Mary, dau'r of John Maskline. 
1651. April 19, John, son of Christopher Maskline. 
1651. Dec. 11, Edmund, son of Edmund Maskelyne. 
1651-2. Jan^ 4, Katherine, dau'r of John Maskline. 
1653-4. March 16, Thomas, son of Thomas Masklin. 
1654. Aug. 11, Jane, dau'r of John Masklin. 
1656-7. March 2, John, son of Edmund Masklin. 
1672-8. Peb. 9, William, son of Will"^ Rundel. 
1680. Oct. 3, Nevil, son of Ghiles Maskelyne. 

1712. Sept. 18, Nevil, son of Nevil (Maskeline) [bur. Nov. 15«^] . 

1714. . . . dau'r of Nevil Maskeline, churchwanien. 

1715. Nevil, son of M' Nevil (Maskeline) 23 May. 
1717-8. March 14, William, son of Nevil Maskelyne. 
1718. Dec. 3, Edmund, son of Nevil Maskeline. 
1719-20. March 24, Esther, dau'r of Nevil Maskeline. 

1721. July 24, William, son of Nevil Maskelyne. 

1722. Jan^ 8, Jaspar, son of Nevil Maskelyne. 
1728-9. March 21, James, son of Nevil l^iaskelyne. 
1765. Jan^ 11, Nevil, son of Edmund Maskelyne. 



1585. July 20, John Maelin & Aggas his wife. 
1635. Sept. 7, Nevil Maslin & Sibell Jacob. 
1636-7. Jany 16, Thos. Ma«lin & Alice Bath. 
1640. Dec. 31, Edmund Maskelin & Ann Maskelyn. 

1648. May 9, John Maskelin & Ann Jacob. 


1585. October 7, Elizabeth Pledel. 

1605. June 4, Agath, wife of John Maslin. 

1619-20. Charles Pynnar, Vicar, 3 Feb. {& he was succeeded by Thos. Floyd Sen', 

who in June 1635 was succeeded by Thos. Eloyd Jun'). 
1620. Sept. 20, John Maslin. 
1624. April 8, Eichard Maslin. 
1630. Dec. 14, Katherine, wife of Thos. Maslin J'. 
1635. April 15, Thos. Masklin. 
1639. Oct. 19, Ann, wife of Thos. Maslin. 

1649. Nov. 17, John Maskline. 

1652. April 2, The wife of Thos. Maskline. 

1652. Dec. 30, Sibell Maskline. 

1668. July; 19, Edmund Maskelyne. 

1670. April 28, M' Thos. Floyd, Vicar [succeeded by John Sheat]. 

1672. Sept. 10, Ann, wife of Edward Maskelyne. 

1676-7. Jany 26, Katherine Maskelyne, Gen. 

1683-4. Feb. 6, Edmund Maakelyne, Gen. 

1685. Nov. 17, John Masklin. 

1687. May 19, Giles Masklin Gent. 

1706-7. Jan^ 14, Sarah Maskelyne, vndow. 

1723-4. March 22, William Pleydell, Vicar. 

1741. Aug. 31, M' Nevil Maskelyne. 

1758. Nov. 17, M" Mary Maskelyne, widow. 

1769. May 27, Elizabeth Maskelyne. 

1774. Jany 16, Nevil Maskelyne. 

1775. Sept. 17, Edmund Maskelyne. 
1777. May 11, William Maskelyne. 
1779. Jan^, Lucy Maskelyne. 




Edward, son of Edward Cranmer & Joice his Wife of the Pariah of Nuthnrst was 

bom November 16***, Baptized December 12*^ 1671. 
The daughter of John Cranmer was baptized July the 27^ day 1684. and buried 

the same day. 
John the son Cranmer was buried July the 8*^ day 1689. 
Elizabeth Cranmer of tanworth buryed July 25*** 1699. 
William Cranmer of tanworth buryed November the 6*** 1700. 
Edward Cranmer buryed february y* 6. 170J. 

Thomas the son of John Cranmer of Tanworth buryed in woolen february 18. 170f . 
Eobert Cranmer of tanworth buryed March the 27*^ 1710. 
Anne Cranmer of Tanworth was buried April y« 19*** 1720. 
John Cranmer of Tanworth was buried March y® 81"* 1728. 

* Commiuiicated by John Fethenton, Esq., F.S.A. 
t The register of Packwood oommencee in 1068. 



Anne Cranmer of Tanworth widow was buried Dec. y* 23* 1728. 

William Sharp of Bromesgrove & Anne Cranmer of Stoke Prior Married April y* 

3** 1738. 
Joseph Court & Abigail Cranmer of Tanworth Marry'd Oct. y« 1&^ 1750. 
Eliz. Cranmer of y® Parish of Tanworth in y« County of Warwick mak*th oath that 
Susanna Whatcock of y* same parish lately diseased was not bury'd in any 
material but what was made of shieps wool only : according to y® Act for 
Burying in Woolen Nor. 1«* (16)93 

in y* prescence of 

George Whitefoote 
Kathenne Cubbige 
Jurav* ut supra coram me 

Guli'mo Bichardson 

Min. de Barston. 

Married Oct. 30. 1736. Eichard Cranmer of Lapworth & Catharine Simmonds. 



Phillips of Witston (Quarterly Series, Vol. 11. p. 159). — The Eev. John 
Beynon has kindly forwarded me the following particulars relative to the family of 

" No. 1. William Phillips Gentleman and Mary his wife, 
He died September 20, 1719, aged 53 years, 
She died March 21, 1709, aged 43 years. 
No. 2. William Phillips Esquire died Sep. 30, 1789, aged 
100 years. 
Sichard Phillips Esquire died Jan. 14, 1781, aged 

40 years. 
Bebecca Phillips his wife died June 7, 1785, aged 
64 years. 
No. 3. William Phillips Esquii« died May 25, 1836, aged 
86 years. 
EHzabeth* Phillips his wife died Feb. 28, 1848, 
aged 82 years. 
No. 4. William Phillipst is still alive aged about 75 

or 76. 

No. 5. Beginald Phillips son of No. 4 is alive aged 21." 
" The above No. 1-2 & 3 are copies taken from the family monuments in Witston 
Church this 9th day of November 1870 by me 

John Betkon Vicar of Witston." 
Mr. Beynon has likewise given me (October 28, 1870) the subjoined corrobo- 
ration of the marriage solemnized between Charles Price of Somerset House, Esq., 
and Miss Phillips of Witston, mentioned in my former note : — 

" Miss Mary Phillips was I have no doubt married in the Church of this Parish 
about the date you mention " (1780) "or a year before, but unfortunately the Old 
Begister of Marriages of this Parish is lost. We have no entry of Marriages in 
our present Begister prior to 1816, and to prove this fact I was summoned on a 
trial brought by Price in the Guild Hall London, when the marriage of Mary Phil- 
lips with Charles PriceJ was proved to satisfaction of the jury from family docu- 

• Elizabeth, the wife of William Phillips of Witston House, co. Monmouth, 
Esq., J.P., was the daughter and coheiress of Thomas Bichards, of Stow Hill, New- 
port, CO. Monmouth, Esq. 

t William Phillips, of Witston House, and Salisbury Lodge, Clifton, co. Glou- 
cester, Esq., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1845, nat. 1796, 
and twice m., I., 1820, to Margaret-Matilda, da. and coh. of Thomas Bodie, of 



Liverpool, Esq., and II., 1841, to Matilda-Louisa, only child of George Potter, 
Esq., Lieut. B.N. ; by Margaret-Matilda, his first w., he has surviving issue, two 
das., — Grace-Eebecca, the wife of Arthur-Troughton Eoberts, of Cholmendey, co. 
Flint, Esq., and Paulina-Matilda, m. to Eobert Vassal, of Nelson Lodge, Clmon, 
Esq. ; by ms second w., Mr. Phillips has one son, William-Eeginald, nat. 1850, and 
a da., Laura, m. to Andrew- Knox itickards, Esq., Er.A. 

X Mr. Charles Price had (by Mary, his wife, the daughter of William Phillips, 
of Witston House, Esq., who ob. 1789, and Rebecca, his w.) among other issue, 
Maria, the wife of Thomas Sotheran, of Lewisham, Kent, gent., and Charlotte, of 
Albany Street, Regent's Park, London, nat. 1792, ob. inn. 1857, and bur. in the 
Sotheran place of sepulture, Highgate Cemetery, co. Middlesex. 

Chabl£8 Sothebak. 

FosTBE Pamilt. — ^Renol or Reginald Foster came to New England about 1638, 
bringing with him five sons and two daughters, viz. Abraham, Reginald, Isaac, 
William, Jacob, Mary, and Sarah. He died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1681. 
Traditions say he was bom in Exeter, Devonshire ; but a careful search has failed 
to establish the fact. Can any of your readers furnish any clue to the date of his 
birth and marriage ? E. S. Fosteb. 

Charlettownf U. 8, 

Lancelot Bauoh, Lieutenant-G-eneral, of Wimpole Street, London. Will 
proved in C. P. C, 2nd May, 1792. Son of Captain Baugh, of Portsmouth. Leaves 
legacies to the wife of Edward Baugh, of Ludlow, to his cousins Mrs. Charles 
Hill, of Limerick, and Mrs. Lyon, of St. George's Fields. Can any one give in- 
formation as to the connection (if any) between the above and the Baughs of 
Alden Court, in co. Salop ? A. B. M. 

Jeketks (p. 84). — I send, for the information of " P. &. W.,*' the accompany- 
ing pedigree of Jenkins, or Jenkyns, of Yorkshire.* Chables Jacksok. 


John J6nkyii8,+ of the parish of Holy Trinity ,= 
Goodramgate, York, died 2"<* Oct. 1695, at, 
63, bur. in York Minster. Will proved 
29 Dec. 1595. 

^Margaret, d. of George Carance (or Curron), an 
Italian, Citizen of London. Bur. at Trinity, 
G^>odraniffate, 5 May, 1615. Will proved 18 Ap. 
1616. Adm'on to Mary Scudamore, sole ex*. 



2 Thomas. 

1 Sir Henry Jenkyns, Kn*, of Ghrimston, 

in par. of Dunnington, oo. York, et. 16 

1584. Owner of S* William's College, 

York. M.P. for Boroughbridge — 

1603-16. High Sheriff of York»hire in 4 Balph. 

1624. Died intestate at Sooreby. 

Admon. 2^ Aug. 1646. 

3 Matthew. 

6 William. 

Dorothy, d. & h. of W" Tancred, Esq., 6 Gkorge. 
of Hutton, CO. York, by Grace, d and — 

h. of W- Danby. 7 John. 

I I , 

1 Mary, m" 

17 Dec. 1585 

to Thomas 


Esq. of 



General of 


2 Margaret, bur. at. S' 

John's, Mioklegate, York, 

29 July, 1644. 

William Bobinson, Aid* 
of York. Lord Mayor in 
1619 ; died in 1626.J 
1** husband. 

William Brearey, Esq., 
Ald» of York, Lord 
Mayor in 1611 and 1622. 
Marr. at a» Crux 11 Oct. 
1627. 2** huaband. 

* For several of the dates, and for portions of the information, I am indebted to B. H. Skaife, 

Esq., of York. 

t Dugdale (who enters the name at the Visitation of Yorkshire, 13 August, 1666, as Jenkyn) 
allowed for arms. Or a lion rampant regardant sable. Crest : On a mural coronet aable a Uon 
passant repardant or. 

{ In the Visitation pedigree of Bobinson of Newby, 1666, Wm. Bobinson is entered as having 
married "... da. of Sir Henry Jenkins, of Grymston, in co. Bbor, Knt." The Jenkyns pedigree 
makes her the sitter of Sir H. J., as above. 




1 WiUiam, 
et. 6, 1612, 
liring 1655, 
ob. 8. p. 

2 Colonel Tobias Jenkyns, of GrimBton, 
and Great Busby, co. York, bom 1614. 
Of Ghtiy's Inn in 1628. ^t. 52 in 
1666. Owner of S' William's CoUege, 
York. Buried in York Minster 12 
Feb. 1696-7. WiU pro. 17 June 1697. 

Anthonina, d. of Henry Wickham, 
D.D., Archdeacon of York, mar. at 
Holy Trinity, Goodramgato, 
15 Feb. 1638-9. Bur. in York 
Minster 7 Aug. 1701. 


I I 
8 Henry Jenkyns, Esq., 

of Grimston, a Serj*< 

Major in the army of 

Charles I. Of Gray's 

Inn 1639. Died s. p. 

4 John, bp. at Holy 
Trinity, Gk>odramgate, 
13 Sept. 1622, bur. 
there 23 Sept. 1624. 

1 Anine, wife of 
. . . Fulwood. 

2 Dorothy. 

3 Grace, bp. at 
Holy Trinity, 
19 May, 1619. 

1 Anthonina. 

2 Elisabeth, bur. 
in York Minster 
20 Jan'y, 1690-1. 

Bobert Benson, Esq., of Wrenthorpe, 

near Wakefield, Clerk of the Peace 

W. B. Y. Died intestate. Adm'on 

to his widow Dorothy 12 Aug. 1676. 

Father of Bobert Benson, Baron y|s9ter Abbey. 

Bingley, 1713. 

Dorothy,=Sir Henry Bellasis, 
died . . . KnS of Pottoe, co. 
bur. in York, and Branoe- 

Westmin- peth, oo. Durham. 

— n 

1 Heniy Jenkyns, 
bp. at Holy Tnn., 
GKxxlramgate, 26 
Dec. 1639. Died in 
Spain in 1665. 

2 William, aged 16 
an. in 1666. 


Lady Maiy Pawlet, d. of ^ Tobias Jenkyns, junior, Esq.,.of =p. . . dau. 
Charles, 6'** Marquis of Grimston, bp. at Dunnington of ... * 

16 June, 1660. Elected M.P. for 

Winchester and afterwards 
Duke of Bolton (by Mary, 
eldest natural d. of 
Emmanuel Scrope, Earl of 
Sunderland). Bur^ in 
York Minster 16 March, 
1690-1. 1" wife. 

York in 1695, 98, 1701, and 1715. 
Elected Alderman 21 July, 1698. 
Lord Mayor in 1701 and 1720. 
Died intestate, 1730. Adm'on 
4*»» Jan'y, 1736-7, to John 
Goodrick, Esq. 

Sir Henry Gt)odrick,= 
Bar*, of Bibston, 
CO. York, born 1677. 
High Sheriff 1712. 
Died 21 July, 1738. 

II I . .^ 

=Mary, sole WiHiam Jenkyns,^Mary, d. & heir Anthonina, Tobias, 

dau. and bap. at Dun- of Daniel bap. at P Commis- 

heiress, nington, 3rd Monro, of the Dunning- sion to be an 

marr. in Oct. 1708.t Crescent Estate, ton, 12 Ensign 1741. 

York par. of S* Mary's, June, 1710. 

Minster, 26 Jamaica. Marr' 

Ap. 1707. xfsthere in 1742. 

Flotee Family. — The subjoined pedigree of a branch of the Floyer family 
was found by me among the family papers at Whitfield, in this county (the seat of 
the Eev. Archer Clive), and had evidently been prepared for the purpose of showing 
the consanguinity of the later representatives to the founder oi Wadham College, 
Oxford. C. J. BoBiNsoir. 

John Floyer (3"* son of Anthony FloyerJ of Floyer Hayes) of Moorlinch co. Som.^. . . . 





I.Martin John Floyer of =y= Anne, dau. of John Merrifield 8. William o. s. p. 4. Benett o. s. p. 

o. s. p. 

of Crookhom, Serj* at law. 


* Mr. Hunter had a suspicion that the second wife was the sister of the first. There is some 
allusion to an intrigue between Mr. Jenkyns and Lady Elizabeth Pawlet in the letters of Bachael, 
Lady Bussell. The old Baronetages, under Gtoodrick, speak of Mr. Jenkyns's first wife, showing 
that he had a second. The register at Dunnington calls the two children merely the children of 
** Tobias Jenkyns, Esq.," not mentioning any wife. 

t His seal shows a lion rampant regardant, with Monro on an escutcheon of pretence. Crest : 
a lion passant. Supposed to have been the Wm. Jenkyns who went on the Carthagenian expedition, 
1739, and to have been an officer in Colonel Robinson's Marines, raised in Yorkshire, afterwards in 
the Horse Guards. Colonel Eobinson was distantly related to W. J.'s family. 

t Anthony Floyer married a coheir of Nicholas Martin, whose wife was a sister of Nicholas 



John Floyer of Bergayenny and of Whitehoose in=FMary, S"* dau. of Charles Hughes 
Lantillio Pertboley oo. Monm. et. 72 in 1722. of Trostrey oo. Monm. 

2. William Floyer Bectoi^=Joan, dau. of Thomas 

of Whitbome and Preb. 
of Hereford [d. cii'ca 

Maynwaring of Bayly 
Yicoar oo. Carm. 

I I 
8 Charles 

4 Banett 
o. s. p. 


Ann unm. 1722. 

I 1 1 

Philip Floyer of :^oan, dau. of Daniel £lizabeth.=Jame8 Brooke Mary.==Riohard Walwyn 
~ Brecon of West- of Dorchester, of Longworth. 

minster. gent. 

Doctors Com 
mons London. 

William ob. jut. David Sterens Floyer b. 25 Aug. 1740. 

I I 

1. John Floyer of Whitehouse=T=Sasanna, dau. of Jane.^ 

and Mid. Temple London. W" Watts, Arch- 

deacon of Llandaff, 1722. 

=Thomas Jones Mary. 
Vicar of 

=Francis Lamb 
of Hereford 

2. Charles Floyer, John Floyer, a Thomas Floyer 

Attorney at law. student at of Hereford. 

= Wadham Coll, = 

Blanch, dau. & Oxford cet. 17» Mary, dau. of 

coh. of John 1722 ob. 1727. Thomas Delahay 




1. Mary. 2. Susanna. 8. Elizabeth. 

1. Charles 
Hughes of 

Benj. dive 
of Adderly. 

Butcher of Brecon. 


of Urishay Castle. 2. John 
I Bullock. 

Brails ford 
Hughes of 
GeSj CO. 

1. John b. 1733. Blanch 1781. EUzabeth 1735. 

Mary. Susan. 

LATTGHTOif Family (Quarterly Series, Vol. II. pp. 258-9). — The following 
extract from a letter of the Eev. John-Haldenbj Clark in reference to the family 
of Laughton may not be uninteresting : — 

" Though, as you observe, the name does not seem to have been of any great 
importance in Lincolnshire, it occurs tolerably early. In 3 Eliz., Thos. Lau^ton 
and G-ilbert G-reene were Churchwardens at Aslackby in that co. : about the same 
date Peter Laughton was Curate of Bwerby (Peacock's * Church Monuments/ pp. 
31-2 and 80), and a William Laughton was ejected by the Act of Conformity m)m 
the living of Westborough, co. Line. At (Gainsborough in later times it seems to 
have obtained some hold; for the mother of James Cawthorne (bom 1719) of 
Clare Coll. Cambridge and Master of Tonbridge School was Mary d. of Mr. Edward 
Laughton of (Gainsborough. Cawthorne' s father was Thomas C. of Sheffield 
(Hunter's * Hallamshire,' orig. ed. p. 176) and at the election of 1832 (Northern 
Division of Lincolnshire) two Laugh tons voted for freeholds at Gainsborough — 
John Laughton of Q-ainsborough and Wm. Laughton of Doncaster. As to the 
later generations of the Laughtons of Eastfield, I find that Edmund Laughton 
when he voted at the (Great West Hiding Election of 1841 is described as of Dou- 
glas, Isle of Man, so that his descendants, if he left any, may be found, perhaps in 
that Island. At the same time a W. (Eastfield) Laughton yoted whose residence 
was Tickhill. Whether Eastfield refers only to his residence, or was his Christian 
name, which the Poll Book seems to assert, I am not aware.'* 

I conclude with portion of a communication from Charles Jackson, Esq., of 
Doncaster : — 

" There were some Laughtons in the part of the country called the Isle of 
Axholme, viz. about Epworth, Belton, etc., co. Lincoln. I have seen the name in 
deeds occasionally, but I have no notes concerning them.*' 

Chables Sotheran. 

* William Floyer was appointed Prebendary of Church Withington in Hereford Cathedral in 
1716, and was succeeded in his stall by William Willim in 1752. 


Testam&ntum Franckei Wbolfe de Madeley A.D. 1669. 

Whebsab there ia due and owing unto me Francis Woolfe of Madeley in the 
County of Salop from Bichard Parmer of Stanton Hareourt in the County of Oxon 
gent, the sume of six hundred pounds principall money with many yeares interest 
for it now my will is and I hereby dispose of the said six hundred poundes and 
arreares of interest in manner 2a foUoweth (that is to say) I give fifty poundes 
thereof to Mary Woolfe my wife One hundred pounds {other part thereof ) to 
Francis Woolfe my eldest sonne One hundred and fifty pounds to John Woolfe 
my second sonne One hundred pounds to Thomas Woolfe my third sonne One 
hundred pounds to Anne Woolfe my Daughter And one hundred pounds to Law- 
rence Woolfe my youngest sonne to be paid him or his assigns when he shall 
returne into England And untill his retume the same to remaine in the handes of 
my said sonne John Woolf And if it happen the said Lawrence dye before his 
retume Then my will is that the said one hundred pounds be e<|ually divided 
amongst such of my said other sonnes and daughter as shall be liveing att the 
death of the said Lawrence And if there shall be more recovered of the said debt 
and arreares than will satisfy the legacies before menc'oned and the charges of re- 
covering of the said money my will is and I hereby leave the same to the disposall 
of my said sonne John Woolie And in case there shall not be so much cleerly 
gotten of the said principall debt and arreares as shall amount unto six hundred 
pounds my will is that the sume which shal be soe recovered shal be proporc'onably 
devided amongst my said wife sonnes and daughter according to such respective 
shares and proporc'ons as I have hereinbefore Innitted and appointed to them sup- 

r^sing six hundred pounds of the said debt may be gotten My will further is and 
hereby give and devise unto my said sonne Francis Woolfe and his heires all that 
my tenement with the lands rights and hereditaments thereunto belonging lying in 
Bamsden in the said County of Oxon And I give and bequeath all my catties 
goods household stuffe and other personall estate of what kind soever (my funerall 
charges being first defrayed) to my said wife Mary Woolfe And I doe nominate 
her and my said sonnes Francis and John Woolfe sole executors of this my last 
will In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and scale this fowertn day 
of October in the yeare of our Lord one tnousand six hundred fifty and nyne. 

Francis Woolfe. 
Signed sealed and published in the presence of Giles Webb, Barbara Webb. 

These Abe to declare and testifie that since the publishing of my will within 
written I have in part performance thereof paid one hundred pounds a peece to 
my two sonnes John and Thomas within named And alsoe one hundred pounds to 
my daughter Anne which they are to accept accordingly Witnes my nand this 
thirtieth day of September Anno D'm 1661. 

Francis Woolfe. 

Pboyed with codicil annexed at Exeter house in the Strand Co. Middlesex 
before Sir Lesline Jenkins &c. &c. &c. on the 28^^* day of the month of May a.d. 
1669 by the oath of Francis Woolfe son of the said deceased and one of the 
executors in the above will nominated te whom administration &c. &c. &c. power 
being reserved &c. &c. &c. 


Bt the following extracts from the Boyalist Composition Papers in the Pablio Becord OiBoe, it 
woula appear that Francis Woolfe held some official receivership : — 

" 1650. Aug. 2. Mr. Francis Woolfe, Clearke to all ye workes of Madeley being swome and 
exa'imed deposeth and saith That he doUi verily believe y*what y* above menc'oned Tnomas Bowen 
hath swome is the trueth for that he the deponent disbursed y^ money to the said Bowen which be 
hath attested to bee disbursed and tooke up the said Bowen*s accoimtes which hee hath exa'imed 

* Communicated by Bichard Woof, F.S.A., F.B.SX., etc. 

M 2 


fram tjme to tyme and ;< ncnw of ;* sipcnuw which 7* Mid Baven litth twome to wti cxpaticled in 
gettiiu of ooole but in p'pncion to get oaale*. 

r. p. 871 !- 
, Parke and 
and haTe bin for leTerall Team according to tbe p'licului following. 

Franoei Turner, Widdow 18.00.00 

The Park reDto &c IL a. 

TbotoM Bowen 09 . IS 

Bichard Brooke 14 . 00 

Eobert Lao 80. 00 

JohiiA*h<Tood lenior .... 04 . IS 

6* . 17 . 4 

Bich. Enigbt 08 . 00 

Uver DnddeU Widdow . . . OS . 13 

Wiu. PhiUip. oa . 18 

S'm totull npon ye rack p' an 

"■ • 

. 76 . 17 . 4 

Jan- IT 16S1. 

p' me Fra. Woolfe V. 



E. W. 

'WA.Tis.^The following in token from an indenture dated 6 October, 1716, 
being a lease of land in the parish of Lacarth. I should be glad of some ioforma- 
tion as to the later descent of the Watts family. H. 

William Price lute of Uorgaret onlj aiater and^WilliRm Prichard of Llorngwin in 

LUnretlierine CO. heir of Williwn Price. I the pariih of Llantillio Fertholej 

UoomouUi Oenl. dec' before 6 Oct, 1718. 00. Monmoath. 

dee* before 6 Oct. 1716. 

Jamai Watta of the Fariih of Llantillio^Bliiabeth odIt daughter and heir of 
Pertholef 00. Monmouth gent. William Priohanl of Llojnipria 

Uiing 6 Oct. 1716. liting 6 Oct. 1716. 

Seal ^Jamn WatI, to deed dated 6 Oct. 1716. 

Faskiksok, B.N. — 'WiUiam Hammond, of St. Alban's Court, co. Kent, married 
1092, Elizabeth, daughter of John Kingsford, of Osney, co. Kent. His sister Anne 
Hammond married Dr. Wotton, whose daughter Anne married William Clarke, of 
Haghmon Ahbey, co. Salop, Chancellor of Chicheater Cathedral, 1770 : their son, 
Edward Clarke, afterwards Hector of Suited, married 1763, Anne Qrenfield, of 
Guildford, co. Surrey, by whom he had four children, — J. S. Clarke, D.D., Chaplsin 
to King William y« l'" ; E. D. Clarke, the traveller, afterwards Eeetor of Yeldnam, 
CO. Essex, died 1822 ; George Clarke, Capt. E.N., drowned in tbe Thames in 1805; 
and one daughter, Anne, who married Captain Parkinson, K.N., one of Admiral 
Lord Nelson's officers. Can any of your readers inform me to what familv this 
CaptMQ Parkinson belonged ? C. J. B. 



No. III. 
Communicated hy George W, Marshall, Usq, 



KEPT AT St. Edmukd the Kivo, is Lombabd Stbeet. 


1561. The 8 Dale of Aprill was christened Ann Hall the daughter of John Hall. 

1562. The 20 Daie of June was christened Abraham Hall the sonne of John Hall. 

1563. The 18 Daie of July was christened Jane Hall the Daughter of John Hall. 

1567. The 4 Daie of July was Christened John Hall the Sooime of John Hall. 

1568. The 28 Daie of August was Christened Bartholemew Hall the soonne of 

John Hall. 

1569. The 10 Daie of July was Christened John Hall the Soonne of John Hall 


1570. The 25 Daie of June was christened Thomas Hall the soonne of Thom*s Hall. 
1570. The vi daie of August was christened Humphrey Hall the soonne of John 

157L The 23 Daie of SeptemV was Christened Ann Hall the Daughter of John 
Hall Drap*. 

1572. The 5 Daie of Octob' was Christened Elizabeth Hall the Daughter of John 


1573. The 13 Daie of Decemb^ was Christened Thom*s Hall the soonne of John 


1574. The 25 Daie of Decemb' was Christened AJice Hall the Daughter of John 

1576. The 27 Daie of Maie was Christened Charles Hall the Soonne of John Hall. 

1578. The 3 Daie of June was Christened Mary Hall & Gartred Hall the daugh- 

ters of John Hall. 

1579. The xx^^ Daie of March was Christened Mary Hall the daughter of John Hall. 

1580. The 8 Daie of ffebruarie was Christoned Mercy Hall the Daughter of John 


1581. The 6 Daie of Januarie was Christened Edward Hall the Soonne of John 

The same Dale was Christened Daniell Hall the Soonne of John Hall. 
1683. The 9 Daie of June was Christened Anthonie Hall the Soonne of M' John 

1585. The first Daie of Januarie was Christened George Hall the soonn of John 

The 5 Daie of March Anno 1586 was Christened Sara Hall the daughter of John 


1588. The 21 Daie of Julie was christened Arthure Hall the soonne of John Hall. 

1589. The 23 Daie of Octob' was Christened G^rtrid the daught' of John Hall. 
1592. The 12 Daie of Novemb'^ was Christened Daniell HaU the soonne of M' 

John Hall. 
1602. John Hall the sonne of Daniel HaU Clothworker was baptised the third day 

of October. 
1605. James Hall the sonne of Daniell Hall Merchaunte was Baptized the 24^ of 


* Harleiati Society^ vol. i. p. 50. See also same pedigree, from original Tisitatioa itt the CoUe^ 
of Arms, ' MboeUanea Oenealogica et HeraldicA,' Quarterly Series, YoT. II. p. 255. 


1607. SuBan Hall the Daughter of Dauiell Hall was christened the xxvii*^ day of 

1609. Margett Hall the Daughter of Daniell Hall was baptized the 18^^ of ffebruarj. 
1611. WilUam Hall S. of DanieU Hall baptized the 8*^ of Decemb'. 

1613. Sara Hall daughter of Daniell Hall clothworker baptized the 13^ of March. 

1614. Thomas Hall sonne of Thomas Hall Haberdasher baptized the second of 


1616. John Hall the sonne of Thomas Hall Haberdasher baptized the fifteene of 


1617. Sjitheren Hall the daughter of Daniell Hall Cloathworker baptized the 

eighteenth of May. 

1618. Daniell Hall the sonne of Thomas Hall Haberdasher baptized the ffjrve and 

twentieth of October. 
1620. Humphry Hall ye sonne of Thomas Hall and Benedict his wife baptized ye 

nineteenth of November. 
1622. Mathias Hall the sonne of Thomas Hall and Benedict his wife Baptized the 

sixt of March. 
1624. Ane Hall the Daughter of Tho. Hall and Benidect his Wife Baptized the 

fine and twenteth of Apnll. 
1627. Daniell Hall the sonne of Tho. Hall and Benitt his wife baptized the fourth 

of September. 

1629. Benidict Hall the daughter of M' Tho. Hall and benidict his wife baptized 

the second of August. 

1630. Joseph Hall the sonne of Tho. Hall and benidict his wife baptized the thir- 

teene of Marche. 


1667. The 27 Daie of August was maried Will'm Hall and Marie Downe. 
1569. The 28 Daie of Januarie was married Thomas Hall and Agnes Sylnowe. 

1579. The 26 Daie of March was married John Mathewe and Agnes Hall. 
1581. The 19 Daie of June was married Eichard Killiugbeck and Jane Hall. 
1599. The 30 Daye of Aprill was married Danyell G-ossege and Alee Hall. 

1610. Miles Comey and Gathred Hall were marryed the 27*** of May. 
1613. Bestwould Bunney and Sara Hall maryed the 20 April. 


1578. The 4 daie of June was buryed Gartrid Hall the Daughter of John Hall. 
1578. The 13 Daie of June was bufyed Mary Hall the Daught' of John HalL 

1580. The 8 daie of ffebruarye was buryed a Daught' of John Halls Drap'. 

1581. The 7 Daie of Jantuuye was buryed Joane HaLL wieffe of JohnHall (minister?). 
1581. The 12 Daie of ffebruarie was buried Edward Hall Soonne of John Hall. 
1581. The 19 Daie of ffebruarie was buried Daniell Hall the Soonne of John Hall 

1584. The 24 Daie of Maie was buried a man child the soonne of M' John Hall. 
1693. The 1 Daie of August was buried George the soonne of John Hall. 
1593. The 9 Daie of August was buryed Mary the Daughter of John Hall. 

1602. Samuell Hall the sonne of Daniel Hall Clothworker was buried the 6^ of 


1603. Nicholas HaU the sonne of Daniell Hall Clothworker was buried the first 

day of November. 
1603. Charles Hall sonne of John Hall Draper was buried the second of January. 
1606. M'i" Katherine Hall the wife of M' Daniell Hall was Buryed the xiiii'^of June. 
1613. William Hall sonne of Daniell Hall Clothworker buried the Seaventh of 

1618. M' John Hall Draper buryed the six and twentieth of November in the 

vault belonginge to the Boyers.* 

* Sec copy of his monument in Stow's < Survey of London/ 1633, p. 8C2. 


1619. M» Hail the late wief of M' John Hall buryed the two and twentieth of 

December. * 
1623. Mathyas Hall the sonne of M' Tho. Hall and Benidict his wife buryed the 

fourten of May. 
1625. Daniell Hall Marchant buryed the fiue & twenth June 25. 

1628. Ane Hall the Daughter of Tho. Hall and bennit his wife buryed the July 20. 

1629. Benedict Hall the Daughter of M"^ Tho. Hall and benidict his wife buryed 

the seventh August. 
1634. Joseph Hall the sonne of M' Tho. Hall and Benedict his Wife Buryed the 

fourth Novem. 
1634. Thomas Hall marchant Buryed in the vault in the North quire the thirteen 

of March 1634. 
1641!. John Hall Marchant and free of the "Worp* Company of Drapers departed 

this life in S' Duiiston parish and Lieth in the vault on the North sid of 

the Gburche 30 August 1G44. 

Extracts fbom the Pabish Beoisteb of Bekoeo, Co. Hebtfobo. 


1768. Elizabeth D. of Humphrey & Jane Hall Bapt*^ Nov' 25"^ being a Month old. 


1666. Daniell Hall buried October 24*>». 

1687. Feb. 5. Daniel Hall son of M' D. Hall, Nep. of M' H. Hall of Tomsius. Aff*. 
1689. July 5. M" Hall of G-oldings alias Tomsins in ys Parish. Aff^ 
1693. Nov. y« 15. M' Humphry Hall. Aff '. 

1737. Sep' 16. Sarah Hall Inf • Daught' of Tho* Hall Esq' buried in Linnen. 
1743. April 2\ M" Mary Hall "Wife of Tho» Hall Esq' buried in a Vault under 
y* Chancel (no affidavit). 

1748. August 5***. Thomas Hall Esq'^ of Goldings buried in a Vault under y*^ 


1749. Jany 16. MiUe Hall Daughter of Tho» Hall Esq' Aff* in a Vault in y^ Chancel. 
1785. March 22. Elizabeth Hall. Aged 49 Years. 



1691. June 7. Sybilla y« Daughter of Daniel Hall. 

1692. July 11. thomas y^ Son of Daniel Hall. 

1693. July 9. Humphrey y« Son of Daniel Hall. 
1094. September 17. Samuel y® Son of Daniel Hall. 
1695. September 15. Daniell y« Son of Daniell Hall. 
1697. July 11. Mildred y« daughter of Daniell Hall. 


1690-1. January 26. Jane y^ Daughter of Daniel Hall. 

1702. Oct' 14. Hellen Daughter of Daniel Hall. 

1704. Octo' 28. John y« Sone of Daniel Hall. 

1704. July 21. Daniell Sone of Daniell Hall. 

1712. July 14. The Wife of M' Daniel Hall Gunner of Tilbury fort. 

1715. Dec' 11. M' Daniel Hall. 

t See her funeral ceriificatei * Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,* Quarterly Series, Vol. H. 
p. 256. 




Co. Kent. 


1698. 27 November. Mary the daughter of Daniel Hall was bapt. 

1700. June 30^. Jane & Susanna y« Daughters of Daniel Hall Gentleman was 

170^. March 9. Ellen Daughter of Daniel Hall gent. 


1705. July 5. Jane Hall. 


Aldebsoate, London, 

Ambrose Hall of S^ Albau's Wood Street Bachelor and Ann Powell of S^ Ann and 
Agnes were married in this church by Licence this 18*** day of July 1762, 
By me James Penn, Curate. In the presence of Bebecca Warner, k 
Edward Walker. 

Extbact FBOM THE Pabish Begisteb OF St. Geoboe tue Mabttb, 

Queen Squabe, Co. MinnLESEx. 

Sept. 24, 1739. Ambrose Son of Thomas Hall Esq. & Mary his Wife, Baptized. 

Extbact fbom the Pabish Begisteb of St. Olate Jewby, in the 

City of London. 

John Meggott, son of Ambrose and Ann Hall was bom 25 June and BaptizM 17 
July, 1770. 




Near this Place lyeth Interr'd y« Body of Humphrey Hall,* Esq' late of Goldings, 
who died the 12 Day of Nov« 1696. Aged 76. 

In a vault under this chancell are deposited the bodies of Mary Hall wife of 
Thomas Hall of Goldings Esq' and daughter of James Hallett of Dun- 
mowe in Essex, Esq' Died March the 24, 1742, aged 32. Thomas, 
Thomas, and Sarah three of their children who died IiSants. 

Mille another daughter who died January 9'^ 1748, aged 16. 

Thomas Hall of Goldings Esq' aforesaid who died July 26^ 1748, aged 66. Eliza- 
beth his third daughter who died March 16^^ 1786, aged 49. 

• See * Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' Monthly Series, p. SlP. 




In affectionate remembrance of M" Ann Hall wife of Ambrose Hall Esq™ of Wal- 
ton on the Hill in this County and of Albion Street, Surrey Eoad. Blest 
with a fine understanding and a Heart replete with every Christian 
Virtue she ended a truly valuable and exemplary life in this Parish on 
the 27*** of January 1812. Aged 77 years. This Tomb was erected by 
Ambrose Hall Esq"* of Walton on the Hill and Albion Street, Surrey 
Eoad, both in this County. He departed this life the 31 dajr of Decem- 
ber 1815, Aged 77 years. His remains are here deposited and his 
memonr M-ill be long held in dutiful and affectionate remembrance. 

Sacred to the Jtfemory of Humphrey Hall Esq"' of the Hermitage Walton on the 
Hill, Surrey, Who departed this life on the 24* of August 1848 in the 
86 year of his age. 

Maria Jane wife of the above died March 5*^ 1865, in her 90*** year. 

Anne Hall Hall wife of the Eev'^ Ambrose William Hall, M. A. Rector of Debden 
in the County of Essex. Died April 17*'* 1863. Aged 51 years. 

Within this Tomb are deposited the remains of Margaret the beloved Wife of 
William Mercer, Esq™ of Clapham Common, Surrey, she departed this 
life on the 11^^ of May 1825. Aged 68 years. 

Also the remains of William son of Francis and Margaret Dawson and Grandson 
of William and Margaret Mercer, he died on the 14*^ day of May 1825. 
Aged 21 months. 

Also of Wifiiam Mercer Esq^ of Clapham Common Surrey, he died the 10 day of 
March 1815, Aged 56 years. 

Also John Hall, Esq** of Croydon in the County of Surrey, who departed this life 
on the 26*^ day of February 1850 in the 79 year of his age. 


William Plumstead bom Jan^ 6* 1769. 

Jane Wynne bom Dec' 27* 1762 Married Dec' 2"'* 1792 at S* Luke's Old Street. 

William Henry Plumstead bom Oct' 18*" 1793 died June 24. 1794. 

WiDiam Henty Plumstead bom April 21-* 1795. 

Amy Plumstead bom June 29 1797 Died Oct. 2"<* 1799. 

Henry Plumstead bom May 23. 1800. 

Caroline Plumstead (Sevemf bom Janv 10* 1804 died Jan^ 18* 1831 of the Small 

Pox) she was vaccinated at three months old by M' Jn® Weston.f 
Jane Plumstead bom April 12^" 1807 at 6 o Clock p.m. died May 2»^«« 1807. 
Maria Plumstead born April 12»»^ 1807 at i aft^r 6 o.CIock p.m. died April 26*'» 


Pablktt, Co. op Norfolk. — Can any one refer me to a grant of arms to or 
recorded pedigree of this family, located at Stradsett, King's Lynn, and Downham 
Market, auring the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries ? Add. MS. 14,298 gives 
the arms and crest of Thomas Parlet, of King's Lynn, — " as on his tomb in S' SCar- 
garets Church there in 1681,"— as ermine a parrott proper vert ; crest, a demi- 
swan (?) or (?) wings expanded, entwined round its neck a serpent. 

Brixton, 8.W. 

* See de«cription of his hatchment, Jewitt's * Eeliquory/ vol. x. p. 201. 
•t IndifltiiioUy written. 




HeniT Stnngways of Strangwyche Lancashire En'.^ 

S' Jame0 Starangways Yorkshire K' a Jud^e under Hen. 4 & 5 
married Johanna daughter of Bichard Onl. 

S' James Strangwayi married Eliz'* Coheir of Philip L' Darcj & MenilL 

Bichard Stnngways 1 son 
died without issue. 

S' James Strangways married Ann Coheir of 
BoV Conyers of Ormshy, Qeveland. 

S' James Strangways of Ormsby B' married Ann Paughter of S' Hemund Trafford. 

Margaret 1 Daughter married 
to Philip Bainbndge of 
Whithy on the hitC 

James Strangways Esq' married Agnes coheir of Balph Panby. 

i i 

S** Bich' Strangways of Ormsby Alice 2 Daughter mar. 1 to 

& Sneaton E' married Johanna Christ' Conyers 2 to Bob' 

Dau' of S' Tho" Metham of Metham Wilberfoss 8 to Hugh 

2 Isabel daughter of — Thwaits, Crake. 


Margaret James of Ormsby 
2 Daughter. & Sneaton Esq' 

— 1 son in 1594 

Ursula married Marg' 

1 Daughter. Daughter of 
S' Bichard 

of South House Esq' 
4 son who Died in 
1615 married — 
Daughter of — 
Millet in the County 
of Durham. 


I I 

William 2 son married 
Mary Daughter of 
Boger Tockitt. 

Edward 8 son married 
Daughter of W" Bad- 
cliff of Lancashire. 

Daughter mar- 
ried to James 
Bradshaw of 

Jane married to Margery 1 



Balph Cray- 
thorn of Cray- 
thorn Died 
without Issue. 

married to 
Bich** Jones of 

James Strangways of Thoinalin 2 Bogcr Bradshaw 3 son 
South House Esq. who Daughter — 

Died 1647 married Alice married to John Bradshaw 2 son. 
Daughter of — Kay of Tho' Hudson — 

Oldstede Yorkshire. of Whitby. Strangways Bradshaw 

1 son. 

Henry 2 son of Sneaton Tho* Strangways of South Dorothy married Isabel married to James 

married Marg^ Daughter House Esq' who Died in 

of W" Mitford of 1665 married Jane 

Kirbymisperton Daughter of Luke 

Yorkshire. Bobmson of Thornton 

— Biseborough Esq. 
James 3 son. 

to John Moxon 
of Hull merch*. 

Couzens 2 to Fran" Hayes. 
3 to Hen^ Lisle all of 

Alice married to W" , 
Smith of Swinton 

I 1 I 

Jane married to Tho* Thomas Strangways of Pickering maried 1 Penelope Elizabeth manried to 

Potter of Leeds Daur. of Bichard Etherington of Bullington Esq' Boynton Boynton of 

merchant. 2 Clare Daur. of M' Dickinson of Fflingdale. Booliff Esq. 

I I 
John died young. 

Charles died young. 

Thomas Strangways of Pickering James Died Elizabeth msrried 1 to H' 

Esq' after Bobinson, married young. Hunter of Pickering 

£liz. Daughter of James Qibson 2 to John Adams of 

of Welbum Esq'. Cambleforth Esq'. 

* Copied from the original yellum roll in the possession of J. Sparke, Esq., of Bury St. Edmunds. 
Communicated by Edwanl Mortoo, Esq., F.S.A. 




Elizabeth 1 Daughter Thomas Bobinson of Welbum Esq' Penelope Judith 3 daughter mar- 
married to John Bell married Dorothy Daughter of 2 daughter, ried to W" Homcastle 
of Scarhrongh Gent. G«orge Bowes of York Esq'. of Malton gent. 

John Luke 4 son. James 2** son died young. Elizabeth 1** daughter. Dorothy 8** Delia 4*^ 

5 ion. — — — daughter Daughter 

GeoTge 3 son. Thomas 1"* son died Frances 2' Daughter Died an Died an 

young. died an infant. Infant. infant. 


CommutUeated hy JSdmond Chnter Waters, Stq. 

It will be useful to those who are interested in the genealog]^ of Swayne to 
know, that at the end of the sixteenth century there were two distinct persons of 
the name of Elizabeth Swayne, both living in the parish of St. Lawrence, in the 
Old Jewr y, L ondon, and in no way related to each other. One of them, Elizabeth, 
widow of William Methwolde, married there 3 April, 1581, Edward Swayne, of All 
Hallows, Honey Lane, by whom she had several children. (Some account of her 
and her children by her first husband will be found in the ' Herald and Genealo^st,' 
vol. vi p. 699.) The other was buried there 6 February, 1625-6, as " Elizabeth 
Swayne, widow," and an abstract of her will, from the Commissary Court of 
London, is printed below. 

Elizabeth Swayne of London, widow. Will dat. 6 Aug. 1624. proved 3 Feb. 
1624 (1624-5) by Christopher Lee. 

Desire to be buried in tne parish church of S^ Lawrence near Guildhall, London, 
where my late husband is buried. 

To my sister Jane Oibbens of Westham, Essex widow 40/. yearly out of the 
lease of my now dwelling house in Coleman Street called the White Hart. 

To the poor of Bradford co. York, where I was bom, £5 to be distributed by 
Bob' Clark & W° Akehead. 

To my cousin Eliz* Belfe 40/. & furniture. 

To Christopher son of my brother Christopher Lee £100. 

Bequests to servants & divers carriers. 

To the wife of Eobert Tilsley a gold ring with a deaths head. 

To the wife of John Lightbome 20/. 

To Anne wife of Francis Malkin of S* Martin in the Fields 40/. 

To Dorothy ^vife of Kendrick Pritchard £3. 

To Samuel ffarly my great ring with a " beare " seal & to Tho. Smith my other 
seal ring. 

To Kob* ffarraw 20/. for a rin^. 

To W" Swayne & his sister children of John Swapie 20/. each. 

To W" Swayne W"> Swayne Eliz*'' Swayne & Martha Swayne children of Bob' 
Swayne 20/. each. 

To my Aunt Betford at Ham 20/. 

To the Compy of Clothworkers of which my late husband was a member, £4 for 
a supper after my funeral. 

To Christs Hospital 50/. to the poor of S* Lawrence^ Jewry 40/. &to the poor of 
S* Stephen Coleman S* where I dwell 40/. 

To M™ Morris my neighbour 20/. 

Besidue to my brother Christopher Lee whom I appoint my sole Ex'or. 

My friends W"* Walker of London clerk, & Bobert Swayne Citizen & Fruiterer 
of London to be Overseers, & each to have 40/. 

Witnesses John Gilson servant to Jo. Ken, scr. W" Walker, Bob* Tildesley 
Hugh Atkinson. ^ 

• CJomrabsary Court of London, vol. for 1621'-1626^ fo. 374. 




Derby Hundred. 

VuUaiion of Lcme<uhire, 1664. 

Ormeskirko 23 Sept. 1664 


2 Thomu 

Betpite giren for proofe of these armes. 

Thomas diaddock of Chaddock in com. Lanc.=p 



. . . da. of MacontssljJbhn Chaddock of =p£mma daughter of s^EUen the relict of 

~ ~ William Spakeman 

of Aatlej 3 wife. 

of . . . first wife. Chaddock in Com. 

Lane, died circa 
ann. 1634. 

John Potter of 
Ashton in com. 
Lane. 2 wife. 


2 John Chaddock 
died unmarried. 

1 Thomas Chaddock of Chaddock in com.^rane daughter to Bichard Tonge 

Lane, obijt drca ann. 1644. 

of Tonge in com. Lane. 

I I 

2 John Chaddock of Leigh=pBfary da. of W" Tipping 1 Thomas Chaddock of 

in Com. Lane. set. 22 ann. 
23 Sept. 1664. 

of Irlum in com. Lane. 

Chaddock set. 24 an 23 
Sept. 1664. 

I I I 

1 Anne. 

2 Elizab. 
8 £mme. 


Thomas et. 9 men. 23 Sept. 1664. 

Certified by Thomas Chaddock. 



MS8:in CotU Arm, C. 33, VUUatUm of Derhyahirt, 1684, third part, fb, 19. 

Thomas Flaokett of Hunsingdon al'sFpElisabeth dau*r of Humfiney BeresiFord 
Hunson Grange in oo. Derby. I of Newton Grang. 

. . . wife of . ; . Tunsted . . . wife of John Flackett of =FEdith dau. of ffiran* . . . wife of . . • 

of Tunsted in oo. Derby. Charnok. Hunson Graunge 


Colledffe of Steed 


in CO. Derby. 

Kitchen of 

John Flackett of Hunson graungeF^Ann dau. of Edm. Brudenell Anne wife of John BereiTord 

Now lining 1684. 

of Stanton Wiuill in co. Leicest*. of Alstonfield in oo. Staff. 

• Communicated by John Fetherston, Esq., F.S.A. 






Timothy 4. 

John Flaoket lonne and Elizabeth 1. 

heire apparent. wifeof Nioh' 

= Charlton in 

Mary dau. of S' Thomas oo. Nott. 
Boberi 3. DHkM of Maxtok 
OmUo in 00. Warr. 

mpii for p'f of Armea to London. 

Jane wife of Constance 8. Margaret ^ 
Will'm — — 

Marston of Dorothy 5. Anne 6. 
Slaoost in 
CO. Leioest*. 



Kari, MS, 1093, VitUadon oj DwhytUre in 1569 and 1611,/o. 113 6. 

Henry Flackett.^. . . da. to Ashton. 

John Flaokett.=p. . . da. to Ausnp. 

Tliomas Flaokett of Hanson Grange.^. . . da. to . . . Beresford. 




John Flackett.^. . . da. to . . . CoUidge. Margarett wife of Bob't Stonne. 

John Flackett of Han9on= Agnes da. to Edmund Henry Flackett.^^Luoye Cockayne. 
Grange. Bmdnell of Stanton. 


Ih Sari. MS, 1557, Visiiaiion qf Derhythire^ 1611, /o. 1, are the arms and ereet of 

John filacket of Douebridge. 




Grace Flackett was Baptised the x?'^ day of November 1589. 

Alice Flackett was Baptised the xxv daj of November 1541. 

John Flacket G^nt. was Buryed the mi day of Aprill 1554. 

Richard Flacket Gent, was Buryed the xvii of Aprill 1554. 

Thomasin Flacket was Buried tne xxvii day of May 1555. 

Dorothy Flacket was Baptised y^ xiii day of August 1555. 

John Flacket and Edith Collw*^° were marryed y« xxx of July 1563. 

Thomas Flackett was Baptised y® vi day of August 1564. 

Thomas Flacket was Buried y* xviii day of December 1564. 

Thomas Flacket was Buryed y® xxx day of Aprill 1567. 

Edward Flacket was Baptised y® xxix day of March 1593. 

Jane y® Daughter of John Flacket was fiuryed the xxviii day of May 1595. 

Elizabeth y« Daughter of John Flacket was Buryed y« xii of May 1596. 

William y® son of John Flacket was Baptised y® xii day of November 1601. 

Constance y" daughter of John Flacket was Baptized y« xvi of Jan' 1602. 

John Flacket Gent, was Buried y*^ xxiii day of June 1603. 

Robert y® son of John Flacket Gent, was Baptized y^ xvii day of August 1013. 

Joseph y*' son of John Flacket was Baptized y« iiij oay of July 1615. 

Dorothy y^ daughter of John Flackett was Baptised y® x day of August 1617. 

Samuel y'^ son of John Flacket was Baptized y^ xxv day of March 1619. 

Anne y® daughter of John Flacket was Baptized y® xiiii day of February 1622. 

Joseph y« son of John Flacket Gent, was Buried y" xx day of February 1633. 

Wkktwohth. — Godfrey Wentworth, of WooUey, co. York, who was baptized 
there 27 October, 1678, married Anna Maria, daughter of Giles Clark, of the 
Temple, Esq. Who was Giles Clark, whom did he marry, and what were his 
arms ? G. J. A. 

Kirhleet Park, Briffhause. 

Jekkixs (pp. 84, 122). — I have deeds, as trustee, connected with this family, 
who, in fact, are related to us : all being well, I shall presently have to go through 
them. They had relatives in Yorkshire. I am quite certain as to the following, 
— John Jenkins, of Saltley Hall, Warwickshire; . . . Jenkins, of Northfield 
(whose descendants have still property there) ; Lucius Chattock Jenkins, late of 
Sutton Coldfield, and others. There are also Kettles in the same neighbour- 
hoods. Some of the family are still living, and I will make a point of seeing them. 

Cheistophee Chattock. 

ffaye Saute, Cattle Bromwioh, Warufickthire, 

Legh, Tomakd, and Lee. — Is there any M.I. at Halifax to the Eev. George 
Legh, LL.D., Vicar of Halifax, 1731-75, and to his wife ? 

Is there any M.I. at Bedfont, in Middlesex, to the Bev. Dr. Tomard, who was 
Sector there in 1745, and to his wife ? 

Is there any M.I. at Ackworth, near Fontefract, to Sev. Timothy Lee and his 
wife Penelope, who were living there in 1751 ? 

Any genealogical details of these clergymen, their wives, or their children, will 
be welcome. Tewaes. 

Moule's ** Hesaldet op Teees and Bieds." — In the * Gentleman's Maga- 
zine ' for August, 1851, is a memoir of Thomas Moule, ill which it is stated that 
he left in manuscript a work entitled " The Heraldry of Trees and Birds." As 
his work * Heraldry of Fish,* published by Van Voorst in 1842, is a most interesting 
book, as well as beautifully printed and illustrated, it is a pity that the companion 
work should remain unpublished. Can any of your readers say in whose posses- 
sion the manuscript now is ? A. W. M. 




Antealogs of tl^e ;f atnOs of 
Sot^non of to0« Stttj^am, ip^ntJ^ttmiftlanS atiO 9orit** 

... Sotheron of co. Durham, yir. circ. 1400, had issue — John, who resigned, 1419, the 
living of XJpton-cum-ChalTey, Stoke Hundred, co. Bucks ; and — 

Kobert ootheron (or Southryn), of co. Durham, named in the will dated 1436 of John 
Fahnan, alias Coke, and, had issue — William Sotheron, chaplain, who with Thurstan 
Byston, Sector of Stanhope, co. Durham, oonyeyed, 1462, lands in Greencroft, co. Dur- 
ham, to the churchwardens and parishioners of Lanchester, co. Durham, on behalf of 
Stephen Anstell, Dean of Lanchester, who ob. 1461 ; and — 

Sir Bobert Sotheron of New-Elvet, 0469, 9 Edw. IV.), in the city of Durham, Eiiight ; 
he is frequently noticed, 1448-78, in the books of Finchale and Coldingham monastic 
houses, and of Durham Cathedral ; he was the father of — 

Bowland Sotheron of co. Durham, viv. 1496 (ride * Eecords of Finchale*), who had 
issue— Sir William Sotheron, Knight, chanlain of Hampsthwaite, oo. York, mentioned in 
the will, proved 1636, of Marmaduke BecKwith of Dacre-in-Nidderdale, co. York, Esq. ; 
John Sotheron, viy. 1632, ride ' Durham Monastery Eecords ' ; Arthur Sotheron (or 
Sotheryn), ob. 1618 and bur. in the body of the church of Higham-Ferrers, co. North- 
ampton; and—* 

Lewia Sotheron (Sotheryn or Southern), of Newcastle-on-Tyne, co. Northumberland, 
a Captain in the Boyal Navy, Commander of H.M.S. ' Elizabeth of Newcastle,' viv. 
1613-17, Tide ' Letters and Papers For. and Dom. Henry Y III., 1609-23 ' ; he had issue 
•^Thomas Sowtheron (or Sotheron) of Newcastle, whose name appears in connection with 
the will, dated 1656, of Cuthbert Ellyson of Newcastle, merchant and alderman, ancestor 
of the ' Ellisons of Hebbum, co. Durham,' and his widow's in that, dated 1666, of Bichard 
Hedworth of Whickham, co. Durham ; . . . m. to . . . Horsley, and was mother of Thomas 
Horsle^, yir. 1682 ; and — 

Christopher Sotheron of Newcastle-on-Tyne, mentioned in the will, dated 1676, of his 
brother-in-law Cuthbert Smythe and in that, dated 1566, of Thomas 
Wraogham, clerk : he m. Isabel, sister of Cuthbert Smythe, of Xet- 
ton, CO. pal. Durham, gent (who was viy. 6 & 6 Ph. and Mary, and ob. 
s. p.), and grandda. of Anthony Smythe (by Margaret, his w., da. of 
Thomas Belasyse of HenknoU, Esq. and Margaret, his w., the da. of 
Sir Lancelot Thirkeld), of Nunstainton, gent., and had issue — John, of 
Newcastle, of whom after ; William of Newcastle, of whom after ; 
Allison, whose name appears in the will, dated 1668, of Gerard Fenwick 
(his second w. and widow, Isabel, da. of James Lawson of Nesham, 
gent., m. Bichard Hodgson of New castle. Alderman and merchant, 
uncle of William and Eatherine Sotheran of Newcastle, see after — 
Elizabeth Fenwick, his d. and h., m. William Selby of Newcastle, 

Sheriff 1663 and Mayor 1673, who ob. 1612) of Newcastle, gent. ; 
... m. to Balph Harle and had James and Margaret ; and — 

Stephen Sotneron (or Southeren), Sheriff of Newcastle-on-Tyne 
1561, who bore the arms — " ar. a chey. between three branches of 
southernwood yert, in chief a crescent sa.," yide the ^Carr. MS.'f, 
and who is named in reference to the will, dated 1668, of Henry 
Anderson (Sheriff 1520 and often Mayor of Newcastle — his w. 
was Anne, da. of Bobert Orde, by whom he had with other issue, 
Agnes, w. of Gerard Fenwick), of Newcastle, merchant ; by fine, 
41 Eliz., 1699, Stephen Sotheron with others acquired of Henry 
Jackman lands in Tanfield and elsewhere in oo. Durham, and 43 
Eliz., 1601, a messuage and 12 acres in Tanfield of George Birde ; 
he took, 42 Elia., a messuage in *| le West Ende of Tanfield," 
fltini of Stcpiint i5othctim ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^® ^^ ^^ occupiers of Beamish, co. Durham, 
^fnff gf ^ mn ifftl f , 1561.' ^^}^ ancient extent as including Tanfield, Tanfield-Leigh and 

Xibblesworth.^ He had issue — ;i^thony of Newcastle, of whom 

* Oommonicated by Charles Sotheran, of 6, Meadow Street, Moss-Side, near Manchester, and 
hy whom additions or corrections would be veiy gratefully receiyed ; also information respecting the 
snoeiion, fiimily connections or descendants of the indiyiduals mentioned in the '* Notitia Sothemia '* 
upended to this pedigree. 

t The ' Carr MS.' is printed with— < The Heraldic Visitation of the North of EngUmd, made in 
1583, b^ Thomas Tonge.^ Surtees Sociejy's Publications, Vol. 41. 

t Ktbblesworth seems to have been till quite recently in the possession of the famil;, in Vol. 6, 
of the ' Gentleman's Magazine,' V.8.— *< 1859. March 5. At Eibblesworth-hall, the wife of John M. 
Boathem, esq., a dao." 

N 2 

iSmsttft oC 



after ; Richard, of Gateshead, co. Durham, yir. 1572 j Alice, ob. 1620, and m. 1615 Samuel 
Hancock (»t. 40, 1626.— a. and h. of Bey. Richard Hancock, Vicar of Hartburn, w). 
Northumberland, in 1576, and Ponteland, in the same county, 1676, who ob. 1606, by 
Isabel, his w., who ob. set 42, 1 Carl., the da. of James Rawe of Newcastle, who ob. 37 
Eliz.) of Eggesclifie, co. pal. Durham, Esq. ; and — 

William Sotheron of Tanfield, Eighton and Ravensworth, co. Durham, fil. et haer., ob. 
1632, m. to Agnes, »t. 30, 1672/3, the da. of Conan Cuthbert (ob. 5 & 6 Ph. and Mark- 
ing, p. mort. 1672/3,-8. of Thomas Cuthbert of Ravensworth, the s. and h. of Margaret 
Cuthbert, alias Westgayt, who was a cousin and coh. of Henry Rayensworth and grandda. 
of Alan de Ravensworth, yiy. circ. 1331) of Westoe and Rayensworth, and had laaue— 
Stephen, of Tanfield, etc., in co. Durham, s. and h., of full age 1632 ; William, of the city 
of Durham, clerk, yiy. 1634 ; Francis, of Cleatlam, co. Durham, who, 1664, held money 
in trust for the poor of the parish of Gainford, co. pal. Durham. 

Anthony Sotheron (or Sotherine) of Newcastle- on-Tyne (younger a. of Stephen 
Sotheron of Newcastle), ob. before 1632 : he m. Catherine, who after 
his death m. secondly Robert Preston (yiy. 1661) of Newcastle, da. of 
Robert Lawson (by Margaret his w.— will dated 1632— s. of Robert 
Lawson of Longhurst, co. Northumberland, whose will was dated 1610,) 
of Longhurst, Esq., and had issne— Thomas, of Edlingham Castle 
(this estate was let to him in 1660 by the Commissioners of Sequestra- 
tions and was the property of William Swinburne of Nafferton, co. 
York, Esq., " a recusant"), co. Northumberland, yiy. 1632 and men- 
tioned in the. will, dated 1661, of his uncle Roger Lawson of New- 
castle ; Mary, yiy. 1632 and 1661. 

John Sotheron (or Sotheren) of Newcastle-on-T^e, merchant (s. 
of Christopher and Isabel Sotheron of Newcastle), will .dated 1582 and 
proved 1683 ; he is mentioned in connection with the will, dated 1680, of Cuthbert BUyson 
of Newcastle, merchant, and he m. Florence, da. of Robert Robinson, by whom he had 
issue— Thomas, viv. 1682; Nicholas, viv. 1682; and— / ^ ,«.«- 

John Sotheron of Newcastle-on-TVue, viv. 1682, and m. 1603 to Barbara (nat. 1584, 
and m. 2ndly to Anthony Theobald) only da. of Peter Ridel (by Eleanor 
his w., da. of John Swmburne of Newcastle, — will dated 1606, and 
eldest surviving s. of Peter Ridel of Newcastle, who was viv. 1649, by 
Dorothy his w., da. of John Brandliog, Esq., and sister to Sir Robert 
Brandlmg, Knight,— a descendant of Galfred de-Ridel, Baron of Blaye, 
whose brother Sir Jordan de-Ridel held a moiety of the lordship of 
Tilmouth, co. Northumberland, 17 Edw. I.,) of Newcastle, merchant, 
and had issue— Barbara, viv. a widow 1639-66, m. 1621 at Ebchester, 
CO. Durham, to Nicholas Wilkinson (ob. ante 1640, and s. of Lawrence 
Wilkinson of Harpley House, par. Lanchester, by Dorothy, his 2nd Kuiel of Xc&c«ltI^ 
w., d. and coh. of Ralph Emerson of Westgate Castle, in Weardale, 
CO. Durham, Esq.,) of Harpley, Esq. ; Eleanor, m. 1626 Thomas Forster of Durham, gent, 

%8!aman of 


.> T A i .> A 



nflMiuKin of Hwcphz* 

Muxtitx oC Btttfysnt. 

who ob. 1642, and was the eldest s. of Mark Forster (by Margaret, his w., da. of Edward 
Hudspeth of Durham, gent., her will was. dated 1657) of Durham, gent, who wm a 
grands, of Forster of Tughill, co. Northumberland, a younger s. of Forster of Edder- 
stone. Mr. Thomas Forster's younger brothers were— Rev. Edward Forster, Rector of 
Ring8tead-St..Andrew, co. Norfolk, who ob. 1673, and Rev. John Forster, M.A. Chr. 
CoU., Camb., nat. 1604 and ob. csbI. ^ 

William Sotheron (Sotheran or Sotheringe), of Newcastle-on-Tync, merchant, (s. w 
Christopher and Isabel Sotheron of Newcastle), viv. 1682, mentioned in the will, dated 
1560, of William Watson of Norton, co- Durham, in his brother John Sotheren's 15^, 15 
his uncle Cuthbert Smythe's 1576, and in that, dated 1681, of his wife's undo Richard 


Hodftion* of Newcastle, AldenoHn tjxi mercbant ; he m. Eatherioe, d». of Balpli Willy 
{d«M«iiled from Thomas Wjlly, vjt. temp. H«nr. IT. at Hauch* 
toD-le-Side, co. pal. Darham)- of Haughton-le-Side, by DoroUiy 
(will dated 1584), bia w., da. of Jamei Hodf^n of Ifewcutle, 
merchant, and bad iame — Bobkst, of Ampleforth, oo. York, of 
nium after ; Bowland, viv. 1682 ; Eoj^r, vir. 1682 ; Cutbbert, 
named in the will, dated 1572, of John FrankelerDe of Coken, 
CO. pal. Dorham, gent., and in that, dated 1682, of ni« uncle John 
Sotheren, he waa vir. 1617-19 in the chapelry of South Shields, 
CO. Dnrham, and waa probably the fgrandfather of Cbarlee 
Sothcron, whose name appears in an assessment made 1698 for 

South Shields ; Christopher, viv. 1682 ; Jane, riir. 1682 ; and— flBJIto of %stlirfltmi>Ib 
William Sotheron of Holm-in-Spaldingmore, oo. York, tit. 3iDt, t^altiifl 

1622, mentioned in the will, dated 1684, of his J^Bfigscni of Tiiipcaxtit. 

fnvndmother Dorothy, widow of Balph Willy 
I of Hau){h ton-la- Ride, and in that, dated 1682, of his nncle John 

■ | Sotbaren of Newoaatle-on-Tynei merchant: by Constance, his w., 

wboee will was dated 1622 and proved 1623 at York, he bad imae— 

Anne, vir. 1622 and m. to John Daylea ; Fhillippa, viv. inn. 1623 ; 

John Sotheron of HoIm-in-Bpaldingmore, will dated 1662 and 
proved 1656 : he bad issue — Matthew, of whom after ; Philip, riv. 
SMtftim 1662 ; Jane, viv. inn. 1622 ; Isabel, riv. inn. 1622 ; ... viv. 1652 and 

of Bohtutn* m- to Tbomaa Thackwray ; . . . viv. 1662 and m. to Thomas Smith ; 
SpaQitngtitOTr - . - vir. 1662 and m. to lucbard Browne ; and — 
n) Bamngton. Thomas Sotheron of HoIm-in-Spaldinftmore, s. and h., ob. 1676 

and bur. at Howden, co. York. The sabjoined facsimile autograph 
of Thomas Sotheron is oopied from bis signature appended to an — " Indentore made ; llio 
Sixth day of March in the Seavententh yeare oi the Saiene of onr Soveraigna Lord 
Chsrlea the Second by the ft^'ace of God of England Scoumd ffrance & Ireland King 
defender of the faithe Ac. Anno domi : 
1664: Betweene John Northend of Litle 
Weelon in the County of Yorke Gent, 
Gliomas Sothoren " (lie — also spelt in the 
derd Sotherene, Sothorene, Southoren 
ud Southeren] "of Holme in Spalding- 
more in the sayd Coonty of Yorke Gent, 
and Barnard Awmond of Cottinghamt in 
the sayd Coun^ of Yorke yeoman of 
the one parte and John Pearson of the Towne of Kiniraton-upon Hull in the County of 
the same Towne maatere marriner on the other parte, Witnesseth that Whereas onr late 
Soveraiffne Lord £ing James in and by Indenture bearing date the fifth day of October 
in the Beavententbe yeare of his sayd Maijtie'B Baigne over £nf;land firauce & Ireland, 
made betweene the sajd late £ing James on the one pty,, and S' Henry Hobbart Knt. 
Barront : since deed : then cheife Justice of the Court of Comon pleas & oliancellor to 
the lat« King Charles being then Prince of Wales Duke of Comwoall and of Yorke & Earle 
of Chester, Thomas Murrey Esqe : since deed : late Seoretary to the sayd late King 
Charles being then Prince of Wales, S' James flullerton Knt : then one of the Gentlemen 
of his sayd Maijtie's.- bedchamber, S' John Waltor Knt. then cheife Barron of bis 

• Alderman Bichard Hodgson was Sheriff of Newcsille 1549 and thrice Mayor, vii. in 1&6S, 
1E66, and 1580 ; he was great-grands, of William Hodihon, Sheriff of NewcasUe m 1476, and was 
ancestor of the " Hodgsoni of Hebbonie, oo. Durham "; he ob. in 1686, and his wifo waa Isabel, 
■idow of Oermid Fenwick of Xowcutle and da. of Junea IdwaOD (b; Alice hia w., da. of Qeorge 
Bertram of Neweutla) of Neahscn, co. Durham, Esq.. Mayor of Newcastle in 1529 and 1540, who 
wu s I. of William lawion of Craoiliiigtoii, co. Northumberland, Eeg., grande. of Thomaa Lawson 
of Cramlington, who ob. 1499, and grcat-granda. of Sir William Crajnlington of Cramlington, 
Snight. ^denoan Hodgson was brother of Robert Hodgson, Doctor of Phjaiok, who ob. 1B76, 
and alao of William EodnKin of the Manor House, par. Lanchester, Eaq., wboae will was dated 
1698, aod wboae wife was ^e. da. of Sir Cbriatopher Hildjsrd of Winated, co. York, Enight, and 
siater to John Hiidyard of Fulfarth, co. pal. Durham, Esq, ; the Aldennan had another brother, 
James Hodnon of Newcastle, merchant, whoae grandda. Xatherine Willy, as abora ihown, m. 
W^Uiam Sotbenin of Newcastle, merchanL 

t ' The name of Cottingham (CM-7i^^aiii) implies a Saxon residence on a Britiah site; and. in 
the tcign of the Con&ssor, Oaniel, son of Oabert, had in it lav and toe, lol and Uam, and other 


Maijties : court of Exchequer, and S' Thomas Treror Kn* : then one of the Barrona of the 
Bayd Court of Exchequer on the other part. Ac &c. &o." ; the mdenture, which is one of 
assignment to John Pearson of—" all that Close of Meadowe or pasture being the south- 
west parte of the pasture called Westharpin,** etc., within the lordship of Cottingham Bay- 
nard Castle, was sealed and delivered, 1664, in the presence of—" G«orge Loean, Bobeart 
Leaman, Bobert Mason," witnesses; "William Williams, Bobert Mitchell, Walter 
Marks & Bobert Marsh of the Citty of London, gent." are also mentioned in the deed 
and are stated in it to hare been parties to an — " Indenture bearing date the sixteenth 
daye of May Anno domi. 1628," relating to Cottingham and also to another, dated June 8, 
1650, in wnich the names appeared of—" Will^m Walter of London Gent^ G«.bryell 
Watkin of Darrington in the county of Yorke yeoman & Bichard Thompson of liondon 
Woodmonger ^ ; these three last named likewise made an indenture, Aus . 24, 1650, with 
John Northend, Thomas Sotheron and Bernard Awmond, before mentioned ; " Theophiloua 
Mowbray of Hulbanke in the pish, of Cottingham in the County of Yorke, Yeoman,** is 
also named in the deed which is in my possession, (C. S.). By Sarah, his w., yIf. 1667t 
Thomas Sotheron had issue, an only s. and h.,— 

Thomas Sotheron of Holm-in-Spaldingmore and Howden, ob. 1680 and bur. at How- 
den : Elizabeth, his w., viv. 1676. 

Matthew Sotheron of Holm-in-Spaldingmore (second s. of John Sotheron of the aame 
place), ob. 1664: he m. circ. 1652, Dorothy, Tiy. 1671 a widow, and da. of William Plax- 
ton of Focklington, co. York, and had issue— John, bp. 1662 at Holm-in-Spal. ; Elisabeth, 
bp. 1656 at Holm-in-Spal. ; and — 

William Sotheron of Hook, oo. York, and Focklington, nat. 1659, will dated 1722 : he 
m. Dorothy, sister and h. of Thomas Mitchell of Hook, and had issue— John, of Hook, 
nat. 1694, ob. cssl. 1743 ; Dorothy, nat. 1686, yiv. 1707, and ob.inn. ; Elizabeth, nat. 1687» 
ob. 1751 and bur. at Howden, she m. 1719 WiUiam Millington of Howden, who waa bom 
1694, ob. 1733 at York and bur. at Howden ; Mary, nat. 1688 and ob« inn. ; Martha, nat. 
1690 and ob. inn. ; and— > 

William Sotheron of Hook and Pontefract, oo. York, s. and h., nat 1692, ob. 17A8 
and bur. at Pontefract ; will dated 1761 : he m. 1725 at Marston, oo. York, Lucy (bp. 
1706 and bur. at Pontefract — coh. of her brother TVndall Thompson, Eso.*), da. of Edward 
Thompson of Marston and Settrington, co. York, Esq., by Lucy, his w., oa. of Bradwardine 
Tindal, Esq., and by her had issue — Edward, ob. csu. »t, circ. 21, 1760, at St. Catherine's 
Hall, Cambridge ; Lucy, bp. 1726 at St. Martin's, Coney Street, city of York, and ob. 
juT. ; Mary, ob. inn. let. circ. 18, 1759, and bur. at Pontefract ; and — 

William Sotheron of Darrington Hall, co. York, s. and h.. Lord of the Manors of 
Hooke, Goole, Darrington, Bedness and Swinflete, all in the oo. of York, nat. 1726, ob. 1789 
and bur. at Darrington : he m. 1751, Sarah (bp. 1725 at Thnrbenrh, oo. York, ob. 1796 at 
Bath and bur. at Darrington), da. and h. of Samuel Sayile (by Elizabeth his w., who m. 
secondly after his death John Hoare, Esq., and who was the da. and coh. of Bobert Frank 
of Pontefract, Esq., M.P., whose will was dated 1737 — eon of John Sayile of Thribergh and 
Methley, co. York, Esq., and uncle of Sir John Savile, K.B., derated 1753 to the Peerage 
of Lreland as Baron Pollington of Longford, and created, 1766, Viscount Pollin^^n and 
Earl of Mexborough) of Thribergh and Darrington, Esq., and had issue — William, a. and 
h., a major in the anny, M.P. for Pontefract 1784-96, nat. 1755 and ob. s. p. 1806, he m. 
1793 Sarah-Shipley (nat. 1771, ob. 1842 and bur. at Darrington — she m. secondly Bobert 
Oliver of Darrington, gent., who was the son of Silver Oliver of Ireland, gent., and who 
was bom 1774 ob. 1834 and bur. at Darrington), da. and coh. of Edmund Barker of Potter's* 
Newton, co. York, Esq. ; Savile, second s., of Trinity College, Cambridge, nat. 1760, 
ob. del. V. p. 1782 and bur. in Groevenor Chanel, South Audley Street, I^ndon ; Lucy, 
ob. inn. 1820 and bur. at Heddon-on-the- Wall, Inorthumberland ; Elizabeth, ob. a. p., and 
m. 1811 Bobert Sinclair, Esq., Becorder of York ; Mary-Catherine, nat. 1757, ob. inn. 
1831 and bur. at Darrington ; Henrietta, nat. 1763, ob. 1835 and bur. at Darrington, she 
m. Bev. William Dealt^ of Wi^^^nton, co. York, M.A., Prebendary of Southwell, oo. 
Notts, Bector of Skirpenbeck, co. x ork, and Hatoliffe, oo. Lincoln ; and— 

* Mrs. Laoy Sotheron had another brother — ^Edwaid Thompson of Marston, oo. York, Esq., 
M.P. for the city of York, a Oominissioner of Customs in Ireland and afterwuds a Lord of the 
Admiralty, who ob. 1742, at. 46, and was bur. at Oswiddkirk, co. York : he was twice m. 1. in 1724 
to ArabeUa, da. of Edmund Dunch of Little Wittenham, oo. Berks, Esq., Master of the Household 
to Queen Anne, and 2. 1737 to BCary, ob. 1784, at. 72, the da. of William Moor of Oswaldkirk 
Hall, Esq. Edmund Dunch, Esq., had besides Arabella before mentioned, a da. and ooh. Harriott 
m. in 1735 to Bobert, third Duke of Manchester. 

t The Ber. WiUiam Dealtry was descended from the knightlv fismily of Dauntre or Dautre^ 
whose ancestor came over to England as a companion in arms of William the Conqneror,* — " In 



Fnmk Soiheron of Darrini^n HaU and Ktrklinfj^n Hall, co. Notts, third s. and 
erentoal heir, an Admiral of the White, and M.P. for Notts 1813-31 ; in 1801 he was 

M^madk Siignabm aidr iieal of ^Qnniial 5o%tim.* 

Commander of H.M.S. ' Latona,' and 1803-6 of H.M.S. ' Excellent * in the last-mentioned 
Tear Admind Lord Nelson writing to His Excellency Hngh Elliot, Esq., then English Am- 
bassador at Naples, says — " you will find in Captain Sotheron evety qualification of a com- 
plete gentleman and excellent Officer," in this same year, 1806, Lord Nelson forwarded Cap- 
tain £>theron instroetions — " to receive, or to conyov them, if they embark on board their 
oim Ships, the Eling, Queen and Soyal Family of Naples, to Palermo, or such other place 
as the Eing may choose to proceed to," vide "Dispatches and Letters of Vice- Admiral Lord 
Viscount Nelson, with Notes by Sir Nicholas-Harris I^icolas*' : Admiral Sotheron was bom 
1766, ob. s. p. mas. 1839 and bur. at Darrington ; hem. twice — 1, circa 1809, at Darrington, 
to Caroline-Matilda, who was bom 1787 and ob. 1812 at Kirklington Hall, the youngest 
da. and coh. of Thomas Barker of Potters-Newton, Esq., brother of Edmund Barker, 
before named, — and 2, 1813, at Hampton, oo. Middlesex, to Jane (nat. 1779, ob. s^. 1841 
and bur. at Darrington), eldest da. or Wilson-Ghde Bradyll (s. of John Gale of Mighead 
Castle, CO. Cumberland, by Sarah his w., da. and coh. of Charles Wilson of Bardsea^aU, 
CO. Lane, Esq., and Margaret his w., and coh. of Thomas Bradyll of Conishead Priory, 
CO. Lane, Esq.) of Conishead Priory, Esq., who ob. 1818, and m. 1776, Jane, d. and h. of 
Matthias Gale of Catgill Hall, oo. Cumberland, Esq. By Caroline-Matilda, his first w., 
the Admiral had an only child— 

Lucy-Sarah Sotheron, nat 1811, and ob. s. p. 1870 at Estcourt, co. Gloucester ; she m. 
1830 at St. G^eoi^e's Church, Hanover Square, London, the Bight 
Hon. Thomas-Henry-Sutton Sotheron-Estcourtf (nat. 1801 and yiy. s. 
p. — fomierly President of the Poor Law Board, 1868, and Secretary 
of State for the Home Department 1869, M.P. for Marlborougn 
1829-82, Deyiaes 1836-44, and North Wilts 1844-66) of Darrington 
Hall and Estcourt, D.C.L., J.P. and D.L., who is the eldest s. and h. 
of Thomas-Grimston-Bucknall Estcourt (nat. 1776 and ob. 1863 — he 
m. 1800, Eleanor, da. of James Sutton of New Park, co. Wilts, Esq., 
and was the s. and h. of Thomas Estcourt of Estcourt, Esq., who oo. 
1818, and m. 1774 the Hon. Jane Grimston, eldest da. of the Bight 
Hon. James, second Baron Dunboyne and Viscount Grimston of the 
Peerage of Lreland — descended from Walter de-la-Estcourt, who ob. 
1330) of Estcourt, Esq., M.P. for Deyizes 1806-26 and after for the Uniyersify of Oxford, 
J.P., Banister-at-Law, D.C.L. of Corpus Christi Coll. Oxon, and F.S.A. 

BoBBBT Sotheron (or Sotherene) of AmpleforUi, co. York, son of William and 
£atherine Sotheron (or Sotheran) of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and brother of William Sotheron 
of Holm-in-Spaldingmore, who was yiy. 1622 and was the ancestor of the '* Sotherons of 
Darrington ": Bobert Sotheron was mentioned in the will, dated 1682, of his uncle John 

Swtcoun ot 


anti Barrinflton. 

noordin^ the foundation of Heryngham Priory by WiUiam Dawtree, the Monasticon thus epeaks : 
* The Ifttin word Ripa^ was in Norman writinffB generally meant for a rirer, without relation to "Bipa 
ft bank. The Bomana called it Maultrey. There waa an andent family of knights, owners of much 
lands in these parts, and of fair possessions, even in the yeiy bosom of the Mgk Hream firom which 
thej took their name^ and were nUed De Haultrey.* The ancient house hero alluded to was the 
Btem of many important branches, the most flourishing of which waa that planted in the county of 
Soassx, at Moor House in Petworth, not veiy hr from Battle Abbey itself: It produced a series 
of knightly generations, which held the highest rank in their oountiy, and intermarried with its 
iioblest famihes. . . . Another branch, sprung from De Alta Bipa, is now represented by BENJAMiir 
BsAi/TBT, Bsq., Lofthouse-hall, oo. York."— ride < The Boll of Battle Abbey, annotated by John 
Bernard Burke, Esq.,' 1848, pp. 48-9. William De-Alta-Bipa founded 1186 a Cistercian Nunnery 
>t Qokwelle, oo. Lincoln, which was granted, 80 Henry YUl., to Sir William Tirwhit. 

* From an original letter in my possession. C. S. 

t Mr. Sotheron-Estoourt assumed, 1889. the surname and aims of Sotebbon only, but reyerted 
V rojal licence, 1856, to his patronymic Bstcoubt. 


Sotheren of Newcastle, merchanti he ob. 1017 and was bar. in AmpleforUi Ghuroh, learmg 
issue^-Maiy. w. inn. 1617 ; and— 

Eobert Sotheran (or Sotheron) of Ampleforth, fil. et hsor., from whose inq. post mort. 
taken Oct. 16, 1619 at Kirbj-Moreside, oo. York, it appears that he died on May 1 of 
that year, and that his s. and h., then aged twenty, was — 

John Sotheran of ^Aniplef6ith, nat. ISQO^^who by Ann, his wife, ob. 1655 and bar. at 
Oswaldkirk, oo. York, had issue — 

John Sotherah of Ampldforih aoid^swaldkirk, only son, ob. 1720 and bar. at Osw. ; 
he was twice m., I. 1655, at Osw., to Elizabeth Denison, and II. to Ann . . . who ob. 
1736 and was bur. at Amp. ; he had issue— John, bp. 1664 at Osi^. and ob. jay. ; Thomas, 
bp. 1665 at Osw. and ob. jut. ; William, bp. 1686 at Osw., ob. 1701 and bar. at Osw. ; 
Timothy, of Osw., of whom after ; Thomas, of Onthoases, Amp., of whom after ; Eliza- 
beth, bp. 1657 at Osw., and m. 1690 at Osw. to Francis Browne ; Jane, bp. 1678 at Osw. ; 
Ann, bp. 1679 at Osw. and ob. inf. ; Ann, bp. 1684 at Osw. and m. 1706 at Osw. to Wil- 
liam Browne of par. St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, London ; Mary, bp. 1695 at Osw. ; Frances, 
bp. 1701 at Amp. and ob. inn. 1785 ; and— • 

John Sotheran of Ampleforth, eldest saryiving s., bp. 1681 at Osw., ob. 1713 and bar. 
dt Amp. : he was churchwarden of Ampleforth in 1703, as shown from tiie following 
extract taken from some loose MS. leares which came into the possession of the late 
George Smith of Ampleforth, Esq., Solicitor and IiOTd of tiie Manor of Oswaldkirk, who 
. believed them to be part of one of the Ampleforth Parish Begisters, they were restored 
by him to the Yicar, — " In this year 1703 was ye Steeple of Ampleford Church taken 
down and rebuilt by Willm. Ness of Byland for the doing of which he had 46£ aooording 
to bargain. Wood &c. made the charge amount to about sixty pounds for the raising ^ 
which there were ten sesses besides one for the poor that year. Mr. Pearson, the pre- 
bendary " (William Pearson, who held the prebendal stall of Ampleford in York Gathe- 
. dral 1689-1715) " gave forty shillings to the said use. Chas. Man Vicar not being assos'd 
thereto gave as much as his sess would have come to which was twenty fire uiillings. 
. Thomas Simpson and John Southeran junior were churchwardens in that year." Mr. 
John Sotheran, by Jane his w. (m. secondly 1715 at i^p. to Bichud Dobson of Amp,, 
. who ob. 1724 and was bur. at Amp.), had issue — ^William, bp. 1706 at Amp. and ob. inr. ; 
Jane, bp. 1705 at Amp. and m. by licence 1733 at GiUing, co. York, to John Shepherd of 
par. All Hallows, city of York ; Ann, bp. 1708 at Amp. and ob. inf. $ Ann, bp. 1709 at 
Amp., ob. juY. 1713 and bur. at Amp. ; Mary, bp. 1710 at Amp. ; and^ 

William Sotheran of Ampleforth and Branton-Green, co. York, only surnying s., bp. 
1712 at Amp. and had issue--John, of Brafferton, oo. York, nat. 1753, ob. 1838 and bur. 
at Brafferton ; G^eo^ge, bp. 1759 at Ousbum-Magna, oo. York ; and — 

William Southeran (or Sotheran) of Branton>Green, fil. et h»r., nat. 1750, ob. 1832 at 
Sand-Hutton, oo. York, and bur. at Brafferton : he m. Ann Atkinson of Myton-upon- 
Swale, 00. York, and had issue — William, bp. 1783 at Ousbum-Magna ; George fwho by 
Mary his w. had two sons, Greorge and Charles), of Sand-Hutton, ob. 1866 ana bur. at 
Sand-Hutton ; Charles (he was twice m. and left a s. Charles and a da. Jane), of Easing- 
wold, CO. York ; and — 

Bobert Southeran of Yarm, co. York, eldest s., bp. 1780 at Ousbum-Magna, ob. 1867 
' and bur. at Yarm : he m. 1803, at Sand-Hutton, Elizabeth (bp. 1771 at Boltby, co. 
York, ob. 1844 and bur. at Yarm), da. of John £ay of Boltby, by whom he had seyeral 
das. and an only son — 

Eobert Southeran of Stokesley, co. York, bp. 1802 at Carlton-Miniot, oo. York, m. 
1830 at Yarm to Susan, nat. 1804, da. of John Mejmell of Stockton-on-Tees, oo. Durham, 
and has issue — Charles, ob. inf. ; Charles, bp. 1838 at Yarm and yiy. onl. ; Johiif ob. inf. ; 
William-Henry, bp. 1847 at Stockton-on-Tees, and yiy. c»l. ; and-* 

Eobert Southeran of Stokesley, eldest s., bp. 1836 at Yarm, m. 1867 at Stokesley to 
Isabel, da. of Thomas Weatherill of Stokesley, and has issue — ^Henry, nat. 1868, and 
Alice, nat. 1870. 

Timothy Sootheran (or Sotheran) of Oswaldkirk, co. York, (fifth s. of John Sotheran of 
Amp. and Osw., who ob. 1720), was bp. 1690 at Osw., ob. 1784 and bur. at Amp. : by Susannat 
his w., who ob. 1759 and was bur. at Amp., he had issue — Timothy, bp. 1713 at Osw. 
and ob. juy. ; Thomas, bp. 1715 at Osw., ob. inf. 1718 and bur. at Amp. ; Roger, bp. 1729 
at Osw., and m. 1754 at St. Leonard's, New Malton, to Ann Arundel, widow ; Deborsh. 
bp. 1716 at Osw., ob. inf. 1717 and bur. at Osw. ; Susanna, bp. 1718 at Osw. ; Anne, bp. 
1719 at Osw., ob. inn. 1737 and bur. at Amp. ; Mary, bp. 1721 at Osw. ; Deborah, bp. 
1726 at Osw., ob. inn. 1742 and bur. at Amp. ; Jane, bp. 1732 at Amp. ; and— 

John Sootheran of Ampleforth Lodge, eldest surviying s., bp. 1723 at Osw., ob. 1782 
and bur. in chancel of Amp. Church : ne m. Eleanor (ob. 1787 and bur. at Amp. — ^men- 
tioned in the will, dated Jan. 16, 1744, of William Sigsw:orth of Sproxton, par. Helmsley, 


CO. York), da. of George Flintofb (father of Thomas Flintofl) of Amp., and had issue-^ 
William, of Malton, or whom after ; George, of Amp. Lodge, of whom after ; Thomas, 
bp. 1762 at Amp. and ob. jnv. ; Thomas, of the Old House, Osw., of whom after ; Eleanor, 
nat. 1754, ob. s. p. 1834 at Wigginton, co. York, and bur. at Ampleforth, — she was the 
w. of Thomas Hodgson of Hazby, co. York ; Ann, bp. 1772 at Amp. ; Jane, bp. 1773 at 
Amp., ob. inn. 1797 and bur. in cnancel of Amp. Church ; and — 

John Sootheran of the Bectory House, Gilling, co. York, eldest s., bp. 1745 at Amp., 
ob. 1807 and bur. at Amp. : he m. Anne Halliday of Thorpe-le- Willows, co. York, nat. 
1750, ob. 1814 and bur. at Amp., and had issue— Jane, ob. juv. ; Anne, m. 1796 at Gilling, 
to Eustace Cass of Scarborough ; and — 

Thomas Sootheran of Ampleforth, only s., nat. 1769, ob. 1812 and bur. in Amp. 
Church : he m. Buth Backhouse of Aberfora, co, York, nat. 1776, ob. 1868 at Easingwold, 
CO. York, and bur. in Amp. Church, and had issue — Ann, nat. 1808, ob. inn. 1828 and our. at 
Amp. ; Buth, nat. 1810, yir. s. p., and twice m. — 1. 1845, at Amp., to George Dowthwaite 
(nat. 1815, ob. s. p. 1848 and bur. at Easingwold — s. of Thomas Dowthwaite of Easing- 
wold) of Easingwold, and 2. 1852, at Easingwold, to Thomas Sadler of Easingwold, nat. 
1828 and riv, s. p. ; and — 

John Sootheran of Ampleforth and Easingwold, only s., nat. 1807, ob. 1868 and bur. 
at Easingwold : he m. 1829. by licence, at Osw., Lydia- Joanna, nat. 1799, ob. 1864 and 
bur. at Amp., daughter of William- Saville Easterby (nat. 1767, ob. 1838 and bur. at Amp., 
— ^by Hannah, n6e Shakespeare, his w., nat. 1777, ob. 1836 and bur. at Amp., — s. of Balph 
Easterby of Oswaldkirk, Esq., ob. 1811 and bur. at Amp., by Buth, n^e White, his w., 
nat. 1744, ob. 1826 and bur. at Amp., and brother of Harwood Easterbjr of Amp., Esq., 
nat. 1775, ob. csbI. 1862 and bur. at Amp.) of Ampleforth, Esq., Captain of the Third 
Dragoon Guards and had issue — Charles- John, bp. 1833 at Amp., ob. inf. 1834 and bur. 
at ijnp. ; Arthur- John, of Liverpool, co. Lane, bp. 1837 at Amp. and m. 1866, at Liver- 
pool, Jane Timmins, nat. 1844, by whom he has an only da., Maud ; Emma -Louisa, bp. 
1831 at Amp., m. 1855, in Scotland, to John Hagan of Filey, co. York, nat. 1830 ; Lydia- 
Jemima, bn. 1836 at Amp., m. 1866 at Brandsby, co. York, Henry Cooper (nat. 1838, ob. 
1870 and bur. at Amp. — s. of James Cooper of Wass Grange, co. York, nat. 1764, oh. 
1846 and bur. at Amp.) of Ampleforth, and nas issue — Henry, nat. 1867, Sarah, nat. 1868, 
and James- William, nat. 1870. 

William Sootheran of Mai ton, co. York (second s. of John Sootheran of Amp. Lodge, 
who ob. 1782), bp. 1749 at Amp., ob. 1823 and bur. in St. Michael's Church, Malton : he 
ro. Jane, nat. 1764, ob. 1818 and bur. in St. Michael's Church, da. of Balph Butter of 
Malton, and had issue — Jane-Butter, nat. 1798, ob. inf. and bur. in St. Michael's Church ; 
and — 

John Sootheran of Malton, only s., nat. 1798, and m. 1820, Elizabeth, nat. 1792, ob. 
1870 and bur. in Malton Cemetery, da. of John Wood of Carlton Park, co. York, by 
whom he has an only child— 

Jane Sootheran, nat. 1822, m. 1841 John Can* of Pickering, co. York, nat. 1819 at 
Malton, and has issue — John-Edward, nat. 1844 and ob. inf. 1846 ; John-Edward- 
Sootheran, nat. 1847 and viv. c»l. ; William- Sootheran, nat. 1851 and ob. inf. ; Jane- 
Elizabeth- Sootheran, nat. 1843, and m. 1863, William Agar (nat. 1841, ob. 1868, leaving 
issue two das., Elisabeth-Amelia and Laura-Annie) of Le^^land ; Emily- Sootheran, nat. 
1846 and ob. inf. ; Mary- Amelia- Sootheran, nat. 1849 and viv. inn. 

George Sootheran of Ampleforth Lodge, Lord of the Manor of Oswaldkirk (third s. 
of John Sootheran of Amp. Lodge, who ob. 1782), bp. 1758 at Amp., ob. 1834 and bur. at 
Amp. : he m. Grace (nat. 1759, ob. 1813 and bur. at Amp.), da. of Thomas and Elizabeth 
Huggan of Amp., and had issue — William, bp. 1793 at Am^., ob. csel. 1834 and bur. at 
Amp. ; George, of Haxby, of whom after ; Bi chard, of Ampleforth Lodge, of whom after ; 
Tbomaa, bp. 1799 at Amp., ob. inf. 1800 and bur. in chancel of Amp. Church ; Mary, bp. 
1797 at Amp., ob. inf. 1800 and bur. in chancel of Amp. Church ; and — 

John Sootheran of Newton-on-Ouse, co. York, eldest s., bp. 1791 at Amp., ob. 1835 
and bur. at Newton-on-Ouse : by Ann, his w., who is now living at Thebarton, near 
Adelaide, South-Australia, the da. of John Muzeen of South- Holme, co. York, he had 
issue — George-Huggan, of the British Bank, Toronto, Canada, North America, bp. 1821 
at Newton-on-Ouse ; John-William, of Millbrooke, Canada West, bp. 1825 at N.-on-O. ; 
Eleanor, bp. 1817 at N.-on-O. and ob. 1860 in Australia, the w. of Henry Crosby ; Mair- 
Ann, bp. 1819 at N.-on-O., ob. inn. 1844 and bur. at N.-on-O. ; Eliza, bp. 1823 at N.-on-O. 
and m. to James Jephson ; Jane-Grace, bp. 1827 at N.-on-O. and viv. m. in Australia. 

George Sootheran of Hazby, co. York (third s. of George Sootheran of Amp. Lodge, 
who ob. 1834), bp. 1794 at Amp., ob. 1860 at Haxby and bur. at Amp. : he m. 1826 at 
Sutton, 00. York, Esther, nat. 1800, da. of John Benn of Haxby, and had issue— John, 
of Ivy Cottage, Amp., nat. 1828 and viv. cal. ; George, of Haxby, nat. 1832, and m. 1870 

N 8 



at St. Sampson's Church, city of York, Ann, da^ of John GilbertBon of Lodge-Field 
House, Ampleforth. 

Eichard Sootheran of Ampleforth Lodj^e, Lord of the Manor of Oswaldkirk (fourth 
8. of George Sootheran of Amp. Lodge, who ob. 1834), bp. 1796 at Amp., ob. 1846 and 
bur. at Amp. : he m. 1831, at Malton« his cousin Frances, bp. 1812 at Osw., ob. 1870 and 
bur. at Amp., da. of John Sotheran of Prospect House, par. Amp., and had issue — Henrj, 
"bp. 1833 at Osw. and viy. csel. ; George, bp. 1838 at Amp., ob. cnl. 1860 and bur. at Amp. ; 
John, bp. 1840 at Amp., ob. inf. 1841 and bur. at Amp. ; Bichard-Huggan, of Eastmount 
Boad, city of York, bp. 1841 at Amp., yiv. s. p. and m. 1869 at West Heslerton, oo. York, 
Elizabeth, da. of John Leefe of Malton ; John, bp. 1845 at Amp. and Y\r. csel. ; Grace, bp. 
1834 at Osw., m. 1857 at Amp. to Dennis Peacock of Muscoates, oo. York, nat. 1828 and 
8. of John Peacock of York ; Mary-Elizabeth, bp. 1836 at Amp. and m. 1869 at Amp. to 
John, s. of John Inman of Cundale, co. York ; Jane-Ellen, bp. 1846 at Amp. and yiv. inn. 

Thomas Sootheran of the Old House, Oswaldkirk, and Park House, Grilling (fiFth s. 
of John Sootheran of Amp. Lodge, who ob. 1782), bp. 1768 at Amp., ob. 1792 and bur. 
in chancel of Amp. Church : he m. by licence 1790, at Gilling, Jane Hodgson, and by 
her had issue^Eleanor, bp. 1792 at Amp., ob. 1868, and m. to Edwurd Stead, oy whom she 
had an only child, Eliza- Ann, tIy. b. p. and m. to George- Peacock Dale of Scarborough. 

Thomas Sotheran of Outhouses, Ampleforth (sixth s. of John Sotheran of Amp. and 
Osw., who ob. 1720), bp. 1700 at Osw., oo. 1767 and bur. at Amp. : he had issue — John, 
bp. 1731 at Osw., ob. inf. 1733 and bur. at Amp. s William, of Gilling, of whom after; 
Henry, of Acomb, of whom afler ; John, bp. 1742 at Osw., ob, inf. 1745 and bur. at 
Amp ; Frances (bp. 1733 at Osw. and ob. 1/62), m. 1757 at Osw. to Thomas Simpson 
of Amp. and had an only child, Ann, who ob. inn. 1775 ; Ann, bp. 1740 at Osw., ob. inf. 
1745 and bur. at Amp. ; and— 

Thomas Sotheran of Outhouses, Ampleforth, fil. et hier., nat. 1730 at Amp., ob. 1807 
and bur. at Amp. : by Sarah, his w., he had issue--John, bp. 1785 at Osw. ; Ann, bp. 1784 
at Osw. ; Frances- Mary, bp. 1792 at Osw. ; and — 

Thomas Sotheran of Lewisham, oo. Kent, eldest s., bp. 1782 at Oswaldkirk, ob. 1866 
and bur. at Highgate Cemetery, oo. Middlesex : he m. 1812 at Old- 
St.-Pancras Church, co. Middlesex. Maria (nat. 1788 at Aberga- 
yenny, co. Monmouth, ob. 1868 at Penge, co. Surrey, and bur. at 
Highgate), da. of Charles Price (nat. 1754, ob. 1812 and bur. in 
Old St. Pancras churchyard, — by Elizabeth, his w., nat. 1757, ob. 
1829 and bur. with her husband, whom she m. circ. 1779 at 
Witston, CO. Monmouth, she was the da. of William Phillips of 
Witston House, Esq., J.P., who ob. 1789) of Newport, co. Mon- 
mouth, and afterwards of Somerset House, London, Esq., and by 
by her had issue— Thomas, nat. 1812, ob. juy. 1819 and bur. at 
St. Margaret-Pattens, in the city of London ; Henry, of Heath- 
side, of whom afler ; George, bp. 1822 at St. Margta., ob. inf. 
and bur. at St. Margts. ; Edward, bp. 1823 at St. Margts., 
ob. juv. 1827 and bur. at St Margts. ; Alfred, bp. 1825 at St. 
Margts., ob. inf. and bur. at St. Margts. ; Alexander, bp. 1826 at 
St. Margts., ob. juy. 1832 and bur. at St. Margts. ; Arthur, nat. 
1828, bp. 1829 at St. Margts., ob. juy. 1832 and bur. at St. Margts. ; William-Septimus, 
nat 1830, bp. 1831 at St Margts., ob. in£ 1832 and bur. at St. Maigts. ; Mary, nat 1818, 
ob. inf. 1819 and bur. at St Margts. ; and — 

Charles Sotheran of Trinity Square, Newington, co. Surrey* 
eldest surviying s., nat. 1816, ob. 1851 and bur. at Highgate : he 
m. 1846 at the parish church, Paddington, co. Middlesex, Fanxiy- 
Elize (m. secondly to John Sawle, Esq., and had issue), eldest dtL. 
of Henry- John Hirst (grandson of George Maynard fnat. 1715, 
ob. 1794— eldest surriying s. of John Maynard of par. St. 
Helen's, Bishopsgate, in the city of London, by Dorothea, his w.] 
of par. St-Dionifl-Backehurch, Xoudon, gent, and great-grands, 
of John Hirst of Ginn House, par. Botnerham, co. York, Esq., 
who ob. circ. 1738) of Howarth Grange and Clough House, 
Botherham, co. York, Esq., and had issue — Henry, nat. 1849, ob. 
inf. 1850 and bur. at Highgate ; Fanny-Elizc, nat. 1850 and yiy. 
inn. ; and — 

Charles Sotheran of Moss-Side, near Manchester, eldest s., 
nat. 1847, yiy. s. p., m. 1869 Mary-Eva, nat. 1847, second da. of 
John Mac Manus of Drumbroughas, co. Fermanagh, gent, who 
was born 1812 and ob. 1870, and who was the eldest 8. of 

iPbOUps if nUtston* 

Kttst o f CUmg ^ 


Charles Mac Manas of Dmxnbarghy, co. Fermanagli, gent., and grands. 

of Connor Mao Manns, the eldest s. and h. of James Mao Manns* of ^^ (^ ^ 
Bellisle Castle,t Ishind of Ballj Mao Manus, Lough Eme,t oo. Ferma- 
nagh.§ Eso. 

JEeniy Sotlieran of Heathside, Upper-Norwood, oo. Surrey (third s. 
of Thoraas Sotheran of Lewisham), Dp. 1820 at St-Margaret-Pattens, 
m. 1860 at Meloombe-Begis, .co. Dorset, Bosetta-Sarah-Ann, da. of 
Samuel-Man Hunot of Melcombe-Regis, gent., and has issue — Henry- JHacJSantn of 
Cecil, nat 1861 ; Herbert- Alfred, nat. 1862 and ob. inf. ; Alice- Augusta- co. .^rmanagi^. 
Gertmde, nat. 1867. 

William Sotheran of Gilling and afterwards of Outhouses, Ampleforth (third s. of 
Thomas Sotheran of Outhouses, who ob. 1767), bp. 1736 at Osw., ob. 1816 and bur. at 
Amp. : he m. by licence 1778, at Gilling, Elizabeth, nat. 1740, ob. 1817 and bur. at Amp., 
da. of John Bell (nat. 1711, ob. 1793— by Ann, his w., nat 1709 and ob. 1797), and had 
issue an only son — 

John Sotheran of Prospect House, par. Ampleforth, bp. 1773 at Gilling, ob. 1859 and 
bur. at Amp. : be m. 1809 at Osw., Elizabeth, nat. 1792, ob. 1867 and bur. at Amp., da. 
of William Hall of Ampleforth, and had issue— William, bp. 1810 at Osw., ob. 18& and 
bur. at Amp. ; Frances, m. to her cousin Siohard Sootheran of Amp. Lodge ; and*— 

Mary- Ann Sotheran, youngest da., bp. 1817 at Osw., m. by licence 1837, at Oswald- 
kirk, to Joseph Spensley (nat. 1813, s. of George Spensley of Coxwold, co. York, by 
Elizabeth, bis w., da. of Joseph Smith of Wilden Grange, co. York,) of Oldstead Hall, 
CO. York, and formerly of Shandy HaU (for seven years Sie residence of Laurence Sterne, 
author of ' Tristram Shandy ' and ' The Sentimental Journey '), par. Coxwold, and has 
issue— John- William, nat 1839 and yir. csbI. ; Sotheran, nat. 1843 and rir, cieL ; Ajrthur- 
Charles, nat 1853; Frederick-George, nat 1857; Victor, nat 1861 ; Elizabeth, nat. 1838 
and ob. inn. ; Mary-Frances, nat 1841 and yir. inn. ; Laura- Agnes, nat. 1849 ; Eliza, nat 
1851 ; Mary-Aloysia, nat 1855 ; Kate, nat 1859. 

Henry Sotheran of Acomb, co. York, and St. Helen's Square, city of York, a member 
of the (corporation of Bootham Ward, in the city of York (fourth s. of Thomas Sotheran 
of Outhouses, Amu., who ob. 1767), bp. 1737 at Osw., ob. 1813 and bur. at Acomb ; in 
the south wall of tne chancel of St. Helen's parish church, city of York is a stained glass 
memorial window (by Hardman), and beneath it a brass plate bearing an inscription to his 
memory : he m. Alice Hartley (ob. 1809 and bur. at Acomb) of White-Lee, Burnley, co. 
Lane, and had issue — ^Elizabeth, ob. inn. ; and — 

Thomas Sotheran of St. Helen's Square, ci^ of York, only s., nat. 1773 at York, ob. 
1833 at Aoomb and was there bur. : he m. at st George's, London, Elizabeth Fears, ob. 
circ. 1840 and bur. at Acomb, and by her had issue — Henry, of Bootham, city of York, 
nat. 1802 at York, rir. s. p., and m. 1863 at Holtby, co. York, to Susan, da. of Thomas 
Danby of Stamford-Bridge, co. York ; John, of doney Street, city of York, nat 1816 
and yir. c»l. ; William, of Heworth, co. York, and Fetergate, city of York, m. to Miss 
Gowthorpe, of Market Rasen, to. Lincoln ; Frank, o( Leeds, co. York, m. and has issue ; 
Afiee, tIt. s. p. widow of James Baxter of Acomb ; Catherine, of Acomb, riy. inn. 

* He was stated — ' Misoellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' Quarterly Series, Yol. II. p. 260 — to 
hsTe died in 1761 and to have been Member in the National Iiish Parliament for Athj ; this is an 
error, it was his kinsman James Mac Manus of Maynooth, Esq., who died in that year and was the 
Member for Athy. 

t ** BeUiale, described in 1834 as — one of those graoefol, incipient ruins in which — ' Decay's 
effiudng fingers— HaTe swept the lines where beaaty lingers,' — is now restored to more than its 
pristine elegance. The mansion, though plain, is substantial and commodious, commanding, we 
beliere, the finest view which can be obtained (except firom a considerable and iminhabitable eleva- 
tion) of the upper Lake " (i. e. Lough Erne) " and its numerous isles. The plantation is old, and 
oomprises sereral yew gro?es, which an yenerable enough to have furnished bow-staTCs to the war- 
riors and hunters of t£d Mae Manuses, who, in the days of the red deer and wolf, lorded if over 
this isfamd as their home and citadel. Traditionplaoes a monastery, with which the old yews have 
probably some connexion, upon this island. . . . Vvnether a monastery existed here or not, Bellisle, 
or rathOT Bally Mac Manus, the old name of the place, is interesting as haying been the residence 
of Osthal Magnire, a learned writer, who here, in the 14th. century, compiled one of the best collec- 
tions of the Annals of Ireland which we still poss e ss, and which are anown as ' The Annals of 
tUster.' '* Tide * Wakeman's Lough Erne,' pp. 64-6. 

X At GOla, near Lough Erne, was a monastery founded by Mao Manus, Lord of the place, and 
granted at the suppression of the monastic houses, to Sir John Dayis, Knight. 

§ " The county " (i. e. Fermanach) " abounds in Lakes. Hence it was called in Irish, Feor^ 
n^k-^anajfht * the Country of the Lakes.' It was made shire ground in the 11th. of Elizabeth ; 
being then in a Tory unsettled state, and dirided between two powerful septs — the Mac Manuses 
and tbe Mac Quires." Tide— " Ireland : Its Scenery, Character, &c, by Mr. and Mrs. S. Cr^Hall," 
▼oL iiL p. 178. 


Thomas le-Souihem of Mitton, in the Wapentake of StamdifPe, co. York, yir. a.d. I316« 
9fch Edward II., ride — " Nomina Villarum for Yorkshire." 

Kichard de-Sotton, alias Dye, was admitted 1390 on the presentation of the King 
(Richard II.)f to the Ticarehip of Bradwell» Newport-Hundred, co. Bucks. He exchanged 
this linng, in 1394, for Wolverton. 

Salph Sothume of Warrington and Arpf^Iey, co. Chester, viv. 1465, James Sothnm, 
John Sothurn and Richard Sothume of Orford, co. Chester, vir. 1465, vide—" Warrington 
in 1465 as described in a contemporary rent roll of the Legh family.'* 

Thomas Sotheron of O^erwhytley-lVfanor, oo. Chester, and Alice, his da., tIv. 5th. 
Eliz., Thomas Sotherne of Whytleign, co. Chester, 8th. EUz., Charles Sotheron of Wyn- 
wicke, CO. Lane, 10th. Eliz., Henry Sowtheren of Holme, co. Lane., 16th. Elix., Robert 
Sotheron of Wolston, co. Lane, 29th. Eliz., Margaret Sotherne of Chester, 35th. Elis., 
and Charles Sotherne of Poulton, co. Lane, 44th. Eliz., ride — " Calendar to Pleadings, 
Duchy of Lane, Edw. VI. and Eliz.*' 

John Sothern and Mar^ret his w., the da. of Robert Pike and widow of William 
Powlter, vide—" Chancery Proceedings temp. Eliz.'* 

John Sotherne of Lamesley, co. Durham, riv. 1578, and William Sotheron of Aydiff, 
CO. Durham, viy. 1678, vide — " Bp. Barnes's Ecclesiastical Proceedings." 

Robert ' Southome,' a native of ' Wurcester or Shropshier,' yiv. ante 1584 at ETesham, 
CO. Worcester ; he was the supposed father of ' Arthure ' Dudley, or ' Southome.' SBt 
about * zz7ij yeres ' in 1588, who claimed* to be the issue of Queen Elizabeth by Robert 
Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and concerning whom see the curiously detailed particulars 
in — Sir Henry Ellis's " Original Letters Hlustrative of English History," second series. 

Dr. John Lingard's " History of England," Miss Agnes Strickland's 
** Lives of the Queens of England," and James-ijithony Fronde's 
" History of England." 

Gilbert Sotherne of ffits, Shropshire, m. and had issue— G^rge, of 
ffits, gent. ; William, of London, gent. ; Reynold* of Gray'a Jim, cOk 
Middlesex, Esq. ; and^- 

John Sotherne, second s., of London, merchant, m. Jane Gledweli 
and had issue — Reynold, Charles, and— 

James Sotherne of London, merchant, yir, 1633 and m. to SQ8an« 

JSotijeme of ^a* o^ Thomas Robinson of London. 

EontioQ anO Edmund Southeme, gent., rir. 1593, author of— "A Treatise con- 

&fycwfitiixt, ceming the right Use and Ordering of Bees. Lond. by Thomas Orwin 

for Thomas Woodoocke 1593, 4to. This treatise consisting of 17 leares 
is dedicated to Mistress Margaret Ashley and concludes with a curious sto^ oonoeming 
tythe bees." Tide — '* Lowndes's Bibliographer's Manual" and — "Notes and Queries/^ 
2nd s., T. 12. 

William Sothern of Appleton, co. Chester, gent., circ. 1600, m. Alice, da. of William 
Massey, of Massey-Green, The! wall, co. Chester, and widow of John Leigh of Ought- 
rington, Esq., who was bom 1580 and was the second s. of Peter Leigh of Onghtrington, 
E8<^, by Margaret his w., da. and h. of William Wy Ime of Onghtrington. 

Margaret Southern, da. and h. of James Southern, gent., who was rir. 1625 at Lirer- 
pool CO. Lane, m. Henry Corles, Alderman and Mayor of Lirerpool in 1661, vide-* 
" Tarlton Pedigree " in Coll. of Arms. 

John Sowthen, viy. ante 1631. " Near the east end of the nave of the Church of 
Denham in Stoke-Hundred, co. Bucks, on a square tablet of black marble : — ' An* 1631, 
Mar> 2** Ossa-& Cineres Johannis Sowthen suo proximo jacent marmore, cui Deua per 
nnam uzorem Andream numerosam dedit prolam, quinque filios & noYcm filias quos omnet 
liquit superstites po8t<}uam 67 annos pie probeque transgisset quiete' et placide* Dn'o 
Jesu* obdormivit Gloriosam ezpectans Resurrectionem.' vide— Lipscomb a ' Bucking- 
hamshire,' Vol. IV. p. 456. 

Thomas Southern of Mickleton, co. Gloucester, viv. 1638, ride—" Cal. Dom. Ststt 

Thomas Southeme, Esq., poet and dramatist, nat. 1660 at Ozmantown in Dublin, 
admitted 1676 a member of Trin. Coll. Dub. and enrolled 1678 a student of law in the 

* ** . . . What passed between him and Leicester is not stated; bat that Philip*' (Philip the 
Second, King of Spain and brother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth) ** did not consider him an tmpoator, 
appears firom this, — that we And him, eren as late as a year after his apprehension," (which took 
place in Spain) " treated " (at Madrid) " as a person of distinction, * being rery solemnly warded 
and serred with an expense to the king of yi crownes (almost £2) a daye.' " ride— langard's 
** History of Bngland." 


Middle Temple ; at the time of the Duke of Monm6atli'B landinfi; in 1685 he senred in 
the King's Army as an ensign in Lord Ferrers' ref^iment and was afterwards presented 
with a company by the Duke of Berwick ; he ob. 1746 and was bur. in St. Paul's Church* 
Corent (harden, London, where there is no monument now existing to his memory, as in 
1795 the church was dmost destrojred by fire and all the rery valuable monumental 
memorials therein destroyed. Editions of Mr. Thomas Southeme's works : — " Plays 
written by Thomas Southeme, esq., now first collected, with an account of the life and 
writings of the author by T. K(vanB). London, 1774, 12mo. 3 Yols., portrait, best edition. 
. . . London, 1713, 12mo., 2 Vols.— 1721, 12mo., 2 Vols. . . . First Editions of the separate 
plays, 1694-1700, 4to." yide--" Lowndes's Bibliographer's Manual." 

Ann Sotheme of Tfaelwall, co. Chester, is mentioned in a deed, dated 1661, conyeying 
Thelwall Manor to Bobert Pickering, Esq. ; John Sotheme in a document dated 1662, 
relative to Thelwall. 

Elizeus Southern of Bloomdbury, London, viv. 1667, when he issued a token bearing 
the following inscriptions, obverse—" ELIZEV8 . SOVTHERN . 1667= HIS HALFE- 
PENNY." and reverse—" IN . BLOOMSBERY . MARKETT = E.S.S." vide— 
Boyne's " Seventeenth Century Tokens." 

James Southeme, Clerk or the Acts 1688 and an Extra Commissioner of the Navy 
1694, vide—" Cal. Treasury Papers 1656-1696 " and—" Diary of Samuel Pepys." 

William Southern m. 1725 in the private chapel of Somerset House, Strand, co. 
Middlesex, to Ann Clarke. 

Mr. . . . Southern, sat for his portrait to Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1757, Mrs. . . . 
Southern in 1758 and Mr. . . . Southwell (afterwards corrected into Sotheron), in 1764. 
vide — Leslie and Taylor's " life and Times of Sir Joshua Reynolds." 

Thomas Sotheren of Cloonderigmoyle, Queen's County, Ireland, gent, (brother of 
William Sotheren), will dated 1768 and proved 1770 ; he had issue— l%omas ; Mary, w. 
of . . . Smyth ; Elizabeth, w. of . . . Meares ; Catharine, w. of . . . Wilson ; . . . w. ox . . . 
Carter ; and— George Sotheren, who had a s. Thomas. 

Ralph Southern, of Lower Brook Street, Ghrosvenor Square, London, m. 1790 Rebecca 
Williams of Prestleigh, co. Radnor. 

John Southern, clerk, Yicar of Leigh (1786-1810), co. Rent, ob. 1810. 

J. H. Southern of Buckland House, co. Devon, Esq., whose w. ob. 1792. 

Yemen Southern of Hull, oo. York, gent., viv. 1806, in which year his w. ob. est. 72. 

Richard Southern of Hull, merchant, ob. 1811 et. ~ 

John Southern of Sutton, near Shrewsbury, oo. Salop, ob. 1811 and was bur. in St. 
GKles' Church, near Sutton. 

John Southern, " a distinguished mathematician and engineer," ob. 1815, »t. 58, at 
Oakhill, near Birmingham, co. Warwick. 

John Southeme of Shrewsbury, co. Salop, Esq., ob. ante 1828 : he bore the arms — 
" gu. on a bend argent three eaglets, displayed sa.," crest — " an eagle, with two heads, 
displayed, ner pale ar. and az., each head crowned or," and motto—" Esto quod esse 
videris," viae plates to— Berry's " Encyclopsedia Henddica." 

Cordelia Southern, widow of John Southern of Soho, near Birmingham, and aunt to 
Messrs. Radford of Hull, ob. 1846, let. 75, at Liverpool. 

Henry Southern, Esq., Commander of the Bath and previously Secretary of Legation 
at Lisbon, was gazetted, in 1848, as Her Majesty's Minister to the Argentine Confede- 
ration and, in 1851, as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Emperor 
of Brazil. 

James Sothem of the Priory, Aigburth, Liverpool, Esq., J.P., who ob. 1859, had 
among other issue — Ben- James, of the Second Regt. Duke of Lancaster's Own Rifles, ob. 
1859, flDt. 23, at Windermere ; Louisa, m. 1852 at Liverpool to Henry-Blayds Molyneuz, 
Esq. ; and Mary-EUen-Woirall m. 1867 at St. -Mary- Abbotts, Kensington, to Joseph- 
Marmaduke Taylor, Esq., F.R.C.S. and R.H.A. 

Francis-Richard Southern of Ludlow, co. Sidop, Esq., m. 1858 at Bradford, oo. Wilts, 
Fanny-Ly dia, only surviving da. of William Lloya of Ludlow, Esq. 

George- William Southern of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Esq., Her Majesty's Inspector of 
liGnes for Yorkshire 1867, and for the Northumberland, JNorth-Durham and CumberLind 
District, 1867-70. 

■ ■ . ! ? 

Pkrct. — Eleanor Percy, spoken of in family papers as " a ward in Chancery," 
married, circ, 1660, Capt. . . . Becket, and had issue a dai^hter, Mary, who came 
to America with Wm. renn, and married, 1691, Samuel Bowne, of Flushing, in 
Loi^ Island. Tradition says that Becket was killed in one of Marlborough's 
battles.. Who was this Eleanor Percy P Thos. STBWASDSOiry Jr. 

Chrmaniovny Philadelphia, 


Boyaliit Composition Papers. 

To THE HoKBLX. THE CoM** fop Compounding with delinquents. 

The humble petition of Francis Woolfe the elder of Madeley in y« Co. of 
Salop gent. 


That there ia a Copy of delinq*^ (as yo' petitioner is informed) exhibited 
against him to the Comm^ lor sequestrac'ons m the Co. of Salop by yo' petic'oners 
estate hath not bene either seizea or sequest'red for the same. Now to* peti- 
c'oneb taking notice of the favour of the parlt. in theire late gratious act of 
general pardon 

Humbly desires the benefitt thereof and yo' orders of discharge 
firom the said charge of delinquency. 
And yo' petic*oner shall ever pray. 

^^iM^ ) 

Inscribed, Mr. Woolfe the elder, his petic'on. 

To THE HoKBLB. the Coic" for Compounding with delinquents. 

The humble petition of Francis Woolfe the younger of Madeley in the 
Co. of Salop. 


That there is a charge of delinquency (as yo' petic'oner is informed) exhi- 
bited against him to the Comm^ for sequestration m Shropshire, but yo' peti- 
c'oners estate hath not been hitherto seized or sequestred and now taking notice 
of the favor of parliament in their late gratious act of general pardon, 

Y' petic'oner humbly craves the benefitt thereof and y' order of 
discharge from the aforesayd charge of delinquency ana hee shall 
ever pray &c. 



Insciibedi Mr. Woolfe the younger his petic'on* 


The following incident in the escape of Charles II., whilst under the ffuidance of Baohard Pen- 
dereU, is taken from the ' Worcestershire Misoellanj ' (Worcester, 1831, Edwin Lees) : — 

" They reached Madeley about midnight, and proceeded to a lai^ge stone mansion then inhabited 
bj a royaust gentleman of the name of Woolf who, however, tired of the confusion and inseoority 
of the times (his son being at that moment a prisoner at Shrewsbury), on being roused from hu 
sleep, refused to compromise his safety for any person less tlum the King. lUchard Penderell upon 
this discovered Charles, who was rather uneasy, but had no cause to repent this confidence, as the 
old cavalier instantly paid him every attention ; but as on fonner occasions the hiding places (tf the 
house had been discovered and republican troopers were in the neighbourhood, it was deemed most 
prudent to shelter him in an adjoming bam, benind the corn and hay. During the remainder of 
the night and the whole of the next £iy, here Charles and Penderell remained ; but in the dusk of 
evening Mr. Woolf and his son, who had been released from captirity, came and brought them some 
refreshment, but advised the JB^ing by no means to attempt the passage of the Severn, as it was 
strictly guarded and the boats seised. Charles instantly decided for a return to Bosoobel, thinking 

. • Oommunioatod by Bidiard Woof, F.S.A., F.B.S.L., etc. , ooHtinued from pp. 126-6. 


he ihoald then hear of Lord Wilmot, with whom he had still an idea of reaching London. Leaving 
Hadelej, thoefore, Mri. Woolf haring fir»t darkened his face and hands with walnut learee, they 
set off in the dark» at eleven o'clock, to avoid the Eyelin miller, waded through the stream that 
tuned his mill, reaching Boaoobel House ahout five o'dock, having first heard at John Penderel's in 
their way, that Lord Wilmot was concealed at Mr. Whitgreave's of Moselej Hall, eight miles dis- 
tant, and that Miyor Oarlis, havine escaped from Worcester (where Blount says he saw the ' last 
man kil'd*), was now at Bosoohd House for safisty, thinking hjs own residence of Brom Hall, in the 
vidnity, inseoore." 

This account may have been derived from the following sources : — ** The Civil Warres of Great 
Britain and IreUniC containing an exact history of their occasion, original. Progress, and happy 
end " : London, 1661. " Boscobel or the compleat History of His sacred Majesty's most miraculous 
preserration after the Battle of Worcester '* : * Gentleman's Magazine,' v. 59, 1739 ; and Worcester, 
1769. '* An account of the preservation of Kins Charles 2. after the Battle of Worcester, drawn 
up by himself" : Glasgow, 1766, finom a MS. in Mag. Coll. Cambridge. From this latter account it 
appears that the younger Woolfe had been released and arrived at home before the King left. 


Li the name of God Amen the 15^^ day of September in the year of our Lord 
1670 and in the 22^ year of our so v. Lord Charles the 2^ by the grace of Ood King 
of Eng. Scot. France and Ireland defender of the faith &c. I John Worthington of 
Hackney near London in the co. of Midd. D' of Divinity being of sound and perfect 
memory through Gk>d*s mercy do make and ordain this my last will and testament in 
manner and form following tnat is to say First I commend my soule into the hands 
of Ood that gave it trusting in his mercies thro' Jesus Chnst the Saviour of the 
world. My body I commit to the earth to be buried (without any expensive 
pomp) either in the parish where I dye or in the parish church of S* Benet Fynk 
Lonaon or in such other place as my executor shall think fit And as touchine; the 
distribution of such estate as it hath pleased God to entrust me with in this life I 
dispose of the same as foUoweth that is to say I give to my three daughters 
Damans Anne and Mary the summe of 300^ a piece for y' portions to wit to each of 
them 300^ to be paid to them respectively at their respective ages of 21 years or days 
of marriage w^** shall first happen. And if any one of my s^ daughters shall dye 
before the s^ respective portion becomes due to her then my will is that the por- 
tion of her so dying shall oe divided between the two daughters surviving by equall 
portions And if another of my s^ daughters shall dye before her portion be due to 
ner my will is that the portion of her so dying as also what accrued to her upon 
the death of her sister shall be divided between my son John and the surviving 
daughter equally And if all my s^ daughters shall dye before their portions become 
due to them my will is that the respective estates of my daughters so dyins shall 
be disposed of by my executors for the benefit of my son John and payd to nim at 
his age of 21 years And I will that there be payd to each of my s<^ daughters 
yearly for their maintenance and education from the time of my death until their 
respective portions become due to them respectively if they shall respectively live 
so long the summe of 18^ by four equal quarterly payments at the four usual quar- 
ter days or days of payment in the year And I do order will and appoint that my 
personal estate excepting my library and what is hereafter in this will given by me 
Djr way of legacies snail be by my executors hereafter named applied for the satis- 
fying and paying the s^ respective summs of money hereinbefore ordered to be paid 
BO far as the same will extend And I do order and appoint that my executors 
shall receive the rents and profits of all my lands ten'ts and hereditaments where- 
soever they are within the kingdome of England untill my s^ son shall attaine to 
his age of 21 years and apply so much thereof as shall be for that purpose requisite 
for the satisfying such psui; of the s^ monies herein by me appointed as shall not 
be payd and satisfyed out of or by my s^ personal estate and lor the reimbursing 
unto themselves tneir charges and expences which they shall be put unto in and 
about the executing of this my s^ will and the trust hereby in them reposed. And 
the residue of the s^ rents and profits if any shall be 1 do appoint to be paid by 
my executors to my s^ sonn at nis age of 21 years But if my personal! estate at 

* Commonioated by J, B. Daniel-TjBBen, Biq., F,8.A« 


mj death shall amount to more than the snmme of 900^ then my will is that the 
overplus of the s*^ estate shall be equally divided amongst my daughters to augment 
their portions And I give and devise to my said ISonne and his heires all my 
lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever and wheresoever w^^ in the King- 
dome of England to be enjoved by my said sonne in possession when he shall 
accomplish his age of one ana twentie yeares and not before And till he shall 
accomplish the said age of one and twentie yeares my will is that my executors 
shall make him such allowances out of the Bents of the said Lands and Tene- 
ments as shall be necessarie for his maintenance and education yearely^by foure 
equall quarterly payments at the foure usuall quarterly dayes or dayes of payment 
in the yeare Item I give and devise to my s' son all my MSS. Books and papers 
and such printed Books of my Library as hereafter in a Schedule annexed are 
specifyed And the rest of my Library (except the books given by me as legacies 
to my friends hereafter named j I would nave sold by my executors and the pro- 
ceeds thereof to be put forth at interest by my executors and paid unto my son 
John with the interest thereof at his age of 21 years And my desire is that my 
son John if he be judged capable for learning and virtuously inclined shall be dis- 
posed of by my executors in one of the universities in England to be a scholar 
entreating them to place him under the care and tuition of a tutor that is religious 
and learned And my desire to them in behalf of my daughters is that if any of 
them grown to a marriageable estate be disposed to marry that they would make it 
their care and endeavour that such do marry with one that is seriously religious 
and one not separating from the publick and allowed church assemblies Item I 
will that all my debts be truly paid by my executors Item I give to my sister 
Eliz. Crabb of Alcester and to my brother her husband and to my sister Hepzibah 
"Whichcote and to my brother Benj. Whichcote Christopher Whichcote Jeremy 
Ayhichcote and to my niece Catherine Bowker and to my nephew her husband and 
to my niece Sarah Worthington and to my two nephews John Worthington & 
Francis Worthington to each and every of them 20' to buy a ring. Item I give 
to my niece Sarah Worthington for her help in my family the Summe of 10'' And 
I will that my executors give her money sufficient for her journey when she 
intends to return to Manchester I give also to my servant Ann Nidd (if she con- 
tinues servant to my family at the time of my decease) 50" Item I give to my 
food Mend D' Balph Cudworth M' of Christs Coll. in Cambr. these Hebrew books 
'seror hamor. B. Menahem in Pentateuchum, B. Meir in Job, Lechem Dimah or 
Comment, in Threnos And to my good friend D' Henry More of the same College 
I give those bookes which he hath of mine And to my good friend and Cosin M' 
Ezekiel Foxcroft Fellow of King's College in Cambridge I give an ancient author 
in quarto called Pierce Plowman with other old Books bound with it Also I give 
him Yaldesso's Considerations in Italian and Davila*s works his Spiritual Epistles 
&c. in Spanish And to his good mother my Aunt M" Eliz. Foxcroft I give what 
pieces I have of Jacob Behmen and concerning H. N. or the family of Love for or 
against them. 

I do nominate and appoint my very worthy friend M' Edward Fowler of 
Northil in the co. of Bedford Clerk to be the sole executor of this my last will 
and testament And I do give to him my lands in Suffolk till my son John come 
to the age of 21 years to receive the rents thereof to the uses and purposes of this 
my will expresst And if my son John dy before the age of 21 years by him to be 
attained then until my daughter Damans shall attain the same age And I do 
order my s* executor to paj all debts by me owi ng a nd particularly a debt of 8*» in 
money 1 owe to my late wife's sister Hephzibah Whichcote And I do give to my 
fi' executor for his pains 20^ in mony booKS or goods at his discretion. 

John Worthington. 

Declared to be the last will and testament of D' John Worthington 23'* No- 
vember 1671 in the presence of us Benjamin Whichcote John Worthington Ann 
Munford Edith Bachelor Judith Brooke Hephzibah Whichcote Sarah Worthingtoo 
Ann Nid. 

Proved 1 February 1671. 

Eure, fol. 22, 1672. 



To tlie Memory 


John Worthiiigtoii D D 

Sometime Master of Jobub CoDege in Cambridge 

and Minister of this Parish 

Who ynt as remarkable for his Piety and Leamiag 

BB any the last Age has produced 

And by hia own Pious and Excellent works as well as by 

Pabliahing those of some of the most Learned men 

of his time has rendered his memory predous to 

all succeeding Generations 

He was bom at Mauchester in February 1617 and 

through the whole Course of his life 
Shewing an uncommon Zeal for the Olory of God 

in promoting piety and vertuB and by a strict 

attendance on the Dutyes of his Sacred Function 

waa highly acceptable in every place he had a relation to 

He died November the 26. 1S71 

The &mous D' Tillotson in the character he gaTe 

lim at his interment will supply the defects of this table 

This Monument was erected pursuant to the Will of 

John Wortbington his Son bom at Fen-Ditton 

is Ctunbridgeshire when his father was Sector there 

was Fellow of 8' Peteni College in Cambridge and 

by his Piety Humility and Learning shewed himself 

not unworthy so Great and ao Good a Progenitor 

He died the lOi^ of January 1787 aged 76 

by his own appointment lyes buried in the 

adjoining Churchyard 

The righteous shall be in 

everlasting remembrance 

112 Psalm 6. 

* nw ssTsnl portioiis of this monament, which it lerj Urge and bsudBOiiiSy in ttow Ifing in 
tht.boildiiiK known u ths Bowe ChApel, or Downihira Maiuoleum, snd might, without mnt^ 
tnaUs or aipsua, be ereotad in oiu of tiie porcbo of the new church. 






Anne the daughter of D' John Worthington by Mary his wife was baptized the 

29'* of August 1666. 
Ann the daughter of W°> Worthington by Sarah 20 March 1729. 
Ann the daughter of W" Worthington by Sarah 11 Feb. 1786-7. 
Frances d. of M' Ja" Worthington by Frances 10 May 1711. 
Jane Worthington the daughter of ^ward Worthington 6 Ap^ 1611. 
Jane d. of Edward Worthington 6 April 1611. 
John son of W" Worthington by Sarah 22 Dec. 1734. 
John son of W" A Sarah Worthington Apr. 8 1742. 
Mary daughter of W" Worthington by Sarah 19 Sept. 1731. 
Sarah daughter of W* Worthington by Sarah 2 March 1727-8. 
W* son of W- A Sarah Worthington 25 Feb. 1744-6. 


Thomas Boothby of Chinkford in Essex Esq. and M'* Frances Worthington of tbifl 

parish both single 26 Nov. 1781 pr. lycense. 
W* Worthington bach. & Sarah Evans sp' both of this parish 15 April 1773. 


M" Alice Worthington was buried in the side Ghancell third of December 1629. 

Edward Worthington gent. 13 June 1614. 

M'" Frances Worthin^n wid^ carr. away to S^ Brides 12 Not. 1780. 

Doctor John Worthington 30 Nov. 1671. 

John Worthington inf 10 Jan. 1734-6. 

John Worthington (gent.) was bury'd from Lond" by his particular Will in the 

poors ground 12 foot deep on the 22^ day of Jan. & pulpit hung 1737. 
Bichard Worthington a nurse child 3 Sept. 1716. 
Sarah Worthington inf. 6 April 1728. 
W- Worthington a child Jan. 14 1748. 
Sarah Worthington wife June 9 1749. 

Phillips of Witstok (pp. 121-2). — The three annexed corrections are neces- 
sary to my notes on the Philbps Family, pp. 121-2 of this vol. 

L The Bev. John Beynon has inadvertontly given Miss Phillips's christian 
name as Maty instead of Elizabeth, in his corroboration of her marriage with 
Charles Price, Bsq. 

XL p. 122, lines 3 and 4, far — " G-race-Bebecca, the wife of Arthur-Troughton 
Boberts of Cholmendey, co. Flint, Esq./* read — '* G-race-Bebecca, m. 1649 to 
Arthur-Troughton Boberts (nat. 1815 and s. of Hugh Boberts, Esq.) of Coeddi^ 
CO. Flinty ana G-lan*y-Menai, co. Anglesey, Esq., D.L." 

III. p. 122, lines 7-11. The npto on Mr. Charles Price should more correctly 
read — ** % Charles Price of Newport, co. Monmouth, and afterwards of Somerset 
House, London, Esq., ob. 1821, eat. 67, and was bur. in Old-St.-Pancras Ghorch- 
yard, co. Middlesex, on the right-hand side of the Church and near to the tomb 
belonging to the Duice of Norfolk's family ; Mr. Charles Price, as before stated, 
m circ. 1780, at Witston, Elizabeth, ob. 1829, Bdt, 72, and bur. with her hosband 
at 0l€L-St.-Pancra8, the da. of William Phillips, of Witston House, Esq., J.P., who 
ob. 1789, and had by her, with other issue, two das. — 1. Maria, nat. 1788 at Aber- 
^Fonny, oo. Monmouth, ob. 1868 at Penge, co. Surrey, and bur. in Highgate 
Oemetory, eo. Middlesex, she m. 1812, at Old-St.-Pancras Church, Tlomaa 
SotbenuDL of Lewisham, Kent, gent., who was bp. 1782 at Oswaldkirk, co. Tork, 
ob. 1866 at Lewisham, and was bur. at Highgato : and 2, Charlotte, of Albanj 
Street, Begent's Paric, London, nat. 1792, ob. inn. 1857, and bur. in the Sotheran 
place of sepulture, Highgate Cemetery.*' Chables Sothjebax. 

* Commiuiicated bj J. E. Daniel-Tyesen, Esq., F.S.A. 



Although, so far as it goes, the pedigree of this family is correctly ^ven by Sir 
Bernard Burke in his ' Landed Gentry,' it is, neyertheless, defective in coUateral 
branches, and therefore it is hoped that the present contribution of authentic 
materials may lead to others investigating the subject. 

The family is supposed to have sprung from a soldier of fortune, who eame to 
England from the Low Countries during the Wars of the Roses, and probably 
about 1471, in whick year Edward lY. landed a body of Flemish auxiliaries in 

The elder line of this family has occupied Leybum Hall, Yorkshire, for four 
centuries, during which period it has given off, it appears, only two branches, viz. 
one settled on the borders of Durham pirea 1500, and the other in Westmoreland 
circa 1656. From these three there can scarcely be a question that all of the name 
in England are descended, considering local circumstances and the extreme rarity 
of the name. 

Pabish of Wenslbt. 

ISxtraeied by ike Ron, and Re9. Thomat Ordc PowleU, 168&-1705.] 

Sil. Johannes Yarker, xri^ die Mail. 

546. Thomas Yarker zxy die Marcii. 

549. Beynoldus filius Willimi Yarker prime die Decembris.f 

592. Margaretta filia Beynoldi Yarker y die Januarii. 

595. Elizabettea filia Beynoldi Yarker ni die MaiL 

598. Lucas filius Beynoldi Yarker xix die Octobris. 

601. Willimus filius Beynoldi Yarker rv die Octobris. 

626. Beynoldus Yarker filius Luco Yarker 10 die Augusti.^ 

627. Lucas Yarker filius Luca Yarker 11 die Octobris. 

628. Johannes Yarker filius Luca Yarker 24 die Septembris. 
652. Luke ffilius Beonold Yarker 20 Martii.§ 

654. Jane ffilia Beonold Yarker 25 February. 

655. Luca £51ia Leonard Yarker of Preston 30 July.|| 

656. Lucas ffillius Thomas Yarker 11 May.|| 

657. ^J^ } filii Beonard Yarker Layboume 10 January.** 

657. Mary ffilia Leonard Yarker 18 September. || 

659. Thomas ffilius Leonard Yarker 80 January. || 

665. Bachell ffilia Leonard Yarker decimo tertio Augusti.|| 

667. Elizabettea filia Leonardi Yarker 18 Oct.|| 

69L Elizabettea filia Lucas Yarker Jany. 

693. Anna „ „ „ February. 

696. Susannah „ „ „ „ 

699. Lucas ffiilius Lucas Yarker de Labome 2 Novembef.ff 

* An ancient oak-caaket, clamped witih iron and fastened with an antique lock» is yet preaerredt 
and named " Sir Beinold's treaanre-casket." 

t Burke eaya hie name ie spelled " Beinhold Tarker " in a deed of Grown Unds yet held by the 

t He married Blinbetfa Alderson, of Croydon, oo. of York, and is said to have been a staunch 
Bojidist. The family property was sequestered daring the Commonwealth. 

§ Karried liaigaret Butterfield. 

II This Leonard and this Thomas must have been sons of WilUam, bom 1601. 

** Anthony is ancestor of John Yarker, who, by his wife Anne Leybum, 6o. of Westmoreland, 
hsd three sons and one daughter : 1, Bobert (ancestor of Yarkers of UlTerstone, as per Burke) ; 
2, John (ancestor of John Yarker, of Manchester, and Bct. Wm. Yarker, Vicar of BaTcnstonedale) ; 
8, Thomas (ancestor of Yarkers of Westmoreland) ; 4, Marsaret, married . . . Walker. The first, 
since the death of B. F. Yarker, Esq., of Conynger, Hurst, Ulverstone^ is represented by the Bev, 
John Yarker, of Isieworth, Middlesex. 

ft He married Elizabeth Buckle, of West Witton. Will proved at York, 1746. He was en- 
gaged in the rebellion of 1746-6, and nearly lost his large estates. 


1702. Johannes IBlius Lucas Yarker de Lajbonme 20th Aagiist 
1705. Dorothea filia Lucas Yarker, July. 

(All the remaining descents and marriages are accurately recorded in Burke's 
* Landed Gentry.') 


1541. Anna Yarker xir die Aprilis.* 
1549. Thomas Yarker xxnii cue Aprilis.* 
1551. Marparetta Uxor Willimi Yarker yi die Augusti. 
1557. Alicia Yarker soror William Yarker zxyi die Januarii. 
1677. Willimus Yarker v die Februarii. 
1601. Alicia Uxor Henrici Yarker zxi die Julii. 
1628. BeynolduB Yarker de Labome, 18 die Julii. 
1658. Jane Uxor Luke Yarker 19 Aprill. 
1657. Beonard ffilius Eeonard Yarker 20 January. 
1657. Thomas Yarker 5 August. 
1661. Luke Yarker of Layboume 2 Aprill. 
1661. Thomas ffilius Leonard Yarker 14 July. 
1663. Beonard Yarker de Layboume 3 Apnll. 
1682. Elizabettea filia Leonaixii Yarker de Preston Julii 2nd. 
1686. John Yarker de Layboume, ffebruary ye 8th. 

&c. &c. 


1549. Bobertus Yarker et Mara&retta J&jkB xxn die Septemb.f 
1554. Bobertus et Eatharina xarker n cue Novembris.t 
1560. Henricus Yarker et Alicia Hodgeson xii die Maiif, {. 
1566. Thomas Hodgeson et Jeanetta Yarker xii die Maii.J 
1569. John Atkinson et Elizabetha Yarker xy die Mail. 
1571. Willimus Hodgeson et Anna Yarker xx die Augusti { 
1613. John Burnett et Margaretta Yarker y die AugustL 
1654. Leonard Yarker & Elizabeth Borage 20 May 

Ac, &c. 

[JBxiraoied by the Mn. M, JET. Lee, 1670-1758.] 

1728. July 7, Jane daughter of Michael Yarker of Moreland baptised. 
1725. Dec. 18, Michael Yarker of Moreland buried. 
1727. Jany. 19, Jane Yearker of Moreland buried. § 

1745. June 20, Married Antho. Dent of Kings Meabum, & Jane Yarker of More- 

• FarenU of William, who had a son in 1640 (P). 

t From one of these probably descend the Tarken of Barton, Orington, and Bookbv. 

{ The Cumberland Hodgsons — represented by David Hodgson, Esq., of Sootby, J. Yarlrar, Jr^ 
of Manchester, and General Hod^n— are believed to be of 'S^rkshire descent, settled in Cumber- 
land eirea 1600, and connected with the Lascelles and other old Yorkshire fiimHies. 

§ From her will, at Carlisle, it would seem that her fiunily name was Winter, and that she hsd 
a brother-in-law, Henry Tarker, who probably had a sofa, as a Thomas was resident at Kiikby 
Stephen about 1761. Michael and Henry, there is no doubt^ would be near relatives of John Tsri»r, 
whose iwue by marriage with Anne Levburu are recorded by Burke. John Tarker (died 1753) left 
three tone : I. Bobert, the ancestor of the Yarkers of Ulverstone and Isleworth. II. John (bom 1790, 
died 1809), married (1762) Margaret, daughter of John Bradley, gentleman, Knipe, and hii wife 
Jane Nicholson, and left issue, ^I. Thomas (bom 1766, died 1841) ; II. William (l>om 1770, died 
1814), married (1803) Anne I^, of London, and has issue Bev. Wm. Yarker, Yioar of Baveoatone- 
dale, CO. Westmoreland. 1st, Elisabeth (twice married at Whitehaven) ; 2nd, Jane ; 3rd, Anne. 
Their eldest son Thomas married Grace, daughter of John Steely, and his wife Margaret Sfcoddark, 
statesmen, Ghreat Salkeld, and had issue an only son, John Yarker, of Manchester (bom 1800), married 
(1832) Anne, daughter of John Fell, statesman, and his wife Maiy, daughter of John Bewley, bj his 
wife Julian Hodgson, sole surviving heiress of John Hodcson (married Julian Howord), elder brother 
of Field-Marsh^ Studholme Hodgson, who married Catherine, daughter of Field-Marshal Sir (ieo. 
Howord. They were sons of John Hodgson, collector of Customs, Wormanby. The third brother, 
Thomas (bom 1740, died 1806), married and had issue. — Thomas, George, John, James, from 
whom descend the Yarkers of Westmoreland, now represented by Bobert, of Cambridge Universitr, 
and Bichard, of Shap. 



[Sxhueted frwBH ike Regittert of 8t. Mary't and of St. OiUkbert, commencing 1582, 

6y Rev. W, R. Aikinton.'] 

1653. January, Elizabeth ye daughter of Lanslot Yarker was baptised ye fifth day: 
1678. The Bap. of Thos. ye Sonn of Thomas Yarker the first of December 1678. 
1680. „ ,, „ Jbhn Yarker the son of Thomas ye 18th day March 1680. 

1691. „ „ „ Mary Yarkar ye 26th of July Daughter of Thomas 1691. 

„ The buriall of Mary the daughter of Thomas Yarkar the 26th of July 1691: 

1692. The bap. of Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Yarkar the 25th Sept. 1692. 
1697. Mark son of Thomas Yarker baptised May 80th 1697. 

1715. March 28rd 1715 William the Son of John Yarker Baptised. 

1719. April 8rd, John the son of William Yarker & Dorothy his wife baptised. 

1725. Augt. 25, Dorothy the daughter of Mark Yarker baptised. 

1728. Deer. 10, Jane the Daughter of Mark Yarker baptised, Buried 15th 1728. 

1730. May 3, Mary the daughter of Mark Yarker baptised. 

1731. Septr. 18, Elizabeth Yarker buried. 

1786. May 5, Eichard Firby of the Parish of Well & Eliz. Yarker of this parish 

were married. 
1738. Octr. 8, 1738 Eliz^ Daughter of Wm. Yarker & Mary his wife baptised. 

1740. May the 4th, Thomas Tailford & Mary Yarker Marryd. 

1741. May 13th, John Yarker buried. 
1758. March 12, Elizth Yarker buried. 

1762. Jany. 8, Wm. Yarker buried. 

1787. Apnl 10th, Henry Yarker widower aged 58 and Mary Farlam Widow aged 

37 both of this Parish were Married in the Chapel of Barton St. Cuthbert; 
1789. May drd, Mary daughter of Henry and Mary Yarker Baptised. 

Pabibh of Eobcett, Yobeshibe. 

ISxtraeUd hg the Rev. Bmeei J. Towne.] 

1756. William Yarker of this Parish & Elizabeth Hayton of the Parish of Dar^ 
lington Married in this Chapel by licence tlus eleventh day of January 


\Extraete, oommeneemeni in 1620 to 1812, hf the Rev. Afflred Coleridge.'] 

1737. William Yarker & Mary Smith of Barton Married the Nineteenth January 

1744. Jane Yarker, buried July 1744. 

1763. Henry Yarker, buried Jany. 28th 1763.t 

Note to Chaddocx: Pediobeb (p. 134). — The writer of this note would be 
exceedingly obliged by any information respecting the family of Chaddock or 
Chattock. He has more than a thousand documents from temp. Henry 11. to the 
present time, containing some eight thousand names, from which he would be most 
luippy to reciprocate, as he has already done with more than one reader of this Mis- 
ceUany. There is a seal appended to one of them (anterior in date to this Visitation), 
with the cross of these arms upon a shield. Fairbaim's ' Crests ' has for Chadock^ 
^ on a ducal coronet or, a martlet gules." Dugdale never saw these charters and 
deeds, but Mark Noble did, as he was decidedly of opinion that the name origi- 

* Dr. Yaoghan stated m the ' AtheiuBum ' in 1861, that this ohapel, Spreswell, Orington, was 
the place where WycUffe was bom. He quotes John Chapman, a gentlenum of respectable position 
in Osinsford, as saying, — ** Spreswel, or Speswel, stood close to the rirer Tees, hsJf a mue from 
WycliiTe and on the same side of the river. There was a chapel there, in which were married Wil« 
liam Tarker and Penitent Johnston, and their son John related the oocarrence to me, his mndson, 
many times. The above couple were the last married there, for soon after the chapel feU down." 
There seem to be many scattered descendants of this couple living in the North Riding of York* 
shire and one of them settled in Manchester, from Barnard Castle, fifty yeacs ago. 

t His will, proved at York, 1763, mentions his cousins William Yarker, of Ovingtoii} and Wmt 
Yarker, of Barton, yeomen. 


nated from the Chad of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (p. 55, Ingram), and Chad of 
Lichfield ; if so, which is most probable, a brother, or nephew, or cousin of the 
Bishop must have settled in the oiocese. The etymon of " Chadshunt," Warwick- 
shire, is clearly indicative of the presence of a layman of that name. The fol- 
lowing short scheme is confirmatory of Noble's opinion :-- 

In the * Teutonic Name System ' of Ferguson it states that " there is perhaps 
no more ancient or interesting name than Catomore. — Catumerus mentioned as we 
chief of a German tribe by Tacitus. Grimm (* Deutsche Grammatik ') holds this 
name to contain the most ancient form of Chad.- War. We have names exhibiting 
the yarious corresponding forms, yiz. Chad, Chaddock, Chattock, Chatto, and Catto. 
So I do not think there is any thing fsmciful in the suggestion that we have a name 
which can be traced up to the time of Tacitus. Ock comes to us through the 
Anglo-Saxon." The " more '* in Catomore is a suffix, and means illustrious. See 
also Forstemann's ' Altdeutsches Namenbuch.' " No language has dealings in 
meaningless terminations. In ancient Celtic oc means young. Ock, like ing, is a 
genetiyal suffix.*' — Philological Society's Papers. " According to historical origin, 
the syllable ock is Anglo-Saxon and Gothic." — Dr. Latham, Professor of the 
£nd[ish Language. 

The diminutiye ock in Chadock is a genetival suffix, expressiye of cadency, the 
same as the diminutiyal suffix ock in hillock means a little hill. The simple transi- 
tion from Chadock to Chattock in the spelling is orthographically correct. In the 
infancy of all languages, and particularly early English, d and t were as legitimately 
intercnangeable as i and j are now. " The letters most closely allied in phonetics 
are the most frequently interchanged in grammar." — Brofessor Latham. In old 
English, the words fatner and mother were spelt " fader and moder." This gires 
Chatock. The occurrence of the double t in Chattock is also strictly correct. 
** The reduplication of the consonant after a yowel, as in spotted, merely denotes 
that the preceding yowel is short." — Professor Latham. Tne name is eyen now 
daily spelt Chaddock and Chattock, according to true orthoepy or otherwise. The 
charters and deeds relating to the Chattock property commence tefiu>. Hen. 11., 
and it appears from their contents that the original tenure was booked or char- 
tered Saxon free land (see Wilkins, ' Leges Anglo- Saxonicse '), and one of these 
documents (a list of properties formerly held by the family) records one of them 
at Little Sutton, bearing towards Lichfield, and called *' Chadd[h]alle Felde," 
which had an ancient red-sandstone residence upon it in 1550. The old parish 
plans show that land was also held by the family at Sutton Coldfield, Penns, and 
Erdinston, all in a direct line to Castle Bromwich. The family name of Chad 
must nave been thoroughly impressed upon the diocese of Lichfield (formerly 
archiepiscopal and containing Chester and the whole of Mercia), for after only two 
hours' search in the registers there, besides Chaddock and Chattock, the following 
related names were found, viz. Chading (son of Chad), Chadd, Chadbom, Chat- 
bom, and Chatfield. This is the only search as yet of public records ; but viewing 
the case as it at present stands, either in an etymological or genealogical light, the 
soundness of the conclusion that Noble arrived at is apparent. 

There is no such place as Chaddock, excepting Chaddock Hall, the seat of this 
branch of the family (see Baines's ' Lancashure and Ordnance Map '). Chatbom 
or Chadbom is doubtless from a female descent, corresponding with Chadock in t^e 
male ; Chatfield, from the fore^ing " Chadd Feld '* ; Chetwind, from a village in 
Salop (see Harwood's ' Erdswick,' pp. 55-6) ; Chadwick, from the viUage of that 
name (see Shaw's Staff.), and so late as 1480 the affix ** de " to this name was not 
discontinued; and Chetwood^ from the name of a wood (see Kemble's 'Codex 
Diplomaticus Mvi Saxonici '). These places, together with Chat Moss, were all 
named from a Chad (see Baines, «up., as to latter). It is remarkable that the 
heralds assign arms to Chad, Chaddock, Chadwick, Chetwind, Chetwood, and other 
kindred names, corresponding with the affinity in their etymon. Dallaway, p. 362, 
says that marshalling by inescutcheon is sometimes on account of inhentance and 
special concession, as well as marriage. 

C. Chattock. 

B't^e H<m*e, OtuiU BromwieK 



187U from ifiaxiplfy Vitsif$ttv%, jrumtls IBommnit^, anD y^^onal 


To all and singular to whom these presents shall come 
Isaac Heard Esquire Oarter principal King of Arms and 
Thomas Locke Esquire Clarenceux King of Arms of the 
South East and West parts of England from the Eiver 
Trent Southwards Greeting. 

Whereas Eichard Turner Clerk A.M. Eector of Cum- 
berton, Vicar of Elmslj and Minister of Norton all in the 
County and diocese of "Worcester Chaplain to the Eight 
Honourable Countess of Wigtown ana late of Magdalen 
Hall in the UniTersity of Oxford hath represented unto the 
Most Honourable Charles Howard Esquire commonly called 
Earl of Surrey Deputy with the Eoyal approbation to his 
Father the Most Noble Charles Duke of Norfolk Earl 
Marshall and Hereditary Marshall of England that his 
Eamily have used for Arms Ermine on a Cross voided four 
Mill-nnds but being desirous of altering the same to dis- 
tinguish his Family from others of the name he requested 
the favour of his Lordships Warrant for our granting and 
confirming such Armorial Bearings accordingly with a pro- 
per Crest to be borne by him and his descencbnts according 
to the laws of Arms. And forasmuch as his Lordship 
did by warrant under his hand and seal bearing date the twelfth day of July 
Instant authorise and direct Us to grant and confirm such Arms and ^Crest ac- 
cordingly Know ye therefore that we the said Garter and Clarenceux in pursu- 
ance of the consent of the said Deputy Earl Marshall and by virtue of the Letters 
latent of our several offices to each of Us respectively granted under the Great 
^eal of Great Britain do by these presents grant and confirm to the said Eichard 
Turner the Arms following that is to say Argent a Lion Eampant Gules between 
three Mill-rinds Sable on a Bordure engrailed azure eight annulets Or And for 
the Crest on a Wreath of the Colours a Cornish Chough proper perched on a 
Mill-iind Or as the same are in the margin hereof more plainly depicted to be 
borne and used for ever hereafter by him tne said Eichard Turner and his descen- 
dants with due and proper differences according to^the laws of Arms without the 
let or interruption of any person or persons wnatsoever Li witness whereof we 
the said Gkurter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to these presents subscribed 
our names and affixed the seal of our Several Offices this twenty sixth day of July 
in the twenty fifth year of the Eeign of our Sovereign Lord Georse the third by 
the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Lreland Defender of the Faith and 
80 forth and in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and eighty five. 

Isaac Heard, Ghtrter Principal King of Arms. 
Thomas Locke, Clarenceux King of Arms. 

Communicated by Biohard Woof, F.S.A., F.B.S.L., cte. 

O 2 





BiCHABD TuBVim LL.D. Magdalene Hall Ox.: 
Author of many learned works. Was Chap- 
lain to the CbuntcflB of Wigtoon. Rector of 
Comberton 1752, Vicar of Elmlej 1754. 
Died 12 April 1791, Bur. at Norton-juxta- 
Kempsey, all in Co. Worcester.* 

=3arah Greene, Only sister of James Greene 
Barrister at Law, of Burford near Tenburj, Co. 
Worcester ; Belated to the Cornwall, and Newdi- 
gate families, and descended from the Barons of 
Burford. She died at Broseley in 1801, aged 8G, 
Bur. at Norton. Her brother died without issue-f 

Thomas, of Caughley Place, in the Par J 
of Barrow, Co. ^op, B. 1749. God-son 
of G^oree Forrester, called "TheSquire"; 
uncle of the present Lord Forrester. D. 
Feb. 1809, Bur. in the family vault at 
Barrow. He was a Magistrate for the 
Counties of Salop and Stafford, and a 
Burgess of Bridgnorth and Much 
Wemock. He was proprietor of the 
once celebrated Caughley China Works, 
which he carried on with much success. 
Mention of his connection with these 
works, which are now entirely extinct, 
will be found in the Art Union Journal 
of March 1862, in Chaffer's Marks and 
Monograms on Potteiy 1870, and in 
Marryatt's histo^ of Pottery 1857. 
He m. 1"S 1783 Dorothy Gallimoro 
niece of . . . Browne of Caughley Hall. 

=Mary (2"** wife) daur. 
of Thomas Miluer of 
the family of that 
name of Dothill, 
Widow of Henry 
Alsop Ksqe. M. to 
Mr. Turner 1796 at 
Barrow. D. at 
Bridgnorth 20 Not. 
1816. She was a 
descendant of the 
ancient family of 
Hord} of Hords 
Park Co. Salop. 

I I 

Richard LL.D. of 
Mag. ColL Oxf. 
B. 1753. was 
author of several 
learned works. 
He married 
the widow of 
Colonel Farrer. 
D. 22 Aug. 1788 
at Bath. S. P.§ 

Edward, a General 
of Brigade in the 
Indian Army. He 
is supposed to 
have died in India 
about 1790. 


Wtki of 
Co. Salop, 

George Thomas of High Brough- 
ton near Manchester. Bapt. at 
Barrow, 26 Oct. 1802. Was by 
profession a Solicitor ; married 
Jennetta daur. of James Pers- 
house of the family of Pershouae 
of Penn Hall Co. Stafford, now 
(1871) the property of her 
nephew. Mr. Tunier, who had 
retired from his profession, 
died at Scarboro* 17 March 
1869. Buried in the Cemetery 
there. No issue. 

I . I 

Catherine Geoi'gina Cecilia Anno. 
Bapt. at Bari'ow 16 Nov. = 

1800 Marr. at St. Leonard's Johk 

Bridgnorth 11 May 1821. Cox 

D. 15 Juno 1836, B. at Baylibs, 

Barrow. God-daughter of B. Aug. 

" The Squire" Forrester. 1866. 

John Jacob Suith of St. 
James's, Bridgnorth. Mr. 
Smith has been now (1871) 
Town Clerk of Bridgnorth 
nearly 50 years. He marr. 
2°**y, Ann daur. of John Stanier|| 
Esqe. Granddaughter of Richard 
Stanier Esqe. of Pepper HiU, 
and Cosford Grange, Co. Salop, 
High Sheriff of the County 1740. 
She died 7 Deer. 1863. 


HuWfct of St. Leonardos Bridgnorth, Solioitor. 
Bepresentative of the senior branch of the 
Turner family. 

Charles. I).1854, 

Richard of Brose- 
ley, Surgeon, 
Pied unm. 

Sarah Dorothea, 
D. unm. 

Mary, D. s. p. 


Thomas, D. s. p. 

Abraham, D. s. p. 


* Dr. Richard Turner, the elder, was author of the following works : — * A View of the Earth,* 
four editions ; * A View of the Heavens,' two editions ; • The Heavens Surveyed * ; * Plain Trigono- 
metry,* two editions ; 'The Young Geometrician's Companion'; 'A New Introduction to Book- 
Keeping ' ; * The Antiquities of iGyme ' ; ' System of Gauging ' ; * The Chronologer Perpetual.' 

t Greene : Quarterly 1 and 4 argent on a fess azure between three pellets, <»ch charged with a 
lion's head erased of the first, a gnSEta passant between two escallops or ; 2 and 8 (Newdigate) 
gules three lions' gambs erased argent. 

t Hord : argent on a chief or a Cornish chough proper. 

§ Dr. Richard Tamer, the vounger, was author of : — * Uniyersal Geography,' ' An Introdaction 
to Art and ^ence,' and a work on ' Universal History.' 

II Stanier : vert ten escallop'shells argent, four, three, two, and one. 



. A I. 

Klimbeth Ann B. 6 Jan. William Wyke, B. 9 Jany. 1884. In Orders, 

1832. St. John's Coll. Camb. M.A. Scholar and 1*^ 

s class Prizeman and Wrangler. Besides at 

CniBLBS KoBWOOD Milton Vicarage near SouUisea 1871. 
Olites, M.A. Queen's = 

CoU. Ounb. Curate at St. Bebecca Poole. B. 6 April 1839. M. at 

Donstan on Trent, Clapham 1 Oct. 1863. 
Newark, 1871. 


I I 
Helen Mary D. 1849, 
aged 16. 

Wyke, B. 20 Oct. 
1836, m. Klise 
Letitia Broad. 

Charles Edward, B. 24 Dec. 1864. 
Leonard William, B. 26 July 1867. 
Agnes Elizabeth, B. 21 Jany. 1869. 

William John Wyke, B. Aug. Wyke, D. 26 May 1868. 
1864. D. 15 May 1866. — 

— Alfred Ernest, B. at 

Begmald Wyke, B. at Milton Milton, 6 Octr. 1870. 
24 Deer. 1865. 

Sarali Bom 1745.^r^iLLUM Hakoocs Kobebts D.D.* Bapt. at Bushley Co. Worcester March 

K. 29 June 1775. 
D. 12 Augt. 1811. 

1744. Sometime Vicar of St. Clements Worcester, afterwards Bector of 
Broadwas Co. Worcester. Minor Canon of Worcester Cathedral, 28 Deer. 
1776. D. 10 Oct. 1814. Bur. at Broadwas. Dr. Bobcrts was the son of 
William Roberts Esqe. of Bushley Co. Worcester (who lived to the age of 99 
years) and Mary his wife, and Grandson of Eichard Bobcrts Esqe. High Sheriff 
of Worcestershire in 1739, and Elizabeth his wife daur. of . . . Hancock Esqe. f 
of Twining Co. Gloucester. The last named Richard Roberts came from 
Truro in Uomwall and settled on his own estate at Breedons Norton 
Co. Worcester. 

Sarah m. Thk Rstd. 


B.D. Cantab. 19 
Deer. 1805. She 
surriTed him, and 
D. 24 March 1862, 
I. p. Bur. at Wor- 
cester Cemetery. 

Richard B. alnpAnielia Stephens Hunt, Mary.- 

Edgar^s Town 
12 August 
1784. M.A 
of Merton 
Coll. Oxford. 
Now of Bri- 
tannia Square, 

daur. of Jamcd IIunt§ 
Esq. of Union Hall 
Rickmansworth Herts. 
B. 12 Nov. 1780. 
M. at St. George's 
Hanover Sqe. 16 March 
1809. D. Feby. 1, 1865, 
Bur. at Worcester 

M. 31 


1. Amelia Shickle, 
B. 17 March 
1810. M.THB 
Rstd. Gbobqb 


Vicar of Sutton 
Courtney Co. Oxf. 
afterwards Rector 
of Gsstor North, 
where he died« 
She died July, 
1844. Bur. at 
Button Courtney 
Bucks. Leaves 
issue Mary 

William J( 

2 William John. 8. Richard John of Worcester, 
B. 10 June 1811. and of Great Malvern, B. 12 
D. 1. Oct. 1816. Jany. 1813, at Wellingbo- 
— rough. D. 14 June 1866. 

Bur. at Worcester Cemetery. 

4 Thomas Lock* 
wood, B. 6 June 
1814. D.14 
Septr. 1841. 

5 Mary Ann, 
now residing at 

Rosa Edwina, daur. of Captain 
John Lewis White, Grand- 
daughter of General White, 
and God-daugh. of the late 
Duke of Kent. She m. 1»* 
Worcester, 1871. Mr. Bainbridge, a Barrister at 

— ,Iaw, by whom she had a daur. 

6 Sophia Agnes Dent Bainbridge, now 
Georgiana, the wife of Captain Horace 
B. 8 April 1819. Hitchins of the Royal 

D. 3 July 1835. Artillery. She was m. to 

— Mr. Roberts 9 Sept. 1847 

7 Henry Archi- at Hammersmith, 
bald, B. 14 Aug. I 
1823. D.May 1824. c| 

=AiicnifiALD Cahseon 
of Worcester, Solicitor, 
Son of Charles Came- 
ron M.D. (a descendant 
of the Camerons of 
Lochiel) and Anne 
his Wife daur. of 
Edward Ingram Esqe. 
D. 6 January 1846 at 
Cheltenham, Bur. at 
St. Helen's, Wor- 

Archibald Henry Mary 
Foley, M.D. Emily. 

Liverpool, and 
Lakefield House, 
Glenurquhart, Inverness. 
B. 28 June 1829, at St. 
Helen's Worcester. 

Charlotte Ellen, daur. of 
John Theodore Wilcox 
Esqe. of the Indian 
Army, and Widow of 
Lieut. G. R. Smith. 
M. to Dr. Cameron 
23 December 1862 at 
St. Mary's Church 

* Roberts : aznre on a chevron argent three mullets pierced sable. 

t Hancock : gules an open hand argent, on a chief of the last three game-cocks of the first. 

t Edwards : sable a lion ramp. ... 

§ Hunt ; parted per pale argent and vert, a saltire counterchanged ] a canton ermine. 





Algernon George Cameron, Amy Rosa, Bom 30 December Archibald Eyan, B. 12 May 1865 
D. 24 April 1850, an 1851 at St. Helen's Worcester at Faddington, London, 

infant. M. 6 July 1870 at Claines 

Co. Worcester to John 

Hbnbt Locks Jokbs, 

Solicitor, of Worcester. 

Donald Geoive, B. 28 April 1866, 
in the Far. of West Derby. 

Thomas Turner B. 10 April 1778, was a Captain in the^pjane daur. of Charles Cameron* M.D. of 
army and served with distinction in India. Besided at 
Llwynderw, Co. Brecon, was a Magistrate for that 
County. Died there 14 February 1865, aged 77. 

Worcester, before named. D. 18 Feb. 
1857 at Bath. 

4 Thomas Archibald B. 17 June 
1824 at Tenby, Co. Fembroke, 
Banister at Law, 7 (Gordon 
Flaoe, Gordon Square, London. 

Myra Elizabeth, 4^ daur. of 
Captn. Michael Tweedie, T 
Artillery, a Magistrate for 

Captn. Michael Tweedie, I^al 
"lery, a Magistrate for E!ent. 
Grand-oaur. of the late 

Alexander Tweedie of "Quarter, 
Feebleehire. M. 26 April 1859 
at St. George's, Bloom8bui7. 

6 Richard Willett, B. 29 
July 1826, at Bath. 
Solicitor. Worcester 
Fark, near Eingiton on 

Annabella, only daur. of 
William Crafter Esqe. 
ofErith, Kent. M. 23 
Augt. 1860, at St. Mary's 

8 Charles Ingram, MA.. B. 25 
Jany. 1888 at Tenby. Is in 
Holy Orders. M. at Bickton 
near Shrewsbury Charlotte da. 
of the Berd. Humphrey 
Sandford and Frances (Holland) 
his wife, and siater of Humphrey 
Sandford of The lale near 
Shrewsbury, lately High Sheriif 
of Salop. 

Fanny Theresa, B. 4 April 1861. 
Myra Ellen, B. 80 May 1863. 
Archibald Cameron, B. 11 Feby. 
Ada Marian, B. 26 Jany. 1867. 
Mabel Sherwood. 


I I I I I I 
Richard C^rge Cameron, B. 19 Augt. 1861. 

Lucy Anne, B. 19 Feby. 1868. 

Janet Soplua, B. 10 Octr. 1864. 

Charles Lloyd, B. 8 Fetgr. 1866. 

Hubert WiUiMU, B. 30 Octr. 1867. 

Edwyn Turner, B. 4 May 1869. 

All Baptized at St. Mark's Church Surbiton. 

B William Henry =^Emma, o^ daur. 

of Feter Williams 

B. 16 Oct. 1834 
at Tenby. 
Besides at Ard- 
more Station, 
Fomahaka, North 
Otago, New 

Esqe^ of Dunedin, 
Otago. M. 22 
Octr. 1868, at St. 
Faul's Church, 


Charles Henry, B. 20 July 
1869, at Ardmoro, Otago. 

10 Sophia Anastatia, 
M. 29 July 1858 at 
Bath to Captain 
(afterwards Major) 
Wbight. Has one 
child, Edith Jane, 
B. 21 Feby. 1860 at 
St. Ma^'s, Co. Dorset. 
Major Wright was on 
the Staff of Oenenl 
Whitelock. He died 
in India, 1863. 

I I I I I 
6 Frances Elizabeth, H. 14 Nor. 

1858 at Llandewi, Aberawesain, 

Co. Brecon, to the late Joh5 C. 

MooB Esqe. son of the Ber^ 

James Hoare C. Moore, Ticar 

of Clifton near Bugby. 

1 Jane Sarah, D. 24 Octr. 1859. 

2 Mary Ann. 

8 Lucy Barbara, D. yottdg. 
7 Amelia Jemima, D. young. 

Cameron : argent thiM bends gules within a bordure azure* 


gJariJamts Jfamili]. 

The FOLLOwma Pediqbees, etc., have been bxteacted by Sib Johk-Bebnabd 
BrBKE, C.B., LL.D., TJlsteb Kino of Abms and Pbincipal Hebald 


Dublin Castle. 

Communicated by Charles Sotheran, Esq. 

t&xm»intation of 9tntm of tj^ 0i&t filLmw Sbtpt txnm tlft 

ftndntt Hinffis of Gontmugit 

9(^8nui ffotghmtoll^itl Monarch of Ireland. Died at Taragh 
A.D. 866 ft in vie 8th. year of his reign. 

I .1 I 

Nudlos Magnus, Monarch of Ireland, called Nial Bryan, eldest son of Achaius. Other 
Ifiaghallach, or Niell of the nine hostages. He He became King of Connaught children, 
it was who brought St. Patrick into Ireland firom having resigned the monarchy of 
Brittany. Ancestor to the families of 0*Niel, Ireland in favour of his younger 

O'Bonnell, & many other distinguished septs. . brother Nial. Died a.d. 896. 

Duach Galach was converted by St. Patrick, and became the 
first Christian King of Connaught. Died a.d. 436. 

Eugeuius or Owen Srebh, was the 2nd. Christian King of Connaught and died A.]}. 461. 

Muredach Mai, ob. a.d. 489. 

Fergus, King of Connaught, Slain in Battle a.d. 499=* Some chronicles say 613. 

- ^ f 

Achaius (sumamed Fiormchama) the fifth Christian King of Connaught : had a brother 
Fergna who was the ancestor to the family of O'Bourke, Kings of the territory of Brofny, 
in the county of Leitrim — Ob. 643. 


Hugh-Abrad the eighth Christian Kine of Connaught. Beigned 
25 years and died aj). 677. He was slain in battle. 

. ^1 

Madacfa, the ninth Christian King of Connaught, had a brother Cuornan ancestor to the fiimily 
bf O'Flizm : he reigned 28 years and died a.d. 601. Some chronicles say 697. 


Baghalkch, the eleventh Chrutian King of Connaught. He reigned 25 yean & died a.d. 647. 

Fergus had a brother Ceallach, who was the 15th Christian King of Connaught, ob. a.d. 664. 
Mureddch Mullethan, son of Fergus, he was 16th KiUg 6£ Connaught reigned 10 years, ob. 702: 


A I 

Inrachta, 23rd King of Connaught, reigned 16 years, and died a.d. 724. He had two elder 
brothers, Charles or Cathal, the 18th King of Gonnanght, from whom the territory of Clann 
Chathail (oontoining 48 town lands) was so odled which his posterity O'Donelan were Ixnrds of; 
Cathal was also ancestor to the families of O'Flanagan, O'lialFOchory, O'Mulbienin : the other 
brother was Convach, ancestor to O'Finachty Lords of Clann Conow, so called from him which 
his posterity enjoyed until taken from them by the Burks in 1807, who were in torn ousted by 
Cromwell in 1652. 


Murgall, son of Inrachta, had a brother, Hugh Balbh, 
ancestor to the 0*Fallons & 0*Beimes ob. 761. 


Timothy or Tumaltach. D. A.D. 772. 

Murias, 29th King of Connaught reigned 30 years and died a.o. 813. 

Teige Mor, sumamed of the Turrets, reigned over Connaught 
jointly with his brother Cahal : ob. 841. 


Connor, King of Connaught : reigned 37 years— ob. 882. 

Cathal or Charles, King of Connaught, ob* 925. 


Teige Beisned King of Connaught 31 years and died a.d. 956. He married Creassa, daughter of 
Area Lord of West Connaught whose other daughter Beavionn was wife of Kennedy, King of 
Hunster and mother of Bryan Boroimhe, the famous Monarch of Ireland. He was nlled Teige 
of the Tower. 


Connor, 40th King of Connaught reigned 7 years and died A.D. 978. From him descended the 
Families O'Connor Don, O'Connor Boe, and O'Connor Sligo, and at this period the surname 


Charles or Cothal O'Connor, the 42nd King of Connaught : reigned 80 yean and died A.D. 1010. 

■ — - I * 

Teige O'Connor called by the Irish Teige-au-eich-ghil (Teige of the Wliite Horse) 
43id King of Connaught : he reigned 20 years : and died A.D. 1030. 

Hugh O'Connor, commonly called An-gha-Bheamay (Hugh of the 
broken spear) 44tli King of Connaught reigned 87 years ob. a.d. 1o67. 

Boderick or Bory O'Connor, commonly called Ka Soighte Buidhe (Roderick 
of the Yellow liand) Uie 46th King of Connaught ob. a.d. 1118. 

Turdeivaclius Magnus, or Tirlagh Mor O'Connor, tlie 48th King of Connaught, and Uie 
181st elected Monarch of Ireland 1136. After 60 years reign (whereof 20 as Monarch 
of Ireland) he died a Monk, a.d. 1156. Ho had several wives & 18 sons. 




Bodoridc O'CoDor, the Oiorles or Gathal Crobhdearg, fHagStaa ^'fl^onOT Other issue. 

lut Monarch of Ireland 58th ChriBtiAn King of Con- a quo JHac iffianus de 

of the M Hfffi ^^ race. naught, Died ld. 1224, in the Tjr Thuadhail. 

monastery of Knockmoy. 

Extncted, in part, from " Pedigrees/' Vol. 15. p. 254» 
and, in part, firom ** OTerrairs Linea Antiqna,*' p. 141, 
remaining of record in Ulster's Oflice, Dablin Castle. 

J. Beb^tabd BUBKl, 


SodericK O'Conor, the last Monarch Charles 0*Conor 58th Magnus O'Conor Otlier issue, 
of Irdand of the Milesian race, Christian King of a quo Mac Manus. 

183rd kiiig^ Died a.d. 1198. Connaught. ^r 


Daniel Mac Manus.^ 



Donoch Mac Manus.^ 


Malochias mor Mac Manus.^^ 


Hugh MaoUaaus.^ 

Hunn* UacManna.qp 


„ I 

Dermott MacManus.^ 

Bory Mac Manus.^ 



Owen Boe Mac Manus.^ 

Bory Mac Manus of Tyr Tlmathil. 

Extracted from ** CFermll's Linea Antiqua " remaining 
of record in UUter^s Office, Dublin Castle. 



~:z. wr- 


^ac maims of »». Vumtommon, %eitxim, anO j^nnanag^ 

Ei Aniulibui autheiiticU luonlentnr conetat Familiam Mac Mapnm (pw Sycopon nano pumm 
diclBm fflac ilHagnoa) wc agnomiDsri qui* primm qusdoo Cognonunis Filiua fuit m»gm O'Coiuwr, 

Daniel Mac MuDiu,a]>a«^EIiwbetha,filia Hugonu Duff 
Ubo Ifauui, FiUui Mapu | Hac Mahon de Momhau, 
O'Connor. Armigeri. 

Doiuitai Uao U«niu de Toneroe,^=Ja*nna, Filla Joannu O'Oabaa 
in Comitatu Boaoomwiienw I de Oosutattu Darienii Anuigeti 

Hugo MaoMantUi^^San, Filia Josnnit HamiUon de ComitatD 
Anniger. CaTanenti, Armigeri. 

Magnua Hao HinnB,^Honoria, FilLa Briaiii O'Ees de Comilalu 

JDitlit Bt fRorlnn. 



'Anna, Filia Edjnnndi O'Coatello de 
Comitatn VUjoDma, Armigeri. 

'. I Comil 

Boniu Mao Hanoi Armiger.^Honoria, Filia Joannia Dillon de Cutle Dillon 
1 in Comitatn Majonenm Armigeri. 

Beniardu* Hao Haniu de Emui in Omiitatuy 
Fermanaghano, Armiger. 

n'.^Uarganta, Fiiia Uugonis Maguire da Ci 
I in Comitatn Fermanaghano, Armigeri. 

^oatmea UacUanai Armlger.^AniM, Filia Fhillppi (VBeill;, de ComiUtu Cannensi, AnD*. 

thilipptu UaoHanui, Armiger .^OAnua, Filia HdgOmi MacHahon 
I de Comitata Uonighano Armigeri. 

Cuolnt HacHanns C&pitaneiu nib Bcgo^HaHa Filta Joannia Hogulre Armigeri, 
Chriadamasimo OaUiarom. | ox Domo BaronuiU de Knniikillen. 

Extracted from " Pedigrees " Vol. II, p. 22i on 
hKord in Uliter'a Office, Dublin Caatle. 

J. BsBiAan BuBbE, 



Cacbi^ ion of ®ochct> and the lineal deiceiidsnt of (ZToIla iJa Crtoc^ third son of ^dyaius, second 
son of Carbrnis Itm^zt, 107th Monarch of Irehmd, called ^n IBBxnif SrgiH, from the many 
presents and gifts of silyer and gold he usually bestowed & gave away to all sorts of people. 

Connac, son of 



Ifgneach or Tx«chin.=p 



Luan a quo Ban Luan.=T= 

I z 


XJidher a quo Mac Uidher or Mac GhiLre.=p 



t7idher a quo Mao Gwife.^ 
Bandal Maguire.^ 
Dun Mor Maguire^* Lord of FeimatiBgh.=r 

* 1^6 ilcO(fnipailyiilf( extnkct descriptive of the scenery, etc., of part of Upper Lough Erne, 
cotmty FermAn^h, the home of the Mi^^uires and Mac Manuses, is taken firom a letter inserted in 
the « EnnisltiUeil AdreHaser ' of April 28, 1870, and signed " W. P. WakemaH " :^*' We pass the 
hanraek point, . . . and are soon abreast of that old stronghold of the Maguires, Princes of Ferma- 
)u^, the Castle of Enniskillen. This once important fortreis has stood many a siege. In 1595 it 
hsd been taken from Maguire by the ^iigUsh, under Sir William FitswilHiun, the Lord Justice. 
The Lord of Fermanagh, Aodh Maguire» aided by Aodh, the red 0*Dbnnell, Donal GK>rm Mac Don- 
nell, and Mac Lood of Arran, at once besieged the English, who were destined to suffer a siege of 
tbtf doratioil of two months and a halC Tins affair led to the Ibdebrated battle of Bel-atha-na-m 


. L\ 

.1. I 

OiiluMa Maguire. Manus a quo Uoo Uaniu. 



GioUa Patrick. Malachias. EaohmuL Dayid. Gilbert GiolU'iia-naomli. Tirloch. Conor. Sory. 




GioUa Patrick.^ 

Conor Cathal David Thomas Cormac. Manus Rory 

M^ Manus. M« Manus. M' Manus. M' Manus. Cuidb. M« Manus. 

Extracted from " O'Ferrall's Linea Antiqua," Vol. II, 
p. 166, remaining of record in Ulster's Office, Dublin 

J. Bbrkabd Bubes, 


fiHatitiman of to. nnixim. 

)Btsan jWae jWanus, of Balljbeg, Ahoghill co.^Esme M'Nagbten of BcardiTillo 
Antrim : will proTcd in Connor, 1706. co. Antrim, 1st wife. 

Alexander MaoManus,=p. . . daur. of Jobn Mac Manus, Hercules Mao Manus,s=Mary Dobbin, 

Gent, of TuUjffowan, 
00. Antrim, m" circa 
1708 : will proved 

M*Guinness will dated 6 Dec. of Carrondonagby, sister of Major 

CO. Down. 1786 (?), proved 2 and Abogbill, oo. John Dobbin, 

March, 1780. Antrim gent, will and of Willm. 

proved in Connor, Dobbin, will 
1722. dated 20 Aug. 

William, an illegitimate son. ^3 P?J^^ 

® 7 Sept. 1722. 

Briosffoidht or, of the place or 'mouth of the I^rd of the Biscuits,' which occurred on a ford of 
the Amev, near Drummane bridge, at a distance of about six miles from Enniskillen. It appears 
that the Lord Justice, fearing the loss (through starvation) of the English Garrison of EnniskiUen, 
collected an immense quantihr of provisions, arms and stores, which he forwarded under the escort 
of an army to the relief of the Castle. Maguire, by his scouts, was aware of everything that was 
ffoing on, and he wisely thought that the best thine he could accomplbh was to intercept the convoy. 
This he did at Drummane, where, in the words of the annalists, ' a violent and fierce conflict, and a 
strenuous and determined battle, ensued between both parties ; but at length the Maguire and his 
forces defeated the other par^ by force of arms.* . . . Belview, the seat of John Cullum, Esq., may 
be seen a little further on, and before it the little island of InUkeen, or the ' Beautiful Island/ which, 
br the by, contains the ruins of a church, in ancient times the parish church of the district in which 
Enniskillen stands. . . . After rounding rtaiw, or projecting headlands, without number, we pass by 
the rich island of Cleeniah^ anciently ClaeH'inis, or the ' sloping Island,' where in the sixth centuiy, 
saint Sinnell founded a monastery, which was destined in later times to become very famous^ and some 
remains of which were to be seen late in the last century. Alas for ecclesiologista I its walls were 
removed as building materials for the fort " (a portion of the monument erected near the town of 
Enniskfllen in honour of (General the Honourable Sir Qalbraith*Lowry Cole, G.C.B.) *' on Cole's Hill ! 
The wind freshens as we glide past Inismore Hall, and soon after passing Carry Bridge, and roundiog 
a point, we catch a sight of Bellislb, once the seat of Lord Boss, but at present the charmingresi- 
dence of J. G. V. Porter, Esq. Here it was that in the fourteenth centunr Cathal Maguire" (Osthsl 
Mao Manus Maguire, canon of Armaffh and dean of Clogher, the original compiler of Uie Amuds of 
Ulster, who died in 1498), ** a learned antiquary, compiled the fiimous annals of Ulster. The Island 
was formerly styled Ba£LT Mac Maittts, from the name of the dan by which it was occupied." 




I \ I I I 

Brjan Mao Manus, Esq. of Mount DaTjB^^Alioe, daur. of Adam Daniel John. Elisabeth. Ann. 

eo. Antrim, High Sheriff of that oo. in 
1769. Wm dated 27 May. 1775 proved 
U Feb. 1777. Married 1767. 

Stothard, Efq. of 1727. 

Drnmbane^ co. Down. 

Alexander Mac Menus, of Mount^pHeeter-Henrietto, 2nd daur. Honoria. 

DsvTS, J.P., D.L. High Sheriff 
1782. married 1780. 


of Mark-Kerr O'Neill, Esq., 

of Flowerfield, co. London- Oliver 0*Hara, David Babington 

deny. Esq. of Dublin. Esq. of Dublui. 

Alexander Mac Manus, 
Ksq. of Mount Davys 
J.P., D.L. High Sheriff 
182^ob. 8.p. 1888. 

Helen, dau. of Thomas- 
Moms Jones, Esq., of 

Eliza-Honoria ^John Bowan, E8q.=Dorothea 

married 25 
May 1809 
(Ist wife) 
d. 18 May 


of Ghirry & Ahog- 
hiU, J.P., D.L., 
High Sheriff, 1814 
obt. 19 Dee. 1855, 
m. 2ndly 28 Oct. 

relict of 
Blair, Esq., 
of Merville 
00. Antrim. 

Hester, wife of Yen. 
Bobert Alexander, 
Arohdeaooa of Down. 

Helen, wife of Moly- 
neux Shuldham, Esq., 
of Ballymulvey, co. 

Extracted from Will Books, Yol. 17, p. 174 : and 
information received of the Bev. B. W. Bowan. 

J. Bebvabd Bttbke, Ulster. 

•rant oF armorial Beoringjs to l^ieutenattt^olotul mtxmntx ^ae 
^anuK of ^ount IPabte, to* fl^ntrim, ds SROIfam Sftl^am, enq^ 
Stputs etfoter WLinq of ^xmnf 1810* 

STo an anO Stinfftllar to whom these presents shall 
come, mOliam B^aittt ^nn*, Deputy Ulster Kin^ 
of Arms and principal Herald of all Ireland sendetn 


9IK^tM it has been made to appear that the 
family of MacManus of Mount Davis, in the county of 
Antnm have for many generations used certain armorial 
bearings which do not appear to have been registered 
and recorded in the Office of Ulster 9ln9 tXUfftrtM 
application has been made to me by Alexander Mac 
Manus of Mount Davis aforesaid, Esq., Lieutenant 
Colonel in the Antrim Militia to record in my Office 
and to confirm unto him and his family such Arms as 
appear to have been used as aforesaid. 

ItltOtal 9$ that I the aforesaid Deputy Ulster taking 
into consideration such his application and having exa- 
mined the circumstances am pleased to comply with the 
same and by the authority to me given do by these Pre- 
sents Grant, Batify and Confirm unto the said Alexander 
MacManus and his family the Arms following. Yiz^ OR, a fess &ULES and in 
chief a boar passant SABLE : For Crest, A &xter hand appaumee, couped at the 
wrist, PBOPER For Motto, COB ET MANUS. The whole as above more 
clearly depicted to be borne and used by the said Alexander Mac Manus and his 
family for ever according to the laws of Arms. 

StI VUtnMH whereof I hereunto subscribe my name and title and affix my 
official seal this twenty third day of October one thousand eight hundred and ten. 

(Signed) W. Betham, Deputy Ulster 

(to tt Aanns. 

Ex* Theob* B* O'Flaherty, B' etc. 

Extracted from Grants, D. p. 3, remaining of record 
in Ulster's Office, Dablin Oastle. 

J. BEB5AiiD BUBXB Ulster. 

King of Arms of all Ireland. 



ffiut ^amt0 of fHa^Motli. 

Moo Maniu.^ 

James IC^ManuB of^lfaynoothy^Slizabcth Thomas Francis Saraliwifeof Evanwifsof 

M^Manus. M<^Maiius. Ashlej. Clarke. 

Gent, will dated 4 Deo. 1724, 
pr<* 1 March, 1726. 

sister of 

Patrick H 

M' Manas. James. 

James M*l£anus,=:Mai7. 
will dated 14 Feb. 
1750 pr<i 8 Feb. 

Francis M'Manus^Anna Michael MoManus,=p=Frances Hugh 

Maria, of Dublin gent. 

will dated 17 June 
1724 proved 20 
June 1748. 

will dated 28 July, 
1765, pr*" 12 Dec 

dau. of Mao- 
Nesbitt. Manus. 

James. Francis. Mary. Elizabeth. Gertrude. Catharine. 

James M. Albert M. 

Roger . . . wife of ... wife of ... wi£B of ... wife of Eliza wife of Elinor wife of 

M^^Manus. James Joseph Olirer Adam Tuthill. Edward — 

=j= Sproule. Sproule. Barker. Kyan. y — 

John. Charles. Frances. Maurice. Michael. Jane. Mary wife of James. 

— — — Addereene. 

James. Thomas. Hannah. 

Hester wife of William Tew. Bose. . . . wife of Berd. John Eyan. . . . wife of Bichard Gone. 

Mark. Michael. Elizabeth. 



Extracted from Will Books, Vol 17, p. 176, Ulster's 
Office, Dublin Castle. 

J. Bbbvabd Bitbki, 


lExttm ttom Varltamentats iUfffoter, mnttfn efHttf 9tMin CaiKtlr. 

Borough of Athy. 

Members Betnmed. 

28 April 1761 
6 December 1761 

Henry Sandford, Esq., Csstlereaffh, Boscommon. 

James M* Manus, Esq., Maynooth. 

Bichard-Steme Tighe, Esq., Mitohellstown, yice M^Bfanus, deceased. 






Copied from an entry made hy Sir Itaae Newton^ 2 D 14 in the College of Armt, with addUione 
hy the Ret, John Mirehouee, Sector of Coleterworth, Sev. Thomae S. Sill^ Colonel Cheeter^ and 
W. H, G. Boffihawe^ £tq. 

John Kewton^ of Weetby in the Gounfy of Linooln in BaBingihorp Parish, 
fixvt mentioned in the Yif it of Lincoln in the year 1684. 

Tbomas Newton of 
. . . 2"^ son of John 
Newton aforesaid. 
What became of him, 
or his deeoendants, 
is not yet known. 
[Probably buried at 
Gokterworth as a 
Thomas Newton was 
buried there Feb. 20. 


John Newton of 
Westby aforesaid 
by deed dated 19*^ 
December 1562 
bnried in Westby 
Chnroh 22^ Deo. 
1563. as appears by known, 
the register of that 
church, son and 
heir of John afore- 
said, and who pm> 
chased an estate at 
Wolstrope in Oolster* 
worth parish in the V 
said oounty. ^ 

Biohard Newton 
3*^ son of John 
Newton, what 
became of him, 
or his desoen- 
dants, is not yet 


William Newton of: 
Gimnerby in the 
Counfy of Lincoln 
4^^ son of John 
baptized at Westby 
30^ August 1541. 
as appears by the 
Beg. and was Grand- 
father of John 
Newton, mentioned 
in the said Visitation 
of Lincoln to have 
been 8 years old in 
the year 1634 and 
who was afterwards 

^Anne daugh- 
ter of .. . 
Kellum in 
the county of 
[. . . Kelham 

[Thomas Newton of Gonerby bur. at=r[Elizabeth dan. of Thomas Parker of Eibworth oo. 
Gonerby April 23, 1640.] I Leicester, buried at Haydor 80 July 1649.] 


[Biehard Newton [John Newton son &pieir. Bom 9 June 1626, succeeded^ 
&apt. at Haydor as 2** Bart, of Barr's Court in 1661 by a special limita- 
March 8, 1620. tion in the patent ; died 31'< May 1699 Buried at 
buried at Gonerby Bitton in oo. Gloucester In 1650 John Newton 
in 1630.] Gent, lord of the Manor of Barkston co. Linooln is 

in the list of persons intended by Charles ii. as 
knights of the Boyal Oak. returned five times M.P. 
for Grantham 25 years, left issue 4 sons & 13 daugh'.] 

=Mary dau. of Sir 
Genrase Eyre of 
Bampton, co. 
Nottingham Et. 
Died 23 Not. 1712 
aged 84. Buried at 
Bitton CO. Glou- 

[Elizabeth Bap. at Harder 16 June 
1646. ' Married Prancis Stringer 
of Sutton upon Lonnd, co. Notts. 
Esq. Ob. 31 July 1694.] 

[Maiy Bap. at Haydor 13 May 
1648 : married there 25 July 1671 
to W" Marwood of Laughton co. 
Linooln, Esq., where she was 
buried 31 July 1678.] 

I I 
[Jane Bap. at Haydor 

4 June 1649 ; mar- 
ried there 18 Deo. 
1676 to W" Sache- 
verall of Morley co. 
Derby, Esq.] 

[Lucy married St. 
Leger Scroope of 
Louth CO. Lmcoln 

[Hester married CoL [Six other 
Seymour.] dau's.] 

[Frances married John 
CO. Derby, Esq.] 

[Dorothy Bap. at 
Haydor 26 Sep. 1671. 
married Francis Woodward 
Esq., Died 16 Oct. 1712.] 


p 2 




[Grervase died 
•.p. in 1728.] 

[Richard ad- 
mitted to 
Gray's Inn 
8 Not. 1666 
af ion & heir 

[. . . another 

rSosannah (2>^ ^wife) dau. of: 
Michael Warton of 
Beverley, co. York, esq. 
M.F. for Bererley (by Susan- 
nah, dau. of John !■' Lord 
Faulett, & co-heiress 
(with her two sisters ICary, 
wife of Sir James Pennyman, 
hart, father of Sir Warton 
Pennyman Warton hart. & 
Elizabeth, wife of Charles 
Pelham of BrocUesby co. 
Lincoln M.P. for Bererley 
ancestor of the present 
Charles A. Pelham of Bro- 
desby, Earl of Yarborough) of 
her brother Sir Michael War- 
ton, M.P. for Beverley in 
1708 who died 25 March 1725, 
aged 73, & relict of Sir John 
Bright bart. of Badsworth oo. 
York. She died April 19 
1737 in her 86»»» year.] 

=[Sir Jonn Newton* 
of Barrs Court, 
CO. Gloucester, 
& of Thorpe 
00. Lincoln, 3*^ 
bart., eldest 
surriving son of 
Sir John Newton, 
M.P. by Mary 
dau. of Sir Ghervase 
Eyre of Hampton, 
CO. Nottingham, 
d. 12 Feb. 1734 
aged 83 and was 
buried at Haydor.] 

=[Abigaa (1>< wife) dau. of 
Wm. HereniBgtuun of 
Hereningham, oo. Suffolki 
esq. by Lady Mary Carey 
sole dau. & heiress of John 
2»i Earl of Doyer (by his 
second Countess, Abigail 
dau. of Sir W* Cockayne ; 
his first wife Lady Dorothy 
St. John dau. of Oliver, 
Earl of BoUngbroke having 
died s. p.). Lady Newton 
was sister of Sir W" 
Heveninffham of Heven- 
ingham died 11 May 
1686, aged 25 buried at 
Haydor May 29, 1686.] 

[Gary Newton, bom June 9^^ 1680 in Fall=7=[B4^ftr^ Coke of Holcombjne on monument) 
Mall, Westminster, only child made heir by 
her grandmother Lady Mary Heveningham 
to the estates of her father the last Earl of 
Dover, m. 4 June 1696. d. 4 Aug. 1707.] 

CO. Norfk. esq. only son of BoV Coke of 
Holkham esq. by Lady Anne Osborne^ dau. of 
Thos. Duke of Leeds d. 13 April 1707.] 

[Thomas Coke of HolkliamEarl of Leices-^[Lady Mary Tufton dau. & coheiress 

ter, Installed Knight of the Bath in 1725, 
created Baron Lovel in 1728, & Earl of 
Leicester in 1744. He died 20 April 
1759, when his titles became extinct.] 

of Tlios. 6^'' Earl of Thanet, by Lady 
Catherine Cavendish, dau. & coheiress 
of Henry Duke of Newcastle. The 
Countess of Leicester was Baroness 
de Clifibrd in her own right.] 

Other issue, 

from whom 

the present 

Earl of 




[Edward Coke Viscount Coke dicds=Lady Mary Campell dau. & coheiress with her sisters the 
s. p. in the lifetime of his father Countesses of Dalkeith k Strafford of John Duke of 
and mother in 1753.] -^gyHi and Greenwich, married in 1747.] 

reir Michael Newton, of Thorpe &^Lady Margaret Coningsby, eldest dau. of Thomas, 
barrscourt K.B. 4* bart. M.P. for 
Beverley from 1722 to 1727 & for 
Ghrantham from 1727 until his death 
in 1743. Installed £nt. of the Bath 
in 1725. Succeeded during the life- 
time of his father (25 March 1725) to 
" a great estate " by the death of his 
undo Sir Michael Warton. His por- 
trait together with those of Lord & 
Lady Faulett above mentioned hang 
in the staircase-hall Banner Cross. 
Sir Michael Newton d. 6 April 1748 
buried at Haydor April 21'*.] 

Earl of Coningsby (by Lady Frances dau. & coheiress, 
with her sister Elizabeth Countess of Kildare, of 
Bichard, Earl of Banelagh) created in the lifetime of 
her father (26 Jan' 1716) Baroness & Viscountess 
Coningsby of Hampton Court, co. Hereford, & suc- 
ceeded at his decease (1 Ma^ 1729) according to the 
limitation of the patent as Countess of 0)ning8by ; she 
was married 11 April 1730, &died June 12, 1761, when 
all her titles became extinct, & her estates devolved 
upon her only sister Lady Frances Coningsby (or her 
issue) wife of Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams, K.B. 
buried at Haydor June 2^ 1761.J 

rjohn Newton, Yisoonnt Coningsby of Hampton Court, only son, b. 16 Oct 1788, died 
jantiary 4*^ in London ft was buried at Hayaor Januaij^ 8*^ 1738 aged two months.] 



[Eleanor dau. of Sir ■ 
Walter Wrottealey 
of WrottdBley bart. 
aooeBtor of the 
present Lord 
Wrottealey d. a. p. 
(1"* wife) d. 2 May 

s[William Eyre of Hishlow Hall & Holme Hall, oo. Derby 
M.P. for Berkshire (eldest son of William Eyre of Highlow 
Holme by Gatharine dau. of Sir John Gell of Hopton, co. 
Derby, bart.) assumed the name of Archer by Royal Sign 
M'^n^ift^ in compliance with the will of John Archer of 
Coopersale House & Welford Park, Berkshire esq. eldest son 
of Sir John Archer, Mr. Eyre*s relation through the family 
of Ferrers of Tamworth Castle : M' Eyre- Archer was elected 
M.P. for Berkshire & d. 30 June 1739, aged 59.] 

only dau. 
sister & 
heir of Sir 
K.B. d. 28 
Jan. 1761 
aged 68 
(a** wife).] 

[Samuel Bagshawe of Ford Hall, co. Derby,= 
GoL of the 93'** reg* M.P. for Tallagh co. 
Waterford, buried at Chapel-en-le-Frith, 
00. Derby, 22 Sept. 1762. J 

=[Gatharioe dan. of Sir John Caldwell of Castle 
Caldwell, oo. Fermanagh, bart. She was buried 
at S^ Jamee*s Chapel, London 25 July 1801.] 



[Samuel Bagshawe of Ford 
Hall & of G^renor 
Square, London, esq. b. 
28 Dec. 1753, & bant, at 
Cork, died s. p. 16 May 

[John Bagshawe Esq. of 
the Oaks, D.L. d. s. p. 
21 Aug. 1801.] 

[William Bagshawe, clerk,^Anne sister & heiress of Lieut. Gen. 

M.A. Vicar of Buck- 
minster cum Sewstem & 
Garthorpe, all oo. 
Leicester, b. 6 Jan. 1763. 
Died 11 Not. 1847.] 

W"* Murray of Banner Cross, and 
Pitnacree, Perthshire, who suc- 
ceeded Lord John Murray in those 
seats & dying without issue by his 
wife, the Hon. M" Murray, left 
Banner Cross to his sister, half of 
his wife's estates having rererted to 
John Murray, 4*^ Duke of AthoU. 
she d. in 1844, aged 76.] 


[Manr Catharine AnneSTsfHeniy Marwood Greavea of Hesley Hall (a younger son of Col. 
Bagshawe only daugh- Greayes of Page Hall & Elmsall Lodge, co. xork) of Banner Cross 
ter & heiress bom 2 &Ford Hall, jure uxoris. J.P. & D.L. died 10 March 1859.] 
April 1819.] 

[William Henry Greaves Bagshawe, of Ford Hall.] 

[Miehael Newton of Culverthorpe & Barrscourt aforesaid, &=[Anne Bagshawe, only dau. was 
Upper Harley S' London, esq. nephew & hdr of Sir Michael married 8 Dec. 1799 i buried 
Newton above mentioned, assumed b^ Act of Parliament at S* James's Churoh, 

the name & arms of Newton only & m 1761 was elected Hampstead Boad, London 

M.P. for Beverley. He d. s. p. at Culvertiiorpe 4 Nov. 19 June 1811.] 

1808, & was buried in S* James's Church, Hampstead Boad.] 

[John Archer of Welford Park=r[I«dy Mary - 

Fitz William 
dau. of 
John 2»* 
Earl Fitz 
m. 21 
March 1752.] 

k Coopereale House & of 
Hjmover Square, London, 
High Sheriff of Berks in 1765 
died at Clifton 30 Sept. 1800. 
After his death Highlow 
Hall was sold to the Duke 
of Devonshire.] 

[Catherine wife 
of PhiUp Blun- 
dell of Tiverton 
Devon, d. s. p. 
at Bath, 8 
March 1810.] 

[Susannah Newton Countess of 
Oxford, succeeded to the estates 
of her brother Michael in ^1803, 
m. 11 July 1751 & d. s. p* 11 
Nov. 1804.] 

[Edward, Earl of Oxford & Earl 
Mortimer b. 2 Sept. 1726 suc- 
ceeded his &ther as 4*^ Earl 
April IV^ 1753 & d. s. p. 8 Oct. 

rSosannay eldest dau. m. IS^fJacob Houblon, of 

Sept' 1770. Took the name HallingburTr Place, co. 

of rS^ewton (after her hus- Essex, and in right of 

band's death,) after succeed- his wiUTe of Coopersale 

ing to the Newton Estates.] and Welford Park.] 


[Gharlotte.]=3:[GiIlery Pigott first cousm 
once removed to the pre- 
sent Hon"« Sir Gillefy 





I I > 

[John Aicher Houblon of Welford Fark,=r[^i"7 Anne dau. of Thomas [Maria.] [Leiitia.] 

and Hallingburjr, only son, elected M.P. 
for the county of Essex in 1810. Died at 
Welford Park 81 May 1881, aged 67.] 

Bemey Bramston of Skreens, 
CO. Essex, M.P. for that county, 
died 4 April 1865, aged 88.] 


[Anne eldeet=:[ John Archer Houblon of Halling- 

dau. of 
Admiral Sir 
a.CB. of 

burv and CulTcrthorpe, bom 
29 Sept. 1808, succeeded to 
the Essex Estates on the death 
of his fiither and to the Lincoln- 
shire Estates of the Kewtons on 
the death of his grandmother M** 
Houblon Newton. J.P. & D.L. 
for CO. Essex, & J.P. for Herts. 

Court Berks. High Sheriff of the former County 

Married in 
May 1829. 
Died 8 Aug' 

1840-1. late Colonel of the Essex 

dau. of 
of Littlecote 
Wilts, m. in 
May 1835. 
Died at 
Brighton 12 
March 1856 
aged 40.] 

Georgina Anne dau. of General 

Sir John Oswald G.C.B. of Dunnikier, 

CO. Fife, second wife.] 

^rCharles EyreofWeUbrd 
fork, Berks, bom 13 Oct' 
1806. B Ju Ch. Ch. Ox- 
ford 1828. J.P.andD.L. 
for Berks. Assumed the 
name of Eyre on succeed- 
ing his Father in the 
Berkshire estates.] 

[Louisa Charlotte dan. of 
the Her' Thomas Ban- 
dolph Beotor of Much 
Hadham Herts. Married 
in 1868.] 

[Geme Bramston Eyre 
Ch. Ch. Oxford, bom in 


[Isabella-Mary married 15 July 1865, Archibald 
Hamilton eldest son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 
of Northfidd co. Elgin Bart] 



[Mary Anne, married 
at Gh!eat HaUingbuiyj 
21 Dec 1842, WU- 
liam Forbes ddest 
John Hay Forbes of 
Medwyn one of the 
Judges of the Court 
of Justiciary in 


[Thomas Archer Houblon 
in holy orders Rector of 
Oatmore and Peasemore 

Eleanor dau. of the EeT** 
John Deedes Bector of 
WUlingale Co. Essex 
married 19 July 1889.] 

[Bichard Archer Houblon 
of Bartlow, Linton, co. 
Cambridge, b. in 1814. 
J.P. ft D.L. for CO. Essex, 
and J.P. for co. Cam- 

[Anne Maria youneest 
dau. of the Be?' Abxander 
A. Cotton Beotor of 
Girton Co. Oamb**. 
Married at GKrton 26 
July 1868.] 

eacob- William 
oublon died 
19 Dec 1819, 
aged 14 years.] 

Archer Houblon.] 

[Susanna Letitia 
eldest dau. died 
at Ventnor 26 
March 1846, 
aged 86.] 

ItoDcrt KewtoD, George Kewton 
S^ son men- 2^ son men- 

tioned in the 
deed dated 

tioned in the 
deed dated 

Bobert Newton 1>* son of W^obtrope 
aforesaid, inherited the same ffurohase 
after the death of his Fathet Blichard 
Newton, as is mentioned in tb^ afore- 
said deed dated 15 Charles 1^ by 
'which deed he settled also the manor 
of Woolstrope purchased by him upon 
lus eldest son Isaac Newton. He was 
buried at Colsterworth th6 20^^ of 
'September 1641. ' 

Bichard Newton 1"^ son of Woolstrope Simon Newtcm 4^ son 
aforesaid, by the deed abore cited and mentioned in the deed 
a terrier dated 1569, and another deed dated 1562. 
dated 80 December and 16*^ of King — 

Charles the First, inherited the said William Newton 5^^ 
purchase, and was buried at Colster- son mentioned in the 
worth the 20*^ of April 1588 as appean>deed dated 1562. 
hy the register of that church. j^^ 

Bichard Newton 2^ son, of Woolstrope, baptized 
at Colsterworth 1582. 




m^f^Blinor. Thomas Newton bap 
at Colsterworth 8'** 
Aug. 1617 & bur. 
there 80 Jan. 162f . 


Jonil Newtod 
bapt. at Cols- 
sterwofth 2^ 


Dionysia Newton bapt. 11 Sep. 1642 bur. l^ Oct. 1612. 




Isabel Newton l''dau.bapt. Aug. 
21 1596 married John Cook of 
Skillington Anno Jacobx 19. & 
by him had John Cook of 
fiuton in Linoohuhize. 

Elizabeth Kewton 2' dau. bapt. 
20 Not. 1598 mar. William 
Woodrouffh of Skillington 
Anno 16 Jacobi and by him 
had Edw. Woodrough of 

I I 
Maxy Newton 

8** dau. baptized 3*^ son of Cols- 

Sep. 6 1612. terworth bapt 

[bapt. Sep. y. 1613. there April 9. 

mar. Mich. Bigby 1609 [Buried 

Nor. 20. 1641.] June 23. 1665.] 

Anne Newton 4<*> dau. 
bapt. May 6 1615 
buried July 13. 

Richard Newton=FAlioe dau. of =r2"' wife 

. . . bur. at 
20 Sept. 

dan. of 

[Bichard Fanlkner= Anne daughter of Bichard 
of Londonthorp and Alice baptized Sept. 
Jan. 16 1672.] . 11'*' 1642. 

Bichard Newton of Colster* 
worth dead. [Buried 
May 2«<> 1684.] 

Bobert Newton 
dead. [Buried 
July 17. 1677.] 

Bobert Newton of Colsterworth. 
[buried at Colsterworth June 26, 1734.] 


Bichard Newton of Colsterworth. 

[Jamea Ayioough of Market Orerton in the oonnty^Margaret dau. of . . . Blythe of Stroxton 

of Btttland. Gent, had also a son Bey. Wm. 
Ayscottgh Bector of Burton Coggles.] 

in County of Lincoln of an antient 

Bobert Kewton 2*' son 
of Bobert bapt. at 
Colsterw*"" Sept. 27. 
1607. Uyed after at 
Counthorp in the 
same oomify* ^ 

Isaac Newton 1"' son^Hannah daughter of Jame8^[2°'"' Ber. Barnabas 

of Woolstrope, son 
& heir of the said 
Bobert bapt. at 
Colsterwo^ 21"* of 
Sept. 1606 buried 
there 6*^ of Oct. 
1642. and mentioned 
in the deed last 
cited [Married April 

Ascough, of Market 
Orerton in Butland Gbnt. 
remarried to Barnabas 
Smith [1645] Bector of 
North Withun by whom 
she had Mary Benjamin 
and Hannah and died at 
Stanford in Lincolnshire 
1689 [or acoordinff to the 
parish Begisters June 4*^ 

Smith in 1645. 
Bector of North 
Witham in the 
county of Lincoln* 
who died about 


[John] Newton ([a carpenter, afterwards 
gamekeeper to Sir Isaac, buried at 
Colsterworth Oct. 18*^ 1^25 aged 60]. 


John Newton of Lincolnshire [became 
heir at law to Sir Isaac, ^rewster says 
of him John became a 'Worthless ft 
dissolute person who very soon wasted 
this antient patrimony & falling down 
with a tobacco pipe in his mouth when 
drunk, it broke in his throat & put an 
end to his life at the ace of thiity 

5 ears & wae buried at Colsterworth 
one 22»* 1737]. 


Isaac Newton, only child of Isaac & Hannah, bom 
25 Dec. 1642 and baptized at Colsterworth Jan. 
1** 164} Lord of the Manor of Woolstrope afore- 
said, Master of Arts, bte Fellow of Trinity Col- 
lege in Csmbridge Warden of the Mint, by 
patent dated 13*^ April 1696 now Master and 
Worker of the said Mint, by patent, dated 3"* 
Febr. 1699. and President of the Boyal Society ; 
knighted at Trinity College in Cambridge 16 April 
Anno 1705 by her present Majesty Queen Anne 
and living in St. James Parish in Middlesex this 
20*>' day of Noyember 1705. [Died 20^^ buried in 
Westminster Abbey 28 March 1727.] 


Siffnaiure of Sir Uaac Newim^ copied from the 
Newton Fedi^ree in the SeraUW CoUege. 


K' Thomaa Pilkbgton, of Belton 
tland at CokUrworth Ohurch 
Not. a. 1666.] 

»).^[Mftrie Bmith baptized m 
North Witham May 6*>' 

Bap. Oct. 

22. 1667 Bt 
Belton in 

[Ser. Tbomaa Filkington 
B.Dec.8. 1668. Ticarof 
Packington nr, Aihb;.] 

[a dau. of Ihomai Bate* E>q. 

of Aahb; de la Zouch Gent., 

b. De«. 21, 1648 at West 

Brongblon co. Derb; died at 

Aahby Jan. 7, 1707. b; Dorothj 

dau. of Wm. OldBMbaw of Seal qf Tit 

Kegworth CO. teioertw.] .^"^ "/ A; 

[fiobert Barton of BiigBlock, oo. Northampton wbo had manied^rHiuinah, 2*' wire dan'rofthc 

] I 
[Uai7 Pilkinglon 
B. Dec. 20. 1G70 
at Belton ] 

[Qeorge Filkington 
Bap. Jan. i. 1672. 
at Belton.] 

fintly Eliiabeth dau'r of Oeorite FilkingtOD of Stanlon la Dale, 

Huiband of Marie Smith. Hia nuls BepreaeutatiTe Charles 
Cutta Barton Esq. i« now litjng at BowDhams co. Soutbampton. 
Bob' Barton waa buiied at Brigatock 2,-i Sept. 1693 aged 63.] 


9. b^t. at Nortli 
Witham 7 Sept. 1652 Jt wai 
Uring as a widow at Brigstock 


Colonel Cave'a Beg* Hill'i Brigade, at Colater- 
Bapt. at Brigatock 21 Aiu. 16S4. worth Hot. 
Lost in the S' Lawrence utnada. 
in 17«.] 

16, 1678 

boried at 

[Catharine Qreeuwood, who 
ried secondlj Col. Kobert Gardner 19 Feb. 
of the Citj of Westmintier & of 1G81.] 
Carrickfergui in Ireland t by Ihia 
second marriage had an only daughter 
Joanna, who married 29 Bee' 1741 the 
Kev* Cults Barton {B«ctor of S' Andrew'a 
Hotbom afUrwarda Dean of Bristol D.D.) 
the eldeet lurriring Orendson of Bob' 
Barton Husband <tf Hannah Smith b; hia 
first marriage with Elizabeth Filkington.] 

[Katharine 2"' dau'r by thii [Margaret V* t 

second marriage who was youngest dau'r 

bsptiied at Bngstook 25 by second mal^ 

Not' 1679 married 26 Aug. riage, baptiied st 

1717 in Biissell Court Bngitock 7 Jun* 

Chapel A was buried in 1687 married 

■Weetminiter Abbey on 29 there 10 May 

Jan' 1789/40, aged 60.] 1709 to John 

^ Warner of Gtd- 

[John Conduitt of Cranboiy dington, co. 

Lodge in the parish oCOtter- North'ton, and 

bourne Co. South'too. M.P. left numr 

for Whitchurch Master of Iwue.] 
the Hint 1727 wai buried 29 
May I7S7 m Weetminiter 
Abbey, aged 49.] 

[Robert Barton 2^ son bom [Catharine only cMd i 

2S Oct. 1709 A baptized at hdr. Marriace License it 

Erigstock 21 Not* following the Facultr Office dated 

was aliTe in 1741. He 7'^ A married 12 July 

married k left Islue Bobert, 1740, He aged about 21 

Captain m the 76'^ Beg' & she 19. She died 

if Irthlingborough Co. 
North'ton. Aido-de-Camp to Gen' 
Honywood Married 9 June IT68, at 
Barton SeagraTO, Co, North'ton, & died 
at Bath Oct. 1768.] 

gCliiabeth, Dau'r of the Ber. Jeffcry 
kins, M.A. Bcctor of Barton SeagniTe 
afd., she was bom £0 Oct. 1736, A mar- 
ried secondly at Worting Co. South'lon 

on Jan. IS, 177B John Uatsell Esq. of [Catharine only Dau'r aged called Viscount Inrming- 
Maiden Park, near Godstone Co. Surrey. 23 in 1738 & thoa married ton, M.P. Ior_iJidoTer 
Clerk of the House of Commons A to Frederic Burr She wa 

Bencher of the Middle Temple, who liTing in 1764, A had two 

died 16 Oct. 1820. She died 2 Dec' eone alive at that tune, 

1804, & was buried near her Brother Daniel Burr, A Nerrton 

Barton Bnrr, i, one dau'r 

of In^tn who died 
India 1? Joly, 1794 A 
Newton who was Liring 

in 1764.] 

Abbey 4 May (bUowing.] 
[John Wallop commonl; 

Co. Middi.] 


of John 1" 

Barl of Fortemouth, bom 
8 Aug. 1718, A died in hii 
father's lifetime 19 Nor' 
1749, A waa buried at 
Farley Co. Southampton.] 




r. John 


[Bor. John Barton, M.A.=[Mai7 eldest dau'r 

Yiev of Sonniiig Go. of Allen Toung of 

Berks, & Rector of Chid- 

dingfold 00. Sumr* 

Cb^ilain to the House of 

Commons & Prebendary 

of Osnterburr OathedraJ, 

formerij Fellow of New 

CollMe, Oxford died s. p. there 17 May, 

at Sichnoath Co. Devon 1848.] 

17 Feb. 1808, st. 44, & 

was buried in Exeter Cathedral.] 

Orltngbury, Co. 
North'ton, bapt. 
there 19 Not' 
1755, married 
there 17 Feb. 
1789, & was buried 

[Charles William Newton Barton 
Priyate Secretary to Henry 
Addington I'^Yisconnt Sidmouth, 
sometime Fellow of New College, 
Oxford S"** & youngest son bapt. 
at Windsor, Co, Berks 6 Mch. 
1762, was drowned at Worthing 
Co. Sussex 4 June 1806 in his 
47*^ year unmarried & was buried 
at Broadwater Church.] 

[John Wallop who sue. his 
Gnnd&ther as 2<^ Earl of 
Portsmouth mar. in 1763.] 

[Urania dau. of Coulson 
Fellowes Esq. of Hamp- 
itead 00. Middlesex, 
died 29 Jan. 1812.] 

I I 

[Hemy Wallop [Barton Wallop b. 1744 

Groom of the 
bedchamber to 
George III. 
died m 1794.] 



Master of Magdalen 

Coll. Cambridge died 

in 1781 leaying issue. 

in 1774 Miss Camilla 
Powlett Smith of Orme 
Easton Hants.] 

[Bennett b. in 1745 
d. in 1815.] 

[Catherine m. in 1770.] 

[Hon. Lockhirt 

Charles Wallop=[l" 19**' Nor. 1799 Grace [Newton Fellowes b. 1772=f=ri»» 4«»» dau. of 

b. 18 Dec. 1767 sue 
u 3^ Earl 16 May 

dau. of Fletcher 1"' Lord 
Ghrantley d. s. p. 
2<**7 Anne eld. dau. of 
John Hanson Esq. of 
Bloomsbuiy Place 
London, which marriage 
was declared illegal in 

took the name of Fellowes 
on succeeding to the 
estates of his Maternal 
Uncle in 1795. M.P. 
for North DcTon after- 
wards for Andoyer. 
sue. as 4^>' Earl. Died 

Key. Castell 

Sherrard, she died 

in 1819. 
2Ddi7 j^y 

Katherine 2"' dau. 
Hugh 1" Earl of 
Fortescue K.G.] 


[Isaac Newton Wallop b. 1825.=p[Lady Eyeline Alicia eldi dau. of Henry 
Succeeded as b^ Earl in 1854.] 8'<* Earl of Camaryon mar. in 1855.] 

[Newton Wallop Viscount Lymington b. 1686.] 


Sir Isaac Newton, of St. James's parish in the county. of Middlesex Enight, and Master and 
Worker of Her MiyeBty's Mint, yoluntanly maketh Oath that this Deponent hath a deed of feoiT* 
ment of John Newton, who was (as he hatn reason to belieye) his great grand&ther^s fiither dated 
the 19^ day of December, in the fourth yeare of Queene Elizabeth in the yeare 1562, wherein by the 
name of John Newton of Weetby in the County of Lincohi he settled his Estate in Wilstrope, in 
the Pttrish of Colsterworth in the said County, on his flye sons, Richard, George, Roberti Symon 
•od William Newton, and their heirs successiyely ; Which said John Newton, by agreement of time, 
and being called of Westby, he yerily belieyes to haye been the same person vrith one John Newton, 
whom he finds by an attested extract of the register of Basingthoip cum Westby aforesaid, to haye 
Iwen buried in that Church on the 22°<* day of December, Anno Dom. 1568, being the ^eare after 
the said feoffinent, and likewise to haye been the same person mentioned in a Visitation of Lmcolnshire 
made in or about the year 1634^ now remaining in the Herald's Colledge in London, there called John 
Newton first son dT John Newton of Westby aforesaid, and Brother of Thomas Newton, Richard 
Hewton, and William Newton, of Gunnerby, great grandfather of Sir John Newton, of Hather in the 
Mid County, Baronet ; he haying by tradition from his kindred eyer since he can remember, reckoned 
lumselfe next of kin (among the Newtons) to Sir John Newton's fiimily, and haying also, about fifty- 
four or fi%-five years ago, heard his grandmother Ascough (with whom he liyed at Wylstrope afore* 

* The original certificates are now in the possession of W. H. Gk Bagshawe, of Ford Hall. 


said alias Woolstrrae, till he was about eleven yean old, and who at that time frvqnently conTened 
with the Deponent s great Uncle Biohard Newton) Bay, that he, this Deponent, was or had been next 
heir att law to M' Newton, of Hather, until the birth of M' Newton's children, who were then two 
or three infants, and that he and they were cousins two or throe times remored, or words to that 

Surpose, and he, this Deponent, believing that his said Grandmother, upon the marriage of her 
aughter with his father, might learn the kmdred, and that his grandfather Newton, to promote 
the marriage, might be forward to speak of itt, representing himself cousin once remored, and 
next heir to said M' Newton, att that time six or seren yoara under age, afterwards father to Sir 
John Newton. And further this Deponent saith, that Sichard Newton first abore mentioned is 
greatgrandfiither and first son of the second John Newton, enjoyed the said estate at Woolstrope, 
according to the said Settlement, as appears by a deed in this Deponent's possession, of settlement of 
the said estate on this Deponent's fiiUier and mother, dated the 30*^ day of December, in the 15*^ 
yeare of King Charles the First, 1639, made by Robert Newton, the eldest son of the said Bichard, 
and this, Deponent's srandfiither, wherein are these words (and which formerly descended and came 
unto the said Bobert Newton after the death of Bichard Newton, father to the said Bobert Newfton), 
and this Deponent saith, that he finds by an attested copy of the register of Colsterworth cum 
Wooktrope aforesaid, that one Bichard Newton was buried there the 30*** day of April 1688 whom 
he belieres to be the same Bichard, his grandfather's father. And the said Bobert Newton he finds 
to hare been buried at Colsterworth aforesaid by the said extract, on the 20**^ day of September 
1641 leaving issue three sons, first, Isaac Newton, mentioned in the said deed of settlement of the 
15^ of KiogCharles the First, and whom he finds by Colsterworth register to have been baptized 
the 21'* of December 1606; secondly, Bobert Newton, baptized likewise the 27*^ of September, 
1607, who lived afterwards at Counthorp in the same county, and whose issue are still livmg : and 
thirdly, Bichard Newton baptized likewise there the 9*^ of April 1609, who lived at Colsterworth, 
and loft issue still remaining there. And further this Deponent saith, that the said Isaac, this De- 
ponent's fi&ther married Hannah daughter of James Ascough o! liCarket Overton in the Countv of 
Kntland, Gbntieman, and that he was buried at Colstwworth aforesaid, on the 6*^ day of October, 
1642, seised of the said estate of Woolstrope, which is descended to, and now is enjoyed by, this 
Deponent his only child, who was bom the 26^ of December, and baptized the 1'* day of January 
in the said yeare 1642. This deponent's mother, Hannah Ascough remarried to Barnabas Smith, 
Bector of North Witham in Lincolnshire, by whom she had issue Maiy, Benjamin, and Hannah, 
each of which have issue remaining. 

In witness whereof this Deponent hath hereunto put his hand and scale, this two and twentieth 
day of November, Anno Dom. 1705. 

Junt 22^ die Novembris, 1706. 

Coram me ICag'ro Canoell. S. Keck. 



Sir John Newton, of Thorpe in the parish of Hather^ in the county of Lincoln, Baronet, aged 
about fifty-three years, oertifieth that his deponent hath heard his fiither Sir John Newton Baronet 
aged about seventy and three years at the time of his death, speak of Isaac Newton Master of Art* 
and Fellow of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge now Sir Isaac Newton Knight, Master and Worker of 
her Ma**"« Mint in the Tower of London and of St. James's Parish in the County of Middleiex, 
as of his Belation and Kinsman. And this deponent saith, that upon his view of a coppy of an entiy 
of the fiunily of NeWton, said to be entered m a visitation of t^e said county of jLincoln, made 
in 01* about the year 1684, and said to be now remaming in the Herald's CoUedge in London, be 
finds One John Newton of Westby in the said County, mentioned to have had four sons, viz. John 
Newton, Thomas Nbwton, Biohard Newton, and one William Newton of Gunnerby in the «id 
County^ which said William Newton was his great Grandfather, and believes the said Sir Ubbc 
Newton to be descended firom the said John Newton, son to John Newton of Weetby^ the CovOBhobl 
Ancestor, and first nlentioned in that entry, but knoweth not in what particular manner^ but tbat 
the said Sir Isaac hath alwaies been reckoned by him of the same name and blood with his fiunfly* 

In witness whereof the said Sit John Newton hath hereunto set his hand and seal this 21** if 
of November, in the year 1706* 






Sktkkee, OB Skinneb, op BoLnroBBOKE, AiTD Thobkton College, LmrcoLK- 
SHiBE. — I wish to take an opportunity of correcting the two first descents in this 
pedigree as printed in ' Miscellanea &enealogica et Heraldica,' Monthly Series, 
October, 1870 (antea, p. 81). Since that communication was made I have by 
chance discovered, at Lincoln, the will of John Skynner* of that city, merchant, 
dated dOth December, 1545 (date of probate torn off), who died, as appears from 
his Inq. p. m., on the 11th of October, 1545. From these documents it is now 
plainly seen that he — and not John Skynner, the Eeceiver of the Honor of Boling- 
broke and grantee of the arms in 1557 — ^was the father of Sir Vincent and Henry 
Skynner. It furthermore appears that the grandfather of the two latter was not 
Bobert Skynner, of Exeter, but a Bobert Skyimer, also of Lincoln, whose will is 
printed at length in * Notes and Queries,' Ist ser. x. 377. These circumstances 
explain the discrepancj alluded to in my note (p. 81) as to the arms borne by the 
Thornton Colle&;e family, to whom those forming the subject of the grant by Hervy 
do not seem to belong. The pedigree should commence thus : — 

BoBSBT S jcyhhisb , of the parish of S^ John in Wykeford in the City^ 
of Lincoln— Will dated 2"'^ Jan. 1536. proyed at linooln 24'^ May 
1538, and also registered in P. C. C. London, desires to be buried in 
Miiah church of S* John Eyangelist afs^ — ^leares to church of 
Thorpe in the Marsh where he was bom, — to AUhallows church, 
Waynfleet, where his &ther lyeth, and to Spilsby churdi where his 
motiier l^eth — appoints his brother W** Falfirayman supervisor 
of his will. 

=Alice, dan. of ... • 
named executrix of her 
husband's will, with sons 
John and Bichard, which 
she and John proved, 
reserving right of Bichard. 

Bichard. 1636. Catherine. Agnes. iJice. 

— 1636. 1636. 1686. 

Alexander. 1636. 1646. 1646. 1646. 

under 18 years of ^ ^ — -^ 

age 1546. unmarried and under 18 

John Slrpner, 1636, by his fikther^a^Elieabeth, 
will had landa in Thorpe and Wain- d. of John 
fleet when at lawful age. Of the Fairfiu, of 
city of Lincoln Merchant at date of Swarby, co. 
his will made SO'^ Sept. 1646, of Lmoohi. 
vhich he appoints his wife Eliza- 
beth exeentnz, and his brother in 
law John Dyghton supervisor. 
Died 11*^ October 1546. Inquisitio 
post mortem taken 4*^ May 1646. 


Mary. 1686, but 
not named 1646. 

I ^1 

Vincent Skynner. 1646. Son and heir, aged 8 years and Henxy Skynner. 1646. 
more at date of Inq. p. m. pat. 1646. 

Chables Jacksok. 



John filackwell my Great Great Griiidfatbei* hy Severall Indentures of writings 
Executed between him and other p'sons is describtedto be a Gentleman of Clements 
Inn— Of Hawridge in the Countey df fiiickd Gfentletaan and of Watford of the 
County of Hertfordshire Yeoman. 

1. By Indenture dated 13 Jaines the P' loiS ^It appeared Tho» Dell sold and 
convey'd the Manner and Lordship of Hawridge in the Cotinty of Bucks to John 
Blackwell described to be of Clemfents Inn in flie Pftrish bf S' Clement Danes in 
the County of Midd' Gentleman; 

2. By Indenture dated the 20 y' James the 1'* 1622 between John Blackwell 
the Elder of Hawridge in the Co. of Bucks Gknt^ And John Blackwell the 
iTounger, Citizen and Grocer of London Son and heir Apparent of the s^ Jn® 

* This wfll was entered in the calendar or index as under the name of Thomoi Skynner^ hbiOoHn, 
t Communicated by ICr. Odleman. 1?he original dootiiliexit is in his pdiseaeion; 


Blackwell the Elder on the One part, & Edmund Wright Citizen and Grocer on 
the other part Wittniseth that m Consideration of the Sum of £1300 paid bj 
Wright to J. B. Elder and Younger they had conveyed to said Wright all the 
Manner and Lordship of Hawridge in the County of Bucks. 

8. By Indenture 20 James !•* 1622. Between the foremention'd Parties for 
better security of said Manner to Wright John Blackwell the Elder is described 
to be of Watford in the County of Hertfordshire Yeoman. 

John Blackwell my G-reat Grandfather Son and heir of the forementioned J. 
Blackwell of Clements Inn Ac. was bom in the Parish of Watford in Hertford- 
shire the 25 of Aug* 1694 and baptized the 8 Sep*' following. He dyed at his 
house by Cripple Gate London the 2** day of January 1657 in the 64 y' of his 
Age and was Duryd in S' Tho" Apostles Church in London — He married three 
Wifes by All which he had Children as p' particulars following. 

Oct' 16, 1621 He marry'd to his first Wife Juliana . . . daughter of ... By 
whom he had the followin Children 

1" Elizabeth bom the 1 Oct' 1622 in S' Mathews Parish died young. 

2^ John who was my Grandfather bom the 8 March 1623 in S* Mathews Parish. 

3* William born 6 July 1625 at Mortlake. 

4*'' Joshua Blackwell bom 9*^ Jan^ 1627 In maiden lane Garlick hill Died Young. 

5 Thomas Blackwell bom 15 Aug^ 1629 at Mortlake died young. 

6 Stephen bom 26 December 1631. 

7 James bom 1 Jan^^ 1632 died 18 M' 1638. ^all bom at Mortlake. 

8 Cornelius bom 4 Jan^ 1633. 

9 Mary bom May 1635 at Mortlake. 

10 Samuel born 1 May 1638 S* Tho* Apostles Parish. 

This first Wife died the 19 Aprill 1640 and was buried at S^ Thomas Apostles 
Church in London. . 

March 9, 164^ he married to his Second Wife Martha Smithsby daughter of 
Tho" Smithsby Esq' who was Housekeeper of Hampton Court. lie had Eight 
Children by her Six of which died Young Martha and Jonathan only living to 
grow up. 

March 12, 1656 He marryd for his 3^ Wife Mary Bose Daughter of Rob* Bose 
Esq' of Derbyshire he had One Daughter by her bom 22 day of Jan^ 1657 which 
was 20 daies after his death. 

His Widdow maried to her Second husband Colonel Okey And to her third 
husband Tho. Cage of Grays Inn. 



Hobert Peart & Elizabeth his wife their marriage & children with the deaths 

of sev'all of them & of his wife 5*^ August 1722. 

M' Bobert Peart of Lincoln maryed to Elizabeth the daughter of Josbua 
Blackwell on the 20* day of Aprill 1712 at TIffington. 

Joshua y'* son of Robert Peart by Eliz. his wife was bom 16*** ffeb^ 1712. 

Robert &^ March 1713. dead. 

Bri^ett 29'** Aprill 1715. dead. 

Origmall 9* January 1710. dead. 

Robert 24* March 1717. dead. 

EUz. 15* September 1719. 

John 11* Aprill 1721. dead. 

Elianor dO^ July 1722. 

The s^ Elizabeth the wife of the s^ Robert Peart dyed at Lincoln on the 5* day 
of August 1722. 


Book PfiDicmEE. — ^The following is copied from the fly-leaf of a copy of * Eex 
Platonicus/ '* ecutio quarta, Oxoni» 1627.*' Such a record is, I presume, of very 
rare occurrence. J. Colemak. 

Liber Nicolai Langford. Ex dono D'mini Bead. 

Liber Bogeri Jones ex don. N. Langford. 

Liber Bob. Jones ex dono Bog. Jones. 

Lib. Bob. Sharrock ex dono Bob. Jones. 

Lib. Oxen, ffoyle ex dono Bob. Sharr. 

Lib. Phillippi Fell ex dono Ox. Foyle. 

Liber Stepaani Cooke Novembris decimo die 1638. 

Liber Oullielmi Nicholson ex dono Stephani Cooke. 

Lib. Jacob. Ward ex do. Gruil. Nicholson. 

Lib. Tho. Byues ex dono pecunisD An. Dom. 1650. 

Stewabt : OiLBEST : "Wabd : Habyis. — ^Whcro may I find any particulars of 
Lieut.-Greneral James Stewart, who — according to the ' Gentleman's Magazine,' 
1798, port i. p. 446 — died at Williamstown, near Dublin, on the 1st of May in that 

Some genealogical information respecting Dr. Claudius Gilbert, who was Yice« 
Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, 1716-35, and a very liberal contributor to its 
noble library, is desired. Having been appointed to the rectory of Ardstraw, in 
the diocese of DerrVf in July, 1735, he diea in October, 1742 ; and his executors 
were the Bev. Dr. Hodson, of Omagh, Bichard Warburton, £s<j., of Donnycamey, 
near Dublin, and Dr. Thomas Kingsbury, of Anglesea Street, m that city. For 
particulars of his benefactions, see * The Dublin University Calendar,' 1871, p. 

In what chui*ch or where was the Bev. Dr. Michael Ward married to Mary 
Margetson, and where may an entry of the marriage be found P It is supposed 
to have been solemnized in Dublin, or the neighbourhood, 1674-8. 

Captain Boger Harvie. Frequent and honourable mention of this officer is 
made in *■ Pacata Hibemia, or a History of the Wars in Ireland during the Beign 
of Queen Elizabeth.' His death is minutely described in vol. ii. p. 645 (Dublin, 
1810). To what family did he belong, and are any members of it still resident in 
Ireland, where there are many of the name ? _ B. H. B. 

Smith (p. 48). — Newton Smith, nephew of Sir Isaac Newton, was under age 
in 1712. He afterwards married Catherine, the daughter of William Wimberley, 
son of William Wimberley Qong residents at Bitchfield), postmaster of the district 
between Stamford and G-rantmun, who resided at Witham. On July 20, 1716, 
was baptized at Witham, Catherine, the daughter of Newton Smith and Mrs. 
Catherme ; on April 7, 1718, Isaac Newton Smith, son of the same ; and on Feb. 
25, 1719, Sarah, daughter of the same. These baptisms are from the register of 
South Witham. They afterwards lived at Barrowby, near Grantham, and to the 
father. Sir Isaac Newton was guardian. The signature of Benjamin Smith, with 
the date 1723, is on the cover of the Witham parish register, which commences in 
1686. In the King's Silver Office is the record of a fine. Trinity Term, 1761 ; 
William Manners, plaintiff, and Benj. Smith, clerk, and Benj. Brown and Sarah, 
deforciants, of messuages, cottages, and lands in South Witham. Mrs. Sarah 
Brown, widow of Mr. Benj. Brown, of Owston, Leicestershire, and daughter of 
Newton Smith alluded to above, and sister of Isaac Newton Smith, had a fine 
origmal picture of Sir Isaac Newton» by Kneller, which she sold to the Duke 
of Kuthuid about the year 1786. A pedigree of the Newton fiunily is given in 
Tomer's ' History of Gmutham.* Jubtik Simpsok. 


Fbost. — ^William Frost emigrated to New England prior to 1655, in which 
year he remoyed from Boston and united in the settlement of Cromwell Bay, on 
Long Island. In 1667 he removed to Matinecoek, in Oyster Bay, L. I., where 
he £ed about 1698 or 1699, leaving two sons, William and Wright Frost. By 
his will, made March 28, 1698, he duects that in the event of the death of botn 
these sons without issue, his estate shall " return to any of the Frosts that de^ 
Bcended from George Frost, bom in Bensteed, two miles from Famham, in 
Hampshire, in Old England — to the first heirs or heiresses so descending;." Any 
information from parish registers or other sources which throw light on the genea- 
logy of Greorge Frost, presumed to be the father of William above named, would be 
very acceptaole. I. J. L. 

Smith. — ^Bichard Smith, of the parish of Bramham, West Biding of Yorkshire 
baptized 10th May, 1598, buried 19th November, 1647, had an only son, Bichard 
baptized 15 October, 1626, married to Ann Yeates, by Paul Beale, Alderman of 
York, 25 February, 1658, died at Bramham 1688. A MS. of his grandson says of 
the second B. S., '* he was educated for the Gowne, but y® troubles in England at 
that time prevented his Proceeding;." He became one of the Proprietors of West 
New Jersey, in America, whither his sons went, and where his descendants con- 
tinued for a long time to fill important public offices, — one of them (Kichard 
Smith) representing the province in the Continental Congress in 1776. Could the 

Sedigree of B. S., No. 1, be traced ? A seal used by his great-great-grandson 
amuel Smith, author of a valuable History of the Colony of New Jersey, pub- 
lished in 1765, bears these arms, — ^Argent a lion rampant gules, crowned, sceptred 
and orbed or. Thos. Stewabssost, Jr. 

Qermantow»f Philadelphia, 

Chabbock (pp. 184, 155). — It would seem probable that the name Chad is 
derived from the O. G-. eat (^)=bellum, militia, pnelium (O. Sax. ^uth^ Franc. 
gund. Ice. gudur^ W. and Com. ead^ OaeL and Ir. eath^ Basq. cudu^ Sansk. yuih^ 
yodh. Conf. also the ancient name Catvalda and the inverse yellocatus=belli- 
potens ; and CsBdmon, miles, bellator, vir belli) ; and Chatto and Catto are doubt- 
less O. G-. forms x)f the same name ; although Catto maj also be from Catto, co. 
York. Chaddock, Chattock, and Haddock, may be diminutives of Chad [Conf. 
the Italian diminutives in uecio^ ueeia ; as caauecia]. The names Chadbom, Chat- 
bom, and Chat Moss do not appear to be connected with the other mentioned 
names. The two former are doubtless derived from a river name, Chad, Chat, or 
Ket, t. q. Gade, a river, co. Herts ; GK)te, a river of Sweden ; from a Su-Gk>thic 
word. The name Catomore may not always be from Catumerus=bello dams. 
Catmore and Catmur may be from Catmere in Berks. As a rule, heraldry is of 
little value in deciphering proper names. The arms of the Celtic name Liverpool 
are " argent a liver (bird) azure "; on the town-seal of Hartlepool a stag is repre- 
sented in a pool ; whilst a Bobins family (whose name is clearly derived from 
Bobert) has for crest " Three Bobins." B. S. Chabitock. 

8, Chray'f Inn Sguare. 

P.S. Since writing the above, I have been in communication with Mr. Chattock, 
of Castle Bromwich, who thinks the name Cerdic contains all the elements of the 
name Chadock ; thus — Gerdio, Cherdic, Chardoe^ Chadoe^ Chattock, But whence 
the name Oerdic 7 I can suggest no other etymology than from htrAeoeht^ which 
will translate both "war leaSer'* and " renowned leader." Conf. the German 



The following extracts from the registers of Oswestry and Nannerch relate to 
the family of Sip Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart. William Williams, Esq., with 
whom the Oswestry extracts begin in the year 1700, succeeded his father, the 
Eight Honourable Sir Wm. Williams, Bart., in his title and large estates. The 
latter had been Speaker of the House of Commons in 1679-80. Edward, the 
eldest son of William Williams, Esq., as will be seen, died a child. Watkin, the 
Becond son, succeeded — under the will of his kinsman. Sir John Wynn, Bart. — 
to the extensive estates of Wynnstay, and assumed the additional surname of 
Wynn. Upon the death of his father, Sir William Williams, Bart., he became 
the first Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart. Robert, the second son of Sir Wil- 
liam, married Merrvel Williames, represented in Parliament the county of Mont- 
gomery, and died without issue. Richard, another son, whose name appears in the 
Oswestry Register, was M.P. for the Flintshire Boroughs, and died in 1759. His 
name, and those of his wives and some of his children, will be found in the Nan- 
nerch Register and in the inscriptions upon coffin-plates in the vaults at Nannerch. 
Per more also respecting him see ' Miscellanea Genealogica,' Monthly Series, No. 
XL, page 19. 

Llanvorda, and a considerable estate around it, yet forms part of the great 
possessions of the house of Wynnstay. W, W. E. Wtiwe. 



1691. Nov. 26, Bapt. Edward son of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. and 

Jane his wife. 
1692-3. Feb. 24, Bapt. Watkin son of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. and 

Madam Jane. 
1693-4. Jan. 30, Bapt. Sydney da. of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. 
1694-5. Feb. 2, 3apt. Robert son of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. and 

Madam Jane ux. 
1696. Jan^ 15, Buried Robert Thelwall Gent, uncle to Madam Williams of 


1696. April 29, Bapt. Thomas son of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. and 

Madam Jane ux. 

1697. Aug. 14, Bapt. Katherine da. of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. 

1698. Oct. 11, Bapt. Richard son of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. and 

Madam Jane ux. 
1698-9. Feb. 10, Buried Edward son and heir of William Williams of Llanvorda 

1699. Dec. 26, Bapt. Edward son of William Williams of Llanvorda Esq. and 

Madam Jane ux. 

1700. Sept. 25, Buried Edward a child of S' WiUiam Williams of Llanvorda. 
1700. Dec. 30, Bapt. William son of Sir William Williams of Llanvorda Bart. 
1700-1. Jan. 12, Buried WiU'm a child of S' WUl'm Williams of Llanvorda Bart. 
1706. July 19, Jane Lady of S' William Williams of Llanvorda Bart, dyed att 

Llanvorda the 10 and buried at Ruthin the 19**» of July. 

1740. Oct. 25, The Hon"* S' William Williams Baron* of Llanvorda who departed 

this life 20 Oct. about 9 at night buried y^ 25*^ of October. 
1710. Sept. 18, Married Lewis Owen of Peniarth in Merionethshire Esq. and 

Madam Margaret Williams of Llanvorda. 
1719. July 24, Buried Margaret wife of Lewis Owen of Peniarth Esq. 
1731. Jan. 8, The Right Hon^e Richard Lord Viscount Bulkeley of Baronhill in 

y® County of Anglesea maried to Jane Owen of Peniarth in the County 

of Merionidd. 

1741. April 2, Buried Madam Elizabeth Owen of Penyarth spinster aged 22. 
1734. Nov. 6, Buried M" Sydney Roberts y* dyed at Llanvorda. 

Q 2 


Nahnxbch Begistebs. 


1721-2. Jaa. 20, The Hon* Madam Bridget* Litton was buried the 2*'» day of 

1759. Eichard Williama of Penbedw Esq. 

1795. Aug. 19, Annabella the wife of the late E* Williams Esq., Penbedw. 
1803. April 12, WiUiam Williams Esq. 
1808. Dec. 8, Watkin Williams Esq. 


1729. March 12, Eichard the sone of Eichard Williams of Penbedw Esq. by 
Chariot his wife was Bap. 12 of March. 

1742. Watkin son of E*' Williams of Penbedw Esq. by Annabella his wife bom 

30 Sept. privately baptized 2* October, certified 28** of the same month, 

1743. Oct 31, Annabella the da. of Tfi Williams of Penbedw Esq. by Annabella 

his wife was Bap. 31«* Oct. 1743. 


1728. Jan. 9, Eichard Williams of Golden Grove Esq. & Charlotta Mostyn of 
Penbedw were married the ninth day of Jan. 1728. 

Inscbiptioks on Coffik-plates dt the Penbedw Vaults at Nannsbch. 

Eich** Mostyn Esq^ 

of Penbedw Dyed 30 Aug* 1735 

Aged 76. 

Charlotta Williams 

Dyed March U^ 1739 

Aged 48. 

Annabella Williams, 

Aged 73 
Died 11 August 1795. 

Will" Williams, 

second son of Eich^ & Annab. Williams 

of Penbedw Co*' of Denbigh. 

Died 7^ April 1803 

Aged 58. 

Watkin WUliams Esq'f 
Died 30 Nov. 1808 
Aged 66. 

Elizabeth Williams 

Died April 26^^ 1325 

Aged 86. 

* She was sister to Oiarlotto, wife of Richard Williams, Esq. 

t Watkin Williams, Kaq., was Lord Lieutenant for tlie counties of Denbigh and Merioneth, 
Constable of Flint Castle, at one time M.P. for tlie coontj of Mootgomefr, and aftenrarda for 
mai)/ 70^01 M.P. for the Flint contributoiy Boroughs. 


BoBXBT Sewell, 6 Apbil, 1660. 

Li the name of God, Amen. I Bobert Sewell of Chatham in the county of 
Kent being in health of body and perfect memory do make this my last Will & 
Testament in manner & form following, viz. I bequeath my soul into the hands of 
God that gave it, And my body to the earth in assured confidence of a glorious 
resurrection by the Lord Jesus Christ my blessed Sayiour & Eedeemer in whom I 
trust. Next for my temporal estate wnerewith God hath blessed me, I give & 
bequeath unto my eldest son John that messuage or tenement situate in the parish 
of Tonge in the county of £ent^ and now in the occupation of John Batcnelor, 
Item, 1 give to my younger son Samuel the sum of five nundred Pounds to be put 
out to the best advance for his use by my executors hereafter named till he 
come to the yeares of one & twenty or matrimony. Item, Igi^e to the son of my 
brother John Three Pounds, more to the son of my brother Thomas Three Pounds, 
more to the son & daughter of my sister TraTiTifl.Ti each Thir^ Shillings, and to the 
poor of Callgarth in Cumberland where I was bom Three rounds. Item, I give 
to my dear wife Judith all the Chattels Plate Household Stuffs, goods moveables 
or other goods whatsoever and also Four hundred Pounds in money, or the thirds 
of the wnole which she shall like best. Item, my will is that if either of my sons 
shall dej^art this life before they come to the age of 21 years or matrimony then 
the survivor to enjoy the other's portion, or if they both snail die before the terms 
aforesaid then my will is that the estate to them hereby bequeathed shall fall to 
the eldest son of my brother John, the eldest son of my orother Will(iamor 
ford ?) the eldest son of my brother Thomas and the eldest child of my sister 
Jane to be eaually divided amone them or the survivors of them. Item, I give to 
the church wnereof I am a member Five Pounds. Item I do hereby appoint and 
nominate Bichard Hutchinson. Eq. and my dear wife to be executors oi this my 
last Will & Testament, giving unto the first named Five Pounds. Item, Five (?) 
Pounds more to such of our relations as my wife shall nominate if she thinks fit, 
And lastly my will is that whatsoever shall remain above what I have here dis- 
posed, and funeral expenses I give the same to my two sons, that is to the elder 
two-thirds thereof and to my younger one-third or that totall to the survivor. In 
witness of all which I have nereto set my hand & seal this sixth of April in the 
year of our Lord one thousand six hundred & sixty, and in the twelth year of his 
Majesty's reign. 

Bob^ Sewell. 

Memorandum first to make a note under my hand what debts are due to me, 
secondly what I owe to any, thirdly to will my wife & sons to live in peace & love 
and thankfulness to God without murmuring Fourthly to stand fast to the prin- 
ciples they have been taught and to beware of seducers. By this note I give to 
John Bowyer of Chatham forty shillings. 

Tenore pr»sentium &c. 

JoHK Sewell, 2 July, 1692. 

Li the name of God Amen I John Sewell of London merchant being sick of 
body but of perfect and sound mind and memory for which I do bless & praise the 
Loiti do make & ordain this my last will & Testament in manner & form following, 
that is to say first & chiefly I do bequeath my soul to Almightie Qod that gave it 
hoping for salvation thereof through the merits of my Lord & Saviour Jesus 
Christ, And my body to be buried in Xtianlike manner as my Executors herein- 
after named shall think fit, And for the worldly estate that the Lord hath been 
pleased to bless me withal I will give & bequeath the same in manner & form fol- 
lowing, that is to say, Inprimis it is my xpress will & order that for and at my 

* Communicated by F. Sewell Cole, Esq., of Thomcliff. 


funeral there shall be mourning given only to my dear & loving wife Abigail, and 
to my sons John Sewell, Thomas Sewell, Bobert Sewell, Samuel Sewell and my 
daughter Judith Sewell and to no other person or persons whatsoever Item I do 
will & appoint that my said loving wife snail hold & enjoy to her own use for and 
during tne term of her natural life in full recompense of all her dower & title of 
dower to any of my estate all those my lands & hereditaments that I heretofore 
have settled as a jomture for her & no more. Item I do give and bequeath to my 
said loving wife the sum of 40 shillings in full of all parts & shares she may have 
or claim to or out of my personal estate I thereout intending her no more than the 
said sum of Forty Shillings and she having no right to any part of my personal 
estate by the custom of the city of London I being not a freeman thereof and I 
have otherwise provided for my said wife by the said jointure lands. Item all the 
rest & residue of my said personal estate my debts funeral charges & legacies 
beiag therout first paid I will give & bequeath the same to and amongst my said 
sons John Sewell, Thomas Sewell, Eobert Sewell, Samuel Sewell when & as they 
shall respectively attain their several and respective ages of one & twenty years 
and my s' daughter Judith when she shall be married or attain her full age of one 
& twenty years which shall first happen. And I hereby will & appoint that all my 
said personal estate shaU be paid divided & distributed to & amongst my said sons 
& daughters at the said several & respective times in <& by equal parts & portions 
& share & share alike, provided and I do hereby order will & appoint that out of 
my said personal estate shall be yearly & at all other times as there shall be occa- 
sion paid & laid out such sums or money as shall be necessary for the maintenance 
& education putting out & other necessary occasions of all every & either of my 
B* sons & daughter according to their degree & quality till their said respective 
portions & shares shall be paid them respectively Ana further provided & I will 
& order that in case any of my s^ sons & daughter shall happen to die before his 
her or their s^ portions or shares shall be due or payable that then the portion or 
share of every such child so dying shall not go to his heir or their respective 
executors or administrators but shall go and be for the benefit of the rest of my 
said children share & share alike. Item it is my express wish and desire that none 
of my own or my said wife's kindred or relations shall be in any ways admitted or 
constituted to be guardian or guardians to or for any of my said children or have 
any administration of my estate during any of their minorities and lives but if 
there shall be occasion for any such guardian or guardians in respect of any of my 
said children's minorities then to prevent partiality to any of my children I do will 
& desire that some other fitter person or persons at the nomination of such child 
or children aa there shall be occasion to have a guardian for to be admitted & 
constituted to be such guardian or guardians And I do hereby constitute nomi- 
nate fb appoint my said first & second sons John Sewell & Thomas Sewell full & 
sole Executors of this my will during their joint lives And from and after the 
decease of either of them my said Executors Then I do constitute and appoint my 
said younger children Robert, Samuel & Judith to be Executors of this my will 
together with survivor of my said sons John and Thomas And lastly I do hereby 
revoke & make void all former wills by me heretofore made declaring this only to 
be my last AVill In witness whereof to two parts of this my "Will being both of 
one tenor & date and written in two sheets of paper and this piece of a sheet I 
the said John Sewell the Testator have put mv nands to each sheet and to this 
piece my hand & seal thereof whereof either of them being duly proved the other 
to remain only as for a x^j dated this second day of July Anno Domini 1692 & 
in the 4th year of the reigu of our Sovereign Lord & Lady William & Mary by 
the grace of God of Englaiid Scotland France & Ireland King & Queen defenders 
of the Faith. Bt. John Sewell. Signed sealed published & declared by the s' 
Testator to be his last will in the presence of Edmund Terry, Henry Ward, Sam. 

I John Sewell of London merchant do make this Codicil to my will Annexed 
hereunto To wit I give to my son John Sewell and his lieirs from my wife's decease 
all my lands that I have heretofore settled on my wife for a jointure and he being 


to enjoy the same I hereby take out from him out of his part & share in & by the 
8*^ will given him of & out of my personal estate the full sum of one thousand 
pounds And I do hereby give the s^ one thousand pounds to & amongst my 
younger children Thomas JKobert Samuel & Judith when their portions in & by 
the 8^ will are payable and so conditioned as their other portions are under And 
for all other my" lands & hereditaments I give the same to & amongst m^ said 
sons John Thomas Robert & Samuel And my daughter Judith & their heirs for 
ever And my body I appoint to be buried in the church of Chatham in the 
county of Kent under the gravestone under which my Father's body was laid and 
I desire that this codicil may be added to & taken as part of my last will dated 
the second day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred & ninety 
two. John Sewell. Signed sealed published & declared in the presence of Ed- 
mund Terry, Henry Ward, Sam. Thorowgood. 

And further I the s* John Sewell the Testator for the further explaining of 
and adding to my will hereto annexed do ordain and appoint for sundry good 
reasons best known to myself that if any or either of my aforesaid executors of 
my said will shall offer to disobey my said will in or concerning the clause therein 
relating to my exemption & barrmg of all and every of mine & my wife's relations 
(except my children) from having anything to do in Law Equity or any Ecclesias- 
tical Court concerning my estate and the clause mentioned m my will for that 
purpose then in such case I order that such child & children as shall offer to dis- 
obey my will in that purpose & clause shall have no share or benefit of my per- 
sonal estate and in such case and if any or either of my executors shall nominate 
any of my or my wife's said relations to be his her or their guardian or guardians 
then I give the portions & shares of and in my personal estate of such of my said 
executors as shall do so to and amongst the others of my said children share & 
share alike any thin^ in mj said will or former codicil to the contrary thereof not- 
withstanding. And I desire that this also may be taken as a codicil to and part 
of my last will Dated this 18*** day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand 
sis hundred & ninety two. John Sewell. Signed sealed published & declared in 
the presence of Fran" Thompson, James Kerby, Sam. Thorowgood. 

I the within named John Sewell do make this codicil to my will hereunto 
annexed to wit for the preventing of all differences & disputes that may arise 
among my children or any of them touching a guardian to be chosen for them 
during their minorities I do by these presents nominate & appoint my loving 
friend William Heath of Limehouse in the parish of Stepney in the county of 
Middlesex, mariner to be full and sole guardian unto all my sons until they shall 
respectively attain their ages of one & twenty years and to my daughter until she 
shall attain her age of one & twenty years or be married which shall first happen 
And I do hereby direct & appoint that the said William Heath shall have the full 
and absolute ordering management & disposition of my children's portions & 
estate by me given unto them until the same shall become due unto them accord- 
ing to tne true intent & meaning hereof. And I do hereby empower & authorize 
the 8^ Will"^ Heath to dispose & put out to interest at his own discretion the 
respective portions of my children m the name of him the s^ William Heath but 
to & for the benefit of my children And I do hereby will & direct that the s** 
William Heath shall & may fully reimburse himself by and out of my estate all 
charges & disbursements whatsoever he shall be at or xpend in or about execution 
of the trust herein reposed in him and the maintenance and education of my chil- 
dren And I do hereby leave & commit the ordering of my funeral wholly to the 
discretion of him the said William Heath And anything within or in my last Will 
& Testament hereunto annexed contained to the contrary thereof in anywise not- 
withstanding And I desire that this codicil may be added to and taken as part of 
my last will dated this 15^ day of September in the year of our Lord 1692. 

The mark of John Sewell. Signed sealed published and declared by the s^ 
John Sewell on the date of the date hereof in the presence of Fran* Thompson, 
Hen7 Pugh ; Willm. Hughes, Scrivener. 





Non probavit Arma. 

Thomas Lane deacended from y^ 
Lanes de Com. Northton. 


John Lane.^ 


Bobert Lancsf Alice dau'r of Bobert Saunden of BJimbledon Com. Bucks. 


Thomas Lane, Becorder= Jane dau'r 

of Wycombe now of of John 

PeriTall in Com. 

Midd'x Justice of the 

Peace in Com. Bucks, 

Seader of the Inner 

Temple London. Bucks. 

John Lane of the Inner=. . . dau*r of M' 
Temple and of Boss Mellett of 

Hall in Com. Hartford. PeriraU in 
marr^ to his first wife 

Claydon in Margery, dau* of Aid" 

Com. Wens of Wycombe. 

of East 

Com. Midd'x 
Widow of Thos. 


Lane, eldest Sonne. 


Thomas Lane. 
(Signed) Thomas Lane. 



Cheap Ward S^ Lawrence Lane 
Prec^ Irish Chamber Guildhall 

Arma, Per pale^ 8 saltires. 
W Lane prodnc'd a Stone Seal set in gold w*^ these Anni 
and Crest w^** belong to the fEimilj of Luie of Orlybere in 
Com. North'ton, as appears by an old Visitation book 
mark't H 4 fo. 46, a. b. and to the Lanes of Oourtonhall 
in the said County mark*t C 14 fo. 84, b. frobi none of 
which Families doth M' Lane deriye himself by this 

. dau'r of . . . l"^=rPnbncis Lane of Londounr* • • dau*r of . . . second Wife. 


Merchant bom in Law- | 
rence Lane, London. 

Thomas Lane 
eldest Son 
1G62. un- 

John Lane of the Citty: 

of London fined for 

Sheriff and Ald» of y« 

B^ Citty ffit. circa 66. 

anno 1687. 

Eliz. dau'r of . . . 
Taylor of ... in Com. 
Stafford, dyed 22 Not. 
1677. l-^Wife. 


:Anne dau'r of Sir 
John Trevor Knt. 
and sister to Sir 
John Trevor 
En^ Secretary of 
State relict of 
Alderman Weld- 
ing. 2»d Wife- 

Anne first married 
to Bichard Hamb- 
den Draper of 
London afterwards 
to Will" Justice 
of London who 
fined for Alder". 






2 John dyed 
an infant. 

1. Thomas Lane, Mercer and Mer- 
chant of London free of the Cloth- 
wbrkers. wStat. fere 85, anno 1687. 

Mary dan'r of Hen. Ashhnrst of 
Lonaon who fined for Alderman 
and Sheriff. 

Mary 3^^ dau'r 
hj birth, mar- 
ried to Paul 
Foley of the 
Inner Temple 

John set. 10 ann. 
Eenrj »t. 8 ann. 
Thomas set, mens. 

I J 

Four other 
who dyed 

J I I 

1. Elizabeth aet. 11. 

2. Judith St. 9. 

8. Mary dyed young. 

William Lane Merchant^. . . dau'r of . . . Johnson 
of London. of Hackney. 

1. WUliam. 

2. John. 

I J I. 

4. Anne dyed young. 
6. Jane dyed young. 

5. Mary set. 2 ann. 

Francis Lane Merchant of: 

London and Mercer. 


2. William. 

(Signed) Thomas Lane. 

Ellis Family. — ^I am preparing a second Supplement to my * Notices of the 
EUises/ and should be obliged oy the following information : — 

Ancestry and descendants of Sir John Ellys, sometime owner of the manor of 
TotehiU, co. Cambridge. 

Parentage of the Ber. John Ellis, B.D., the first known ancestor of Baron 
Mendip, afterwards Viscount Clifden. He is described in his memorial in Wad- 
desdon Chtirch, co. Bucks, as " Eboracensis." He was Eector there, 1661, and 
was Fellow of Catharine Hall, Cambridge. He died 1681, st. 75, and married 
Susannah "Welbore. 

Ances^ and descendants of Sir William Ellis, appointed, 1731, Ensign in 
Brigadier ^lyrrers Begiment. 

Ancestry and descendants of the following : — ^Thomas Ellis, Esq., ob. 1735, 
ffit. 92, Qroom of the Chamber to James 11. Hugh Ellis, Esq., ob. 1749, rot. 98, 
formerly Secretary to the Duke of Idhkrlborough. Bichard Ellis, Usher of the 
Court of "Wards and Liveries, 1617. Bight Honourable Sir Henry Ellis, K.C.B., 
formerly Ambassador to the Court of Persia, ob. 1855. Descendants of Bey. 
Thomas Ellis, Minor Canon of Ely, who died 1764, and of his relative, Bev. Seth 
Ellis, Licumbent of Brampton, co. Derby. 

And I should be glad to know by what matches the following coats were 
broue^ht in and quartered, viz. Quarterly of four, 1, a chevron between three 
cinqfoils (? Woodhouse of Sufiblk) ; 2 and 3, three lions passant ; 4, on a cross 
sable five crescents (Ellis), on an escutcheon of pretence, a lion passant. 
Crest, a lion passant. Motto, Nemo me impune lacessit. They occur on a seal 
formerly in the possession of Thomas ElUs, who died 1802. He was descended of 
the Ellises of Orford,in Suffolk, who bore a lion passant. This family is supposed 
to be an offset of Ellis of Chesterfield, a branch of those of Eiddftll, who bore 
or on a cross sable fios crescents argent. The lion passant was granted 1587, to 
ElUs of Alrey> co. Flint, and was probably erroneously assumed by Ellis of Orford. 

W. S. Ellis. 

Cks/rVnood, Surrey, 


WINCHESTEE), 1715 • 

To ALL Ain) siKQULAB to whom these Presents shall come S' John Yanbrugh En 
Clarenceux King of Arms, and Peter Le Neve Esq' Norroy King of Arms, eend 
Greeting. "Whereas the Ee?*^ Benjamin Hoadly, Doctor in Divinity, Sector of S* 
Peter's Poor London, and of the Church of Streatham in the County of Surrey, 
now nominated by his Maj^ to the Bisoprick of Bangor hath made Application to 
the E* Hon^^« Henry Earl of Suffolk and Bindon, one of the Lords of the King's 
most Hon***® Privy Council and Deputy (with the Eoyal Approbation) to his Grace 
Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England, for 
Our Devising, and (after his Lordships Approbation) Assisting unto him snch 
Arms and Crest as may be lawfully bom by him and his Descendents and the 
other Descendents of his Grandfather M'^ John Hoadley who was sometime Ch^lain 
to General Monk in Scotland, to whom he was subservient in promoting the Kings 
Eestauration and died at Eolvenden in Kent 28® June 1668 leaving two sons sur- 
viving. Yiz^ Samuel Hoadly Father to the said D^ Benjamin Hoaoly late Master 
of the Free School in Norwich and John Hoadly (Uncle to the said D' Hoadly) 
now Eector of Halstead in the aforesaid County of Kent : And forasmuch as the 
said Earl of Suffolk and Bindon considering the Premises did by "Warrant under 
his Hand and Seal bearing Date the Tenth day of this Instant February, Order 
and appoint Us to devise, and after his LorP" Approbation Assign unto the said 
D' Benjamin Hoadly such Arms and Crest accordmgly. Know ye therefore that 
Wo the said Clarenceux and Norroy in pursuance of the Consent of the said Earl 
of Suffolk and Bindon, signified as aforesaid & by Virtue of the Letters Patent of 
Our Offices to each of Us respectively granted, under the Great Seal of England 
have devised and do by these Presents (with his LoP" Approbation) Grant and 
Assign, unto the said U' Benjamin Hoadly, the Arms ana Crest hereafter men- 
tioned, Yiz^ Quarterly Azure and Or in the first Quarter a Pelican of the Second, 
vulning its Breast Proper and for the Crest, On a Wreath of his Colours upon a 
Terrestial Orb or a Dove the wings expanded holding an Olive Branch in the^eak 
proper, as the same are in the Margin hereof more plainly depicted. To be bom 
and used for Ever, hereafter by him the said D^ Benjamin Hoadly and the Heirs 
and other Descendents of his Body and also by the other Descendents of his 
Grandfather M' John Hoadly aforesaid lawfully begotten with their due and 
respective Differences according to the Law and Practice of Arms without Lett or 
Interruption. In witness whereof We the said Clarenceux and Norroy, Kings of 
Arms, have hereunto Subscribed Our Names and affixed the Seals of Our respec- 
tive Offices, this Twentieth day of February in the Second year of the Beign of 
Our Sovereign Lord, George, by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France 
and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c. Annoq Domini 1715. 

John Vanbrugh Peter Le Neve Norroy 

Clar* King of Anas, King of Arms. 

Hekby Weight. — Who was Henry Wright ? Ho was created, in 1660, a 
Baronet, as Sir Henry Wright, of Dagenham, Essex. Was he connected with the 
Wrights of Kelvedon, Essex, or the Wrights of Kilverstone, Norfolk ? What 
arms did he bear? He marriod Ajine, daughter of John, first Lord Crewe of 
Stene, Was there any issue of that marriage ? It is probable that he did not 
long survive his marriage, as his widow married Edmund rye (ancestor of the Pye*8 
of Farringdon), and had several children by her second husband. Any information 
respecting this Sir Henry Wright will greatly oblige C W. H. 

* The original document is in tho posscBBion of A. W. Morant, £tq., F.S.A. 


"^ ^a^^'T^f^ 

r-^^-i«._ %'.^e:"'^ 



Hatdob Begistebs. 

A CertiiScat of all the weddings Chrystnings and burialls . . . the p^^ of Haidor in 
the county of Lincoln since the tyme that they was first received in the 
beginning of her Majestie rayne which was in the yeare of o' Lord God one 
thousand five hundred fifty nine. 


The second entry is as follows — 

Hugh Newton was buryed y* first of September 1650. 

John Newton was baptized the vi day of September 1588. 

Edward Newton was Duryed the vi*^ day of September 1688. 
1620. Bicharde sonne of Thomas Newton Mar. 8 Baptized. 
1646. Elizabeth daughter of John Newton Esq' June 16. Baptized. 

1648. Mary daughter of John Newton Es^ May 13. Baptized. 

1649. Jane daughter of John Newton Eq. June 4^ Baptized. 
1649. Elizabeth Newton Widow Bur. July 30. 

Begisters not forthcoming from 1650 to 1663. 
Dorothy daughter of S* John Newton of Thorpe Bart. Baptis** Septemb. 26. (71). 

Another blank occurs from 1671 to 1676. 
M" Gary daughter of John Newton of Thorpe Esq' was bom June 9*^ (80) in 

Fall Mall Westminster Baptised June 10^ (80). 
May y« 29 1686 ftadam Abigaile wife of John Newton of Thorpe Escf Buryed. 
M' Will™ Marwood & M" Maiy daughter of S' John Newton of Thorpe Bart. 

marryed July 25^ (71). 
Will™ Sacheverell Esq" & M" Jane daughter of S' John Newton Baronett of 

Thorpe December 18. 1676. 
Bichard Parks farmer of this Parish *) 

A > were marryed January 27. 1701. 

Elizabeth Newton of Parish of Bopsley ) 
John Lord Coningsby Son of S' Mic&ael Newton and the Countesse of Coningsby 

died att Lond. and buried Here on Janry. 8*^ 1732. 
S' John Newton Bar* died at London and was buried Here E. Lamb Vic. [No 

date, but after Feb. 16**^ & before the annunciation of B. V. M. 1734. 
The Lady Newton widdow of S' John Newton Bart, buried April 29. 1737. 
1734. S' Michael Newton Barr* & Knight of the Bath died at London Apr. &^ 

and was buried here April 21**. 
1761, Buriall The Bight honourable Margaret Conningesby Countess of Con- 

ningesby, BeUct of ye late 8' Michael Newton Bar* of Thorpe June 24*^. 
1775. Xt«"B Buth D. of Isaac & Buth Newton of Thorpe Sept. 20. 
1775. Michael Newton was witness with John Thorold to a marriage between 

Samuel Thorold Esq. of Cranwell and Susanna Goodacre of the parish of 

1774. Bebecca Newton a Maiden March 14*^ Burriall. 
1773. Bebecca Newton Widow May 17*»» Buriall. 
1778. Baptism Elisabeth D' of Isaac & Buth Newton of Thorpe June 20^. 

There are several more entries of Newtons, but they appear to have been in a 
very inferior station of life. 

Extracts noic the Begistebs belokoivg to the Pabish or Westbt, nr 

THE County op Lincolk. 

The xxx*^ daye of August was baptized Wilyam Newton 1541. 

The xxv*** daye of June was baptized John Newton 1542. 

The seconde daye of September was baptized Margarett Newton 1543. 


The 7*^ daye of November wajsi baptized Elisabeth Newton 1543. 

The xi^ daye of August was baptized Q-eorge Newton 1646. 

The xxviii^ daye of September 1662 was married Thomas Musson and Elizabeth 

The xxii daye of Decembf^r was buried in the Church John Newton 1568. 
The xvii^^ day of December 1565 was buried in the Church Marie Newton. 
1568. The xxx^ daye of October was baptized Robert Newton the sone of John 


1570. The first daye of November was baptized Alee Newton. 

„ The xxvi*^ daye of December was buried in the Churchyard Alyce NeWton, 

1571. The xx^** daye of December was baptized Anne Newton. 
1574. The xv daye of August was baptized Marie Newton. 
1576. The xiii daye of Julie was. baptized Thomas Newton. 
1579. The xxxi"^ daye of March was baptized John Newton. 

1579. The first diaye of June was buriea in the churchyarde John Newton. 

1580. The xxvii^ daye of December was baptized Isabell Newton. 

1582. The xxvii^^ daye of Februarie was buried in tha churchyard under the stone 

next to the church. John Newton. 

1583. The xxvi*^ daye of March was buried Thomas Newton. 
1583. The xxii°^ daye of Maye was baptized Elizabeth Newton. 

1583. The first day of September was buried Elizabeth Newton. 

1584. The xiii^^ of September was married John Withers and Anne Newton 

Widowe of Joan Newton. 
1598. The xxx^^ of September was baptized Jane Newton daughter of Bobert 
Newton Senior. ' 

There are numerous other entrif s belonging to different Newtons, but they do 
not seem to belong to the branch that settled at Woolsthorpe. There is no monu- 
ment in Westby Church belonging to the Newtons, but a stone over the door 
in the south aisle records the fact that — 

John alien 

And John 




Ano. D. 1675. 


1641. William Newton and Ellen Parkinson were married Novem. 25. 

1645. . . . Smith wife of Mr. Barnabas Smith . . . orth Witham . . . and was buried 

June . . . 
1645. . . . Barnabas Smith Bector & M''" Hannah . . . ewton were married Jan 

27 (1646). 
1647. Marie ye daughter of Barnabas Smith 7 lur g 

& Hannah his wife was baptized j *^ * 

1651. ... in the sone of Barnabas Smith . . . was baptized Aug. 1651. 

1652. Hannah Smith (jtic) the daughter of Barnabas Smith 7 g . mh 

& Hannah liis wife was baptized •v j P * * 

Sotjth Witham Hegistees. 

Benjamin Smith June 24. 1723. [On the fly-leaf of the first Begister-book.] 
1693. Catherine the daughter of Wm. Wimberlie and Katherine his wife was 
Baptiz'd December 5^**, 

1716. Catherine y^ daughter of Newton Smith & M'" Catherine his wife was bap- 

tized July 20*»». 

1717. M" Wymberley y« wife of M' Wymberley Postmaster was buryed Jan. 23**. 


1718. Isaac Newton Smith v« son of M' Newton Smith & M» Catherine his wife 

was baptized April! 17^. 
1720. Sarah y« cbugKter of M' Newton Smith & M" Cath. his wife was baptized 

ffeb. 25*^. 
1728. M' Newton Smith of Barrowby was buryed May 23^^. 
W™ Wimberley Gtent. was buried July 25*^ 1751. 


1571. -The first year of the Colsterworth Eegisters. 

Thomas Newton was buryed ffebruarye the xi? [properly 1572]. 
1573. Jsaac Newtonne was baptized Aprill the xzx. 
1575. Elsabeth Newton was baptized September the iiii®. 
1577. Mai^e Newton was baptized Januarye the xii. 
1579. Elsabeth Newton was ouryed August the vi^. 
1582. Eichard Newton was baptized June the xvii. 
1584. Elsabeth Newton was baptized November the first., 
1588. Siehard Newton was buryed Aprill the xxx. 
1588. Ellen Barton was baptized May the vi^. 

1502. John Newton and Isabell Newton were marryed Februarye the xiii. 
1596. Isabell Newton was baptized August the xxi°. 
1598. Elsabeth Newton was baptized N ovember the xxvi. 
1600. Marye Newton was baptized December the xxiiii. 

Marye Newton was buryed January the xvii. 

1602. Margaret Newton was baptized August the xiii. 
Margaret Newton was buryed August the xiii. 

1603. Ales Newton was baptized January the last. 
Alse Newton was buryed February the vii. 
Ales Barton was baptized March the xiv. 

1605. John Newton was baptized July 14. 1605. 
Godfrey Barton was baptized July 22. 1605. 
John Newton was buryed July the xxix 1605. 
Isaacke Newton the sonne of Bobert Newton was baptized the xxi*^ day of 

September 1606. 
Bobert Newton the sonne of Bobert Newton was baptized the xxvii*** day of 
September 1607. 
1609. Buriali Godfrey Barton the xxviii of November. 

From the feaste of the Anunciation of the blessed Virgin Marie AP Dmi 1609 

Untill the same feaste A^ Dmi 1610. 

Bichard Newton the sonne of Bobert Newton was baptized ix daie of Aprill. 

Baptism 1613, Marie Newton the daughter of Bobert Newton the v^ of September. 

Anne Newton' the daughter of Bobert Newton was baptized the sixth day of Maie 

Buriali Anne Newton the xiii daye of Julie !616. 
Baptism 1617. Thomas Newton the sonne of Bichard Newton the thirde daye of 

1621. John Newton the son of Bichard Newton the second day of December. 
Buriali 1627. Thomas Newton the xxx of Januarie. 

Begisters not taken from 1630 to 1641-. 
Buried 1641. Bobert Newton Septemb. 20. 

Michael Bigby and Mary Newton Novemb. 20. 1641 were married. 
1642. Baptized Dionysia the daughter of William & Elenor Newton Sept. 11. 

Anne the daughter of Bichard and Alice Newton Sept. 11. 
I6aac Sonne of Isaac & Hanna Newton Jan. 1. 
Buried Alice Newton Septemb. 20. 
Dionysia Newton October 1. 
Isaac Newton Octob. 6. 

Begisters not forthcoming from 1642 to 1661- 



' 1666. Marie Newton daughter of Isaack Newton & Marie his wife was t)apti8ed 
July the 29. 1666. 

1676. Elizabeth j* daughter of Bichard Newton & Elizabeth his wife was baptized 

May 21 1676. 

1677. Bobert y* son of Bichard Newton & Elizabeth his wife was baptized Eeb. 

28. 1677. 

1678. Hannah Barton ye daughter of M' Bobert Barton & Hannah his wife of 

Briggstock in Northamptonshire was baptized November 16. 1678. 

1679. Anne j* daughter of Bichard Newton & Elizabeth his wife was bapt. Dec. 

26 1679. 
Bichard y^ Posthumus son of Bichard Newton & Elizabeth his wife was baptized 

November 3* 1684. In the following year M" Newton was one of the 

1719. October 12 Anne th6 Daughter of Bichard Newton of Colsterworth Farmer 

was Baptized. 


1666. M' Thomas Pilkington of Helton in the Countie of Butknd and M*^ Harie 
Smith of Woolsthrop in the parish of Colsterworth were married No- 
vember the 22"d 1666. 

1672. Bichard Faulkner of Londonthorp & Anne Newton of Wolsthorp in this 
Parish of Colsterworth were married Jan^ 16. 7i. 

1609. Thomas CoUingwood of Heeson [Easton] in y« Parish of Stoak, and Mary 
Newton of Colsterworth were married Nov* 19. 


1666. Bichard Newton was buried June the 23^* 1665. 
1672. Widow Newton of Wolsthorp was buried Feb. G^. 
In 1676 Bich. Newton was one of the Churchwardens. 

1677. Bobert Newton was buried July y« 17**» 1677. 

1678. Anne Newton y* daughter of Isaac Newton & ... his wife was buried 

June 10. 

1679. M" Hannah Smith Wid. was buried in woollen June y« 4"». (This being 

the mother of Sir Isaac Newton & Wid. of the Bev. Bam. Smith.) 
1684. Isaac Newton and Jane Newton were buried April y^ 16. 

Bichard Newton was buried May y* 2**. 
1692. Mary Nejwton was buried in wollen the 30^** dav of July 1692. 
1701. Eliz. Newton Widd. to Bobr* Newton Deceased Farmer Buried Mar. 27. 
1703. Isaac Newton pauper reputed 95 years of age was buried Jan. 22. 708 (And 

Bobert Newton was a Churchvrarden). 
1714. Anne Newton was buried thee daught^ of Bichard Newton and Elizabeth 

his wife March y« 10. 
1721. Janu. 29 Bichard Newton was buried. 
1726. October 13. John Newton of Wolsthorpe. 
1734. June 25**» M' Bobert Newton was buried. 
1737. June 22"* John Newton was buried. 
1741. July 28^** Widow Newton y* elder was buried. 

Belton Beoistebs, Co. Bittland. 

1667. Hasillwood the son of M' Thomas Pilkington & Mary his wife Baptized 

October 22"*. 

1668. Thomas the son of M' Thomas Pilkington & Mary his wife baptized Dec. 8"^. 
1670. Mary the daughter of M' Thomas Pilkington & M" Mary his wife baptized 

Dec. 20*»». 
16f}. Gheorge the son of GThamas Pilkington Esquire and Mary his wife baptized 
Jan'ry 4*^. 




[The following is compiled from several deeds belonging to the Corporation of 
Coventry. Any information respecting the descendants of Isaac Estwick of Lon- 
don, or of his brother, would be very acceptable.] E. 

Christopher Ettwiok of Stoke,7Ellioner da. of Isaac Walden of 

Coventry gent. 

Coventry Alderman. 

ElUoner Ertwkk ast. 21 on 28 Feb. 16i6. 

£i //^^ tf 


SigwaJtw to detd daUd X May, 1A47. 


I I 
Anne Estwick bom 8 Jan. 1629 died 

21 July 1687. 

ffiraunoes Bstwiok .bom 1 August 1622 
died 11 July 1684. 

Isaac Kiiwiok of London Draper aged 21 on 18 Jan. 1645. 

Signature to deed dated 20 Oct, 1648. 


ffranois Estwick bom 24 
April 1637. 

Adrian Estwick bom 
16 April 1682. 

Christopher Estwick late of London gent, eldest son. 
&gnature to deed dated 20 Oct, 1648. 


Mary Brune. 

Edmund Frideanx, Middle Temple July 1787 The Gift of his Mother Jenny 

Frideaux who was Executrix named in the last Will & Testament of 

Mary Briine of Bath. 
Edmond commonly called Edmund son of Humphry Frideaux by Jenny his Wife 

was baptized in the parish Church of Fadstow Cornwall 6^ Oct' 1766 

being bom the 5^ or day preceding written at London 6^ Oct. 1796 

then aged 30 years. 
25^ April 1793 dyed at Bath his dear ffather buried at Fadstow. 
80^ SeptF 1796 On this day dyed at Esher in Surrey his ever dear ffriend and 

kinsman Bichard Coffin Esq' fformerly Bennett buried at Lowhitton in 

Comwfdl bom 1715. 
Oct. 1*^ 1796 dyed his worthy ffriend & namesake Edmund Frideaux of Hatton 

Garden It was the pleasure of Almighty God to take two such dear 

ffriends within 14 Hours of each other his will be done. 
H. E. I. Frideaux the Gift of Edmund Frideaux 1798. 


Married to my Wife the above H. E. I. Frideaux of S* Martins Church Strand 

9^ November 1797. 
Eliz. Jdnny my eldest Child bom at Hexworthy 8*^ March 1799 Xnd at Lowhitton 

On Sunday 20*^ April 1800 our second daughter bom a Q' before 3 p.m. 
7th Nov** 1820 Married at Aveley Church Essex my eldest daughter Elizabeth 

Jenny Frideaux to George Barrett Lennard 3^ son of Sir T. B. Lennard 

Bart, of Belhus Essex. 
25 April 1821 Married at Aveley Church Essex my youngest daughter Hebe 

Dorothy Frideaux to the Eev* H. B. Lennard 4^ son of Sir T. B. Len- 
nard of Belhus Essex. 
Sept. 15**» 1821. Hebe Dorothy Barrett Lennard my eldest Grand Child bem at 

6 o clock p* mom. Christened and registered in New S* Marylebone 

Church in 1824 or 1825 also Edmund & Elizabeth at the same time. 
Feb. 6, 1822 Henry Edmund son of Henry and Hebe Lennard bom, dyed 7** of 

March following. 
Nov** 27, 1822 Elizabeth Barrett Lennard bom, daughter of George & Elizabeth 

Barrett Lennard Baptized and registered in the parish of Bloomsbury 

London was also Cnristened and registered in New S^ Marylebone 

Edmund Henry Thomas Barrett Lennard son of George and Elizabeth Barrett 

Lennard bom Nov^ 20*^ 1823 Christened and registered in the parish of 

S* Mary Lebone and by mistake registered as bom on the 27^ of Nov** 

instead 'of the 20*»». 
5 Jan^ 1825 Julia Georginia Barrett Lennard daughter of Elizabeth and George 

Barrett Lennard bom was christened at St. Marylebone new Church. 
12 June 1827. Emily Barrett Lennard daughter of George and Elizabeth Barrett 

Lennard bom, baptized at Christ Church parish S^ Mary le bone Dyed 
^ OctoV 1827. 
September 12^^ 1828 Henry Barrett Lennard son of George Barrett and Elizabeth 

Lennard bom baptized and registered at Christ Church in the parish of 

S* Marylebone on the lO^k of October 1828. 

Tdee (p. 35). — In the number of your Journal for June, 1870, " C. G." a^ks, 
who now represents the family of Sir Samuel Tuke ? In the Heralds' College 
there is a peaigree, sworn to bv Sir John Evelyn, on the 8th of April, 1742, showing 
that at that*&te only one of Sir Samuel's descendants was living, namely, bis 
second daughter, Theresa, the widow of Charles Trender, Esq., of Bourton-on-the- 
Waters, co. Gloucester (who died 1718), she being then resident at Ligny, in the 
Duchy of Bar. Sir Samuel ob. January 28, 1670^1, his will being proved in Lon- 
don, by Mar^, his relict, in 1674. He mentions, but does not name his children, 
and leaves his wife sole executrix. She died at Lisbon, 1705. 

The above-mentioned pedigree gives three children, — Charles, at whose death, 
at the battle of the Boyne, the title became extinct ; Mary, the eldest daughter, 
who died unmarried, 1740, and was buried at Cambray ; and the above-named 

This pedigree traces the family from Sir Brian Tuke, through Thomas Tuke, of 
Layer Mamev (stated in Harl. M S. 1541 pedigree to be of Aldersgate Street, and 
having a son Thomas, bom 1612), who by his second wife, Judith, daughter of Edward 
North, of Walkeringham, co. Notts, had Samuel, the first Baronet, who is said to 
have had a son Samuel, the second Baronet. This agrees with Courthorpe ; but 
Samuel Tuke was only knighted March 3rd, 1G63, and created baronet March 31, 
1664, and in the will above referred to he is styled *' knight and baronet." Fur- 
ther, in 1664, Evelyn, who only appears to refer to one Sir Samuel Tuke, mentions 
his marriage ; in 1666, the death of his wife ; and again, in 1668, his [second] 
marriage. Qiiere, Does not this show that Courthorpe and this pedigree are incor- 
rect m making ttao baronets of this name P W. M. Tuke. 




An Accompt or G^nealogie of my first Deare wifes family according to an 

Accompt I find written w*** her own hand.f 

John Moore^ the sonne of Balph Moore was baptised the 23^ of October 
1577 ; as it is recorded in the Begisf booke of Beaconsfeild in the County of 
Bucks : and departed this life vpon Sunday the 21^ day of January 1654! : in the 
77^ yeare of his age, & leyes buried att Marlow, w^ a stone over him engraven 
w**' ms Coat of Arms. 

The said John Moore married Elizabeth§ the daughter of Thomas Smith gent, 
of Eaisham in the County of Worcester She was there baptised y^ 21^*^ of Septemb' 
1582 : and dyed att Marlow y® 7^^ of March in y* yeare 164:6, being 64a yeares & 
six moneths old. She lyes buried att Marlow by her husband vnder another stone 
w^ a knott and her name over it. And noat y^ my Deare wife att this time lyes 
buried vnder the same stone vpon her Grandmother, but I intend to have another. 

The said John Moore and Elizabeth his wife had issue foure sonnes (vizt.) 
John, Thomas, Bobert,|| & ffrancis, and they had I think two daughters but Bobert 
was father to my Deare wife who was baptised the 28^^ of January An'o D'ni 
1617 : and dyed between 9 & 10 a Clock on Sunday night August y^ 21^^ 1681 : & 
lyes buried vnder his father's stone att Marlow. being 61^ yeares old. 

The said M' Bobert Moore married Joanna Langley** widow, whose maiden 
name was Doyley, from TurfiU Court in the County of Bucks, a very ancient & 
noble family, by her he had three daughters, (vizt.) Elizabeth my Deare wife 
Eatherine & Mary, She denarted this life the 10^ day of July about a quarter 
past eleaven a clock An'o D'ni 1683. She is alsoe buned att Marlow vnder her 
husbands fathers stone. 

The said Elizabeth Mooreft my Deare wifes sister departed this life October y* 
19^ 1676. about y* houres of 8 or 9 att night & is alsoe Duried att Marlow. being 
ab^ 17 or 18 yeares old. 

The said Mary{:|: her younger sister, departed this life the 9^ day of June 1672 : 
being not above seaven years old. 

The said Thomas Moore§§ her father's elder brother was baptised the 17^^ of 
August 1623. and departed this life the 17^ day of ffebruary 1672 : in the 6(y^ 
yeare of his age, & is alsoe buried att Marlow. 

Bichard liuidey|||| my Deare wifes brother in law by mothers side, for y^ her 
mother was a widow w" her father married her, & had a sonne and a daughter by a 
former husband m' Bichard Langley. The said Bic* Langley her brother, departed 
this life the 8**» day of August being thursday An'o D'ni 1678, aud was buned the 
Satterday following att Marlow. 

* This Bible was my Beare Wifes w*^ I had new bound and thai ordered after her Death. She 
havlDg been dead seayenteen weekee this 17^^ day of May 1687. J. Etheredge* 

t l^yy«17»*1687. 
t Her Ghrandfather. 
8 Her Grandmother. 

She dyed y 7"^ day of March 1646. 
II Herfiather. 
John dyed att Harlow & ffirancis dyed beyond Sen. 
m'd. he went to prentise Septemb. y« 29'^ 1634^ & served 7 years, to Sept' 29^^ 1641, and 

was made free, 1641. 
md. he alsoe fined for Sheriff of London. 
•• Her mother. 
Noat I was bT w" she dyed, & saw her dye &, att her funundl. 

Koot her mother had a sonn and a daughter b^ a former husband (vixt.) Bichard Langl^ 
& Joanna Langley, now married to fi' Dominick. 
ft Her sister Elizabeth. 
tt Her sister Mary. 
§S Her Tnde Thomas. 

Her brother in Law Bichard Langley. 


Joanna Laneley^ her sister in law (is now liyeing) & was married to m' Andrew 
Dominick on Wnitson Tuesday, y^ 24^^ day of may 1681. 

The said Mad" Dominick was y« 6^ of March 1682 deliu'ed of two Bonns, 
whereof one was y° christened & named James.f I and M*" Duffeil and M** Mary 
Borkse being G-oshipps. noat this before I was married & my Deare wife y' att 
y« Christening and her mother. 

An Accompt or Genealog^e of my own Family.^ 

My Great Grand{ather§ dyed in y* yeare 1650 : aged aboute 86 yeares. I know 
not his christen name, but they be heer sett down as I find them written in my 
blessed fathers own hand. I hare heard his name was Bowland Etheredge. 

My Greate Grandmotherll dyed j* 29^ of June 1651 : aged about 88 yearea. 
These weer both buried att W altham Holy Crosse. 

My GrandfiBither** dyed Saterday Aprill y« 10*"* 1652 : att London and on 
Moonday following was carryed to Waltham Holy Crosse in a hearse, and on 
Wensday following was buried there in y* middle Isle above the pulpit by my 
Vncle William and Aunt Judeth Etheredge. M' Thomas ffuUer preached hu 
funurall sermon on y« 116 psalm, y* 15*"* verse, precious in y* sight of y« Lordia 
y^ death of his saints. He was aged about 49 yeares. 

My Grandmothertt dyed Moonday y« 16*^ of November 1668 : in London and 
fryday y« 19*** of November was buried in S* Ghregories Church in London, in y* 
middle Isle ag* the pulpitt, aged about 56 yeares. M' Thomas ffuller preached 
her funuraU sermon on y* 7^ Acts, part of the last verse, And haveing thus said 
he fell asleep. 

Mv Vncle William Etheredge, J J dyed aged about 12 yeares, of a hectick feaver 
p'sently after he went to bed. 

My Aunt Judeth §§ dyed Moonday y« 16*^^ of march 1650 : and was buried the 
20^ of march : 1650 : m' Thomas ffuller preached her funeral Sermon, on y* 21^ 
of 8* Mathew, part of the 16*^ verse, Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings 
thou hast p'fected praise. She was aged 16 : yeares. She dyed aJsoe of a hectick 
feaver p'sently after she went to bed. She is buried att Waltham Holy Crosse. 

My Vncle John Etheredge|||| another of my fathers brothers and y« youngest 
dyed Thursday, June y«2'i: 1659 : att Buntingford in Hartfordsheire and was buried 
in the churcn there the Satterday following, he dyed of a Consumption and 
hectick feaver, & kept yc house but 2 dayes before he dyed. He was aged 21 
yeares. M' Turner preached his funeral sermon on Eccleastes 12*^ p* of y* i: verse, 
Semember now thy Creator in y« dayes of thy youth &«. 

* Her Siflt' in Law Mod"' Dominick, 

t The birth of James Dominick her Sist** eldest Sonne, & my Godsonn. 
J June y 12»'» 1687. 
§ my Qreat Grandfather, 
yid. my bible markt B. E. 
buried att Waltham Holy Crosse, 
II my Great Grandmother, 
••my Grandfather. 

He dyed of a hectick feaver in hla Cloaths setting rp. 
tt loy grandmother. 

She alsoe dyed of a hectick fearer in her Cloaths setting rp« 

I was ab^ a yeare old. w° she dyed. 
iX my Ynde William Etheredge. 

He dyed of a hectick & is buried at Waltham Holy Crosse 
§§ my Aunt Judeth Etheredge. 

She d^ed of a hectick fearer alsoe. qd. noat. 

my Vncle John Etheredge. 

hectick fearer. 

1 was then about 2 yeares old. 

He was bom y» S*"* of Aprill 1632. 


Mj Aunt Bridgett Winspeare* another of my &ther8 sisters who marryed 
one m*^ Eoh* Winspeare dyed Moonday y« 22"^ of ffeb'ry 1663, att my fathers 
house in 8^ Pauls church yard in London : and Wensday following was buried in 
S* Gr^ories Church, in y« middle Isle over ag* the pumitt, by my Grandmother. 
She was aged 84 yeares. She dyed of a hecti(^ feaver ao^ 3 a clock in y* morning, 
in her deaths setting yp by y® fire and called to be read ynto her ab^ halfe an houre 
before she dyed, y« 51 : psalm, & after y^ y^ 37 : psalm. M' Smith of S^ Gbegories 
buried her. 

Judeth Winspearef dyed about y^ age of 12 or 13 yeares a maiden, Bridgett 
Winspeare married one m' Samuell Lawson an attorney oy whom she hath liyeing 
a sonn & a daughter, She dyed about y^ yeares 1685 or 1686, & lyes buried att S* 
Geoims church in Southwark. 

My Great Aunt Green^ (bein^ one of my fathers Aunts) died j^ 22^ of Aprill 
1651 : being tuesday and was buned on Thursday y* 8^ of May 1651 : m' Thomas 
ffuller preached her funurall sermon on }f« 9*^ of y« Acts p* of y« 89*** verse on 
these words, And all y^ widdows stood by him weeping and uiewing y* Coates and 
garmentB which Dorcas made while she was w^ them, aged 88 yeares. 

James Etheredge§ was baptized y' 9^ of September 1627 : He was bound 
prentice "Wensday y* &^ of May, 1646, for seaven yeares to m' Sawell a woUen 
draper in S* Pauls yard, & when out of his time and settled foure years in y® 
world, Hee married Mary Mawhood one of y® daughters of m' Mawhood a woUen 
draper in Canon street london. He was married wensday y« 6**» of may 1657 : 
being then between 29 £ 80 yeares of age, and his wife between 18 : and 19 : He 
was married by Doctor Byves in Lincolns Inn Chappell and y* day before by 
Alderman Vyner one of y« Justices of Peace for y« Citty of London att his house 
according to an Act of parliam^ Intituled an act touching marriages & the 
zegistring thereoft. 

Hee had by the said Mary his wife three Sonns vizt. James Etheredge, 11 Wil- 
liam Ethered^e, & william Etheredge and then dyed att his house in S^ raules 
Church yard london y® 6^^ of June 1664j : and was buried in S* Gregories Church 
London. D' Buck preached his funuraU sermon, about 37 years of age. 

William Ethereoge** was bom on S* Thomas day being Wensday between 1 & 
2 a Clock in y« afternoon, y« 21*** of December 1659 : and was baptized 12*** day, 
being y« 6*^ of January, 1659, by D' Eyves, my Vncle Short and m' william white 
Gt)dfathers, and Aunt Winspear Godmother in S* Gregories parish London. 

He ^ed y« 21*^ of may 1661 : att m' Kendricks house att AYaltham Abbey att 
nurse, of breeding his teeth it being Tuesday att 5 a clock in y® afternoon, and was 
buried there on the Thursday following in y« church in y® middle Isle by my 
Grandfather, about a yeare & halfe old. 

William Etheredgeff was bom y« 26*** of June : 1661 : being tuesday between 
6 & 7 in y« evening, & was baptised tuesday y« 9^ of July 1661 : by m' Smith of 

* My Aunt Bridgett Winspeare. 

She alaoe dyed of a Hectick fearer. 

I remember this Aunt very well I being ab^ six year old when she dyed. 

She left issue two daughters, Judeth & Bridgett. 

She was bom y« 20*^ of Sej^temb. 1629. 
t My Coeens Judeth and Bridgett. 

I knew both these Cosens very well, being aV 12 yeares old when Judeth Dyed. 
tJ^J Great Aunt Ghreen. 
§ My*own'iSither* 

I suppose he was Ghristned att Waltham Abbey. 

Noat y* I was bom y« 9»^ of ffebry. 1667. 

The &mily of y^ Mawhoods is a yeiy ancient and great family in Yorkshire of w«^ sh^ is 
disoended, y* same yet remaininir. 
11 (Myselfo.) ^ 

noat he dyed alsoe of a hediok feaver. 
•• My own 2^ Brother. 

tt My own 8' Brother, there being two of y* name. 
I remember him very well. 
He waa aV 6 yeares old & I tenn. 


y^ parish of S^ Gregories my viide Stobart & vncle Janes Gtxlfathers & Lady 
Joan Williams Godmother. He dyed of y^ sicknesse 1667 : att Widberrie Hill on 
y^ day of August, 1667, & is buried in Ware church yard. 

Mary Etheredge* was bom y * 8^** being Sunday of October in y* yeare 1637 : & 
Christned y« 22^^ and y« 6^^* of May 1657, was married to James Etheredge, and 
was his wife about seaven yeares, and in y® yeare 1665 was married again to 
Alexand* Weld of Widberrie Hill in y* County of Hartford Esq* by whom she 
had alsoe issue foure Sonns and two daughters, vizt. Alexand', Wilham, George 
and Thomas Weld, Joan Weld & Sarah Weld, foure qf which are liveing, and 
two dead. The said Mary Weld is alsoe now liveing, whom God long p'serve. 
The said Alex. Weld her 2«i husband dyed the 25*^ of ffebruary 170J & lyes buried 
att Ware, being about 80 yeares of age. 

Joan Weldt y® daughter of Alexand' Weld and Mary his wife was bom y« 7*^ 
day of Aprill 1666 : bemg Saterday morning ab^ seayen a clock, and was baptized 
the same day in y® greate matted chamber ab^ fiye in y* afternoon by m' Bichard 
Waugh vicar of Ware, my Grandfather Weld Gt)dfather, & Grandmother Weld 
and Aunt Mead Gk)dmothers. She dyed March y^ IS^ 1694 att Pashmore in 
Childbed & is there buried. 

Alexander Weld J Son of Alexand' Weld & Mary his 2^ wife was bom y* 1*^ 
day of August, 1667 : being thursday between 5 <& 6 a clock in y^ afternoon, and 
was baptized on fryday y® 2'^ of August 1667 : by m' Bichard Waugh Vicar of 
Ware in y® great chamber, m"^ Edward Bromeley & Grandfather Weld Godfathers, 
& Lady Joan Williams & Grandmother Weld Godmothers. He dyed May y* 
10*^: being Fryday (1700) att Harleford & lyes buried in our buriall place in 
Marlow Church, w*** in y* wainscoat & y" peers. 

William Weld§ was bom y* 3*^ of September 1668 : on thursday aV 5 or 6 in 
y« evening, and was baptised y* fryday following by m' Waugh Vicar of Ware att 
Widberrie Hill in y® same chamber, my Orandfather Weld & m' William White 
Godfathers & Granamother Weld & MT" White Godmothers. He dyed July y* 
4^ 1676, and is buried in Ware church. 

[No entry. II] 

Sarah Weld»* was bom att Widberrie Hilly« &^ day of May, 1671. 

Thomas Weldtt was bom att Widberrie hSu and baptised in y« same room, 
he was bom y'^ 8*^ of August 1677 : He dyed May y« 27"^ : 1686 : of a feaver att 
Widberrie Hul, and lyes buried att Ware in y« chancell in y« church. 

Sha.w of Ueptok, Co. Be&bY. — 1 should esteem it a fayour if any corre- 
spondent could give any information about the antecedents and descendants of the 
liey. Samuel Shaw, M.A., Bector of Long Whatton, co. Leicester, and Master of 
Ashby de la Zouch Grammar School ; author of yarious works. He was bom a.d. 
1635 and died a.I). 1696. J. Paul Bylabds. 

^ My own mother* 

She was y* 6 daughter of m' Mawhood there being six in all, & my Aunta, vixt Lady Wil* 
liams Aunt Stobart Aunt i&eeman Aunt Jeans Aimt Baker. 

Aunt Jeans is dead, but y* rest all lireing. 
t My Sister Jean Weld by mothers side omy* 

She was bom att Widberrie Hill & is now liyeing & 22 years old* 
{ My Brother Alexand'. 

He is now liyeing & aV 21 yeares old* 
S My Brother Wifiiam. 

fie dyed ab^ 8 yeares old. 

noat. w*^ this 3 brothers of y* name, L dead. 
II My Brother George. 
^^ My sister Sarah. 

She is nowe liveing & ab* 17 yeares old* 
tt My Brother Thomas. 

He was aV 9 yeareo old when he dyed4 





MIDDLESEX, 1720.« 

To all and Sin^Iar to whom these presents shall 
come John Anstis Esq' Gtirter principal Xing of Arms 
and S' John Yanhrugn Kn^ Clarenceux King of Arms 
send greeting — Whereas y« Eight Honourable Henry 
Bowes Howard Earl of Berkshire deputy (with y* 
Eoyal approbation) to his Grace Thomas Duke of Nor* 
folk Earl Marshall & hereditary Marshal of Engl*^ hath 
by warrant under his hand & seal bearing date y® thir- 
tieth day of July last, signified unto us that Henry Wise 
of Brompton Park in y^ County of Middlesex — master 
Gtirdener of all his M!ajesty*8 gardens — ^had made ap- 
plication to his Lordship, setting forth that his Grand- 
father (who descended out of Oxfordshire) having in 
y° reign of King Charles y^ first an Estate of seven 
hundred pounds per annum was in y« time of y« 
troubles of that King's reign, & aflerwards during 
Cromwel's usurpation plundered of his Goods & effects 
his Estate being also sequestered and sold and he 
& his Family reduced to a very low condition; that 
his Grandfather having used a coat of Arms SciP Sable 
^^ three Chevrons Ermine and a Demy Lion holding 

Globe or Sphere for y* Crest — as belonging to his name & Family viz* the Wises 
of Orfordshire, which Family he conceived to be a younger branch of y« Family of 
y* Wises of Devonshire ; but being uncertain how to derive y® descent of his said 
Grandfather from y« said Devonshire Family — which (he is informed) are legally 
entitled to y« aforesaid Arms, did therefore pray his LoP'* Warrant for our assign- 
ing & confirming unto him and his Descendents y^ aforesaid Arms & Crest dif- 
ferenced as y« Laws of Arms required ; And Whereas y« said Earl of Berkshire 
having considered y« request of y« said Henry Wise — did by his said warrant order 
& appoint us (after his Lordship's consent & approbation)^ to Grant assign & con- 
firm y® aforesaid Arms & Crest varied distinguished ffc differenced, as y^ case re- 
quired, which may be borne & used by y^ said Henry Wise & his descendents 
according to y« laws of arms : Know ye therefore — ^that we y® said Charter & 
Clarenceux in pursuance of y^ consent of y^ said Earl of Berkshire signified as 
aforesaid and by y® authority of y® letters patent of our Ofiices to each of us re- 
spectively granted under y^ Great Seal have devised and (with his Lordship's con- 
sent & approbation) do by these presents grant assign & confirm unto y® said 
Henry Wise y« arms & crest hereafter mentioned : Viz* Sable three Cheveronels 
Ermine, between as many Serpents torqued or : And for y^ Crest on a wreath Or 
& sable, a Demy Lion Argent, holding a Damask Eose, stalked leaved & seeded 
proper having a Serpent in his mouth vulnerating him in y« Shoulder & entwin'd 
about y« body Vert, — ^as in y* margin hereof y« same are more plainly depicted — 
to be bom & used for ever hereafter by. him y® said Henry Wise <& y® Heirs & 
other descendents of his body lawfully begotten, with their due differences accord- 
ing to y* Law & practise of Arms without lett or interruption. In witness whereof, 
we y® said Garter & Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to these presents sub- 
scribed our names & affixed y^ Seals of our respective Offices y* fourth day of 
April in y* sixth year of y** reign of our Sovereign Lord George by y® Grace of 
Grod King of Great Britain France & Ireland Defender of y« Faith Ac. Annoq. 

D'ni. 1720. 

John Anstis Garter 
principal King of Arms. 

J. Vanbrugh 
Clar* King of Arms. 

* Communicated by H. C. Wise, Esq., M.P. 



The calendars of wills and administrations in the Bishojp's Begistrj at Durham 
contain the following eight entries only of the name of Fairlamb, or Fairlom, 
between 1660 and 1766 :— 

1662. Eicard Fairlamb. Will. 

1663. George Fairlamb. Will. 
1670. Nicholas Fairlamb. Will. 

1695. Thomas Fairlamb. Administration. 

1698. Bichard Fairlamb, of Middle Duxfield, co. Northumberland, yeoman. Will 
dated 11 June, 1698. " My wife Elizabeth & my son Bichard Fairlamb 
to be my Exors. My daus. Isabel fairlamb ana Jane wife of Lancelot 

1739. John Fairlam, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, gent. Will dated 15 September, 
1738. " My wife Elizabeth to have all my Estate & to be my Extrix." 

1743. Jane Fairlam, of Newcastle-on-l^ne, widow. Will dated 14 November, 
1741. " My two daus. and heirs at law Jane & Elizabeth Fairlam to 
have all my Estate." Will proved 26 April, 1743. 

1758. Cuthbert Fairlamb, of Bandal-Holme, in the parish of Adstone, Cumber- 
land, yeoman. Will dated 26 January, 1758. " My darling wife Jane 
and my eldest son John Fairlamb to be my Exors. To each of my four 
other sons, Thomas, Cuthbert, Matthew & Joseph Fairlamb £45. To my 
dau. Mary the wife of Thomas Thompson £10. to my dau. Isabel wife 
of Thomas Kirk 20/- p' a. for her life." 


In the name of Gh)d, Amen, the thirteenth day of* September in the year of 
our Lord Gk>d one thousand six hundred and seventeen I Bichard Coplestone of 
Woodland in the Countie of Devon Gknt. being of good and perfectt memorye, 
thanks be unto Gk)d Bevoking all former Wills and Testaments by me heretofore 
made doe make and ordayne this my last Will and Testament in manner and form 
foUowinge To weet Fyrst I Comytt my Soule unto Almightie Gbd and my Bodie to 
Christian buryall Item I give towards the reparation of the Ghurche of Lyttle 
Torrington tlnrteene shillings and foure pence and to the poore of the same parish 
twentie shillings. Item I &vise to Bichard Coplestone my Sonne and Heire my 
Gk)ld ring whereon my Armes are engraved and a great Silver Cupp gilt with his 
Cover. Item I give and devise to Eleanor mv wife all that my Tenement known 
by the name of Maynerd's Tenement To hold to her immedyatlie from my dealh 
for the terme of fortie yeares if she so longe doe lyve And my will is that after 
her death my sonne Thomas and his heires shall have and hold the one moytie of 
the sayd Tenement for ever and that the other moytie of the same Tenement shall 
also remayne and be to my sayde sonne Thomas and his Assignes duringe all the 
rest of my terme which shall be therein to come after the death of my said Wife. 
Moreover my will is that my Sonne Bichard Coplestone shall have my Corslett 
furnished and Muskett furnished which Corslett and Muskett with their fumytare 
and also the silver Ciipp before given to my sonne Sichard my Will is my Wife 
shall have the use of so long as sae doth lyve. Item I give unto my sayd wife my 
best half dozen of silver Spoones and all her Jewelles and Binges. * Item I devise 
to each my two daughters a half dozen of Silver Spoones and to my Sonne Thomas 
one other dozen of Silver Spoones To my Sonne Dudley Coplestone my best 
Silver Salt with his Cover To my Sonnes Tristram and Henry eche of them a 
Silver Q-oblett and to my Sonne Francis a Stone Cupp corded with Silver, all which 
Spoones Gbbletts and Cupp my will is my Wife shall have the use of so long as 
she doth lyve and after her de^ith to bo dolyvered particulerlie as aforesayd. Item 

* Communicated by B. E. Chefiter Waten, Esq., of Upton Park, Dorset, 
t Communioated by Be?. F. T. Colby, F.S.A. 


I give to everie of my hoiueliold SemtntB that ahall be nith me at the tyme of my 
death two ehiUingB six pence a pece. Item I give unto my GodBonne Bichard 
Harte a eawe sheepe and to my G^daughter Henry Blanchud'a d&t^hter a eawe 
sheepe and to all other mj Qodchildren that shall be at my Funerall twelve 
pence apece. All the residue of my Goods and Chattells not before eiven and 
Dequeued I give and bequeath to Elyanor my wife whom I moke ana ordayne 
my BoIe Executrix and I doe appoint and desire to be my Overseers concerning 
this my "Will my Brother in I^w Bichard Bellewe Esquire my cosen William 
Phillipps Oeut. and John AUyn of Lyttle Torrington Gent, and doe give to eche 
of them for their paynes to be taken therein an Angell apece. In witness whereof 
I have thereunto Buoacribed my Name and sett my Seale andpublished the same 
in the presence of those whose names are under written. Bichard Coplestone. 
Test. John Allen. Jonas Pylman. John Heymo. and Davyd Grilles. 

Proued in the Archdeanery Court; of Barustyle on the 29"' day of November 

Bavenbcbopt (p. 79). — The endoaed extract from a Chester paper of July, 
1849, will give " Querans " the information he seeks : — 

" Middlewich. — An Old English Signet Eing. — Greek and Soman Bings. — 
Some labourers, while removing a hedge at Bavenecroft, near Middlewich, in the 
spring of 1842, found an antique signet ring of fine gold (technically of 24 carats 
fineness, the modem quality being IS carata), on the face of which was engraven 
an heraldic shield, bearing arms which are or were borne by the two fanulies of 
Bavenscrofb and Taudrey. The ring, which weighs 14 dwt. 10 grains, is now in 
the possession of Mr. James Beardoe, of this town, and an impression of it having 
been forwarded to Dr. Ormerod, the able historian of Cheshire, be writes as follows 
respecting it : — ' I thank you for the impression of the ring. The arms, ' Argent 
a chevron sable between three ravens' beads erased of the second,' are indisputably 
those of Savenscroft of Bavenscrofb, whose heiress, Margery, brought that estate 
to Boger de Croxton in the time of Edward III. K the seal had been of the 
period of a Bavenscroft of Bavenscroft, I conjecture that it would have been cir- 
cmnscribed ' S. -. Worini de Bavenscroft,' or as the cose might be. From its aspect, 
I do not think that it is earlier than the beginning of Elizabeth's reign or later 
than the Bevolation. In this opinion, I think it probable that it was the seal of 
some Croxton of Bavenscroft, who fancied using the arms of his female ancestors ; 
OF it might be the seal of some collateral descendant of the old line, Bavenscroft 
of Bretton for instance, who might lose it when visiting his kinsmui. The first 
idea seems to me the most probable. Within the period that I have mentioned, 
Bavenscroft produced one well-known proprietor, Thomas Croxton, Colonel of one 
of the Cbeslure regiments raised to oppose Duke Hamilton in 1648, one of the 
members of the Court Martial which condemned the Earl of Derby in 1651, and 
the officer who closed the gates of Chester Castle against Sir George Booth in 
1659. It may have been his ring.' " 

The Bavenscroft and Croxton estates adjoin. Ciciley Croxton, a spinster, was 
the hist of the Croxton owners of Bavenscroft, and for many years, in my recol- 
lection, her ghost was said to haunt the old mansion. 

In the reign of Elizabeth, John Croxton de Bavenscroft, sent., held certain 
lands and tenements, with the appurtenances, in Kinderton, of Thomas Venables, 



lord of that manor, by seryice (inter alia) to find for the said Thomas Yenablei 
and his heirs one hangman, to hang murderers and felons within the manor when 
required. The Kinderton Court Bolls (6 Sept., 34 Eliz.) contain a presentment 
hj the jury that the said John Groxton rendered this service by hiring one Jobn 
Lingard, for the sum of five shillings, to hang Hugh Stringer, for the murder of 
Ann Cranage and her daughter Ciciley Cranage. B. Ll. Yawdbey. 

Babbob "Family (Quarterly Series, Vol. I., p. 58). — ^From a recent examina- 
tion of the parish register of North Luffenham, xtutland, I am enabled to forward 
the following extracts relative to that family ; also some additional ones respecting 
other families who were by marriage connected with them : — 

1665. Catherine "Weaver, wife of John Weaver, bur. Dec. 24. 
1656. Katherine, dau. of M'^ John Weaver, bapt. May IS. 

1658. Hester, dau. of John Weaver, bapt. Sept. . . • 

1659. Jonathan, son of John Weaver, bur. July 17. 

1666. Doctor Samuel Winter, bur. Dec. 26.^ 

1670. M' Christ. Broughton & M'* Frances Markham, mar. Aug. 11.^ 
1672. Bebecca, dau. of Bichard Markham, esq., bapt, May 9.^ 
1682. M' Henry Markham & M" Esther Weaver, mar. Nov. 7. 
1688. John son of M' Gabriel Barber, bur. in wollen only April 11. 

1687. M" Bridgett Barber, bur. in linnen Sept. 7. 

1688. John Weaver, esq., bur. in wollen only March 28.* 

1703. Elizabeth wife of M' Gabriel Barbour, bur. in wollen April 21. 

^ This individual was Bector of Cottingham, co. York, who went to Ireland, 
in 1650, as Chaplain to the Commissioners for the settlement of that country, and 
soon afterwards was constituted Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. On the 
south wall of the chancel of this church (Luffenham) is a marble table, having on 
it these arms, — Chequy sable and or, a fess argent, impaling or, on a fess ai^nt, 
two garbs of the first ; and this inscription, — " Samuel Winter, D' of Divinity, 
eminent for piety & learning, late Prouost of Trinity College near Dubline. He 
deceased the 24th of December in the yeare 1666 & m y* 63 yeare of his age. He 
married Elizabeth y* daughter of Christ. Weaver, esq., who out of her entire 
affection for him caused this to be set up in memorial oi him." 

' Mr. Christopher Broughton was of Longden, Stafford, and Mrs. B. was the 
third daughter of Bobt. Markham, the first Baronet, of Sedgebrooke, Notts. 

^ On the south wall of the chancel of this church is a marble tablet bearing 
this inscription, — " Under the stone below lyeth interred the corps of Colonell 
Henry Markham, who departed this life at E!etton in this county tne 15th day of 
January 1672 in the foure and fifty year of his age, whose widow (Hester, j* 
daughter of Christ. Weaver, esq.) out of her deare affection to his memoriall hath 
caused this monument to be erected 1673.'* On the tablet are these urma,— 
1, (azure) on a chief (or), a demi-lion rampant issuant (gules) ; 2, cheouy, over all 
a bend ; 3, on a fess two lions' heads, crowned ; 4, on a bend cottised tnree bears*? 
heads couped ; 5, a cross saltire ; 6, a chevron between three bucks* heads ; 7, a 
lion rampant ; 8 as 3. Crest, a lion of St. Mark, sejant guardant, winged (or), 
circled round the head (argent) supporting a lyre of the first, Markhiun. The 
stone in the chancel was in existence in 1862, but, owing to the recent restoration 
effected in the chancel, it was removed. It bore this mscription, — " Here lyeth 
Col. Henry Markham, who was very instru'tal in y« happy restauration of K. 
Charles y« 2^, & was one of y® 48 gentlemen of y* Privy (Chamber to y* said King 
of ever blessed memory." 

^ Mr. John Weaver was for several years representative for the Borough of 
Stamford in Parliament, and also a beneiactor to its charities. I am disposed to 
think he was the eldest son of Christopher Weaver. Jxjbtik Sihpboit. 






Communicated hy E. J. Sage, Esq. 


Bichard Lookqr of ... in Oo. York and ... in 


Bryan Lockej of 8ame.=^ 

Bicbard Lockey of S* Albans in Co. Hert6.=p. . . dan. of . . . Fletcher of St Albany. 

1 \ 1 

John I^kej of 8* AIbanB,=j=. . . dau. of . . . Fletcher, =pJoane dan. of William Tliomas James 


and of Holmes in par. of 
Bidge, Co. Herts, Esq. 


Marston of S' Albans. Lockey. Lockey. 
2"** wife. 


Bichard Lockey ob. s. p. Balph Lockey ob. s. p. 


Ellen marr. Eandall Done. 


Lookey of Holmes Esq.^Anne, dan. of Thomas 

'* ob. ye 1** of Aprill J 622 by 
Accident" {HarL MS. 1546.) 
Letters of Administration 
grsnted in Preroff. Ct. of Cant, 
May 8 162% to Anne Lookey, 
widow of deceased. 

Gartwright of War- 
wick, Master of the 
Earl of Leicester's 
Hospital there. Will 
dated January 22 
1626 ; proved in 
P. 0. 0. Nov. 8* 

1 1 

Dorothy marr. 
Crane, Qent. 

Joane mfe 
of Thomas 

BUen marr. 
John Sad- 
ler and had 
issue Ellen, 
the wife of 
. . . Gesling 
of Co. 



first John 







Anne Lockey marr. 

Joseph Ghtttrell of 

Co. Berks. 

2 1 8 I 

Mary. Martha marr. to John 

Ghirtrand of London, 


!>' wife. I 2^ wife. 

Margaret dan. of Sir=John Lockey of Holmes=Jane dau. of Sir 
Matthew Sanden of Hill m Bidge, Co. Herts, Thomas Ellis, of 

and of Barking Co. Grantham, Co. 

Essex, Esq' : **a student Lincoln, Ent. 

in ClBZQbridge." {HarL Ob. 9.p, 

i#&1646.) Will dated 

March 25 1651 ; proved 

in P. C. C. April 8 fol- 
lowing, hy Abigail Lockey 

widow of'^deceased.t 

Shankton, Co. 
Leicester, Knt— - 
ob. September 10 
1683, 9.p, 

Elizabeth marr. . . . Gresling, 
living — a widow — ^in 1651. 

^Abigail dau. and eventual 
coheiress of Thomas Barnes of 
Aldborough Hatch in par. of 
Barking, Co. Essex, Esq. 
bapt. at Barking Sept. 11 
1623. She remarried 1"« 
Josiah Bemers : 2°^ Boger 
Hill of Poundsford Co. 
Somerset Esq. : 3""i^ Colonel 
Ghorge Thompson of 

Abigail Lockey. Marr.Uo. datedqpSir Boger Hill of the Inner Temple, and of Denham Place 

Co. Bucks, Ent., second son of Boger Hill of Poundsford 
Esq. by Abigail his second wife, dau. of Brampton Ghirdon 
Esq. He was bom in 1642 ; knighted 1668 : High Sheriff 
of Bucks 1678. Died Dec. 29 1729, aged 87, buried in 
Denham church* 

July 6 1667 ; married July 11 
following. Died Ancust 18 
1737, a^ 92, bniied in 
Benfaem eburoh. 

Lockey HDl marr. & had issue. 
William Hill marr. but ob. s. p« 

Boger Hill marr. 
but ob. s. p. 

Hester marr. Abigail marr. Edward 
Henry Probert. Lockey of Holmes 

Hill £eq. we below, 

B 2 



Anne dan. 
of Buekini 
Co. E»ei, 
dated Juni 
■oribcd HI 
Died June 

of Edward Fruickljii^T^obn Locker of Holme^^Uargiret dsn.' of . . . Edward* 
in par. of BatUbur; Hill, and Aldborough Marr. Uo. doted Oct' 30 1688 

Marr. licence 
9I 167&; bede- 
about SE, the 38. 

IS 16S8 i buned in 


Hatch Em. : alw of 
the laaer Temple. Died 
March 11 17lt 1 buried 
in Barking cburoh, 
March ii following. 

HarrUse Settlement dated Ocf 31 
1688 1 described tbei«in a* dau, of 
Margaret Edwards of par. of Si 
Clement Danet widow. Died H17 
30 1721, aged 60 : buried in BuUug 
church June } following. 

Co^ ^f-ci^ 

Rdward Locker of' 
Uolmea Hill, Baq. 
and of the Middle 
Temple, eldeat khi 
and heir : bept. at 
Bnrting^Maj 81 
1677. Died Sep- 
tember IS ini, 
ajjed 31 1 buried 
in Denluun 

=Abig»U aeoond dan. of 
Sir Roger HiU of 
Denham Place, bjr 
Abigail Lockej hu 
tbiid wife. Bom Feb. 
S6 1674. She remar- 
ried Charlra Edwin 
of Lincoln! Inn, Bsq., 
■on of Sir Humphrej 
Edwin, Ent. 1 and 
died March 17 17G?, 
aged 63. 

ing Monh 4 1675. 




Junsl at Barking 

1S80) died 

Feb. 24 1676. Uair. 


Not. 18 

Edward MaTne, of S' 


1697, bur. 

Catherine Cree, London. 


at Barking 

Harr. lie. dated Feb. 14, 


6 ies2. 


FWnoeabapt. at Bark- 
ing July 81 1S76. 

Martha bipt. at Bail- 
ing Dec. 1 1678. 

AbigtuI Locke;, onl^inr'^LewigWaj ofStreotham 
fivlng child and heir. I Co. Somy and of Old 

Died Dec. 4 1763, aged Court, Richmond. Died 
45 i buried in Denham j January 24 I777i bnriad 
church. 4-*' Denham. 

William IjoAej of Aldborough HotcL^Mair 
K«q. bapt. at Barking Dec 80 1690. Died . 
Died June 24 1736, aged 46] buried 

at Bark ing. g 

June 16 1725, 
aged 3G ; buried at 

Tbonua Locke; Hargvet bapt. 
bopt. at Bariing at Barking, 
Oct. 20 16S9. April 2i 1691 

1 I 

John Locker bapt. Richard Lockej 

at Barking June 8 bapt. at Barking, 

1716. Jan. 81 171J. 

Thoma* Lockej 
bapt. at Barking 
See. 23 1719 ; 
buried at Horn- 
Feb. S, 1720. 

Hanetia Lookej, Anne Lnckej 
bapt. at Barking bapt. at Baling 
Jan. 5 171f Oct. 8 17SIi 

buried at Hem- 
church, March 
80, 1728. 

65, (Fm. of HirU, 1572, with additiona)— Pariah Segiatera of Birking, oo. Satai— MontunenUl 
inacriptioiu at Barking aud Butttburj — Surrey) and BenloU of Barking manor — Maniage-hMua 


(CheiCer Collection)— Lockey and other wille and adminbtnitionB at Doctors CommonB— Lips- 
combe's Hiatory of Bmeka^ etc. Information towards making the Lockey pedigree more complete 
is requested. 

t Mrs. Lockey*B will appears to hare more than common interest, and an abstract is therefore 
giTen, for the most part in her own words, but with the spelling modernized. The disposition of 
her daughters, and the prorision made for their maintenance and education, throws a curious light 
on the manners and customs of the period. 

In the name of Qod Amen, I Anne Lockey of Bidge, Oo. Hertford, Widow, in reasonable good 
health, " hut not knowing how soon or sudainljr it mate please the lord to call me hence." Soul to 
God; my bodj, if I die at Bidge, to be buried near my most dearly loying and beloved husband and 
four children in Ridge church ; and 40/ to be given to the poor of Bidge. If I die elsewhere, 20/ 
to be given to the poor there, and 20/ where I shall be buried. I give £10 towards procuring an 
able and conscionable minister to preach a sermon in the afternoon of the Saboth days at Ridge. 
To my dearly beloved sisters M" Wilmer, and M" Woodrof, for a remembrance of my love^to my 
sister Wilmer my furred cloak and my sute petticoat ; and to my sister Woodrof my sute of cut 
silk grogram, my petticoat with two gold and silk laces, my best ruffe and ruffes and apron. And 
also something which was mine, to my well beloved nephews M' Samuel Wilmer and M' John Yauz 
and their wives, and also to my nephew M' John Wilmer. And also to my dear friend M'* Eliza- 
beth Southcote ; and if she pleases to bring up my daughter Martha, I should think her well placed, 
but not to charge her. To each of my servants 10/ besides their wages. To my son John Lockey 
"as foUoweth, as a token of my dear loue and affection for him, and assuredly hopeing he will approue 
himselfe afWr my departure, as euer heretofore he hath, a louing and dutinill Sonne in his christian 
and fiuthfull loue and care for his Sisters, both for their educacon, and for their prdTerment to the 
uttermost of his power, takeing a f&therly care over them in all things woh ptain to their good for 
soul and body ; I saie I give him all his flkthers and my books of la we, or other' learning, saucing and 
my will is he give each of his Sisters a bible, a testament and a psalm book, and such of my divinity 
books in engOiih as are fittest for their vse ; and some of my french bookes, if any of them have 
skill therein. I giue to him my ffather his grandfather, and Yncle Stnbbs their pictures, wishing 
thay may allwaies mind him of their vertues for ymitacon of their worthy and religious courses.'* I 
give him also that piece of ground called Sextons grove, which I rook up in his name at Tittenhanger 
Court : also my wedding ring and my best furniture of my curtays and vallanoe embroidered, 
feather bed, blankets, bmater and pillows at the Temple, and one of my best pair of sheets and pil- 
loberes, and tablecloth and napkins and towels ; also the money I disbursea for his Chamber and 
for his buildings, and the £38 I discharged. To my daughter Anne Lockey my necklace of gold 
and pearl which hath her and my name in greek letters, my gold tablet enamelled, and the piece of 
4 ducats ; and for a remembrance of her good grandmother, my dear mother, her picture to mind 
her of her vertues ; also the purled silver bowl, also the nutt tipped with silver, and the gilt bowl 
which was hers, also her best arras coverlet, the long pillows wrought with Crostick, and a tablecloth 
and napkina of that linen which hath my mothers mark ; also my damask petticoat, and also half 
of my apparel : the rest of my apparel most of it to my daughter Mary, at the discretion of their 
aunts : and my confidence is that my two elder daughters wiU shew therasdves loving and mother- 
Uke to their younger sisters. I give to my daughter Mary as a remembrance of her careful and 
loving attendance on me, my pearl border and necklace of pearls and garnets, and my bracelet of 
pomander and pearis, and two 15/ pieces. I give my daughter Martha as a remembrance of her 
loving affection hi roe, my ring with rubies and a diamond, and my seed pearl buttons with the 
pearls which should be at the tops of them, also one of the best of my pearl and coral bracelets and 
two Dncata, and the half ducat. I give my daughter Elizabeth my 14 little gold buttons and the 
little jewel with the pearl which belongs to it, and the other pearl and coral bracelet, and the pistolet 
and Scotch piece. The rest of my jewels unbequeathed I give betwixt them two, and their elder 
sisters, to keep them until they come to the age of 16 years \ and if an^ of them be lost they to 
make them g<>c)d, also all my wearing Unen, and such like things, to be divided amongst them at tlie 
discretion of their aunts and my executors, and the angel gold to be divided amongst them for to 
mind them of their duty to their father and me. My will is that my daughter Ann, if her aunts 
think so fit, be put out for half a year or a year, and my daughter Mary two years, to learn what 
they are wanting in ; and £14 a year to be allowed to each of them for their education and maiii- 
tenanoe, and afterwurds to be put t6 some honest service, and £5 a year to be allowed for their better 
maintenance ; their placing to be at the discretion of my loving sisters their aunts : and for my two 
younger daughters my will is that £8 a year be allowed them till they come to the age of 12 years, 
and^en £12 a piece to put^them to school for two years, and after £14 a piece for their better 
education and maintenance, and then to be disposed to some honest service, at the discretion of their 
aunts, and of my executors if they be deceased, and then £5 a year be allowed for their better 
maiDtenance. And if any of my daughters live unmarried till they be of the age of 23 years, then 
to have 40 marks allowed yearly until they are 80 yeartf, then to have £32 each yearly for their 
maintenance till they marry or die ; with benefit of survivorship. " But if any of them, wch the 
lord for christs si^e I trust will keepe fiur from them, should not carry themselves vertuously, or 
should rafuae to bee guided in their courses or matches by their loueing Aunts," or by my executors, 
they that are found £sulty shall haye but three score pounds for their portion, the rest of their por- 
tion to be divided amongst my children which are virtuous. My son to have the land I have pur- 
chased in his name in Essex, if he will pay £510 towards lua sisters portions within two years alter 


my death, allowing them in the meantime £7 in the hundred, bat if he tefuae, the same to tlie bpH 
uae of my four daughters ; and they to hare the residue of my goods unbequeatbed. Hy funenl to 
be in a seemly manner : my daughters portions to be payable at 18 years if Gk>d directs of a good 
match for them. I appoint my son John Lookey sole executor, and I gire him my treble soreraTne, 
which was the last bequest of his grandmother to me. If he should not lire to perform my wul, I 
appoint my nephew M' John Wilmer my executor, and gire him as a remembraixioe of my lors my 
purse wrought with gold and silk, and two fine shirts and a gold ring. My brother Woo(ht>f to Iw 
overseer. In witness whereof I write all this with mine owne hand, if I lire not to alter it, for my 
last will and testament, this 22*"* January 1626. Akitb Locxxt. 

Proved in PrerogatiTe Court of Canterbury November 3 1626^ by John Lockey, son and 
executor of deceased. 

Itegistered Skinner 116. 

X As the will is short, an abstract may be given : — In the name of Gh>d, amen. I John Lodwy 
of Barking in the oounty of Essex, Esq. : sick in body : soul to God ; body to the earth. To my 
little daughter Abigail, all my messuages &c. in the town and oounty of Nottingham, to her and bor 
heirs for ever, with remainder in case of her death unmarried, to my son John Lockey. To isk) 
Abigail £200, to be paid when she is 16. To Elizabeth GKsling, widow, my loving sister, £200, ihe 
releasing to my wife Abigail Lockey all right or interest she may have to or in my real or pmoaal 
estate, or to any legacies given her by Ann Lockey her mother. Besidue of estaite to Abigail, my 
loving wife, she to be executrix : dated March 25 1651 : siened John Lockey, in presence of Wil- 
liam Ames — John Gartrand, and Edward Keighly : proved April 3^ following, by Abigail Lockey 
the widow : registered Ch-eif 70. 

Mr. Lockey was probably buried at Barking ; the Begister was not kept r^gulaily at the time of 
his death, and there is no entry of his burial. 

§ Nothing further has been ascertained of William Lookey*s children^ nor does it seem to be 
known whether he has any descendant*. The Lookey wills recorded after 1699 would probably 
furnish valuable information, but they are not open to literary inquiry. 

Entbies of the Locket Family in the Pabish Seoistebs or Babkiho. 


lG7f . Elizabeth the daughter of John Lockey, bapt. March 4. 
167-|. Feb. 24, Abigail the daughter of M' if ohn Lockey. 

1676. Frances the dau. of John -Lockey, bapt. the 31 day of July. 

1677. May 81, Babtized Edward the son of^John Lockey. 

1678. Dec. 1, Martha the dau. of M' John Lockey. 

1680. June 1, John son of M' John Lockey. 

1681. Nov. 7, Elianor y® daughter of M' John Lockey and Anne his wife. 

1689. Ocf 20, Thomas Son of John Lockey Esq' and Margret his wife. 

1690. Dec. 30, Wm. Son of John Lockey Esq' and Margret his wife. 
1694. Aprill 22, Margaret daughter of John Lockey Esq. 

171f . Jan^ 5, Marietta Daughter of William Lockey Esq. 

1716. June 6, John Son of W°» Lockey Esq. 
171|. Jany 31, Eichard Son erf William Lockey Esq. 
1719. Dec. 23, Thomas S. of William Lockey Esq. 
1721. Ocf 3, Ann Daughter of William Lockey Esq. 


1717. May 19, Bichard Lockey and Susanna Arnold. 


1682. Jan7 6, Elianor Daughter of J° Locky. 
1687. Ocf 12, . . . Lockey, widdow. 

169|. Jan. 20, . . . of John Lockey Esq.* 
1697. Nov. 23, John Lockey Jun'. 
1712. Aug. 21, . . . Locky. 

* Sic in orig ;— the Barking Begisten at thifl time, and for some yeara onwaid, abound in 
negligent entries like this one, which probably relates to one of John Lockey'a children. From the 
careless manner in which the Begistera were kept, it is probable that many entries of this and other 
families of importance were altogether omitted. 


171f . March 22, John Lockey Esq. 
1721. June 6, M« Mary* Lockey, Wid. 
1725. June 16, Mary wife of W°* Lockey Esq. 
173f March 6, Susan Lockey. 
173(5. June 24, WiUiam Lockey Esq. 

HoENCHUBcn, Co. Essex. 


1720. Feb. 8, Thomas ye Son of William Locky Esq.f (Infant.) 
1725. March 30, Ann Locky. 

St. Alphaob, LoNnoif "Wall. 

1667. July 11, Eoger Hill of y« inward Temple, and Abigail Lockey, of Barking, 
Essex, Lie. 

elttbibs dt a book called '' knells and bubialls ffor x^ fahish of 

Babong, p. Antuo. Scxjlthobp, Sbxton." 

1713. March 22, John Lockey Esq. 6 bells, 11» 8*. 

1721. June ye 4,J Madame Margaret Lockey, widow, 6 Bells, 11* 8*. 


1667. July 6, Eoger Hill of the Inner Temple Esq. Bachelor, about 23, and M"* 
Abigail Lockey, of Aiborough Hatch, Spinster, about 19 : consent of 
her mother M** Hill : to be married at S^ Alphage, or Allhallows in the 
AVall, London. 

1675. June 1, John Lockey of the Inner Temple, G-ent., bachelor, about 25, and 
M" Anne Erancklyn of Butsbury Co. Eissex, spinster, about 26 : consent 
of father, Edward Francklyn of same, G^nt. : at S^ Michael Comhill. 

1688. Oct. 30, John Lockey Esq. of Abro-hatch, widower, and Mare;aret Edwards 
of St. Bride's, London, spinster, aged 28, and at her own disposal — at S^ 
Giles' Cripplesate or . . . 

169f . 7eb. 14, Samuel Mayne of S^ Catherine Cree, alleges marriage of Edward 
Mayne of same, (bachelor, aged 22,) and Abigail Lockey, spinster, aged 
20, daughter of John Lockey Esq. of Barking. 

LooKEY Monumental Ikscbiptioks nr Babkiko Chubch. 

Tnacription on flat stone, floor of south aisle, east end. 

Arms (in lozenge), a bend between two water-bougets,^ impaling a butterfly 

between three roses, in chief a ducal coronet. 
Crest, an ostrich's head couped at the neck, holding in the beak a keg. 

Here lyeth interred the 

Body of M** Margrett Lockey, 

wife of John Lockey Esq' of 

Aldborough Hatch in this 

Parrish. She departed this life 

May 30 1721, Aged 60 years. 

* ICary, an error fior Margwet, widow of John Lockej. 
t Bntered in another plftoe as '* Thomas j* S. of W" Lookj Esq. of Barkin." 
X Jane 5*^ in the Register — she was eridently buried in the night between June 4 and 6. 
§ From Colonel Ohester^s matchless oollection of Marriage Allegations. 

II The Loekey anns were, ilr^ra^ a bnui between tioo water-botigett table. Crest, An oHrich- 
head eouped argent, in the beak a keg. 


Next the above; on north side. 

Here lies the Body of 

William Lockey !BBq' 

late of Aldborough Hatch in this Parish, 

who died the 24*^ Day of June 1736, 

Aged 46 years. 

And also Mary his Wife 

who died the 16 Day of June 1725, 

aged 35 years. 

On a Stone now covered with Pews, the inscription copied by the Sexton 

some years since, 

Johannes Lockey, Filius secundus, Johannis Loekey de Aldborrow Hatch 
Parochia de Berking, in Comitatu Essexi®, Arm. ob. 18 Nov. anno aetatis 18, k.v, 


In the Nave, towards the north door, lying north and south, aflat stone with 

this inscription,* 

Here lyeth intered y* body of Ann late wife of John Lockey Q^n* of Albr^ 
hach, & third daughter to Edward Franklin G-en* of Burchbur'y in Essex, who dyed 
ye 16^ day of June 1688. 

WooDWABD. — 1. Sichard Woodward, sometime of Dover, but died in South- 
wark, and buried in church of St. Botolph, in Aldersgate, 24 November, 1679. 
Administration 27 October, 1682, at 0. P. 0. Married (aii/0 1655, and probably 
ante 1648) Hester, daughter of . . . She was buried in St. James Church, Dover, 
17 December, 1702. Will proved 7 April, 1703, at C. P. C. 

2. Richard Woodward, of Fulham, co. Middlesex, in the Commission of the 
Peace for that county. Buried at Fulham, 25 July, 1719. Limited administratioa 
1 August, 1743, at C. P. C. Married (ante 1678) Mary, daughter of . . . She was 
buried at Fulham, 4 November, 1720. 

Any information as to the parentage and marriage of the above-named Hester 
and Mary would oblige. T. D. P. 

_ -_ _ -' _ 

Henbt Wbight (p. 188). — Henry Wright, first baronet, was only son and heir 
of Laurence Wright, M.D., of Dagnams, in the parish of Bomford, co, Essex (not 
Dagenham, which is a totally distinct place). He married, in March, 1658, Anne, 
daughter of John, Lord Crewe, and sister of Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Bishop of 
Durham, by whom he had Henry, only son and heir, and Anne, only daughter. 
He was created a baronet in June, 1660 ; and died February 5, 1664, aged 27 ; and 
was buried in the family vault at South Weald. Anne, his widow, survived until 
1708. She did not remarry, as stated by C W. H. Sir Henry Wright, of 
Dagnams, second baronet, died unmarried in 1681, aged only 19, and was buried 
with his father at South Weald ; Anne, his sister and heir, married in February, 
1689, Edmund Pye of Farringdon. She married secondly, William Eider, Esq. 

Dr. Laurence Wright was third son of John Wright, of Wrights Bridge (an 
adjacent estate to Dagnams), who was grandson of John Wright of Kelvedon. 

The Wrights of Dagnams and Wrights Bridge bore Azure, two bars argent, in 
chief three leopards' faces or — granted, in 1590, to John Wright, of Wrights 

These brief notes appear to give an answer to most of your correspondent's 
questions ; should he require further information of the Wrights, it is probable 
that I shall be able to gratify him. Edwabd J. Saoe. 

Stoke Newingion. 

• Copied from the graTestone at Buttsbmy by Henry W. Eiixg, Esq. Bnrehbniy is » blunder 
of the Btonecatter for Buttsburj. 




THS Ethebedge Bible, in the possession of P. G. S. Bbuebb, Esq.* 

Some Observations Selating to myselfe.f 

I James Etheredge^ Sonn of James Etheredge & Mary bis wife was bom on 
tuesday morning ab* 6 a clock being y* 9*** of ffebruary 1657 : & was baptized 
Shrove tuesday the 23* of ffebruary 1657 : by D' Eyves : my grandfather Short & 
M*" Sobert Sewell weer my Godfatners, & Grandmother Etheredge my Godmother, 
in S^ Gregories parish London. 

I left London§ vpon my Mothers 2* marriage w*^ M' "Weld & came to "Wid- 
berrie Hill in y® yeare 1665, being then about 7 years old, & went some time to 
Schooll to m' Nelson att Ware, and fronk thence to Watton, and from Watton 
Bchooll to Hitchin, and from thence to Bishop Startford Schooll where m' Cud- 
wortjh^nd m' Conway weer my Schoolmast*. I staid att Bis'pp Startford Schooll 
ab* 3 yeares, & from thence went to Camebridge and was admitted of Trinity Col- 
ledge in y" yeare 1673 : being then about 16 yeares of age, where I staid ab^ 2 
yeares. and y« 11*** day of November, 1675 : I went to m' William Waltham of 
Cliffords Inn London, to be his Clerk for 4 yeares, and staid out my time w^^ him, 
and in y® yeare 1679 : 1 came first to my Chambers|| in y^ Elings bench buildings in 
y* Inner Temple. 

June'y* 28" : 1676 :•• I was specially admitted of y* Socieiy of y* Inner Temple, 
by S' John King then Treasurer, and Arthur Sparks Esq' was my Security. 

Christmas 1681 :tt J was vnanimously chosen by y* parliam* of y« house to be 
their Comptroller for y* Christmas, w*^^ I accepted, via. D' chamberlains p'sent 
State of England, relating thereto, his last Edition. But my earnest desire and 
advice is y^ my Sonn will not accept so dangerous and troublesome an ofBce. 

ffselix quem facie nt patema nericula Cautum. 

In ffebruary 1681 rJJ I was knighted by King Charles y« Second of ever blessed 
memory, and in great favour w^ him, had not my own affairs crost my Court 

In Hillary Term 1681 :§§ I was also called to the Barr, the house giving me 
aboue two yeares of my time as a mark of their Singular Favour <& regard. 

July y« 29^ Tuesday, 1680:|||| I was then Steward of Bis'pp Startford Schooll 
ffeast, w* S' Henry Chancey D' Clerk and M' Mead. 

June y*30*^: 1684 :•♦* being Moonday : Then sworn a Justice of Peace] for the 
County of Bucks by M' Weedon then Clerk of the peace, & took y^ oaths before 
my Lord Keeper North y« 18*** of October 1684 : being wensday. 

* Continued from p. 200. 
t Octob. y* 24*k 1688. 
{ M J own birth k age. 

1 am 7* 9*^ of ffebry next 81 jeares of age. 
§ Memoranda'. 
I boarded att M' BochellB house a wollen draper in Bis'p Startford. 
M' Henrj Lane was my Tutor att Cambridge. 
II The same I now haye bouffht. 
•• W" admitted of y« Temple. 

It cost me 41 : 1' : 6. 
tt W" Comptroller. 

pa: in patema is made long here paterna lioentia. 
tt W" knighted. 

W» called to y« Barr. 
S* Tho. Robinson y" Treasurer. 
Steward of my SohoU ffeast. 
This cost me 20*. 
••• W" sworn Justice of y* Peace. 
I was sworn att Wycomb. 


March y« 18*^ : 1684 :• being Wensday. Then stood for Burgesse of Parliam* 
for Great M^arlow. but lost it through the knavery of the Chases and Laws, it 
cost me neer, if not wholly 500^. 

Julij ye 14**^ : Thursday (I687)t Then Beceired my Commission of Captain 
vnder my old Lord Bridgwater & musterd October y« 8* 1687, att y* Kings nead 
att Marlow & cost me 25^. 

March y« 10**> Saterday 1687 : J Then sworn Eecorder of Chopping Wycomb, 
and Justice for the Corporacon & burgesse of the town and had certainly been 
their Burgesse for Parliam*. Had not y* Dutch invasion 'diverted his Ma^^ inten- 
tions of meeting his parliam* in Nouemb' 1688. 

November y« 6**» : 1683 :§ being Tuesday. Then married att Oxford in S* Patera 
church to my Dearly beloued wife Katherine, only daughter & heiresse of Robert 
Moore of Great Marlow in Com. Bucks gent. & D' Hales Bonn a gentleman of 
Oxford gave her mee. She was then 19^ yeares and ab* a moneth old. and 1 was 
y" ab* 26*^ yeares old. 

Charles Etheredge|| my Sonne by the said Katherine my Dearly beloved wife 
was bom September y® 3^ : 1684 : bemg Wensday, att Widberrie Hill in Hartford- 
sheir in y^ great chamber a little past nine a Clock in the morning, & was baptized 
by M' W ye Vycar of Ware in the said chamber the Sunday foUowmg in the evening 
being y« 7^^ of S ept ember my ffather Weld and Brother George Bruere Gbd- 
fathers & Mother Weld Godmother. Lord Jesus p'serve him, Amen. 

Katherine** my Dearely beloved wife was born y* 10*** day of October : 1664 : 
att the parsonage nouse in Great Marlow. & was baptized y* 16**^ of October 1661: 
and y*' 18^ of January being Tuesday in y" yeare 1686 : she departed this life abont 
five and six in evemng att M' Brooks house in three King Co'* in ffleet street 
(my Lady Williams. Nurse Vanham. his Sister Dominick. M" Elsynge. & Ann 
Wilson her maid, myselfe & D' Browne being y° w*** her) Lord Jesus be mercifull 
to her soul. & p'pare me to follow her. 

January y« 21*^: fryday: 1686 :tt Then carried her down to Marlow to be 
buried : in a hearse & Six horses. & Seue*ll other Coaches & six horses to attend 
y*' hearse. & she is buried in y* chancell vnder her Grandmothers stone, next her 
father, m' Harvey miuist' of Marlow preached her funurall sermon. Ecclesiastes 
ye 12 : Chap : & verse j*** : Bemember thy Creaf in y* dayes of thy youth &c. She 
was 22^ yeares three moneths & eight dayes old. & my dearely beloved wife & 
dearely loveing wife three yeares two moneths and twelve dayes. 

November y* 14*** : ( 689) J J Then married att Bedford (in Hounslow road) to 
my 2^ wife the Lady Frediswed Goulston y« Eelict of S' W" Goulston Kn* younger 
Sonn of Collonell Goulston of Wideyall in y® County of Hertford Esq'. She was 

* W* stood Burvesfle for Marlow. 

Abell Bird &. Jo' Heam y^ Constables, 
t W» Capt. 

Bic' Collins inv Leivetent & Bic' Goddard my Ensign. 
J W Becord' of wycomb. 

The Kings F'clamaoon octob. 1688 pytt vs all out. 
§ W" married. 
Wee went from Marlow, & only her Sist' JDominiok & her maid, Alice Chester w^ rs, in a 
Coach & Mx horses. 
II My Sonne Charles his birth. 
He suckt not above 4 dayes & y" was brought yp by hand, by old Nurse Wood who kept mj 
my mother w*^ me. 
** My Deare wifes birth & death. 

Md. her desires of me, to be kind to her sister, & y* she hath all her goods. 
Tis y* comer house w^ a flatt porch next y* coffee house where she dyed. 
She dyed of the Small pox the 9^ day. 
tt S' Jo- Hobby, M' Duffeild M' Weedon M' Green M' Harris M' (no name ^ven) canyed Tp 
y* pall. 
Md. y* stone hath only a knott & her Grandmother's name ruder w*^ she lyea. 
Above 100 persons from Marlow mett y* hearse. 
The funurall cost me neer if not wholly 800". 
JJ 2** marriage. 

Octob' y« 16: 1705. 


daughter of M' Soberfc Morris of Abington in Com. Berks brother to Alderman 
Morris of London & about 83 j^arM old & mjselfe about 82 : God grant vs long 
to live together. 

James Etheredge.* my 2^ sonn by my said wife, was born the 22^ of Julij (1692) 
att Harleford in y^ bedchamber. & was baptis^ in the Chappell there, my ffather 
Morris, his brother Morris Gbulston My Mother Weld & his sister in law ffredis* 
wed Gh>ulston being his God ffather's & Gtod mother's, whom God p'serve. 

Note this Son dyed on Michelmas Day 1727 : ab^ one a clock at noon & is 
buried in my burial place in Marlow Church aged 36 years, 2 m^ &c. Lord Jesus 
rest his spent. 

Note My said 2^ wife had two daughter's & one Sonn liueing by her former 
husband S' W"^ Gk)ulston, w° I married her: (yiz^) her daughter ffrediswed Goul- 
ston, bar daughter Mary Goulston & her sonn Morris Goulston. 

Her daughter ffrediswed was bom the 14^ of October (1675.) & was married 
to M' George Bruere Sonn of M'^ George Bruere (who married my ifather Weld's 
daughter.) & had by him issue two sonns (yizt.) George Bruere & Morris Bruere. 

Deare little Gteorge Bruere was bom on Monday y« 23** of Novemb' (1702) in 
Suffolk street in y* parish of S^ Martins london, & dyed y* 5^ of October (1705) 
ab^ 12 a Clock att night & lyes buried att y* ypper comer next y* Communion in 
our burial place in Great Marlow. 

Her Sonn Morris Bruere was bom on Sunday March y* 6*** 170J att M' Han- 
cocks in Pall MaU. & was christned y* Sunday following being y' 12^. Myselfe & 
wife dk father Morris Godsipps, whom god grant long to live. 

Her 2^ daughter Mary Goulston was bora October y* 31^ (1677) and &c. dyed 
ab^ October, 1694 : & lyes buried somewhere in Wales. 

Her Sonn Morris Goulston was bom y* 3^ of September. (1680) & was mar- 
ried &c. 

Some observations'since my 2^ Marriage.f 

NoteJ that on Ashwensday 1689 I articled w*^ my Lord ffalkland for Harleford 
& the Manner of Great Marlow & had possession of the same given me on Lady 
Day following (1600) w^ cost me 6800^, & 200*^ for y« Clock y* brewing vessells & 
other odd things, in all 60(X)^. & I think I may say it hath cost me above three 
times as much since, in my expenses there, w^^ God forgive ; & may those y^ 
come after avoid. 

On March y*20*'* 170^§ being thursday. I was y* 2^ time sworn Justice of Peace 
for the County of Bucks, after having been out most part of King Williams Beign, 
by M' Thomas Smith of Beaconsfeild then Clerk of y* Peace, & so continue. 

On the 20^^ of June 1702 1| I received a Commission vnder the hand & seal of 
the Lord William Cheney (then Lord Leivftenant for y* County of Bucks) to be 
one of his Denuty Lieutenants. 

On the 14"* day of June 1703 ;•• I received a Commission vnder the hand & 
seal of the Lord Scroop Earl of Bridgwater then Lord Lieuten^ for y* said County 
to be one of his Deputy Lieuten^. & now so continue. 

On the 23* of October (1696)tt I was first chosen Burgess of Parliament for 
the Borough of Great Marlow w^ James Chase Esq' by a joynt consent of all y* 
Inhabitants of y* s^ Borough, & w^out any opposition, Laus Deo, 

On the 20'"» of July : (1698)t J I was y' 2* time chosen their Burgess of Par- 
liament w^ M' Chase oy their joyn consent, & w%ut any opposition. Laus Deo. 

* My sonn James his birth. 

Note he lyes vnder Ponds stone on the Soath''Bide of our burial place, 
t S» Lukes Day beine 18*^ of October, 1705, being Marlow iEur Day. 
i Purchase of Harlerord. 
§ Sworn Justice y' 2^ time. 
II Deputy Liertent. for Bucks. 
•* Deputy Lieutent. 

tt ffint chosen their Boigess for Marlow. 
XX 2^ ^ime chosen their Burgess. 


On the 2* of January : 1700.* I was the third time chosen their Bargess. w* 
M' Chase, bj their ynanimous & jojn consent & w^out any opposition, Note all 
parliam* weer then triennialle. Laus Deo. 

On the 21*** of November (1701)t I was the 4*^ time chosen their Burgess, the 
King haveing dissolved y* former parliam* before y^ 8 years expired by their 
vuanimous & joynt consent & w^^out any opposition — Laus Deo. 

On Saterday July y* 18*** (1702) J I was the 5**> time chosen their BurgeM of 
Parliam* for Great Mario w, But then M' Warren & one M' Holden his friend 
opposed me, (but rather M' Chase) for he w** have had me to have joyn*d w*** him, 
w*^^ I refus*d, & I then pol'd 108 of scott & lott men, w^ weer the whole number 
except nine, & I excused four of those nine, w*^^ otherwis'd had poFd for me, A in 
the whole I poPd 158 : for wee then poFd all the inhabit* whether they paid scott 
or lott, or no. Laus Deo. 

On tuesday May 8*** 1705.) § I was again chosen their Burgess of Parliam*, by 
their vnanimous consent, & w^^out any opposition this being the sixth time of my 
being chosen, & this 23^ day of October (1705) the full tenn years of my service, 
and the beginning of the new Parliam* w*** mett this thursday the 26*** day of this 
October 1705.) in order to three year's more service w^ 1 think shall be my bst 
service, Laus Deo : Amen. 

May y' 4*^ 1708 :) being tuesday . || Then chosen again Burgess for Marlow, 
through the great mercy & goodness of allmighty God, To whom be the honour & 
thanks, (being violently opposed by the Lord Orkney on the behalfe of his brother 
Lord Hamilton But Blessed be God I carried it agt. him both by scott & lott & by 
the populace ; by scott & lott I had (84), Chase (81) Lord Hamilton (60), By the long 
poll I had (184) Lord Hamilton (180) Chase (160) Md. the Lord Hamilton did 
petition ag^ vs. but drop't it & thought not fitt to proceed thereon Laus Deo 

October y* 6^ being thursday (1710)** Then chosen agein a member of Par- 
liam* for Marlow, & then oppos'd M' Chase & brought my sonn in law M' Bruere 
(through Gods blessing) to an equality of votes ; wee only then pol'd scott & lott 
of w**» my poll was (107) M' Bruere s (74) & M' Chases (74) & so was a Double 
return between Bruere & Chase, &c. God allmighty succeed the matter in the 
Parliam* house. Amen. Note M' Chase put in two petitions one in his own name 
& another sign'd by above 30 of y" Inhabit^ ag* me & M' Bruere, w^ petitions weer 
order'd to be heard *on Monday y* 11*^ of Decemb' but on fry day y* 8* of Dec** 
he w*'*drew both y' petitions, & wav'd his return, so y* on Saterday y* 9** of Dec** 
M' Bruere became y* sitting member for this parliam' w'** myselfe. for w*** infinite 
mercy God allmighty be for ever blessed & prais*d Amen & Amen : Laus Deo. 

July y' 10* : I receiv'd a Commission from my Lord of Northampton 
for being one of his Deputy Leiutenants of the Tower Hamletts. Laus Deo. 

Julij y* 15**': 1712 : Jj Saterday : Keceiv'd a Commission from my Lord Cheney, 
for being his Deputy Leiutent for y* County of Bucks, he being then made our 
Lord Leiutent & Custos Botulorom. Laus Deo. 

August y* 24**": 1712 :§§ Eeceivd notice from m' Brent Clerk to the Commis- 
sioners of my being named & appointed one of her Ma**®* Justices & Commissioners 
of Sewers for the Limitts of the Tower Hamletts. Laus Deo. 

Monday August y* 24*** (1713)|||i came on our election for Gt. Marlow, w" 11' 

* S** time ohoaen their BurgeM. 
t 4*^ time chosen their Burgess. 
« X 5*^ time chosen their Burgess. 

§' 6*** time chosen Burgess. 
II 7*^ time chosen Burgess. 
•• 8*^ time chosen Burgess, 
ft Deputy Leiuten*. 
Jt Deputy Leiuten*. 
§§ Justice & Commissioner of Sewers. 

9'^ time chosen Burgess w*^ M' Bruere. Laos Deo. 

J. E. Ill pold. Bru. 65. Buck. 69. 

The County election began y 2* following. 


Bucknall Lord Wharton M' Hampden S' Jo" Whitwrong, M' Hubland M' Hale, 
& many more Coaches, Ghariotts & horsemen came on M' Bucknalls behalfe to 
oppose M' Bruere & myselfe : But God allmightj be for ever praised, I polld a 
hundred & eleuen out of a hundred twenty & two electors, M' Bruere pold sixty 
and five, & M' Bucknall fifty & nine, So Blessed be God wee carried it to the 
shame & con^ion of our enimies & to their further confusion, I appeared ag* 
Hampden att the County election (w^** I had not done for seven yeares before) & 
through my means & others (by God's blessing) both M' Hampden & S' Edmund 
Denton weer thrown out of the County. & Mr. ffleetwood & Lord fiarmannagh 
chosen. Note Gods wonderfull goodness to me in letting me see my enimies over- 
come, who came in a full body to Marlow to overcome me. 

Note this is the ninth time of my election, & the beginning of my Nineteenth 
years service for the Borough, Laus Deo. 

October y* 14*^ (1714) being thursday. I deliver'd an Address to King George 
to congratulate his comins to y* Thron & his arrival w*** M' Bruere & had both y« 
honour to kiss his Ma***" hand oeing introduced by y* Lord Bridgwater, y' Lord 
Lieuten', the Lord Cheney being y* day tum'd out, & note M' Bruere was tum'd 
out of Commission y* weeke before) tho' I was continued in, Laus Deo. 

October y* 7** 1714, m^ y' day parted w^ my paternal Estate att Waltham 
Abbey for 180^, haveing been my great great Grandiather's. God forgive me, & y« 
occasions of it. Amen. 

Midsummer Sessions vizt. ab* July 20*** 1718, 1 was tum'd out of Commission 
of y* Peace, by Lord Wharton & Chases interest Ac. Note Eesolv'd never to 
come in again, or to act in any publick employ (except y* Land tax :) God forgive 
my enimies & grant me ease A comfort. Amen. Laus Deo. 

Julij J* 31^: (1718) being Thursday: (Blessed for ever Blessed be allmighty 
God) I seal'd & executed the purchase deeds of Dear Harleford, & got out of y" 
hands of my Sonn Ch. & my vsurers y' must have devoured me vp : I lay there last 
on thurBday night j* 7"^ of August 1718 : A left it fryday y* 8'** of August, & came 
y* night w* my wife to M' Bruere's & staid there till fryday y* 25 of August 1728 : 
& went y* night & first lay w*** my wife att y' lower house at Marlow. August y* 
IS*"* 1718. God grant vs comfort in it & many years to enjoy it & accept my 
thanks & praises for it. & for y* vnspeakabl® mercy of y* SO*"" of July 1718, by M' 
Lomax &c. Laus Deo : Amen. 

March y* 18*"*: 172|.* being the assise Day at Aylesbury. I was together w*^ 
M' Bruere restored again in y* Commission of the reace, and was sworn accord- 
ingly Aprill y* 2* 1728. by M' Harman and M' Beesley. after haveing been out 
about tenn years. 

Note TPhat it was by extraordinary interest by M' Clavering that wee weer 
restor'd. Laus Deo. 

Ladey Catherina Etheridge Was Buried in in the Bural Ground in Marlow 
Church June 21 1686 Bural Cost Three Hindred Pounds. 
What a Shame it Was. 

Sir James Eatheridg was Buried in the Bural Ground in The Church June 23 
1730 at Marlow. 

Dame Leadey Frediswed Etheredge was Buried in the Burol Ground in the 
Church at Marlowe Febury 24 1734 Wife of Sir James Etheredg Was Grand 
Mother To Fridiswid Branscomb & Great Grand Mother to Barth™ Branscomb 
Her Son of Fridiswed Branscomb. 

* June 80, 1684^ flnt sworn. 

March y* 20»S 1700, 8Wom y« 2^ time Juitice &o. 




Thomas Grant His Book 1692. 

Thomas Grant Gk>d give him s;race. 

Thomas Grant his Book Left him by his Mother Ano 1700 Bott in 170|. 

Maurice Grant His Book Left him bj his Father Tho' Grant at his Deail be 

Dyed on Satterdo j January the 23 at a bout 10 a Clock at Night & was buried 

at S^ Yedurst Foster Lane at 4 a clock in the afftemoone on Thursclay Jan^ 

Jany the 28 174f 
Bich^ Saron his Book Bo^ of Maurice Grant Decem. y« 18. 1749. [This entry has 

been scored through.] 

No. The Children of Tho> & Elizabeth Grant. Ma^ 23^ Xb'. 

The First. Elizabeth, Bom the 6 Day of December 1708 at half an hours after 
Foure in the morning and Babtized the 10^ Day, her Suretys were Francis 
Duncombe Esq. The Lady Hailett W Hen. Thatcher She Died 16 June 
1736 at Kingston in Jamaica Aged 28 y" 6 mo. & 10 Days. 

2d Thomaa Born the 12'** day of Octo' 1709 att 50 minutes after Eight in the 
Evening he was Babtized with priyat Babtism, and dyed at a weeke old. 
Buried at St. Yedast aUs Foster London. 

8^ James Bom the 6^ day of Novem^ 1710 at half an hour after foure in the ■ 

Morning, he was Likewise privatly Babtized and Dyed at 4 Days old Buried 
at S. Yedast al's Foster. 

4'^ James Bom the 21 Day of Sep^ 1711 at 12 a Clock at Night, he was Babtiied 
the 25 Day, his Suretys were S' James Hailett, M' Cha. Thatcher M"* Frances 
Duncombe, he dyed the 31 of March 1712 being 6 months and 10 days oli 
Buried at Clarkenwell Church. 

5^ John, Bom the 14'^ Day of Novemb' 1712 at 10 minutes after 6 in the morning, 

he was babtized the same day. his Suretys were — John Ward Esq' Coun' at j 

Law James Hailett Esq' M" Paynter Sen' of Oxon. he dyed the 8 of March , 

following being three months & 22 days old, Buried at S^ Dunstan in the 

6*^ Maurice, Bora the 25»»» Day of July 1714 at 12 min" after 12 at Noone, he 
was babtized at the Font at S^ Dunstan on the 4 day of August and 4 days 
after the death of Queen Anne, his Suretys were John Bobinson Esq' Bob* 
Cole Esq' M" Phillip Duncombe. 

7^^ Sacheverell Bom the 26 D'y of Sep' 1715 at Three Quarter after 11 at Night 
he was Babtized on the First of Octo*r, his Suretys were The Hou**^* James 
Herbert Esq. The Eev"* M' Phillip Monson, M'» Ward, he Dyed the 26 Mar. 
1716 being 6 mo. old Bu. at S* D. W. 

8'^ Lowther, the Seaventh Son. Bom the 12 day of August 1717 at 7 Minutes 
after 7 clock a night. He was Baptized the 23** Day, his Suretys were S* 
Christopher Lowther Bar* M' Henry Wood & M" Hailett, He died at Ely 
Aged about 5 years. 

9*^ Sarah, Bom the 12 day of December 1719 at half an hour after 10 Clock at 
Night, She was Babtized the next day being Sunday, her Surties were The 
Hon^i* Sarah Herbert M'» Cole, and the Eev** M' . . . Barton. She dyed the 
24 Jan. following at Harrow Wall Buried at Harrow on the Hill Jan. 26, 1719. 

My Wife Departed this Life on the 23 Decem' 1719 being our Wedding Day, In 
child-bed, Bu-" at S' D. W. 27*^. 

* Copied from the Book of Common Prayer, B. Barker, 1611, and Bible, the Genera renioDi 
1611, lot 500 in Sale Catalogue of the late Mr. Joieph Lilly*> collection. 



GomniFiOATED BT Chables Sothkbah, Esq. 


•rant of CxtM astS ^otto lis &ix Wtittiam SktqaXy Oatter, Hing of 
3[nii0» to tl^ Siot^ttmn of Si^op^fiire anO 1/OnOon, 1628* 

To all and Singuler persons as well Nobles as others 
to whom these Presents shall come Sir William Segar 
Knight al's G-arter Principall Kinge of Armes: Sendeth 
his due comendatons ana greetinge Know Ye that 
ancyently from the begynnyng it hath bene a laudable 
eustome and is yet contynued in all Countries and 
Com'on Wealthes well governed, that the bearinge of 
eertaine marks in Sheilds (comonly called Armes) have 
bene and are the onelie Signes and Demonstrations 
either of prowes and valour ateheived and gotten in 
tymes of W arre or of good and vertuous lief and con- 
versation vsed in tymes of Peace diversly distributed 
accordinge to the deserts of the persons demeritinge the 
same, as beinge advanced either for theire leaminge or 
practise in the Law or for theire Wisdome in Magistracy 
and*^ Govemement in the Common Wealithe amongest 
whiche 1 finde George Sotheme of ffittz in the Countie 
of Salop Gknt: eldest sonne of Gilbert Sotheme Gentle- 
man : John Sotheme of London gent : second sonne of 
the said Gilbert Sotheme : Willm. Sotheme likewise of 
London Gentleman, third sonne of the said Gilbert, and 
Beynold Sotheme of Graies Inne in the County of 
Midd'x Esquire fourth sonne of the said Gilbert So- 
theme, who doe beare from theire generous Ancestors for their Coat Arms, Gules 
On a bend Argent three Eglets Sable by the name of Sotheme And further for an 
Ornament vnto theire said Coat of Armes, for that they want a convenyent Crest 
or Cognizance fitt to be borne (as divers ancyent Coats are found to want) they 
have requested me the said Garter to appoint them suche an One as they maie law- 
ful lie beare without wronge doinge or prejudice to any person or persons what- 
soever : The whiche accordinge to theire due request I nave donne and accom- 
plished videlicet : On an Helme an Egle displaied with two heads partie per pale 
Argent and Azure Crowned Or, as in the margent the same are more expressly 
depicted w*** this motto Alta Peto : All which Armes & Crest I the said Gartier doe 
by theis presents ratifie confirme and grant vnto the said George Sotheme, John 
Sotheme, Will'm Sotheme and Reynold Sotheme, theire and everie of theire 
heires and posteritie for ever ; And that ifc shall and maie be lawfull to and for 
them and every of them to vse beare and shewe forth the same in Sheild Ensigne, 
Coat Armor, or otherwise at theire and everie of theire free libertie and pleasure 
(w'** theire due difference) at all tymes and in all places without lett or molestation 
In witness whereof I the said Gartier Principal Kinge of Armes have herevnto 
put my hand and fixed the seale of myne Office the Twentieth day of June in the 
yere of Our Lord God 1628 and in the fourth yere of the reigne of Our Sovereigne 
Lord Charles by the grace of Gt)d Kinge of Great Brittayn France & Ireland 
Defend' of the Faith &c. 

Extracted from BegiBter marked «B 22" fo* 807 
& 306 now remaining in the College of Arms 
Ixmdon and examined therewith this twenty 'eighth 
day of April 1870. 

Gko. Ha&bibok 

Windsor Herald 

Registrar. 8 2 


Sbof^tvnt ^aiqpctt, ttom t^ VinfmUm of I^mdiim, t633-4«* 

ABlfB : — ChtlM, an a bend ardent, three eaffleie, dUplagfed eahle. 

Gbbbt : — An eagle^ with two heads ditpkiffed^ per pale argent and anre, eaeh head eromned or. 

Motto :—JUa Peto. 

Gilbt. Sotherne of Fitz in the Conntj of Salop. 

1. Qeorge. 2. John Sotherne=rJone da: of . . . 3. William Sotherne 4. Bejnold Sotherne 

2^ Sonn of 
London Meroht. 

Gledwell of of London. of Grayea Inne. 

London GhY>oer. 

1. Beynold. 2. Charles. James Sotherne of London, Mereht.=Su8an da: of Tho. Robinson 

now liying Ao. 1638. of London. 

A tme Copy from the Heralds' Visitation of 
London made in the Tears 1633/4 now remaining 
in the College of Arms. 

Gio. Habbtbon 

Windsor Herald, Registrar. 
28 April 1870. 

* This is also to be found in Harl. MS. 1476, where, under the armorial bearings in illustration, 
is the accompanying note : — '* This Coat and Crest are exemplified under the hand and seale of Sir 
William Segar Kt. Gktrter to G^rge Sotherne of ffits com. Salop gent, eldest sonne of Gilbert 
Sotherne gent. John Sotherne of London Gent, second son of the said Gilbert, William Sotherne of 
London Gent, likewise the third soni^e of the mid Gilbert and Reynold Sotherne of Gray's Inne 
CO. Middz. Esq. fourth sonne, dat. anno 4° Caroli Reg." The Rev. Frederick- Wilson Kittermaster, 
M.A., in his work, — ' Shropshire Arms and Lineages : compiled from Th^ Heralds* Visitations and 
Ancient MSS.,' neither notices the Sothemes nor their arms ; both should surely haTe had a place 
in it. 


Sbu^tton at SoInMn^S^palSinsmore, moek, Sorringtot^ anO tl%eta^t 
in Qc counts oi ISottu 

IBta Snliu. 
I. iti^tam. II. Z^ompKti. 

Hi. SabOi. IV. Jianit. 

WiUiun SotheroD* of Holm in Spaldingmora in the Eut^Coiutwioe daughter of . . , Will doted 
BidiDcoftheCoiuitTor fork tp. Quaoi Blii.: pur- I 14 NoTemlwr 1622 : PraTed20H>j 
Fhued iMndt An.jomtlj with his Bon John a Not. I62S at York. 

16(8 : LiTing 18 Feb. 1612 and in 1622. I 

SotheroD of Holm a&d.-p. . . d«ir. Philippa joangeit danr. n 

porchued I«ad» Aic jointlj 
irith hit &ther 8 Not. 1608 
Will dated 13 Deo. 1652 
f roTed 26 April 1665. 

n her Uother's Will & 
Bzeoutriz thereof 20 Maj 
1628 then unmard. 


Juw and Isabel . . . Wife of Thomas Sotheron of Holm afid. eldesl^=darah daur. . . . Wife 

Dauud in the Thomaa son and heir, named in his father's 

Will of their Thackwi^ WiU 13 Deo. 1652 : Settled his 

Qnudmothar 1662. Bitetes on Harah his Wile and 

CoQiUiioe IImiium his Son 9 Sept. 1667 1 buried 

1622. 27 Sept. 1676 at Howdsn. 


nioDUH Botboim of Holm aforesd. and of Howdea Co. Tork Oent. onljzaEliiabeth daur. of . . 
iOD and heir named b his Ctrandbther'a Will to vhioh he was appointed LlTing 1676. 
wle Executor i under age 166S buried 9 April 16S0 at Howden. 

• and manj of their Col. 
Utwal Deaoendante, ntta 'Iba Sotberoo eenealogj,' pp. 137-14S of**-'- --■ 



. . . Wife 

of Richard 



Mathew Sotheron of Holm^Doiothy daur. of William 
afsd. 2d. Son Admon. of Plaxtoa of Pooklington Go. 
his Effects nanted to his York : Settlement before 
Widow 28 April 1664 at Marriage dated Oct. 1652 : 
York. Living a Widow 1671. 

Elizabeth bapt. William Sotheron of Hook o&d. Gent.nrDoK>thy daur. of . . . John Sotheron 

Philip Sotheron 3rd. 
and youngest Son 
named in hii &ther a 
Will 1652. 

at Holm 8 
July 1666. 

and sometime of Pooklinffton afsd. 
Son and heir bapt. at H^m 18 Deo. 
1659. Will dated 9 Jan. 1722. 

Mitchell and Sister bapt. at Holm 

and heir of Thomas of 10 Nor. 1662. 
Hook in the County 
of York. 

I , I 

Dorothy eldest daus. William Millington^Elizabeth, 2d. daur. 

born 14th. June 
1G86 : Living 3 
July 1707 and died 

of Howden Co. 
York died at York 
178S buried at 

bapt. 8 July 1687 
at Holm: married 
in Dec. 1719 : died 
in 1751 : burd. at 

Mary Srd. Martbi 4Ui. 
daur. bora daur. bom 
20 Oct. 1688 18 Oct. 1690 
died un- died un- 
married, married. 

William Sotheron, sometime of York= 
afterwards of Settiington &. at 
length of Hooke afsd. Esq. : eldest 
Son and heir : bom 22 Nov. 1692 : 
died Aug. 1762 : burd. at Ponte- 
fract : Will dated 4 Jan. 1761. 

=Lucy, daur. of Edward Thompson 
of Marston & of Settrington both 
Co. York & coheir to her brother 
TVndall Thompson of Marston 
afsd. bapt. 6 April 1706 and 
married at Marston 29th. July 
1725 : buried at Pontefract 

John Sotheron of Hook 
afsd. Gent. 2d. Son 
bom23 Aug. 1691: 
rebuilt the Muuion of 
Hook & Oorle died 
unmarried about 1743 : 
buried 22 May 1748. 

William Sotheron of ^darah only surviving 

~ " ~ Child and heir of 

Samuel Savile of Dar- 

rington Co. York 

Esq. : baptd. at 

Thrybergh 23 Sept. 

1725: Married 13 

Feb. 1751 : died at 

Bath 1 March 1796, 

burd. at Darringtoo. 

Darrington Co. York 
Esq. (jure Uxoris) 
eldest Son and heir : 
Lord of the Manors 
of Hooke, Ghx)le, 
Darrington, Redness 
& Swinflete died 29 
Dec. 1789 aged 63 : 
buried at Dar- 

Edward Sotheron 2d. 
and youngest Son : 
died imm^ed St 
Catherine Hall in 
Cambridge 1760 
ast. oirca 21 ann. 

Lucy,* bapt. atSt.Martin'a 
in Coney Street York 2d. 
June 1726 died young. 

Mary died unmarried in 
July 1759 aged about 18 : 
buried at Pontefnct. 

William Sotheron 
of Darrington 
Esq. eldest Son 
and heir : some- 
time Burgas in 
Pariiament for 
Pontefraot : died 
«. p. 6 Feb. 1806 
aged 51. 

-Sarah daur. & 
Coheir of Ed- 
mund Barker 
of Potters 
Newton Co. 

Bobert Oliver 
of Darrington in 
right of his Wife, 
Son of Silver 
Oliver of Ireland. 


Saville Sotheron 
2d. Son: died 
unmarrd. in 
Wimpole Street, 
a^ed 22 years : 
buried 15 May 

Frank Sotheronf 
of Kirklington 
Co. Notts. Esq. 
Srd. Son : a 
Captn. in His 
Majesty's Boyal 
Navy : bom 23 
April 1765. 

: Caroline Matilda 
youngest of the 4 
daurs. & Coheirs of 
Thomas Barker of 
Potters Newton, 
brother of Edmund 
before mentioned : 
bom 17 July 1787. 


• Lucy Sotheron, ob. 1726, aet. 10 weeks, and was bur. at Wadworth, near Doncaster, co. York. 

t Capt. Frank Sotheron, R.N., afierwai-ds an Admiral of the White, ob. s. p. mas. Feb. /, 
1839, »t. 73, in Grosvenor Street, London. " Adm. Sotheron was the third and youngest son of 
William Sotheron, of Darrtngton, near Pontefract, esq. He entered the naval service in 1776, « » 
midshipman on board the Bienfaisant, of 64> guns, commanded by the late Adm. M*Bride; undfr 
the auspices of which gallant officer he completed the first six vears of active duty. Being leoi for 
awhile to the Arethusa frigate, he bore a part in the well-fought action between that ship 9B^ ** 



I i 1 i 

Luoj eldest Elizabeth 2d. daur. Mary Catherine Bev. William Dealtry of =Henrietta 4th. 

daur. marrd. in April 1811 3d. daur. Wigginton Oo. York and youngest 

to Robert Sinclair M.A. Bector of Skirpen- daur. 

Esq., Beoorder of beck Co. York, of Hat- 

York, Barrister at diffe Co. Lincoln, & 

Law. Prebendary of Southwell 

Co. Notts. 

The above Pedime is fiiithfully eztraoted from Begister 
marked " Norfolk lY ." fos. 11 & 12 now remaining in the 
College of Arms London ft examined therewith this twentieth 
day of May 1870 by me 

Gio. Habbibov 

Windsor Herald. 

Belle Poule, Jan. 17, 1778 ; and on his return to the Bienfiusant^ was in the action between Keppel 
and d'OrTillierB off Uslumt. He was also present at the capture of the Caraccas convoy, the 
defeat of Don Juan de Langara, and the relief of Gibraltar by the fleet under Sir G. B. Bodney. 
In the following Au^t, he captured off Kinaale the Comte d'Artois, a large privateer of 44 guns, 
after a smart action m which the enemy had 21 men killed and 35 wounded, and the Bienfiusapt 
3 killed and 20 wounded. It was a remarkable circumstance that in the following month, the 
Bien&isant captured another privateer called the Oomtesse d'Artois. At the dose of 1780, Mr. 
Sotheron removed with his gallant Commander into the Artois frigate, which was considered to be 
the finest vessel of her class in the world. This ship formed part of the force employed to watch 
the motions of the Dutch squadron, which was then ready for sea in the Tezel ; and our young 
officer was consequently present in Aug. 1781, at the engagement off the Dogger Bank between Sir 
Hyde Parker and Adm. Zoutmann. On the 3d Dec. in the same year, the Artois captured the 
Hercules and Mars, Dutch privateers, mounting 24 nine-pounders and 10 cohoms each ; and she 
also formed part of Adm. Harrington's fleet, which intercepted a French convoy bound to the East 
Indiea, on which occasion the Pegase of 74 guns, L'Actionnaire a 2-decker armed en flute, and ten 
sail of transports, fell into the lumds of the British. During the remainder of the war Mr. Sotheron 
served in the Artois off the Irish coast. He afterwards proceeded to Newfoundland, where he was 
promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by Adm. Campbell, in 1783, and served in that capacity on 
board the DanaS and ^olus frigate during the ensuing three years. We subsequently find him in 
the Kingfisher sloop, from which vessel he removed into the Irusty 50, bearing the broad pendant 
of Commodore Cosby on the Mediterranean station. Mr. Sotheron's next appointment was about 
1792, to be first Lieutenaut of the Bomney, another 50-gun ship, carrying the flag of Bear- Adm. 
Goodall in the Mediterranean : and in the course of the same year, he obtained the command of 
the Fury of 14 guns, employed in affbrding protection to the trade between Ensland and Portugal. 
He sabsequently accompanied the expedition under his old patron Bear- Adm. M*Bride and the Earl 
of Moira, sent to assist the French royalists in Normandy and Brittany, and assisted at the capture of 
La Vipere, a national corvette mounting 18 guns. Capt. Sotheron was advanced to Post rank 
Deo. 11, 1793 ; and in the following year, we find him commanding the Monarch, a 74-gun ship 
bearing the broad pendent of Sir James Wallace, with whom he removed into his old ship the 
Bomney, on that officer being appointed Commander-in-Chief at Newfoundland. Towards the 
latter end of 1796, a French Squadron, under the orders of M. de Biohery, invested that settle- 
ment, and destroyed property to a considerable amount. The enemy's armament consisted of seven 
ittQ of the line and three frigates, on board of which were embarked 2000 troops. Sir James Wal- 
lace, however, by his judidous arrangements, aided by the braveiy and vigilance of Capt. Sotheron, 
and the other officers of his small squadron (consisting of the Bomney, 2 frigates, and 2 sloops), 
completely baffled the designs of the enemy, who, after a fruitless attempt to obtain possession 
of the colony, returned to Europe. Capt. Sotheron's next appointment was to the Latona frigate 
on the Newfoundland ^tion, where he continued during the two following years. Subsequently 
to his return to England, he was actively employed in the North Sea, and occasionally commanded 
a Ught squadron off the coast of Holland. In the autumn of 1799, the Latona formed part of the 
expedition sent against the Helder ; and aiter the surrender of that fortress, went with Vice- Adm. 
Mitchell to attack the Batavian ships of war lying at anchor in the Ylieter channel, but which sur- 
rendered without making any resistance, in consequence of the spirit of disaffection manifested by 
their crews. For his services on this occasion, Capt. Sotheron, in common with the other officers 
of the fleet, received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament. Capt. Sotheron continued in the 
North Sea during the remainder of the war, and was fortunate enough to capture several of the 
enemy's armed vessels. In the sprins of 1802 he was sent abroad with dispatches, and some time 
afi»r the renewal of hostilities obtained the command of the Excellent, 74, attached to the Mediter- 
ranean fleet under the orders of Lord Nelson, by whom he was entrusted with the defence of the 
Bay of Naples, on which service we find him at the time when the andent Neapolitan Government 


0rant of nxmotial Beanngn to ftoptato (aftertoatO^ ADmiral) JtaxA 
Siot^tton, lUN., hs &ix ibsooc UtaxV, darter Ittng of 9Lxm»f ant 
iUIpl^ ISigUnlK, Sn^g., Norros Ittog of ISxmn, 1810. 

To All and Singular to whom theBe Presents shall come Sir Isaac Heard, 
Knight, Garter Principal King of Arms and BaJph Bigland Esquire, Norroy King 
of Arms of the North Parts of England from tne Eiver Trent Northwards send 
greeting Whereas Frank Sotheron of Kirklington in the County of Nottingham 
Esquire, a Captain in the Royal Navy only son now living of William Sotheron of 
Darrington in the County of York Esquire, by Sarah his Wife only surviving issue 
and heir of Samuel Savile of Darrington and of Thribergh, Lord of the Manors of 
Darrington Redness Swinflete Thribergh Brinsworth and Dennaby all in the 
County of York Uncle of The Right Honorable John late Earl of Mexbrough 
which William was eldest son and heir of William Sotheron sometime of Pontefract 
Esquire by Lucy his Wife daughter of Edward Thompson of Marston in the 
County of York Esquire and Coheir of her brother Tyndall Thompson Esquire sU 
deceased hath represented unto The Most Noble Charles Duke of Norfolk Earl 
Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England that his Ancestors have been most 
respectably settled on their own Estates at Holm in Spaldingmore and Hook in 
the West Riding of the County of York for more than two Centuries past as 
proved by the family Evidences now in his possession and that his Ancestors have 
intermarried with the heirs general of Mitchell of Hook and other ancient and 
respectable families in the said County and have long borne for Coat Armoi^r Qules 
on a bend Argent three Eagles displayed Sable and for Crest An Eagle with two 
Heads displaved Crowned but on a due search being made in the Heralds College 
he the said Frank Sotheron does not find them recorded there to his family and 
being unwilling to continue the use of them without lawful authority requested 
the favor of His G-race's Warrant for Our granting the said Arms with such varia- 
tion as may be necessary to be borne by him and his descendants and by his four 
Sisters Lucy, Elizabeth and Mary Catherine Sotheron, Spinsters and Henrietta 
Wife of the Reverend William Dealtry of Wigginton in the County of York, 
Clerk, and their descendants according to the Laws of Arms : And forasmuch as 
the said Earl Marshal did by Warrant under his hand and seal bearing date the 
twenty fourth day of May instant authorize and direct Us to gra nt and exemplify 
such Armorial Ensigns accordingly : Knowye therefore that We the said Garter 
and Norroy in pursuance of His Grace's Warrant and by virtue of the Letters 
Patent of Our several Offices to each of Us respectively granted do by these Pre- 
sents grant exemplify and confirm unto the said Frank Sotheron the Arms fol- 

was displaced by the French army, and the throne of that kingdom usurped by Joseph Buonaparte. 
In this state of aflfairs the very prudent arrangements made by Capt. Sotheron prevented the mis- 
chief that would otherwise liave ensued. On the Ist of August, 1811, Capt. Sotheron was pro- 
moted to the rank of Rear-Admiral. On the vacancy occasioned in the representation of Netting* 
hamshire by the resignation of Lord William Bentinck in 1814, Bear-Adm. Sotheron was unani- 
mously elected M.P. for that county in conjunction with Capt. Lord Newark, now" (1839) "Earl 
Manvers, and thus was presented the novel spectacle of a county represented in the senate by two 
naval officers. In 1816 (? 1806), '* on the demise of his eldest brother Col. Sotheron, who served 
for the borough of Pontefract in several Parliaments, Bear-Adm. Sotheron, as heir-at-law, suc- 
ceeded to the family estates in the counties of York and Nottingham. He was advanced to the 
rank of Vice- Admiral in 1819, and to that of full Admiral in 1830. He continued to represent * 
Nottinghamshire until the dissolution in 1831, when, in consequence of his opposition to the Beform 
Bill, he was successfully opposed by John Bvelyn Denison, esq." (now the Bight Hon. Viscount 
Ossington of Ossinffton and formerly Speaker of the House of Commons), '* one of the present" 
(1839) ** members for the Southern Division of that county. Adm. Sotheron was twice married. 
His first wife died on the 29th May, 1812 ; and he married secondly, Nov. 13, 1813, the eldest 
daughter of Wilson Braddyll, of Conishead Priory, co. Lancaster, esq. His heir is Lucy Sarah 
Sotheron, an only child." Vide— * The Qentlornan^s Magazine,' N.8., vol. xi. pp. 655-6, June, 


lowing that is to buy Oules on a Bend indented between six GroBs Crosslets Argent 
three Eaelets displayed Sable And for Crest On a Wreath of the Colours An 
Eagle with two heads displayed party per pale Argent and G-ules the Wings semee 
of Cross Crosslets counterchanged murally Crowned beaked and member^ Or, as 
the same are in the margin hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used for 
ever hereafter by him the said Frank Sotheron ana his descendants and by his said 
four sisters Lucy, Elizabeth and Mary- Catherine Sotheron and Henrietta Dealtry, 
and their descendants according to the Laws of Arms : In witness whereof We tne 
said Gurter and Norroy Kings of Arms have to these Presents subscribed Our 
names and aflBzed the Seals of Our several Offices this twenty sixth day of May 
in the Fiftieth year of the Beifi;n of Our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the 
Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King, 
Defender of the Faith &c. and in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hun- 
dred and ten. 

Bxtneted from Bflgitter marked ** GfBnts XXVI." 
ib* 6 & 6 now ramaining in the College of Anns London 
k ezMnined therewith this twentieth day of May 1870 
by me 

Gso. Habxisov 

Windsor Herald. 

Sbof^tvtn of CIoonBetismosle* 




I • _ I 

omas Sotheren of Gloonderigmoyle, in Q 
win dated 11 July. 1168, pr^ 27 Jan. 1770. 

Thomas Sotheren of Gloonderigmoyle, in Queen's Co. Ctont : William Sotheren. 


Qeotge^theren. Thomas. Mary, wife Elizabeth, wife CSatherine, wife . . . wife of Carter. 

of Smyth. of Meares. of Wilson. 



Thomas Sotheren. 

From <« Will Books,*' Ulster's Office, DubUn 






• I mb Vi. W^stflmmtx. SE. 0tiiiil«m, or iHonUon, of jflnulUn, So. ilt\iatn. !H. KoKninlir 
of JEUvngratic? iV- ®its7 V. Kngrabt of Sngndit. 

Tha only known qiurteringa in the Above shield are lit Mid 6th, A«hburner, argent ■ fms 
between three cre»ceDtaj;ulea (the Indinn branch canning threflinul!et« or, <>□ the fease, rordiflerenw) ; 
and, Moubon [or Moulton], gules a cheyron eompon^B or and sable (left argent with the lintt ot 
diTiaioD, in the oil-painting mentioned below) between three mullets of the aeoond ) 6tfa, Hargro'e 
of HargroTe (vel HargraTe), Cheahire, argent a griffin aegreant per fesse gules and aable, beak and 
clawa or. Aa to what familiea the Srd aod itH quarteringa belonged I am unable to aaj. Tb(j 
were, howerer, brought in by the Moulaona, and I think one of them will be for itoaangisTB (pro- 
babl; the 3rd), the 4th being like some of the eart; Flantagenet coale, and intended, no doubt, for 
Orba. Aooording lo the letter of the French Commodore Moulaon, &nm Dunkerqus, 17SS, Ic hii 
oousin, Hn. Mary Aahbumer {nie Moulaon), the Moulaona in early times marriMl the colitin uf 
BoasngraTe, Orba, and HargraTe, whioh ii corroborated, ai far as I can see, by a well-oiecul«d olJ 
oil-painting of the quartorings, creat, and motto, of about the reign of Queen Anne, formerly ill Ili« 
posaesaion of the late Mr, George Aahbumer of Kensington, and from which I oopied these Monlwn 
quartering! many years ainoe. Ormerod'a ' Cheahire ' deaoribea the aame quarteriuf[B a* eiiitin; on 
the old tomb of a Moulaon of Wheelocke, near Sandbach, and on referring lo Burke'a ' Oenenl 
Armoury,' 1 find the 2nd and 6th quarters to be the ooata of the familiea I haTe mentioned. The 
direct ancestor of the Moulaona waa Lord Mayor of London in liiSl ; but although Coniinodon 
Moulaon refera in hia letter to a pedigree in the College of Anna, I hare been unable, afl«r a tclanbli 
long aoarch, aaaiated Tery kindly by the late York Herald, Tlio. Wm. King, Esq., F.S.A., to dii«"« 
either t)ie Mayor's naone or the alighl«st mention of the numea of Moulaon, RosengraTe, Orbs, or 
HargraTe, — all anciently well-known Cheshire families, excepting Orbs, of which I kiiow nothing. 
A (ery old roll of tlie Aahbumers waa in existence aome yean ainoe. and although going back !•> 
the day* of the Plantageneta. I do not remember among its emblazonry any other quaiterinp tor 

The griffin creat is for Mcmlson, no doubt taken from the Hargrvare ooaC, and the Moulaon 
piotlo is that engraied at the foot of these quarteringa.— T. H. 




Leonard Aahbunier. Bur. at Aldingham, Jan. A.D. 1604. Desoended from the=T= 
AnerboumeB or ABsbbumem of Ashebumer. I 

John Aflbbumer of Gleaston, Pah. of Aldingbam. Bur. at Aldingbam, May 24, a.d. 1654.^ 

George Aflbbumer of Gleaaton.^lBabell dau. . . . Ob. 

Ob. July 19, A.D. 1732. 

Oct.4, A.D. 1729. 

Jobn Aflbbumer of GleaBton.^lBabell. 
Mar. Not. 28, 1649. 


2 Jobn Aabbumer of Gleaston and=7=Margaret, dau. 1 William Ashbumer of . . .^Isabell, 

Scales, Low Fumess. Bap. at 
Aldingbam Aug. 17, A.D. 1670. 
Mar. Jany. 15, 1706. Ob. Deo. 2, 

. . . Cbamley 
of . . . 

Bap. at Aldingbam, April 5, 
1668. Ob. April 17, 1711. 

dau. . . . 
Ob. 1718. 

I Joim Aebbumer 
of Scales. Bap. 
June 19, 1700. 
Mar. June 20, 
1798. Ob. 
JanT 16, 1797. 

Eleanor Hind. 


2 Francis. 2 Thomas. Bap. 
Bap. June 8 Not. 7, 1703. 
and ob. 16tb, Bur. A.D. 1744. 
1707. — 

— 3 Leonard. 

3 Christopber. Bur. Not. 3, 
Bap. Not. 2, * 1705. 
1712. Ob. 

Aug. 17, 1719. 

I , I I I 

1 Gkorge Ashbumer 4 Dorothy. Bap. 

of . . . Bap. April 14, 1706. 

Dec. 28, 1695. Bur. Feb. 4, 1707. 

ICar. — 

= 6 William. Bur. 

Eleanor, dau. . . . Aug. 20, 1707. 

6 John. Bap. 
Mar. 11, 1707. 


3 Christopher Ashbumer^Mary Clayton. 1 Thomas. Bap. 

'" ~ Not. 23, 1744. 

of Scales. Bap. Aug. 1^3, 
1751. Ob. June 9, 
1800, St. 49. 

2 Margaret. Bap. 
April 16, 1748. 

4 John. Bap. 
Feb. 8. 1758. 

Isabel. Bap. 
July 8, 



Bap. Feb. 3 

ana ob. 13, 



1 John Ashbumer of Scales.' 
Bap. May 14, 1788. Mar. 
Aug. 2, 1816. Ob. Oct. 31, 

lOw^ Bt« Oo. 

^Agnee Gawith. 
Ob. Jan. 11, 
1861, flBt. 73. 

William. Bap. 
Aug. 23, 1790. 

Eleanor. Bap. Aug. 26, 

1792. Ob. June 19, 1825, 

»t. 32. 

2 John Ashbumer of ^Agnes 
Scales, eldest sur> yf^Cflisson. 
TiTing son. Bap. 
Sep. 27, 1818. 
Mar. June 3, 1848. 

I I 
1 Christopher. Bap. ' 

Oct. ISandob. Oct. 

27, 1817. 

3 Margaret. Bap. 
Mar. 30, 1821. Ob. 
Mar. 1824, set. 37. 

I I 

4 Agnes. Bom 

July 6 and 
bap. Aug. 3, 


5 Margaret. 
Bom July 9 
and bap. July 
18, 1826. 

I I 

6 Sarah. Bo. Aug. 

11 and bap. Sep. 
6, 1829. 

7 Catherine. Bo. 
Dec. 12, 1831, and 
bap. JanT 8, 1832. 

Margaret, wife of Francis A. of Oleaston.^Francis Ashbumer of Gleaston, in the parish of -p. . 
Bur. at AMiTighnTn, August 29, 1661. I Aldingbam. Mar. 1st, at Aldingbam, June 10, 

A A.D. 1656. B 

• Communicated by Thomas Helsby, Esq.. of Lincoln's Inn, and compiled from memoranda of 
an ancient roll, and of deeds and certified cojHes of wills and old agreements, letters, entries in 
Bibles, and parish registers. 


Fnocii AahbnnMr of Frith, in Outmsl, gsat Bap. at AHingliMn, AJ>. 1 

" Dorotb; AsbbnniBT 
Ob. 8 Sept' *.». 1766, 

■tAl.. HT." 

lame*. B^l. 
at Cartmel, 
Oct 27. 
A.D. 1710. 

. I 


Harg«Mt. B^. 'Htomta «od 
atCartmal, Bobert. Bapt. 

Jnlj IS, A.D. at Cartnid, 
1713. April 19. A.i>. 


John Aahbunuir of 
Aldingham. Bap. 
tlun lair SI, 1706. 
Mar. J11I7 12, ITSa 

Eliiab«th Coopwof 
aieartoaCartle. Ob. 
April M. A.11. 1781. 

GeotKe Ashbunier of Scale*, n'^Iaabella 0«ldeit. Bap. J 
Dalton. Bap. Jon* 18, 17S1. 1782. Ob. Feb. 10. liSO, 
Ob. Dec. 2, 1803, at. 72. ' " 

William. Bap. u>. 
1740. Bar. Feb. 90. 
A-D. 1818, at. 78. 



John Aahbnrner of . . . The Iter' WiUiam Aahburnw, 
Bap. Har. 80, i.D. olerk, Ticar of Unwiok, n' 
1760. Ob.laij 17, Salton. Inatituled 17 Sap. 
1828, at. 83. IJ1. 1788. Bengned 26 i.p. 
1800. Bap. at Aldingham, 
Janr IS, 1768. Ob 

I I 

Bluabeth. Bap. Oeovge. Bap. 

Aug. 18, 176S. Janr 4, 1772. 

Ob. Feb. 28, Ob. April It, 

1826, at. 61. 1823, at SI. 

I Bliiabetb. Bo. 18 

1 1 L 

SThomaa. Bo. 28 

1 1 1 
8 Ann. Bo. B Deo. 


Dee. 1730. Har. 

May, 1788. 

1748. Ob. 6 April, 

Bo. 7 Aug. 

JoMrpb Butterworth. 
and bad 3 cbildnn. 


6 Sunne). Bo. IS 


Farthing of 

Burdiran. Bo. S4 

173B. Mar. William 


Feb. 1744. Died 

Atkiiuon of B rough- 


Married and Uving 

1741. • Ob. in Bengal, 

10 Peter. Bo. Bl 

e Not. 1748. 

4 Wilhain Aibbunwr of Bom- 
bay, in India, B.I.C.CS. ; 
GoTimor of Poonah and 
Member of Oaoncil in Bombar ; 
Keeper of the Warehonaea of 
Bombay, a.i>. 1789 1 Chief of 
the FaetoTj of Tilliciien7, 
Malabar, A.D. 1769. Bom 
36 Ap. 1737. Mar. at Tilli- 
cherry, fi Not. 1768. Ob. 11 
Feb. 1793 and bur' in Cathe- 
dral, Bombay, «t. 56. 

Seal of Wm. Atibanur, Uembtr tfOtt Bomiay 
qfMn. W. Page AiMunur. 

=Uai7, dan. Bobert Bparka 
of.. . Bo SSOct. TS£l. 
Ob. at Leamington, go. 
Warwick, Aug. 1816 j 
bur' at Leamington. 



lit dau. Mar. . . . Poftlethvaite. 2 Margaret Farthing. Bo. 18 Mandi, 1786, at 4, King 
Street, Ohaapaide. Ob. 1848. Har. at Arioodon, 
Cumbcriand, 1784, Daniel DiokinKni of Salter Hall, in 
Oamberland, and of TJlTenton, Lane Bo. 9 Mar, 
1769. Ob. Dec. 1811, at niyenton. 

3 D| I 




1 JaiM, ob. sn infimt 

2Fnnow. Bo. 
1786-6. Ob. 1846, 


8 John 6 Margaret^T^ohn Onmke 

iBichaid Diddmon. 
Ob. 1866-7. Mar. 
Klutk Peum>n. 8. p. 

6Mai7. Bo. 1800. 
Ob. 1848. 

Dickuiaon. Diokinaon. 

Bo. 1788. Bo. 1798, 

Mar. 1818. atUlTer- 

Ob. 1828. aton. Ob. 

= 1867, at 

Bleanor Winder- 

. . . Aah- 
bomar, S"* 

of XTlTerrton, 
Bo. 1790-1, 
at Urawiok. 
Ob. April, 
1854, at 

7 Eleanor 


Bo. 1802, at 


Ob. 1848. 


liam Oranke. 

Bo. 1792, at 


Ob. Oct. 

1867-8, at 


Bo. 1810, at 
land. Ob. 
M. 1848, 
Mary Lee 






Mar. George 


1 Daniel 

2 ICargaret Oranke. 
8 Bleanor Granke. 
4 Fraucea Oranke. 


1 MalaAni Jamea 2 Margaret 1 Joteph 

Oranke. Oranke. DiokinBon. 

— Ob. 1866^ — 
8 John Oranke. in India. 2 John 

— Mar. Jamea Diokbiaon. 

4 Bleanor Oranke. Bradahaw. 

— laane. 

5 William Oranke. 

6 Daniel Diokinaon Oranke. 

1 I 8 

Bige.ss4 Lake Aahbnmer of ^Oomelia 

Ob. ■• p. Old Stookbridge, 

XJ.S. Ammoa, mer- 
chant. Bo. 6 June, 
AJ>. 1772-8. Mar. 
21^ 6 KoT. 1804. 

Ob. in Stookbridge, William Aah- 
MaMachuaetta, 17 burner, of 
June, 1844^ st. 71. Oalifomia, 
= 1870. Bom 

2 Sarah Price, dau. 28 March, ▲.D. 


7 Joseph. Bo. 
Mar. 1778. 
Ob. 1779. 

Bey^ Gkone 
Gadogan Morgan. 
Bom 11 Dec. 
1784. Ob. at 
Uandaff, Oo. 
Glamorgan, 8^ 
Jan. 1820, and 
bur' in the 


1831. Mar. in 
Now York, 
14 Oct. A.D. 

Amelia, dau. 
Field of 

Ill I 

6 Sarah. Bo. Mar. 6 Qrace Aahbnmer. 

1776. Ob. 1797. Bom 17 Sep. 1774. Ob. 

10 Feb. 1812, and bur. 
at Ohorl^,oo. Lancaster. 
Mar. 81 May, 1798, 
Beqjamin Boddixigton, 
Esq., of Burcher Court, 

8 Elisabeth. Bom Oo. Hereford, J.P. and 

and ob. 1780. D.L. for Hereford and 

Salop, who waa bom 11 
Jan^ 1778, and ob. 28 
Sep. 1866, and bur. at 
Staunton on Arrow, 
Oo. Hereford. Issue. 

1 1 

1 Anne, of 
Cambridge, nr. 
Boston, n.8.A. 
Bom 24 June, 
A.D. 1807. 

4 Grace. Bo. 23 
Jane, 1814. 

3 Sarah Martha. Bo. 
12 Feb. 1812. l£ar. 28 
Sep. 1836, Theodore 
Sedgwick of New 
York. Ob. Oct 21, 
1866, bur. at Stock- 

1 Susan Bidley. 
Bo. 21 ¥eh. 
1887. Mar. 
Chas. Eliot 
{Norton of 0am- 
Miy, 1862. 




6 Samuel AshbumeicpAnnie Meade dau. 
of Cambridge^ Boa- D' Oideon Bar- 
ton, n.S. ijnerica, stow of Salem, 
Oiyil Engineer. Massachusetts. 

Bo. 8 March, a.d. 
1816. Mar. at 
Boston, n.S., 
21 Aug. 1846. 

I I 


2 Sara Price Ashburaer. 1 Anne. Bo. 7 June, 8 Walter Aahbumer. 

Bo. 8 Koy. 1889. 

8 Arthur George. Bo. 
6 Oct. 1846. 

4 Maria Theodora. 
Bo. 4 Mar. 1851. 


2 George Aahbumer 


Bo. 18 Feb. 1863. 

Bom 18 Mar. 1864. 

o Hi 



ft E 

I 1 2 

1 William AshbnrDer of n=Blisabeth, dsu. Col^ JohiirT=Sir Charles Forbes, of 

Bombay, E.I.C.C.S. ; 
Editor of the ' Bombay 
Presidency Ghisette/ 
Bo. at Tillicherry, 17 
July, 1769. Mar. 8 
Mar. 1791. Ob. at 
Bombay, 17-18 Sep. 
1798, et. 29, bur' at 

Cotgrave, of the Madras 
Engineers. Ob. 14 
April, 186L Bur*' in 
the Forbes Vault, 

Castle Newe, n' 
Strathdon, Co. 
Aberdeen, Bart. 
Mar. 28 Feb. 1800. 

2Uarj. Bo.8 
Janr' and ob. 
June, 1771. 

8 Mary. Bo. 12 
Mar. 1772. 
Ob. Jan^, 1778. , 


Charles Forbes, and others, 
d quo Forbes of Castle Newe. 


2 John Ashbumer of Hyde Park=Elisa Ghray-Farquhar 
Place, London, M.D., F.L.S. of Gilmilirs-crott, co. 

Bo. 10 Jan^ A-d. 1792-3. 
Mar. at Edinburgh, 13 Jan^, 
1817. Appointed, in 1818, 
Physician to the Smallpox 
Hospital of St. Panoras. 
(aent.'s Mag.) 

Ayr. See Burke's 
Landed Gbntry. 

3 Mary. Bo..a.d. 1796. Mar. 

A.D. 1816, Miohie Forbes, ion 

of Raw* Qwym Forbes of 

Lochell, by ^tiiarine^ only 

dau. of Gh>rdon Stewart of 

InTerourie, and brother of 1** 

Sir Charles Forbes, Bt. 

2 George Ashbumer of Tilgate, Crawley, Go. 
Sussex, gent. Bom 6 Feb. 1810. Ob. 13 
June, 1869, at Crawley. Will proTed 
(under £150,000) . . . Bur' in Landaff 


Katharine, elder dau. of Michie Forbes 
of Silwood Park, Co. Berks, and 
Crimond, Co. Aberdeen, by Mary Ash- 
bumer, ux. Mar. at Sunninghill, 
Berks, 8 Noyember, 1842. 


Sarah, only dau. and heiress. Mar. at Worth, Sussex, 23 Feb. 1866, John Hennings 
Nix, F.B.G.S., of Lower Tilgate, Crawley, and 77, Lombard Street, Banker (*' Fuller, 
Banbury, Nix, and Mathieson "), and has issue three children — John Ashbumer Nix, 
Katharine Forbes, and Caroline Julia. 

1 Cha" Forbes, BBa.,of Elm 
Court, Temple, and of Eton 
and Oxford. Called to the 
Bar by the Hon. Society of 
the Middle Temple, Hilary: 
Term, 1846. Ob. 26 Sep. 

I I 

2 John Forbes, of 

Eton and Oxford, 

3 George Forbes 
of Eton and 
Strasbourg, and 
formerly of India, 

4 William Ashbumer 6 James Forbes, 

Forbes, C.B., of 
Bugby School. A 
Commissioner at 

of Calcutta. 
Ob. 7 Jan^, 

7 Grace Amelia. 

Anna, 4^ and=rl 

i=rl William 

young* dau. of 
Dan* and 
Elis'i" Beale 
of Fitzroy 
Sq., Lond. 
Liring 1872. 

Page Ashbumer of ^f^Heeter Maria, dau. 

of Gleorge Elliot, 
Esq., of Blackheath, 
Co. Kent Bom 28 
March, 1798. Died 
4 March, 1838. 

Bombay, merchant (Forbes 
and Co.). Justice Peace and 
Mayor of Bombay, 20 Dec. 
1823. Bo. 28 Dec', 1791. 
Bap. 8 Mar. 1792. Mar. 1**, 
in Bombay, 13 July, a.d. 1816, 
by Yen. ijrohdeaoon Barnes ; 
and 2<^l^ at St. Panoras, 4 Sep. 
1846. Ob. 31 March, a.d. 
1862. Bur' in the Brighton 

4 Elisabeth Constable 
Ashbumer of Chester 
House, Wimbledon 
Common, Co. Sorny, 
spinster. Bo. 1798. 
Ob. 11 July, 1867, 


14 Francis James Ashbumer. Comet 2<* 
Draffoon Guards, 9 Ap. 1870 ; Lieut' 
29 Not. 1870. Bom at Sillwood, Y. D. 
Land, 18 Aug. and bap. Deo. 1847. 

I I 

J I 



3 William Ashbomer, eldest = 
aarviiriiig sod and heir. 
Colonel of the I*' Boyal 
Bombay Light Gayaliy. 
Formerly Major 1** Lancers 
at Deesa, 1863, and Mohtoor 
and liieut' and Adjut* 3*^ 
Bombay Light GaFalry. 
Bo. at Bombay 10 May and 
bap. there 15 Sep. 1819. 
Mar. 10 March, 1846, at 

=Mary Eliza- 
beth, only 
dau. of 
Wormald of 
Ghray's Inn 

I I 

1 Elizabeth 

Forbes. Bom 2 
July, 1816. Ob. 
at sea, Feb. 1827, 
on voyage to 
Van Dieman's 

2 Cliarles Forbes. 
Bom 15 Sept. 
and Bap. 15 
Dec. 1817. Ob. 
11 Mar. 1820, 

at Bombay. 


4 Qeorge Elliot Ash- 
burner, Oolonel of .the 8^^ 
Bombay Native Infantry. 
Bo. at Bombay, 28 Sep. 
1820 ; bap. there 27 
June, 1821. Mar. Ist, 
. . . Kemp, who died 
s. p. I 2na, Isabella 
Linsay, and has issue 
1 son and several 

1 Wiliiam T. Ashbuzner, eld* son. Ob. 
on board s.8. Gunga, 21 Nov. 1869. 

Several other issue. 

7 John Asbbumer, Lieut*- 
Col> 18*^ Bombay Native 
Infantry, old Cadre. 
Entered Staff Corps 1 
January, 1870, and is 
Deputy Commissioner, 
Bo. at Boundcroft^ 
Cheshunt, 12 Sep. 
and bap. 2 Nov. 1825. 
Mar' Maiy Pitts. 8. p. 

9 Burnett Ashbumer, 
Lieut' Bengal Artillery. 
Bo. at Ardmore, Y. D. 
Land, 9 July, 1829. Bap. 
at Launoeston, 3 May, 
1830. Killed at Oawn- 
pore at Outbreak of 
Mutiny, 16-17 July, 
AJ>. 1857. 

11 Charles Edward 

Ashbumer of Ma- 
labar Hill, Bombay, ' 
merchant. Bom 
at Sillwood, 20 
June, 1833. 
Married Ist, 
Hannah, eldest 
daughter of the 
Bev^ Samuel Booth, 
M.A., Rector of 
Holy Trinity, Sal- 
ford, Co. Lancas- 
ter ; died at Chel- 
tenham 9 Jan' 
1866, s. p. : 
2nd, Anne, daugh- 
ter of the Rev' 
Thomas F. Barker, 
Bector of Thom- 
Co. Chester, and 
has issue. 

I I I 

8 Lionel Bobert Ashbumer, 
Comp° 1, 2, and 3<* Classes 
M.E. Order, Star of India, 
and Collector and Magis- 
trate of Candeuh, Bombay 
Presidency. Bo. at'Hobart 
Town, v. D. Land, 28 Oct. 

5 Louisa Caroline. Bo. 23 
Deo. 1821, at the Hermi- 
tage ; and marr' 1844^ 
Bartholomew Will" Thomas. 
Van Dieman*s Land. 

6 Hester Mary Ann. 
Bom 2 October, 1823. 
Ob. 6 April, 1842, cselebs. 

10 Mary. Bom 9 August, 
1831. Ob. 6 Sep. 1840. 

I I 

12 Emily Frances. 

Bom 14 Feb. 1835. 
Mar. at Baroda, 
11 March, 1856, 
Capt' G^. Napier, 
Boyal Bombay 
Ardllery. S. p. 

13 Edward Ash- 
bumer. Bo. at 
Sillwood, 26 Dec. 
1836. Bap. 1 June, 
1887. Ob. at 
Longford, 26 Feb. 

Thomas Ashbumer of Gleaston and Paddock Hall, in Dalton in Fumess, gent., son of -pAgnee, 
Francia of Oleaston. Bapt. at Aldingham, a.d. 1667. Marr. at . . . dau. 

Bichard Ashbumer of Dublin, in Ireland, merchant,=7=Mary, dau. 

undeof Francis of Kensington. Ob. in Dublin, 1744. 

Mary, sole child, ob. a minor, unmarried. 

John Aahbumer of Dublin, 
of . . . merchant, uncle of Francis 

who died of Kensington. Executor of 

in 1796. his brother Bichard. Ob. 

1746. S. p. 

Bobert Ashbumer^^ George Azhbumer. Isabel, daugh* Ftands Ashbumer of ^Mar^aret, 

Levied a Fine or suf- of Thos. A. of Paddock Hall, gent., 

fered a Becovery of Gleaston. Bap. eldest son and heir, 

certain lands, 23 Geo. at Aldingham, 1722. Bap. at Aid- 

II., AJ). 1749. Feb. 21, 1713. 

of Preaton, in 
Amoondemess, Co. 
Lane, gent. 
lav* A^. 1750. 

ingham, March 27, 
A.D. 1698. Mar. at 
Dalton, 9 Feb. 1718. 

dau. John 
of Dalton, 





1 I 2 

Biohard Pedd«r of Preston, geni.=Sarah Aahbumer, dAa.^rhomM Otomo of OrosM HaU ind 

An Aldennan^of that Borough. and heir. LiTing a.i>. 
Bom 1 Deo. 1712. Married 20 1750. 
Sept. 1748. See Burke's 
Landed Ottaatrj, 


Shaw Hill, Oo. Lane., Baq. Mirr. 
1760. See Burke's Landed Geotiy. 

Biohard Grosse of Oiosse Hall and Shaw Hill, and AdlingtonrpAnne, dao. Bobert Parker of 

Hall, Go. Chester, Bsq', High Sheriff of Lano. Aasomed 
name of Legh on siioceeding to Adlington. Ob. A.o. 1822. 

Coerden Hall, Co. Lano., Esq', 
and sister of Tbo, Townlej 
Parker, Bsq. 

1 Anne Maiy, of Crosse Hall and Shaw Thomas Ledb of^Lonisa, dan. Geo. Kewnhamof 

Hill, heir by settlement. Mar. to Tho. Adlington, Esq., 

Bright Don of Shaw HUl, Bsq. Assumed 1822. Ob.AJD. 

name of Crosse, 1828. High Sheriff, 1829. 
1887. See Burke's Landed Gentry. 

Newtimber, Co. Sussex, Esq., 
who mar^ 2^' Tho. Ameriooi, 8' 
Lord Brskine of Bonishall, Co. 
Chester, and ob. 18G6-7. 

Charles Biohard Banastre L^h of Adlington, Esq., and others. See Burke's Landed Gentry. 

4 Bobert Ashbumer of 7. . . dau. of . . 

Lindall, n' Dalton, a 
sea Captain. Bom at 
Dalton, oirc. 1727. 
Lost at sea and buried 
at Dalton. 

Biohardson of 
Walney in Fur- 
ness, (P) sister 
of Peter 

1 1 

1 William Ashbumer. 
Bap. at Dalton, 18 Ap. 

2 Thomas Ashbumer. 
Bap. at Pennington, 
n' Dalton, 10 Ap. 1720. 

I I 
8 John Ashbumer of 

Newton, n' Dalton. 

Bap. Sept 28, ajd. 

1722, and bui^ atDaftoii« 

17 Mar. 1746. 

Mary. Bap. at Dalton, 

1 Bobert Ashbumer* 

of Blaokbum, in Lanca- 
shire, gent. Ajiattomey- 
at-law, 1778. Letter 
to his unde Francis 
dated 10 May, 1778. 
Bap. at Dalton, 7 Sept. 
A.D. 1754. Bur' at 
Blackbum, a.d. 1798. 

:Ann, or Peggy, 
dau. Ber' 
M' Wilson, 
M.A., Vicar of 
and Tocknoles. 
Ob. A.D. 1808, 
flBt. 88. 


Francis. Bap. 'John of Ulrerston. ' 
at Aldingham, Bap. at Dalton, 
July 8, 1766. Sep. 26, 1767. OU 

Mar. 26, 1800. 

. . dan. 

II I ™ 

Geoige^ 1764. John of X71rer> 

— ston. Mar. 

Bobt. ob. Alice Gleaves 

s. p. of Ulyerston. 

Ob. s. p. 


Elix*^, man' Bob* 

Anne, marr' 
O. Sumner. 

8 daus., ob. s. p. 


8 William Ashbumei^Nanoy, dau. 

of Blackbum, gent. 
Ob. ciro. 1818, bur' 
at St. John's Oh., 
Blackbum. st. 27. 

John Hall of 
gent. Ob. 

I I I 
IJohn. Bo. 1786. 

Ob. abroad, s. p. 

2 Bobt. Ob. 
cslebs, 1832. 
Heir to the Lin- 
dall Estate, and 
sold it. 

4 Francis. Ob. 
s. p. 1818, let. 80. 

James of Blackbum, 1 Anne. Ob. 

gent. Ob. csslebs, s. p. 1803, 

1824, St. 29, de- 0t. 18. 
vising his estate to — 

M' Wahnesl^ 2 Ann. Ob. 

Stanley of Liyerpool, 1818, 0t. 5 

in trust for his niece weeks. 
Miss Maig* Ash- 


Margaret Ashbumer, only dau. and heiress. Marr' 1884, 
John Morrell f&tince of Yorkshire, gent., and has iBsue. 


* This Bobert succeeded to a good estate in Lindall ; he left property valued from £160,000 to 

£200,000, but two of his sons ran through the most of it, one curious habit being the '"^"^ 

lighting of their cigars with £10 and £20 notes. 



Moalflon of Whedook, n' Sandbaoh, Co. Ohester, desoended from 
Lord ICajor Moolson of London. Bean same arms as BCoulton 
of Moulton, Go. Chester. 



. . . Moulson of Franoe. Thomas Moolson of Whedock, Co. Chester, gent. 


. . . Moulson of Franoe. 



. . . Moulson of Kensington, in^. . . daiu and heir of . 

West Derby, gent 

of Kensington. 



Conunodore Moulson, French Nayy. Commandant of 
Dunkirk, in France, temp. Louis XVI. A widower 
Jaa7 26, ▲.D. 1788. Letter dated from Dunkerque, 
directed **iror M» Mary Ashbumer." 

r y 

Two sons in Jan', 1788. One aged 6 years and other 18 months. 

Jonathan Moulson^ Ann, dau. of . . • 

of Kensington, 
gent., heir. Ob. 
ante 1782. 

j his widow. WiU 
(death-bed) dated 
3 July, 1782 ; 
prob. 24 July, 

5 Francis AshbumeK=pB£ar^, dau. and 

of Kensington, in 
West Derby, Co. 
LaiK)., gent. Bap. 
at Dakon, May 9, 
1731. Settiement 
dated ciro. 1760. 
Mar. circ. 1760. Ob. 
▲J>. 1805, «t. 74. 

oohfflr. bT deTise 
of Jonathan 
Moulson of Kens- 
ington, gent., and 
ooh. at mw of her 
brother Peter. 
Partition deeds 
3 Sep. 1782 (on 
an agreement 
dated June 10, 
1774.) Will 
dated 1778. 

A dau. and coheir, by Peter Moulson Matthew Bell 
derise. Mar. George of Kensington, of Whiteharen, 

Clutton of . . . Co. 
Chester, gent Be- 
lease from M' Clut- 
ton to Mary Ash- 
burner, Francis her 
husband, and Peter 
Moulson, of interest 
of lands in West 
Derby, 8 Sep. 1782. 



A daughter, 
living 1788, 
8Bt arc. 20. 
Ob. o«lebs. 


in Cumberland, 
gent De- 
scended of the 
Bells of Blacket, 
on the Borders 
of Scotland. 

Dorothy, dau. 
. . . Penning- 
ton of Mun- 
caster, Co. 

2_ I 

1 Jonathan and Jonathan Moulson Ashbumei=f=Sarah, 2* dau. Matthew Bell=. . . 1** husb. 

aereral others of Kensington, gent Bo. 
died in£uits. circ. 1769. Mar. die. 1800. 

Ob. drc. 1840, »t 71. 

1 Biohard Ashbumer. 2 Francis Ashbumer 
Ob. calebe circ. of Kensington. Ob. 

1817-18^ set 16. celebs, 1834. 

of WhitehaTen, Co. Cum- 
berland, gent. Ob. A.D. 
1848, »t. circ. 76. 

Capt*^ in the 
Ka?y. Ob. s. p. 


3 Oeorge Ashbumer of Kensington and Nether- 
ton, Co. Lane, gent, sole suryiTing son and heir. 
Bo. JLD, 1802. Ob. celebs 1862, et. 60. 

1 I 2 

. • . Symons, Capt in the Navy.^rElixabeth, dd< dau. of Matt.^Bichard Littler of WaUerscote, 

Bell. Ob. 18 . . . et. 92. ] Co. Chester, gent 

Mary. Married Will" Helsby of Mary. Marr. M' John Ghant Boss SamueL Helen. Marr. 
St HelBDA and Chorley, Co. of Scotland and the Cape of GKhkL M' Wilton. 

Cliester. Hope. 

2 I 1 

William Horton, Bsq.,=Anne, young* dau. of =f Bichard, dd* son of Bich<' 

of Cheshire and War- MaU. BelL Ob. 1834. 
wickshirB. Ob. drc. 
1815, s. p. 


Barnes of St, James's, West- 
minster, London, gent . 
Bo. 1768. Ob. coast of 
Africa, drc. 1804-6. 

George Bell, sole 
son and heir. 
Ob. 18 . . . 
et drc 86* ' 

MaiT, sole dau. and heiress. Bo. 1802-^. Marr. at Wallasey, 
Co. Chester, Sep. 1880, William Helsby of New Ferry, Co. Chester, gent, 
fifth but eld* surnving son of Thomas Helsby, Bsq., of Gkteacre, Co. Lane. 

A dau. Man'M' 
Washington of 






The GFenallagey of M" Fridiswed Branscomb Was Bomed 17 Nov' 1701 She 
Was Wife of M' John Bransconb sinior of Gt. Marlow in Bucks She Was The 
Eldest Daughter of George Bruere Esq'' and Fridiswed Bruere Whoe Was Chosen 
Member of Parlment 3 Seshion Buning Frediswed Was Born'd in London and 
Her Mothers Nam That is Maiding Name Was Frediswed Morris & Her Mother 
Maried Sir James Eatheridge Kn^t. 

Geoi^e Brueret Esq' Senior Was Frediswed Branscomb Grand Father and He 
Maried The Sister of Sir Jones Btherige Kn^ of the Mothers Side Whose Name 
Was Weld Frediswid was Grand Daughter To Lady Frediswid Etheredge Whoe 
Was Wife To Sir James Etheridge Knight Frediswid Branscomb Was a Neeoe 
of Sir James Etheredge Before that he Married With Frediswed Goulston Wose 
Maiding NameiWas Morris She Was Daughter of Robert Morris of Abington 
in Co^tey of Berkes. 

Frediswed Branscomb Wife of M' John Branscomb Had Ishiu Seven Children 
and Three Living When this Was Bote May 31 1789 she Was Living at This 

Her Bldist Daughter Was Named Frediswed and Married To On M' John 
Macklane of London a Cabinet Maker She had Six Children Living When This 
Was Bote The Eldest Daughter Was Named Frediswed Macklane Eldest Son is 
Named William Macklane John Phillip Macklane. James Macklane. George 
Macklane & Maria Ann Macklane about 7 Years Old When I Bote This. 

Frediswed Branscomb Eldist Son Was Named Bartholomew Branscomb and 
Was By Trade a Tin Plate Worker and a Freeman of The Sittey of London he 
Married One M" Barret a Neese of M" Barney of Gt. Marlow Maried 23 Day 
of April 1784 Pray God Send us both Long To Live. 

Frediswed Branscomb Youngest Daughter is Neamed Betty Branscomb and 
Singil When I Bote This. 
Her Sun William and 2 George Died Yong. 
Sir James Eth6rige Grand Father in Law Who Married With the Leadey 
SVediswed Golston my Great Grandmother Was Chosen in Parliment at.Gr* Mar- 
low Bucks — 9 Times Chosen Succesfulley and My Grandfather Was Chosen 3 
Times in Parliment along With him and is on Beccord in this Book. 
1 The Furst time Chosen 23 Day Octo' 1695 no opposition. 


1702 an Opposition. 
1706 No opposition. 

1710 The Furst Time my Grand- 

1713 father Bruer Chose along 

1716 With Sir J. Eatheridg. 

June 16 1790 W™ Lee Antonie Chosen Member & M' William a Long With 

Him M' Benfeld opposed Them But Noe Pole Teaking But Bribery Was at The 

Instigation of Williamsis Being Chosen M' Benfield Frend Did not dem^ a Poll 

I Was Eagent to Lee Antonie. 

M' John Branscomb Sener Died 23 of Octobr 1776 Aged 76. 
M" Frediswed Branscomb Died 12 of Nove*»' 1791 Ag. 92. 

• OontinQed from p. 216. 

t The wife of Gteorge Bruere, senr., was Biary, third daughter of Alexander Weld, Bsq^ of 
Widbury, bj his Jirti wife. Mr. Weld married secondly the mother of Sir James Btheridira, hence 
arises the mistake made in the Branscomb entry, that Sir James and Mrs. Bruere were hau^biother 
and sister. 

2 Ditto . 

20 July 

3 Ditto . 

2 January 

4 Ditto . 

21 Nov*" 

6 Ditto . 

18 July 

6 Ditto . 

8 May 

Bni. 7 Ditto . 

4 May 

1 8 Ditto 


2 9 Ditto 

24 Aug* 

3 . 

> • . 


Memorandum My Mother.Frediawed Branseomb Was Buried on Eriday The 18 
of Noyember 1791 My Selfe B Branscomb My Sister Prediswed Macluane My 
Wife Susanna my Wife and 3a* Macklane Her Grandsun Followed the Corpes to 
her Church & Layes Bured in the Bural Ground in the Church Behinde the Dore 
G-oing in Close to The Cumunion Side Left ishiue 1 Son B B 2 Daughters and 

6 Gkwd Childrin Tbankis be to God For her Happey Deliyerane of Calamity. 

Died on a Sunday Mong at 10 Oclok. 

My Dere Beloyed Wife Susanna Died the 24 of March in 1805 Eaged 63 yers 
The Lord Jesys Christ Giue Her a Joiful Beserrection at the Last Day and be it 
Ynto me Alsow Bar. Branscomb. 

She Was a Fayert Nece of M" Margret Bomey of This Townd & her Maiding 
Name Was Maybrick. 

George Macklane bom Noy. 7 1778. 

G^rge Macklane Died the 6 of August 1805 and Buried in Burrel Ground 
The 10 of August Son of Fridiswed 'ilaek. 

Sarah Macklane wife of George Marred May the 11 1804 at Weybiidge Church 
bom in the year 1779 October 11. 

Catherine Martha Macklane wife of John Phillip Macklane Manid March the 

7 1806 at S^ Martins Church in the fields Bom the 11 of December 1779. 

Maria Ann M^^Lane Marrid to Christian Kisling May 13 1809. 



Her. Of. F. 12, fo, 217. 

fa mon^est the which nomber John Hoyeden of Eilleban in the 

quenes county of leixe m the realme of Ireland gentileman, being the Eyght full 
bearers of theys sochens of honor by just decent, parentage and p'hemynance of 
birth from his auncestors who long synce yery aunciently, as maye appeare by the 
Be^^ters and Hecordes of my office, hath, for ther famyly and surname of Hoyeden 
w^in the Realme of england, borne the auncient Cote of arms herafber foUowyng 
to wyt Checkye Silyer and Sables on a bende gules iij lyones heades Based golde^ 
and that not knowyng of any creast or cognisance properly belongyng to the same, 
as unto yery many auncient Armes there be none, hath tnerfore Kequired me the 
sayd Glarencieulx Kyng of Armes to serche discover and deliver vnto hym out of 
the Auncient Begysters of myne offis his sayd auncient Armes w*** creast or cogni- 
sance to be addyd, mete and lawfull to be borne w*** out preiudice or offence of 
any other In considerac'on wherof I the sayd Clarencieulx Kyng of Armes by 
Power and aucthoritye to me conveyed by letters patentes vnder the great Scale of 
england, have not onely searched discou'ed and delivered vnto the said John Hovede' 
the auncient Armes of his famyly and Surname aforsayd but also herby assigned 
gyyen grauntyd and addyd vnto the sayd John Hovede', his famyly and surname, 
his sayd Aimcient Armes, and for his creast or cognisance vpon the helme on a 
wreth Silver and Sables a SaUemanders head SOver out or the flames of fyer 
proper, manteled gules dobeled silver as more pleanly appereth depyctyd in the 
margent which Armes and Creast I the sayd Clarenciemx Kyng of Armes do 
Batifye and confyrme vnto the sayd John Hoveden gentileman and to his posteritye. 

JBxtmcted from the recoxds of the CSolIege of Anna 
London and Compared therewith. 

0. E. Adaju 

Lancaster Herald. 

• The beginning and endii^ of thia grant is not given in the Beoords of the College of Armi* 
f Thia ooat of arma waa borne by Biohurd Hovenden, of Bojoot, in the parish of Uloombe, ooi 
Kimt, in the ftnt year of the reigm of Henry YIL (1485-6). See Hasted, voL ii p. 424. 


Seraldt' OJ^e, Oooka's Gronta, F. IS.fa. 11. 
John Horeden of Killeban in Ireland the aon of giles Hoveden wto wu ^ 
fmt that went into Ireland in H. 8 tTme, the armea &uiicient of HovdeiiB in 
SngUad of great contmudnce. 

the creast a Salamanden 
heade ar. out of flamee of 
tjei proper. 

BibMted from the Beoordi of the College of Amu 
igodon and oompwed tturewitb. 


In the name of Qod amen, The three and twentithe daye of September in the 
veare of the Eaigne of oure aovereigne Lorde James by the grace of Ch>d Ejnge of 
England firaimce and Ireland the twelfthe and of Scotland the eighte and fourtithe 
annoqj D'ni one thowsand eix hundred and fowerteoe I Bobert Havenden of the 
p'iehe of Cranbrooke in the Countre of Kent yeoman beinge in good healthe and 
of perfect memorie ^raiae be to Crod) doe mate and ordaine this my last will and 
Testament in wrightmge Berokinge hereby aU former willea and Testamentea what- 
Boeuer or howsoeuer by me made, And ffirate w"" a &ee hazte I doe moate willinglye 
commende my Soule into the handea of Almyghtye Qoi my maker, hopinge 
asauredlye tiiroughe the only merrittea of Jeau Christe my Sanoure to be made 
p'tsker of lief everlaatinfe And I commende my bodye to the Earthe whereof it it 
made. Item I give ana deviae to Joyce Earle wief of Thomaa Earle of Cran- 
brooke clothier one Annuytye or yearelie Bent of ffourtye ehillingeB to be yearelie 
payde vnto the aayd Joyce or ner aasignea for and duringe toe Terme of the 
naturall lief of the aayd Joyce at fower fieastee or Termea in tbe yeare (That is to 
saye) At the ffeoate M the Birthe of oure Lorde and Savioure Jeau Christe the 
Aiiau'ciac'on of the bleased Virgin Marye The Nativitie of S* John Baptiat and S' 
Michaell the ArchangeU by oquall porcona oute of all that my little Uowse and 
Ghirden nowe in the occupac'on of John Bishop The firate payment thereof to be 
payde at that ffeaste of the aayd ffeastea w<='' shall fireto happen afber the deceaeae 
-of me the aayd Bobert. Item I oiye and devise to Natbaniell Bovenden my 
Sonne the Somme of fibwer hundred poundee of lawfiill monye of England to be 
payd to the sayd Xatbaniell by my Executors hereafter herein nominated in 
manner followii^ (That is to eaye) Twoe hundred poundea within aix monethea 
next after my decease And twoe nundred poundea residue of the sayd ffower hun- 
dred poundes within one whole yeare next after my deceaase. But if it ahoulde 


hAppen that all my goodes Chattells and debtee shoulde not amounte to paye and 
satisfie all my debtee Then I will that my Executors shall make deflEdcac'on and 
abatement oute of the Twoe hundred ponndes before devised to NathanieU my 
Sonne to be payde to him within one whole yeare next after my deceasse not ex- 
ceedinge the somme of one hundred pounds. Item I give and devise to Eobert 
Hovenden my Grandchilde sonne of tfohn Hovenden deceassed all the Tables 
ffourmes Stooles and Cupbordes in the greate Parlor of my Mansion Howse 
called ffiddgeley and alsoe my best sylver cuppe and alsoe my best carpett of 
Loombe worke and the cusshions of the lyke worke and alsoe one longe damaske 
Tableclothe and all the Napkins thereunto belonginge of the lyke worke and alsoe 
one Bedsted standinse in the newe chamber over the little Parlor w^^ the ffeather 
bed and all the ffiimitures curteins and vallaunces thereunto belonginge and alsoe 
the ffiimace and Brewinge vessells in the Brewhowse at his age of twoe and twenty 
veares. Item I give and devise to the noore Inhabitantes of the Parrishe of Gran- 
orooke Three poundes six shiUinges ana eighte pence of lawfuU monye of England 
to be distributed amongest them by myne Executors at theire discreac'ons where 
they shall thincke moste neede shalbe idthin one veare next after my deceasse. 
Item my will and meaninge is that all the howsehould stuff w^^ was the si^d John 
Hovendens deceassed shalbe equally devided betwene his fewer chilm^en viz' 
Bichard John Sobert and Marye at theire severall ages of one and twentye yeares 
as parte of theire severall porcons of theire sayd ffather his goodes at suche rates 
and prices as the same are prysed and valewed at in the Inventorye of the sayd 
John Hovenden deceased. Item I give and devise to Thomas Hovenden and 
NathanieU Hovenden my twoe Sonnes all my Plate and Howshould stuff not 
before willed to be equallv devided betwene them by myne executors ymmediatelie 
after my ffunerall. AH the residue of my goodes and chattells not liefore devised 
(my debtes Legacies and fiunerall charges beinge payde and discharged) I give and 
devise to the sayd Thomas and NathanieU my twoe sonnes or the survivor of them 
And they or the survivor of them vppon the receipte thereof to enter into reason, 
able Bondes to my Executors to discharge them theire executors and administrators 
of and from aU suites and troubles w^^ maye hereafter happen touchinge and con- 
ceminge the administrac*on of the sayd goodes. Item I will and devise that if it 
shaU happen my sonne NathanieU to deceasse before his sayd guyfte and legacie be 
payde vnto him Then I wiU the sayd guyfte and Legacie or soe muche thereof as 
shalbe vnpayde at the tyme of his deceasse shalbe payde to Thomas Hovenden my 
sonne his executors or assignes at the tymes before limitted to have byn payd to 
the sayd NathanieU. Item I will and devise that my executors shall fdl cutt and 
carrye awaye of and from aU or any of my Landes and Tenementes in seasonable 
tymes after my decease soe muche Tjmber and Woodes as shall amounte to the 
valewe of one hundred poundes towardes the paymentes of my debtes and Lega* 
cies. Item I doe make constitute and ordaine my lovinge k3niBman John Holaen 
the elder of Granbrooke and William Hovenden of Granbrooke yeoman executors 
of this my last will and testament And I give and devise to either of my sayd 
executors for their paynes to be taken herein the somme of Three pounaes six 
shiUinges & eighte pence to be levied and payde to them and either of them onto 
of the firste yeares rentes and proffittes of my Gapitall messuage called ffridgeley 
and the Landes thereunto belonginge nexte after my decease. This is the last 
wiU and testament of me the saydelU)bert Hovenden made and declared the daye 
and yeare abovesayd touchinge uie disposicon of aU my Landes Tenementes and 
Hereditamentes scituate lyenge and beinge in the Parrishe of Granbrooke or else- 
where in sayd Gountye of Kent. fiBrste I give and devise to the sayde Thomas 
Hovenden my sonne & to his heires foreuer all that my messuage or Tenement and 
Myllhouse comonly called Hockridge Mill and aU the Edifices Buyldinges Landes 
Tenementes Pondes Waterflowinges Watercourses Waves Passages and Garrienge 
waye w'^ horsebeastes and carringes from the sayd Myll called Hockridge Myll to 
the Elinges Highe streete leadinge from Whitwell to Goudherst w*^ free Libertie 
to amende the same waye when and as often as neede shalbe at the Will and 
pleasure of the sayd Thomas Hovenden his heires and assignes w^ all the Landes 


Tenementes hereditamenteB and other proffittes comodities and appurtenances 
whatsoeuer to the sayd myll belonginge nowe in the tenure and occupac'on of M' 
William Clarke or of his assignes scituate lyenge and beinge in the sayd PamBhe 
of Cranbrooke. Item I will give and deyise to Thomas Hovenden my sonne imd 
to his heires foreuer all that my pareell of Pasture Landes comonlye called the 
tayle of the Pond conteyninge by estimacon fewer acres more or lesse abuttinge 
to a certaine ffield of the sayd Robert comonly called Pondefield towardes the 
West and alsoe all those my three paroells of errable and Pasture Landes comonlT 
called Hockeredge Landes conteyninge together by estimac*on eleaven acres w^ aU 
and singuler the appurtenaunces at Michaelmas next after my deceasse And alsoe 
all that Osrringe waye w*^ Horsebeastes and Cattell to goe come drive carxye and 
recarry^ from Hockeredge Myll beforesayd to the sayd three parcells of Landes 
called Hockeridge Landes at all tymes at the will and pleasure of the sayd Thomas 
Hovenden his heires and assignes foreuer. Item I will give and devise to the 
sayd Thomas Hovenden my sonne free libertie ingresse egresse and regresse for him- 
self his heirs assignes servantes and workemen to goe and come vppon my Landes 
belonging to my messuadge called ffridgeley alongste the ffludd ditches Springe 
ditches Eyver or Watercourses there at his ana theire wiUes and pleasure where leaste 
damage maye be there to dense and scower all the sayd ffludd ditches Springe 
ditches Byver or Watercourses standinge vppon beinge or runnynge thoroughe all 
or any my other Landes to the Ponde belonging to the sayd myll And the Sojle 
comynge oute of the sayd dytches to laye vppon the Shores alongest the sayd 
Watercourses and ditches. Item I give and devise all that my Mansion Howse 
comonly called ffridgeley w*^ aU the Landes Tenementes and hereditamentes with 
all and singuler the appurtenaunces thereunto belonginge (excepte the fewer par- 
cells of Landes called the tayle of the Pond and the three parcells called Hocker- 
edge Landes before devised) and alsoe all that my messuage and Ghurden there- 
unto belonginge with all and singuler the appurtenaunces nowe in the occupac'on 
of John Bysshoppe to Bobert Hovendep my Graundchilde when he shall atteyne 
the full age of twoe and twenty yeares and to the eldest heire male of his body 
lawfully to be begotten and to lus heirs foreuer. And for defaulte of suche heire 
male ot the body of the sayd Bobert to Bichard Hovenden my Graundchilde when he 
shall attayne the full age of Twoe and Twenty yeares and to the eldest heire male 
of the body of the sayd Bichard lawfuUye to be begotten and to his heires foreuer. 
And for defaulte of such heire male of the bodye of the sayde Richard to John 
Hovenden my Graundchilde when he shall atteyne the ^1 age of twoe and twenty 
yeares and to the eldest heire male of the body of the sayd John lawfullye to 
be begotten and to his heires foreuer. And for defaulte of suche heire maXe of the 
bodye of the sayd John Hovenden to Thomas Hovenden my sonne and to the 
eldest heire male of the bodye of the sayd Thomas lawfully begotten and to his 
heires foreuer. And for defaulte of suche heire male of the bodye of the sayd 
Thomas to Nathaniell Hovenden my sonne and to the eldest heire male of the 
body of the sayd Nathaniell lawfully begotten and to his heires foreuer. And for 
defaulte of suche heire male of the body of the sayd Nathaniell lawfullye to be 
begotten to Marye Hovenden daughter of the sayd John Hovenden my sonne 
deceased & to the heires of hir bodye lawfullye to be begotten forever, And for 
defaulte of yssue of the bodye of the sayde Marie to Bobert Holden sonne of 
John Holden my Nephewe and to his heires foreuer. Item I will and devise that 
my executors shall receive all the Bentes yssues aud proffites of my sayd capitall 
messuage called ffridgeley and all the Landes thereunto belonginge Aind shall 
demise and lett the same vntill the sayd Bobert Hovenden my Oraundchilde shall 
atteyne the sayd full age of twoe and twenty yeares Or yf the sayd Bobert happen 
to departe this transitorie Lyfe then my sayd Executors to demise and lett my 
sayd Capitall Messuage and to receiye the Bentes yssues and profittes thereof and 
of all the Lanes thereunto belonginge vntill the next heire male to whome anv 
estate of my sayd Capitall Messuage and Landes is limitted as aforesayd shaU 
attayne his full age of twoe and twentye yeares. And I will that my svvd executors 
shall lett sayd Capitall Messuage and Landes thereunto belonginge The one half 


of the sayd Messuage and Landes thereunto belonginge to Thomas Hovenden my 
Sonne for the yearelie Bent of Twenty ponndes to be yearelie payde at twoe 
ffeastes or Termes (yiz*) at the ffeaste or S' Michaell the Archaungell and the 
Annunciacon of the Virgin Marye by equal porcons, and I will that my sayde 
executors shall lett the other halfe of my sayd messuage and Landes thereunto 
belonginge to Nathaniell my sonne for the yearelie Bent of Tenn poundes to be 
yearelie payde at twoe ffeastes or Termes (viz*) at the ffeaste of 8^ Michaell the 
Archaungell and the Annunciac'on of the Virgin Marye by equall porcons. And 
my Will and meaninge is that the sayd Thomas and Nathaniell my twoe sonnes 
shall not demise lett assigne or sett oyer my sayd capitall messuage and Landes nor 
any parcell thereof to any person or persons whatsoeuer duringe-all suche tyme as 
ray sayd executors haye the lettinge thereof by yertue of this my last Will and 
testament. And my will is that if the sayd Thomas and Nathaniell or either of 
them do happen at any tyme after my decease to demise lett assigne or sett oyer 
my sayd capitall messuaffe and Landes thereunto belonginge or any parte thereof 
or theire or either of theire terme of yeares therein ynder my sayd executors 
(other then the one to the other of them That then my sayd Executors shall enter 
in & yppon that parte of my sayd messuage and Landes w^*' shalbe soe letten by 
the saya Thomas or Nathaniell and shall putt oute the then Tenauntes thereof and 
shall demise & lett the same to any sufficient Tenaunte w^^ shall yse the same well 
for the best price or prices that can be gotten for the same vntil the firste heire 
thereof by this my present last will nominated and assigned shall atteyne his sayd 
full age of twoe and twenty yeares. Item I will and deyise that my sayd twoe 
sonnes Thomas and Nathaniell shall from tyme to tyme as often as neede shalbe 
repayre and amende my sayd Capitall messuage and all the Edifices thereunto 
belonginge and shall alsoe yearelie paye all the Lordes Bentes to the Lorde or 
Lordes of the fee or fees of the sayd premisses duringe all suche tyme as my 
executors shall haye the lettinge of my sayd Capitall messuage and Luides And 
that the sayd Thomas Hoyenden and Nathaniell be Tenauntes and occupiers thereof. 
Item I will that my sayd executors shall paye the oyerplus of all the rentes yssues 
and proffittes of my sayd Capitall Messuage and Landes thereunto belonginge 
after all my debtes and other Legacies are satisfied and payde (excepte the sayd 
Six poundes thertene shillinges and fewer pence to my sayd executors before herein 
devysed to Bichard Hovenden John Hovenden and Marye Hoyenden three of the 
children of the sayd John Hoyenden my sonne deceased at Michaelmas next after 
everye of them shall atteyne the full age of twoe and twenty yeares p'te and p'te 
lyke to everye of them equallye to be devided as everye of them shall attayne 
theire sayd severall ages. And I will that the survivor or survivors of them to be 
the others heire of the sayd guyftes and Legacies of the sayd overplus of the sayd 
Bentes yssues and proffittes of my sayd Capitall Messuage and Landes thereunto 
belonginge after my debtes and legacies are satisfied and payd (yf any overplus 
happen to be) In witnes whereof 1 haue to this my last will and testsunent sub- 
scribed my name and affixed my seale the daye and yeare above written. 

Bobert Hovenden. 
Published subscribed and sealed by the abovenamed Bobert Hovenden the 
Testator in the presence of Thomas Taylor Thomas Hovenden Nathaniell Hoven- 
den John Byshoppe Thomas Earle. 


In the name of God Amen, The Eleaventh day of July in the Yeare of our 
Lord Q-od One thousand and six hundred ffifty six I Bobert Hovenden of Cran- 
brooke in the Countie of Kent Clothier being weake in body but of sound and 
perfect memorie praised be Gt)d, doe make and ordaine this my last will and testa- 
ment in manner and forme following, ffirst and principally I commit my Soule into 
the hands of Almighty God hopeing aod stedfastly believeing through the merritts 


death and paBsion of JeBus CluHuBt my alone and onely Saviour and redeemer to 
reoeaue paraon and forgiyenes for all my sinnes And to obtain tliat inheritance with 
the blessed Saints and Angells in heaveni ffirst I give and bequeath unto Jane my 
daughter (the wife of Thomas Colyill) the Sume of twen^ shillings of lawfull 
English money to be paid ynto her by my executors within one month after my 
decease, Item I giye and bequeath ynto my daughter Mary three hundred ponnds 
of lawfull English money to be paid ynto her by my Executors at her age of one 
and twenty yeares or on her day of marriage wluch shall first happen, Item I give 
and bequeatn ynto my daughter Elizabeth three hundred pounds of lawfull En- 
glish money to be paid unto her by my Executors at her age of one and twenty 
yeares or <my of marriage which shall first happen This is the last will and testa- 
ment of me the said Bobert Hoyenden And as touching my lands and tenements 
wheresoeyer or whatsoeyer Item I giye & bequeath ynto my sonne Bobert Hoyen- 
den my Messuage Bame & Lands with all the appurtenances lyeing & being in the 
parish of fi^ttenden in the County of Kent in the occupacon of John Wathers has 
Assigne or Assignee To haue & to hould the said messuage Bame & Lands with 
all the appurtenaunces ynto the said Bobert Hoyendei} my said sonne & to his 
heires for oyer at his age of one and twenty yeares And my will and minde is that 
Mary my loying wife & my sonne Samuell shall receiue & take the yearely Bent of 
the said Messuage Bame & Lands yntill my said sonne Bobert shall attaine the 
age of one & twenty yeares att which time my will and minde is that they shall giye 
ynto my said sonne Aobert a true Accompt of all the Bents & pro£Stts thereof and 
shall pay the same ynto him Item I will deyise & giye vnto my sonne Samuell 
Hoyenden my Messuage Tenements & lands now in my owne occupacon called 
ffrizly And aboe my Messuof^e Mill Lands ponds and other the appurtenauncei 
now in the occupac on of Bidiard Holden miller, To haue & to hold tne same mes- 
suages lands & p'misses with the appurtenaunces to him & his heires for eyer And 
whereas I haue heretofore by deed conyeyed and assured ynto my said sonne 
Samuell my Messuage Tenements and lands which I purchased of Thomas Couch- 
man to haue & to hould to my sonne Samuell & his heires for oyer Neyerthelesae 
my minde & will now is notwithstanding any thing in that deede That the Bents and 
profits thereof that shall grow due yntiU the said Samuell shall attaine his age of 
fibwer and Twenty yeares diall be employed towarde the adyancinge the porc'ons 
giyen to my other Children And my further will is that Mary my wife & my 
sonne Samuell who I doe heereby constitute Executors of this my will shall bane 
full power & authority to sell my Tenements & Woodland lyeing at Comdeine Hill 
in Cranbrooke for and towards payment of my debts & ffuneraJl expences In true 

Eerformance of this my will 1 giye and bequeath the residue of all my goods, 
ousehold stuffe, Cattells and Chattells and moyeables whatsoeyer ynto Mary my 
wife & my sonne Samuell And I doe heereby earnestly desire my loying Cozin 
John Courthopp who I doe hereby nominate & appointe an oyerseer of this my 
will giyeng ynto him as full and large power as is possible to see the same per- 
formed And my minde & will is that if any difference shall arise betweene my 
said Executors That then they shall apply themselues to my said loying Cousin 
John Courthopp, And shall in all Cases of difference stand to the Judgment and 
determinacon of him & for his Care & paines therein I will and bequeath ynto him 
the summe of fiye pownds of lawfull English money In Testimonie whereof I 
haue ynto these throe sheetes of paper containeing in them my last will sett to my 
hand and to this third and last sheete my hand & seale. 

Bobert Hoyenden 

Bead Sealed and published & declared to bee the last will of me the said 
Bobert Hoyenden in p sence of Bobert Bobotham John Bobotham. 

preyed 29 December 1660. 



(Abchdbaoonbt, Cantbbbubt.) * 

Bichard Hoyjnden of Stapleherst, Kent. ^ 

Will dated on the Feast of SS. Simon and Jude 1470. 

To be buried in All Saints Church, Stapleherst. 

On mj death Steph. Herynden and W°^ Fartryche to deliver such lands as 
thej had of me, and of Harry Hovynden my father, to my feo£Eees, and my wife 
Margery to have my messuage, and land called Longfield till my son Stephen be 
of age of 22 and then to have it between them. 

To my son Harry at age of 22, lands &c. called Lorkys in fee simple. 

My diau'rs Alice and Annyce. 

(Abohdbaconbt, Cavthbbuby.) 

William Havynden of Tenterden. 

Will dated 21 Apr. 1477, proved 27 Apr. 1479. 

Desires to be buried in church of S* Mildred, Tenterden. 

John Havynden, Alice Havynden, Alice Wytte. 

My wife tfohanne, my goods and lands for life, after to John Beste. 

Tho. Carpynter and John Tymme, Ex'ors. 

(Abohdxaoonst, Oahtbbbubt.) 

Thomas Hovynden of XJlcomb. 

Will dated 21 Feb. 1486, proved 26 Apr. 1486. 

To be bur. in porch of TJlcomb Church. 

My wife Marion. Mv son Bobert, Ex'or. My daughter Agnes. My dau. 
Joh*n0 Aehirehe and her cnildren. 

(Abohdsaoonbt, Oavtbbbubt.) 

William Hovynden of Frittenden. 

Will dated 20 Mar. 1485. proved 9 May 1486. 

To be bur. at Frittenden. 

My wife Margaret and my sons John and Thomas, Ex'ors. To tfi John lands 
in Sminrden callea Berinden, and to s^ Thomas lands in Frittenden and Bedenden. 
Helewise Twyfford and Alice Twiford. W" Taylor. 

(Abohsbaoohbt, Cahtbbbubt.) 

Bobert Hovynden of Hedcom. 

Will dated 8 Aug. 1496, proved 14 Nov. 1496. 

G-ives to churches of Ulcomb, Sutton Valence, and Stapleherst. 

My wife Eliz^ my messuage called G^aryngtunnye, for life, remainder to my 
dau. Alice and her husb. Tho. Master, to whom also lands in West Hokinbery and 
East Hokynbery, and Sutton Valence, &c., remainder in default to my brother 
Tho. Hovinden, remainder to my dau''. My lands called Hovynden to my dau'^ 
Jone, Marion and Benett at ages of 21 or marriage, they to be ruled by the advice 
of Bobard Hovynden and Stephen Payn at time of their marriages. 

My father John Hovynden. My mother Alice Hovenden livmg. 

My landtf and tenements in Hedcorn, Ulcomb and Sutton Valence. 

Tho» Master, Ex'or. 

(Abohdbacoitbt, Cantebbobv.) 

Bobert Hovynden of Ulcombe. 

Will dated 3 June 1497, proved 27 July 1497. 

To be bur. in porch of XJlcomb Church near my father. 


My son Thomas, meBsuages called Danjell and Hovyndeiiy and other lands. 

My son William, mj principal me8Biiae;e, &c. My son Boger, a messuage called 
Homys. My said sons to have their lands at ages of 23 " Seryng yerly to ther 
mother & belmoder her yerly pencion." 

My mother in law. My dau. Jone, iinm^. 

My wife Julian, John Maddocke and Stephen Partrich of Stapleherst, Ex*on. 

John Stede of [Jlcombe and his wife, lana for life, rem' to my son Tho*. 

Edmund Hovynden, supervisor. M^argerie Peiyn- 

Witnesses, W™ Cole, elk., Philip Parker, Elis Champe. 


Alice Hovynden of Hedcom. 

Will dated 81 Aug. 1497, proved 14 Oct. 1497. 

To be bur. in Hedcom Church. 

My sranddau" Jone, Benedict and Marion Hovynden [dau* of Bobert Hovyn- 
den, see nis will 1496]. 

My son Master Tho. Hovynden, lands &c. in Hedcom. 
Tho. Bregge of Hedcom, Ez*or. 


The following entries occur on the first leaves of an old M8. common-place 
book in the possession of the Bev. Edward Higgins, of Bosbury House, Hereford- 
shire. The Copes intermarried with the Hop tons of Canon Frome,* in the same 
county, and it is just possible that the volume may have come into Herefordshire 
in that way. The wnter was a daughter of Francis, first Earl of Westmorland. 

C. J. BoBnrsoK. 

Norton Canon Vicarnye^ Hereford. 

John Cope &, Elizabeth Fane were maried upon shrouftewsdav in y^ yeare 1631 
at Westminster by y* Bishop of Lincolne, it being Valentine's day y* 14 of Feb. 

My Sonne Anthony was Dome at Apthorpe y^ 16 day of Nouemb. being fridaj 
in y^ yeare 1632 betweene 3 & 4 a clock in y^ morning, he was Christened on y^ 6 
day of Decemb. bv my mother y^ Countes of Westmorland, my brother the I^le 
of Westmorland, k Sir William Cope, but S' Qui Palmes was deputy for him. 

My second sonne William was borne at Hanwell y^ 3^ day of Decem. being 
tewsday 1633 betweene 9 <& 10 a clock in y« morning, he was Cnristened on y* 17" 
day, by my G-rand : y« old Lady Cope, my Lord Say & my Lord G-erard. he dyed 
on y« 13«» of Sept. 1634. 

Mv Sonne John was borne at Hanwell, y« 19**» of Nouemb. being wedensday, 
1634 betweene 9 & 10 a clock at night, he was christened on y^ 31 day by my 
mother y® Countes of Westmorland, my brother Lee & my cossin Knightly. 

My daughter Mary was borne at Breweme y* 28*** of None, being Monday in y* 
yeare 1636 betweene 2 & 3 a clock in y*' morning she was christened on y^ 9^ of 
Decern, by my sister Bachell Fane, my sister Lee, & Sir Bobert Jenkinson She 
dyed upon y« 10 of Oct. 1639. 

My daughter Elizabeth was borne at Breweme y® 3<^ of June, being Sunday in 
y« yeare 1638, betweene 2 & 3 a clock in y« morning she was baptized on y* 10^ 
day, by my sister Lee, my sister Mary Cope & mj cossin William Cope. 

My deare husband S' John Cope changed this life for a better upon Saterday 
morning y« 13^ of October 1638. 

[Here follow some pious speeches made by him before his death.] 

* Richard Hopton married Elizabeth, widow of William Gregory, and dauehter of Thoniu 
G-eers by Elisabeth, daughter of William Cope bj hia wife, who waa Uie writer of &me notes. One 
page in the book bears the signatures ** £lisa : dope,'* ** Klin Qregorj" in later handwritings. 


William Cope* & Elizabeth Cope were maryed y*' 8* day of January 1643 in y« 
chappell att Breweme by M' Bobert HariB off Hanwell. 

•My Sonne Henery was borne at Breweme y* 28 of Octob. being Wedensday in 

aeare 1644, betweene 8 & 4 a clock in y^ aitemoone. He was baptized on y® 
*- of Nouember bv my Lady WUmott, the Earle of Bath & Sir Thomas Pope 
(my son Ant' was deputy for my Lord of Bathe). 

My Sonne William was borne at Brewerne y^ 12 of Febr. being thursday in y^ 
year 1645 betweene 7 & 8 in y^ morning, he dyed y^ wedensday following & was 
buried in y^ chapell at Breweme, upon thursday. 

My daughter Elizabeth was borne at Tangly y^ 18^ of Nouemb. being satter- 
day in y« yeare l647 betweene 6 A 7 in y« morning, she was ba|)tized on y« 30*^ 
of nouemoer by Sir Edmond Bray, y® Lady Lacy & y^ Lady Jenkuison. 

My Sonne Bichard was borne' at Tangly y^' 80^ of Decem. being satterday in 
y* yeare 1648 betweene 4 A 5 in y* morning, he dyed y^ friday seuenight after & 
was buried in y* chapell at Breweme upon satterday y® 18^ of January. 

My daughter BacheU was home at Tangly y« 18*^ of June being thursday in 
y« yeare 1650 betweene 5 & 6 in y« morning, she was b apt ized on y* 5^ of JuUy by 
the Countesse of Bath, the Lady Darcy & y® Earle of Westmorland. 

My Sonne William was borne at Breweme y® 4*^ of Sept' being Thursday in y* 
year 1651 about 12 a clock at night, he was baptized on y* 28 of Sept' y« witnesses 
were M» Ghilde, my sonne Anthony Cope & S' William Walter. 

My Sonne Ant Copes eldest sonne was borne at Aston in Yorkshire upon 
wedensday y« 16 of March 1652 about 4 a clock in y® morning, he was baptized / 
John & dyed y^ munday seuenight after. 

his seconde Sonne was borne at Aston on thursday y® 5* of January 1658, was 
baptized Anthony y® next day, he dyed about a fortnight after. 

his 8^ Sonne was borne at Tangly on Wedensday y® 18*** of Decem. 1654 be- 
tweene 7 & 8 in y*^ morning, he was baptized Henry on Satterday y* 16. y* wit- 
nesses were y® Lord Vicount Kaulkland, ^ Edmond Bray & my selfe. He dyed y® 
8 of June 1662 [note on margin]. 

his first daughter was borne at Tangly y« last of Aprill 1656 & was baptized 
Mary, y« witnesses were y« liord Gerard, y« Countesse of Westmorland & y* Lady 

In addition to the aboye entries is one on the margin of the first page-: — " M' 
Cope's daughter Anne was home y« 6**^ day of Feb. 1627 at Breweme." This, of 
course, refers to the only child of John Cope's first marriage with Mary, daughter 
of Chief Baron Walter. C. J. E. 


In Dei Nomine. Amen. Ego, Eichardus Harrys. Clericus Ecclesia? parochialis 
de Wynnap. Yicarius. septimAidie Decembris anno Domini. 1645. hoc meum 
testa men tum et ultimam yoluntarem condo, formo et constituo, hoc mode et formi 
subeequenti. Imprimis commendo animam meam in manus Jesu Christi Salva- 
toria et unius Redemptoris, cujus meritis me salyum fieri confide, et corpus meum 
terris decenter sepeliendum et funus meum sermone celebrandnm, et concionari 
yiginti solidos do et lego. Item do et logo pauperibus parochiaB de Winnap quad- 

* Elizabeth Fane married for her second hasband, WilUam Cope, of Icomb, who was kinsman 
to her first husband, Sir John Cope, of Hanwell. 


raginta solidos die sepulturae mee pauperibus plus indigentdbus, per gardianog 
pauperum disponendos, et quartam partem camis bovilis ad valorem decern soli- 
dorum unoquoque vicesimo quarto die Decembris in SBteruum per gardianos difi- 
ponendam ad summam decem solidorum annatim e tenemento meo de Ooverro . . . 
oiBtringendam. Item do et lego pauperibus parochiad de 8^ Issye. viginti solidoB. 
Item do et lego fratri meo Petro Harrys decem libras, et unicuique filiomm et 
filiarum illius tres libras. Item do et lego Trystramo Harrys fratri meo qumque 
libras. Item do et lego unicuique filiorum et filiarum Josepbi Harrys viginti 
solidos. Item do et lego Johanm Bluett viginti solidos et Francisco Bluet viginti 
solidos et Judith Bluet viginti solidos, et Edvardo Bluet quinque Ubras, filiis Iran- 
cisci Bluet. Item do et lego Colano Bluet, et uxori suae, tres libras, et unicuique 
filiorum et filiarum illius viginti solidos. Item do et lego Johanni Mmidy de 
Trethurris et uxori illius, sex libras, et unicuique filiorum et filiarum illius ^uad- 
raginta solidos. Item do et lego filio Johannis Penhalegan de S^ Issye, viginti 
soudos. Item do et lego Josepho Wise in' viginti solidos. Bicbardo Williams 
filio Herculis WiUiams decem solidos. Bichardo Nicholas quinque solidos. Item 
do et lego Hugoni Congham decem soUdos. Thom® Higo quinque solidos. Item 
do et lego Colano Trewartha quatuor libras, et uxori illius decem libras. Item 
do et lego Willielmo Trewartha filio illius, decem libras et tenementum meum 
de Gilly-Vean, et totum jus meum, et titulum meum in Trevarth excepto dimidio 
illius tenementi quod pertinet Florentiad filiae fratris mei lioberti Harrys defimcti, 
et ill4 defuncts, sit tunc totum tenementum do et lego eidem Willielmo Trewartha. 
Item do et lego Boberto Trewartha et Marise Trewartha tenementum meum voca- 
tum Tretharrop jacens in parochi4 de Winnap et unicuique illorum Eoberti et 
et Mariae quadraginta solidos. Item do lego et concede Trystramo Harrys filio 
Petri Harrys tenementum meum vocatum Goverra in Parochi4 de Winnap, illi* et 
heredibus illius in perpetuo. Item do lego et concede iiichardo Harrys filio 
Johannis Harrvs de S^ Issie tenementum meum vocatum Crowgiers, tenementum 
jacens in viUel de S^ Daye, illi' et heredibus illius in perpetuo. Onmia caetera mea 
bona, terras, tenementa et chatella do, lego, et concede Trystramo Harrys filio 
fratris mei, Petri Harrys, quem ordino et constituo solum meum executorem. In 
cujus rei testimonio, et quod hoc verum et ultimum meum testamentum sit, signum 
meum apposui his testibus quorum nomina subsequontur. 

14 May, 1646. 


The said Bichard Harrys at the time of Probatum apud London 

his departure being in perfect memory, 16 Feb. 1647, juramento 

gave and bequeathed unto Edward Noy and Trystrami Harris, 

and to Ann his . . . ten pounds a piece. 

Witness hereto Thomas Furze. 

Joan I. Furze. 
Alicia Newell. 

There are no entries in the ancient vol. of the G-wennap Hegisters earlier than 
1668, but in the first page of the book is written, — 

Eichard Harris Vicar, d. l&^ May. 1646. Vicar since 1608. 

Among other entries of the Harris family are the following, — 



M' "W™ Harris & Catherine Beancbamp. m^ May. 20. 1665. 

Richard Harris. V Feh^ y« 2°* 1672. 

John son of W" Harris Gent. bP Mar. 29* 1672. 

William son of W°» Harris Gent. bp. Nov. 18«> 1678. 

John Harris & Alice Felloe were married at Mabe Nov. y« 26* 1677 [so entered 

in the Gwennap book). 
John son of John Harris bP Oct. ye 4* 1678. 
•John son of M' John Harris and M"™ Elizabeth Beauchamp were m* April y* 27* 

•John son of M' John Harris, b'' April y« 7* 1716. 
tHenry son of John Harris. Gent. bP Dec. y« 27* 1703. 
M' John Harris, sen' b* July y« 3"* 1704. 
Bichard son of M' John Harris, bp. June y« 26*^» 1707. 
William son of M' John Harris bp. July 1711. 

At Ghinwalloe. 

tHenry Harris & Elizabeth Kempthome were m* May y« 1"* by license dated 
- April y«29* 1728. 

At Gwennap. 

tCatherine dau. of Henry Harris. Gent. & Elizabeth his wife. bp. Mar. y« 26* 17291 
tEdward son of Henry Harris, Gent. bp. July y« 27* 1730. 
tSusanna dau. of Henry Harris. Gent. bp. Oct. y« 23'^ 1732. 
tJohn son of Henry Harris, Gent. bp. Feb. y« 6* 1734. 
M" Alice Harris, wid. b^ July. 28* 1734. 
M" Elizabeth Harris, wid. b^ Julv 16* 1735. 

William son of Henry Harris Gfent. & Elizabeth his wife bp. Oct. 8*. 1736. was 
M Nov. 12* 1746. 

At Cury, Cornwall. 

fMichael Williams A Susanna Harris were married Nov. 80* 1762. 

At Gwennap. 

John son of M' Michael Williams & Susanna his wife bP Oct. y« 16* 1753 (the 
well-known Mr. John Williams of Scorrier House, who d. at Calstock in 

Isaac Head, Gent. & Catherine Harris m^ April 16. 1758. 

* This Mr. John Harris was in the Cornwall Militia. His Commission as 
Lieutenant to the company of his brother-in-law, Captain William Beauchamp, 
bearing the date 1714, is still preserved by Sir Frederick Williams of Tregullow, 
Baronet. Both Mr. Harris and his father appear, from family papers, to have lived 
at St. Daye, in Gwennap, and there is therefore good reason for assuming them 
to have derived from the Bichard, son of John Harrys of St. Issye, mentioned in 
the preceding will. 

Hals in his * History of Cornwall ' mentions Bichard Harris, Gent., of Trevance, 
in the parish of St. Issye, who married Vivyan of Tollskiddy, his father, Movie. 

There is at Tregullow a deed of release " between Elizabeth Harris Widow on 
the one side, and Edward Harris of Gunwalloe Gent. John Harris. Catherine Head 
wife of Isaac Head Esq^ controller of H.M. Customs in the Islands of Scilly, and 
Susanna Williams, wife of Michael Williams of Gwennap. Gen*, children of Henrv 
Harris of Ghwennap. Gent, recently deceased, who died intestate, on the other 
side," which corroborates these latter entries. The armorial bearings on the seals 
attached to this document are identical with those of Harris of Kadford. It is 
dated 1768. M. W. 


Amebicast G-EiTEAXOGY. — In the British Museum there is a work called " Me- 
morials of the Descendants of William Shattuck, the Progenitor of the Families in 
America that have borne his name. By Lemuel Shattuck, Member of the Mass. 
Historical Society, and of the American Antiquarian Society, etc. etc. Boston : 
Printed by Button and Wentworth for the Family, 1855.-' 

On pages 57 and 58, it states that "he was bom in old England in 1621, and 
died at V^terton, Mass., 1672,*' and that " his exact origin and early history are 
involved in obscurity. The first lot of land granted to him is described upon the 
records as follows, 1640 : ' William Chattuck, an Homstall,* *' etc. etc. 

The work is written to ascertain the English origin of the family, and contains 
a perfect pedigree of the descendants of this William Chattuck down to 1855. If 
the " legal personal representative " will write me as below, he " may hear of 
something to his advantage," and that, too, not merely in a genealogical point of view. 

Cattle Bromwieh, WanoiektUre, C. ChattOGK. 

Fbeeb Pedigree. — A short pedigree of this family appeared some time ago in 
* Miscellanea G-enealogica.' In it, Helen Blair, wife of the Eev. Gko. Freer (c. 
1 660-1720), is stated to have been " of a good family in Perthshire." She was 
a daughter of James Blair of Ardblair, and died 11th December, 1751 (see * Fasti 
EcclesisB ScoticansB,' part iv. p. 805). There is a tolerably good account of the 
Ulairs of Ardblair in * Douglas's Baronage.' Who is the present representative? 

._ F. M.S. 

Deall: Abthue. — Samuel Deall was bom at Staines, Middlesex County, in 
1713. He had a brother William, who died at Staines, in March or April, 1775. 
Samuel came to New York prior to 1758, in which yei^r he married, in New York, 
Elizabeth Arthur, daughter of [Francis] Arthur, of Bisley, Gloucestershire, Eng. 

Any information respecting the origin and pedigree of these two families, or 

either of them, is solicited by Johk J. Lattiko. 

ao, NaaMoH Street, New York, U. S, A, 

Hekht Wmght (p. 188). ^-Pedigrees of the Wrights of Essex may be found 
in the Harl. MSS. 1083, fol. 63 ; 1432, fol. 131 b ; 1541. fol. 3 and 56 ; 1542, fol. 
86. But nothing occurs in either of them about Henry Wright. 

Lawrence Wright, M.D., who possessed Henham Hall, was the father of Sir 
Henry Wright of the same place. The Doctor died .October 3, 1657, and, with 
Mary, his wife, lies buried in the church of South Weald, co. Essex. His son and 
heir Henry was created a baronet June 11, 1660, and died February 5th, 1663, 
aged 27 years. He married Anne, daughter of Lord John Crew of Stene (which 
lady diea September 27, 1708), by whom he had Sir Henry, who died (in 1681) 
at the age of nineteen, unmarried ; and Anne, who, upon her brother's death, 
became a great heiress. She married first to Edmond, son of Sir Eobert Pye, of 
Farringdon, in Berkshire, and afterwards to William Bider, Es<j. Sir Henry, the 
first baronet, was buried with his father. Blomefield has given an elaborate 
pedigree (vol. i. p. 545) of the Wrights of Kilverstone, co. Norfolk, but no men- 
tion is msbde of this Sir Henry Wright, whose ancestors were of Kelvedan Hatch, 
CO. Essex (see Morant's *Hist. of Essex,' vol. i. p. 62; vol. ii. p. 668: Wright's 
*Hi8t. of Essex,' vol. i., under Dagenham). The arms borne by this family are 
given in the sixth edition of Guillim's * Heraldry,' p. 262, — ** A zure two bars 
argent, in chief three leopards' heads Or." These arms were borne by Sir Henry 
Wright of Dagenham, and also by Sir Benjamin Wright of " Cranham Hall." 
1 think it should be Henham Hall, in the same county of Essex. " Argent two 
bars azure, on a chief of the second three leopards' faces of the field, was borne by 
the name of Wright." It was allowed and confirmed by William Flower, Nor- 
roy, December 18, 1683, and in the 26 of Eliz. to Eiehard Wright, Serjeant-at- 
Arms, the son of John Wright of Bickley, in the County Palatine of Chester. 
Guillim refers to a MS. of grants in Ashmolean Lib., No. 844. A pedigree of 
this branch of the family is given in Ormerod's ' History of Cheshire,' vol. ii. p. 
389. W. WnrrEBS. 

Waltham Jhbey. 



Entries relating to the family of Oakley, in a Bible, dated 1590 (London, printed 

bj Barker), in the possession H. Saviie Clarke, Esq. 

Rowland Oakley was marryed vnto Elizabeth Eogers the xxj*^ of ffebruary 
beinge Shroue Sonday in the parishe church of G-uylfford in the afbernone in 
A'no D'ni 1621. 

The said Elizabeth was delivered of a sonn y« 18^** day of March 1623, aboute 
six of the Clocke in the mominge beinge thursday And on fFriday the 19^^ shee 
deputed this life haveinge an other infante w^ her <& where all buried on Saturday 
bemge the xx^^ of the same moneth 1623. 

Howland Oakley maryed Mary the doughter of Bowland Oakley of Oakley 
esq. vpon thursday the 29^ day of January 1624* in the parishe church of 
byshopscastle in the mominge. 

Mary the doughter of the said Bowland was borne vpon Saturday mominge 
betwixt the houres of one & twoe of the clocke beinge the xxviij*^ day of January 
An'o D'ni 1625 & was baptized vpon Sunday the 12"* of ffebruary ffollowinge her 
vnckle Edward Oakley M^alt Lloyd & her gpranmother Mary Oakley being gossips 
A was married to M^ Thomas Masson 3 July 1649. 

Katherine the second doughter of the said Bowland was borne vpon Sundaye 
mominge the xxj"^ day of October 1627 betwixt the houres of three and ffoure of 
the clocke in the morninge & was baptized vpon Sunday the xi^^ day of November 
ffollowi];ige Edward Evans my brother in law, my sister John Lloyd and my sister 
in law Julian Tanner beinge gossips, & was married vnto Eubulus Edwards 15^ of 
August 1651. 

Martha the third doughter borne on Wednesday the 24^ of June 1629 aboute 
five in the mominge and was baptized on Sunday the sixt of July ffollowinge 

.... Tanner Mary the wife of Edward Oakley gossips. 

Mahalt the wife of Bichard Lloyd dep'ted this life the 19"> of October 1628 & 
was buried vpon the next day. 

Mary the wife of Bowland Oakley of Ockley dyed at Westminster the 14^ day 
of ffebruary 1629 beinge Sunday & was buried at bishops castle vpon last ffebruary. 
Edward Oakley my brother was buryed the 17*^ of May 1653 he dyed 15*** 
beinge Sunday. 

Bowland my first sonn was borne on Munday beinge the xxj^^ of June 1630 
betwixt the houres of viij & ix in the mominge & was baptized vpon Sunday 
ffollowinge beinge the xxvij^ of the same Sir John Ambler, Samuell Edwardes & 
Margreat Evans beinge Oossips. 

Margreat my ffourth doughter was borne vpon friday beinge the 20*^ of Maij 
1631 betwixt the houres of 7 & 8 in the after none & was baptized vpon the 24*** 
of the same John Tanner Margreat Price & Martha Ambler gossips. 

Judeth my fift doughter was borne vpon Munday ift the mominge betwixt the 
houres of six & seaven of the clocke being the 23 July 1632 and was baptized 
vpon Sunday followinge beinge the xxix*** of July 1632 Bichard Oakley esq Mary 
tne wife oi Thomas Broughton of Broughton & the wife of M' Edward Price 
of Worley being her suerties. 

Elinor my sixt doughter was borne on Sunday being the second of March 
1633 aboute foure of the clocke in the after none & was baptized on Sunday fol- 
lowinge M*". David Powell EUenor the wife of Beignold Clearke & Ellenor the wife 
of Hugh Edwards Gossipes. 

WiUiam my second sonn was borne one Munday in the mominge betwixt the 
houres of one & twoe of the clocke beinge the xxij'** of March 1634 and was 
baptized one Easter Munday beinge the 30^ William Blundyn Esq Jeremy (takley 
and Martha Oakley gossips. 

Richard my third sonne was borne one Sunday the x^^ of July 1636 about ix 
of the clocke in the morninge was b. one Sunday the x\'ij^^ day. 

T 2 


Alice mj seayenth dougbter was borne rpon Sunday mominge betwixt 
boures of 7 & 8 of the docke beinge tbe 28^ of January 1637 A waa baptized one 
Sunday foUowinge beinge the 4^ of ffebruary beinge Shroue Sunday Gbfu^les Price 
gent Mary the wife of M'. Eichard Lloyd A Mary the wife of Bichard Tanner of 
BishopBcastle beinge Gt)88ip8. 

Jonn my ffourth sonn was borne ypon Tewsday night betwixt the houres of 
yiij & iz of the clocke being the 22^ of October 1639 A was baptized one Sunday 
followinge beinge 27^*^ of October Kyffine Lloyd Nathanyell Kinge my sister in 
law Sisly the wife of Samuell Oakley being Gossips. 

Susan my eight dowghter was borne ypon Tewsday mominge betwixt the boures 
of iiij and nye in the mominge beinge the 4^^ day of January 1642 and was 
baptized ypon the xy^ day of January Hugh Edwards Margreat the wife of H'. 
Jonn Tanner and Mary HoUoway, gossips. 

Mary the doughter of Thomas Masson was borne the 6^ of Aprill 1650 beinge 
Sunday betwixt the hours of 4 and 5 in the mominge M'. Ambler and tbe 2 
grandmothers beinge gossips. 

Elizabeth the fourth daughter of M'. B^. Oakeley was bora Noy*. 1"^ day. 1683. 


OF THnoTT CoLLSOB, Oambbidos (O. 1. 67).* 

",-) M^ q' Joh'es Mortemer filius A heres Joh'is Mortemer de G-rendon A Agnetis 

) ; yxoris sue obijt ap* p'ua' iGK^llyng. xij"® die Augusti decima bora post horam no- 

^ nam in nocte Anno d'ni Millmo. cecc"*^. quinquagesimo tercio littera d'nieal, tunc. g. 

Et Joh'es Mortemer fill* A heres ei' p'creat' de Anna Georgij longvyle 

obijt quartodecimo die Augusti p'x' sequent! A® sup* dicto. 

The aboye is found at the beginning of the yolume: 

The following are from the Calendar. At the end of January : — 
Vent' yalid' in nocte see Agnet*. A® dni. M® eccc^ xxxyiij. 

At the end of February : — 

Will's Haldenby fill' t*cius A heres WiU'i Haldenby de lsh«m natus fuit yltimo 
die Marcij Anno d'ni. M°*® cccc'^ xx"® A tunc Will's Haldenby pat* ei* erat etat* 
.xxix. annorum. 

On March 15 : — 

obit' Joh'is halde'by [and in the margin] A Will'i fat's [nc, MS.] ei' A» rr' V 
q. p. conquestum sexto. 

On June 4 : — 

Ob' Eob'ti Halde'by. 

On June 10 : — 
Ob' d'ne Matild'. 

On July 16 :— 

Eob't' mi' W. h. de Isham nat* fuit A» d'ni. M"». cccc"». xxxiij«. 

At the end of the yolume the following entries fill a page i^^ 

Laurenci' Henkoc alias diet' laurenc' Gierke h'uit exit* Thorn [cut off]. 

laurenc' s'n* her'. 

* Commanicated by W. Aldis Wright, Esq., of Trinity College. 


Thomas h'uit exit' henricu' & henric* h*uit exit*. 

fHenricu*. & h'uit exit' benricu' Basterdum. 
J Joh'em. & ip'e b*uit exit' Joh'em & Thoma' & obier' s'n her'. 
I Thomam. vi^clarium de Tadlow vlt* seynt Neod'. 
l^Nich'm. A ip'e h'uit exit' duas filias . . . que mortua est sine her' 
A Aliciam vxorem Mathie Thomass [cut oifj aueqid' Alic' leuauit fine' de Messuag' 
vna Tirgata t're cu' p'tin* in Ish^m Will'o Halaenbj Joh'i Hufibond & WiU'o 
Mytton coram WiU'o Babynston & alijs. 

Et p'd'ca Matild' filia Thome soror. henrici maritata fuit Thome Weston' & 
h'ueru't exit' Joh'em A Joh'es Emmam commorantem in london'. 

Bic'uB Bowe de london' yinter commorans in le vintery h'uit in vxore' . . . 
amitam d'ce Alicie ex p'te matris. 

Bob'tus Panele miles h'uit exit', laurenc'. laur'. Bo^'tu' Bob't*. Joh'em. Joh'es 
Joh'em s'n' hered'. 

Philippus frater laurencij Panele h'uit in vxorem Agnete' Wolfe sorore' A her' 
Philippi Wolfe milit' d'ni ae Asshen' A h'ueru't exit' Joh'em q^ obijt s'n' her' A 
Pel^^lam A d'ca Pel^ella maritata fuit Edmundo Mortemer A h'uer't exit' 
laurenc' Mortemer A d'cus laurenc' h'uit in vxore' sorore' Joh'is pat^ henrici 
Sewell' A h'uer't exit' Joh'em Mortemer de Grendon'. 

For the pedigree of the Haldenbj or Holdenby family, see Baker's Northamp- 
tonshire, i. 196. lliis shows that there were two marriages between the Holdenby 's 
and the Mortemers of Orendon. 

Domina Matilda who died June 10 is probably Maud d. A h. of William de la 
Carville of I sham, who married Bobert Holdenby of Holdenby, and was mother 
of William Holdenby of Isham. 

William Holdenby of Isham married Eleanor daughter of John Mortemer of 

John Holdenby of Holdenby, nephew of the preceding, married Joan daughter 
of John Mortemer of Grendon A sister of Eleanor. 


(Abcrdbaconbt, Cantsrbubt.) 

Marion Hovynden of Ulcombe. 

Will dated 16 Aug. 1499, proved 25 Sept. 1499. 

To be bur^ in Ulcombe Churchy^. The following are named. John Boycott 
of Ulcombe, Ex'or. Boger Hovynden, Marian Boycot, William Hovenden, Alice 
Emery, Tho. Hovynden, Pamell Partriche. 

Witnesses, Stephen Partriche, John Ayott, Tho. Post, &c. 

(Abohdxaooitbt, Cantbbbvbt.) 

William Hovynden of Ulcombe. 
Will dated 12 May, 1505, proved 21 Oct. 1505. 
To be bur. in Ulcombe Churchy^. 
My brother Boger Hovynden to have my lands. 
Jonn a Madok and W"* Yalower of Ulcombe, Ex'ors. 
Elis Champe of Ulcombe. John Dorrant. Margery Dyce. 
Witnesses, Tho. Hovynden, Parson of Ulcombe ; Boger Hovynden, Tho. Stobbs, 
W" Stobbis, Ac. 

* Continued from p. 240. 



Thomas Hovynden, parson of Ulcombe. 
Will dated 2 Sept. 1605, proved 3 Mar. 1506-6. 
To be bur. in chancel of Ulcombe Church. 
John a Madok and W^ Valower of Ulcombe, Ex'ors. 
My brother's children to have my principal place at Hokynbery &c. 
Master KafTe Sayntleger, Overseer, to whom my land called Mapolderham. 
Edmund Madock, under age. 

Witnesses, Nich* Hillyngton, vicar of Sutton. W"* Borden, scr. John HeJe. 
John Cones. Elis Champe. Kob* Boicott. John Payne. 

(ABonDBACOKRY, Gaktkbbuby.) 
John Hevynden of Frittenden. 
Will dated 9 May 1606, proved 28 July 1506. 
To be bur. in Frittenden Church. 

My wife Juliane, Ex'trix. My son William and my dau. Johanna^ 
Witnesses, Walter Halsnothe, Steph. ffrenshe, Henry Trofth. 

(Abchdbacokby, Cabtbbbuby.) 

Stephen Hovynden of Stapleherst. 

Will dat. . . . 1509, no probate. To be bur. in Staplehurst Church. 

My wife Isabell ex*trix, to whom lands Ac. in Staplehurst for life, remainder to 
my son Eobert. My sons Stephen and Richard. My dau. Katherine, unm'*. 

Witnesses, Tho. Mapylden, Steph. Partrych the elder, John Seutysknd, Jobn 
Stones trett, &c. 

(Pbebooative Coubt of Cantebbuby, Dootobs* Couxons.) 

William Hovynden of Frethynden, Kent. 

Will dated 29 Apr. 1514, proved 13 July, 1515. 

To be bur. in chancel of Frethynden Church. 

My wife Anne, to whom rents of lands in Frittenden &c. Kent, rem^ to my Bon 
William, under 24. My dau* Johanne and Margery under age. 

My father Hen. Hovynden. My brother Robert. My sister Elizabeth. 

Stephen Busshopp and Hen. Woodewarde, Ex*ors. 

Witnesses, S' Edw<* Marche, par. priest of Frittenden, Barth** Busshopp, Henry 
Hovynden and others. 

(Abohdeaconby, Cantebbuby.) 
Robert Hovynden of Tenterden. 

Will dated 28 Apr. 1527, proved 4 June 1527 by Tho. Crake and W" Brykcn- 
den, for the Ex'trix. 

To be bur^ in Tenterden Churchy^. 

My godson the son of Steph. Hovenden. My godson at Stapleherst. 
'My brother Stephen. My wife Johanne, Bx*trix. 
Witnesses, S' Tho Orake, priest, W" Brigenden, John Austen, &c. 

(Abchdeaconby, Cantebbuby.) 

William Hovenden of Hothfield. 

Will dated 4 Aug. 1530, no date of probate. 

To be bur. in Hothfield Church. 

My wife Johanne, sole Ex'trix (see below). 

(Abohdeaconby, Cantebbuby.) 
Johanna Hovenden, late wife and Ex'trix of W™ Hovenden of Hothfield. 
Will dated 6 Aug. 1530, proved 16 Jan. 1530-1, by Stephen Tumar, sole Ex'or 
and devisee. Supervisor, Henry Qoderyke, Rector of Hothfield, who with Nich. 
Hawker and Agnes Banke &c. are witnesses. 

(Pkebooative Coubt of Cantebbuby, Doctobs* Comiconb.) 
Robert Hovenden. Will 17 Sep. 1657 (see 'Miscellanea Gtenealogicft,' 
Monthly Series, Vol. I. p. 95). 


(Pbibogatits Oovbt ov Gantesbubt, Dootobs' Commons.) 

John Ovenden of TjrBeherste, Sussex. 

Will dated 4 Nov. 1659, proved 6 Dee. 1559 by Julian the relict. 

To be bur. in Tyseherste Churchyard. 

My wife Julian (sole Bx^trix) and my sons John, William and Harrye, undor 

Lands at Tysherste and Smardea. 

My brothers Bichard and Nicholas Ovenden. 

Tho May and George Gowrtop, Overseers. 

Witnesses, Tho. May, Oteo. Gowrtopp,. John Stevyn, Rich^ Relfe. 


John Hovenden late of Cranbrook, Kent, dec^. 

Adm*on granted 23 Oct. 1579 to Mary Hovenden, the relict. 


William Hovenden of Christ Church, Canterbury. 

Will dated 20 Aug. 1584, proved 25 Jan. 1587, by Alice Doman and Tho. 
Hovenden, for Margaret, the relict. 

My wife Margaret, sole Ex'triz, to whom lands in Frittenden and Canterbury, 
and mv house called the Blackfriers in the s^ City, and after her death to go to 
my eld. son Sobert Hovenden, remainder in default to my sons Christopher and 
Ohoorgp equally. 

Witnesses, Tho. Hovenden, Peter Forye, Rich^ Clarke, Alice Doman. 

(Pbbbooativb Coubt of Caittbbbitbt, Doctors* Commovb.) 

William Hevynden of Cranbrooke, Kent, Teoman. 

Will dated 24 May 1585, proved 25 June 1585, by Eich<i Hovenden. 

My son Bich^ Hovenden sole Ez'or, to whom my lands in Cranbrooke and 
Frittenden, co. Kent. The children of my said son Bichard, viz. William, Bichard, 
Samuel, Joane, Anne, Mary, and Elizabeth Hovynden, all under age. 

My dau. Anne Henlie or Hendlie and her son my godson W°^ Hendlie. 

My dau. Sylvester Tayler. My sons in law John Awod and W" Awod. 

My brothers Tho. ana Stephen Hovenden. My godson W°* Welche, son of 
Bob' Welche. 

Witnesses, Bob* Holden, Henry Hendlie, John Swatforde. 

(Pbbbooatxvb Covbt of Cahtbbbubt, Doctobs* COMMOirs.) 

Bichard Hovenden of Cranbrooke, Kent, Clothier. 

Will dated 27 Sept. 1687, proved 26 Aug. 1598. 

My wife Alice. My son William, Ez'or, to whom my house called Collins 
Place, and lands in Cranbrooke and Frittenden. My son Bich^ Hovenden lands 
in par. of Bowlinden. My son Samuel Hovenden, under age, to whom lands in 
Benenden and Biddenden. My dau. Mary Hovenden. 

My wood at Comden*s Hill. 

Bich' Batterste (under age) son of Haslyn Batterste by my dau. Anne. 

My 2 sisters, Anne wife of Hen. Henley, and Sylvester wile of Boboam Taylor. 

Witness, W" Plommer. 

^rf^ ^Vcsyi^d/v. 

Si^mature of Richard Hovenden, Cfhurekwardeu f^ Cranbrook, 1578. His tignaiure ia appended 
to certain church aceouMe, dated the last day of March, 1592, and 1597. 



liichard Hovenden of Westham, co. Essex, gent. 

Will dated 11 Sept. 1602, proved 27 Oct. 1602, by Eliz. Hoyenden the relict. 
To be bur. next my mother [no place named]. 

Lands in Norton Folgate. My wife Elizabeth, sole Ex'trjx, and my dan" 
Mary, Jane, and Elizabeth Hovenden, my wife guardian to the two latter. 
My father in law Henry Sacheverell, & John Jacson, Overseers. 

(Abchdbacokbt, Cahtbbbttbt.) 

Mary Hovenden, widow of John Hoyenden of Cranbrooke. 

Will dated 7 Apr. 1605, proved 8 Aug. 1605, by Joice Earle. 

My dau. in law Mycall Hovenden. My dau. Margerie wife of W"^ Cowchman. 
Mary Houlden and Eliz. Cowchnian. Mary Earle dau. of Tho. Earle. 

My dau. Joice Earle sole ex*trix, but to be guided by my son Bobert Hovcndt n 
and my son in law W" Cowchman. 

Witnesses, Tho. Hovenden, Lancelott Batherst. 

(Pbbbooittvb Goubt op Oaittbbbubt, Doctobs* Ooxmowb.) 

Hichard Hovenden, late of Cranbrook, Kent, dec^. 
Adm*on 13 May 1608 to Robert Hovenden his father. 


Ann Hovenden of Qoudhurst, widow. 

Will dated Dec. 24, 1609, proved March 1**, 1609-10. 

My sons Robert Hovenden, G-yles Hovenden and Thomas Hovenden. 

Thomas Hovenden son of my said son Robert. 

My brother John Horsmanden. 

(Pbbbooativb Coubt of Caktbbbubt, Dootobs* ComcoNa.) 

John Hovenden, late of Cranbrook, Kent, dec''. 

Adm*on 11 Oct. 1610 to Robert Hovenden his father. 

Also Adm'on 24 Aug. 1016 to his cousin W" Hovenden, of goods unadm'' by 
Robert Hovenden, during minority of Robert, Richard, John, and Mary Hovenden, 
children of s* John dec**. 

Further Adm'on 19 June 1619 to Tho. Hovenden, brother of the dec^ the above 
Adm'on of 1616 being revoked. 

(PaxBOOATiVB Ck>UBT 07 Cantbbbubt, Dootobb' Goxirovs.) 

Ghristofer Hoveden of Stanton Harcourt, Oxon, dei*^. 
Adm'on 11 Dec. 1610 to his brother Robert Hoveden, S.T.P. 
Christofer Hovenden late of Stanton Harcourt, Oxon, dec**. 
Further Adm'on 8 Aug. 1014 to Oath. Hovenden, widow, of goods unadm* by 
the brother Robert Hovenden dec^ (see above). 

(Pbbbooativb Cuitbt of Cantxbbitbt, Dootobs* Oomcoiis.) 

Robert Ovenden, late of Stepney al's Stebunheath, co. Midd., dec**. 
Adm*on 2 Nov. 1611 to Oath. Ovenden the relict. 


Robert Hovenden, D.D., Warden of All Souls' College, Oxford. 
Will dated 1 July 1613, proved 10 Aug. 1614, by Katherine the relict. 
My wife Katherine sole Hx'trix. 


M^ brother Christoplier Hovenden of Stanton Harcourt, co. Ozon, de<^, held 
lands in Ivechurch, Appfedore, Brookeland, Ac, co. Kent. Which Christopher was 
first husband of my said wife's sister Margery Butle (now living) and by her had 
two sons and four dau'" all now under age. 

Bobert Hovenden elder son of the said Christopher is to have the lease of 
Stanton Harcourt, and John Hovenden the other son, the lands in Kent, at their 
ages of 22. 

Witnesses, John Younge, Maurice Mericke. 

A Codicil dated 24 Mar. 1613-14 directs the lease of the parsonage of Stanton 
Harcourt to be sold. 

(Lbwxs Bboistbt.) 

Bobert Hovenden of Brede oo. Sussex. 

Will Proved 15 April 1615 by liichard Hovenden. 

To be bur. in Breade Churchyard. 

My Wife Margaret. 

My son Samuel Hovenden. 

My da. Sarah Hovenden. 

Ann Wood da. to Mathew Wood. 

My son Bichard Hovenden Exor. 

William Huson and Matthew Wood Overseers. 

(AsoHDBAOoimY, Gantxbbuby.) 
Bobert Hovenden of Cranbrook, Kent, Clothier. 
WiU dated 23 Sept. 1614, proved 24 Nov. 1616. 

(See '* Miacellanea Genealogies, ** Monthly Series, vol. i. p. 234.) 

Qf^z^^ y?»»»*»4/s-— ^-^^ 

Si^maUire fif Rohert ffovenden^ Churchioarden o/Cranbrook, 1681. 


Thomas Hovenden, Alderman of Canterbury. 

Will dated 10 Sep. 1612, proved 18 January, 1619, by Sara the relict. 

To be bur. in the North Aisle of Christ Church [Cathedral] Canterbury, near 
my only child Anne. 

My wife Sara, sole Ex*triz, to whom my dwelling house in S^ Andrews, Can- 
terbuiT, and also lands &c, in Hawkhurst for life, and after her death said lands to 
go to John, son of my brother Eich* Hovenden. 

My cousins . . . Coopley (qy.), wife of Luke Coopley of London, and . . . Venables, 
wife of . . . Venables, of London, dau™ of my sister borothy Batherst late of Frit- 
tenden, dec^. 

My cousin Mary, wife of John Baker of Cranbrook, and dau. of my brother 
Rich** Hovenden dec*. John, Margaret, and Tho. Hovenden, other children of my 
8^ brother Eichard. 

Anne Sare (under 24) dau. of my brother Stephen Sare, and goddau. of my 
late dau. Anne. 

Hobert, Q-yles and Tho. Hovenden, sons of my brother Gyles Hovenden. 

Mentions having been Chamberlain of the City. 

John Weller the elder of Cranbrook, brother of Alex' Weller. 

Witnesses, W" Younge, Henry Wodman, Eob^ Wasington, Tho. Hovenden. 

Another will dat. 10 July, 1613, was proved 7 Nov. 1620. 

Signature of Thomas Hovenden, Churchwarden of St. Andrtw*», Canterhurtf, 1684-6, 

and Mayor of Canterbury, 1695, 1606, 1617. 


(LswBS Bboistbt.) 

Bichard Hovenden of Breade co. Sussex yeoman. 

Will dated 26 October 1619 Proved 4 April 1620. 

My Wife BUzabeth. 

My da. Martha. 

My brother Samuel Hovenden. 

My sister Sarah Hovenden. 

Joan Wood da. of Matthew Wood. 

My brother Hewson & my sister his wife. 

My Uncle John Padwyn and my brother William Hewson overseers. 


Alice Hovenden of Cranbrook. 

Will dated 28 Mar. 1620, proved 18 May 1620 by Sam^ Hovenden. 

My sons Kichard, William and Samuel Hovenden, the latter Ex'or. 

My dau. Batherst and her dau. Jud. Batherst. My dau. Wellar and her daiL 
Eliz. Wellar. My dau. Snatt. My dau» Elizabeth Hovenden and Anne Ho- 

Bichard Hovenden's boy. Dence Wellar's boy. 

Anne Cushman dau. of my sister Cushman. 

My sister Hendle and my sister Tayler. 

Witnesses, W"* Hovenden and W" Snatt. 


Elizabeth Hovenden of Seldwich, co. Kent, single woman. 

Nuncupative will (no date). Bevokes a former will and dies ab^ Oct. 1623. 

Proved 2 Mar. 1623-4 by Tho. Hovenden. 

Her sister . . . Draison and child to have 30" in her brother Draison's hands. 

Alee wife of Michael Basted and her dau. Eliz. Baxted. 

Her kinswoman Bridget Hovenden. 

Her brother Tho. Hovenden, Ex'or. 

Witnesses, Tho. Weldish, Tho. Wood the elder, Tho. Wood the younger. 


George Hovenden, PreV of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Canterbury. 

Will dated 14 Jan. 20 Jac. I., Codicil 17 July 1625 : proved 17 Oct. 1625, by 
Eliz. Hovenden, relict. 

To be bur. in the body of Christ Church. 

G-ives to the poor of Canterbury and Harrietsham. 

My son Bobert Hovenden, lease of lands in Hollingbome, Kent, and also lAods 
in G-estling, Sussex, afler death of my wife. 

My son W™ Hovenden, under age, lands in Prittenden after my wife's death- 

My wife Elizabeth, ex*trix, to hold lands at G^stling, after 1637, for her life. 

My dau" Cecily, wife of James Hussey esq., and Eliz. wife of £dw^ Chal- 
loner I).D. 

My brother W"* Snatt of Hunton al's Huntington, co Kent, Yeoman. 

My brother in law Samuel Hovenden of Hunton, Clothier. 

My friends W" Master, D.D., Prebendary of Christ Church, Cant^, the said 
Edw** Challoner, Samuel Hovenden and W" Snatt, and Tho. Wood of West Farley, 
Kent, Yeoman, to be Overseers. 

Witnesses, Sa. Lovelace, W. Pepper, Tho. Belke. 

The codicil makes his brothers in law W°^ Snatt and Samuel Hovenden truiiteefl 
for his son William. 


Witnesses to Codicil, William Somner, Edw' White. 

SigwBUwre of Rtn, €ho, JTo^endeta^ Sector f^f HarfieUhamfirom 1686 to 1625, yVom the 

tiarrieUkam EegUter of 1607 and lo08. 


Mathew Hovenden of Cranjbrooke, Kent, broadweaver. 

Will dated 14 June 1628, proved 5 Sept. 1628, by Judith Hovenden the relict. 
My wife Judith (sole Ex'trix) and my four children Eobert, Margaret, MichoU 
and Jane. 

My dau. Margaret wife of Edw^ Dawson and their son John, under age. 

My dau. Michell wife of Tho. Hewes. 

Mary, wife of Joseph Bronnger of Stapleherst. 

Witnesses, Rich* Potter, Tho. Hewes, W"' Turner. 

(Pebbooativb Coubt of Caittkbbubt, Dootobs' ComcoNB.) 

John Hovenden of University College Oxford, G-ent. 

Will dated 26 Dec. 1629, proved 17 Mar. 1629^0, bv Tho. Sadcliffe. 

My sister M^ Margery Hovenden £100 now in the hands, of my father in law 
M' Cha» Greenwood. 

My friend M' Tho. Badcliffe, sole ex'or. My friends D' Bancroft, Master of 
University Coll., and M' Bich^ Washington, Overseers. 

Gives rings to M' BicM Washington, M' Phil. Wentworth, and divers others. 

Witnesses, Bich^ Washington, Abraham Woodhead, John Macham, John Goly. 


Sarah Hovenden, of S^ Andrew, Canterbury, widow of Tho. Hovenden, esq., 
deed, late Alderman of Canterbury. 

Will dated 8 June 1628, proved 28 Sent. 1635, by Stephen Sare. 

To be bur. in North Aisle of Christ Church, Canterbury, near my late hush*'. 

My cousin Edward Baker, to whose dau. (my goddau') Sarah Baker a gold ring 
with my husband's arms. 

My Drother Stephen Sare, ex*or, to whom my dwelling house &c., remainder to 
Sarah Baker. 

Stephen Sare son of my said brother Stephen Sare. 

My cousin Omer, dau. of my brother Nich* Sare dec^, and wife of my cousin 
Boger Omer, and their children Roger and Eliz. Omer. My goddau' Saran Omer, 

Alice Sare, dau. of Tho. Sare, Dec^, the son of my brother Nich* Sare. 

John and Anne Sare, children of my cousin John Sare of Heme, dec^. 

My cousin Tho. Hovenden the elder, of Canterbury, and his sons Thomas and 
Bobert Hovenden. 

My cousin Sara Marable. My cousin John Philpott. My cousin Mary Pip. 

Witnesses, John Ladde, Tho. Miller. 

Sententis 19 Dec. 1635, to confirm the will, betw. Stephen Sare, brother and 
ez*or, on one part, and Eliz. Sare al's Omer, widow ,8i8ter of dec^, Alice Saire al's 
Norwood, dau. of Tho. Saire dec*, who was brother of testatrix, and W"> Sayre 
and Aon Saire ** p'les na^ et Ttimas " of W" Sayre dec'i, brother of the testatrix 
on the other part. 


n the Vmtalion of London, 1 

*Juiea Tasewell of ... in Com. 8 

tJames Tazewell of =Mary dau'r of . 
Buckland in Com. Hunt of Foraa 
Dorset Com. Dorset. 

t James Tazewell of ^Elizabeth d& : of . . . 
London Merchant. | Vpehull of . . . in 
Com : Dor. 

§JameB sonne A 2 William. 1 Elisa. 

heire nt. 14 — — 

An" 16G4. 3 Stephen. 2 Mary. 



Eitraoled from the Herkldi, Tiiitation of 

London, nude in Ibe jimr 1664 (D ly fo. 88^, 

DOW ramaining in tlia College of Amu. 

Qao. HiBBisow, 

Windsor Hermld. 


Gommanicstod bj T. F. Taswell-Langmeadi B.C.L., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Isw. 

* This ehrifltian name is erroneously entered as "James," instead of "William." See next note. 

t The bnptism of James Tasewell is thus entered in the parish register of Buckland Newton : — 
' Julii 1688. Yioesimo quinto die mensis pnedioti baptiiatus fuit Jacobus Tanswell (sie) Alius 
WUTmi Tanswell de Buckland." His first wife Mary, daughter of — Hunt of Fonton, Ohar- 
minter. Go : Dorset, died in 1659, and was buried at Haselbury Bryan, Co : Dorset, in the registers 
of whioh parish is the following entry :—*< Burials, A.i>. 1659. Maria uxor Jacobi Taswell Gen. 
obiit 19 Jan«." In the " Autobiography of William Taswell, D.D.," (his grandson), published 
by the Gamden Society in 1852, it ub stated (p. 8) :— 

** In the same year, 1662, my grandfather James Taswell of Dorsetshire o^me to Town, aged 
74^ bom in the year 1588. Staying a little time with us only, he soon returned into the country, 
and took his own serrant to wife : he begat a son the same year of her. He departed this life 
1663. On the day he was celebrating his wife's birthday, he drank too much wine^ which threw 
him into a ferer." 

By his will (proyed in the Gonrt of the Archdeacon of Dorset in 1663), in which he is described 
as ** James Taswell of Haselbury Bryan," he giyes " to my sonne James Taswell one shilling ;" " to 
my daughter Mar^ Young one shilling ; " "to my kinsman Ralphe Taswell one sute of aparrell ; " 
" to my kinsman Richard Taswell one sute of aparrell ; " " all the rest of m^ goods moyeable and 
unmoyeable I giye and bequeath unto my wife Aner whom I do make executnx of this my last will." 

It appears, by Hutohins' History of Dorset, that the Hunt family held the Manor of Forston. 
On the death, in 1688, of Anne, daughter and heiress of Henry Hunt, Esq., of Forston, the 
estate descended to her issue by her second husband, George Browne, Esq., a younger son of the 
Brownes of Frampton. 

X James Tazewell of London Merchant, and of Limington Manor, Somerset, married (1) 
86 March 1649, Bliaabeth daughter of -• Upsal of Go : Dorset, (bom 1624— died 1667), and (2) 
in 1673, Elizabeth daughter of John Eingsmill of Andorer, Esq. (She died July, 1702, s.p.) He 
died 26 Maroh, 1683. 

In his son's autobiography (p. 25) we read : — 

" Not long after the barbarous murther of Gharles the First, James Taswell married Elizabeth 
Upsal, a person accomplished as to her person, sensible, and of a yery good extraction. He was a 
considerable merchant in the Isle of Wight, and connected himself to her Maroh 26, 1649." 

Id. p. 7. " About the end of Maroh 1655, James Taswell Esq., rotiring from the Isle of Wight 
with his wi£B and three childron settled at a sea-port Town, Brithamston, Sussex, whero his mother- 
in-law, my grandmother, liyed." .... "In June 1656, we took a joum'ey to London. After 
reaidiiig in an house for the space of a year, in which time all of us wero seized with the small-pox 
(1667), about the middle of summer we took a yery grand house in Bear Lane near the Gustom- 

Id. p. 16. " 1673, my father married Elizabeth Kingsmill, sister of one of the same name, 
with a fortune of £600, at Andoyer." 

In 1663, James Tazewell, who was seised of the Manor of South Brent, Somerset, and of other 
lands in that county, and in the acUoining county of Deyon, purohased the Manor and Adyowson 
of Limington, Co : Somerset. He rebuilt the Manor House at Limington in 1672. The house was 
again rebuilt about thirty years since, and only a wing of the old building erected in 1672 is 
now standing. A stone wiUi the name of " James Tazewell," arms, and date 1672, which formerly 
appeared on the front of the old Manor House, is now in the possession of Mr. T. P. Tuwell- 

I Besides the children enumerated in the pedigree, James Tazewell had : — Maria, bom 29 Deo. 
1649, died aged 8 months ; Elizabeth, bom 7 July 1653, and died soon after ; Ann, bom Nor., 
1669, died soon after i and Maria, bom Feb. 1667, died soon after. 

Of the children mentioned in the pedigree, James the eldest son and heir, bom 20 Feb. 1660, 
•Qooeeded his father in the Manor of Limington. He married Ann daughter of — EingsmiU, Esa. 
and had three sons and three daughters, llie eldest son James, died s.p. The second, John Taswell 
of Oh : Ch : Oxford, M.A., was yicar of Chewton, Somerset, (a liying in the patronage of the EingsmiU 
bmily), and died without male issue. The third, William Tazewell, bap : 17 July 1690, emigrated 
to Tirsinia, America, in 1715, where he married in 1721, Sophia, daughter of Henry Hermanson by 
his wife Gkrirude daughter of Gol^ Southey Littleton. He died in 1752, leayine issue, now repre- 
sented by John Kiyison Tazewe:!, Esq., of Norfolk, Virginia, n.S.A., son of the late Littleton 
Waller ^Aoewell, Gk>yeraor of Yirginia. 

WilUam TmwcU, D.D.,the second son, bom 1"* BCay 1662, was an eminent scholar and dirine. 
Bnrolled • Bang's Scholar of Westminster School, 1667 ; elected Student of Oh : Oh : Oxford, 
1670; Professor of Greek, 1681; Rector of Woodnorton, Norfolk, 1691; Sector of S^ Mary 
Newington, Surrey, 1698 ; Hector of 3*. Mary's, Birmingham, 1723. He died in 1781 and was 
buried in the Ohancel of S*. Mary's Newington. He married 21 May, 1695, Frances daughter and 
co-heir of Edward Lake, D.D., Archdemson of Exeter, Ohaplain and Tutor to the Princesses Mary 
and Anne^ daughters of James II., and had issue. He is now repreoented by his descendant the 
Bev'. George TuweU, M.A., of B. N. 0., Oxford. 


Stephen Tazewell, the third son, bom Dec'. 1656^ resided at Limington, and married Barbvt, 
daughter of John Pinny of Hardington, Co: Somerset, Esq , (bom 1673--died 18 June, 1706). He 
died in 1742, leaving issue, inter alios, a son William Taswell, bom 6 March, 1705, now rspreBented 
^ his descendants the Ray^. Stephen Taawell Taylor-Taswell, of S>. Mary Hall, Oxford, a,L, lad 
!niomas P. Taswell-Langmead, of SK Mary Hall, Oxford, B.O.L. 

Thomas, the fourth son, born 20 April, 1663, died at the age of 9 months. 

Of the daughters, Elizabeth, bom 14 Sept. 1654^ died in 1703, unmarried. 

Mary, bom 6 May, 165S, died young. 

Hannah, bom 80 Jan^ 1660/, marricwl — Lockyer, of Limington, and had issue. 


Register commences 1568. 

Baptisms : — ** Julii 1588 — Yioesimo quinto die mensis prasdicti baptixatus fuit Jacobus Tuuwell 
Alius Willimi TansweU de Buckland.'* 

" 1674— June 2»«» Will. Taswell y* son of Ralph of Rew— sep." 
"^ 1674— Noum ; y* 29, Richard Taswell of Rew was sep." 
** 1686— BCay 12, Mary TansweU was bur." 


Burials ▲•D. 1659. 

** Maria uxor Jacob! Taxwell Gen : obiit 19 Jan*>.'* 

Baptisms, 1638. 

'* Johannes Alius Rogeri Tazwell et Constantis uxoris ejus 1"* die Jan**.** 


Baptisms: — 

'* John y« son of James and M*" Ann Tssewell was baptized Nor : 9, 1688." 

** Barbara the Daughter of Stephen Tazwell and Barbara his wife was baptized July 2"', IGSO.** 

" William the son^f James Tazwell and Ann his wife was baptized July 17, 1690." 

'* June 30, 1692, was baptized Ann the daughter of James Tazew^ Gent" and Ann his wife, 

who was bom on the 17*^ June 1692." 

" August y* 18*^, 1698, was baptized Stephen the son of Stephen and Barbara Tasewell." 
*< January 29, 1694, was baptized Francess the daughter of M'. James Tazewell." 
" June y« S***, 1697, was baptised Elizabeth the daughter of M'. James and M". Anne Tazewell/* 
'*Juney«9*S 1697, was baptized EUzabeth the Daughter of M'. Stephen and M". Barbara 


** Mary the Daughter of M'. Stephen and M". Barbara Tazewell was born on the 29^ sod 

baptized on the 80*** day of July, 1699." 

** Constance the daughter of James Tazewell Esq', and of M". Ann Tazewell was bom snd 

baptized on the 15*^ February 1699/700." 
« 25*>' Oct' 1700, 

James Tazewell Esq'. ) r«. _.« -j »i 
WlUiam Adam. ^ J Churohw^tem" 

** John Pinny the son of M'. Stephen and Mistress Barbara Tazewell was bom on the 26*^ day 
of March 1701 and baptized on the 18*^ April, 1701. 

*< James the son of M'. Stephen and M'". Barbara Tazewell was bom on the 26*^ of June 170i 
and baptized on the lO**" July 1704. 

<* William the son of Stephen Tazewell was bora on the 6*^ March 1705/6." 

Burials : — 

" M" Elizabeth Tazewell was buryed on the 8'^ July 1702," 

** Barbara the wife of Stephen Tazewell was buried on the 28*^ June 1706." 

American Qenealogt. — Many readers will be interested in hearing that mr 
former query under this heading has been instrumental in supplying a link 
missing for some two centuries and a half, and may probably lead to the discoverj 
of another of a much earlier date. I should now be very pleased to hear of or 
from any one in America of the name of Chad, Chads, or Shad. The latter has 
appeared in lists of American surnames, and I believe is synonymous with Chad ; 
and if so, it is a very curious coincidence that C should nave interchanged with 
S in America, both in Chattuck and Chad, as in the Philologieal Society Papen 
for 1865, p. 47, it is stated that " in the new i^erican Dictionary projected bj 
Franklin in 1768, the soft sound of c is supplied by «." One of this family I know 
died in America about the year 1789. 

C. Chattock. 

Castle Bromwickf Warwickshire, 




Compiled from old family documents, etc., in poseessipn of Edward Orpen Palmer^ 
Killotoen, Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Esquire, the present Head of the Family, by 
his son, the Bev. A. Henry Herbert Palmer, of Monkstown, Co, Dublin. 

* Heb. stromas palmer. 

Concerning the Rev* Thomas Palmer, founder of the Palmer family of Eenmare, 
Co. Kerry, the following are the chief particulars recorded or known.* He was 
(it is stated) for some time in early youth in some way connected with or attached 
to Anne Hyde, wife of James II. At a subsequent period, the date of which is not 
exactly ascertained, be was admitted to Holy Orders, and for some reasons, only 
matter of conjecture, came over to Ireland and cast in his lot with the English 
settlers in that country. His name appears in the Visitation Bookf of Diocese of 
Cloyne Oct. 21^ 1669, as Vicar of Clonfert and TuUilease and Rector of Knock- 
temple. In 1670, as appears from a document in Rolls OfBce Court of Chancery, 
Dublin, he was appointed through royal farour to the Crown livings of Kilmare 
(now Kenmare), Kilgarvan, Templenoe, Kilcro^an, and Cahirciveen (Diocese of 
Ardfert and Aghadoe). He was appointed to the commission of the peace for the 
County Kerry on 16*^ May 1679. ile was also Judge of the Admiralty Court of 
Munster, and of the Connistorial Court of Ardfert and Aghadoe. The most pro* 
minent event of his life was the defence of the Port of Killowen, commonly called 
the "White House, J" by the Protestant colony of Kenmare under his command, 
united with Richaj^ (5rpen, Esq., agent to Sir William Petty, against some 
thousands of the Irish forces of James II. Harassed by repeated raids of the 
native Irish on their cattle, farms, and homesteads, the whole Protestant population 
of the district, in fear of their lives and unable to procure any help, resolved to 
brin^ their families to a common place of safety, and as8ociated§ themselves as a 
garrison of the fort with its outworks under the leadership of their Rector and ^ 
his son-in-law Mr. Orpen. They expected an English army to land immediately 
in Munster for the rescue of the various colonies of Protestants scattered through- 
out the province, but the desired relief never came ; and abandoned to their &te 
in a remote comer of the island, after a brief but stout resistance, during a siege 

* There is some donbt as to his parentage, which is strange in the case of a man, as he was, of 
some note, and only to be explained by t^e almost total severance from kindred which emigration 
to Ireland in ttiose times involved. It has been asserted that he is identical with the person named 
in the following extract from the Admission Book of Christ's Chnrch College, Cambridge. " A.D. 
1658, Julii 10*^ lliomas Palmer Johannis Leicestriensis filius, natus apud Harborough, ibidcmque 
edncatos sub ferulft Mag*^ Berry, annos natus 14. Admissos est sizator sub Mag** Burnet, 
spondente Mag** Pepper. And who took his B.A. degree in 1662, and his M.A. in 1668. If so 
he comes of a very old family mentioned in a.d. 1447. Vid. Burton's History of lioiceetershire, 
published 1623, pp. 64, 94, 95, 127. 

But the belief has always obtained that he was the eldest son of a distin^shed family in 
NorUiamptonshire, said to have died young, but did not. He came to Ireland owmg, it is supposed, 
to some domestic difference, and chose to live and die forgotten in another land. 

Any information or useful suggestion touching this matter will be gladly received. H. Herbert 
Palmer, Clk. Monkstown, Co. Dub. 

t Vid. Dr. Brady's "Records of Cork," vol. ii. page 129. The enUy in V. B. is as follows : 
"1669, Oct 27*^ Thomas Palmer, Y. Clonfert & Tnllilease, & R. luiocktemple, per mortem 
Boberti Booth." His successor in these livings was Richard Davies, July 21'*, 1671. 

X Its ivy-clad ruins overhanging the bankn of the beautiful river Roughty are still standing 
on the lands of Killowen in possession of E. Orpen Palmer Esq., the present head of the family. 

§ The following is a verbatim copy of the oaUi. " Association. We the underidgned do hereby 
in defence of our lives and religion associate ourselves in a body within the Fort of Killowen 
against the enemies of the Protestant Church and will from time to time to the utmost of our 
power behave ourselves according to all such directions as shall bo given us by Thomas Palmer 
and Richard Orpen for our management and safety until we are received into command of His 
Highness the Prince of Orange. In testimony whereof we have taken our oaths upon the Holy 
Evangelists and put our hands and seals this last day of January 168f ." 


which has attracted much notice,* they capitulated on honourable terms. These 
terms were however shamefully brokenf by the enemy, and the brave but unhappy 
garrison, plundered, deceived, and crowded (only eight families of skilled iron- 
workers being held back by the Irish) into two small vessels, only succeeded at last 
in making their way to Bristol on March 26th, after much hardship and in sony 
plight Mr. Palmer, it would seem, after a short stay in Endand, came back to his 
old home and work at Kilmare with his little band of settlers, and s{>ent the 
remaining ten^ years of his life and ministry among them.§ It was during this 
period, if not before, (Sir B. Burke and Dr. Brady erroneously, it is thought, say 
1652) that he obtained several grants of land in estate, also some on lease renew- 
able for ever, embracing the present town of Kenmare and surrounding district, 
which in 1770, through legal ignorance on the part of the then possessor, became 
the property of the Earl of Shelburne. || 

Kev. Thomas Palmer was married twice. First, in 1669 to Jane Mary, d. of 
Sir William (or Sir Eichard) Aldworth of Duhallow or Newmarket, Co. Cork, 

• Maoaalav's History, vol. iii. pp. 136-189, 161. 8mith*B History of Kerry, 1766, pp. 317-321. 
— H. F. CiuacVs History of the Kingdom of Kerry, pp. 288-292. London: 1871. 

t Vid. a very rare pamphlet in Library of King's Inns, Dublin, written by the above mentioned 
Bichaid Orpen, and entitled '* An exact Relation of the Penecutions, Bobberies, and Losses sos^ 
4ained by the Protestants of Killmare, in Ireland. With an account of their erecting a fortress 
to defend themselves against the bloody insolenoes of the Papists. Also. The Way & Manner of 
their happy escape into England, together with the reasons why the Protestants there did not 
requit tnemselves and take the field, or make their flip^ht sooner. As likewise. Some natural 
conclusions that plague and inline will arise forthwith m that Kingdom. By a principal manager 
in that action. By authority. London : printed for Thomas Bennet, at tiie Half Moon, in ^ 
Paul's Churchyard, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor, near Stationers* Hall, 1689.'* 

X Rev. T. Palmer must have been dead in 1702, for his son in that year leased ground at 
Kenmare to Gbvemment for site of barracks. All the early parish Records of Kenmare were 
Unhappily destroyed in a fire at the Rectory in early part of present century. 

§ Much interesting information is contained in another rare pamphlet, also by Richard Orpen, 
in Library of Trinity College, Dublin, (marked, <* Pamphlets" P. pp. 8.) entitled "The London 
Master or the Jew detected." It nves an account of the fraudulent and wilful shipwreck of a ship 
called the ^* Laurel " in the River Kenmare, — and contains a solemn statement by Rev^ Thomas 
Palmer " in verbo saoerdotis " — ^giving his opinion on the matter — relating also a grievous calamity 
whidi the shelter and lodging ne gave to the shipwrecked sailors with their goods brought on 
himself viz. the burning and robbing of his own house at the ** Sound,*' Kenmare, at midnight, 
January 29*" 1693 by the " Tories.*; 

His life was saved on that occasion by the influence which his wife Julia, a native Chieftain's 
daughter, nossessed with the Irish Robbers, but documents of the greatest value and interest were 
burned and lost. 

[I For further information about Mr. Palmer, vid. Burke's Landed Gentry, Article ** Palmer of 
Killmare," Edition I8i>2.— Also Parliamentary Gktzetteer of Ireland 1846, sub voce <* Killowen." 
Reference is also made to him and M'. Orpen, and a great number of Nobility, Dignitaries and GKentiy 
by Archbishop King, who gives at len^^ an Act of Attainder passed against them in the Irish 
Parliament, from wmch the following is an extract : — ** Ak Act for the Attainder of divers Rebels, 
and for preserving the Interest of Loyal Subjects. Humbly beseech your Majesty, the Commons 
in this present Parliament assembled, That whereas a most horrible Invasion was made by your 
unnatural Enem^ the Prince of Orange, invited thereunto and assisted by many of your Majesty's 
rebellious and traitorous subjects .... having likewise to obtain their wicked ends raised and 
levied open Rebellion and War in several places in this Kingdom, and entered into Associations 
and met in Conventions in order to call in and set up the said IVince of Orange. . . . That it 
may be enacted . . . that the persons hereafter named, being Persons who have notoriously 
joyned in the said Rebellion and Invasion, and some of which are upon Indictments condemned 
some executed for High Treason, and the rest ran away, or abscond, or are now in the actual service 

of the Prince of Orange against your Majesty (vis.) Richard Orpin of 

Oortkiniinny Gent Tho. Palmer of Oortaglasa Clerk, &c. all late of the county kbrky 

every of them shall be deemed, taken & reputed, and are hereby declared and 

adjudged Tractors, and shall suffer such pains of Death,Penalties, & Forfeitures, respectively as 
in cases of High Treason are accustomed. 

Provided however, the Act proceeds, that if the attainted Persons surrendered themselves to 
stand their trial by the tenth day of August^ 1689, and shall be acquitted, that then and in sudi 
case they should lie freed from the above pains and penalties. Vid, Archbishop King't ** SUUe of 
the FroUstanta of Ireland under the late JT. Jameea Oovernment" — 1730. Append, 1-17. 



Secondly to Julia (Shelah), d. of The Mac Cartliy More. By his second wife he had 
no issue. By his first wife he had issue two sons, A. Thomas, B. Hev. George, 
and four daughters, C. Isabella, 1). Mary, £. Cecilia, F. Margaret. 

A. tme»^%. 

Thomas Palmer, eldest son of Boy. Thomas Palmer, married Ellen Colclough, d. 
of Dudley Colclough, of Duffrey Hall, Esq., Co. Wexford (cousin of Sir T. 
Colclough of Tintem Abbey) and had issue, I. Abraham, II. Thomas (who m. Miss 
Sulliran, and had issue, a. Abraham, h. John, who m. Martha Palmer), III. George 
(who m. Hannah Duckett, and had issue, a, Thomas, who m. Petra Mayberry, b. 
G-eorge, e. William) — IV. Margaret (who m. Samuel Duckett, son of William 
Duckett, Esq. by Mary Allwell and had issue, a, Abraham, who m. Isabella Tophami 
h. Thomas, m. Sarah Palmer, e. Peter, who m. Sarah Trinwith, d, William, m. 
Arabella Giles, e. Petra, who m. first — Mayberry Esq., and secondly Thomas 
Palmer, vid supra). V. Sarah, who m. — Aldworth, Esq. VI. Ellen, who m. — 
Morgan, Esq. VII. Martha, who m. — Sullivan, Esq. 

I. AURATTAM (eldest son of Thomas) m. Isabella Duckett, d. of William 
Duckett, Esq., and had issue a. Caleb, b. Abraham, who m. Sarah Wren, relict of 
Sichard Smith, Esq., and had issue, Thomas and Abraham, M.B.C.S. and M.B.I. A., 
e. Mary, who m. — King Esq. d. Martha, who m. John Palmer, Esq., vid. supra. 
e. Sarah, who m. Allwell, Esq. f, Hannah, who m. Topham, Esq. 

a. CALEB (eldest son of Abraham), ob. 1793, m. Dorcas Twiss, d. of William 
Twiss, Esq., of Ballybeg by his wife Avice, d. oF John Godfrey, Esq., and had issue, 
». Abraham ; «. Rev*. William, B.A. Dub. 1808, m. Catherine Twiss ; in. George, 
m. Margaret Giles ; iv. Caleb, ccel. ; v. Avice (who m. William Peacock, Esq., and 
had issue, a. William, fi. John)-^!'^- Isabella (who m. James Eagar, Esq., and had 
issue, a. Thomas, who m. Lydin Langley ; p. Alexander, who m. Ella Deverell, 
etc.)— vu. Catherine, who m. Bev. John Carey, and had issue, a. Malcolm, p, 
Dorcas, y. Anne Jane, 8. Isabella. 

t. ABRAHAM (eldest son of Caleb), of Lower Dominick Street, Dublin, and 
Ashgrove, Co. Kerry, m. 1805 Margaret, eldest daughter of Major Edward Orpen, 
of Killowen, Eenmare, and had issue, a. Edward Orpen, fi. Caleb Hichard, y. Henry 
Oipen, B.L., ob. o<b1. (a learned genealogist) *, 8. Aoraham, ob. inf. ; c. Charles, ob. 
infT; i. William; 17. Abraham Orpen, ob. cgbI. ; 6. Lucinda, ob. inf.; t. Dorcas 
Maria; k. Margaret Lucy, ob. ccel. 

a. (^BtoatD'^^timt (eldest son of Abraham), of Ashgrove and of Eillowen, 
Kenmare, bom May 1, 1807 m. Oct. 5, 1841, at Killintiema Church, Co. Kerry, 
Elizabeth- Agnes Herbert, d^ daughter of Capt. Bobert Hutchinson Herbert, B.N!* 

• Elizabeth Agnea Herbert (wife of Edward Orpen Palmer.) Her genealogy taken from family 
tree of Earls of Powis and other sources, is as follows. Pbpin« of Landen, Mayor of the Palace in 
Afutrasia, ob. 639, had issue (generation A.) 1. Grimoald, 2. Begga — A. 2. Be^ga had issue (gene- 
ration B.) Pepin of Heristel, duke of the Franks, ob. 714— B. Pepin had issue (generation C.) 1. 
Drogo, duke 01 Champagne. 2. Grimoald, Mayor in Neustria. 3. Charles Martel, duke of the 
Franks, ob. 741— O. 3. Charles Martel had issue (gen. D.) Carloman, who became a monk 747. 
2. Pepin Le Bref., King of the Franks, 752. 3. Grypho ob. 753— D. 2. Pepin had issue TE.) 
Chaklbmaonb 768-814. King of the Franks and Lombards and Emperor of the Romans, had 
iflsue (F.) 1. Charles. 2. Pepin, King of It(^, ob. 810. 3. Louis Le Debonnaire, King of France. 
— P. 2. P«;n>j, had issue (gen. G.), Bemhard, King of Italy, 818.— ^w^Aarrf had issue (H.| Pepin, first 
Count of Vermandois — who had isaue (I.) Herbert Count of Vermandois, who had issue (J.) 
Merhert Count of Yermandois and Troyes ; he m. Hildebrante, d. of Robert, Duke of France aud 
Count of Anion, and had issue (K.) 1. Albert. 2. Herbert (Count de Meaux ; he m. Ogina d. of 
Edwsfd the Slder, King of England and widow of Charles the Simple, King of France). 3. Robert 
Count of Troyes. 4 Eudes or Otho. 5. Hugh, Archbishop of Rheims. 6. Alix, who m. first 
Count of Flanders. 7. Luitgard, who m. Duke of Normandy.- K. 1. Albert Count of Vermandois 
m. Gerberge, d. of Gilbert duke of Lorraine, and had issue (L ) 1. Albert 2. Eudes or Otho — 
L. 2. Otho Count of Vermandois had issue (M.) 1. Herbert Count of Vermandois. 2. Eudes or 
Otiio. 3. Petei^— M. 3. Peter had issue (N.) Herbert^ chamberlain to King William Rufus, (he m. 
Emma, d. of Otho, Count of Blois and sister of Stephen Count of Champagne, father of Stephen, 


of Lakeview, Killamey, and has issue 1. Bev. Abraham Henry Herbert, bom 
January 29th, 1813, at Tralee, baptized April 14, 1843, B.A., Dub., 1865, ordained 
Dec. 23, 1866 by Archbishop of Dublin. — 2. Eobert, ob. inf. 8. Elisabeth Agnes. 
4. Margaret Dorcas (Maud). 5. Agnes Laura. 

p. t^&Ub^Viit^BXV, of Ashbrook Eaheny, Co. Dublin, and Eusthane, Co. Kerry, 
m. first Anne Smythe, d. of Capt. Ralph Smythe, 7th Dragoon Guards, and bj her 
has issue, 1. Kev. Abraham iSmythe, nat. 1844, Univ. Schol. 1865, B.A. Dub. 1868, 
of Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. 2. Henrietta Adelaide. 3. Sarah Maria, m. E. 
Freeman, Esq. 4. Margaret Anna, m Bev. L. King, LL.D. 5. Anna Victoria. 

6. Emily Theodora. He m. secondly Harriet Archer, and has issue, 7. Herbert, 
ob. inf. 8. Kathleen. 9. Edith, 

y. SKiUuUtl, J.P- of Boxboro, Co. Armagh, m. Emma Margaret Armstrong, sister 
of B. Armstrong, Q.C., Sergeant at Law, and has issue, 1. Abraham. 2. Benjamin. 
8. Bichard. 4. Elizabeth, ob. inf. 5. Margaret, m. A. Turretin, Esq. 6. IsabeUa. 

7. Emma Dorcas. 8. Elizabeth. 9. Ida Mary. IQ. Florence Christiana. 

King of England)— He had issue (0.) 1. Herbert 2. William, Aichbishop of York, 1163. 
3. Stephen. 4. BoDert 5. Gilbert — O. 1. ff&rbert, chamberlain to King Henry I. ; he m. Julian or 
Sibyl, d. of Sir Robert Corbet of Aloester, Go. Warwick, and had issue (P.) Herbert Fitzherbert 
chamberlain to King Stephen 1140, ob. 1206. He m. Lucy, d. of Milo Earl of Hereford and had 
issue (Q.) 1. Reginald. 2. Peter-Q. 2. PeUr, Sheriff of Yorkshire 1216, ob. 1236, m. Isabel, d; 
of William de Braose, Baron of Brecknock and widow of David, son of Llewellyn Prince of Wales 
— He had issue (R.) Herbert Fitzpeter, ob. 1247, had issue (S.^ 1. Reginald, 2. Peter — 8. 1. 
Beginald Fitzherbert m. Joan, d. of William de Fortibus, Lord oi Chenton, Co. Somerset, and had 
issue (T.) 1. John. 2. Peter. 3. Lucy— T. 2. Feter Fitzreginald had issue (U.) 1. Roarer. 2. Peter. 
— U. 2. Feter m. Alice, d. of Blethin Broadspeare, Lord of Llan Howel; he had issue (V.) BegifuM^ 
who m. Margaret, d. Sir John Walsh, and had issue (W.) Adam ap Reginald, who m. Christian, d. 
of Gwaring Des, Lord of Llandillo and had issue (X.) 1. Sir Thomas. 2. Jenken — X. 2. Jenken m. 
Owenlian, d. of Sir Aaron ap Reice ap Bledry, Knight of Rhodes and Lord of Kelsant, and had issue 
(Y.) Ouillem, m. Gwenlian, d. of Howel Vachan and had issue (Z.) 1. Thomas. 2. John (ancestor 
of mmily of Rogers) 3. David (ancestor of Morgans of Tredegar and Llanchangel. 4. Howel 
(ancestor of the Gwvns) — Z. 1. Sir Thomas ap Guillem, m. Maud for Miot), d. of Sir John Morley, 
Loid of Ragland and Chepstow, and had issue ^^eneration A\) 1. Sir Willifun. 2. Philip. 3. Evan 
(ancestor of the Gwyns and Raglans of Gibmorganahire. 4. Howell (ancestor of Powells and 
Vaughans of Perthv and Canriddel.) 6. David (ancestor of Hughs of Gillougb and Gwithen of 
Gwent)— A* 1. Sir WILLIAM HERBERT, called William ap Thoma8,made Knight Banneret 1416, • 
m. Gladys, d. of Sir David Gam (and widow of Sir Robi. Vaughan, who saved King Henry V.*s life' ?!• ^ ^ r 
at Battle of Agincourt) and had issue (gen. B^^ 1. Sir WilHam, who m. Anne, d. of Sir Walter 
Devereux. He was created Baron Herbert of Chepstow, Ragland, and Gower, 1461, and Earl of 
Pembroke 1468, ob. 1469. 2. Sir Richard.— B^ 2. Sir Richard of Colebrooke, a man of great 
stature, shun with his brother the Earl of Pembrooke by the Lancastrians in 1469 ; he m. Margaret, 
d. of Thomas ap Griffith ap Nicholas, and had issue (gen. C'.) 1. Sir William. 2. Sir Richard 
(whose great grandson Sir Edward Herbert was created Baron Herbert of Cherbury, 1629, and Sir 
Edward s great great grandson was created Earl of Powis 1748.) 3. Thomas (ancestor of Herbeits 
of Tinten^ — C*. 1. Sir William of Colebrooke, Co. Monmouth, m. Jane d. of Sir William Griffith 
of Penryn, and had issue (D^.) Sir Jtiehard, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Weston Brown, of 
Essex, and had issue (E*.) Sir WtUia*Hf Sheriff of Monmouth, 1661 ; he m. Dionysia, d. of Edmund 
Agmondisham Esq., and had issue (F'.) Matthew^ Sheriff of Monmouth, 1681 ; he m. Aime, d. of 
l^tthew Herbert of Swansea, and nad issue (G*) William^ m. Catherine, d. of Sir Wm. Morgan of 
Tredegar, and had issue (H^.) 1. William. 2. John. 3. Richard. 4. Matthew. 6. Jamee— -B^ 2. 
/oAm, m. Amy, d. of John Amy, of Abergavenny, Esq., and had issue (I^) Matthew m. Joanna, d. of 
John Price, of Crickhowell, Co. Bzecknock, Esq., and had issue (JU THOMAS HERBERT, seated 
first at Montgomery, afterwards at Kilcow, near Castleisland, Co. Kerry Lreland ; he m. Mary, d. of 
Edward Kenny, of Cullen, Co. Cork, Esq., and had issue (K^.) 1. Edward (who m. i^nea, d. of 
Patrick Crosbv of Tubbrid, Co. Kerry, Esq. From this Edward come in direct line the Herberts of 
MuckrosB Abbey, Co. Keiry. His son was Edward — His son Thomas— His son Henry Arthur— 
His son Charles John — His son Henry Arthur — His son Henry Arthur, the present poasesaor, m. 
Hon. Miss Keane.) 2. John ob. sine prole. 3. Arthur. — K*. 3. Arthur setUed at Curroia, Co. 
Kerry, also owner of Cahimane ; he m. Mary, d. of G^rge Bastable, Esq., and had issue (L'.) 1. 
George, who m. Jane, d. of Maurice Fitzgerald, Knight of Kerry. 2. John, m. Mary Giblnns. 3. 
Thomas, m. the widow of The M^^Gillycuddy. 4. Edward. 6. Arthur, m. Lucy Brewster. 
6. Bastable. 7. Francis. 8. Charles. 9. Maig*. m. Will. Saunders, Esq. 10. Agiies, m. Rev. 
Thomas Oipen, eldest son of Richard Orpen of ^illowen and his wife Isabella, d. of Rev. Thomas 
Palmer, via. supra, Rector of Kenmare. 11. Charity (Cherry) m. Richard Chute of ChutehaU, Co. 


Rey. George Palmer, B. A. Dublin 1713 (Rector of Kiltallagh* etc. near Castle- 
maine, Co. Kerry), second son of Bev. Thomas Palmer, — he is mentioned in 
Primate Boulter's Lettersf — ^he m. Margaret White, d. of William White, Esq. of 
Bantiy, and had issue 1. Thomas s.p. II. John s.p. III. OEOROE (one of the 
original Directors of Bank of Ireland on its foundation, in 1783, elected governor, 
180i3, ob. 1S13, set. 74.) He m. June 1766 Anne Bickerton (only d. and heiress of 
Daniel Bickerton, Esq. of Milestown, Castle Bellingham, who was son of Eobert 
Bickerton of Cantiluff (Chantilly ?), Co. Armagh, and his wife Anne Bellingham) — 
and had issue, a, Eev. Daniel of Milestown, nat. 1770, ob. 1834 (m. Elizabeth Alley ne 
and had issue, t. George Fortescue of Milestown, u. John Alleyne.) h. George (nat. 
1771, m. Mary Franks, d. of Matthew Franks, Esq. of Dublin, and had issue, f. 
Catherine, ob. inf., ii. 'M^atj Anne, ob. inf.) — c, Bichard, nat. 1778, (m. Frances 
Woolsey, d. of Bev. W. Woolsey of Castle Bellingham, and had issue, t. George 
William, of Milestown, ob. 1867, s.p. n. Bickerton, ob. ccel. Hi. Mary Anne, m. 
Rev. Mr. Smith, tp. Frances Lucy.) d, Henry, killed in India, e. Margaret, nat. 
1769. She m. Sir Rob. Bamewell, Bart., ob. 1836, and had issue Mary Anne, who m. 
Clarges Buxton, Esq. of Ardee, Co. Louth. / Lucy [nat. 1772, m. Kev. John Meo, 
of Chantilly Glebe, Tynan, Co, Armagh, and had issue, i. John Burges (who m. Miss 
Cbdfrey, and had issue, Elizabeth and Lucy.) U. Anne (who m. Kev. W. Loftie, of 
Tandragree, Co. Armagh, and had issue Lucy, who m. John Stoney, M.D., Dublin.) 
m. Lucj.] — g. Jane, nat. 1773, ob. 1851, [m. Thomas Ball, Esq. of High Park, 
Drumcondra, Co. Dublin, Master in Chancery, and had issue ». William Shirley, Capt. 

Keny, Esq. 12. Lucy — I^. 6. Battubk of Brewsterfield, Co. Keny, m. Barbara, d. of Maurice 
FitigBxald, Knight of Keiry, and had issue (M".) 1. Arthur. 2. Barbara, m. Kichaixi Bowden, Esq. 

3. Lucy, m. Sam. Leahy, £Jsq. 4 Sophia, m. George Chute, Esq. 6. Mary, m. Rev. Edwd. Herbert 
— M*. 1. Arthur, who married 1777, Barbara, d. of Emanuel Hutchinson Esq., by Hannah, d. of 
Humphrey Massy, Esq.. and had issue (N".) 1. Rev. Bastable Herbert (of Eilgarvan, Co. Kerr}* ; 
he m. Maxy Standish, uid had issue Mary, wno m. Rev. James Gt>ing and Frances, m. R. Hungorford 
Orpen.) 2. Emanud, ob. sine prole. 3. Massy (m. Eliza Orpen, d. of M^or Open of KUlowen, 
and haid issue, vid. infra, text C. I. e. xii.) 4. Arthur, ob. sine prole. 6. Robert Hutchinson. 6. 
Rev. Edward, ob. cobI. 7. Hannah, coeL 8. Barbara, [m. David Morphy, Esq., and had issue, 
Edward, ob. coel., John, ob. ooel., David, ob. coel., Richard (who m. Margaret Bland and had issue, 
vid. C. I. i. iii. c.) — Massy, Barbara, Ellen, Lucinda, Frances.] — 9. Ludnda Tm. Francis Christopher 
Bland of Jjerryquin Castle and had issue James (who m. Emma Taylor, ana had issue, vid. D. it. a. 
viii.), Arthur, Edward, Nathaniel, ob. oobL, John, ob. coel., also Elizabeth (who m. F. H^de of 
Sneem, and has issue), Lucinda (m. Cap. T. Stuart, R.N. of Glanmire, Co. Cork, and has issue), 
Frances (m. T. Fuller of Sneem, and has issue), Mary ob. coel., Letitia (m. Henry Stokes of Sneem, 
and has issue), Christiana (m. R. Thompson of Castleisland, and has issue), Clara, m. Wm. Allen, 
and has issue.] — 10. Margaret [who m. W. Hilliard of Tralee, and had issue William, George, 
Bastable, Mary, Gertrude, Margaret.] — 11. Frances [who m. Hon. Col. Philip Cocks, brother of 
•Lord Somers, and had issue, Charles, Philip, Henry, John, Frances (who m. rhilip Allen) ] — N". 
6. Captain Robert Hutehinton^ R.N. of Lakeview, Killamey, who m. Elizabeth, d. of Natnaniel 
and Letitia Bland ^vid. text C. I. j. iii. 8.) and had issue (O.) U Arthur, 2. Nathaniel, 3. Robert, 

4. Franda, 6. Letitia, 6. Barbara, 7. Elizabeth Agnet^ who m. Edward Onien Palmer of Killowon, 
and has issue — (vid. C. I. iii. d. 7.)— Rev. A. Henry Herbert, Robert, ob. inf., Elizabeth Agnes, 
Margaret Dorcas (Maud.), Agnes Laura. 

* Rev. George Palmer was Rector of several parishes — viz. Killorglin, Knockane, Kiltallough, 
Kilgarrinlander, also of Currens worth about £200 per ann. (all in the Diocese of Aidfert and 
Agnadoe.) The^ were crown livings anrouped together — and he was presented to them by the 
Duke of l^orset m 173d, at request of Primate Boulter. 

t The foUowing is the passage alluded to. '* There is a favour I have to ask your Grace which 

is that your Grace would be pleased to order M'. George Palmer to be presented 

to the said Rectories. M'. Palmer is a clergyman of a very fair character in my diocese, and was 
bom in that neighbourhood, or he would hardly have the courage to think of removing into 
Kerry. The granting of. this request will be esteemed an obligation by him who is, My Lord, 
ftc" — Vid. Boulter!s Letters, vol. ii. p. 106-109. a.d. 1770. Before his promotion to Kiltallagh, 
etc., Gkorge Palmer had held the office of Priest Vicar Choral in Armagh Cathedral, his appoint- 
ment dating February, 1723, on a vacancy caused by the resignation of Rev. William Martin 
(Regist. Lindsay, fol. 83). He was succeeded by Rev. Richard May, whose appointment is dated 
November 28, 1736. (Vid. Cotton's Fasti, vol. iii. p. 67). 


8^ HuBsars, (m. Jaae Wilton and had issue, a. Thomas Shirley, m. Miss Norton— jS. 
Arthur Wm., m. Miss Humphreys of Balljhaise, Co. Cavan — y. Jane. S. Georgiiui 
m. Hon. Mr. Melville.) — u. G-eorge Palmer, m. Anne. iv. Jane, m. Wm. Armitage 
Moore, v. Mary Anne. vi. Lucy.] — h. Anne, nat. 1777, ob. 1858. She m. Bichard 
Williams* Esq. of Drumeondra Castle, Co. Dublin, and had issue t. Thomas (nat 
1810, m. 1^7 Marian, eldest d. ot Sir Mathew Barrington, Bart, of Qlenstal Castle, 
Co. Limerick ; m. 2^^ Georgina Lees — s.p.) — m. George Gibbons (nat. 1811, m. 
Emma, d. of John Highfield, Esq., of Liverpool. He settled at New York and had 
issue, Richard, George, Charles, Aoraham, Frederick, Catherine, Anne.) — m. lUchard 
Palmer, nat. 1814, of Glaslinn, Clontarf, Co. Dublin. — iv. Charles Watkin (nat 
1820, m. Anne, d. of John Highfield, Esq., of Aigburth, Liverpool and has issue 
Watkin, and Eliza) — v, Anne (nat. 1808, m. Daniel Barrington, second son of Sir 
Joseph Barrington, Bart, of Limerick, and had issue, a. Thos. William, ob. inf. p. 
Capt. Joseph Thomas, B.A. — y. Bichard W^illiams. 3. Anne, m. Walter Ker 
Mackinnon, Capt. 8rd Buffs, c. Mary Anne Charlotte, m. John Rayley, Esq., of 
Debsborough, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary,) m, Mary Anne, m. John Vatiderkisto of 
Limerick, Esq., s.p. — vii. Lucy, m. Hugh Harris of Ashford, Tirnan, Co. Armagh 
J. P. and has issue, a. Margaret Anne. p. Mary Anne Madeline (who m. Chaa. 
Mayne, M.D., Dublin.) y. Lucy Henrietta, fi. Eugenia Porter, c. Eliza Louisa Edith. 

IV. Hekbt, (fourth son of Bev. George Palmer) m. Miss Bolingbroke and had 
issue, a. John (who m. Lucy Conway of Carlow and had issue, John, Mary, Amelia) 
b. St. Leger (m. Miss Poyl and had issue), e, Henry (m. Miss Norman), d, Thomas. 
e. 0*Bnen. fi Charles y. Anne (m. Thomas Stewart^ Esq., and had issue WiUiam, 
St. Leger, Percy, Emily, Olivia, Anna Maria.) 

V. Anne (eldest d. of Rev. George Palmer), m. — Cross Esq. VI. Lucy, m. 
John Wolsey, Esq. VII. Elizabeth [(third d. of Eev. George Palmer) -— m. 
Hughes, Esq., and nad issue, a. Jane (who m. Campbell, Esq.) 5. Lucy (m. — Bower, 
Esq.) c. Margaret, d, Elizabeth] — VIII. Margaret. IX. Mabel. 


Made March 25th, 1872, by Sir W. O, Trevelyan, Bart. 
The Registers, which commence in 1559, are well preserved. 


1684 19^ October, John Jerman Gent : to Dorothy Beamont (She was pro- 
bably widow of Glidd Beaumont, Rector of Gittisham). 

1670 22* Sep**, Henry Fry of Deer-park to M» Margaret Crossing, widow. 

1656 1«* October, The worsbipful Martyn Sanford of the Parish of Nynehead, 
Somerset, was married to M** Margret Putt, daughter of the Right Wor- 
shipfull William Putt Esq' before the foresaid William Putt, one of the 
Justices of the Peace for the County. 


1597, 1^ June, Grace, daughter of M' Tho« Beaumont. 

1603, 12"» Febr. John, son of Tho« Beaumont. 

1604, 2l»* AugsS Susanna, daughter of John Willoughby (of Peyhembury). 
1607, 19tt» Jany, Bridgett, daughter of John Willoughby. 

1609, 5 April, lliomas, son of Thomas & Dorothy Beaumont. 

1628, 18 Dec', Glidd, son of Glidd and Dorothy Beaumont, (his second wife). 

* He was non of Thomas, who was son of William, third son of Richard (of Leighton Bnanrd, 
Bodfordflhire), who ilia believed was son of William, third son of Roger Williams of Fleet Street, 
London, mentioned in *< Le Neve's Baronets," Heralds' Office, London. Any information on this 
point will be gladly received by Richard Palmer Williams, Esq., of 28, Dame street, Dublin. 



1630, 17 June, Maria daughter of G-Iidd Beaumont. 

1687y 7 October, Charles, son of John BoUe Esq', and the Lady Christian his wife. 

(he died &^ August 1688) [note in liegister. W. C. T.] M' KoUe 

rented Combe, the seat of the Putt family. 




14 August, Humphrey Beaumont. 

18 Jan^. Dorothy wife of Thomas Beaumont. 

4 March, Elizabeth wife of Henry Beaumont Esq. 
l-li May, Joane (1*^) wife of G-lidd Beaumont (fiector). 

6 April, Glidd Beaumont (Bector of Gittishain). 
16 July, Henry son of Martyn Sanford Esq'. 

1 August, William son of — — 

1 July, Joan, daughter of — — 



17 August, Henry son of Martyn Sanford Esq'. 
2 Feb'. Hannah daughter of — — 
20 May, William son of — — 

24 May, Joan daughter of — — 

There are in the Eegisters many entries of the Putt family, who came into the 
parish by the purchase of Combe, the estate of the Beaumont famii;^, in 1615. 
Thomas, grandson of the purchaser, was created Baronet in 1666. Sir Thomas, 
the 2^ Baronet, died early in the 18^ century without male issue— (in 1721 or 
1772.) The first entry of a member of the Futt family, is the burial— 1632, 2^ 
August, of Nicholas Putt, gen^ probably the purchaser. 



Communicated by Captain Newtome, R,E,*^ 

Will" Newsom of Kewsom HsU.^ 



John Kewiom of Newsom Hall, Inq. p. mort. 8th Hen. ¥111.,^. . . d. of — 
1516. Geo. N. foand his ion & heir, and then aged 14 yean. Singleton. 



Information is dwirod relating to the later dosoents of the Newsome &mily. 


Qeorge TSewtota of^Alioa d. of Sir H;^. EighlBj Et. of Iiukipp Co. Lsnc. who 
'" " " coDuunded Kehen St FloddenVidd 1613, he being then 

["Sir Ht. Eighl^ Kt. in oonjunetioii with Sir W" 
Stank; and Sir W Holjnnii oommanded > bodj of 
Anben at Floddeo Held, and fbioed tba SooU "~ '~~ 

Newaom Hall, ion 
& h^ aged 14 at 
hU rather'B death, 
and so bom dros 


John Ifew- =^G>noe d. of Henrr Bichatd N. of Eking-^Qoditha d. of Humph. Elu'* S. ni. 
■omofNew- I PiMUinofPratoD. ton Co. Derby, teatr. I CoIuidImII of Staocliff John Walwn 
torn Hall. 1670. Co. Derby. of — jeoman. 

Urauls dM unm'd. Blii'^=i=Jahn Pott of Standi? jur 

Bridget Feroival John P. 

£1it'^ d. of Bar<«paeorgeIfewM)mofHe«M>mH*]l=pCath. d. of'rhoe. Col- £ht'' ux. Tboa. 
Elfion of I liiq. p. niort. 28'" Klii'^. eld. eon rile of Endcrby in Wilkinaon o( 

Brockholea. ' Bobt. then aged U&8B) 82 jeara. Com. Bichmond. OamaDg, jeD- 

Grace N. 

Eobart NewBOm^Elii" d, of Grarga Kew. 

Dridget= Jaa. Taylor 

Anne Ob' 

of Semiow Hill 

— Bher- aouiob'i. u. 


b^ at Bi>pl,am 

bourne of 


Feb. 9th, 1624 





y old in 1586, 

and M bom 

ciroa 1553 

Rich'' Newioin ofu Barbara d. of 
Mo»>om HoU 16 Edmund 
Feby., 1 632. Fleetwood of 

P'' hia brother's Bosihall Co. 

Thomai Neirgoni c-ili.=Anne d. of AtnJ*" 
and merch' Taylor of I Hedgea of Ch»ll«^ 
London. Will p' in Co. OxoD. 

Otir,, 1684. 

Qeorge John N. Alio 

Ellen ui, Hy. Grace ui Jus. 

Lund hop Widow' Draper of Cocker- 
of Co. Lane. ham, Co. Lane. 


order o' 


Communicated hy W. W, H, Wynne^ Esq. of Peniarth. 

In drawing up the following Pedigree, the compilei; lias not entered into the 
earlier descent or the G^raldine race from Other, a posseBsor of many Lordflhips 
in Sun*ey, Backinghamshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, and Wilts, in the time of 
Edward the Confessor, nor the question of his alleged descent from the Gherardeni, 
ancient Lords of Tuscany. They are to be found in many of the peerages, 
and, in particular, in that valuable account of his own family by the present 
Marquis of Kildare. 

Such as this Pedigree is, it has been compiled with much care ; as to that part 
of it prior to the settlement in Wales of a branch of the G-eraldines, from the 
best historical evidences which the compiler could obtain, and after the settlement 
of that branch in Wales, from a Tax Eoll of the county of Merioneth of 1293-4 
in the Public Becord Officio,. Ministers' Accounts of the Crown during a long series 
of years, in the same Bepository, the family deeds, and parochial Begisters, and 
all these confirming the original Heraldic Visitation by Lewis Dwnn, in the 
Hengwrt collection, and many other pedigrees in the same collection and elsewhere. 

'^ It has been said that the three most noble names in Europe are : the De 
Yere's of England, the FitzQerald*s of Ireland, and the Montmorency's of 
Prance." (See Quarterly Review for April, 1860, p. 335.) Of these families, 
the first is extinct, the second yet occupies its former high position, as we believe 
does the third, in France. 

It is well known to those conversant in Welsh histoiy and genealogy, that 
a branch of the noble sept of the Oeraldines, or FitzOeralds, — Osbom, sur- 
named " Wyddel " (the Irishman),— settled in Merionethshire in the thirteenth 
century, and was founder of some of the most distinguished families in that 
county. Of these, the powerful houses of Yaughan of Corsygedol, and Wynne of 
Ynysymaengwyn and Mlaesyneuadd, are extinct ; the Wynnes of Peniarth continue 
to flourish.^ 

Some of the members of the Gheraldine line settled in Wales have been dis- 
tinguished for their literary attainments. Of these, Cadwalader Wynne, rector of 
Llanenddwyn, who died in 1684, translated from Latin into English, a work very 
scarce in its English form, entitled An Antidote against Sorrow^ published in 1650. 
A more eminent literary member of this house was the well-known " Bardd Cwsg," 
the Bev. Ellis Wynne, rector of Llanvair-juxta-Harlech, who died in 1734 ; and 
since his time lived his relation, William Wynne, rector of Llangynhaval, a dis- 
tinguished Welsh poet of the eighteenth century. Amongst the warriors of the 
house may be mentioned the celebrated David ap levan ap Einion, Constable of 
Harlech Castle during the Wars of the Boses, wno is so honourably referred to in 
the Life of Lord Herbert of Cherhury, (See Life of Lord Herbert^ pp. 7, 8, 
Strawberry Hill edition ; and Pennant's Tour^ vol. ii. p. 181, edition 1784, 4to ; 
also Hi9t. of the Owedir Family, 8vo edition, p. 76.) 

It may be added that it is probable that Osbom Wyddel was much concerned 
in the building of the very mteresting and beautiful church of Llanaber near 

W. W. E. Wtwne. 

VOL. I. U 






Showing how Osbom, styled by the Welsh heralds, " Wyddel " (the Irishman), 
was conneciked with the GhBraldines of Desmond, if the oelief of the late Sir 
William Betham, Ulster-King-at-Arms, after a search among his YolaminouB 
Oeraldine papers, was correct, that Osbom was a son of John EitE Thomas Pits 
Maurice Fitz Gerald de Windsor, the first Lord of Decies and Desmond. It is, 
indeed, improbable that he was a son of any other G^eraldine of Desmond. He 
could not have been son of an earlier one, and it is very unlikely that he waB 
of a later. 

"Ye GeraldineB! ye Genddinei! how royally ye reigned 
0*er Dennond broad and rich Eildare, and English arts disdained ; 
Your Bword made knighte, your banner waved, free was your bugle call. 
By Qlyn's green slopes and Dingle's tide, from Barrow's banks to Youghal. 
What gorgeous shrines, what Brehon lore, what minstrel feasts there were 
In and around MaynoothV strong keep and palace-filled Adare ! 
But not for rite or feast ye stayed when friend or kin were pressed j 
And foemen fled when * Crom a boo" ' bespoke your lance in rest." 

Thokas Davis. 

Genld Fits Walter De 'Windsor, Constable of the^Nesta, dau. of Bees ap Tudor, Prinoe of 8. 

Castle of Pembroke, living in 1106. (See Powell's 
Siit. of Wales, p. 168 : edition of 1684. ) 

Wales, living in 1106. She had previously been 
the wife of Stephen, Constable of Cardigan. 

1 William an- 2 Maurice Fitz Qerald, acoom-^Alioe, 

cestor to the panied Bich**. Strongbow, Earl dau. of 

Lords Gerard of Strigul, to Irelana, in 1168 ; Amulph 

and Mar- died in 1177 ; buried in the de Mont- 

n' es of Abbev of Qrey Friars at gomery . 

sdowne. Wexford. 

David, Bi- 
shop of s^ 

Davids from 
14 oal. Jan. 
May 1178. 

Angharad, wife of W". 
de Barry, by whom she 
Was mother of the cele- 
brated Oiraldus de 
Bany, sidled Cam- 

Gerald Fits Maurice, Iiord Thomas Fits Maurice,^Blinor, dau. of Alex- 
Justiciary of Ireland, an- sumamed** the Great," Jordan de ander. 
cestor to the Dukes of a grantee from King Marisco, or 
Leinster. He married John of an estate of Montmorency, 
Catherine, dau. of Hamo ten knights' fees ; died nieoe to her 
de Yalois,and died in 1205. in or before 1215. sister-in-law's 


II I ., 

Maurice. Ke8ts,wife 

of Heney 
Walter, de Mont- 
of Ire- 

John Fitz Thomas ; wardship and marriage of him=^Mai^ry, dau. and sole^Honora, dan: of 

eranted 17 King John, to Thomas Fitz Anthony, 
uie King's Seneschal of Leinster ; was of full age 
in 1229 s grantee of Decies and Desmond in 1269; 
slain at Callan in 1260* : founder of the Abbey of 

heir of Thomas Fits 
Anthony, Lord of Decies 
an d Desmond, first wife. 

Phelim O'Connor 
Kerry, second wife. 

JoADy nF^^^^)® ^^^ John, Osbom^ sur- Gilbert, an- 

dau: of 

second Lord of De- named by the cestor of 

cies and Desmond ; Welsh heralds tho White 

slain with his fathei», "Wyddel;" Knight. 

in 1260. see Mow. 

I I I 

John, an- Maurice, Thomas, an- 
cestor of ancestor cestor to the 
the of the Fitz Geralds 
Knight of Knight of ofthelaland 
Glynn. Kerry. of Kerry. 




niornaa Fits Maurice, called '^Nappagh " or ** the Ape,*' third^lCargaret, dau. of Walter de 
Lord of Bedes and Desmond ; by tuition only nine months Burgo, son of Walter, Earl of 
old when his father was Blain^ Ulster. 

Manrioe Fits Thomas, fourth Lord of Bedes and Desmond, created Barl of Desmond, and Lord ot 
the Falatme Begalities of the County of Kerry, by patent dated 27 August, 1329. 


Osbom, sumamed ^'Wyddel": 
(the Irishman), see above, 
settled in Wales in the IS'i" 
oentury ; assessed in the parish 
of Llaziaber, oo. of Merioneth, 
towards the tax of a fifteenth, 
in 1298 or 4.7 

" He oamo into Wales in y" raigne of Leoline y* groat Prince 
of Wales, about An**. 1237 [probably some years later],with whome 
be was in such finTor ft credit y* he obtained great and large 
possessions.'* Peniarth MS. N**. 6, in the autograph of BobOTt 
y aughan, the antiquary of Hengwrt. 

" Osbums other son called Cyn'. (Eenric) had Corsygedol, & 
his poroion of his fathers inheritance^ who left the same to his 
Sonne Llewelyn." Peniarth MS. N°. 6, in the autograph of 
Bobert Yaughan, the antiquary of Hengwrt. 

=*=Einion ap Osbom. Kenrio ap Osbom, of Oors-y-gedoL=p 

Gronw Lloyd, whose lands, Heilin ap Eiuion, Kenric. Llewelyn Goch. 
yet called Cae G-rono Lloyd, whose lands were 
escheated to the crown. Cors Heilin. 

^T^biffith ap Adda, of Dolgoch, in the parish of Towyn, and of Ynysymaen- 
gwyn ; a taxer of the IS*'* in 1293-4 ; Baglot (governor) of the Gemote 
of Estimaner, 3 and 7 Edw. III. His tomb is extant in Towyn Church. 

Binion ap Griffith, of Chiwlog, ap-i 
pointed Sheriff of Gamar?onshire 
for 3 years, 1 Oct. 25 Edw. III.— 
30 Husb'. 

1 ,1 I 

Nest, or Nesta, ^Llewelyn ap Eenric, Einion ap Kenrio.' 

heiress, married 
2»*'^Ievan Lloyd 


of Cors^T-gedol, 
first husband. 

th ap Llewelyn ap Kenric, of Cors-y— pEya, one of the daughters lorwertii. 

gedol, farmer of the Office of Sheriff of 
Merioneth, 46 Edw. III. ; Sheriff, 16 Bich. 
II., Woodwarden of the Comote of Esti- 

and co-heirs of Madoc ap 
Ellis, of Ofyniarth, in 
Edemion, sister and oo- 


maner at some period between 7 July 1382, j heiress of Leoline ap Angharad. 

and 12 Oct. 1385 ; died probably, between 
29 Sept. 20 Bich. II., and the same day 
1 Hen. lY. 

Madoo ap Ellis, Bishop of 

S*. A^apn, from 1357 to Jonet. 


Jonet^ wife 



deley, of the 

County of 



Einion ap Griffith ap Llewelyn, of Con-y-gedol,=pTanglwyst, dau. of 

Esq. Woodwarden of the Comote of Estimaner, 
at one time between 7 July 1382, and 12 Oct. 
1386 ; captain of forty archers for the King, 
from the CO. of Merioneth, 10 Bich. II. ; liying 
at Miehaebnas 20. Bioh. II. 

Bydderch ap leran 
Lloyd, of Gogerthan, 
co.of Cfurdigan," then 
and yet the greatest 

Angharad, wife of David 
ap Grono, of Burton in 
Denbighshire : they, and 
their two daughters, Eva 
and Angharad, were living 
upon 7 Oct. 4 Hen. YI. 






'lorwerih apBinion, 
Esq.; married 
Gwenllian, daa. of 
Kenrio ap Botpert, 
of Tesaingl, and re- 
lict of James Eyton, 
of Bjton, Co. of 
Flint. The Wynnes 
of Yn jsymaengwyn 
were descended 
from them. He was 
farmer of the yille 
of Towyn (Lessee 
of the Crown Bere- 
nues in that rille) 
and of the office of 
Bafflot (GtoTemor, 
Ruler,) of the Co- 
mote of Estimaner, 
at MiohaelmaSy 
1416 ; and hdd in 
farm, the office of 
Woodwarden of 
Estimaner, at Mi- 
chaelmas 1425, for 
a term of two years, 
that being the first. 


leran ap 
Einion, of 
one of the 
Barons of 
a juror in 
an inquisi- 
tion held at 
Bab, 6 Oct. 
1427; one 
of the Es- 
cheators of 
the Co. of 
at Michael- 
mas, 1432. 

dau. and 
co-heir of 
Darid de 
Co.of Meri- 
also, Darid 
son of G^^wi- 
do de Hen- 
dor, & in 
.grees; David 
apy Gwin 
Baron of 

Griffith ap Einion, of 
Cors-y-gedol, Esq. had 
two wives, but it is un- 
certain which was the 
first. They were, Lau- 
rea, dau. of Tudor 
Yaughan, brother of the 
celebrated Owen Glyn- 
dwr, and Man Lwyd, 
dau. of levan Llwrd 
ap Ghrono ap Kenno ap 
Cfynvelin. Ijaurea was 
also married to Bobin 
ap Griffith Goch, of 
Bhos, but it is uncertain 
which was her first 
husband. GMffith ap 
Einion, at Michafllmas 
1400, held on lease the 
office of Woodwarden 
of the Comote of Ar- 
dydwy for a term of 
two years, that being 
the 8econd,&at Michael- 
mas 1415 he held on 
lease the office of Baglot 
of the same Comote. 
He, by his wife Laurea, 
in whose right he was 
Lord of Gwyddelwem, 
one of the Baronies of 
Edemion, was ancestor 
of the Yaughons of 

Mali, wife of Hovel 
Sele, of Nanney, an- 
cestor to the Nanneyi 
of Nann^; see "the 
Spirits Bbisted Tree," 
notes to " Marmion." 
He was living at Mi- 
chaebnas 1400. She 
was married secondly to 
Owen ap Meredith ap 
David ap Griffith Yy- 
chan of Neuaddwen in 
the now county of 
Montgomefy, who was 
Hving 9 Dec. 144i6. 

Tibod, wife oi; first, 
Howel ap levan ap 
lorwerth, of Cynlkth ; 
secondly, of levan 
Yaughan ap levan 
Gethin,who was living at 
held on lease the office 
of Baglot of Aberta- 
natt ; thirdlv, of Grif- 
fith ap Blethin, of 
Mold, who was a joror 
in an inquisition at 
Bala, 6 Oct 1427. 

David ap levan ap Bhys ap 

Einion, *'gentil- levan ap 

man," the gallant Einion, 

Constable of Har- second 

lech Castle, referred son, fore- 

to above. During man of 

his custody of tmit the jury 

fortress, the tmfor- in an in- 

tunate Hen. YI. quisition 

found a refuge with- held at 

in its walls. David Harlech, 

was of Crynianh, in 27 

in Edemion, mar- ' Hen. Y I., 

riad, subsequently to one of the 

21 Feb. 22 Hen. ;jnry in an 

YI., Mannret, dau. mquisi- 

of John Puleston, tion held 

of Emral, Co. of in 81 

Flint, and was living Hen. YI. 
in 1468. 

dau. and 
heiress of 
Howel Yau- 
ghan, of Fro- 
noleu, Co. 
of Csmor- 
von, lineally 
from Owen 
Prince of 

Wales. She 
had previ- 
ously been 
the wife of 
Ithel ap 
Howel, of 
Berw in An- 

Griffith, third 
son, nutfried 
Sabel, dau. of 
levan ap Adda, 
of Pengwem in 
ancestor to the 
Mostyn family. 
Hendwr, in 
Edemion, and 
was living in 

Thomas, fourth 
son, living in 

John, youngest 
son, Uving in 

Margaret, eldest dau., wife of 
Madoc ap Howel, and of John 
ap David Lloyd, of PenUyn, who 
is named a " supervisor" in the 
will of Bees ap Ghriffith ap Aron, 
of Peniarth, dated 20 May 1476. 
It is unknown which was her first 

Mali, wife of David ap Bees ap 
levan ap Llewelyn Ddu, Baron of 
Kymer in Edemion. He was 
living upon 6 Oct. 1427, and was 
dead upon 25 Oct. 1444. He held 
in chi0r,of the Crown, on the day of 
his death, a tenement called Pres, 
in the ville of ^'UayeUyn " (Lian- 
uwohllyn), videlicet a 20*^ part of 
the Manor of Kemm (Kymer) ; 
remaining in the King's hands 
from 25 Oct. 1444, on account of 
the immature age of Bees, one of 
thesonsofthe said David. Mms' 
ieri AoemmU qf the Crowm,fif 
the year ending ai Miehaelma*, 




leran ap Bhyt, married probably be-nr^^^"^^ ^u* '^^ heiress of Bichard Bam 

fore 1 Oct. 1499, as there is extant, a 
release to him^ of that date, of certi^n 
lands, (now part of the Glyn estate), 
which are stated to hare been pre?i- 
oiisly pledged by Bichard Bamyille. 
leran ap Bhys was liWng upon 4 
March 4 Hen. YIU. (1613.) 

yille, supposed to be a brunch of the great 
familj of Bamrille, foresters of Wirral, in 
Cheshire. Through this marriage, Glyn, and 
much of the property in the parish of Llan- 
yihangel, came into the family, but probably 
thero was no mansion house at Q^lyn, at so 
early a period. Bich<*. Bamviile was living 
in 1 Bioh. III. 

Bytherch ap 
Bhys ; had 
Fronoleu. He 
was living 20 
July 1538, 
and died s.p. 
He was dead 
in 1563. 

John ap Jeran^pGwenuyar, or Owen Qu,dau. of Griffith 

ap Bhys, of 
Qlyn, "gent.," 
liying 27 Noy. 

ap Bdneyed ap Howel, of Sylyaen, Go. 
of Merioneth, " sent ; " sister & ono of 
the co-heirs of Edneyed Wynn, of Syl- 
yaen. She was married secondly to 
Thomas ap HumS^y ap Day id of Ber- 
riew, Oo. Montg. who was liying 17 July 
1576. She was liying 4"^ June 1578. 

.... wife .... wife of John ap Madoo 
of Moigan Yychan.'^ He is lessee in a 
apBobert. deed in which Bytheroh ap 
Bhys, aboye, is lessor, dated 
20 July 1538 ; & is witness to 
a deed to which John ap leyan 
ap Bhys b a party, dated 31 
Dec. 1521. 


^■^ ^^"^-f ^ 


Bobert Wyn ap John, = 
of Glyn, Esq. Coy enants, 
prior to his marriage, 
dated 10 and 19 Oct. 
VMA, died in 1592, be- 
tween the 23 April and 
24 May, indusiye. 

=Batherine, dau of Ellis ap 
Maurice, of Clenenney, Co. 
of Camaryon, Esq., who 
was sheriff of the County 
of Merioneth in 1541. She 
was liying upon 4 Jan^ 

Mary, wife of John Wynn ap 

Ellis ap William, of Trawsfynydd, 
*' gent. He was brother to Eyan 
Lloyd ap Elhs ap William«(&ther 
to Kobert Lloyd, of Bhiwgoch, 
Esq., M.P. for the county of Meri- 
oneth), and is party to a deed 
dated 9 May 1565. 

wife of 
ap Howell, 
of Court 






waler,one of 
the younger 
sons of 
Wynn, of 
Esq. Coye- 
nants prior 
to their 
dated 4 
June 1578: 
first wife. 

^Maurice ap Bobert 
Wynne,of Glyn, Esq. He 
sisns his name ** Moris 
Wynn db Glynn," but in 
deeds to whicm he is party, 
he is styled *'Maunoe ap 
Bobert Wynne." The 
records of two trials at 
law, to which he was a 
party, show him to haye 
been the heir of leyan 
ap Bhys, aboye. He 
was Escheator of the 
County of Merioneth 
upon 19 Oct. 1604. He 
died between 9 Feb. 
1609-10 and 16 April 
1611} indusiye. 

=Agnee, ElUs Wynne, 
dau. of second son, of 
Bobert Sylyaen, mar- 
a^ ned MargS 

luchard, dau. of Owen 
of Llech- Poole, Clk., & 
eiddior, relict of Griffith 
Co. ap Edneyed — 

Cam. He was liying 
gent. — upon 18 Dec', 
bom in 1590, and she 
1557, was hying, a 
died in widow, upon 
1623, 1 Feb. 1620-1. 
buried He died s.p. 
at Ma- 

Jonnet, wife of Bobert Gmffudd 
ap Dayid ap Bobert, of Bach-y- 
saint, Co. Cam. He is witness 
to a deed dated 20 Oot 1584. 
They were ancestors to the £unily 
of Gryfl^dd, of Baoh-y-saint k 

Mary, wife of Edw., son k heir 
of Bobert Wynn ap leyan ap 
Morgan, of Taltreuthin, Esq. He 
married secondly, Ghren, dau. of 
Dayid Lloyd, & died before his 
father. His will is dated 15 Aug. 

Gbiynor, wife of Humphrey ap 
Bichard Owen, of Llanyair juxta 
Harlech ; he is witness to a deed 
dated 80 May 1607, and his will 
is dated 21 April 1610. 





^^''^^C U>A /L^t^fM'l* 

^y j^yyx^ 

Kadwalader W".Wynne,=fKBthepine, 
Wynne,* son of Gljn, eldest child 
and heir, party Esq. sheriff of W*. 
to a deed upon of the Co. Lewis 

Anvyl, of 
Park, Co. 
Esq. ; mar- 
ried before 
16 April 
1611, died 
28 Feb. 
aged about 
44, buried 
at Llanyi- 
bangel y 

of Merio- 
neth 1618 & 
1637, died 
in Dec'. 
1658. Will 

1'^ UL9.J 1604. 
He married 
Ellin, one of 
the dau**. of 
Bob'. Lloyd, of 
Bhiwgoch J2sq. prored at 
M.P. for the London, 8 
Coimty of Me- 
rioneth, and 
died 8.p. in his 
father^s life- 
time. His 
widow was re- 
married to W*. 
Tudur,the heir 
Wynne was of 
full age upon 
31 Oct. 1602. 

There was a eecobd son of 

Oct. 1669 ; 
buried at 
gely Trae- 

and iirobablT under age. It !• un- 
certain bj which wife he was, bat 
the ffreater probability is that he 
was by the second. He was dead 
upon 9 Feb. 1000-10. 

Ellin, eldest dau., 
married first to Edw. 
Wynn, of Gellidowyll 
in the parish of Llan- 
brynmair; secondly 
to Edw. Owen, a 
younger brother of 
Moms Owen, Esq., 
of Bhiwsaeson in the 
same parish ; and 
thirdly, to Hugh 
Yaughan, Clk., son of 
Bees, a younger son 
of Bichard Yaughan, 
of Cors-y-gedol, Esq. 

Mazy, second dau., 
wife of Henry Yaugh- 
an, of Gelligoch, 
Co. of Montg., Esq., 
son of William, a 
younger son of 
Bichard Yaughan, of 
of Cors-y-gedol, Esq. 
Henry Yaughan is 
party to a deed dated 
12 Feb. 1609-10. 
His wife was then 

I I 

third dau., 

wife of Byan 


ybwlch, Co. of 


Esq., Sheriff 

of that County 


fourth dau., 
Lbyd, of 
Hendre mur. 
She is party to 
a deed, as a 
spinster, upon 
1 May 1620. 
He was owner 
of Hendre 
mur, upon 1 
Aug*. 1640. 

Jonek, fifth 
dau., wife of 
Bobert Lloyd, 
of Bennarth, 
Co. of Merio- 
neth. She 
was a*' seam- 
stress *'(Bpin- 
ster), upon 19 
1609-10 ; he 
was a minor 
upon 2^ Kay 
16a0^bat their 
then been cele- 


/y\jy y^^i^ 

.^^S)*»**'^^y vov/iMj*^ 





„ I I 

Bobeit Wjnne, = 
of Qljn and Syl- 
▼MD, Esq. Oove- 
nantfl prior to his 
marriage dated 
22<i Jan. 1624-6, 
when he was 
age ; Sheriff of 
1657 & 1669 ; 
Will dated 10 
Jan. 1667-^ ; 
died in Oct 1670; 
buried at Llan- 
Tihangd ▼ Trae- 

eldest dan. 
and heir 
of Bobert 
Owen, Esq. 
of Ys^m- 
kegid, Co. 
of Camar- 
7on, lineallj 
from Owen 
Prince of 
Wales. She 
was bom 

Ellu, of Maeeygar- 
nedd, third eon ; 
married Lowrj, 
dau. & heiress of 
Edw. Jones, of 
Braith, gent., upon 
4 Jan. 1630-1. She 
was heiress of 
cochwyn, fto., mar- 
ried secondly, to 
Edw. Price, gent., 
of the Co. of Merio- 
neth, and died in 
Aug*. 1694. EUis 
Wynne died before 
his father. Edw. 

1 1 1 1 1 

Gadwalader, A.M., 
fifth son : Rector 
of Llanenddwyn & 
Llanddwywe, was 
of Oriel College, 
Oxford ; he was 
matricidated 10 
June 1637, being 
14 years of age. 
He died in June 
1684, and was bu- 
ried at Llanwdden, 
Go. of Montg)^. 

John, sixth son t 
married Jane, dau. 
of leyan ap Darid, 
of Kilybronrhudd. 

Lowry, se- 
cond dau. ; 
wife of Tho- 
mas, son & 
heir of W"». 
Williams, of 
Bodlew, CO. 
of Anglesea, 
Esq. He 
upon the 
Layan sands 
in 1671, she 
died in 1690 
or 1691— 
probably in 
Dec'. 1690. 

dau.; wife 
of J,ohn 
Lloyd, of 
adle, and 
Taig,in the 
of Oomar- 
von & An- 
Esq. Co- 
prior to 
their mar- 

<^i^ 4^/^j^ 

Manrioe Wynn, 
of Moel-y-glo, 
Esq. second son; 
married Jane, 
dao. and co-heir 
of GrifBth Lloyd, 
of Maesyneuadd, 
Esq. Sheriff of 
the Col of Meri- 
oneth in 1639, 
when he was 
about 47 years 
of age. Maurice 
Wynn was sheriff 
of the Co. of 
Merioneth 1671, 
died 24 Aug'. 
1673» and was 
buried at Llan- 
danwg. Prom 
him and his wife 
were desoended 
the Wynne of 

before 12 
Aug. 1612; 
her WiU is 
dated 6 May, 
and was 

Jrored 15 
uly 1676 ; 
she died 30 
June 1675, 
&wa8 buried 
at Llanri- 
hangel — 
probably at 
gel y Pen- 
nant» Co. of 
the parish 
church of 

Jones was elder 
brother of the in- 
famous Col. Jones, 
brother-in-law of 
the usurping des- 
pot, Cromwell, and 
a member of his 
House of Lords. 

William, of Bod- 
wilim and Llwyn- 
griffri, fourth son ; 
married Margaret, 
dau. of William 
Williams, of Bod- 
lew, CO. of Angle- 
sea, Esq. They 
were both living in 
1662. He was bu- 
ried at Llanddwy- 
we, in 1669, where 
his tomb-stone is 
yet remaining. 

Owen, of Kefiicaer, 
married Jane, dau. 
of Humphrey 
Pryse, of Kemoaer, 
and was a Burgess 
of Criccieth upon 
2* Feb. 1688— 
seventh son. 

Evan, eighth son ; 
was living upon 14 
July, 16C9, and 
died s.p. 

Katherine, eldest 
dau.; wife of John 
Yaughan, of Caer- 
gae, Esq., Sheriff 
of Merionetiishire 
1670. He was en- 
tered at Hart Hall, 
Oxford 10 AprU 
1635, being of the 
age of 18. 

third dau. ; 
wife of 
Jones, of 
Wem, CO. of 
gent., line- 
ally descen- 
ded from 
Owen Gwy- 
nedd. Sove- 
reign Prince 
of North 
were mar- 
ried before 1 
Dec. 1646, 
ing upon 20 
Sept. 1666. 
after their 
ted in 1649. 

30 Jan. 
He died in 
Feb. 1667; 
she was re- 
married to 
and dying 
April 3^ 
1696, was 
buried at 
Lloyd had 
been bu- 


VOL. I. 





Owen Wynne, of Qlyn, = 
and Ystjmkegid, Esq. 
Sheriff of MerionethBhirc- 
in 1674, of Flintahire in 
1676, and of Oamarron- 
shire in 1676. Covenants 
prior to his marriage dated 
29 Deo. 1661; wUl dated 
27 Dec. 1682, died in 
Janr. 1682-3, buried at 
his age at his death being 
47 or 48 — eldest son. 

and co-heir of 
Robert Mos- 
tjn, of Nant, 
Co. of Flint, 
Esq., fifth son 
of Sir Roger 
Mostjn, of 
Mos^, K'., 
by Mary his 

William Wynne, ^Elisabeth, 
Em., of Wem, Co. . first cousin 
of Camarron, jure- to her hus- 
uioris, bom pro- , band, dau. 
bablyjafterlSAug*. * and heiress 
1649, Sheriff of the I of Maurice 
Co. of Carnarvon { Jones, of 
in 1686, died 81 Wern, above; 
Peo. 1700, buried buried at 
at Penmozra. ' Penmorva 

Anne, Moond dsn. 
wife of Rhys 
Wynne, of CynoD, 
Co.of Montg. Eiq. 
who was burisd at 
Llanwdden, 2 May 
1688; thesurriTcd 
her hoiband, and, 
it is sapposed, was 
buried at Llanw- 
dden, 28 Not.1703. 

Ellis, second son, died 28 
JanT. 1691-2, a^ed 62, 
buried at Lbmyihangel-y- 
Traethau, where his tomb- 
stone remains. He died 

Robert, third son, party to 
a deed upon 21 Aug'. 
1671, and died unmarried, 
probably before his 

wife, dau. of 
Sir John 
Wynn of 
Owydir, B* : 
survived her 
husband, but 
died before 8 
May 1688. 

Jane, bom in 1642, , 2lOct.l715, 
wife of Ellis Bzyn- will proved 
ker, of Brynker, at Bangor. 
Co. of Cam., Esq. 
who was bom in 
June 1643,and died 
in March 1670 or 
1671. She died in 
Nov. 1691, and was 
buried in the chan- 
cel of Llanbeblig 
Church, Co. of 
Carnarvon — eldest 

Frances, third 
daughfc^i died un- 
married, Oct 29 
1675, buried at 
Llanvibangfll, pTO- 
bably Llanvihangel 
y Ptamant, oo. of 
Oamarvon. She 
and her sister 
Anne were born 
before 18 Aug. 

Margaret Wynne, el- 
dest dau.; heiress of 
Glyn, Yslymkegid &c. 
bom 7*^ June 1668. 
Covenants prior to 
her marriage with Sir 
Robert Owen, of 
Porkington and Cie- 
nenner in the Coun- 
ties of Salop & Cam., 
Xnt dated 27 Oct. 
1683. They were 
married in 1688. She 
died 10 April 1727, 
and is buried at Selat- 
tyn, Co. of Salop. 
J. R. Ormsby Chore 
Esq. one of the re- 
presentatives in Pari*, 
for North Shropshire, 
owner of Porkington, 
Glyn, Clenenney, 
Tstymkegid, &c., is 
their heir." 

Eatherine, bom 
18 Aug. 1664, 
married to Peter 
Pennanti Esq. of 
Bichton, oo. of 
Flint; shedied 23 
Flintshire 1726, 
and married se- 
condly Letitia, 
eldest dau. of 
Edw'. Yaughan, 
Esq., of Traws- 
ooed, M.P., for 
the Co. of Cardi- 
gan, died in Oct. 
1786, aged 72. 
She was sister of 
John, first Vis- 
count Lisburae. 
The well-known 
Thomas Pennant 
was grandson of 
Peter Pennant & 

William n^atherine 

Esq., of 
Wem, bapt. 
at Penmor- 
va, in Jan. 
Sheriff of 
shire 1718, 
buried at 
7»* April 

heiress ofBler- 
nion and Par* 
oiau, Co. of 
Gtx>dman, of 
Merchant, by 
Elizabeth his 
wife, dau. of 
W«. Glynnc, 
of Elemion, 
Esq. — mar- 
ried at Pen- 
1706, buried 
there 4 June 

Catherine, el- 
dest dau. s 
bapt. at Pen- 
1681-2, mar- 
ried first, in 
1702, to Owen 
Owens, Esq. 
or Cefo, Co. 
of Carnarvon; 
he died in 
1712, and was 
buried at 
27 June in 
that year. She 
was married 
secondly to 
Griffith Jones, 
and thirdly to 
Bdw. Nanney. 


bapt. at 

17 Dec. 
1682. died 
ried, bu- 
ried at 
1700, the 









Williain Wynne of Wem, Esq.p 
bom 1 Not. 1708, bapt. at Crio- 
eidth, 4 KoY. 1708. Sheriff of 
Ganmrronshire 1735, of liCeri- 
onelhshire 1760, died 13 April 
1766, buried at Fenmonra. He 
purchased from liis kinsman, 
the Bev'. Bobert Brrnker, Hec- 
tor of S*. Breoc in Cornwall, 
the ancient inheritance of the 
Brynkers of Brynker, Co. of 
OamaiTOn, and from the B^ 
Hon. Sir Thomas Prendergast, 
Bart., Park, the ancient estate 
of the Anwyls, and Pennant 
Igi, in the Co. of Merioneth. 
They were re-sold by his son 
and grandson. 

=Ellinor, dau. of the 
Bev**. Griffith 
Williams, A. Si. of 
Llandegwning and 
Aberkin, Co. of 
Carnarvon, heir to 
her brother Griffith 
Williams, of the 
same places, Esq.; 
married at Llan- 
degwning, 8 Jane 
114A, died U Feb. 
1804, a^ 80, and 
was boned at Llan- 
degwning. She was 
married, 2»''»y, to 
Evan Eyans, of 
Penbryn, Co. Cam. 
Esq., who died 24 
Dec. 1776. 

Elizabeth, eldest dau.; 
bora 18 Aug. 1707, 
bapt. at Criooieth, 
married at Penmonra, 
27 Oct. 1732, to the 
Bev^. Biohard Nan- 
ney, A.M. of Cefn- 
deuddwr, Co. of Me- 
rioneth, Beotor of 
Llanaelhaiam, Vicar 
of Clynnog, and a 
Canon of Bangor. He 
died 25 Dec. 1767, in 
his 77^*^ year, and is 
buried at Clynnog. 

Catherine, bora 18 

Not bapt. at 

Criccieth ; married to 
Francis Lloyd, Esq . 
of Monachdy, son of 
Bichard Lloyd, of 
Bhoebeuio, Co. of 
Anglesea, Esq. Fran- 
cis Lloyd graduated 
A.M. at Oxford, June 
9 1780, and M.B. 
there, 14 May 1787. 
They were married 6 
Nor. 1738. He was 
Sheriff of Anglesea, 

lyA/uA. U-{/ji^L: 

William Wynne, of =pJane, eldest dau. & heiress of Edward WiUiams, Esq., (se- 

Wera, Esq., and of 
Peniarth, jure uxoris; 
christened at Pen- 
morra, 2 Aug. 1746, 
sheriff of Merioneth- 
shire 1772, of Mont- 
gomeryshire, 1773, 
died 20 July 1796, 
buried at Hampstead, 
Co. of Middlesex, on 
the 28 of July. 

oond surriring son of John Williams, of Chester, and of 
Bodelwyddan, Co. of Flint, Esq., a younger son of the B*. 
Hon. Sir William Williams, Bart., Speaker of the House of 
Commons in th^ reign of King Charles II.) by Jane, Vis- 
countess Dowager Bulkeley, his wife, who was tlie eldest 
dau. k heir of Lewis Owen, of Peniarth, Bsq., Custos Bo- 
tuhnmm for Merionethshire— Christened at Llanegryn, 8 ^ 
June 1740, married by Special License, at her own house in 
the parish of S<. Mary le bonne, London, 23 Dec. 1771, died 
at Bath, 8 April 1811, buried at Woolley, Co. of Somerset. 

Ellinor, chris- 
tened at Pon- 
morra, 22 
April 1748, 
buried there 
3 Dec. in the 
same year. 

X 2 





". Wynne, of = 
Feniartb, Eeq. ; 
bom at Feniarth 19 
Sept. 1774. Sheriff 
of MerionethBhire 
1812, died at Feni- 
arth, Saturday 8 
Feb. 1834, buried 
at Llanegryn Feb. 
16. He Bold the 
ancient inheritance 
of Wem to a Oapt. 
Barlow, who re- 
sold it to the famous 
Colonel Wardle. It 
now belongs to 
0eo. Augustas 
Huddart, Esq. 

^Elizabeth, youngest dau. 
& co-heir of the B6v. 
Philip Fuleston, D.D. of 
Fickhill Hall, Co. of 
Denbigh, Bector of Wor- 
thenbury & Vicar of 
Bhuabon, by AnnabeUa, 
his wife, eldest dau. & 
eTentuallyheiress of 
Bichard Williams, Esq., 
of Fenbedw, Co. of Den- 
bigh, M.F. for Flint, 
yoimgest brother of Sir 
Watkin Williams Wynn, 
of Wynnstay, Bart. — 
bom 27 July, 1780, mar- 
ried at Bhuabon, 30 
Nov. 1800, died 16 Jan. 
1822, at Bath, buried at 
WooUey, Co. Somerset. 

in the Civil 
Service of the 
East India 
Chief Judge of 
married Miss 
Sarah Fearce, 
by whom he 
had an only 
child, Sarah 
Jane, or Jane 
Sarah, who died 
22 July, 1821, 
aged 9, & is 
buried at Llan- 
egiyn. He died 
in India in 
1821 — ^young- 
est child. 

Jane, wife of 
John Hornby, 
Esq. of the 
Hook, Co. of 
& of Fortland 
She was bom 
13 April 1773, 
married in 
Jan. 1794, & 
dying in Fort- 
land Place, 2 
Nov. 1846, 
was buried at 
Titchfield. He 
died in Fort- 
land Place 7 
May, 1832, in 
was buried at 
Titchfield on 
the 16 May. 

Elizabeth, bapt, at 
Llanegiyn, 4 July 
1777, manied to 
Charles Jsmes Ap- 
perley, Esq., of sn 
old Glonoestenhire 
family — the well- 
known sporting 
writer "Nimrod." 
She died at Hamp- 
ton, Co. of Mid- 
dlesex, 4 May 1834, 
and was buned 

William WatkinEdw.s 
Wynne, now of Feni- 
arth, Esq., bom 28 
Deo. 1801,-at Fickhill 
HiUl, Co. of Denb. ; 
elected M.P. for the 
Co. of Merioneth, in 
July 1862, Afml 1867, 
and May 1869--now 

Philip Fuleston,Com- 
manoer in the Boyal 
Navy, bom at Fick- 
hill Hall, 26 March 
1803, christened at 
Llandegwning ; died 
6 Aug. 1838, buried 
at Llanegryn. He 
died unmarried. 

Bichard Owen, bom 
at Fickhill HaU, 5 
March 1804, chris- 
tened at Llandegw- 
ning; died unmarried 
1 Jan^ 1832, buried 
at Llanegiyn. 

dau. and co* 
heiress of 
Bobert Agli- 
onby Slaney, 
Esq., of 
Manor & 
Ghranffe, Co. 
of Salop, for 
many years 
M.F. for 
— bom 17 
March 1817, 
married 8 
May, 1839, 
diea 17 May 
1866, buried 
at Llane- 

I I I 
Thomas Arthur, bora at 

Chester, 16 March 1812, 
died 21 June 1821, bu- 
ried at Llanegryn. 

80 March 1806, married 
at Tettenhall, Co. Staff', 
in 1823, to W". Fierre- 
pont Gardiner, Esq., son 
of the Bev. Frederick 
Gardiner, of Combe 
Hay, Co. Somerset, and 
died s.p. 3 Sept. 1826. 

EUinor, bom at Fickhill 
Hall. 2 Aug. 1806, mar- 
ried at Tettenhall, Co. 
Stafford, in 1823, to 
Bichard Burton Phillip- 
son, Esq. seoond son of 
the Bev. B. B. Burton 
Phillipson, formerly of 
Herringswell, Co. of Suf- 
folk. — She died at Dun- 
stone House, near Fenk- 
ridge,13Feb.l869; he 
died at the same place, 
6 Jan. 1864. 

I I 
Emma Char- 
lotte, bom at 
Fickhill Hall, 
17 Aug. 1807, 
died 18 Sept 
1819, buried 
at LUmegiyn. 

Jane Sydney, 
bom at Fick- 
hill HaU, 17 
Aug. 1807, 
married at 
Llanwrin, 3 
Nov. 1840, to 
Joseph Gill, 
Esq., of Bail- 
don, Co. of 
York, and af- 
terwards of 
Salop. Hedied 
2 Jan. 1868, 
and is buried 
at Frankton, 
Co. of Salop. 
She is now 

II. , 

Harriet Anne, bom 
13 Nov. 1809, mar* 
ried at Llanegryn, 
21 March 1828, to 
FoweU, Bsq^ only 
brother of W-.Ed- 
ward Powell, Esq., 
of Nanteos, Lord 
Lieut, and M.F. for 
the Co.of Cardigan. 
he died in Jane 
1869, and is buried 
at Llanbadam, Co. 
of Cardigan. 

Augusta Francei, 
bom 11 Auff. 1813 
married at Llan- 
to G^rge Jonathan 
Scott, Esq., of Bet- 
ton Strange, Co. of 
Salop, and of Peni- 
arthucha, Co. of 
Merioneth. He was 
Sheriff for Merio- 
nethshire in 18SS. 




lliam Bobert Maurioe Wynne, Esq., Owen Slanej, bom 17 Oct. =Mar7, second dau. of Ed- 
bom 16 Feb. 1840, at Bnyton Hall, of the 1842, at Buyton Hall, of the ward Owen, Esq., of Gar- 
eleren Towns, Go. of Salop ; late Ensign eleven Towns, Oo. of Salop ; thangharad, Co. of Merio- 
& Lieut, in the Scots Fnsuier Guards ; A.M. of Christ Church, neth, and widow of F. P. 
M.P. for the County of Merioneth from Oxford — ^now liTing. Dayiee, Esq., of Barmouth 
July 1866 to the Dissolution in 1868— —now liying. 
now living. 


^ It may be added, that the Bey*'. John Wynne, who has recently resigned the vicarage of 
Uandiillo, in Edemion, is lineally descended from Osbom. 

' Maynooth was one of the strongholds of the Eildare branch of the Geraldines. 

' '* Cirom a boo " was the war-cry of the Eildare, *' Shanet a boo," of the Desmond line of this sept. 

* According to Sir W". Betham, it was in 1260 ; in Smith* 9 Kerry, it is said to have been in 
1261 ; by the Calendarium Qenealogieum, published under the authority of the Master of the Bolls, 
it appears to have been upon the Vigil of S^ James the Apostle, 46 Hen. III. (24 July, 1261.) 

* Sir W. Betham did not think that he had the same strong grounds for his opinion that Osbom 
was a son of iAiefirH marriage as for believing that he was a son of John Fits Thomas ; but he 
thought it more probable that he was so. 

* The tradition is that Thomas Fits Maurice was onlv nine months old when his father and 
grandfiUiier were slain at the battle of GaUan. The child was at Tralee, and on his attendants 
rushing out, alarmed at the intelligence, he was left alone in the cradle, when a tame baboon or ape 
took him up^ in his arms, and ran with him to the top of the tower of the neighbouring Abb^. 
After carrying him round the battlement, and exhibiting him to the £nghtened spectators, he 
brought the imant back to its cradle in safely. Thomas was in consequence sumamed '* An Appagh " 
(in Irish), <* Simiactts," or *< the Ape." The EarU of KUdare, p. 21. 

7 M'. Yaughan, the eminent genealogist and antiquary of Hengwrt, in a MS. written in 1664, 
observes of Osbom, that he *' was a nobleman's son of Desmond in Ireland, of y" famous fiftmily of 
the Giraldines." The arms as they have been home by his lineal descendants, so Iods as there are 
examples of them extant, are precisely the same as those of the house of Desmond. The Crest too, is 
exactly similar to that of the sixth Earl of Desmond, with these slight exceptions : in the one, the 
boar is airgeuif in the other, ermine, in the one it is charged with a fret, in the other fretty. The 
crescent for difference, as borne by Osbom's descendant^ would imply that he was a second son, 
but it is not known how long it has been used. It is so found in a MS. written by the well-known 
Welsh herald and genealogist, Griffith Hiraethog, between the years 1666 and 1662 inclusive. It 
is stated by Ghitjrn Owen, a genealogist of the fifteenth century, one of the most eminent of our 
Welsh genealogists, that Osbom accompanied from Irdand to WiJes, Ghriffith, one of the sons of 
Ednyv^ Vydum, minister to Prince IJewelyn, GriffiUi being obliged to leave his country for a 
time, on account of some scandal regarding Llewelyn's princess and himself, having emigrated to 
Ireland. This is very probable, as Gmffith was connected by blood with the Gtoraldines. 

> MiHary of the Choedir Familjf, by Sir John Wynn, who died in 1626-7. 

* '*The ofspring or posteritie of these bretheren'' (the sons of Einion) ** did so multiply, y' from 
y» time they are owed Tylwyih JEnion, y* is y* progenie of Enion." — Manuscript in the autograph 
of the antiquaiT, Bobert Yaughan, written in 1664. JFyth Enaid Tylwyth Einiawn — '* eight souls 
c€ the sept of Einion," a poem of the fifteenth century, by Ghitto*r Glyn, an eminent Welsh poet 
andjeenealogirt. ^^^^^ 

"'It woiud seem probable from a deed at Peniarth, dated 20 April 28 Hen. Vill., that levan 
i^ Bhys had another wife, by whom he had a son named Morgan, and a daughter, Katharine, 
married to WiUiam ap Miidoc Yychan, by whom she had a son named Bytherch ; for by this deed, 
Satherine conveys to her son Bytherch, certain lands in Fennyved & Llandecwin, which had 
deeeemded to her on the death of Morgan her brother. If by descended, descent in law, without a 
conveyance, is intended, she and Morgan could not have been own sister and brother to John ap 
levan, as tiie lands of Morgan would in that case have gone to John, even under the law of gavelkind, 
then prevailing in Wales. 

" Sir Bobert Owen was M.P. for the Oo. of Merioneth in the 6*^ Pari, of Charles II. (1680-1), 
and for the Oarnarvon Boroughs in the Convention Pari. (1688-9), and in the second (1689-90), 
and third (1691), Parliaments of W". & Mazy. He died M.P. for those Boroughs, 30 March 
169&-9, and was buried at Selattyn, April 11. 





Extracted from the Becordfl of the College of Arms. 
Commumcaied fty the Bev. Oswald J. ReieheL 

Oarl Budolph Beichel, pastor of Neukirch,=Eleonore Sophia M^ler, of Altenburgi in the Dachy 

on the Hoohwald, in the Kingdom of 
Saxonj; bom 29 April, 1718, at Oberl5dla, 
in the Duchy of Aitenburg ; died 25 
October, 1794, at Neokirch, aforesaid. 

of Altenborg, spinster ; bom 30 Not., 1718, at Gotha, 
in the Duchy of Gotha, married 17 Not. 1748, at 
Altenborg aforesaid ; died 4 April, 1807i st Hermhut 
in Saxony. 

bom 22 
1748, at 
dorf in 
died 26*^ 
of same 

1 Wife I 

Anna Dorothea Maass^pCarlGottholdBeichelsometimenrOati 

of Kdnigsberg in Bast 
Prussia, spii^ter. Bom 
3 Jan. 1765, married 
2 Oct 1780, at Gna- 
denfrei in Pirussian 
Silesia ; died 15 August 
1806, in her 52^ year, 
at Salem in Forsyth 
coun^, North Caro- 
lina, United States 
of America. 

of Nasareth in Northampton 
flounty, PennsyWania, minister 
of the *' Unitas Fratram " in 
PennsylTania and afterwards a 
Bishop of the same at Salem 
afsd. Bom 14 July, 1751, 
tit Hermsdorf afsd. Emigra- 
ted to America from Barby 
in Westphalia, 1784, but re- 
tumed to Europe 1817 ; died 
18 April, 1825, at Nisky. 



Fetter Friedridi 


of Lancaster in Daniel 

Lancaster oo. of Beidid, 

PennsylTania, bom 11*^ 

spinster. Bom April, 

there 10 June, 1758, st 

1776; married Neukirch 

31 July, 1809, afad. and 

at Litis in that died 7*^ 

county ; died 20 April, 

May, 1820, at 1759. 
Nisl^ in Silesia, 
aged 48 years 11 
months and 10 days. 


An Infant 
Son, bom 
10 Janu- 
ary, 1811, 
at Salem 
and died 
the same 

1 Wife. I 

Louisa Chri8tianaSaatter,of ^LcTin Theodor Bei 

Graoebay in the Island of 
Antigua, spinster. Bom 
12 Oct. 1815 in that 
Island ; married 20 June, 
1837, at Bethlehem, United 
States of America $ died 
27*^ June, 1861, at Berthels- 
dorf in Saxony. 

chel of Berthelsdorf 
in Saxony. Bom 
4 March, 1812, at 
Bethlehem afore- 

lATing 1871. 

2 Wife. 
=Mary Sharpe Van OBlker,of 
Nouwied on the Bhine 
aforesaid, spinster. Bom 
11 January, 1823 j mar- 
ried 9 Seotember, 1862, 
at Hermhut, aforesaid. 
LiTing 1871. 

Caroline Louisa, 
bom 4 March, 
1839, in Schd- 
neck in the Co. 
of Northampton 
in PennsylTania; 
died unmarried 
15^^ February, 
1850, at Bethle- 
hem aforesaid 


of Herm- 
hut in 

=£Uen Elizabeth, 

bom 30 Not. 
1841,at Emmaus, 
Lehigh county, 
in PennsylTania; 
married 27 Not. 
1860, at Herm- 
hut a&d. 

Henry Mathias: 
Weiss, of the 
Island of 
Barbadoes ; 
bom 8 August, 
1834, at Malta. 

=Mary Catha- 
rine. Bom 
24 August, 
1844, at 
afsd. Mar- 
ried 18 June, 
1868, at 


Bora 21 
1849, at 

1 Wife. I 2 Wile. 

Emilia daur. of Jacob Plitt and Emilit^^pTheophilus Christlieb=^Maria daur. of Lucas Linder 
his wife. Bom 20 June, 1827, at New Beichel, of Berthela- ' ^^ ' •• - -- 

Dietendorf in the Duchy of Gk>tha ; 
married 20 October, 1848, at Hermhut 
aforesaid ; died 14 Not. 1849, at Gna- 
denberg in Pmssian Silesia. 

dorf, in Saxony, 
youngest son. Bora 
21 January, 1814, at 
Bethlehem aforesaid. 
Living 1871. 


and Sarah his wife. Bora 
13 June, 1828, at Basle in 
Switzerland ; married 16 
June, 1851, at Guadenbei^ 

Living 1871. 




I I 

Hannah, onlj chfld TheophiloB Beichel, Emilia 
by fint wife. Bom onljr 0on ; bom 14 Clementine. 
6 Auffust, 1849, at Jane, 1855, at Ghia- Bom 17 
Gnac&nberg i^. denberg afsd. August, 

1858, at 


Maria Louisa bom 17 Martha Ag- 

July, 1858, at Neu- nes. Bom 5 

saltz on the Oder, in October^861 

Prussian Silesia ; died atNeusaltz 

there 21 August aforesaid, 

1 Wife. 
Sophia Friederioa Lay-= 
rits, spinster. Bom 28 
Feb. 1768,at Hermhut, 
in Saxony ; died 31 
July, 1804, Neuwied on 
the Rhine, Prussia. 

^Friedrich Benjamin BeioheV 
Bishop of the Moravian 
Churcn at Sarepta near 
Saratow in Russia, 1818. 
Bom 29*1' KoY. 1759, at 
Neukiroh afsd. Died 16 
Jan. 1835, at Koenigsfeld 
in the Kingdom of Baden. 

2 Wife. 
:Mary Helen Su-: 
ter of Sarepta, 
aforesaid, spin- 
ster. Bom 26 
June, 1775, and 
died 16 Not. 
1823, both at 

3 Wife. 
sChristiana Friederica 
Zaeslin, spinster. 
Bom 9 January, 
1786, at Basle in 
Switzerland ; died 
13 June, 1871, at 
Hermhut in Saxony. 

Benata Eleanora, eldest daur. 

Bom 22 April, 1753, at Tau- 

benheim on the Hochwald in 

Saxony ; died unmarried 5 

April, 1815, at Nisky in 


Johann Jacob Lores, W^ar-= 
den of the " UnitasFratrum" 
aboye-named. Bom 29 
October, 1737, at Chur ; 
died 31 May, 1818, at 
Sarepta aforesaid. ^ 

=Benigna Caritas, 2^ and youngest 
daur. bom 26 Oct. 1756 at 
Neukirch. Married 19 August, 
1783, at Sarepta afsd. died 
there 4 January, 1814. 

1 Wife I 2 Wife 

Hannah Parsons of Duf-=T=Oarl Friedrioh=Susan daur. of 

field Co. Derby, spin- 
ster. Bom 5 March 
1788. Married 28 Sept. 
1812 at Stockport, Co. 
OheAer: died 11 Not. 
1832 at Lancaster and 
was buried at Litiz, both 
in Lancaster County in 


Reichel, bom Bey. Joseph 

7 NoTcmber Sharrer yicar 

1783 at Barbj of Canwick 

in Westphalia; Co. Lincoln, 

died 15 June Bom 29*1' May 

1846 at 1793 : died 

Gracehill, Co. s.p. 8 October 

Antrim in 1860 at 

Ireland. Bristol. 

Carl Friedrich=T=Sophia Dorothea only 

Seidel of Beth- 
lehem afsd. 
Bom 25 Dec. 
died 26 April 
1861 at Beth, 
lehem afore- 

daur. Bom 13 
August 17H1 at 
Barby in Westphalia. 
Married 5 June 1809 
at Salem and died 25 
Oct. 1857 at Beth- 
lehem aforesaid. 

ReT. Charles Parsons Reichel D.D. Ticar of MuUingai^pMary Brown, daur. of Henry Joy M< 

Co. Meath in Ireland, only son bom 20 Not. 1816 at 
Fulnec near Leeds Co. York ; sometime a Scholar of 
Trinity CoU^e Dublin, Professor of Latin at Queen's 
College Belfast and Chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant 
of Ireland 

Crecken of Oaklands near Ballymina 
Co. Antrim, by Elizabeth Duffin his 
wife. Bom 16 Au^t 1827 : married 
17 Sept. 1851 at Slolywood Co. Down. 

Charles Bmest 
Reichel. Bom 
8 Aug. 1855 at 
Nantwich Co. 
Chester: died 
81 October 
1860 at Belfast. 


Henry Ru- 
dolph Rei- 
chel. Bom 
11 October 
1856 at 





Bom 16 



~1 I 1 

Robert James Gertrude Margaret 

Reichel. Bom EUzabetb. The^ora. 

in 1862; died in Bom in Bora 31 

NoTcmber 1867 1857 and March 

at Belfast. died in 1864 at 

Not. 1860 Bel&st. 

at Belfast. 



1 Wife I 

Henrietta Fredorica^Gotthold Beniamin: 

Yierling of Salem 
aforesaid spinster ; 
bom 11 Dec. 1793 
at Salem : married 
19 May 1816 at 
Salem : died 18 
Ma^ 1829 and was 
buried there. 

Reichel of Salem 
aforesaid. Bom 4 
October 1785 at Na- 
zareth in Pennsyl- 
Tania, United States 
of America ; died 20 
December 1833 at 
Salem aforesaid. 

2 Wife 
=Mary Parsons of Duffield Co. Derby, 
Spinster, Sister of Hannah Parsons 
aboTC-named. Married 12 April 
1830 at Lancaster in Lancaster 
County, Penn^lvania; died s.p. 9 
July 1855 at York in PennsyWania, 
aged 62 and buried at Litiz afore- 

Renatus Theo' 
dore Reichel. 
Bom 10 
March 1790 
at Nazareth 
aforesaid : 
died 17 April 





Bey. Francia^Clara Cornelia Ckn*ne-=p=Sophia Hen 

Bom 30 Oc- 
tober 1815 
at Salem 

bom 1 March 
1817; married 
in 18U at 
died there 21 
May 1862. 




rietta: Bom 

5 May 1822 

6 married 
18*^ May 
1847 at 

Angelica Joseph 
Wilhel- Honefield 

bora 18 

Bom 28 
June 1820 
at Bethle- 
hem abd. 


^Amelia Charity 
bom 8 Deo. 
1826 ; married 
in 1847 died ; 
0.p. 31 May 
1859 at Lan- 
caster ; buried 

bom 17 
May 1828 
died un- 
8 April 
1870 at 


Bom 28 
1818; died 
10 Octo- 
ber 1821. 

Bdward =f=Charlotte 

Henry Bei- 1 

chel of 



Bom 11 


1820 at 



bom 21 
ber 1824. 

Bom 14 
Feb. 1823 
and died 
11 June 

1 Wife I 2Wifo 

Maiy Jane Ghray ^William^Addie 

Sp% bom 10 
May 1832 at 
Camden Valley 
New York 
County; mar- 
ried in 1852. 
Died May 




of Beth. 




9 May 





Edward Ben- 
jamin Beichel : 
Bom 18 May 
1852 at Cam- 
den Valley, 
New York 

Frederic Bei- 
chel : Bom 
26 June 
1853 at 
Valley afsd. 


Mary Henrietta Charles Ed- Semantha Mary Jane, 

bora 5 April gar Beichel: lUizabeth. bom 28 March 

Bom 1 Bom 6 April 1863 at Litiz, 

October 1856 1852 at Lancaster Co. 

at Bethle- Bethlehem. Fennsylyania. 


1853 at Nasa. 
Co. Fennsyl- 


Nathaniel Lud- 
wig Beichel. 
Bom 3 July 
1792 at Naza- 
reth afsd. died 
24 June 1796. 

rwifo I 

Sophia daur. of the Bev.^pSamuel Budolph Beichel; 

JohnHsrtley and Hannah 
his wife. Bom 13 June 
1794 at Bristol; married 
16 March 1820 at S* 
Peter's Bedford: died 16 
Feb. 1834 at Ockbrook, 
Co. Derby. 

some time of Ghraoehill, 
Co. Antrim in Ireland 
and afterwards of Ock- 
brook Co. Derby ; bom 8 
Deo. 1787 at Nazareth 
and died 28 June 1857 at 
Hermhut aforesaid. 

2 Wife 
=Matilda daur of Joseph 
Hurlock of Oxted Co. Sur- 
rey & Tryphena his wife : 
Bom 17 March 1798 at 
S*. Gregory's London : 
marr^. 16May 1836at8>. 
Gkorge's Bloomsbniy, died 
3 April 1871. Buried at 
Sparsholt, Co. Berks. 

Bev. Oswald Joseph Beichel B.C.L. Lucius Hurlock 

Vicar of Sparsholt, Co. Berks (1869) Beichel of Oxhey 

bom 2 Feb'. 1840 at Ockbrook, Scholar Bise, Pinner, Co. 

of Queen's CoU^ Oxford 1859 B.A. Middx. youngest 

1863 M.A. 1866 B.C.L. 1867 Vice Prin- son Bom 23 July 

cipal of the Theological Training College 1842 at Ockbiook. 
at Cuddesden Oxon, 1865 to 1870. 

Stella Matilda Parminter only 
daur of her mother : bom 24 
Oct. 1887 at Ockbrook. Liring 
unmarried 1871 at Withycombe 
Bawleigh Co. Deyon. 

1821 at 

1823 at 

Caroline Ly- 
dia bom 28 
Jan. 1828 
at Bath : 
died un- 
married 13 
June 1844 
et. 16. 
Buried at 


John Bu- 
dolph Bei- 
chel Bom 
Feb. 1830 
at Bath and 
died there 
8 December 

2 Wife I 

Mary Ann, el-=f=Samuel 
dest da. of 

Edward Han- 
cock of Bath 
Co. Somerset 
& Mary his 
wife : bom 21 
May 1824 
married 10 
April 1868 at 

HarUer Bei- 
chel of 
Co. Glouces- 
ter bom 21 
Dec. 1824 
at FairBeld 
near Man- 
chester Co. 

=r=CathBrine Colston 
daur. of Joseph 
Colston Pirty of 
Bristol & CaroUne 
MatUda his Wife : 
bom 3 Ap>. 1829 : 
man^. 26 Aug. 
1857: died at Bath 




s Hirristt, Born 
U Not'. 1863 Bt lower 
Wyke Oo. York, died 
thora 2S Feb. folK. 

Fntnk E«r44e7 Beiobel Alice Kate, botn Bertha Sophift Born 

bom 84 Api. 1861 «t 21 Julj 1B68 at 18 Deeember 1B59 

Bath : died there 18 Eingtwood aftd. «Ji Kii^Bwood afure- 

lune toll*. taii. 

Eitmcted &om the Becorda of ttie College of Arms, 
London, and oompared therewith this ll** daj 
of Uarch, 1872. 

3. B. FuKOHfc, 

Spwriiolt, near Wantage, in the Conn^ of Berki, in England, ha* prored by dooummtai 
that he it the Mtimato ton, bom on the S'. February, 1S40, of Bamned Badolph BeieheL of 
Ockbrook, in EDgland, and hi> wedded wife Mathilda nee Hurlook ; that the eaid Sanmel Budolph 
B«diel was the heitimale ton, bom on the 8th December, 1767, of Carl Qotihold Beiohel, Preaober 
of fliB HoTSTian natemitjp at Nixanith Hil], in Pettonlrania, and hii wedded wife, AimaDtmrthea 
neeMaaai that the mid Carl Qotthold Beichel wai the Witioiate BOD,bomonllieUJn]'r, 17Sl,of 
Chrl Rudolph Beiohel, Fanon at HermHlOTf, in the Oorliti CXrole of the Prarinoe of Sibiia, and 
hia wedded wile BleoBore Sophia tide Huller ; that the lajd Carl Badtdph Bwhel waa the legiti* 
mate eon, bom on the 89 April, 1718, of Jacob Daniel Beiohd, FarMn at Oberloedla in Altenbo^, 
and hia wedded wifo Sophia Bliiabeth, n£e Oraefe : that the eaid Jacob Daniel Beichd wat the 
legitimate eon, bom on the 11 Norember, 1680, of Talentin Beiohel tltejonngBr, Fanon of Zebno 
" — *" " i wife Bophis Bliiabeth Qje Stoike ) that the Mid Talentin Beiohd the 

__^ a of Michael Beichel, who waa UTing in the year 168^ at Moldaa in 

e, at Par«on of the place, and Uter at Belgem on the Blbe, aa Fanon of the town, 
. . . . &i wife Ajina ICaria ; and that the laid Michael Beichel wae the legitimate eon of 
Taleidin SiAdti, of CMring, and hia wedded wife Urtnla, wbo died on the Sth Beptember, 1684. 
Berlin, the airt July, 1871, 

Bstract«d &oni the Beoonb of the College of Anns, 
Iiondon, and compared therewith thu IV* day 
of Matdi, 1878. 

J. R. Fiiurcni, 



Isabella Palmer, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Palmer ; she m. 168|, 
Eichard Orpen,(joint defender of Killowen with Eev. T. P.) son of Robert Orpen 
of Killorglin, and his wife Lucy Chichester (vid. Burke's L. G. art. Orpen), and 
had issue — I. Rev. Thomas, II. Richard, III. Robert (who m. Eliza Smith and bad 
issue — a. Richard, h. Lovell, c. Sarah, who m. Major King ; d. Mary, ob. ccbI.) IV. 
George, V. Abraham, VI. Raymond, ob. cosl . 1774 (genealogist of Orpen £uDily) ; 
YII. Dorcas, m. Francis Grumpe, Esq. ; VIII. Margaret. 

I. REV. THOHASi Rector of Kenmare, etc., nat. 1694, entered Trin. CJoU., 
Dub. 1709, ob. 1768. He m. A^es Herbert, d. of Arthur Herbert of Currens (vid. 
page 6, note, L^. 10), and had issue — a, Rey. Richard, 5. Arthur (m. a French ladj 
and with her was shipwrecked in Ballinskelligs Bay) ; c. Thomas, ob. cobI. ; d. Capt 
George, e. Major Eaward, f. John Herbert, g. Rev. Francis, h. Isabella, i. Marj, 
j. Charity (Cherry), h. Margaret Lucy, ob. ccdI. ; h Lucy (m. Conway Blennerbas- 
set), ob. s.p. ; m, Agnes. 

a. REV. RICHARD (eldest son of Rev. Thomas Orpen of Eillowen) ; he was 
Rector of Valentia, ob. 1770. He m. Mary Hutchinson (relict of James French, 
of Muskerry, Esq.) and had issue — t . Richard Thomas, High Sheriff of Cork, oh. 
s.p. ; n. Mary [who m. firstly Capt. John Travers, secondly Hon. Mr. Maitlimd. 
Bv her second husband she had issue — a Capt. Sir Thomas Maitland, R.N., KC.B., 
who succeeded to the earldom of Lauderdale, 1863. By her first husband she had 
issue — 3. Mary Anne Travers, who m. John Massy, of Glenville, Co. Limerick, 
(and had issue— 1 John, 2 Hugh, 8 Richard, 4 Eyre, 6 John W., 6 George, 7 Thomas, 
8 Eliza, 9 Anne)]. Hi. Charlotte, [who m. Thomas Quin, KC. and had issue— a. 
Thomas, (who m. 1816, Melian, d. of Sampson StaweU, of Eilbrittan) ; /3. Richard, 
y. Elizabeth, (who m. 1814, Capt. John Meade, R.N. and had issue — 1 Richard, 
2 Thomas, 3 Charlotte, 4 Mary, 5 Elizabeth, 6 Sarah, 7 Frederica)]. to. Sophia, 
[who m. Philip Oliver Ellard, and had issue — a. Richard, of Lirias, Co. Cork, who 
m. Rebecca Lindesay; j9. Sophia, ob. coal. 1830; y. Mary, m. 1823, John Hawkes, 
(and had issue — Jomi, Sophia, Mary) ; d. Elizabeth, m. Dr. Barter]. 

d. CAPT. GEORGE, (fourth son of the Rev. Thomas Orpen), m. Lucinda 
Bland, d. of Nathaniel Bland, of Ballybog, Co. Kerry. This (George was des- 
perately wounded at battle of Minden. He had issue — t. Capt. Thomas, u. Major 
Harry Francis, 60th Regt. (killed at Talavera) ; m. Lucinda, [who m. Alexander 
Strange, Knight of Windsor, and had issue — a. Alexander, /9. Capt. Thomas, ILN. 
(who m. 1817, Eliza Taylor [vid. D., II., a., vii.] and had issue — 1 Alexander, 
2 Col. Harry, R.A.; 3 Thomas, 4 Lucinda, who m. William Duckett; 5 Mary), 
y. Col. Harry, (who m. Maria Bland [vid. C, I.,j., i?.], and had issue — 1 Maior 
Alexander, 2 Capt. Thomas, R.A.) d. CharleSi c . Dorothea, [who m. Crosbie 
Christian, Esq. and had issue — Lucinda, who m. Edward Godfrey, and had issue — 
Rev. William, Alexander, Dorothea, Lucinda, ob. inf.) C Barbara]. 

tf. MAJOR EDWARD, of KiUowen, nat. 1741, ob. 1817, fifth son of the Rev. 
^Thomas Orpen; he m. Eleanor 0*Conor, and had issue — t. Harry, of Killowen, ob. 
1838 (who m. 1809, firstly, Ellen Swanton, of Skibbereen ; secondly, Elizabeth 
Perclough, and by his first wife had issue — Lucy, who m. John Shaw Dunscombe) ; 
w. Abraham, M.D., Cork, ob. 1836. (He m. 1807, firstly, Elizabeth Wall, widow 
Smithwick, d. of Archdeacon Wall and sister of Dr. Wall, Vice Provost, T.C.D. ; 
secondly,^ 1828, Martha Chatterton, d. of Sir James and sister of Sir William 
Chattertdn, Bart., and his second wife had issue — a. ]leb« £tlbiarS Ci^attetton» 
of Wiltshire (who m. Marcella Palmer, and had issue). /9. Rebecca Duleibella, 
who m. 1867, Marmion Ferrars of Warwickshire), m. Edward of Killowen and 

* Continued from page 2G2. 


Lohercannon, B.L. nat. 1798. He m. 1840, Harriet Beynolds, d. of Wm. Beynolds, 
of Malpas House, MomnouthBhire, ob. s.p. 1863. to. Agnes, ob. cobI. f;. Lucy, ob. 
ccbI. vi, Cbarity (Cherry), who m. Stephen Hutchinson and had issue, Arthur, ob. 
cGDl. tni. Margaret, who married her cousin, Abrah^ Palmer, and had issue (vid. 
A. I. a. i.) viii, Isabella, ob. ccbI. 1840. ix. Sarah [m. 1808, Bichard Morphy and 
had issue— a. Edward (who m. Arabella Macgillicuddj, and has issue) — j3. 
Abraham, who m. Isabella Burton, y. Maria, ob. cobI. d. Jane, t, Lucinda [who 
m. Daniel Macgillicuddy and has issue — 1 Daniel Decourcy, 2 Bichard, 3 Harry, 
4 Sarah, who m. Bev. iCaymond Orpen, of Tralee ; 5 Sophia, and others). {, Agnes']. 
X, Dorcas, who m. Lieut. Bedmond Moriarty, B.N. and had issue — a. Edwai^ ob. 
coel. /3. Lucinda. xi. Anne [who m. Lieut. Merrion Moriarty, B.N. subsequently 
M.P. of Sydney, N.S.W. and has issue — a. Sjlverius, ob. s.p. /9. Edward, y. 
Abraham, d. Merrion. e. Lucinda. f. Lydia. 17. Cherry (who m. Eempster 
Sjoapp, B.N. and had issue Anne). B, Agnes, m. her cousin Arthur Herbert, o 
BrisDane (yid. next line)], xii. Eliza, m. 1827, Capt. Massy Herbert B.N. (vid. 
(note ten N° 3) and had issue — 1 Arthur (who m. Agnes Moriarty, and has 
issue). 2 Fanny, ob. inf. 8 Dorcas, ob. coel. xiii. Charlotte, who m. Thomas 
Hutchins (vid. F., YI., ii., a.), and has issue — a. Arthur. ^. Elizabeth. 

/ JOHN HEBBEBT, M.D. of Cork (sixth son of Bey. Thomas Orpen) m. 
HariTiah Hutchison, d. of Emanuel Hutchison, and had issue — i. Thomas [who m. 
Penelope Thompson, d. of David Thompson of Oaklands Co. Meath, and had issue 
— «• 3^0^11 Itttbtttf LL.D. of S. Stephen's Green, Dublin, [who m. Ellen Bichards, 
d. of Bey. John Bichards of the Grange, Go. Weidbrd, and has issue — 1 John 
Bichards (who m. Constance Leader, d. of Henry Leader, Co. Cork, and has issue). 
2 Thomas. 3 Bichard. 4 Goddq^rd. 5 Charles, ob. inf. 6 Penelope. 7 Ellen]. 
^. Henry, ob. cobI. y. Anne, who m. John Toung, of Philpotstown, Co. Meath. 
ii. Emanuel Hutchinson ;* he m. Letitia Bateman, d. of Bowland Bateroan of Oak- 
park, Co. Kerry, ob. s.p. iii. Bev. John Emanuel, of Kanturk ; [he m. Frances 
Ashe, d. of Bichard Ashe, of Macroom, and had issue — a. John Herbert, m. 
Margaret Leader, ob. s.p. p, Bichard Ashe. y. Emanuel Henry, ob. cobI. d. 
Bobert Hutchison, ob. cgbI. c. Frances Sophia, m. William Smith, f. Eliza Hannah. 
7. Margaret Lucy, m. Thomas Palmer. 0, Alice Agnes, m. Bichard Ashe, of 
Cooleh^e and had issue — 1 Bichard Loyell, ob. s.p. 2 Emanuel, ob. inf. 3 Frances, 
m. James Adams], iy. Bichard, ob. inf. y. Hannah Agnes, ob. c<b1. yi. Frances, 
ob. coel. yii. Sophia, ob. coel. yiii. Margaret Lucy, m. Capt. Henry Oldham, s.p. 

y. BEV. FBANCIS (Bector of Douglas, Co. Cork), (seventh son oi the Bev. 
Thomas Orpen), m. 1783, Susan Millard, d. of Hugh Millard, Cork, and had issue 
— i. Arthur George, B.L., ob. ccel. ii. SIB BICHABD JOHN TREODOBE, 
of North Great George's Street, Dublin, and of Ardtully, Kenmare, nat. 1788. [He 
m. 1819, Elizabeth Stack, d. of Bev. Bichard Stack, D.D., F.T.C.D., and has issue— 
a. Francis, B.L., ob. coel. /9. Bichard Hugh Millard (m. Amy Horwood). y. Arthur 
Herbert (m. Anne Caulfeild, d.*of Bishop of Nassau, ana has issue), d. Charles 
William de Erpingham, a Judge in Jamaica, ob. 1867. c. Msyor William Newen- 
ham, 77th Begt. ob. 1870. f. Bev. Baymond de Adimer, Bector of Tralee (m. 
Sarali MacgilUcuddy (vid. G., I., e., ix., c, 4.) and has issue). 7. Mary (who m. 
(3eorge Stack of Co. Tyrone, and has issue — 1 Bey. T. Lindsey.^ 2 Theodore. 3 
(George, and others). 6. Theodora Elizabeth (m. Rev. James Going of Kilgarvan, 
his second wife). 1. Emily Georgina (m. William Stack, and had issue — Anne). 
K. Cornelia. X. Ida, who m. Capt. J. Blacker, and has issue], iii. Charles Edward 
Herbert,t M.D. [founder of Claremont Institution for Deaf and Dimib, in later 
life a Missionary to South Africa. He m. 1823, Alicia Frances Sirr, d. of Major 

* A distinguished genealonst, to whom, with Denis O'OBlIlaghan Fisher, ^E., II., a., v., 7.) 
and Henry Orpen Fdbner (A., I., a., i., 7.) moet of the earlier information here ooUected is dae. — 

A. U. U. X • 

t Yid. His Life by Mrs. Le Fann. (Werterton, 1860, London.) 


Sirr, and had issue — a. Charles Sirr. /3. Arthur Bichard. y. Joseph Millard, d. 
Bichard John Newenham. c Henry Martin. {. Theodore, jj. Alicia.] i?. 
Susanna, ob. coal, v* Emily Grace Caroline, m. 1816, John G-ordon, M.D., ob. 8.p. 
vi. B«becca Newenham Millard, [m« Admiral Henry Gaga Morris, and has issue— 
a. Bey. Francis Orpen, Torkslure. /3. Capt. Henry Gage, B.N. y. Frederick 
Philip, B.L. d. Beyerley. c Bey. Adolphus. (. Charles iUurban, Fellow of Oriel 
College, f;. Maria. 6. Emily, t. Eliza, x. Cornelia (who m. Abraham Bower, of 
Bipon). X. Anna Bobinson (who m. Bey. James Henderson), f*. Johannah 
Hincks]. yii. Cornelia. 

j. CHABITT (Cherry), third daughter of Bey. Thomas Orpen ; she m. James 
Bland, son of Nathaniel Bland, of BaUybog, Co. Kerry, and had issue — ^i. Francis, 
ii. Major Thomas (who m. Judith Brown, widow Martin, and had issue — Frands). 
iii. Col. Nathaniel [who m. Letitia Bland, d. of J. N. Bland, and had issue— a. 
Bey. ^omas, ob. coal. fi. Francis, of Woodlawn, Killamey, who m. Theresa 
Ghdwey, ob. s.p. y. Yen. Nathaniel, Archdeacon of Aghadoe, m. Anne Fuller, d. 
Elizabeth Agnes, who m. Capt Bobert Hutchison Herbert, B.N. of Lakeview, 
Killamey (yid. note 10, N°. 6,) and had issue — (1 Arthur, ob. coel. 2 Nathaniel, 
B.N. wrecked in Polyphemus Gunboat on the coast of Jutland, 1855, ob. ocbI. 3 
Bobert, settled in Canada, (he m. Sarah Sparrow, and has issue). 4 Capt. Francis 
Bland, B.N. who m. Gerlrude L. M. Bobinson, of Famogue, Co. Wexford, and 
has issue.) 6 Letitia. 6 Barbara, who m. Edward Chads Hancock, (and has issue 
— Bobert, Herbert, Francis, Elizabeth, Laura.) 7 SIi?a&et| ^Ignetlt who m. 
Edward Orpen Palmer, of KiUowen [yid. supra A., I., a., i., a.] and has issue — ^Bey. 
Abraham Henry Herbert, Bobert, ob. inr., Elizabeth A^es, Mar^uret Dorcas 
(Maud), Agnes Laura), c. Margaret (who m. Bichard Morphy, J!p. (yid. note 
ten N°. 8.) Killamey, and had issue — 1 Bey. Bichard, who m. Miss Tomson, and 
has issue. 2 Nathaniel, B.N. killed 1854, ob. cobI. 8 Capt. Martin, 40th Begt. 
m. Miss Tomson. 4 Harriet, m. Charles Cheyne, and has issue). C Lucinda, m. 
Capt. Michael Galwey. 17. Maria, who m. Col. Harry Strange, (yid. C, I., d., iii., 
y.) and has issue — 1 Major Alexander, ob. codl. 2 Capt. Thomas, B.A., wbo m. 
Ellen Taylor, and has issue] iy. Ames, who m. Thomas Herbert, of Muckross, 
(his second ^e) and had issue — a. Gliomas Bland, ob. ccbI. 1798. p. Francis, ob. 
C09I. y. Cherry, d. Eliza. 

ffi. AGNES MABTA (sixth daughtw of Bey. Thomas Orpen) m. Bey. Walter 
Stewart, Bector of Kenmare, son of Bey. Walter Stewart, of Inniskeel, Co. 
Donegal, and had issue — i. Bey. Thomas (who m. Mary Scott, d. of Sir Hopton 
Scott, and had issue — a. Col. Walter George. /3. Hopton Thomas, y. Anna Maria, 
d. Agnes, c. Louisa, and others), ii. Margaret Lucy, (who m. Bey. Francis 
Lan^ord, and had issue— >a. Bey. Francis, fi. Geoi^ Walter, y. Bey. John 
Thomas, d. Anna Maria, c Charlotte, and others), iii. Frances, m. Mr. King. 

n. BIGHABD9 of Ardtully, (second son of Isabella Orpen, eldest daughter 
of Bey. Thomas Palmer). He m. Grace Bi^gs, d. of John liiggs, Co. Cork; and 
had issue — ^a. Bichard, b. Grace [who m. Daniel Crumpe, and hiuT issue — i. Samuel, 
M.B.I.A., (who m. Miss Ingram, and had issue — Miuy Grace), ii, Bichard ; ui. 
Lucinda (who m. Francis Bussell, of the Abbey, Tralee, and had issue — a. Anthony, 
/9. Grace, m. — Sandes, Esq. ; y. Ellen, d. LucincuL) to. Grace, who m. W. Alien, Esq. 
V. Maria, who m. Edward Orpen, of Clontough (C, II., a., m.) vi, Anne, who m. 
— Hampstead, Esq. vU. Ehza (who m. Capt. John Crumpe, and bad issue).] c. 
Agnes [who m. Bichard Wright, of Glengarriffe, and had issue — 1. Bichard, who 
m. Catherine Parsons, ii. Catherine, (who m. Bey. Mr. Doherty, and had issue). 
iii. Sarah, who m. Bobert Trinwith, and had issue.] d. Mary, ob. cobI. 

a. BICHABD, of Ardtully (only son of Bichard Orpen, of Ardtully). He m. 
in 1766, firstly, Anna Townsend, of Bridgemount; (secondly. Miss Laplant; thirdly, 
Alice Nettles, of Nettleville, Co. Cork,) and had issue by first wife only, yiz : — 
f. Bichard Orpen-Townsend, fwho m. 1811, Hon. Anna MuUins, d. of W iUiam. 
second Lord VeDtry, and had issuer-one daughter, Anne Sarah, who m. Adrian 


Taylor, M.D. (vid. D., II., a., ti?., a.), and had issue — 1 Bichard Orpen, who m. 
Gertrude Chaworth Musters, and has issue) ; 2 Adrian, 3 Anne, 4 Emma, (who 
m. John DoYonshire Hawkes, and has issue) ; 5 Jane, who m. Hastings Feet, and 
has issue) ; 6 Maria, (who m. Bichard Orpen, and has issue.)] ii. Horace, (who m. 
EHza Kite, and had issue — Anne, ob. codI.) in, Edward, of Clontough, [he m. 
Maria Crumpe, vid. supra, and had issue — a. Bichard, who m. Miss Browne, p. 
Samuel, who m. Miss ^roster, y. Daniel, d. Grace, who m. John Woods, c Mary, 
f. Anne. ij. Lucinda.] iv. Samuel, of Woodville, [who m. in 1805, Sophia Hunger- 
ford, of the Island, and had issue — a. Bichard Hungerford, J. P., of Killaha (who 
m. 1832, Prances, d. of Bey. Bastable Herbert, vicar of Kilgarvan, (vid. note ten, 
N°. 1.) and has issue — 1 Arthur, M.D. (who married and has issue) ; 2 Bichard, 
m. Maria Taylor, and has issue; 3 Mary, who m. G. Wheatley). ^. Thomas Hun- 
gerford, M.D. (married 1836, Mai^aret Owen, and had issue — 1 Mary, 2 G^raldine, 
3 Sophia, 4 Thomasine). y. Sophia, m. George Beamish, Esq.] v. Capt. Henry 
Bichard, of Gortegas, [who m. I^etitia Beecher, and had issue — a. Bichard Beecher, 
/3. Thomas Allen Beecher, y, Edward, d. Henry, of Bridgeview Park, Co. Kerry ; 
(. IVIary Anne, C Letitia Amelia], vi. Anne, m. Bichard Bye, of Bye Court, 
ob. B.p. vii. Alice, who m. William Meredith, of Dixgrove, and had issue — a. 
Bichi^, (who m. firstly Miss Juxon, secondly Bose Suckle, and had issue — 
William) ; 0. Bev. Bobert; y, Mary Anne. 

Ym. KASOABET, (daughter of Isabella Orpen, eldest daughter of Bev. 
Thomas Palmer. She m. Bobert Bowen, and had issue— a. Bichard, (who m. 
Mary King, and had issue — ^Bobert) ; b. Bobert, who m. Miss Duckett, and had 
issue — ^Bobert, who m. Mary Anne Bastable, and had issue) ; c. Margaret, who m. 
Augustus Jandrum, a French Huguenot, and had issue, viz : — i. Augustus, who m. 
Miss Badley ; ii, Margaret, (m. Mr. Husband, and had issue) ; Hi. Dorcas, (m. John 
Jermyn, and had issue) ; iv. Mary, who m. William Mansfield, and had issue — a. 
Charles, /3. Joanna, who m. Abel Orpin, and had issue — 1 Benjamin, (m. Mary 
Shine, and had issue) ; 2 Bev. Basil, [who m. Helena Newell, and had issue — P 
Johii,who m. Miss Manders, and had issue — William, B.L.; John, solicitor, (who 
m. Miss Jackson and has issue) ; Basil, and others). 2' Benjamin, 3^ Bichard, 
4^ Basil, m. Maxy Carthrew ; 5^ Mary, m. — Payne, Esq. of Bantry ; 6^ Isabella, 
7^ Joanna, 8* Charlotte, m. — Porte, Esq. 


Pedigree extracted from the Becords of the College of Arms, showing the 
issue of Edward Long Fox, Esq., M.D., deceased, of Brislington House, near 
Bristol, bv his second ^e Isabella Ker, daughter of Major Eer, of the family of 
Ker, of !Blacksbiels, near Edmburgh.* 

1 Wife. 2 Wife. 

OBtherine da. of Bdward =Edward Long Fox of Bmlington =^IsabeUB eldest da. of John 

Brown of Walcofc co. Lui' 
coin : married by lioenoe 
15 October 1784 at Charles 
in Plymouth oo. Devon ; 
died 23 Sept: 1806 ; buried 
at the Foundling Chapel, 
Branawiek Square, oo. 

Houae in the parish of Brislington co. 
Somerset, sojnetime of Queen Square 
in the City of Bristol, M.D. (2<> son of 
Joseph Fox of Falmouth co. Cornwall 
& Elizabeth Hineston) Bom 26 April 
1761 at Falmouth Died 2 and bu< 9 
May 1885 st. 74 in the Friends' Burial 
Ground at the Bookery Brislington. 

Charles Ker of Blackshieb n'. 
Edinburgh Mi^or in the 82^ 
Begiment of Foot, married by 
Uoence 21 Not. 1805 at S^ 
Stephen's Bristol. Died 10 
April 1861, St. 81. Buried 
with her husband. 

• This Pedigree corrects certain Gtoealogical Memoranda printed in the ' Miscellanea Ghsne- 
alogicay' Monthly Series, No. X., Feb. 1871, pp. 114-118. 




Charles Joseph Fox o^EUen youngest of the 

Fairholme in Torquay 

00. Devon, sometime 

of the Beeches, ft of 

Brislington House 

aforesaid, M.D. eldest 

son by the second wife. 

Born 21 January 1806. 

Died 28 June 1870 : 

Buried in Amos Yale 

Cemetery in the parish 

of Bedminster oo. 

Somerset. M.I. 

three daurs. and oo-heirs 
of Thomas Lucas of 
London, bom in London 
4 Aug. ft bapt. 21 Sept: 
1805 at Edburton co. 
Sussex ; married by li- 
cence 30 Dec. 1834 at 
Cheltenham co. Glou- 
cester, died at the 
Beeches 18 Dec. 1866, 
Buried in Amos Yale 
Cemetery aforesaid. M.I. 

Edwin Fydell 
Fox 2^ son, 
bom 6 April 
1807t died 27 
January 1812 
and buried in 
the Friends' 
at Brislington 

Elizabeth Anne 
eldest daur. Bom 
8 July 1808 mar- 
ried 13 Sept. 
1826 at Brisling- 
ton to 'William 
Goodeve of Clif- 
ton oo. Glouces- 
ter surgeon. She 
died 8.P.Y. 26 
Sept. ft buried 1 
Oct. 1829 atBris- 
lington aforesaid. 



Bom 11 


1810 Uring 



Charles Edward Fox of the Inner 
Temple London, 6arrister-at- 
Law, Master ft Register in Equity 
Commissioner of taking accounts 
in the High Court of Bombay, 
eldest son and heir, bom 7 and 
bapt. 30 June 1837 at Brisling- 

Ellen Jemima 
eldest da. bom 
11 March and 
bapt. 25 April 
1836 at Bris- 

Agnee Anna 
Maria 2^ da: 
bom 17 March 
ft bapt. 11 
May 1839 at 
Mare 00. 

Constance Catherines' da. 
bom 27 Sept and bapt 27 
Oct 1840 at Brislington, 
married 8 July 1867 at fhe 
British Legation Berne to 
Charles Henry Tawnsy 
M. A. late Fellow of Trinity 
College Cambridge. 

Annie New- 
come 4 da. 
bom 14 Aug. 
and bapt. 4 
Oct 1842 
at Brisling- 

Edith b'^ 
da. born 1 
Feb. and 
bapt. 14 
May 1844 
at Bris- 

Emily &^ 
da. bom 17 
Jan. and 
bapt. 4 June 
1846 at 

7«k ft young- 
est da. born 
6 March ft 
bapt 31 
July 1847 at 


Stephen Newcome 
Foj. of New College 
Oxford 2** son, bom 
13 Nov. 1849, 
bapt. 6 M<'>> follow- 
ing at Brislington. 

Walter Dowell Fox 

3** and youngest son, 
bom 15 Feb. and bapt. 
2 June 1852 at Bris- 
lington, died 21 June 
1853 buried in Amos 
Yale Cemetery. M.I. 

William Edward Fox^Emma Green widow of Sir George 

of Clifbon CO. Glouces- 
ter 8' but 2^ surnying 
son. Bom 30 May 
1811, liying 1872. 

King A. Molyneux of Castle Dillon 
00. Armagh Bart who died in Jan- 
uary 1848, married by special licence 
13 July 1849 at All Souls S'. Mary- 
lebone co. Middlesex. 

Anna Mary 8** da.boml8 Decl812, 
marr. 9 July 1844 at Brislington to 
Ber. George Leopold Oartwright 
curate of Brislington, who was bom 
5 Feb. 1815 at Bibbesford co. 
Worcester. ^ 

William Edward Eer Fox 
sub-lieutenant in the 21*^ 
Hussars, Bom at Elings- 
ton near Dublin 26 Feb. 
and bapt. 9 April 1860 
at S^ Bfarylebone oo. 

John Charles Ker Fox 
bom at Castle Dillon 
county Armagh in Ire- 
land 10 March and 
bapt 12 June 1861 at 
Brislington aforesaid. 

James Ireland Fox, 
bom at Castle Dillon 
aforesaid 21 Nov. 
1862 and bapt 7 Jan. 
following at Grange 
in the Diocese of 

Isabella Anna 
Maria bom atOastie 
Dillon aforesaid 18 
M^k and bapt. 17 
April 1864 at 
Grange aforesaid. 


Elizabeth Augusta 3' da. of = 
John Hugh Smyth Pigott of 
Brockley co. Somerset. Bom at 
Wraxall Court, oo. Somerset 
&^ Deo. 1820 and bapt. 16 May 
follow' at Wraxall, man^. 20 
April 1841 at Brockl^, died 18 
June 1860 and buried at 

=Edwin Fydell 
Fox of Ejensing 
ton Place, Bris- 
lington CO. So- 
merset surgeon 
4*'» but 3** survi 
Ting son, bom 
20 April 1814. 
Lining 1872. 


2 Wile. 
^Ellen Elizabeth youngest 
• ' da. of William Warring- 
' ton of Connaught Terrace, 
London, bom at Bays- 
water CO. Middx. 7 July 
1833 bapt. 2 Feb. following 
at Saint Mary's Padding- 
ton, married 14 July 1868 
at Keynsham co. Somerset. 

Emma Selina 4*^ 
da. Bom 21 June 
1815, died nnin. 
19 June 1862, 
bu**. in the 
Friends' Burial 
Ground at Bris- 
lington afores''. 





Edwin Churchill 
and CM. Edin- 
burgh Uniyer- 
sity, eld' son, 
bom at Brisling- 
ton 28 Aug. and 
bapt. there 19 
Oct. 1842. 

Arthur Edward 
Wellington Fox 
M.B. & CM. 
Edinburgh Uni- 
vertity 2 son, 
Bom at Brinline- 
ton 25 June and 
bapt. there 26 
Dec. 1844. 

la Louisa bom 
at Brifllington 4 
April 1846, died 
2-i> Dec. following 
bur', at Brock- 
ley aforesaid. 

, I ^ 

Agnes Oa- 
tberine Pi- 

fott bom at 
8 July and 
bapt. there 
24 August 

Pigott bom 
at Brialine- 
ton 13 and 
bapt. there 
21 JuDe 

Maud War- 
liugton 27 
April and 
bapt. 2 June 

George Frederick = 

Fox of Keynsham 

CO. Somerset & of 

the City of Bristol, 

solicitor, 5^ but 4^^ 

surviying son, bom 

24 May 1817 at 

Brialington, liring 


=Ellen youngest da. ot 
Bey. Thomas Brown 
Simpson, Vicar of 
Yicar of Coogresbury 
00. Somerset, bom at 
Elms in Brislineton 4 
Oct. 1818, married 14 
May 1840 at Bris- 


1 Wife. 
Gathenne Long 
S*** da. bom 18 
Jan. 1819, marr. 
27 Dec. 1845 at 
Brislington died 
8 and bur' 14 
July 1854 in 
Amos Yale 

Danger of 
the City of 
Bristol soli- 
citor, bom 
11 Sept. 
1811 at Con. 

I 2 Wife. 
=Louisa Caroline 6'^ 
da. bom 81 May 
1820 marr. 17 July 
1856 at Serrieres 
in the circumscrip- 
tion of Peseux in 
the Canton of Neu- 
chatel Switzerland. 


Isabella EUen, bom 
at Brialington 22 M«^ 
and bapt there 19 
April 1841, died at 
8 mj 1848 bur^ m 
the Vriends' burial 
ground at Brislington. 


Harry Croker Fox 
Lieutenant in the 
Boyal Engineers 
bom at Highgroye 
in the parish of 
Knowle co. Somer- 
set 28 July and 
bapt. 19 Oct. 1842 
at Brislington. 


Isabella Maria 
bom at High- 
groye aforesaid 
17 Sept. and 
bapt. 6 Dec: 
1848 at S*. An- 
drew's Church 

Helen bom at 
Brislington 16 
Oct. 1848 and 
bapt. there 4 
March follow- 

Geoi^ge Gerald 
Fox bom at 
Hamlease in 
Keynsham co. 
Somerset 21 Jan. 
and bapt 7 April 
1851 at Brisling- 

Frances Sophia 7*^ and 

youngest da. bom 15 Oct Canada West 6*^ and youngest son, Bom 

1821 died Jan. 1824 and 13 Jan. 1824, died at Ontario Canada 18 

buried in the Friends' Burial apd bur'. 20 Oct 1866 at the Parish 

Groond at Brislington. Church of Niagara aforesaid. 

Washington Fox settled at Niagara in^ ^Mary Desmond Coffin 

married 4 May 1860 at 
the State of New York 
S*. Lawrence county, 
(Tnited States. 

Arthur Copley Long Fox only child bom at Hamilton in the Proyince of Ontario Canada 
18 June and bapt: 28 July 1864 at GSiriat Church in Hamilton aforesaid. 

The aboye written Pedigree is faithfully extracted from the Becords 
of the College of Arms, London, Register marked 19 D 14 fo*. 
64 to 57, and examined therewith, this Tenth day of September, 

Gso. Habbxsok, 

Windsor Herald, 

Newton Family (p. 191). — ^In reference to the notes on the Newton family, 
I may observe, that an aunt of Sir Isaao Newton's lived at a house in the centre 
of the village of Market Overton, Kutland. Sir Isaac is said to have been a 
frequent visitor at this house, and to have drawn a very large mariner's compass 
on the ceiling of one of the upper rooms. The house is now the property of John 
Wingfield, Esq., of Tickencote, Butland, who, when he restored it a few years ago, 
carefully preserved the ceiling just mentioned. The house is now inhabited oy 
W. Bowe, Esq., surgeon. 




yeBigrie of Still of WLingpH^mM HOV 

From the Visitation of Warwick, a.p. 1682. 

Arms — Gules, a dexter arm in armour couped in fess proper^ tbe hand grasping a 
sword erect argent, pomelled and hilted or. 

Crest — ^A bull passant sable, armed or, in its mouth, a scroll inscribed "God is 

Taken from a Paper Pedigree Drawn by W. Adams of Ludlowe 1620, which is all I find for the 
Justifying the Bearing. 

William Bull of Sheldon Hall in Com. Warr. which he aflerward^ . . . . *daar of ... . Noel 
sold to S' Walter Deyereuz, he died 1636 and was buried at Coles- 
hiU 21 Apr. 

Dean of Liohf . 
* Qu. if not oo'heir. 

I- A -I J 

ICordelia 2 Mary SJames 4Cbrbet IJoeias Bull of =FKatherine 


wife of died died died Kingshurst hall 

Jn" Field unmar- unmar- nnmar? in oo. Warr. At- 

of Coles- ried. ried. ried. iomer at Law. 
hiU Vint- obyt6Ma7,1671, 

ner. s.p. spud Coles- 

s.p. I 

daur of Ste- 

2Wxlliam Bull=»Elis daur 
now Bector of of ... • 
phen Agard Sheldon in Worth- 
of Brough- Com. Warr. ington of 
bapt 21 Jan. Alcaater 
1699, s.p. in Com. 


ton in com. 
ton g*. 

Ill I 

9 Clement SBumabj 7Digb7Bull 6 Agard 

Bull now Bull now'in H' m Arts Bufi a 

gone Ma' of Carolina in School Ma*' Packer in 

a ship to jf* the West of Coleahill London 

Bast Indies Indies et set 83, an. obyt A*>. 

fit 24. an. 31 an. 1682. 1680. 

of the 
parish of 

William Bull 
now of Kings- 
burst Hall in 
Com. Warr. 
8Bt 44, ann. 

of Bdwsrd 
Norfield in 
Com. Wore 



2 Susanna Mary Josias Catherine bom 2S<^ Jan. 1677. Anne borne 22 Jan. 1680. 

* Communicated by John Fetherston, Esq., F.S.A. 


. : ^ Aj 

— , I 1 

SJoBias Bull an Ironmonger 4Biohard BuU now of 6 John Bull a milliner in London let. 
of London now aged 43 Ifazstock Priory aged 89 38 an. 1682, married y* daur of 

annor* calebs years. 1682. cttlebs Alibone^ 

Bichard and other ohilflren. 

1. Susanna now 2. Mary wife of Jeremiah 8. Letioe wile of Sam. 4. Cath. 5. Gooditha now 

liying unmarried Web of London Apothe- Dale a silk weaver in died unmar* liring unmar- 
«t. 47 ann. cary. ilia est est. 41 London, aet. 39 ried ried 1682 



Draft Will of Oliver Ledelmre, Chantry Priest at Tichbome, Co. Southampton, 


The following draft will is copied from a Latin Bible (Biblia cum summariis 
coneordantiis, ete., J. Pinard. M. ccccc. 4°) in the library of the Trinitarian Bible 
Society, Bed Lion Square, Londoo. The words here prmted in italics are struck 
out ; those within parentheses are underlined or otherwise added, but by the same 
hand; the contracted words are mostly copied at length. The points . . . 
indicate words cut off. On the title page is written : — 

Iste liber pertinet domino Oliuerio Ledelmref presbitero sen cappellano cantarie 
de Tycheboume sub nobili ac potenti (armigero) Willelmo Tychebome^ domino 
temporali predicti loci seu manerii de Tychebome In cujus rei testimonium 
sigiAum meum manualle apposui anno regis Henrici septimi xix die yero zij mensis 
Septembris et anno Domini millesimo quincentesimo tercio 

O Ledelmre yerum est 
[Here the sigillum manuale]. 

On the third leaf of the book the signature is as follows : — Sir O Ledelmre. It 
is found in Latin in other places, and there are some trifling MS. notes. After the 
Apoeal^se, fo. ccclxxxii., is the will : — 

In Dei nomine (Amen) Anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo ziij§ (Anno 
re^B Henrici yiij post conquestum iiiijH) decimoquarto mensis Septemoris Ego 
Obuerius Ledelmre presbiter compos mentis et sane memorie ac timens mortem 
condo testamentum meum in hunc modum Inprimis lego animam meam Deo 
beate Marie et omnibus Sanctis corpus que meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia paro- 
chiali de l^chebome ante crucifixum et lego pro sepultura mea y\ solidos et yiij^ 
Item lego ecclesie cathedralisancti Switheni** iiij . . . Item lego luminaribus 
ecdesie de Tychebome ij aves matrices (s) Item lego luminaribus ecclesie de 
menestokett ij oves matrices (solidos) Item lego domino Johanna Brehe BrechXX ^* 
Item lego luminaribus ecclesie de EBtmeon§§ ij wes matrices (solidos) Item lego 
Jratrihus nominis Jhu apud Novam Alresfbrd \\ \\ iif oves matrices Item lego magisiiK) 

• Commanicated by H. Gk>ugh, Esq. 
t Qn. whether ft member of the Kentish family of D ehnar P 

I This William died without issae, temp. Hen. Till., and was suooeeded by his neit brother 
Kioholasy who was sheriff 1 Edw. YI. Wotton's Baronetage, i. 428. 
i OngmaDy z^. (?) || Originally ii^. *• Wincheeter. 

ft Meon-Stoke, Co. Southampton. tt The surname written twice. 

{{ East-Meon, Co. Southampton. 

A religious firatemity at New Alresford in the same county. 


Willelmo Tjchebome x BolidoB Item lego Jofaanni Berthelot nepoti meo li s ut 
hor . . . et dat pluribus sacerdotibus ut orent pro anima mea si vixeritquolibet 
anno iij . . . [s yel] iiij solidos Bi habet potestatem et pro omnibus quibuB teneor 
orare Et residuum bonorum lucrorum do Residuum tfero bonarum meorum tm hga- 
torum volo ut dictus m. Tychehome disponat ad cansciandam suam pro saluk anime 
mee et animarum parentum meorum et omnium Jidelium defunetorum ut ei meUw 
videtur Quem facio et ordino et conBtituo meum rerum executorem per presentes 
Hiis testibus presentibus ad hoc specialiter vocatis et requisitis domino Johanne 
Man' maiestro Willelmo Tycheborne Bychardo Kenley Bychardo Bs^er et 
pluribus aliis 

O Ledelmre verum est 
[Here the sigillum manuale]. 

The draft is written carelessly, somewhat illegibly, and with several grammatical 



William Hovenden of Cranbrook, Kent, Clothier. 

Will dated 18 June 1632, proved 11 Aug. 1637 by Joane H. the relict. 

My wife Joane (ex'trix) to have my dwelling house called Collins place and 
also lands at Comden's hill for life, and alter, my godson W°^ Hovenden, son of my 
brother Bich^ Hovenden, to have my s^ mansion house, and also tenem^ in Milk- 
house Street, remainder to Bichard, another son of my said brother Bichard 

My said wife to receive the profits of her land at Benanden till her son Tho. 
Sharpe be of age. 

Signature of WtUiam Hovenden, Churchwarden qf Cranbrook, 1611. Taken from a signatwt io 
church acconnte^ 26 AprU^ 1614, and firom a trutt^deed relating to Denoe^ School, d<Utd 1684. 


William Ovenden of Botherfield, Sussex, Yeoman. 
Will dat. 18 June 1637, proved 81 Oct. 1639 by Eleanor Ovenden, relict. 
To be bur. in Botherfield Churchvard. 

My wife Elinor, sole Ex'trix. My children William, Thomas, John, James, 
Alice and Eliz. Ovenden. 
Lands &c. in Botherfield. 
Witnesses, Edw^ Lee, W°^ Head, Bob^ Marchant, sen' scr. 


Ellioner Ovenden of Botherfield, Sussex, widow and relict of W" Ovenden 
of Botherfield, yeoman, dec*. 

Will dat. 7 Nov. 1643, proved 12 Nov. 1645, by the named Bx'ors. 

My sons William, Thomas, John and James Hovenden. My' da. Alice now 
wife of Edm* Holmsby, and their children John, Alice and Tho. Holmsby, under 
age. Children of my son W" Ovenden, viz. William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Mlioner and John Ovenden all under age. 

• Oontinued from p. 268. 


Mentions lease by John Ovenden of Hetherfield dee^ to ^ my late husb^ W^ 

My son W"^ Ovenden and my son in law Edmond Holmsbye, Ez'ors. 

(Pbbbooatitx Ooubt ov Oahtsbbttbt, Dootoss' Cokmokb.) 

William Hoveden of Blandford S^ Maiy, co. Dorset, Gent. 

Will dat. 29 Dec. 1645, proved 1 Apr. 1646 by Eliz. Hoveden the mother. 

To be bur^ in Church of Blandford Forum. 

My mother Eliz. Hoveden, sole Ex'trix. 

Mentions his farm called Ludham al's Luddenham hill in par. of G^stlinge, 
Sussex, and a farm at Frittenden in Kent, which are to be sold, after death of his 
mother, by Qeorge Hussey esq. and Tho. fframpton of Brianson, co. Dorset, gent. 

My sister Cicelie Hussey and her children the s^ George Hussey, and Thomas^ 
Sobert, Giles, and Eliz*** Hussey. My nephews Edw** Challoner and W™ Crompton^ 
Elizabeth dau. of my sister Eliz. Crompton, under age. 

Horton Draiton of Canterbury Giant, and his wife. 

Witnesses, John Pitt Clarke, Henry Feltham. 


Anne Hovenden of Hawkherst, Kent, widow. 

Will dat. 9 June 21 Car. I., proved 9 Apr. 1647 by EUz^ {w) Apps, dau. of 

My eld. son John Brooke and his children Daniel, Bichard, Bobert, Ambrose 
and Jane Brooke, under age. My grandchildren Thomas, John, Duke, Bichard 
and Eliz. Brooke, children of my son Thomas Brooke, dec', all under age. 

My dau'* Eliz^ Walter, Mary Motten and Johan Apps. 

My dau. Sarah Storv sole Ex'trix, to prove my will within a month after my 
death, if not, then my dau. Johan Apps to be Ex'trix. 

My grandchildren Anne Apps, EQz^ Newer and Tho Sumers. 

My cousin Allen Foster ana my neighbour John Lulham, Overseers. 

Witnesses, John Duncke, John Lullham. 


John Hovenden of Botherfield, Sussex, Yeoman. 

Will dat. 17 Nov. 1647, proved 8 Feb. 1647-8 by Mary Hovenden, relict. 

To be bur^ in Botherfield Churchy^. 

My wife Mary, sole Ex'trix. My brothers Tho. Ovenden and W™ Ovenden. 

Thomas Knignt and other children of Joseph Knight. The four children of 
W™ Knight. The four children of Bouth Knight, under age. My godson John 

Witn. Bob^ Marchant, scr., Edmond Homesbye, W*^ Ovenden, Tho. Ovenden. 

(PsxBOGATrvB CouBT ov Cavtsbbuby, Dootobb' Cokmovs.) 

Bobert Hovenden of Staunton Harcourt, Co. Oxon. 

Will dat. 12 Oct. 1643, proved 8 Apr. 1652, by Frances the relict. 

My wife Frances (sole Ex'trix) and my children (no names). Mv mother M"* 
Margerie G-reenwood, Overseer. Mentions having sold to his brother in law M' 
Tho. Dayrell, property at Chinnor co. Oxon, after death of dame Katherine Jones 
late wife of Sir W ™ Jones, Knt., Just. Comm. Fleas, or Frances " my wife," which 
shall first happen. 

Witn. Pali Dayrell, Tho. Gorges. 

To the original Will is appended a Seal with the Arms of Gorges, Lozengy a 
chevron which appears engrailed. 


(Pbbeooatitb Ck>UBT ov Cavisbbttbt, Dogtobb' GOIOCOKB.) 

Bichard Hovenden, late of Biddenden, Kent, dec^. 

Adm'on 26 Mar. 1652 to his brother, 8am' Hovenden, during minority of Bichard 
Alice and EUz. Hovenden, children of b^ dec^. 


Samuel Hovenden of Hunton al's Huntington, co. Kent, Clothier. 

Will dat. 21 Mar. 1652, pr. 29 Mar. 1654 by Dorothy Hovenden his dau. 

To be bur. in Hunton Church or Churchy^. 

My two sons in law Bobt. Hovenden and Partridge TyndaU. My dau'r Harj 
Hovenden wife of s^ Bob' Hovenden and their six diildren Samuel, Jaue, Anne, 
Bobert, Mary, and Elizabeth, under age. To my said grandchild Samuel Hovenden, 
houses and lands in Benenden and Biddenden, Kent, and my dwelling houBe at 
Hunton. My dau. Elizabeth wife of the s^ Partridge TyndaU, and ueir daun 
Dorothy and Mary. Lands at Smarden to my grandchild Samuell Parker, son of 
my dau. Jane Parker dec^, on cond° that he ^es not become bond for his father 
above £5. Lands in Hunton and Lenham to my dau. Dorothy Hovenden, Bole 

Witn. Mich. Beaver, John Tray, John Fishenden. 

(Pbibogativb Oovbt of Cavtbbbubt, Bootobs* Coiacomi.) 

Thonu&s Hovenden of Canterbury, Gent. 

Will dat. 11 Peb. 1658, pr. 26 Apr. 1654?, by BUz. Hovenden, the relict. 

To be bur. in par. of S^ George near his son Bob^ Hovenden. 

My wife Eliz^ sole Ex'trix, to have my lands &c. in Hawkhurst for life, rem' 
to my son Tho. Hovenden. My dau's Sarah Hovenden, Anne Browne, now wife 
of Henry Browne, Elizabeth BLovenden and Favth Hovenden. 

Witn. Mark Sweeting, Edw** Pyane, Peter Pyane. 

(FasBooATivx CouBT ov Cavtbbbubt, Dootobs* Commovs.) 

Bobert Hovenden of Cranbrook, Kent, Clothier. 

Will dat. 11 July 1656, proved 24 Sept. 1656 by Sam^ Hovenden (see page 237). 

Si^naiture 0/ Robert ffovendeu, Chwehmarden <f Cranbrook, 1684, and iaJkonJhm ekmrek oecnMt. 


Another Signature qf the same ae a Vesifyman, 1642. 

(Pbbbooativb Coubt op Caktbbbvbt, Dootobs' Commokb.) 

Bichard Hovenden, late of Tysehurst, Sussex, Shoemaker, dec^. 
Adm'on granted to Mary Hovenden the relict 10 Nov. 1656. 

(Fbbbogativb Covbt gw Caittbbbubt, Boctobs' Coiocovs.) 

Stephen Hovenden of Fattenden [qy. P Erittenden] Kent, husbandman. 

Will dat. 2 Oct. 1652, proved 18 May 1658 by Anne Chantler his dau'r. 

My dau'r Anne wife of John Chantler, Ex'tnx, to whom lands called Wahiut^ 
tree field, in Frittenden for life. My grandchild Phebe Chantler. Susanna wife 
of Geo. Cane. My CTandchildren Elizabeth, Margaret, Anne and Bebecca Fatti- 
son, dau'rs of Bich° Pattison. My friend M' Jonathan Bogers and my couan 
Bobert Hovenden of Harrietsham, Mercer, Overseers. 

Witn. Bridget Johnson, Jonathan Bogers. 


(Pbebooaxxvs Cofbt op Cahtbbbubt, Dootors' GomcoKB.) 

William Ovenden of Betberfield, SuBsez, Yeoman. 

Will dated 21 Dec. 1663, proved 4 June 1664 by the Ex'org named in Will. 

To be bur* in Betberfield Cburcby*. 

My three dau'rs Eliz. Ovenden, Mary Ovenden and EUenor Ovenden. 

My three sons William, Thomas and John Ovenden to be Ex'ors. My son in 
law John Grippes and his children John, Martha and Anne Grippes. My grand- 
child Eliz. Ovenden. My brother Tho. Ovenden and my brother in lavir JBdmond 
Homesbye, Overseers. House at Stone Cross. 

Witn. Alice Homesbye, W" Belaf, John Danton. 

(Pbibooative GorrBT of Gantbrbvby, Dootobs* Gomcoira.) 

Thomas Ovenden of Betberfield, Sussex, Blacksmith. 

Will dated 12 Jan. 1670, proved 2 Mar. 1670 by Joane Ovenden the relict. 

My dwelling house and lands in Betberfield to my son Tho. Ovenden under 
age. My dau'r Anne Ovenden under age £300. If they die without issue, s^ 
lands Ac to go to my kinsman W'^ Ovenden. My kinsman and godson Tho. 
Ovenden. My^ godson W"* Ovenden under age, son of W" Ovenden. My kins- 
man Tho. Ovenden's dau*r Elizabeth, under age. My |^ddau. Elinor Weston da. 
of John Weston. Tho. Hoadley, Blacksmith. John Pike son of Tho. Pike. My 
wife Joane sole Ex'trix. My kmsmen W^ Ovenden and his brother Tho. Ovenden, 

Witn. James Ovenden, John Daunton. 

(LbWXS BiaiBTBT.) 

Thomas Hovenden of Tysehurst, Go. Sussex, Victualler. 

WiU dated 16 July 1675. Proved 16 August 1676. 

Oives all his copyhold lands and tenements to Margaret his wife for life after 
her decease to his two daughters Anne Hovenden and Dyana Hovenden equally. 

To the Poor of Tyshurst 10/. 

Lands and tenements at Flimwell, Go. Sussex, equally between Margaret his 
wife, and Anne and Dyana his two daughters. 

To Walter Hovenden his kinsman £6. 

Proved by Margaret his widow and his daughters Anne and Dyanna. 

Witnesses Walter Hovenden, Margaret Allor. 

(Lewis Bbgibzbt.) 

Joseph Hovenden late of Northiam, Go. Sussex. 

Admmistration granted to Dorothy Hovenden, widow and rolict, 8 May 1678. 

(Pbxbogativi Goitbt or Oavtbbbitbt, Bogtobs' Gomcovs.) 

John Hovenden of Gruegg (?) co. Kent, butcher, on board the Williamson in the 
Bay of Pallis, '' on my death bed." Will dat. 26 Dec. 1682, Adm'on 17 Sept. 1683 
to Sunuel Warron. 

Igiye all to my friend Samuel Warron. 

Witn. Ja« Keggs, W" Browne, Edw* Brooke, Edw* Nicholson. 

(Abohdbaoohbt, Oaittbbbubt.) 

Anne Hovenden of Milkhouse in par. of Granbrooke, Kent, widow. 

Will dat. 24 Apr. 1682, proved 28 Apr. 1686 by Mary Brissenden. 

To be bur^ " in linnen " m Granbrooke Ghurchy^ near her mother. 

To my sister Miz^^ wife of James Hartredge, lands in Eolvenden, rom' to her 
dan. Mary wife of Bob^ Brissenden of Frittenden, to which Mary (who is made sole 
Ex*trix) lands in Maidstone. Francis Hartredge, Anne Hartrodge and Eliz. Hart- 
rodge, also childron of my s^ sister Eliz. Hartredge. Lands in Biddenden to Bobert 


Bicbard, Jamee and Mary Holden, children of my brother BicM Holden, dec'. 
The three chUdren of Eobt. Holden, son of my b* brother Eich* Holden. To 20 
poor widows of Cranbrooke, £5. 

Witn. Hen. Stephens, Eliz. Stephens, Sam^ Austen, John Streater, scr. 


Elizabeth Hovenden of Marden, Co. Kent. 
Will dat. 14 May 1686, proved 16 Mar. 1686-7 by Peter Parris. 
My son John Hovenden and my dau*r Elizabeth, under age. My mother. 
My brother Peter Parris of Gowdhirst, Grocer, sole Ex'or, and guardian of my 
B* children. My goddau. Eliz**» dau. of s* Peter Parris. 
Witn. Tho. Lake, Tho. Pearlis, Elinor Parris. 


Bobert Hovenden of Harrietsham, Kent, malster, aged, sick and weak &c. 

Will dat. 14 May 1687, proved 30 Apr. 1688 by Tho. Hovenden the son. 

Mv dauVs Agnes wife of John Bvemden, and Susan Hovenden. To my son 
Tho* Hovenden (sole Bx*or) lands at Harrietsham and Lenham, rem' to my son 
John Hovenden (to whom a bowl marked I H. and B S and H.) and my dau. Susan 
Hovenden, rem' to Bob^ Evernden son of my dau. Agnes. 

Witn. Deborah Waren, Susanna Maplesden, Bob^ Thomas. 

Siffuaiure of RobsH Hovenden, Chnrchwarden of Sarriettham, Kent, 1672. 

(PasBOOATrvB CoTTBT ov Oavtibbxtbt, Dootobs* Ooxkons.— ADKnnsTBATioirg, 1697.) 

BobjBrt Hoveden late of Chinnor, co. Oxon, bachelor, dec*. 
Adm'on 11 May 1697 to his nephew Tho. Hall, son of his sister. 

(LxwBs Bboistbt.) 

Dorothy Hovenden of Northiam, co. Sussex, widow. 

Will 10 Nov. 1692. Proved 25 May 1697. 

My eldest son John Hovenden. 

My daughter Mbtv Hovenden. 

My son Thomas Hovenden. 

My son Thomas and my daughter Mary Ex'ors. 

Will proved by Thomas Hovenden, power reserved to Mary Hovenden. 

Bichard Turner and John Cooper, overseers. 

(ABOHDEAComiT, Oahtsbbxtbt.) 

William Hovenden of Goudhurst, Kent, husbandman. 

Will dat. 14 Mav 1698, proved 27 Sept. 1698 by Nicholas Dudson. 

Merely directs nis debts to be paid as far as means will admit and appoints 
David Morgan, yeoman, and Nicholas Dudson, husbandman, both of Gk>udnur0t, 
Ex*ors. No other names mentioned. 

Witn. George Becket, Tho. Sibley. 


Thomas Hovenden late of Milton next Sittingboume, Kent, dec^. 
Adm*on 27 Oct. 1703, to his widow Eliz. Hovenden. John Crisp of Loose and 
W" Crisp of Leeds, co. Kent, yeoman and maltster, bondsmen. ^ 




Bobert Hovenden of Cranbrook, Gent. 

Will dat. 6 May 1696, Codicil 19 Apr. 1704, proved 27 Nov. 1704. 
My sons Bichard, Samuel, John and Thomas Hovenden. 
Lands and farm called Frisley to mj eld. son Bobt. Hovenden, sole Ex' or 
Lands in Cranbrooke and Frittenden. Mill called Couchman's Mill. 
'Mj wife Bose. 
Witn. Tho. Plumer, Alex. Whitfield, John Heafman, John Winter. 

SignaiMTU of Robert Rovenden, Churchwarden of Cranbrooke 1679. These were taken from ehwrch 
aeeounU^ dated 1666 and 1670, they oeewrring frequently in the aeeountefrom 1666 to 1679. 

(Pbebogativs Coubt ov Cantbbbvrt, Dootobs' GoiocoKB.— Adiokistbatiovb.) 

Thomas venden late of Milton next Sittingbonme, Kent, Master of the Jumper 
Hoy, in H. M* Service. 

Adm'on 11 Nov. 1706 to Bliz. Ovenden the relict. 

(Pbbbogatiyb Cottbt ov Cahtbbbitbt, Doctobb' ComcoKS.— Adhivibtbatiovb.) 

Thomas Hovenden, late of the ship Boyal Anne, in Boyal Navy, died on board 
the Arrogant, bachelor. 

Adm'on 5 Apr. 1710 to his mother Bose Hovenden now of Cranbrook. 


Bobert Hovenden, late of Cranbrook, Kent, dec^. 

Adm'on 7 Aug. 1718 to his relict EUz. Hovenden. John CoUinson of Goud- 
hurst, Gent., and John Maule of Cranbrooke, bondsmen. 


Susan Hovenden late of Maidstone, co. Kent, dec^, spinster. 

Adm'on 15 Oct. 1719 to her sister Agnes Evemden of Harrietsham, widow. 
Bobert Evemden of the same, Carpenter, and John Bassett of Canterbury, Baker, 


Sobert Hovenden late of Cranbrooke, Kent, dec^. 

Adm'on 15 Feb. 1720 to Eliz. Hovenden the relict. 

Another Adm'on 22 July 17^, to Eliz. Hovenden al's Buck, widow and relict 

of a' Bobt. Hovenden, the former Adm'on in Feb. 1711 being null and void. 


Thomas Hovenden, late of Bromley, co. Kent, dec^. 
Acbn'on 90 June 1729 to Mary Hovenden his relict. 

* CoQtinaed from p. 292, 
Toi,. J. . y 



Joseph Hovenden of Borden in Kent, G-elder. 

Wm dat. 10 Nov. 1731, proved 1 Aug. 1732 by the Ex'ors named in WiU. 

My moiety of my mansion house in Chesnut Street, Borden, to my brother 
John Hovenden and Mary his wife, for life, rem' to his son John Hovenden my 
nephew. Tho. Hovenden and Jo